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So Anti’s back. Time to hyperfocus

Today’s episode of Hyperfocus is on what Anti says.

So for any of you who are extremely confused (I was too until I did some hardcore searching), Anti made his grand return in the intro for Jack’s PAX East panel. The reason you may be seeing so many phone- recorded videos is because Jack told people to record it on their phones. But… Was it Jack?

We’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s start with Anti’s first words, a voiceover on nothing. Did you miss me?” 

Sound familiar? Oh, yeah.

Dark said it when he came back. I’m willing to bet Anti got similar reactions. I, at least, reacted the same way for both: a little flailing, a little fangirling, and repeating, “Yes, yes I did.”


“Look at you all just sitting there, you all thought I was gone. Not worrying about anything. You all thought I was gone, but I’ve been here this entire time, keeping an eye on things.”

Anti, like Dark, wants us to pay attention. The difference here is that while Dark feeds off our attention and needs it (see: “You just need to let me in”), Anti simply craves the attention. As soon as the spotlight was off of him, he got jealous. He lashed out, because he wants to be seen again.

And when he says “I’ve been here this entire time,” that goes along with a lot of theories centered around the idea that Anti really did get rid of Jack on Halloween, and that Anti has just been pretending this entire time. Every glitch and Anti sighting between then and now has been Jack trying to get our attention.

Anti insults us. “Look at you all just sitting there.” He makes us feel at fault. He says we should have been worried. Flashback to Halloween, when he says “This is your fault.” He blames us. 

But he’s been here the entire time, which leads me back to what I said above about Jack telling us to record with our phones. Was it Jack? My theory is, no. If Anti claims to have been here this entire time, there has not been a single moment that it has been Jack since before Halloween. 

Moreover, I think Anti wanted a record of his reappearance, but in a chaotic way. This wasn’t in a video uploaded to Jack’s channel, it was an intro to a live event. Multiple people record this on their phones and share it on Tumblr, and the entire fandom is thrown into confusion and chaos.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was Anti.

“You stopped paying attention. Well, I hope you’re happy. You’ve found someone new. You threw me aside. Someone to replace me.”

Again, Dark.

I wanted Dark and Anti to get along, but this right here makes me think that if they ever did meet, it would not be good.

Dark said he’d been “Pushed aside, replaced, mocked.” Most people agree that he was referring to Anti here. Anti had been getting most of the attention, and Dark was a little mad about it. But when Dark got to us, when we let him in on Valentine’s, it satiated his need for attention. He believed that he wouldn’t have to deal with Anti anymore, because he came back.

Anti, on the other hand, not only said “Betrayal, neglect, mistake,” he also said this very cryptic little phrase: “cheap imitator.” 

Most people, again, agree that after Dark came back, Anti got jealous once again. But instead of saying he’d been pushed aside, replaced, and mocked, he’d been betrayed and neglected. By us. He believes that by even looking at Dark, we’ve betrayed and neglected him. He calls Dark a mistake, and a cheap imitator. Not good.

But then this. “You’ve found someone new. You threw me aside. Someone to replace me.”

Again, the only thing I could imagine he is talking about is Dark. We turned to Dark, and Anti is not happy.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m always there, always watching. You can’t get rid of me.”

This goes back to above, where Anti says he’s always been there. Not much else to say about this, other than he’s always watching.

He sees everything we do. How we react to him, how we react to Dark. He sees every little headcanon we cook up. And he really doesn’t care what we say. Like Fall Out Boy said, “I don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me.”

Here’s a big difference between Anti and Dark. Dark needs us to trust him and even like him for his plans to play out. Anti, on the other hand, just wants us to watch. He doesn’t care about controlling us, because he believes he can do anything on his own. We can’t get rid of him. When he says that, he shows that he truly doesn’t care what we think as long as we pay more attention to him than Dark.

Enjoy the show.”

The first thing that popped into my head was Mark’s Raspy Hill video, which was arguably an early Darkiplier appearance. Although it isn’t canonical or acknowledged by Mark, we all kind of understand it to be Dark. (Sidenote, even back then, before Dark had concrete characteristics, we can still see him trying to make us trust him. More on that if you want it. Hmu.) In that video, Dark says, “Enjoy your stay.”

Enjoy is the key word here. I don’t think either Dark or Anti truly meant that they want us to enjoy in the common sense of the word. They meant to pay attention, and don’t try to leave. No matter what, the show is going to be worth watching.

Edit: I’ve been reminded of Natewantstobattle’s Sister Location song “Enjoy the Show” featuring Jack and HOW COULD I FORGET. And, yeah, maybe Anti threw that little reference in there for kicks and giggles. Anti likes showing up in horror games, doesn’t he? I highly doubt that Anti was making direct reference to Dark, and it’s entirely possible that he was referencing the song “Enjoy the Show,” but at this point it’s impossible to separate Anti and Dark completely. There is undeniable interaction between the two.


Oh, and the sliced neck? Yeah, kind of confirms that Jack is gone. Anti has been in control since Halloween. 

And the gauges? Most likely a canonical character trait. Makes Anti edgier.

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Hii, could you please do more Fanboy!Tae HCs please???

Yoongi remembers the first time he ever saw Taehyung jealous. It was actually so hilarious and a fun time for him. Yoongi’s usually the only to pout and glare at the boys Taehyung pulls with him to events and for once it’s Taehyung being pouty and grumpy literally Yoongi wants to milk it for all it’s worth because the younger is so fucking cute!!!

It’s during a fan sign in Seoul. Taehyung arrives at the usual location dressed up in his best outfit and carrying his favorite camera to capture any cute poses his boyfriend might do in his direction. It catches him off guard for a moment, though, when he lines up and none of the normal fan masters he interacts with come up to say hello like before. 

His eyebrows scrunch together and he looks around to notice that most of the fan masters are in a circle a little further ahead of the line. 

“Hey, Yoona! What’s going on over there?” 

Taehyung smiles as he spots and talks to one of the Seokjin fan masters he’s gotten close with. She’s a cute girl who always has a Mario plush with her and wants Soekjin to call her baby girl and also one of the few persons that knows of Taehyung’s and Yoongi’s relationship. The girl giggles and covers her mouth before her eyes shut into half moons with her grin and Taehyung himself can’t help but grinning. 

Until she speaks. 

“There’s a new Yoongi fanboy! You remember how wild it was when you first came, they are just excited to see another boy.” 

The grin on his face falls and he wants to say something else but before he can the staff is asking them to line up and of course, of fucking course, the boy lines up right in front of Taehyung. He doesn’t even try to hide his frown. The boy is fucking adorable as fuck. His hair is dyed silver, to match Yoongi’s Taehyung notices, and his almond eyes are lined in sharp dark black liner with light red shadow covering the lids. Really if Taehyung thinks about  it the boy looks similar to himself and that thought only pisses him off more when he sees the boy wearing a shirt that reads “Suga’s boyfriend!” on it.  The boy grins when he sees Taehyung. 

“Hello, I’m Baekhyun! Are you a fanboy too? Ah i bet your girlfriend dragged you here right?” 

Taehyung just points to his camera that hangs around his neck and more specifically the card taped to the camera that reads “Sugas_Sweets.” Baekhyun’s mouth drops open.


Thankfully before Baekhyun can try talking to him more the line begins moving and the fans are aloud to enter the building. Taehyung quickly looks for Yoongi and his mood instantly brightens when he notices Yoongi is already staring at him with a gummy smile on his face. His mood again is dropped when he hears Baekhyun squeal followed by “Holy shit Suga hyung is so handsome!!” 

He’s really not normally the jealous type but something about Baekhyun gets the possessive juices in him flowing. The boy is pretty, fucking gorgeous really, and Yoongi’s type. It makes Taehyung frown.  

“Did you get Hyung a gift? I got him this signed Eminem cd and some of his favorite candies!” 

Baekhyun is tossing an arm around Taehyung’s shoulder as he talks and Taehyung tries to focus on getting quality pictures of his boyfriend, and some of Namjoon for Kyungsoo, he really just wants to toss his camera because he knows Yoongi is going to fucking love that gift. It’s not a competition but Taehyung wants nothing more than to casually toss out a “I sucked his dick last night that’s a good enough gift.” but he stops himself. Instead he just smiles and shakes his head. 

“I go to every event. Yoongi asked i stop getting him gifts because my love and support is enough for him.” 

It’s their turn to meet the boys at the table and he counts it as a win when he sees Baekhyun look a bit jealous at the way Yoongi lights up when he notices Taehyung is in line. Most fans themselves have just figured Taehyung is Yoongi’s favorite fan site and that’s why the rapper lights up whenever he sees him. Taehyung knows it’s really because his boyfriend is a giant sap that loves when Taehyung shows his fanboy side. Sadly the way the line is set up has Baekhyun going to see Yoongi before Taehyung does. 

He watches with a frown as Baekhyun hands his gifts to Yoongi and Yoongi’s eyes shine when he sees the Eminem cd. Baekhyun raises his hand and Taehyung assumes he’s asking for a high five until he sees Yoongi link their fingers together for a few seconds. It makes his stomach turn unhappily as Baekhyun blushes when he makes eye contact with Yoongi and Yoongi himself laughs at how fucking cute Baekhyun is. 

The staff push him along and Yoongi laughs again when Taehyung sits in front of him with a pout. 

“He’s cute.” 

Yoongi teases his boyfriend and Taehyung huffs. 

“I’m turning into a Namjoon fan site.” 

Of course they both know he’s lying and Yoongi laces their fingers together as he coos. 

“Kyungsoo would kill you if you did.”

They don’t have much time together and Taehyung knows Yoongi has a packed schedule so they won’t get to have any secret dates anytime soon so he tries to smile as he hands over some sticky notes with questions for Yoongi to answer. One of them has a question that reads “Hyung what is your ideal type?” and he winks as he writes down “Pretty boys that pout when they are jealous and have purple hair.” 

Taehyung leaves with a blush on his face as staff ask him to move on. Damn Yoongi can be so smooth sometimes. 

Yoongi laughs the moment he reads the text. He knows, thanks to Taehyung, how much the fans are fearing for his hair now that a new comeback has been announced and although Yoongi already knows he’s keeping his dark hair he decides to tease Taehyung. 

He uploads an old selfie he has on his phone that was never posted onto twitter with his hair a bright orange, from when he was in the middle of bleaching it, before texting Taehyung back. 

“You haven’t checked Twitter?” 

A little bit of worry runs through him when twenty minutes pass and he’s gotten no reply from his boyfriend.  Another ten minutes go by and finally Yoongi texts his Taehyung again. 

“Are you okay?” 

What he receives is a picture of Taehyung in front of the bighit building with the words “BRB fighting Bang PD.” under it. 


It’s hard on them sometimes. Not always sunshine’s and rainbows. Sometimes they fight and it’s so ugly because they care for each other so much. Yoongi has idol friends that are just so fucking rude sometimes and there the ones that know about him dating a fan and they put words into his head that normally he wouldn’t think about. 

“What if he’s only with you because of the fame?” 

“He only likes you because you’re Suga.” 

“Once the excitement of being with an idol wears off he’ll leave you and go to a magazine about your relationship.” 

Yoongi’s so stressed out when Taehyung calls to tell him about how much he loves the new mv and talk about it he just snaps. 

“Can you please just shut up about the music video.” 

Taehyung goes silent for a moment before trying to change the subject to maybe cheer Yoongi on for his next concert. Yoongi knows he’s being a dick but again the stress it there and the lack of sleep and the words from his friends creep up and he just can’t handle it. 

