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Overdue Pt 3

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Three weeks. Three weeks of coffee and pastries delivered by terrified students, meals dropped off by a sheepish Baby Danvers, all of which she’d posted about on her Instagram at one point or another. Maggie was absolutely sure that Vasquez was hedging their bets and feeding information to both sides of this war for their own entertainment.

She didn’t blame them at all.

Maggie was having the time of her life watching the Bio-Chem professor that made grown men cry (and okay that story about Dr. Lord crying in the quad would never get old– not when the videos kept reappearing on youtube) was grovelling for forgiveness.

And Maggie probably could have found it in her to forgive Dr. Danvers, she had returned the book in pristine condition after all. However, she wanted an explanation. The book had been kept out of circulation long enough that it was outdated, and materials budgets for libraries didn’t just appear out of thin air. An explanation would be nice, and if she had one, Maggie would be more than happy to release the hold on Danvers’ account without the payment of that ridiculously high fine.

Danvers hadn’t attempted that though, and Maggie was having entirely too much fun to just tell her that.

She had to give the other woman credit though, she was certainly persistent. Even the morning of Dr. Eliza Danvers’ presentation, coffee and her favorite muffin were waiting near her desk, delivered by a grinning Vasquez.

“How’s your dissertation coming, Vas?”

“Coming along just fine, ma’am. Dr. Danvers has been a great help.”

Maggie almost spat her coffee out. “That is the exact opposite of anything I have ever heard about that woman.”

“That’s because,” Vas whispered, “She’s teaching undergrads.”


To be fair, Maggie was willing to bet that a good chunk of babygays were losing their shit over their first super hot professor teaching an already hard class.

Maggie enjoyed science, but she was willing to bet she’d have failed Danvers’ class, because that woman could make lab goggles look good.

Vas rapped the desk with their knuckles, “Gotta go help set up the auditorium. See you at three?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Vasquez.”

Vas winked and left Maggie to fill the next few hours with more research. Occasionally for a student, but mostly so that Maggie could at least lie to herself about being able to follow along with the lecture.

Maggie did bring popcorn. She said she would, and she certainly couldn’t break her word, not when she made sure to be early enough to catch a seat in the front row, where she could watch Danvers pace and squirm up close.

Because Dean Grant had jumped at the offhanded suggestion that Dr. Danvers would be the perfect moderator for the lecture. She was, after all, the other Dr. Danvers’ daughter, no one else on staff knew her work nearly as intimately.

If she happened to wait to eat it until Danvers was at the podium, well.

Okay so maybe she was fucking with Danvers.

A little.

One piece of white cheddar popcorn at a time.


Running the salty treat along her bottom lip, her tongue flicking out to take each piece in slowly, and only when Danvers glanced at her.

Maggie was challenging herself, really, to see if she could get that faint blush at the tips of Danvers’ ears to travel anywhere else.

She almost laughed when Danvers stuttered after Maggie had to reach into her bra to dig out a dropped kernel.

Maggie did behave herself when the elder Dr. Danvers rose to speak. She clapped along with the crowd, even as the details went over her head. If her attention drifted to a pair of pretty brown eyes to the right of the speaker, well, she’d blame it on seeing Danvers in formal business attire.

If she’d dressed in a pantsuit, Maggie wouldn’t have mistaken her for a grad student.

Maggie thought it was interesting to note that Danvers was just as cool and collected in formal business wear as she was in jeans and that collection of leather jackets (popcorn porn aside).

She hung around when it was over, letting the students file out or approach the stage and ask questions that Maggie only understood every third word of. She loved science, but this was all a bit out of her wheelhouse.

She shouldn’t have been surprised to see Baby Danvers bouncing up to her mother as the crowds of science nerds dispersed, talking a mile a minute and being followed by a comparatively tiny woman in massive heels. They hugged like family, and even Danvers cracked a smile at the new woman.

Maggie ignored the slight twisting in her gut.

She stood and walked over, intent on meeting the woman.

Dr. Danvers.

The speaker.

Certainly not the woman wrapping her arms around Danvers’ waist and hanging on.

“Hi, Dr. Danvers? My name’s Maggie Sawyer. I work in the library here.”

“Oh yes! Dean Grant mentioned you had requested the added lecture date,” she smirked. “Well, after I pointed out that there was no way either of my daughters would have. Please, call me Eliza.”


“Oh girls, I’m just having fun. I didn’t want to step on your toes, Alexandra.”

Danvers grimaced at the use of her full name.

“Wait, you work in the library?” the tiny one asked, poking Danvers. “Hey, Alex, whatever happened to that book you checked out from the hot librarian? Did you ever get the ovaries to ask her out to book club, or whatever nerds do?”

Danvers and her baby sister had the same bug-eyed look when the shouted “LUCY!”

Eliza chuckled softly. “Oh, Alexandra. What will I do with you?”

Maggie grinned, “I can think of a few things.”

She also wondered how far down Danvers’ blush went, because it definitely went past the first three buttons of her blouse.

With the announcement of the new Doctor Who, and all the negative comments that come with it about how ‘This doctor is going to be awful’ or ‘I just cant see the doctor as a woman’ I realized something.

Women literally can’t be bad at anything in entertainment.

What if Wonder Woman had failed? What if it had bombed at the box office and nobody had gone to see it? What if it got 5% on Rotten Tomatoes?

We wouldn’t have another Wonder Woman movie for like 40 years.

But Batman and Robin got 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, was called the worse batman movie ever made, and what happened?

Batman got another shot literally less than a decade later.

Hell, Wonder Woman wasn’t expected to do well at the box office, and a sequel wasn’t even considered until after they saw how well it did.

The thing is, if Wonder Woman had failed, that would mean that Gal Gadot isn’t the right person for the role, or shitty writing, directing and editing. It’s a lot more than ‘it’s because nobody likes a wonder woman film’.

So, in other words, if Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor turns out to be bad, it will effect the next ten doctors.

(Not that I think she’ll be bad. I have no clue. Like I said a lot more goes into it than just the actor. It could be bad writing.)

if this happens, how much do you want to bet that we wont get another female doctor? That if they do, they’ll blame Jodie Whittaker and say things like “we already had a woman doctor and it failed so we can’t have another one.” But we’ve had twelve men doctors and some of them have been bad. Does that mean we never get another male Doctor Who?

