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Mutter mutter, ways to knock someone out without doing them permanent harm, mutter mutter. The more I research, for realism’s sake, the less I know. Knock upside the head? Ha ha, nope! Too uncontrolled, could cause brain damage, no way to keep person from waking up (or to wake them up when you do want them to…) Choloroform? Noooooope! Could be fatal. 

Someone want to tell me what the inhaled drug anaesthesiologists use, how impossible is it to get your hands on (assume characters have decent resources at their disposal), and how usable it is on the fly, outside of a hospital, without the mask contraption? 

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what do you do when you've tried everything and you still don't have many followers and haven't made any popular posts

realize that tumblr popularity and indeed popularity in general is nothing more than a delusion of grandeur that we as humans need in order to elevate normal people to the status of god. 

for real tho, its just luck. the only way to reliably increase your follower count is to befriend blogs you follow. my blog got its start because i showed up at a livestream an artist i liked was doing and volunteered myself to provide commentary for his game of mario golf. i made a lot of good friends from that, and tbh that was a lot better than having popular posts. if you dont have a lot of followers, your best bet to getting a popular post is to tag it with something people are searching. dont do like 500 tags bc that looks desperate, just do enough that it seems reasonable. thats what i did with my friendly reminder post from way back when, and it got reblogged by some popular blogger making fun of it. that, in turn, introduced me to a lot of great people who followed me as a result, but from there i had to work to befriend them and insert myself into that community. like my anxiety was pretty bad back then so it wasnt easy at all to even try to make friends, but if you try you’ll usually find that it goes well, provided that youre not awful and abrasive all the time. 

at this point ive got a decent number of posts with like, 10,000+ notes. a good number of my friends do as well. the only way really to get that to happen is to make posts a lot. you cant expect every great text post you make to get popular. no matter how incredible i thought my post about meeting my sister at a swinger joint was, it’s never going to be popular and that’s okay. when you think of something good, make a post. there’s so many dead text posts on my blog with like 3 notes that i thought were gold. theres even more chat posts. fandom stuff can get picked up by that fandom and carried around (ive got posts about jojo and runescape that get like a few notes every couple days) but those are gonna be more niche. 

but really, what it comes down to is luck. youre much better off working at making friends on the site. that way, when you make a post, you have a reason to make it. you wanna make your friends chuckle a little bit and maybe brighten their day up. when i make a post, i check the notifications constantly, not to see if one of the popular bloggers that follows me has reblogged it, but to see if my friends saw it. its fulfilling. although i certainly wouldnt turn down my friends reblogging my posts instead of just hitting like. does me no good. 

anyway good luck! just remember that tumblr’s a social network, not a social experiment. you’re dealing with people, and those people usually like making friends. you shouldnt objectify them as likes and reblogs for your own popularity. theyre all here for the same reason you are: cool porn and dinosaurs

Your top Charles/A suspects

I’m just curious as my dash lately has been 100% Wren is A theories and I’m wondering if that is the most popular opinion now. My #1suspect:

Jason (yawn)

Reblog and post yours, tagged or not, I’m intrigued!

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So someone made an IG account and posted some of Glenne's pictures on her private account. I saw that she had pics with Kendall, Nadine, and Meghan which make me think they're Azoff clients. I'm just wondering if this means Modest worked with Azoff (because of the song writing Harry did with Meghan, wouldn't Sony also need to be involved with that or just Modest?) or if Harry's just doing it out of his free will? It's just all confusing to me when I saw it and I was just wondering how this worke

Well yes Kendall, Nadine and Meghan do have connections with the Azoffs. That’s what everyone has been saying lol. The rest is under the cut.

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