“All you ever want to fucking talk about is concerts and music videos and it’s so fucking annoying can you just stop being such a fucking fan for once! I’m sorry i don’t want to be your idol boyfriend Suga today you can leech from me later.” 

The line clicks as Taehyung hangs up their call before Yoongi can even realize he’s taken out his stress on his boyfriend. Of course the younger doesn’t answer any attempts Yoongi makes to call him back. It just makes everything hurt more when a few days pass and Yoongi doesn’t see Taehyung at the fan event that he knew for sure the younger had tickets to. Yoongi checks twitter and his gut drops when he sees the top tweet. 

Sugas_Sweets: Hello it’s admin of S_S, for the first time ever S_S will be going on hiatus. Thank you for understanding.

He tries one more time to text Taehyung. “Am i really losing my favorite fan site?” and of course he feels like a dick when Taehyung text him back. “Clearly it bothers you that i’m a fan so i’ll stop.” 

That same day he nearly runs to Taehyung’s apartment as soon as he gets the free time. He has no idea what he’s going to say or do but he knows he needs to fix things with his boyfriend. He never really realized how much he looked forward to seeing Taehyung at events and concerts until the younger hadn’t showed up. He sees it coming when he knocks on the door and Kyungsoo answers just to slam the door back shut when he sees who it is. He’s always been protective over Taehyung and Yoongi is ready to fight his way into the house if he has too to get to Taehyung. Thankfully the younger opens the door a few minutes later. 

Yoongi doesn’t say anything before pulling him into a tight hug. 

“I’m sorry i’m a fucking asshole. I love your support and i love that you’re my fan and that you are there to cheer me on and i didn’t mean anything i said i just let some stupid words some people said get to me and i’m sorry.” 

He hates that Taehyung’s eyes are red, probably from crying, and the younger sighs as if he’s given up. 

“You know i’m dating you because you’re Yoongi right? I love Min Yoongi the man that snores too loud and is picky about his ramen. I don’t care if you are Suga of BTS i love Min Yoongi and i only talk about your work so much because i want you to know how proud i am of you.”

Yoongi nods. He does know that he just fucked up and he says so as he holds the love of his life to him. Taehyung finally hugs him back.

“I love you, stupid. If you make me cry again i’ll get Kyungsoo to kick your ass.” 

Yoongi just chuckles.

“I love you, too brat.” 

Leather jacket*

A/N: I started writing a one shot. But I got a bit carried away so I decided to upload it in parts. This is part one. There’s no real action in this one. But hey we’ve got to start somewhere. Let me know what you think, and requests are always welcome.

In which Y/N and Harry are best friends and go out one night. Harry tries to say a bit sober to take care of Y/N and bring her home save.

Warning: none.

Part one.

Going out with my best friend always lead a night we’d never forget. One of those nights you talk about years after they happened. She always turned onto the craziest person ever when she’s drunk. She can’t help it, she loves to let go.

‘Let’s go for another round of shots.’ She exclaimed. She was clearly getting there, totally wasted. Which means I’d be the one taking her home and putting her into bed. I did it a lot of times before. I stayed over once before because I was not so sober myself and didn’t think it was a promising idea to go home by myself.

Y/N walked over to the bar and came back with four shots of tequila along with four lime wedges. Oh god. Why four, I question myself. Two wasn’t enough?

‘Two shots for monsieur and two shots for madame.’ She says as she takes the shots off the tray and put them in front of us. ‘I hope you’re okay with tequila.’ She adds.

‘One wasn’t enough for you?’ I ask her and put a little salt on my hand to lick it off. I take a shot in my hand. I knock it back in one gulp and bite down on the lime right after it. I let the liquor sink in. I’m so not made for tequila but honestly who is?

‘One would’ve been enough for me, but not for you. You clearly need some more booze. What did you drink, huh? Three beers? Maybe four.’ She complains after she takes her shot.

‘Well, one of us has to stay clear in their head. And that’s obviously going to be me, love.’ I tell her. She makes a pfft sound at me and gulps her second shot down her throat. A smashing sound took my attention right back to the table. She’d put her glass down on the table. I think she didn’t like my comment.

‘Take your shot Harry, you need it.’ Her hand takes the remaining shot to my lips. ‘Shit the salt.’ She comments at herself as she puts the shot down to put salt on her hand. ‘There you go.’ Is all she says as she holds her hand in front of me to lick off the salt, followed by the small glass on my lips and a lime shoveled in my face.

I gag at the lime. The sour taste isn’t much of a pleasure plus getting a lime wedge stuffed into your mouth isn’t the nicest thing ever. Apparently thinks it’s funny cause she’s laughing in tears. She turned around to head back to the bar. I run after her, she shouldn’t get another drink. She had enough already.

I stop her by taking her by the arm. ‘Don’t you think you’ve had enough?’ I ask her, and she shakes her head.

‘No, just one more.’ She whines like a little child. Oh, why did I ever agree on going out with her. I knew I’d end this way.

‘What about I bring you home and we drink a glass of wine when we get there?’ I suggest. Her body relaxes and she doesn’t try to get away anymore.

‘Whatever you want.’ She responds and points a finger at my chest playfully. ‘Let’s go home.’

I make my way to the wardrobe to get our coats. I hold up hers to help her get into it. ‘There you go, love.’ I say as I put on my leather jacket. I take her hand and lead her outside. ‘Let me get a taxi.’ I murmur. And raise my hand up to stop one driving by.

I help her get in the backseat and walk around to get in on the other side. ‘288 Oldfield Lane North, please.’ I request the driver.

After a solid twenty-minute ride, he stops at Y/N’s driveway. ‘It’ll be £17,- please.’ The driver speaks. I hand him a £20,- bill. ‘Keep the change.’ I tell him as I open the door on Y/N’s side to get her out of the car.

‘Harry, you’re the bestest.’ She says when I walk her to her door, making me chuckle. ‘What? Why are you laughing. I mean it Harold, you are the nicest.’ She says defending herself.

‘I know you think so, love.’ I tell her. ‘Where are your keys?’ I feel in her coat pockets, but there’s nothing in there. She fidgets with her purse. As she finds her keys she immediately hands them over to me. She’s just too lazy to unlock the door to her apartment herself.

I open the door and walk in, holding the door for Y/N. ‘You’re being such a gent.’ She exclaims. I chuckle once again taking her coat and hanging it where it belongs. I bet if I didn’t take it she would’ve just thrown in down on the ground.

She makes her way to the kitchen. ‘What about that glass of wine?’ she asks and she takes two wineglasses out of the cabinet. She turns around to grab a bottle of wine from another cabinet but to her disappointment there were none. ‘Harry, I think we have a problem. I’m out of wine.’ She says clearly sad about not getting that one last drink.

‘What about a beer?’ I suggest. Somehow, I started craving beer out of nowhere. I thought I had enough for tonight but I’d really would like an ice-cold beer right now.  Y/N walks to her fridge to check for beer and turns back to me with two bottles high up in the air and the goofiest smile ever. ‘C’mere.’ I hold out my hand to take the bottles from her and open them. I hand one over to Y/N.

I take of my shoes and let my body fall down on the couch, putting my feet on the coffee table. Y/N sits down next to me. I feel her eyes staring at me. I take a large sip of my beer. Oh, I was craving this so much.

We don’t like each other tag || Danisnotonfire

A/N: So this is an idea I had some time ago. I decided to write it and upload it today. I think it’s the longest imagine I have ever written. I hope you don’t mind.

Word count: 1,8 K

Summery: Dan and Y/N are both youtubers who meet again for a very special video. Love/Hate 

“Hey lovelies” I smiled and waved towards the camera that I had set up in front of my bed. It was my usual filming location but something was different today. I still wasn’t sure if my idea was a terrible or an incredibly good one.

“Today I have a little different video for you.” I excitedly exclaimed although my stomach was twisting and turning. I was so nervous I thought I’d throw up right onto the lens of my Canon.

“I have a special guest here. It’s someone who you would have never expected to see on this channel. Believe me, I’m kinda shocked, too. Anyways please welcome Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire” I announced to my viewers.

Dan suddenly jumped into the picture frame, smiling towards the camera.

“Hello Internet.” he said, trying hard not to cringe.

Stupid nostalgic signature phrase. Dan sat down on the bed next to me, careful to not let our bodies touch while doing so. I took a quick glance at him. He was wearing a jumper with zippers on his shoulders. What a dump invention. It seemed like he got even taller since the last time I had seen him, but that was impossible. Freaking giant.

“So the reason for our surprising collaboration is that I came up with a new Youtube video idea.

It’s called the ‘We don’t like each other tag'”

Dan couldn’t hide a slight smile as I said that.

“Great idea.” Dan sarcastically whispered under his breath, knowing well enough that I could hear him. Loud and clear. Asshole.

I shot him a warning look before I continued talking to the camera.

“What you don’t know is that me and Dan have known each other for a really long time. We actually went to the same kindergarten, primary school and high school.” I told my viewers.

Dan nodded. “Yeah, we have sadly known each other for that long.”

I snorted through my nose, enraged. He just sat there and cockily grinned.

“Right. So during all those years Dan got taller and even more arrogant but one thing didn’t change.

We never liked each other.” I explained.

Although that wasn’t entirely true. There was a time when we could stand each other quite well. That moment lasted for 10 seconds.

“Didn’t like is such an understatement. We hated each other.” Dan added, like the know-it-all he has always been.

For the split of a second I felt hurt sting in my chest, like a mean bee had made it’s way to my heart.

I shook it off and reminded myself that I had hated him too. I still do.

“So I have prepared a few question that we are going to ask each other. I thought they’d be fun or hard to do. It’s basically like the ‘Best friend tag’ just played with your biggest enemy.”

I had written questions on slips of paper and put them all into bowl. I gulped hard as I took the first slip out.

“What’s your favourite physical feature about each other ?” I read out loud.

Why I’m a doing this ?! That’s such a stupid question. Why did I write that down. Oh yeah, because I wanted to know his answer to it.

I eyed him up and down as if I had to search for something decent looking about him. I had spent my whole childhood with him. His chocolate brown eyes, his fluffy hair, or his damn dimples, yes I was well acquainted with those features.

“I guess your face is alright.” I answered nonchalantly, although I was actually sitting on needles. My hands were sweaty and my heart racing. Alright was such an understatement.

“Thanks.” Dan smirked and started to check me out.

I felt his streaking eyes travel over my body. His gaze made me feel vulnerable and insure, just like the shy me back in high school. Dan’s eyes landed on my chest. Although I wasn’t showing a lot of cleavage his eyes were glued to my breasts.

He cheekily grinned.

“I guess my favourite physical feature of yours have to be your boobs.” he told me completely unashamed.

Dan took a last glance at my chest before he said. “Boobs, yeah definitely.”

I rolled my eyes, totally infuriated.

Now it was his turn to reach into the bowl and pick a question.

“We don’t you like each other ?” He read out loud,with his posh British accent that reminded me of our home town.

Well that sounded like a question that could simply be answered, right ? Wrong.

I breathed in deeply.

“Your oh so sweet danisnotonfire ripped all my doll’s heads off in kindergarten.”

I stated jokingly, knowing that it wasn’t a legit argument.

Dan couldn’t stop himself from laughing at the memory. His laugh sounded through my Londoner apartment, it hadn’t changed a single bit.

“Your revenge was to push me into some bushes on the way home, remember?” Dan asked still laughing and I couldn’t help but join in. But things got way too serious way too soon again.

“In primary school Dan told everyone I had a contagious disease and nobody talked to me for a week.” I hissed, remembering all the pointing fingers and disgusted faces my friends made. He has always been mean and I never knew why.