Of course it doesn’t.

My point; men can be bad at things. Women can’t. And when they are, it’s every woman’s fault.


Okay, I haven’t published anything in f o r e v e r. I’ve got a prompt in my inbox I’m gonna try and write tonight, but if I don’t end up finishing that, I wanted to get something out! So here’s an old Jackcrutchie oneshot I wrote way back before I had Tumblr. Enjoy!
“Mmph,” Crutchie frowned and poked his tooth with his tongue. “Mmph, mmph, mmmph…ow!”

“Stop messin’ with your tooth,” Jack scolded, elbowing his friend. “Didn’t you just tell me it hurt like hell?”

“Yeah,” Crutchie said, still poking his tooth. “But, it’s gonna hurt more tomorrow.”

“Ah, you’ll be fine,” Jack chuckled. “I mean, you’re Crutchie Morris. If you can take on that leg of yours, you can take on a root canal.”

Crutchie grinned at Jack half-heartedly. Then, he stood up,pausing for a moment to feel the cool New York air on his face. “Thanks. I should be gettin’ to bed, though. Night, Jack. See you in the mornin’?”

Jack looked up from his drawing for a moment to glance at Crutchie, whose face was etched with worry, as it had been all evening. “Of course. I’m the one takin’ ya there, after ya tomorrow, Crutch.”

Crutchie smirked as left the roof and saluted Jack. “See ya.”

Jack saluted Crutchie back with one more encouraging smile before turning back to his sketchbook. Crutchie had spent the whole evening refusing to admit how nervous he was for his dentist’s appointment the next day.

“Technically, it’s an endodontist,” Crutchie had corrected when Jack had called it a dentist’s appointment. “And, anyway, I suppose I’m lucky. If it weren’t for Kloppman, I probably woulda done nothin’ about my tooth, and that’d be no good. But, he actually paid for this, and that ain’t cheap, so I better be grateful.”

“You got every right to be scared, though,” Jack assured him. “Not that you won’t be fine, though.” A smirk appeared on his face as he added, “You know, the worst that’s probably gonna happen to ya is you’ll be all loopy from the medicine they give ya. That’ll be entertaining.”

Crutchie grinned and rolled his eyes. “Whatever you do, don’t put me on YouTube.”

“Aw, come on!” Jack feigned disappointment. “You could be the next viral sensation!”

Crutchie chuckled and shook his head. “No thanks.”

Jack had patted him on the back and said, “Trust me, Crutch, you’ll be a-okay.”


“Morris, Andrew?”

Crutchie’s nervous foot-tapping stopped immediately as he looked up, fear crossing his freckled features.

“You’ll be fine,” Jack gave Crutchie an encouraging smile.

“For sure?” Crutchie asked, biting his lip.

“For sure,” Jack echoed.

With that, the two made their way to the front desk. The clerk looked at Jack curiously. “Are you his guardian?” She asked. “You look quite young, sir.”

“Eh, kind of?” Jack offered. “His bills and stuff are probably marked under Kloppman, that’s our group home director, but he’s got a ton of other boys to look after, so I’m here in his place. I’m almost eighteen, though, Miss, plus I already got the papers signed by him.”

The clerk nodded understandingly. “Well, if you’ve got the papers, that should work just fine, then.”

“Wait, what kinda papers did he have to sign?” Crutchie asked, trying to hide his anxious tone.

“Just some legal things, Mr. Morris,” The clerk answered.

Crutchie nodded, and quickly said, “Yeah, right, legal stuff, I knew that. Just boring, legal stuff, of course, it don’t have anything to do with this procedure bein’ dangerous.”

The clerk laughed good-naturedly. “You’re in good hands, Andrew. Don’t worry.”

“I ain’t worried!” Crutchie shoved a grin on his face. “No, ma'am, not me! I'se just, uh, reassurin’ Jack here.”

Jack rolled his eyes. “Remind me never to let you become an actor.”


Jack sat in the waiting room, twiddling his thumbs as he awaited Crutchie’s arrival. He had to admit, Crutchie’s nerves may or may not have rubbed off on him, so he was now quite antsy as watched the clock.

“Mr. Kelly?”

Jack looked up, relieved to see them walking Crutchie in. “Crutchie!” He grinned, jogging over to his friend.

Crutchie blinked several times as he looked at Jack, before his face turned up in a smirk. “Hey there, Jack!”

“He did a great job,” The nurse announced. “Now, he’s probably going to be a little out of it for the next few hours, but once the medicine wears off, give him Ibuprofen and allow him to ice his face.”

“Will do,Miss,” Jack said, taking Crutchie’s arm and heading out. “Thank you!”

Crutchie wobbled on his feet, looking down and stepping very carefully. His features turned up in another grin as he said, his words muffled by the cotton in his mouth, “Everythin’s all…spinny, Jack.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it is,” Jack replied, giving his friend an amused look.

Crutchie tripped over his crutch suddenly, and Jack caught him just before he hit the ground. After the initial shock wore off, Crutchie broke out into giddy laughter.

Jack couldn’t help but laugh, too. “You need some help there, bud?” He offered. “I can carry ya if you wa-”

“No!” Crutchie cut him off firmly. As Jack eased him upright again, he looked over at the older boy, blinking rapidly. “No way. Ain’t no one carryin’ me…never!”

Jack rolled his eyes. “Even all drugged-up, you'se gotta be Mr. Independent, huh?”

Crutchie nodded. “I got this.” He announced, scrunching his face up with determination.

Jack laughed again and the two made their way outside. It took a while, but they eventually got to the car and began on their way back to their home.

Crutchie was silent for most of the ride, staring intently at the dashboard. Jack gave him a sideways glance. “You okay, pal?”

“If-if we woke up with, with, like, superpowers,” He began slowly in a serious tone. “Do ya think that-that we’d, we would all be able to fly? Or like, only some people could, like celebrities?” He paused before adding, “I bet Idina Menzel would be able to fly. She’s cool like that.”

Jack felt a grin spread across his face. “I dunno, Crutchie. What do you think?”

