i bet that you

Party of None!

Story code: D 2002-076
Origin: Denmark
Writing: Michael T. Gilbert
Pencils: Vicar

An awesome person on Discord shared the link to this story a couple weeks ago (please tell me your Tumblr username again so I can credit).

This is the story that The Secret Gardner is a loose sequel for. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time and was pleased to discover that it was actually published in many languages, including English and Arabic! If you can find it in your country, support the artists and publishers by buying it.


On Gladstone’s request, Gyro neutralizes his luck.

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mina has literally the most inconsistent characterization but i don’t even care because i lowkey love her


Today, I’ve lost 100 pounds.

And it feels…weird.

It feels good - that I’ve stuck with it this time and didn’t give up.  That I don’t really need some of the crutches I relied on at first, eating less and getting more exercise has just become a habit.  I went on vacation and lost 4 pounds because I ordered whatever I wanted but stopped as soon as I felt the slightest bit full - and it was easy.  I didn’t feel deprived or guilty or sad that I couldn’t eat more (well, only on the day we went to Son of a Gun…that chicken sandwich was AMAZING!).  

But at the same time, it feels…not bad.  I wouldn’t say bad.  Just…strange.  It hasn’t changed much, really.  I still feel lonely and deeply, miserably ugly.  I want people to notice but when they do I want to curl up in a ball and hide, because how can they not see all the things still wrong with me? It’s also a little embarrassing to admit, tbh…that I’ve been fat enough I could lose 100 pounds and still not be at my goal.  I’m just…not in a very good place, mentally.  I guess I thought losing weight would fix that but I need to work on both apparently.

Anyway…100 pounds.  Wow.  I really never thought I’d get here.

anonymous asked:

i decided that i was gonna do like gifsets for every sh main with a specific colour, but i don't really wanna gif jace?? but then i feel bad about including clary bc her character annoys me just as much but my lesbian ass thinks she's pretty enough to ignore her stupid actions in order to gif her. help please?? should i leave them both out??

they’re your gifs, if you don’t want jace, don’t gif him. but maybe think of moments when he’s have been good or nice so it helps you cope! i’m all for main character edits remembering everyone if possible*.

like jace is really nice and supportive with izzy often, when they trained together, when he supported her post her yin fen addiction. how he realised he was wrong to support the clave so his first action was to remove maia’s tracking chip. he has good moments. then you can keep clary as she’s pretty and you’re done.



tony lost a bet & now he has to go ahead of me into every room and announce that ‘winter is coming’ before i enter
feysand bed scenes ;))
  • Rhysand: *hugging feyre from behind; big spoon*
  • Feyre: *holding onto Rhys' hands*
  • Rhysand: *leans in close onto feyre's fae ears*
  • Feyre: *can feel his hot breath on the crook of her ear*
  • Rhysand: *sensually* howDY PARTNER

So if you have to give us like a personality trait of yours or like a quirky thing that you do - what don’t people know about you specifically — I have a real fear of anyone or anything touching my belly button … don’t try and do it if you meet me please because it freaks me out…