“Wow, I was a genius even back then.” Dan said with a smirk. “Let’s not forget that you poured water onto my lap and told everyone I had wet myself a week after.” His voice sounded hurt. I bet his week wasn’t really amusing either, having everyone thing he still wets his pants.

Well, looks like I wasn’t the nicest little girl either. My actions where always based on revenge though. Never had I ever started one of our fights. I just made sure that Dan wouldn’t run over me completely. Compared to high school those years where the easy ones. Our biggest rivalry hadn’t even started yet.

As soon as we touched the topic we started shouting all of the things we did to each other in high school into each others faces. That list was long and I still hadn’t forgiven him for some of his actions.

We were both in wild rage. If we were not in our twenties I bet we would have already picked a physical fight.

“You embarrassed me in front of my crush.” I shouted, my cheeks flustered.

“He never talked to me again.”

“Oh really ? Because I heard you blew him in the bathroom stall two days later.” Dan spat into my face.

My eyes widened in shock. Sudden disgust filled my veins. Blood was rushing to my cheeks. I evilly glared at Dan who was sitting opposite me now.

“How dare you accuse me of that, you stupid prick. Who the fuck even told you that ?” I hissed,my eyes were formed to slits by now.

“You didn’t ?!” Dan suddenly asked completely surprised and dumbfounded.

I shook my head in disbelief.

“Of course not. You were the one who always told me that I’m a lame prude !” I shouted on top of my lungs. Anger was pulsing through my veins. I should have really named it 'The we hate each other tag’  Yes, I did hate Dan Howell, everybody’s favourite Youtuber.

Dan had grown silent, although I wasn’t done yet. I was way to mad to notice that the camera was still recording. I didn’t notice that the way he looked at me had changed either.

“Do you actually know what hurt me most ? Do you even realize why I actually hated you in high school, Daniel Howell ? It fucking hurt when you kissed me behind the bike shed but invited my best friend to prom.” I wasn’t even screaming anymore. My voice was low and reproachful. Tears were welling in my eyes. I couldn’t believe that I actually, after all those years, opened up and told him.

“It was such a dick move of yours and it hurt so bad.” I whispered tears streaming down my face.

Dan stared at me like a lightning had hit him. His mouth was slightly opened, as if he was searching for the right words to say.

“Wait, you liked me ?!” Dan asked plain panic written all over his face.

“You idiot ! Of course I did, why else would I push you into the freaking bushes?!” I shouted between sobs.

“That doesn’t make sense at all !” He exclaimed, his eyes worriedly flickering to the salty tears that rolled down my cheeks.

“Wait again, so when I kissed you behind the bike shed you actually.. like wanted me to ?” he asked confused. As my hot tears had reached my chin I wiped them away with the back of my hand.

“I had waited for you to kiss me since I knew what kissing was. What for god’s sake made you think I didn’t ?” I confessed for the first time in my life. Damn, yes. I wanted him to kiss me so bad.

Dan started shaking his head. He ran his huge hands through his fluffy brown hair.

“No, no, no. You can’t be telling me that you liked me ?! I still remember when I finally found all the courage to kiss you that day. You had to stand on your tiptoes to reach my face and it was our first kiss ever. I was shaking so hard that I nearly missed your mouth. Afterwards I was so scared. I thought you hated me for kissing you ! I’m sorry, I should have never asked your friend out. I just thought you were way out of my league.”

Dan was totally devastated when he realized what he had done and what future he had destroyed. He buried his head into his hands, whispering “I am such an ass.” again and again.

“Daniel, I would very much enjoy kissing you.” I heard myself say. Seconds later Dan’s head shot up and he looked at me with wide eyes. I shot him an assuring smile before he carefully cupped my cheeks with his large palms. My eyes shot close and then finally he crashed his lips onto mine and set fireworks off in my body. They exploded in my chest and the pit of my stomach, sending a tingly feeling through my inside. I had seen and felt that overwhelming firework before. About 8 years ago, when we kissed for the first time behind the bike shed. Since then I have waited for that sensation to return. It finally did.


Becca is really Alie 1.0

Ok, so I know I’ve seen this theory floating around but I wanted to get my take down on it too.

If you haven’t yet, go read @raincityrukus post on it here (x) first where they go over how the Raven’s costume changes through season 3 and 4 support this theory. I can’t remember if anyone else has covered this theory so if you have please let me know so I can tag/credit you.

I left some of my own thoughts on the theory on that post but I’d like to make something about it here on my own blog.

Because the writers are into dramatics on this show, one would think that them making the Becca in Raven’s head actually be Alie 1.0 wouldn’t be too out of reach. 

I’ll put my main points under the cut because this is gonna get super long. 

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[fic] 23. M. Looking for a challenge PART 2

(i honestly thought i could finish the whole fic this week bUT uh school. so uh, have this super short second part feat. viktor. 27. M. searching for meaning)

Like many things in Viktor’s life, this one could be blamed on Chris.


Not really.

(In Chris’ defense…well, Chris has no defense. Why would he even need one? But if he did, he’d cite Viktor’s preoccupation with small balls—“Subatomic particles, Chris!”—and infatuation, nay, obsession on some cute grad student he’d met at a symposium and who had maybe dry-humped Viktor’s leg and whose number Viktor failed to get.)

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thesplendidangharadd replied to your post “That’s why I didn’t understand your logic. While you admitted that…”

I know you hate it when I kinda “ hijack” your post but seriously I couldn’t stop myself on this one . Kubo did “show” us several times ichigo had latent feelings for Orihime . The lust arc ? The grimmjow fight ? The way he reacted when she was taken to hueco Mundo ? All of this happened around chapter 200 /300 it’s not the end of the story . The fandom went out of its way to prove those moments meant nothing and IT DID . The thing is that

all those ichiruki moments you think Kubo “showed” can be interpreted as a strong platonic friendship . Ichigo’s showing his feelings for orihime though ? Can only be interpreted as romantic . It’s the peak of mauvaise foi for you to show us yoruichi telling ichigo to say something nice to orihime and not show those like 6 panels of him blushing out of his mind just because orihime wore a revealing outfit which was the “ show” part of “ show don’t tell”

Kubo did not separate ichigo and rukia in order to push for ichihime . He separated them because from a story telling point of view their relationship reached its narrative end at the end of the fullbring arc . Ichigo doubted rukia was still his nakama because she did not come to see him while he was powerless but when she came back to gave him his powers he understood the bond he had with her was unbreakable which made him understand the bond he had with his other frien

friends ( who were under tsukishima influence at the time ) was also unbreakable . Showing scenes of them together had no point because the readers knew where they stood , their bond didn’t need further developemment . Ichihime did and renruki though and that’s why there is more of it in the last arc . Bleach was not a victim of ichiruki chemistry but of the ichiruki fandom who had a frienship who could be interpreted as love for the first 100 chapters and clung to it

for the other 580 chapters of the manga blindly refuting what was irrefutable proof that the manga was going in the ichihime direction

*sigh* You do realize that the reply feature is meant to be used for short messages? Save your interlocutor the trouble and hit ‘reblog’ pls?

(putting this under a cut because I care about my fellow man and their dash)

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And now onto our angel, our hope, our personal ray of sunshine, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi aka I would like to take a moment to discuss hobis hair bc I am a highkey hair girl, I always have been even before ik it was a literal thing so hair is one of the things I pay attention to and his hair is honestly s o nice !! like it just looks so soft and it looks like you could just run your fingers through it and to top it all off he actually really likes it like there was an entire video of him whining at kookie to play with his hair so he could fall asleep (which can we talk about how precious that is I feel like it isn’t as talked about as it needs to be why is it not)  

  • He would have a dancing channel
  • One of the first things, if not the actual first, I think of when I think of Hobi is dance
  • I can’t really picture him doing anything else
  • He’s just so so passionate about it and it’s so clear that he has such a love for it
  • Like I bet someone who had never heard of bts could watch one of his hope on the street videos and immediately know he loved dancing
  • He’s honestly amazing like he’s just so graceful even when he’s doing these really strong moves
  • He makes it all look so effortless
  • Okay but I actually have a head canon here
  • He would be part of 1Million dance studio
  • Not only are they in South Korea, they’re also home to a lot of really passionate dancers
  • This is like an actual head canon like I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I’m so sold on this they’re one of my favorite studios and I just think he’d fit well??
  • Like I can highkey see him dancing Mina’s choreography
  • Quite a few of her choreographies are higher energy, more upbeat songs etc.
  • He seems to enjoy doing that type of choreography
  • Idk I could just see him being a partner or at least being one of the dancers
  • But lowkey also want to see him dance with May J 
  • Like I just I need it
  • Her choreography tends to be energetic without being too energetic
  • Like it’s not too in your face it’s almost a bit more laidback, it’s like a really good balance tbh
  • I just want to see them dance to something together it doesn’t even matter what it is
  • He’d also be a choreographer though
  • He’d bring his own lil twist into their studio with his dances and it just adds into it all
  • Side note I totally want Jimin to dance with Jiyoung like she’s playful af and lowkey flirty in her choreo and it’s also more chill and I just need it
  • But another head canon, Jimin and kookie are also dancing with them
  • They’re constantly meeting up and making choreography together
  • It’d be really cool though bc they all have different styles that are still similar  
  • So people would love seeing them dance together bc you could see three different interpretations of the same choreophraphy
  • I feel like he’d be a fan favorite
  • Like when he danced in others’ videos, people would comment on his skills bc he just has such a presence
  • He would also have a side channel
  • He’d probably upload more of his freestyles on that channel rather than actual dances
  • It’d be just him, Jimin and Jungkook
  • Oh third head canon the channel’s actually a group channel for all three of them surprise 
  • They’d often just be relaxing in the background, sometimes they’d join in
  • That channel is where he’d feature you more
  • It didn’t matter if you could dance or not bc he wouldn’t really care ??
  • Like you could literally just wave your hands around and he’d be joining in
  • He wouldn’t make you dance on camera with him but it wasn’t rare to see you chilling out with Jimin or kookie
  • He’d briefly introduce you as “my love, my bby, my everything” and that would pretty much tell the viewers everything they needed to know about him as a boyfriend
  • In a few of the other boys’ videos, you two can be seen cuddled up on the couch in the background
  • He’s got his full attention on you always always always but sometimes you’re telling him about something on your mind or watching the boys dance and lowkey scolding him for not doing the same
  • “Hobi don’t stare at me when Jimin’s dancing”
  • “I see him dance all the time”
  • “You see me all the time though??”
  • “But you’re special, I could never not want to look at you”
  • If you allowed it, he would love for you to dance with him in a special video
  • If you didn’t really dance he’d definitely go easy on the choreography bc he can do some pretty advanced stuff but he’d still make sure you looked as good as you possibly could
  • All of the comments would be about the chemistry bc there was a difference in the way he danced with you vs the way he dances with others
  • With you he pays more attention to you, he matches his pace to yours, he generally can’t stop smiling when you dance together and it’s one of his favorite times tbh
  • Bc he gets to combine his two loves, dancing and you
  • Youtuber!Hobi would be a v v loved dancer and people would also love the personality he brings to the dance and they’d love how passionate he is
Draco Malfoy Imagine - A Library Kiss

A/N: I know this probably sucks, I wrote it ages ago, but I thought I would upload it just to get this account started. Also please request stuff haha yeah…

Draco Malfoy has always enjoyed annoying a muggle-born, fifth year Ravenclaw, but nobody would ever believe that he would ever have feelings for a ‘mudblood.’

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

You were currently in the library reading your favourite book. You were in Ravenclaw, in your 5th year, you were a muggle-born and your book was from home. It was your favourite ‘muggle book’ Y/F/B. The pages were worn out from reading it so many times. 