Crutchie looked deep in thought. He thought hard before responding, “I think that like…you could only fly if you believe you can fly.”

“Like in Peter Pan?" Jack asked, bemused.

Crutchie’s face lit up. "Yeah! Jus’ like that!” He silent for a moment more before continuing,“Maybe…that’s how things are right now, but no one, nobody…no one thinks they can, so-so nobody can! Ya know? I bet we can fly, but none-no, nobody believes that we can.”

Jack tried, but ultimately failed, to hide a snigger.

Crutchie frowned. “See, see that’s what I mean! You don’t believe it, you think I'se jokin’, but-but…but…what was I sayin’, Jack?”

As they pulled up next to the group home, Jack snuck a glance at Crutchie. “Flyin’?” He prompted.

Crutchie broke out in a huge smile. “Oh, that sounds neat!” He exclaimed. “Yeah, flyin’, that would, that’d be cool. That’s what I was talkin’ about.”

Jack shook his head at his delirious friend. “Sure was.”


Once they got inside, Jack helped Crutchie to his bunk. Just before he was going to leave the younger one to rest, Jack heard a laugh from behind him. He turned around to face a massively-grinning Crutchie. “What’s so funny?”

Crutchie giggled. “You…ya look so funny.”

Jack smirked involuntarily. “What do ya mean?”

“All…all blurry,” Crutchie explained, gesturing to Jack. “And the room is still all-all spinny and it’s so funny.”

“Well, I’ve been told I look quite good when I’m blurry, for the record,” Jack teased, sitting on the edge of Crutchie’s bed.

Crutchie let his laughter die out before softly asking, “Can ya tell me about-bout that place?”

“What place?” Jack asked.

“The one with all the buildings,” Crutchie slurred,, blinking over and over. “The ones with the clay, ya know? And the paintings you make and the green…ya know, the place?”

“Santa Fe?” Jack grinned.

“That’s it!” Crutchie smiled. “Yeah, Santa Fe! I like it when you'se talkin’…talkin’ all about that place ‘cause when I’m all sad or mad- hey, that rhymed! But-but…when I'se upset, you talk about Santa Fe and then I feel happy. More than happy. Because…it’s 'cause I know that you'se gonna keep me safe, 'cause you…ya tell me about Santa Fe, and you don’t tell the other boys that much about Santa Fe! And, when we'se talkin’ 'bout, about Santa Fe, you tell me the other things that you would never say to anybody else, and I say the things I’d never tell anyone-anyone else, and you never tell the other fellas what I says. So-so, that way, I know you really trust me, so I…I can really trust you. I'se never been able to really trust anyone before, 'cause they all leave. You know that. But, you'se…you'se real different. And, that’s just great. So great.”

Jack felt a smile- a true, genuine smile- on his face for the first time in a long time. He looked at Crutchie, who smiled back hopefully. Laying back on the pillow next to Crutchie, he began, “Alright, I’m gonna need ya to close your eyes.”

Crutchie obliged eagerly.

“Good,” Jack responded, closing his eyes, too. “Now, come with me to a place where it’s clean and green and pretty, and they went and made a city outta clay.” He continued painting the city for Crutchie with his words until he felt a weight on his shoulder. Jack looked down to see that Crutchie was out cold, using Jack as his pillow. Jack smirked and muttered, “Maybe if ya dream hard enough, you can fly to Santa Fe.”


Crutchie woke up to a heavy aching in his mouth. He groaned and rolled over, ready to attempt to sleep again, when his eyes landed upon a bowl of ice cream and a note on his nightstand. Smiling softly, he picked up the note and read,


I didn’t put you on YouTube. You totally would have gone viral, though; you were hilarious. Sorry I couldn’t stay with you, I had to go get the schoolwork we missed. (The next time Mr. Pulitzer says I’m irresponsible, show him this!) But, the nurse said to ice your mouth, so I brought you some ice cream, 'cause, hey, it’s got the word ” ice" in it.


Below that, Jack had doodled a small, smiling boy with a crutch and word bubble that said, “Flyin’ sounds neat!”

Crutchie shook his head and grinned. He was just about to roll over and go back to sleep when he noticed a little more text at the bottom.

“P.S. I bet you don’t remember any of the stuff you said about Santa Fe, but, if you do, thanks.”

Before going back to sleep, Crutchie quickly jotted down on the back of the note,

“I don’t remember anything I said, but if it was about Santa Fe, I meant every word.”

Rich and Jake's Eggbaby

“Just let me hold it for a second.”
“You almost ate our baby Rich! I’m not failing health because of your weird diet.” Jake held the egg as Rich moped next him.
“It’s protein, and you should know not to leave unguarded food next to me.” Jake was about to respond when they saw Jeremy and Michael walk by arguing over what they would name their egg. Rich snorted. “Look at those nerds, I bet they’ll name it Arnold or something lame like that.”
“And what do you plan on naming it?”
“Something cool like Max or Heath.”
“But what if it’s a girl.”
“It’s an egg, Jake. Eggs don’t have genders.”

anonymous asked:

nancy and jonathan separately please <3

romantic/domestic hc’s coming your way! (sorry if they seem ooc, first time writing for stranger things!)

jonathan byers

  • you met through photography class, and were assigned as partners
    • he was always daunted by you because you’re gorgeous and smart and pretty much everything he’s not
    • but once he actually talked to you and saw how nice you were, that changed everything
      • he found himself talking more to you and to the people in class
      • and he also found himself spending more and more time with you outside of class
        • (usually it was at a little diner in town, or at your house)
        • (your parents were a little wary of jonathan because he was so quiet, but it changed as he came around more)
  • you realized you liked jonathan when you were both in the darkroom at school, developing pictures of each other that you had taken for a project
    • you’re not quite sure how it happened, but you ended up standing on your tippy toes to kiss him softly
    • he was super tense for a second because he’d obviously never been kissed before, but he soon melted into you
      • you’ll never forget his face when you pulled back; you don’t think you’ve ever seen him smile that hard before!
  • from then on, you guys are inseparable
  • jonathan was really excited to introduce you to joyce & will
    • (joyce was even more excited to meet you)
    • (will was THRILLED when he found out you liked lotr & the hobbit, and proceeded to tell the boys about jonathans awesome new girlfriend)
    • joyce is totally the mom who whips out old baby photos to embarrass jonathan
      • mom! please, please don’t!” “sweetie you were the cutest!”
    • you spend a lot of time at their house, helping out jonathan when joyce is busy 
  • hand holding!!!
    • jonathan absolutely adores holding hands; it’s the pda he’s most comfortable with
    • his hands are soft and big and your hand fits perfectly in his
    • he’s totally the type that traces small circles on your hand with the pad of his thumb
  • he brings you flowers at least once a week, don’t fight me on this
    • he’s like the gif of peter parker in tasm when he holds it up to his face all flustered
  • jonathan is a cuddler
    • he likes holding you close when you’re watching movies or just hanging out at home
    • if you fall asleep in his bed, you usually wake up a couple hours later to jonathan just wrapped around you