“You’re still in the Library Y/L/N?” Said a familiar voice, “You were in here yesterday too, I bet you haven’t moved!” Smirked Draco Malfoy. A boy in your year who was in Slytherin and was very obnoxious.

“Actually, I went straight to my common room after you left.” You said through gritted teeth. You hated Draco. He always found a way to annoy you.

“Whatever mud-blood.” You weren’t too hurt by his comment as he has said it many times before and now you were quite used to it.

“What is his book about anyway? You’re always reading this when I see you.” He said sitting down in the chair next to you and making himself comfortable.

“Well,” you said and gave him a brief description of your favourite book.

“Sounds like a boring book to me, just like your personality. That’s why you must like it so much.” He said smirking again. Gosh, you just wanted to rip that smirk off his smug face.

“Well Draco, if you think that I am boring, then why do you go out of your way just to annoy me?” You exclaimed standing up.

“Because it’s fun seeing you get annoyed!” He said standing up. The smirk still not leaving his face.

“It is not!” You said.

“It kind of is.” Draco said coming closer to you. You weren’t going to lie, you had a tiny crush on him. No, you had a major crush on him and this wasn’t helping. Draco’s smirk somehow got bigger seeing the effect he had on you.

“Do you want me to stop?” He asked, his voice growing softer.

“N-no.” You stuttered. He slowly moved in and so did you, you then realise you were kissing him. You were kissing Draco Malfoy!

When the kiss ended you both pulled back and looked at each other for a moment.

“I-I have to go.” You said pulling away, grabbing your stuff and leaving. What just happened? One minute you were arguing with Draco and next minute you were kissing him. You hoped that things wouldn’t be awkward and things would go back to normal. Even though you didn’t necessarily like Draco annoying you, it was better than the situation you were in now. You walked out of the library and into the Ravenclaw common room.

Over the next few weeks, it seemed that Draco was avoiding you and you were avoiding Draco. You knew that the next time you did talk it would be extremely awkward.

Avoiding Draco was going well, that was until you had double potions with the Slytherins and Professor Snape was setting you up with partners to make a potion. Of course, you got partnered with Draco, it was so predictable it made you cringe.

You grabbed your stuff hesitantly made your way to Draco’s potion bench as there was a spare seat next to him.You sat down, but he didn’t acknowledge your presence. Snape told you to start your potions and you and Draco went to go get the ingredients. You brought them back to the bench and started making the potion. It was exceedingly awkward as no one said anything except for small mutterings about what to put into the potion. The whole time neither of you made eye contact.

As you and Draco didn’t talk and only focused on the potion, you were the first two to finish it. You handed it into Snape who said that he was surprised we finished so quickly, so for the remainder of the lesson, you would complete an essay on the potion you just brewed. Sighing, you both made your way back to the bench. Considering the bench you were sitting at the beginning of the lesson was taken, you were forced to sit next to him. You both got out a piece of parchment and your quills and started writing. The silence was killing you, so if he wasn’t going to say anything, you were.

“Look Draco,” You said, he still didn’t look at you, “I know that it’s very awkward between us and it’s most probably my fault because I just ran off but-” You said all in one breathe, yet you were cut off by Draco saying, “It’s not your fault, I shouldn’t have kissed you.” He said still not making eye contact with you.

“But that’s the thing. I don’t know about you but I haven’t stopped thinking about that kiss. And I don’t know how you feel but, I feel that it meant something. I don’t know what exactly it meant but it just, I don’t even know where I’m going with this and you most probably don’t even care.” You trailed off not really knowing where you were going with that mini-rant.

“I know what you mean.” Draco said softly looking at you for the first time in weeks.

“What?” You asked quietly not believing what he said.

“That’s why I have been ignoring you. Because that kiss meant something to me too and I thought that you didn’t feel the same way because you ran off.” He explained, “So how about to make up for the time we could have been talking, you come to Hogsmeade with me?”

“That sounds wonderful.” You said smiling. Draco smiled back and it was the first time you thought you had ever seen him smile.

So the day came when you were visiting Hogsmeade. Draco met with you after breakfast in the Great Hall and you both walked to Hogsmeade. You walked around with him and visited places like Zonko’s, The Shrieking Shack and Honeydukes. Draco bought you some sweets in Honeydukes which you said wasn’t necessary, but still thanked him for it. While you walked around you could see people pointing at you and Draco and whispering to their friends, but you didn’t take much notice of it.

“Let’s go to the Three Broomsticks.” Draco said which you happily agreed to. The butterbeer there was the best you ever had. You walked in and found a table. Madam Rosmerta came over and asked for your order, you both had a butterbeer. You and Draco talked and got to know each other better, but unfortunately, it was time to go back, so you walked back to the castle. As you were walking Draco grabbed your hand and said, “Today was been wonderful Y/N, we should definitely do it again.” He said enthusiastically, “Only if you want to.” He then added starting to worry. You laughed and said, “I would love to do it again with you.”

When you got back to the castle you said goodbye and before you make your way to your common rooms, you pulled Draco closer to you and kissed him. This took him by surprise and took him a second to kiss back. You could hear a few people gasping and once again whispering to their friends because I bet none of them ever thought that Draco Malfoy would ever kiss a 'mud-blood.’ You pulled back, said goodbye once again and headed to your common rooms.

The next day all anyone could talk about was you and Draco’s relationship which kept getting stronger and stronger each day.

Something More Involved Than Lame-Ass Handjobs

Otabek/Yuri, 18 and 21 years old. Fluff and smut ensue.

Also posted on ao3

“Thank you. Have a great day!”

The cashier flashed a friendly smile as she handed Otabek and Yuri their cups of spiced cider. They had stumbled upon an open-air German festival, every storefront and employee decorated to look authentically Deutsch. Their cashier’s dirndl was cut a little too low for the cold weather outside, and a braided bun kept her blonde hair tied back.

“The people here are way too nice,” Yuri grumbled, warming his fingers with the heat of his drink. “Is that JJ asshole really Canadian?”

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I’m Looking Forward to 2022

Summary: Dan and Phil decide that they shouldn’t wait until 2022 to get married.

Words: 2881

Genre: Fluff, too much fluff

Pairing: Phan

Warnings: Slight swearing because Dan is involved

A/N: This took long because I had started it ages ago and decided to finish it just yesterday. I just needed to write a phan wedding fic. Also since I am a uncreative twat i copied the vows from some tv shows since i didnt know what to write.

“Dan, you are getting married you big prick!” Louise opened the door loudly, only to find Dan in front of the mirror, fixing his bow tie. He was really getting married today. He was going to legally become Daniel James Lester, something he had doodled endlessly on papers when he wasn’t paying attention at all or just said it to see how it sounds. It was the event he had imagined the first time he and Phil had exchanged the first ‘I love you’s and at that time, he had thought it was completely mental that he was thinking so far, to the point of marrying him but here was he standing today, on his wedding day, prepared to say 'I do’ to the first and last man he ever loved. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Thanks for the info, I didn’t quite notice it.” He replied sarcastically but then smiled warmly at himself. Eh, screw all the 'being cool’ act he had planned on putting all day. He was getting fucking married to Phil. It’s not like you get married to your favorite youtuber every day, he wasn’t going to try to act cool about it. It was Phil Lester for fuck’s sake.

“Are you really going to vlog the whole wedding? When you have professional photographers and cameramen in every corner of the room?” She asked, rolling her eyes at the mess Dan had created. “And you had your outfit prepared, why is this room a mess?”

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The Mother of All PLL Theories.

In this theory I will tackle who Uber A is, who Charles is, who Varjak is, the Blonde twins, the Dollhouse, Labor Day, the Audrey Hepburn connections, who redcoat/black veil is, basically every question you have… I’m answering it in this post. If I can’t convince you who A is in this post, there’s no way to convince someone.

*Warning everyone ahead of time that tumblr wont attach the videos I uploaded, so I gave you guys youtube links to see the clips.

Charles is not Wren, nor Jason, nor is he Ted, Noel, Lucas, Andrew, or Ezra and here’s why:

Wren: Oh dear Wren, I’m going to make this one short, sweet, and to the point. Wren isn’t A, he never was, never will be and here’s why: The actor who plays Wren (Julian Morris) has been working on other projects since the filming of S6 began and even before that. He says he misses the cast, and it was also confirmed by @thatswhatAsaid that he hasn’t been on set. And, since Marlene has said that they made the hoodie extra large because they’re filming with the actual ACTOR now, purely by that he isn’t A. But, since I know most of the Wren is A people out there won’t accept that as an answer, here’s some more evidence that Wren isn’t A… 

1. He’s been with Melissa in England since season 4, and he was only IN one episode that season. We literally haven’t seen him since, and we can confirm he was with Melissa because in 5x21 Veronica called  him in the episode to set up meetings with Spencer at Oxford, which she attends. He’s also flatmates with Colin and Melissa, which were also confirmed. 

2. He’s never met Alison, he didn’t even come to Rosewood until the year after Labor Day when he came to the Hastings household as Melissa’s fiancé . 

3. He’s never been in a season finale, many of the most intense things happen during a season finale, it’s where we get answers and clues to who A is. 

4. He’s had hardly any scenes with anyone other than Spencer and/or Melissa. And, if he does have other scenes with the girls they’re most if not all medically related. 

5. Marlene said Big A wasn’t in the pilot episode, which also applies to Ezra, and Jason (Yes he was there, the character may have been re-cast, but he WAS there)

Now, was he ever on the A team? Quite possible, because we actually know how he helped them. In season 4 it was revealed that he and Shana were connected somehow, he was also seen talking on the phone with someone saying “You take care of yours and I’ll take care of mine.”  But here’s the thing, look at what what was happening around everyone, the past people that either helped A somehow, or crossed them in some way, either ended up run out of town or dead. Shana was a target because she was protecting Jenna from “A” (which I WILL come back to) and Wren and Melissa were both A’s target. Both Melissa and Wren did things for A and then they wanted OUT, this is mostly evident with Mona and Wren’s conversation in Radley. Wren asks how Mona feels about a picture and she just keeps brushing him off, Wren asks her why she stopped being honest with him, Mona replies by saying “That was before I realized where your loyalties were.” At this point, Mona had flipped sides, she was now on the liars team, and she knew Wren was helping “A” somehow, giving them access to Radley etc. and then… Poof. Hasn’t been seen since. 

Jason: This one is even easier to disprove. In the Season 5 ending, we see a video of Jessica holding a baby girl… She says to one of the boys “Want to Kiss your sister? Good boy, good boys” Now… In all Jason is A theories, Jason and Charles are twins. These boys are not identical twins. At all. Jason is Jason and Charles is Charles, he wasn’t murdered and switched at the hospital, he doesn’t have an angry twin out there somewhere. It’s also worth pointing out, Jason was tormented by A along with the girls i.e. getting dropped down a freaking elevator shaft, coming home and having booze cover his entire yard, and A made it even LOOK like Jason was A… Why the hell would he make himself look like A if he’s A… Also worth mentioning he had a reward out for information about Alison’s body, which A cashed in… To make the dollhouse. He was also Passed out drunk/high the night everything went down on Labor Day. Also, Drew Van Aker has been filming with the whole crew, including Keegan, Ashley, and Alison… Running AWAY from A in a car together (which I think was on snapchat? Someone can back me up on this one). So… Jason? Not “A” material.

Ezra: Easy enough to disprove… He was with the other bed buddies quite literally the entire time A was doing their thing. Oh, and Marlene said you would know if the liars or their bed buddies were A by the series finale. He was also writing his book since before he went to Rosewood, he was apparently such a bad sleuth he had to PAY someone to give him information on Alison and the girls… Information that actually turns out to be completely wrong.. Ezra? Not A. (And a god aweful writer… Seriously… )

Lucas: According to the video in the vault… Assuming one of the boys is Jason, and the baby is Alison. Lucas isn’t even near the age that Jason or Charles would be. Not only that, but Lucas hated Alison, was rundown by Toby, and he didn’t have a problem with the rest of the girls. Lucas? Not A.

Ted: Come on people… I know PLL may be confusing, but seriously this one may be more than a stretch than the Tippi the Bird is A theories. The whole anagram thing with the “Run Ali Ted is A” or something, do you guys know how many things you could spell out with Charles DiLaurentis? I’ll make this one simple too- In the season 3 Halloween episode, he was at home with Ashley all night while A murdered Garrett, planted Bethany’s dead body, and all around wreaked havoc on the girls in the Halloween train. That and there’s literally no motive. Does he even know the rest of the girls? Did he know Alison? Pastor Ted is a cool dude… But definitely not A. 

Noel: Also simple, same age as the girls and went to school with them long term… He helped Alison, doesn’t hate the girls, and has no motive. He also helped the girls figure out what happened to Maya after she went missing/murdered. So, Noel… You are NOT the A. (Try to say that in the “You are NOT the father” voice :D)

Andrew: Ahh the classic red herring… Simply put, while the girls were in the dollhouse old Andrew was tapping into Veronica’s calls at the Brew. He’s also the same age as the girls, so therefore disqualifying him from being Charles. But, I think he DOES have something going on, but it isn’t A related… It’s family related. The set decorater recently uploaded this photo… The DiLaurentis family own Andrew’s family farm, so he’s trying to get dirt on the DiLaurentis family, etc. and trying to get his family orchard back. Andrew? Sorry dude… Not A. (Although I will bet you a million dollars theyre going to make him look like A the minute Season 6 starts. Mark my words.)

And, just for the hell of it…. Toby, Caleb, Veronica, Peter, Ezra, and Andrew were seen together at the same time, Melissa was talking on the phone with Veronica so it disproves her as A, Alison is in Jail. And we’ve already been through the shit with Byron, it was disproved. Kenneth DiLaurentis is a freaking pitbull to anyone who even gets near Alison, not to mention he’s not even seen in almost the entire series, he just showed up when Alison was revealed to be alive. And I mean, the Fields are MIA pretty much all the time and A crashed a car through Emily’s house while Pam was in it. Ella got attacked by bees, poor Ashley Marin has been framed for murder and had to deal with Wilden, and don’t get me freaking started on what A has done to Jenna Marshall… Paige was already an A suspect, but she was being framed the entire time by Mona and Toby for Spencer to think she was A, she’s also in California. Eddie Lamb and Cyrus are probably as good as dead by now for what they gave up about A and what they know. 

So, now we run into a problem because… Wilden, Ian, Garrett, Shana, Maya, Jessica, Wren, Jason, Andrew, Lucas, Ezra, Caleb, Toby, PaigePeter, KennethByron, Ted, Wayne, Emily, Spencer, Aria, Mona, Alison, Hanna, Pam, Ashley, Ella, Veronica, Jenna, Noel, Melissa, Eddie, Mike, and Cyrus.

Ladies and gentleman, Charles is not a character we know. Probably because, he’s dead. D-E-A-D dead. When Marlene says “Charles is A” she’s kind of toying with people, he isn’t technically A, but he IS one of the main reasons for A being A. In true Marlene King fashion, she’s telling us part of the truth… But not the WHOLE truth. Now, above you… I just basically debunked every theory possible about a PLL character, all… Except one. Cece Drake. 

If you want to know how I think Charles is dead, head over to my other theory here: http://theplltheorist.tumblr.com/post/117074394589/charles-dilaurentis-is-dead

I think all of us know deep down A was always a woman. As Noel put it, “Guys have a fight, there’s a punch, it’s over. Girls don’t fight fair. They gang up, keep secrets, plot. They can cut you down with a look.” On the show, it was said and proved over, and over, and over, and over… A was a woman. The red coat, black veil, etc. even Mona said in the lodge fire, “I’ll never know who SHE was.” 

I mean literally over… 

And over…

And over…

Now, lets start at the (sort of) beginning… With Mona the “Original A” she was never THE A. Mona said she did it because the liars were taking Hanna away from her… I’m sorry but Hanna and Mona didn’t become friends until AFTER Alison disappeared. Mona saw something that someone was doing and wanted to do it too, and when THE A came back and stole the game from her, it was no longer Mona’s game. In fact, there was a moment in the season 2 finale that stuck out to me. When Mona fell off the cliff, failing to get Spencer on the A team, they descover that she’s alive and her watch goes off. It’s a very symbolic scene because that was the moment the game changed, her time as A was over.

Now, in season 2… They were introducing the character of Vivian Darkbloom, aka Alison/Cece’s disguise. Here’s the funny thing, Cece was there, they were slowly introducing THE A to us without even knowing it. Case and point, the phone number they found in the red coat. And even more telling, this scene in the 2x25 ending.

Now, that lady descending down the stairs in a full red dress and mask in TOTAL focus of the camera was 100% put there for a reason… And ready to blow your minds here? 5x25 an 2x25 parallel.

Also, if you listen to Mona’s monologue in the 2x25 finale… It’s two entirely different people talking: 

“I know they’re watching me. I don’t look bad considering. I like this lipstick, what’s it called? Toffee Tango?” 

“They think it’s over, loser Mona’s going to the nuthouse and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Don’t they know that’s what we want?”

It goes from first person to third person and there’s a sudden voice change RIGHT when the conversations change.

Now, if you want more proof that Cece/Red Coat/Black Veil was introduced in season 2 and going on into season 3, you can read that here:


But, if all of that doesn’t convince you Cece Drake is, was, and always will be big A. Take these things into consideration:

1. Cece Drake came into the show knowing literally everyone and everything… And everything about everyone. The first CONVERSATION she has involves dolls, Melissa, the Liars, and a freaking quote Alison said to Hanna in the hospital. Oh and conveniently, she knew about Hanna’s shoplifting problem… Which not even Alison knew because she disappeared when they started. (Someone’s been talking to Mona in Radley, eh?)

2. She knew Alison was alive the entire time and proceeded to lie about it to everyone, saying Wilden killed her, giving Spencer’s name to Holbrook who in turn let her escape. Yeah, him going all creepernova just so happened to be quite LITERALLY after he talked to Cece. He also just happened to fall into a bunch of photos of Alison being Alive in Ravenswood after Cece conveniently just says “Alison, she’s alive. And I can prove it.” Cece just sold Alison out, with physical proof, while saying she killed Wilden, and told Holbrook that Spencer killed Bethany. You. Can’t. Make. This. Shit. Up. 


3. She was a master manipulator, using Paige and Alison’s history to make Spencer and the girls think she was A. Now, isn’t it so hilariously convenient that Cece would mention this RIGHT when Mona and Toby just so happened to be framing Paige as A under the direction of Redcoat?

4. Knew about the NAT club and what they were doing and what they were filming (Don’t you just love how the whole NAT club is dead and Jason and Emily almost died down an elevator shaft the minute they found the photo of Wilden, Ali, and Cece, therefore proving Cece was lying about not knowing Wilden?)

5. This is probably one of my favorite Cece scenes because of the context… The things that stick out the most? “No one knew she was… Dead” um yes honey, you knew she wasn’t dead, you knew the whole damn time.

And then the bombshell:

“It didn’t help that you broke up with me the next day” –J

“I had my reasons.” –C

“Care to explain?”-J

“I really don’t think you want me to do that” –C

So, Cece just happened to break up with Jason unexpectedly the day after Alison went missing (and the day Sara Harvey was abducted) and then all of a sudden… Like a magician (see what I did there?)… Uber A disappears and Mona took over as A the year after. Then suddenly, the minute the girls find the red coat in season 2, it begins again. Uber A makes arrangements to come back and Red Coat arrives in all her glory to steal the game back in season 3. Conveniently, in season 3 someone else came back to Rosewood abruptly for no reason whatsoever, Cece Drake.

It’s also worth mentioning again how this means Jason isn’t A, just from the scene alone where he’s fighting with the person who he paid 50k to give him info on Alison’s body whereabouts that A stole (with Mona’s help). He thought Ali was dead, he thought her body was stolen, and he was still struggling with her “death” long after it happened.


Bonus Points from that little “You know there’s a liquor store around the corner. maybe you should stop by and grab a drink.”



Nice one, Cece.

6. Cece has a thing about masks… I mean she REALLY has a thing about masks…

It’s oddly convenient that Cece and A are the only ones who have been shown to have Alison masks. She also just had them handy during the Christmas episodes to help herself and Ali slip out… Which we STILL don’t know where they went off to. And when you think about it, who the hell did Ali do that mask thing for?

7. Redcoat/Black Veil okay, there has been so much confusion with the red coat and black veil thing. I’m going to make this nice and easy for you. They’re the same person. Same person, different alias/different disguise. Red Coat stole the game from Mona at the end of 2x25 when Mona first got into Radley. She says to the red coated figure “I did Everything you asked me to”

Now… Later on in season 4x01 when Mona told the girls she saw Cece and thought it was Alison and she couldn’t remember what they talked about because they changed her meds, Marlene says Cece was never there and Mona imagined it. I call complete bullshit because of the things that happened in 3x23… Wren finds Spencer in the childrens ward of Radley and he sees that she found Cece’s and Mona’s visitors pass. Wren authorized the pass Cece had, saying he was almost suspended for it, Cece was apparently desperate to see Mona and Cece told him that she could help Mona heal because she went through the same sort of thing with Alison getting her kicked out of UPenn and came out the other side. Read that again. Alison, whom Cece basically has “protected” and “helped” since forever, was the one who hcaused her to have a mental breakdown… Which is confirmed ALSO in the episode 4x10 when Aria went to meet with Cece’s roomate. Somehow, the roomate knew exactly who Aria was, saying Cece hated them all for their part in getting her kicked out of UPenn, saying it stayed pretty fresh in Cece’s mind. 

From everything we’ve seen and know of Cece, they contradict. What she acts like is not necessarily what she thinks like. Except when threatening people, like in 3x07 when she threatened to claw Jenna’s eyes out, knowing very well Jenna was in fact blind before, or going straight for Jason’s weakness; his drinking.

8. Now, this is something I think people are going to enjoy a lot. A has a pattern, yes, a pattern. Hitting people on the back of the head. I will list the number of people hit on the back of the head: Alison, Bethany, Jenna, Toby, Hanna, Shana, Officer Barry Maple… Speaking of Jenna, Shana, and Officer Maple, in 5x01 Holbrook reveals that Cece escaped custody and officer Barry was found knocked unconscious on the side of the road and escaped. And as for Jenna, well… In 4x09 Jenna was hit on the back of the head and almost drowned. Conveniently, when Spencer asks Shana who Jenna is afraid of, she replies “Cece Drake” you know what else is convenient? This look Cece gave Jenna when Spencer was playing truth in the exact same episode before she was bashed over the head. Later on, Shana suffered the same fate after it was revealed she was protecting Jenna from her.

9. Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn references EVERYWHERE. Lets start with a NEW Audrey Hepburn movie that was actually referenced in season 3, before Holly Golightly/Varjak was even mentioned. Remember that anklet Alison had on in 3x06? The one Spencer and Jason find at April Rose antiques? So, there’s an old Audrey Hepburn film called “Love in the Afternoon” well, here. I’ll let the scene talk for itself:

Now, in the PLL version, Spencer has a flashback of her and Alison talking. Spencer notices the anklet and asks if it was from one of her nameless boyfriends, Alison replies “no” and says it’s from a friend. When Spencer asks which friend, Alison coyly replies “You don’t know her” and from the look of the anklet… You should know exactly who it was from.