nancy wheeler

  • barb totally harassed the two of you to get together when she found out the feelings were mutual
    • nancy wheeler, i swear to god I will date her if you don’t get on it!” “shut up barb, i don’t want to jeopardize our friendship!”
  • you can remember your first kiss clear as day
    • you were both sitting atop her bed, heads at the edge of the mattress; feet propped up on the headboard, cyndi lauper playing softly in the background
    • it was nearing two a.m. and she was just talking about something she loved, and she looked so goddamn beautiful you couldn’t help it
    • so you moved to kiss her softly, and you were more than surprised when she didn’t stop you
  • barb nearly cheers when she finds the two of you at school the next day holding hands
  • nancy’s parents already love you, and are a little shocked when they find out; but they’re more than accepting
    • mike is excited, because he’s been betting with the boys as to when you were going to start dating
  • your study dates usually just end up as make out sessions
    • ”if i fail this test tomorrow, you can tell the teacher why, (y/n)!” “oh, i’ll tell him exactly what you were doing, nanc!”
  • NANCY LOVES WHEN YOU PLAY WITH HER HAIR, especially when she’s had a stressful day
    • she’ll collapse into your lap and let you do your thing, letting you caress her hair and braid it languidly
  • she likes to cook for you, and her specialty is cupcakes + cakes
Me, Pointlessly attempting to predict the rest of Star s2

i’m gonna sit here and at most attempt to predict what these new episodes may be about or what might happen in them.

Then when they premiere, we can see just how badly i screwed up or how well i did.

Mon 2/6 – 215A – “Raid the Cave”

to me, this one sounds alot easier to make implications about. I’d say this would be Star and Marco searching the cave Ludo was hiding in (Buff frog might be with them this episode).

Ludo will more than likely already be gone, but we might get details on his plan or what he’s up to.

Tue 2/7 – 215B – “Trickstar”

Star probably doing something that’s up to no good.

Why?  the episode is clearly a take on Trickster, and the definition of a trickster is:

So for those of you concerned about Star becoming evil or doing bad things….well…this episode might a little scary to you.

Wed 2/8 – 216A – “Baby”

I have no idea XD

This title is just so vague and simple it’s hard to really say anything else then “It probably has to do with a baby in some way”

Maybe someone becomes a baby? Maybe someone’s gonna have a baby?

that’s literally all i can say about this one for now.

Thu 2/9 – 216B – “Running with Scissors”

Adam’s favorite voice work episode.

Probably something to do with using the Dimensional scissors, like maybe going crazy with them and exploring all kinda of new worlds and getting into alot of trouble for using them so much.

maybe something bad happens to the scissors?

the term of “Running With Scissors” refers to doing something dangerous and stupid.

Mon 2/13 – 217A – “Mathmagic”

Math, math and magic.

IDK, maybe it has to do with star being bad at school, and using magic to solve her homework problems?

might learn another lesson about not using magic for everything.

Tue 2/14 – 217B – “The Bounce Lounge”

Valentine’s day!!

There’s actually a rumor going round that this episode might be a tomco episode due to early art of Tom and Marco being in the Bounce Lounge together (Made by a storyboard artist) and a tip from Instagram.

If this is true, then this might be about Tom trying to be more social, and Marco trying to help him make friends and feel comfortable in his own skin considering we’ve seen this place and it kinda seems like a dimensional club.

 If not, then there isn’t much else i can assume besides the fact that we’re going to the Bounce Lounge. :P

((Friend-Enemies Airing on National Boyfriend Day, and This (If it really is tomco) airing on Valentine’s day makes me wonder if the crew is trying to imply something))

Wed 2/15 – 218A – “Crystal Clear”

The Term of seeing something “Crystal Clear”, is to see something perfectly clear : able to be seen through completely

You understand something completely, basically.

So i’m assuming this will be about one character learning to understand something or learning something and therefore understand abother thing in it’s entirety.

 Also might be in a crystal kinda dimension.

Thu 2/16 – 218B – “The Hard Way”

The Term of “Doing things the hard way”, means that after trying the simplest solution to your problem, and failing, it’s time to take a harder route to solve it.

Not much else to say besides that it’ll probably be a bout a character trying to achieve something but failing, only to take a extremely desperate and dangerous route in order to achieve it.

Mon 2/20 – 219A – “Heinous”

Ms Heinous is back!! ((It’s about time))

Can’t say much more then that since i have no idea what she’s up to next, but we’ll probably have some more princess marco moments, some feels, and might learn why Miss Heinous has cheek marks and if she has any kind of relation to Star.

Tue 2/21 – 219B – “All Belts are Off”

Clearly a play on the term : “All bets Are Off”

which is defined as:

So, it’s about belts and unpredictability.

Maybe Star and Marco find belts that cause issues or have magic powers?

Or this has something to do with Marco and Karate again, as he tries to earn his next belt.

(We do have yet to see Jeremy again, and since he’s in the intro we know he’s gonna be in an episode)

Best guess is it’s Karate related in some fashion, and Marco is worried what might happen.

Wed 2/22 – 220A – “Collateral Damage”

Collateral Damage is defined as:

That’s not a good sign.

I think there isn’t much to say except someone (Or something) in the episode is really gonna have a tough time, whether it’s physical or mental.

Thu 2/23 – 220B – “Just Friends”

Everyone is flipping out over this title.

But if you’re like me, you don’t trust anything about this show.

The crew is full of trolls, and it’s just like them to make you think one way and do another.

if this is indeed about two people becoming “Just Friends”, then i can only see a few possibilities:

  • Star And Marco: They learn to value their friendship more, and decide instead of putting their friendship at risk, they continue to stay good friends.
  • Jackie and Marco: Breaking up and becoming just friends? But honestly i feel like that’s the most obvious thing to assume about this episode and i don’t think you’d wanna announce something like that in the episode title -_- (Typically breakups in TV shows are unexpected, and this would be the equivalent of announcing it to the world and ruining any surprise of when or if they break up). I have more doubts about this one being these two, but i guess anything is possible. ((Unless they broke up the ep before this and this episode is the aftermath of it, i don’t see this being about them))
  • Star and Tom: Because i didn’t forget tom existed. This could be about them becoming friends again, and finally getting over their past relationship. We might learn a bit about their dating life, their relationship in general, and we might actually have a really touching scene between them.
  • Literally anyone else, this could be about Janna and Oskar for all i know. Maybe someone who likes someone else is dealing with rejection?

That is my best assumption, will probably be a very ship related episode unless the title is misleading.

Mon 2/27 – 221 – “Face the Music”

Typically a term that means: 

Someone’s about to be busted.

My best assumption is that Star will end up doing something that will end up hurting someone else.

Like maybe Marco will figure out she’s been using negative magic at him and realize she’s upset at him or something is wrong.

or maybe something bad will happen to mewni, and it’ll be due to Star’s actions.

Either way, not going to end well.

(Might involve singing)

Mon 2/27 – 222 – “Starcrushed”

Last episode of the season oh boy.


we know it’s gonna kill us, that’s for sure.

the name sounds as if Star will either fully realize her crush or be crushed herself by something (Maybe the realization that Marco just likes her as a friend)

That is really all i can assume about this episode, and since it’s the finale, you know it’s gonna be one wild ride of emotions.

Other characters, things, scenes we might have in these episodes:

  • Moon Butterfly
  • Info about Moon’s past.
  • Toffee
  • Info about Toffee’s past
  • Tom
  • Janna
  • Jeremy
  • Buff Frog
  • Epic Wand Fight between Star and Ludo
  • Weird Al was said to have a role this season, so he’s in one of these eps.
  • Finding out who is speaking to Ludo in the wand
  • Character development for jackie
  • Jackie and Star relationship drama, might become friends.
  • Oskar
  • Anything Tom and Star related
  • New Villains
  • Mewni being in peril
  • Star doing evil things
  • Eclipsa
  • info on Eclipsa’s past
  • Learning why Marco likes people in the bathroom with him while he showers (We were promised an answer on that dammit)
  • Starfan13
  • Ponyhead
  • Tom and Marco moments
  • Star and Janna Moments
  • New Relationships
  • New Worlds
  • Star’s possibly fixed wand?
  • Learning Toffee’s plan.
  • Jarco dating
  • Songs
  • Hugs
  • Glossaryck, being saved or harmed
  • Ferguson and Alfonso? Maybe?

thanks for reading!!!

Watch as i’m totally wrong about all of these

Possibilities of info dump in the upcoming chapter?

Now that was an interesting fact.

Apparently, the editor warns us about either taking back the story in its entirety or just reread the first volume. The latter retells the story of the fall of Shiganshina till the Battle of Trost where Eren gets eaten. At the moment I got the first volume in my hands and found potential facts that can be relevant in this chapter:

  • First chapter title is: To You, In 2000 Years
  • Erwin and Keith were together for their failed expedition
  • Eren had a dream about a short-haired Mikasa and was crying after wards
  • The walls have been left untouched for a century
  • Eren was sleeping nearby the walls (relevant?)
  • “Danger hits whenever people expect it the least” - Grisha to Eren
  • Grisha had patients to see that day
  • He got convinced of Eren’s decision when it came to take the legacy of the dead, at that point he was about to give him access to the basement
  • Govermnet forbade anybody to get curious about the outside
  • Bertolt transforms right when Armin begins to doubt the resistance of the walls
  • Reiner didn’t make an apparition prior to chapter 2. There was also a slight source of smoke nearby the colossal. Whether it was the power of his foot kicking the gate or maybe Reiner transforming, I wouldn’t bet my two cents on anything important.
  • The armored looks nothing like the one in the recent chapters. I’m pretty sure his design was retconned for the anime, however.
  • According to Hannes, there was an epidemy crisis ravaging the town and it sooo happens Grisha came in with the antidote. Either the walls were backwarded or the epidemy crisis was intended.
  • Also Eren has been surprisingly okay despite having titan serum flowing in his spine.
  • Sasha stole food from stockpile… err… relevant?
  • Bertolt blew off steam when Eren, Sasha, Connie, Mina, Thomas and Samuel were kicked off the walls.
  • He then armed for the canons with his right arm when he got confronted by Eren for the very first time.
  • Side note but Bertolt stared at Jean with the most nervous look while standing in the middle of the panic, right just after destroying the wall. Nice job bottling your mix of guilt and fear of discovery, dude.
  • Armin despertately wanted to prove himself useful and froze during the battle of Trost, as Mina and Thomas got devoured.
  • Volume ends with Eren telling Armin to pursue his dream while getting devoured.

From what I’ve gathered, it could foreshadow several things about what’s going on for the next chapter: more about Armin’s resolve, more about Grisha or simply an Easter Egg I missed, that was qualified as unimportant, but eventuall made sense later (CT biology, Erwin’s failed expedition…). 

Also, important edit: during the fall of Wall Maria, we were never shown how Armin escaped the titan invasion. I bet 500 bucks it’s going to come into play for chapter 82. Thanks @thebibi for pointing this out!

the-jonesy  asked:

oh god that hockay player-sips and ice skating-sjin is a fucking spot on, i can totally see it. Like sips getting out the hockey field after a very tiring match, taking off his uniform being all bruised and sweaty and casually walk down near one of the other rooms and seing sjin gracefully exercising with ice skating and sliding elegant like a butterfly on the ice and sips being kinda confused and curious while his team mates make fun of the figure skating guy, and Sips laughing just to conform.