Now, onto Holly Varjak, Cece was literally dressed EXACTLY like Holly Golightly (Varjak) when she left for Paris… As Vivian Darkbloom. (They even recreated the SCENE)

In the Audrey Hepburn references they make, such as “My Fair Lady” (I’m a good girl, I am) “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (Holly Varjak/Golightly), and “Love in the Afternoon” (Anklet) Audrey is a somewhat promiscuous character who is being molded by a more powerful character in the story lines, they mold Audrey into what they want Audrey to be. Just like what Cece was doing to Alison. Alison didn’t even KNOW about the Varjak passports or who Varjak was. Speaking of Cece leaving, it brings me to my next point.

10. Cece knows all things French, she can speak it, act it, and apparently she’s an Edith Piaf fan, evident by her very dramatic depatrure in 5x01 while she was in the airport, dressed as Holly Golightly/Varjak… While an Edith Piaf song plays… As she speaks fluent French…. And not just ANY Edith Piaf song, “Non je ne Regrette Rien” roughly translated it means “No, I regret Nothing”. Why would they play this song as she’s leaving… Really, why? Oh and heads up, when Cece left, there was NO A ENDINGS FOR 5 WHOLE EPISODES. Varjak and Piaf go together. Every time. Just like when Emily found the number on the  pizza box at the Varjak house and called it, the caller on the other side played Edith Piafs “Sous le ciel de Paris”

11. Cece’s literal JOB was dressing people up in a boutique like dolls, and she enjoyed it entirely too much. Not to mention, Spencer was attacked by a snake, convenienlty while Cece went to “check on things”. Paige was also framed in the boutique because someone slipped Maya’s earring into her bag, because I mean whay the hell not? She already has Spencer where she wanted her, telling her that Paige and Alison faught and painting a bad picture of Paige. And when I mean she loved to dress people up… I more or less mean she wants to dress them up exactly how she wants them to look… From hair to dress to shoes. Sound familiar?


12. The girl was seriously getting money from everywhere, and when she wasn’t talking about it, she was making plans to get it. Hence the fashion show that she put together, and also the fact that Ezra was paying her literally thousands of dollars for information on Alison (revealed in “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t). Information that got Ezra nowhere with because Cece was controlling everything Ezra knew did and din’t know. They made it an actual point to show that Cece needed “serious cash” as she put it. Cash for, I don’t know, building a dollhouse for a year or so? And if you want my honest opinion, I think she got Mona or Toby to retrieve the 50k that Jason was offering for information on Alison’s remains. Also in the episode “Bring Down The Hoe” as Ashley Marin is hooked for Wilden’s murder, Hanna gets an envelope full of money in her locker with a note that said “Maybe this can help your mom”. Later at the dance, Hanna meets Travis who tells him that it was HIM who put the envelope in her locker. Travis said he saw Ashley Marin drive off when Holbrook called to get the car out of the lake. When he arrived, he heard gunshots and saw a blonde running through the woods, he got so scared he ran back and left his truck. Later, the truck mysteriously arrived with an envelope full of cash, in the same envelope from Diva Dish… I think Cece was hoping a bribe would shut Travis up, but it didn’t.

Ezra was also paying Cece thousands of dollars for information on Alison, even though she knew exactly where Alison was the entire time. (Revealed in Now You See Me, Now You Don’t) 

Unfortunately, when Ezra realizes the lair he had in Ravenswood was visited by the girls, Ezra realizes Cece led them there (Well it was Alison but Cece had to say it was her so he wouldnt know she was playing both sides). And in 4x16 Cece told Ezra she was done helping him with his book, Ezra then blew up about the girls seeing his lair and leading him to nothing- Cece screwed him over.(Side note: Exactly how many cars does Cece have? The Bug, Red Convertible, and this one?)

13. Alison has always been Cece’s favorite. No other character on the entire show could say that about Alison. She also has a love/hate relationship with her, just like A does. She tortures Alison, but Alison is still her favorite, even after Ali got her kicked out of UPenn and god knows whatever else. She acts as a mentor and big sister figure, however bad it was for Alison to be following her… Alison was her mini-me in every possible way… Only Cece was insane and obsessed with her friendship. From going to Radley dressed as Alison, to daring Eric Kahn to steal a car (when she called the cops on him while he did it) to murdering Wilden, something is VERY off about her.

14. She has: A black hoodie, black leather gloves, and boots. (Which STILL HASNT BEEN EXPLAINED BTW!)

A Red Coat and Alison mask.

And then… We’ve got episode 3x03… Red Coat BUYING black hoodies and gloves for a team.

15. Mrs. DiLaurentis, poor Mrs. DiLaurentis. Okay, this one isn’t as complicated as everyone thinks it is. Okay so I need to list you a few things that happened leading up to 4x24 when Mrs. D inevitably dies. 1. In the episode “unbridled” 4x23 Mrs. D has bought clothes for someone from Neilan’s department store (the same one from the yellow tops and oh so conveniently the name of the “lawyer” that A hired to fake out the girls?) and later during the episode, Mrs. D hands off a suitcase to someone in the woods. Spencer sees this and follows, soon enough she follows who she thinks is A into the woods, but that A did NOT have a suitcase. So, there were two out that night. One was Cece, the other was Shana. You know how I know? Cece is seen in the very next episode in the exact shirt that Mrs. DiLaurentis bought her and she’s arrested for the murder of Wilden. Someone turned her in… Shana. Shana witnessed Cece shooting Wilden, and that is backed up by Travis’ testimony. Now, in 4x24 as Cece is being led out in handcuffs, Jessica and Cece exchange looks… They look like both of them are hiding something. Jessica finds out that Alison is alive. That’s not good for Cece. Hence the “I can’t protect you anymore” email that Jessica was going to send to someone. Now, how do I know that was meant for Cece? Because it was meant for the person who forced Jessica to bury Alison. When Cece hit Alison, Jessica rushed out, Cece then forced her into burying Alison, all while saying “What have you done” over and over. Jessica, should she ever rat Cece out, would be taken down with the ship as well. Jessica buried Alison alive, the MINUTE Jessica was told that Alison was alive, that was the moment she was off the hook. But, Cece was on it, Cece was the one who hit Ali over the head, and Jessica was going to exose her for what she did. Another thing, Alison gets a text video from A saying “I buried her the same way I watched her bury you” with a video of A filling up Jessica’s grave. So, whoever hit Alison, killed and buried Jessica. And if it were Jason, why the ever living hell would Jessica protect him, causing him to murder her to keep quiet about it? You don’t say “Oh, my son accidentally hit and made me bury his sister so naturally when I find out my daughter is alive, I will rat them out after protecting them for this long.” No. Nope, no, nien, niet. She was being blackmailed.

16. Mona… Ahhh Mona, my favorite pseudo-psychopath and Alison doppleganger at the moment. Mona had a plan for trapping A, the mistake was underestimating A. First rule of PLL, you DO NOT understimate A. The minute Mona switched sides in the fire at the Lodge, she was a target for A, if there’s anything on this show you don’t want to do, it’s get in A’s way. Hence why she tortured and almost killed Hanna by leaving her in the fire (now that red coat blow torch scene makes sense, right?) A knew all about Mona’s little plan to “trap” A. And there’s the thing everyone pointed out, in the 5x12 finale, you can tell that theer’s a real blonde and a fake blonde going up the stairs. The fake blonde was the set up for the cameras, I think the real blonde slipped Mona something to go into a coma-like state and kidnapped her after the entire thing happened. Cece (or Varjak/A/whatever) calls Cyrus to tell Ali to meet him in the woods, which he never shows. Ali waits for housrs alone and when she gets back she realizes Mona was “murdered” A told Cyrus to ask Ali in the middle of nowhere because she needed to give Alison absolutely NO alibi when the police ask her about where she was when Mona was muredered. And, it works. 

17. Cece is connected to every freaking event in the show, from the lodge fire, killing wilden, labor day weekend, Vivian Darkbloom, the first secret, the passports, Radley, Jessica, Alison’s dissapearance, Paige and Alison’s fight, Ezra being A, Mona being A, Spencer’s snake incident, if you think of an event… You can pin Cece to it in one or two steps. She was there Labor Day weekend, even Cece herself said she was there and met with Melissa, but she LIED when she said she talked to Alison after because Alison was hit over the head after Melissa and Cece’s little talk. Oh, and Jason was just dropped down the elevator shaft the minute after he said Cece was there that night Ali went  missing and after they discovered Cece knew Wilden. Which she lied about, again. While at the same time Emily and Jason found out, Cece left Wesley and Aria at the boutique for literally hours, when all of a sudden Aria gets a phone call from Cece  as she’s sitting in her car, yet she tells Aria she got her car towed. The Same. Time. As. The. Elevator. Accident.

18. Cece and “Charles” have an odd habit of disappearing…

19. Cece was prom queen the year Melissa and Ian went to prom, aka the one they recreated in the dollhouse.

20. She was at the Ice Ball, and according to the photos A had in the dollhouse, they were there as well. It was also when the liars found the Varjak passports in the DiLaurentis house and the fake Bethany Letters that framed Alison… Annnnnnd also when poor Hanna was knocked unconscious… Again.

21. She was there Labor Day weekend and there the night everything went down… Yet we still don’t know why the hell she was there dressed up as Alison. She knew about the flash drive, Alison and Spencer fighting, Spencer’s drug problem, Melissa, and where Alison was the entire time. When Emily asks Cece why she lied about being there when Alison disappeared, Cece said Melissa called her about the flash drive and asked Cece to talk to Ali and get them “so I did” and that’s again where she’s caught in a lie. That never happened. Alison locked the flash drive away in a storage unit and gave Emily the snowglobe with the key earlier that day. So… What the actual hell was she doing there?

Labor Day Weekend and the Building of the Dollhouse

This part of the theory is going to reflect what I think happened Labor Day and the night everything went down. 