Then one day he ends up going there on his own, just to train because he’s pretty great at the hockey, but not so much the ice part, but when he arrives there Sjin is all on his own, just practising, so Sips stands and watches for a little while.

Eventually Sjin notices him watching, “Oh, you want to use the rink, you know it’s big enough for two of us…”

“I-I was just watching.” He answers, not wanting to get on the ice and look clumsy after Sjin’s graceful display.

“You’re on the hockey team, aren’t you? I’ve seen you play. You could do with working on your technique…”

My technique?! Listen up you bastard, my technique is fine, I could pull off all this fancy shit you do. But I won’t, because it’s a girls sport.”

“A girls sport, huh? I bet you wouldn’t last five minutes doing this girls sport.”

So Sips tries, even the most simple of manoeuvres he fails, completely and utterly, as Sjin skates rings around him. He eventually leaves the ring with more bruises than he’d gain in a hockey match and Sjin just smiles and asks “Same time next week?" 

OctoberFicFest: Cling 6

An ancient, rusted pickup truck is rumbling down the driveway, kicking up a white cloud of gravel dust behind it. It is Quentin, dropping off the weekly grocery delivery.

The first week, Mulder did not bother to get off of the couch, asking the young man to drop everything on the porch. The second week, he met Quentin at the door and took the hefty box from him. This week he is on the front porch watching him pull the box from the bed of his truck like it is filled with feathers instead of groceries.

“Hey Mr. Mulder,” he greets as he jaunts up to the porch. His smile is broad and deep dimples sink in each of his cheeks.

“Just Mulder, Quentin. I hear ‘mister’ and start looking for my father,” he says as holds open the screen door.

“Yessir,” Quentin answers. He is built like an ox, stout and solid with a neck very nearly wider than his head.

“Getting warmed up for the season?” Mulder asks as Quentin sets the groceries on the kitchen table, which he managed to clear off earlier this morning.

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait.” he says, dimples sinking again.

“Cornerback?” Mulder asks.


“I’m noticing a shocking lack of processed food here, Quentin,” he says as he looks over the contents of the box. The usual staples are there, milk, bread, lunch meat, his favorite chunky peanut butter, but the rest is hard to identify.

Some part of him hates that she is doing this, forcing him to cook rather than nuke. It’s a lot easier to fully wallow in self pity when you can stay alive with as little effort as possible. The amount of control she has is unsettling.The idea that she stops at least once a week to think about what he’s eating, but doesn’t call him, is…something.

“What is this?” he asks, pointing at shock of dark leaves.

“That’s kale. It’s good to put in energy shakes.”

“Energy shakes? Shakes have ice cream, not lawn clippings.”

“It’s really good!” Quentin says enthusiastically. “I’ll show you. Where’s your blender?”

“That’s okay, buddy,” he says, too embarrassed to say that he thinks Scully took the blender when she left.

Quentin looks momentarily crestfallen but is quickly distracted by noise coming from his pocket. Mulder thinks it is an odd ringtone at first, but quickly realizes that the sound is more organic.

“Quentin, there’s a kitten in your pocket.”

“Yeah,” he answers with a smile. “Somebody left four of them in a box behind the store this morning. I managed to give the others away, she’s the last one.”

He draws a miniscule ball of striped orange fluff from his jacket. His meaty hands covering all but a wobbly head and squinty eyes.

Mulder reaches out and rubs his index finger against the kitten’s forehead.

“Ya gonna keep her?”

The thought of Quentin hauling a kitten around in his gym bag while he does squats is fairly amusing.

“I can’t,” Quentin says sadly. “My little sister has asthma. Do you want her, Mr. Mulder?”

“I haven’t had much luck with redheads lately,” he says, dropping his finger away from the fuzzy little creature.

“I bet she’d make a good mouser,” Quentin says hopefully.

Mulder narrows his eyes at him. A cat seems like work. Work, that if he should fail, would not be something he could simply flush away. Although, the mice have been a repeated pain in the ass. He’d found Scully standing on a chair more than once. Hell, ended up standing on a few chairs himself.

Quentin smiles and shrugs, holding the kitten up like an offering.

“If football doesn’t work out, you should really consider going into sales.”

Quentin smiles and gently transfers the kitten into Mulder’s waiting hands.

“I’ll see you next week, Mr. Mulder,” he says as he heads to the door.

“Do me a favor, Quentin? Drop the kale and add cat food, please?”

“Yessir,” he says.

Mulder cradles the kitten against his chest and scrubs his fingers behind her ears as he watches the truck trail away. The kitten tucks herself into the crook of his elbow and begins to purr.

“You’d better take care of the mice or you’re going to be eating all the kale.”

Who Carol is…

The kind of person Carol is…

The things Carol has done for this group…

The sacrifices and hard calls Carol has made to save both the group and Alexandria…

The pain Carol has had to endure and overcome on her own…

Pain she has never, not even once, allowed to compromise or endanger the others…

The snubs, the silence, the times she was overlooked, underestimated, left out and just plain forgotten…even by the very same people she gave up so much for…

And yet none of it changed how she felt about her family and what she was willing to do to keep them SAFE and ALIVE.

Add to that all the hate, the scrutiny, the ridicule, the ageism, the organized character assassination, and let’s face it - constant disrespect, certain sections/bloggers of this fandom have thrown at Carol and her journey all along…

Well that’s exactly why I AM a dedicated CAROL STAN and why next weeks spoilers tell me that I might be an even BIGGER CAROL STAN in the future!

BUT what those who are happy about the spoilers fail to understand is that;

Next weeks episode and what happens with/to Carol, is also going to bring out even more CAROL STANS to our side and a hiatus full of CAROL BUZZ, CAROL LOVE and CAROL ATTENTION…

To us absolutely nothing is worth getting Carol to endure more emotional and physical pain AND I bet the neysayers will agree with us on that one eventually too…

Especially after the media once again zeroes in on a CAROL storyline and shows them  just how much CAROL and MMB love is truly out there!

We just have to LOVE her through that one scene - the reinforcements won’t be too far behind!

Chapter 428

Okay so my laptop is broke again. I’m not missing another chapter review as I feel like I’ve missed to many at this point. Also this is my second time writing this because my step-dad’s shitty laptop decided to close down while I was writing the first attempt. So I am not a happy bunny at the minute.

The chapter begins with Wendy continuing to take care of Juvia. Wendy and Charle discuss what might be happening with Gray and Natsu at Avatar, with the possibility that the boys might be fighting, which they comment wouldn’t be anything new for the two. Plus there’s Wendy being embarrassed by Juvia’s breasts, which is adorable and hilarious.

So they are fighting.

Gray says that plan to bring Fairy Tail back is stupid and they can do it without him. Natsu responds that Fairy Tail is in it’s members hearts and always will be. What I want to talk about here is Lucy’s face. This shows once again that she’s still hurt by what happened and builds up to the inevitable fight/talk of some sort that her and Natsu are going to have.

I’ve noticed that a lot of posts have been discussing Natsu and Lucy’s conflict, and the majority of them seem to take to Lucy’s side while giving Natsu some serious hate. I’m taking to neither side and letting the manga run it’s course, but I want to talk about what is happening and give my views.

First Lucy. I understand what she has gone through. I mean, I haven’t lost three important things within the span of two weeks but I understand her feeling of loneliness and her depression. The past year has been tough on her and I can see why she’s hurt and hasn’t completely forgiven Natsu yet. However, she’s taking it the wrong way. She’s dropping little hints about how she’s feeling to Natsu and he knows that she’s been alone for a year. As many people have pointed out, Natsu is a man of actions rather than words. In chapter 419 Natsu didn’t even think about getting the guild back together until he saw Lucy’s wall. Bringing the guild back together is how he’s trying to make it up to her, but what Lucy really needs is a heartfelt conversation with him, yet those little hints she’s leaving seems to be affecting Natsu. Think back to how uncomfortable he looked when Lucy called him out on being a hypocrite in chapter 424.

Now onto Natsu’s side. If you’ve ever lost a parent you should understand what Natsu went through at the end of the Tartarus arc. I haven’t experienced this but I know it must be painful. And Lucy knows what it feels like to lose a parent, she’s went through it twice. Natsu probably wanted space to think when he left, taking Happy because he still needed a close companion. In chapter 416 he vows to protect the rest of the guild when he came back. I wouldn’t be surprised, afterall he’s watched Igneel and Future Lucy, two people (or dragon) that he loves dearly, die right infront of him when he stood there powerless to stop their murders, he won’t want to have to go through that a third time. He reasons for leaving a perfectly justifiable, but I don’t agree with was how he left. Leaving a simple letter? That hurt Lucy more than saying goodbye face to face. Yes, him being vocal about his leaving would have been tough for both of them, but it would have hurt Lucy a lot less.

Please keep in mind Natsu had no idea that the guild was going to disband. He did leave a day before it official broke up. He probably thought that Lucy would have everyone else rather than suffering alone for a year. He also has no idea about what happened to Aquarius, as Lucy is keeping it bottled up. Lucy also doesn’t know about what truely happened to Igneel. She must think Igneel disappeared with the rest of the dragons (which he did do), which is sad on it’s own but the other dragon slayers remained strong throughout that. She doesn’t know that Natsu has to see his foster father get his torso ripped off.

This is why they both need to get their thoughts and feelings across to one another.

Sorry I went on a bit of a ramble there. I wanted to address my thoughts on the situation from a (hopefully) unbiased standpoint.

Wow. Lucy straight up slaps Gray for what he says. This also shows her true feelings about the guild and her pain. I’m hoping that she’s (literally) trying to slap some sense into Gray, and by doing this she may still have hope for Fairy Tail?

After this Mary uses her magic to subdue Lucy. Can i also talk about the hate for Mary? I can understand why people will hate her for attacking Lucy and insulting Fairy Tail here, but hating her for “getting in the way of Gruvia”? Really guys? She’s friendly to Gray but that’s it. It’s a stupid reason for hating her.

And here we also have Natsu being concerned for Lucy. I do have to agree with the general consensus that Natsu is a lot more protective of Lucy after seeing her future self’s death. Also Natsu really was holding back when he fought the other Avatar members as they’re still up and standing.

I’ve seen another post pointing out that Natsu saying that Gray is being possessed by a demon makes it seem like Natsu knows what that is like, linking to him actually being END. I found that to be really interesting.

Well shit.

We’re back with Gajeel next and…

Okay so I fucking love the idea of Levy and Gajeel joining the Council together and it’s actually canon!

And this might be foreshadowing a fight between Gray and Gajeel.

My thoughts: Wow a lot happened in this chapter. I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start with the big point I made with Natsu and Lucy’s unavoidable confrontation. I honestly cannot wait for it. Their relationship has needed some conflict, and hopefully this can make them closer when they’ve resolved everything.

I’m still heartened about Gray, but I bet a lot of Gale fans are overjoyed about the two being a part of the Council together. It honestly brightened up my mood a lot.

We’re getting two chapters next week? Holy shit Mashima, calm down. But seriously I’m so happy to get two chapters. I start school again next week so hopefully the two chapters will make it more bearable.

Jesus Christ, since my first attempt at writing my review of this chapter failed, I’ve practically been writing this for two hours. Sigh.

it finally happened, i finally broke down today. After days of optimistic thinking and constant worrying, I finally broke down and bawled my eyes out.  I’m writing this because this is the end for me. I can’t do this anymore and I’ll be leaving.

this situation has caused me both sadness and hatred. When first hearing the news, I was upset and tears threatened to fall after every rumor or post involving kris or exo.  I went to bed thinking that this couldn’t be true and woke up thursday morning to even worse news. I couldn’t eat or sleep and laid in my bed for hours doing absolutely nothing. Eventually once thursday morning came my sadness began to form into madness, wandering why this was happening and why now of all times. Needless to say, I’ve been moody and bipolar these last three days.

I love kris but i hate him. I love him to pieces in the fact that he became my ultimate bias. I love him because he was so caring to both the members and the fans and I’m so so proud of him for standing up for himself and for having the courage to represent himself. But i also hate him. Hate him for doing this now of all times. For how he’s hurting the other 11 members; how he’s hurting us fans, and how he’s hurting himself. I hate him so much for making me love such a wonderful band that has taken over my life so beautifully.