As I watched 6x01 I noticed something peculiar, when they showed Sara Harvey in her room there were little notches tallying what I can only assume is every day she had been locked in the dollhouse. From what I counted, she has been there since the day she went missing, which also means that the dollhouse had to have been built before Labor Day… But here’s the weird thing, that room she’s in looks like absolute crap compared to the rest of the dollhouse. This means the rest of the dollhouse with the liars rooms, high tech equiptment, etc. wasn’t built until AFTER everything happened Labor Day, and the dollhouse where the Liars rooms were started construction in Season 3 when the game was stolen from Mona. And to build those rooms, you’d need a hell of a lot of money to do it. Okay so now lets get into the Bethany Young death and why she was there Labor Day. According to episode 4x10 “The Mirror Has Three Faces” Hanna and Spencer talk to Jessica about Dr. Palmer. They ask Jessica if Dr. Palmer was her doctor, when she says the name sounds familiar she says “If I know who you’re talking about, I have only met him once” They then go back in a flashback. Jessica comes storming in, obviously agitated, when Alison asks what was wrong Jessica replied by saying “I get a phone call this afternoon ‘we have your daughter here,’ they tell me.’We think she may be a danger to herself. She wants to stay here.’ So I run about three stop signs. I’m trying to get your father on the phone. I’m terrified that you’ve hurt yourself. Then I get there she’s dressed head-to-toe in your clothing, but it’s not my daughter sitting in Radley.It’s Cece Drake.” And this is where it all begins. So as we know, Bethany Young was a patient in Radley- we also know from that scene, Cece had been in Radley also. That’s where she met Bethany and started to think of a plan… A plan to kidnap Alison and keep her in the dollhouse. So from what we’ve heard on the tapes from Bethany’s time in Radley, in 5x12 Bethany said “I thought she really liked me but everthing she said to me was a lie. Every word, every visit was a lie. I wonder if I can trust anyone in that family. Is it like mother like daughter?” Cece had found Bethany while she was in Radley, she called herself “Alison DiLaurentis” the two bonded but she was feeding Bethany lies, saying Jessica was dating her father, prompting Bethany to become violent towards Jessica. This is why Jessica freaked out when she got a phone call from Radley and told Alison to stay inside, Jessica knew Bethany was violent and could possibly hurt her. Cece had given Bethany the yellow top and Alison bracelet that night because Bethany was going to serve as Alison’s body double, and as Alison’s “murderer”. That’s right. That’s also why Alison, Bethany, and Cece were all wearing the same outfit on, should anyone see one knocking the other out, no one would know who is who. The plan was to kill Bethany, bury her in the Alison bracelet and clothes, then kidnap Alison to put her in the dollhouse, everyone would think Alison was dead and Bethany killed her but instead… This happened: Cece knocks Bethany out with the shovel, she hides her body in the bushes and hears Spencer and Alison fighting. After that fight, Melissa investigates and sees Bethany’s body, Melissa then moves Bethany’s body and starts burying her in the gazebo. At that time Cece probably went back to where she left Bethany, when she realizes Bethany is missing, she thinks Bethany may have regained consciousness and probably goes around looking for her everywhere. Then all of a sudden, she sees Alison walking back to the house, and from behind- Cece thinks Alison is Bethany. Cece picks up a rock and knocks Alison out so hard she probably thought she killed her, which is exactly what she wanted to do to Bethany. Jessica witnessed it and Cece forces her to bury Alison there, her entire plan had backfired on her and the only thing she wanted out of that night was the one she almost killed. So, with Bethany dead and Alison on the run, Cece picked Sara up the next day to be her Alison in the dollhouse and there she stayed… For the two years she said she was in California she was keeping Sara in the Dollhouse. Again, someone who was in Radley showed Mona how to get IN and OUT of Radley, someone who had been there before showed her how. Someone who is A also has to know where to get all those yellow tops, and whoever A is set Alison and Bethany up, and I can guarantee you… Cece was NOT one to be tricked, she was the one to set it up.

Who is Charles DiLaurentis? Who are the blonde twins? Why is Marion connected to all of this?

Now, this is the tricky part. Cece has to somehow beconnected to Marion, Bethany, Charles, and Sara as well. Something that always stood out to me is exactly A’s relation to Marion and Toby, A actually HELPS Toby to find out what happened to his mother in Radley. Now, you wanna hear something funny? Cece is the only character on the show other than Mona and Spencer who we know was actually ever admitted into Radley and is still living. Ever. Marion and Bethany are dead. If you want my honest opinion, I think Cece knew Marion and Bethany, Bethany may have been the one to kill Marion Cavanaugh, which Wilden and Jessica proceeded to cover up. Now, who is Charles to Cece? I have a theory for that too, if you remember a long time ago we were told a story of twins, blonde twins. This is Cece’s story, she was the blonde twin that stabbed her sister and she was then put in Radley for it as a child. There, she met Marion and Charles. I believe whoever Charles was in the DiLaurentis family, he may have been violent towards Alison, possibly being the one to break Alisons arm when she was younger and was then put in Radley. Marion was a nurse at Radley, she cared for Cece and Charles, they all became very close.Jessica also went on the board in Radley, she probably did it behind Kenneth’s back to see Charles, there she met Cece and noticed how close the two children were. This explains the yellow dress from the PLL Christmas episode, Jessica was buying presents for Cece and Charles for Christmas and if Kenneth found out, he would leave them. So, since Marion cared for Cece and Charles and acted as a guardian, Cece figured out that Bethany was the one to murder her… That’s why Cece chose Bethany to kill and take in Alison’s place as a body. If any of you wondered why Jason didn’t have any baby pictures/pictures when Jason was little… That’s why. Charles was in it with them. I think honest to VanderJesus truth is that the DiLaurentis family had something to do with Charles’ death. 

Spread it like wildfire.

UPDATE: I had no idea how fast this theory was going to spread, I appreciate every single question and comment and I’m so glad you love it, and even if you don’t agree with the theory completely, I really appreciate you taking some time out to read it :) 

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ava-of-avalon  asked:

After reading the thunderstorm mini fic all I could think about was andreil and all the foxes together during a thunderstorm. Like Andrew would be a 'human barnacle' on Neil, Neil would carry on as normal, Nicky would be dying, Matt's trying to get a picture, Dan's looking at her babies with pride, Kevin doesn't care, Allison's won another bet, Renne's smiling, Aaron's disgusted (but not really), and Andrew looks murderous but refuses to let go because fuck that thunder outside. I just love this

( p e r f e c t, yes. )

  • so
  • Matt, Nicky and Aaron were supposed to be spending the night at the girl’s room for a movie night that Andrew & Neil politely declined (because this meant they got Matt and Neil’s dorm to themselves – Kevin had to work on his history papers for once in his life (even though he took a “fifteen minute break” to watch Exy every five minutes))
  • but when the power went out from a sudden thunderstorm, whelp
  • the party’s broken up early, Matt slinks off to his room with Dan & Nicky in tow because they wanted to make sure Neil and Andrew weren’t somehow, I don’t even know, trapped in a dark bathroom
  • to be honest there’s just that instinct to Go Tell Your Friends when something like a power outage happens
  • they’ve got their phonelights out, which means a direct beam lands on the singular figure of a neil-stacked-on-andrew 
  • like 
  • literally Andrew could not be holding on tighter
  • he might be shorter but Neil’s practically folded in half in his lap
  • but still looks awfully comfy and secure
  • this is clearly no amateur hour, this is Advanced Cuddling
  • it’s not even sexy, it’s just cute
  • Nicky Gasps
  • Dan Gasps
  • Matt stutters out an apology because somehow this is more intimate than if they’d been naked??

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Youtuber!Jimin's Proposal

And now onto our sweet lil angel, half of the Busan line, the amazing Park Jimin aka chim aka can we just talk about Jimin as a whole for a second bc there are literally so many elements that are absolutely amazing about him I don’t even know where to start, he has a beautiful singing voice, he has a beautiful personality he has a beautiful face like he’s just beautiful that’s a word I really connect with him (and bts) he’s just a total sweetheart who cares so much about the people around him and about the Army and he works so so hard and you can tell like his dancing just keeps getting better and better which is like ??? how bc it was already !!!! to begin with he’s just amazing

  • For the original youtuber!Jimin post, click here
  • For an alternate version of Jimin proposing, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he has a mixed channel
  • Just like Namjoon, he kinda just films whatever he wants and then uploads it
  • He does kind of stick to a path though but he’s not afraid to stray from it
  • He does some music oriented videos, he does a lot of tags and Q&As but also the occasional vlog when something exciting happens
  • For a large portion of his videos, he’s living with Jungkook so they make collabs/are often seen in the background of each other videos
  • He doesn’t really film completely alone ever tbh
  • He likes having someone with him bc puppy but also bc they can help keep him relaxed and bring out his natural personality
  • His first video was shot way back when he was a lil bby Jimin and he had shot it all alone
  • It was a cover of one of his favorite songs and his friend (tae) had dared him to upload it
  • It kinda just goes off from there
  • He starts uploading more and more covers and people start asking him all of these questions
  • Like how old he is where is he from why he sings the songs he does
  • They just wanna know more about him in general and he’s okay with letting them in so their bond starts off early
  • Like the people who started watching him before he really kicked off feel so so genuinely proud of him bc he’s come so far from the boy who didn’t even say hello or goodbye, just sang and left
  • He’s always been pretty open with them (but of course not too open)
  • He doesn’t really like to talk about the rough times too much bc he wants his channel to be an uplifting place, a place where people can go when they’ve had a shit day and just need someone to make them smile
  • But he does make a few in his career just to hopefully spread the message of you can get through it
  • He does love doing Q&As though bc he likes hearing all of the questions his viewers come up with
  • He gets someone else to pick the questions for him so he doesn’t have time to think about them
  • It’s usually you or Jungkook bc Tae picks questions he knows will get chim flustered bc he thinks it’s hilarious
  • Jungkook’s not totally safe when it comes to that but he’s a much safer bet than tae bc normally kooks there bc jimin promised he’d buy him lunch
  • He likes it the best when you do it though bc you’re his love and he mainly just likes having you there so the excuse of “come be my question finder” works out great
  • Once you two move in together, you lowkey become the designated question finder for him and he becomes yours
  • You are also a youtuber
  • Most of your relationship (or at least relationship milestones) with chim are online
  • Your first conversation, the first time you meet (courtesy of tae who doesn’t release the clip until after the wedding for ultimate impact) your anniversaries etc.
  • He’s not shy about his love for you which is v v endearing
  • He has no problem praising your videos in the comments or posting pictures of you with captions like “my babe” and one of those lil winky face emojis or like maybe the heart eyes one
  • He would post endless shit about you on snapchat bc that’s where it’s more of his personal life and not so much a set up spot with a predetermined idea
  • He snaps lil moments that aren’t too personal but are really cute like he’ll yell your name a bunch of times and once he hears the irritation in your voice after him not giving you a reason as to why he’s calling you over, he just giggles and is all “i love you”
  • Everyone can just hear this really loud sigh come from you and he’s so proud of himself
  • All of his viewers know he’s happily taken so when they see a new vlog up titled “We’re Engaged!!” no one’s too surprised
  • They also lowkey notice he talks a lot more about marriage and kids in his recent videos so everyone can kinda feel that build up happening
  • He vlogs just about every moment
  • He does this lil sit down the day he decides he’s ready to propose and he tells everyone his plans and why he’s ready
  • He films the ring finding experience, he films him and Yoongi putting a song together for you, he films him and the boys setting everything up
  • He shows a quick clip of himself preparing like an hour before he proposes, fixing his hair every two seconds and fixing his lil dress shirt and just nerves are happening
  • Lowkey feel like Jimin would be the most nervous to propose??
  • It’s a tie between him and kook rn
  • But I can see Jimin being like visibly nervous like he has all the signs, sweaty palms, wavering voice, he can’t stop fidgeting like he’s just so !!!
  • He would want everything to be perfect for you bc he’s got once chance at this and he wants it to be amazing
  • He takes you out on a lil date night for your anniversary and he takes you out onto this lil beach
  • The boys and him had set it up to look all romantic like there are rose petals all over the blanket they’d laid out, they’d prepared a lil picnic basket for you two, the sun is just beginning to set so you two can watch it together
  • He’s also got the song he and Yoongi made together playing for you amongst a playlist of all of the songs that remind him of you
  • He would film the proposal
  • Just like all of the other boys, if you didn’t feel comfortable with it being posted online, he wouldn’t put it up, he'd just keep it for memory’s sake
  • He’d love to upload it though bc your viewers have seen every step of your relationship, they’ve seen your love story become a thing so
  • To him this is just like wrapping up a present and the wedding is the bow to finish it all off  
Liar (N.M)



“Thanks for being the only one of you fuckers for liking my recent Insta pic, John.” I shout as I walk through the front door. “It means a lot to me.”

“You’re welcome babes!” He shouts back from the kitchen, I assume. These boys are always in the kitchen, always cooking something up.

I dump my bag on the sofa and make my way over to them. “Not even my apparent fuck buddy liked it.”