On thursday I called my best friend. She commented that this was like a break up. Kris simply isn’t happy in the relationship anymore and still wants to be friends but just has a different dream now. My reply was “yea but he doesn’t even know I exist” and this makes it 200X worse. But not only is he breaking up with us fans, he ’s breaking up with the members too and this is what upsets me the most. 

She also commented about how maybe this was a good thing for me personally. I told her about how I had been a living zombie for the past 3 days and that I’ve been bored out of my mind, bothering my parents and moping around. I realized that exo has consumed my life so much that its not even an obsession anymore, its an addiction. I literally have had no idea what to do these past couple of days. And i’ve been so depressed since exo is “my happiness” and now my 12 balls of sunshine are now starting to turn dark. For some reason I can’t find anything happy to distract me from this situation. I literally can’t find a reason to my life anymore and this is unhealthy. Most people say to turn to friends and family however with it being summer, my friends are all hours away from me and my parents simply don’t understand how attached I am to exo. I’ve found comfort in my sister but even then I can tell that my attachment is much more than hers. But through this situation I have learned that I am in wayyy too deep. I don’t know what to do with all this extra time and I need to find something to do. I’m at a loss so any suggestions would be appreciated. My sister recommended working out and ha i laugh at that. anyways…

I’m not leaving exo. I’ll still listen to their songs, watch music videos, etc but I can’t do this. The obsessing, the 24/7 thoughts about exo, the binge watching of exo videos, staying up until 4am to watch their live performances, the otps, the fanfiction and the social media sites. I can’t imagine spazzing over a new song and not seeing kris. or seeing a new member and thinking how kris should be there or seeing an empty spot in the choreography. I can’t bear to see the member’s faces through these next months as they’re bombarded with questions and comments that they don’t even know the answer too. I love exo and these 2 and ½ years have been more than I have ever dreamed but I need to get out quick.

I will forever love my time on this site. I have made some heartwarming friendships on here and I love all of you to pieces.

To all 4579 of my followers, gosh I love you all so dearly, You’ve made me experience on here so worth it. I’ve always thought I’ve had the bets followers ever and ya’ll never fail to amaze me. I wish ya’ll much love and success and ask you all to be much stronger than myself.

To all of my friends I’ve made on here: again, I love you guys sooo much! You better all stay in contact with me. You can reach me on kakotalk @kaitlynmhill or my instagram @kaitlynmhill or  if you want you can ask for my phone number, i don’t mind. just shoot me a message. I’ll come online some time next week just to answer messages or what not.I’m also deleting my twitter so don’t try to find me there.

I’m sorry to min(zhehun) that we weren’t able to complete our krisyeol fanfiction sideblogs, for obvious reasons I don’t think it applies anymore and this is something I’m definitely struggling with.

And i’m also sorry to mel (xeuna) for not completing our pale exo network. But please continue with the idea. It’s brilliant and I’m sure many people would love to join!

I’m also sorry to rina (I’m not sure what your url is anymore OTL) for abandoning justkrisyeol. It was fun while it lasted and I can’t explain how much this situation hurts when it comes to my otp. Our ship is sinking and I want to cry for ages because of it.

I’m also sorry to emily (screwufan) for out wudao network. I’m sorry that I wasn’t a good admin and I’m sorry that i’m leaving you in charge of it alone. Please forgive me.

to priscilla, skylar, amanda, alison, sandy, denice, mel, lisa, lainey, kath, nathalie, nat, min, vanessa, emily, laura, dalia, rina, hajar, sandra, bea, kae, kris, zuzu, cola, jasmine,cosette, elsa, lee, cath, and any others that I’m leaving out because I’m a horrible human being, i love you allll so much. Be strong and please don’t forget me.

Thanks for reading this. I didn’t proofread it so probably none of it makes sense. It’s been fun. I’m not going to delete my blog. I know how hard it is to want to reblog something from someone who has deleted their blog so I’ll keep it up I just won’t be online or updating. There is a very slim chance that I’ll be back. I still have a little bit of hope inside that this will all work out and if it does It may take me a month or so to get over these feelings and come back to my happy place of exo but as of now this is what i need and i think it’s the best option for me.

Without further ado, this is the last post you’ll see of me. The time of wubulge has ended. Goodbye loves, and exo fighting!

Wherein Darcy cheats and Jane steals. (Out of Town)

Madalayna: I would love to see some “ordinary” Asgardians in your sequel. Jane and Darcy seem like they would be more into getting to know the regular people and not just the pompous royals. It would be interesting to see how they react to the princes of Asgard’s “friends” from Midgard. 

iamartemisday said: If you’re still taking prompts for Out of Town, how about Thor and Loki decide to take Jane and Darcy into town to show them around, and they all wind up getting separated.

samdram1: What about a drabble of Darcy and Thor bar hopping –or tavern hopping! 

QueenJin: Darcy decides to try and drink Thor under the table. Loki helps her to cheat.

helikesitheymikey: Loki goes bad ass on a couple of guys who were hitting on Jane/giving Jane unwanted attention.


(Some of this Ex-Pat!Jane-and-Darcy drabble is from a Dark World deleted scene. All the best Jane parts got taken out. Not to mention most of Malekith’s story. Plus extra Loki stuff. Where is our Director’s Cut, Kevin Feige?)


Kjell, son of Kjell, has not been the proprietor of Ǫlker Tavern for very long (only fifty years, as his father reminds him nearly daily). So he can be forgiven, in his own mind, for not exhibiting the sort of confidence that made the Ǫlker famous in his forebears’ hands. And if his mead is not yet worthy of Valhalla, his bilgesnipe dyresteg is developing a reputation of its own. (Kjell has always had more skill at the stove than the cask.)

Still, young though he may be, he has plans. Vision! Mead will come in time. The tales of his dyresteg will spread. His feather-light almond cakes will erase all memories of famous Alfheimian aphrodisiac confections. People will travel across realms to find out what delicacy he serves for the daily special. And Kjell will then be known only as Kjell, not Kjell son of Kjell.

(And Father won’t be able to say a thing about it.) 

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