“Nate, you didn’t even like your girlfriends pic?” John clicks his tongue against the hood of his mouth and wraps his arm around my shoulders. I look over at Nathan with a smug smile and lean into his best friends hold.

John doesn’t even know that we’re actually together, well, I think he doesn’t, we’ve been pretty sneaky and I’ve made sure that we’ve covered any evidence that we’re together. That’s what Nate wants. He doesn’t want people knowing we’re together because he doesn’t want me to get ‘hurt’ by his fans.

So much bullshit.

He just doesn’t want to deal with his fans bitching at him because he’s committing to someone again and he’s stopped whoring around. It’s so fucking stupid. He’s so fucking stupid.

“I haven’t been on today.”

What bullshit.

“Dude, you uploaded two hours ago, just after I did, and you liked and commented on Derek’s latest upload.” And those two girls’ pics, the same two girls you were out fuckin’ with last weekend when I was with my family.

“I bet Derek liked her pic.”

This will definitely set Nate off, simply because Derek previously admitted in a drunken conversation that he had ‘some feelings’ for me. Those feelings were in his dick, admittedly, but it definitely pissed my secret little boyfriend off.

“He did.” I nod. “He also sent me a text.”

Nate picks up a bottle of Hennessy from the counter – it’s a little bit early to start drinking but whatever floats his boat – and he grips onto the neck so hard that his knuckles turn white. “Why did he text you?” My baby’s so cute when he’s jealous.

“He wanted to tell me that my boobs looked nice in my bikini.”

He really did text me and tell me that. He also told me that Nate is constantly looking through my Instagram and complaining about all of the male friends I have.

Everyone in the group knows that Nate and I have fucked before. Sammy caught us one time – one time 2 years ago – and he still won’t let us live it down. It’s pretty obvious though. They’re surprised that we aren’t together yet, and to be honest, I am too.

Never in my life have I seen Nate be so secretive about a girl, ever. He’s always been open about who he’s fucking or who he’s dating but he hasn’t said a peep in months.

4 to be exact.

“They did look good in that photo.” John looks down at me, clearly taking a peak down my shirt, something which I find both him and Sammy doing a lot. “They look good now, too.” I lightly smack his across the back of his head and push him into the door frame.

Guy friends are such perverts sometimes.

“Thanks, Swazz, I grew them myself.”

“Me just looking down your shirt was more attention than your lil boyfriend has given you all week.”

Aint that the truth.

“Not even my photographer today gave me this much attention.” I can’t help but joke along. I watch as Nate’s facial expression “And all he did was take pictures of my ass and boobs.”

Nate stares at me, his face bright red and his jaw clenched. “Fuck y’all.” He pushes past me as fast as he can and practically runs up the stairs.

We annoyed him.

Actually, we did more than annoy him.

We pissed him off.

“What did you say this time, Y/N?”

“Don’t piss me off too, John, I will cut your balls off.”


I wait outside of Nate’s room for a few minutes to let him calm down a bit, I don’t want to just waltz in there and walk right into a storm of bottles and photos and god knows what else being thrown around. I knock when I hear it go silent.

“Fuck off.” He shouts seconds after the first knock.

“Don’t tell me to fuck off because I really will.” I lean up against the wall next to his bedroom door. “I’ll just go home and I won’t bother coming around here anymore.”

“Y/N, don’t piss me off even more. You don’t want to do that.” He’s close to the door, probably sitting on the bottom corner of his bed, bottle of alcohol in one hand and a blunt in the other. “I, I don’t even know what to say to you right now.”

“Why are you being such an ass, Nate? Why are you overreacting about two of your damn friends liking one of my photos?” I don’t bitch at him when he likes some bitches photo. What I said when I came in was a joke, but Nate obviously doesn’t understand what those are.

“Because two of my damn friends are hitting on my fucking girlfriend!”

I cough in shock when he calls me his girlfriend, it’s been a while since he’s ever called me that! “Oh, so now you bring out the ‘g word’! Maybe you wouldn’t be such a jealous asshole if you had just told people in the first place!”

“This isn’t my fault, Y/N, you’re the one that pissed me off, and you’re the one that keeps flirting with my friends just to get a rise out of me. This one is all on you.”

Is he fucking serious? He’s actually blaming me for his friends wanting to piss him off, he’s blaming me for him allowing himself to get pissed off. This is a fucking joke.

And when have I ever flirted with any of his friends? I don’t recall.

“Fuck you! You’re such a fucking asshole, Nathan, fuck you. You won’t even tell your own family and friends that we’re together because you’re scared of what they’re going to think of you! You’re such a fucking pussy and I’m so fucking pissed with you right now, I’m going home.”

“Fine! Like I care! Go call up one of your male model friends and get fucked!”

“Just like you were with your two skanks last weekend!” I retaliate. “I’m done with you, we’re over. Fuck you, have a nice fucking night.”


Nate tried to call me time after he realised that I had actually left and that I was really being serious. He left me voicemail after voicemail and text after text but I haven’t answered a single one. I listened to all the voicemails, which are him apologising and telling me that he messed up and that he wants to be with me and nobody else and that he doesn’t care who knows about us.

If he didn’t care who knows about us being together, then he would have told people, but he didn’t. I know he was ‘scared’ of what his fans would think of us and what they would think about him, but I’m starting to think that he was embarrassed of me or something.

Whatever though, it’s over with now. I’m not his girlfriend and he’s not my boyfriend. We’re done.

Well, that is what I thought until Nate starting tweeting. Half of the tweets didn’t bother me one bit; sappy quotes, lyrics and fans asking if he was okay, him answering with twisted rhymes that nobody could understand.

It started to bother me when my name starting appearing. And when my mentions were bombarded with fans asking what I had done to make their ‘baby boy’ so miserable. I’m not the type of person to lie or sugar coat things, so I told them straight up.

I told all of Nates fans that we were together. Were. And that we broke up because he’s too insecure in his relationships to tell people. He started mentioning me in his tweets and within 30 minutes, the hashtag #GetY/NBack was trending.

The fans, they were definitely trying. I was tagged in thousands of edits that fans had put together and even John, Sammy, Johnson and Derek were tweeting out the hashtag. I guess Nate must of told them the whole story because all four of them were texting me and questioning why I never told them anything.

I wasn’t going to answer any texts or any tweets.

I mean, that was until Nate tweeted me again.

And that’s all I wanted. I wanted him to openly admit that we were together. It took him a fucking long ass time, I had to break up with him in order to get the one thing I wanted from him, but he did it. He actually fucking did it.

Other people might have called me stupid for going back to him just like that, but I couldn’t help myself. He’s my Nate. I’m his Y/N.

It will always be that way.


Let’s Talk About Ambition

I want to make something very clear: I am the most overly-ambitious person I know. 

For each video I’ve produced, there’s been some kind of other project in life I poured my heart, mind, and soul into well before the YouTube channel showed me what it’s like to finally see something you’ve worked on succeed and be cared about by people. Novels, plays, story concepts, research stints, artwork studies, web design and coding, video capture and editing, animation… I’ve bitten into more creative endeavors than anyone else I know. Whenever I’ve picked something up, I’ve worked on it and obsessed over it to the point of exhaustion, and then kept going until people around me told me I needed to breathe.

And that was before anything I made or tried to make actually succeeded to any major degree. 

My family and friends have seen the burnout cycle enough to know my routine by now, and it’s only come to me within the past few years that it’s just who I am. I am a creative work addict–if I’m not working on something, I don’t have an actual purpose, and I’ll wander around until I get my hands on something intellectually stimulating. The more creative it is, the faster I’ll grab it, and good luck if you ever try to snatch the ball back from me. I run my own iteration cycles, and they just keep going and going. 

Now, I’ve made something that people genuinely care about for the first time, and my response has been to only turn up the motor and blow the engine at a top speed past the point the red needle can reach, because oh my God, something worked! And if anyone’s watching, I’m gonna explode in a ball of flames to thank them for looking, so let’s put the pedal down and break this vehicle. 

Except that I’ve learned it’s a terrible and considerably dangerous thing to do. If you want to stay around for repeat performances, it’s not a great idea to self-combust and become a bonfire. That ain’t healthy, kids.

And that’s why I had to set my holiday hiatus–I needed to let the engine cool, at least for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, I would work at a comfortable pace, safe in the knowledge that I’d be ready by the 9th of January with a full month’s backlog of work.

Then, I came up with the idea to make the review of “A Christmas Horror Story” with Nyx Fears. Originally, that was supposed to be about a 20-minute video on my end and 20-minute on his, something that wouldn’t take too much time from my hiatus to work on true ‘Night Mind’ content.

You all know exactly how that plan turned out. Instead of being conservative, I decided to blow out the speakers at every opportunity and produced the longest single load of material I’ve ever created.


And you know what? I’m doing it again, right here, right now, with this blog post. I can’t make something ‘short’… it’s painful for me to not do a full creative effort on something. Which is why, you know, I kinda overdid it on a project that had an actual deadline this time during a time I was supposed to make things with a very far-off deadline.

Deadlines make my quality suffer. I don’t want to admit it, but it’s the truth. And that’s horrible, because the enthusiasm I see for new installments of anything just make me want to hurry up, get something out, as high in quality as I expect of myself to put in. And to enforce that delivery to those who deserve it, I create a deadline to stand by. So then, I try to meet deadlines, stressing myself to make things happen at top quality by pouring more and more time into a shorter period of sitting down and working, and the engine burns up, and I come back around to the point where my family members used to sit me down and say, “It’s time to take a break. Not one of your ‘breaks’, but a break.” So I take the break, come back, and feel guilty all over again about having not worked enough.

Vicious cycle? You bet. And I’ve been on this reiteration carousel for years, even before Night Mind.

And now, with something having finally succeeded, with viewers and supporters who genuinely care, I realize that this cycle must end now. If I’m going to stop this problem from happening, it must be done at the first very pass.

This is why, aside from this upcoming weekend’s release of EverymanHYBRID: Explained Parts 4 & 5, there will not be a schedule for Night Mind releases until my backlog is well and fully made so I can actually go at a continuous upload pace without disappointing anyone.

I started this channel in a way that kept people guessing when I would upload, and what exactly I was going to upload. And, actually, you guys responded with a lot of love for that. I enjoyed it, too–my surprises are always my best reveals; I love surprising people. But I also realize that I am now a… “YouTuber”… and that means I need to set a schedule of continuous uploads, whether or not I announce what uploads will be.

Last week, I let my ambition and my guilt get the best of me again and created a schedule for the next few releases. That was my mistake, and I apologize for it. The stress of how I felt I should be doing better than I am began to eat me, and I made myself public deadlines. 

Cranbersher on YouTube has expressed that he feels like YouTubers deserve to be able to release things in “Seasons,” like on actual television networks. Due to what I’ve experienced over the past few months, I really can’t agree more. At least, we need time to actually get everything ready to roll onward for a year or so without major hiccups.

I never, EVER want to disappoint you guys. This is why I’ve run the engine so hard since October. You deserve my best. If I had to bleed for this channel to succeed, go call the blood bank and I’ll sit here until I’m dry.

But this recent experience has made me realize that my tactic lately is, as it always has been, the wrong approach to things. I am not a Let’s Player. I am not a Reactionist. I can’t make more than one video a day and just keep pumping them out unless I sacrifice my entire day from waking to sleeping, which I have done before on this channel. My very attempt to produce material is pointed at “I Hate Everything” and JonTron levels of quality without having the actual lifestyles and time to make that happen–I’ve had to work with half the time those guys have, because they live off their work and I don’t. I need to commit to the mundane horror of life right now to continue bringing great scares to you guys until I can be free.

[And I know how many of you have encouraged a Patreon. But, quite frankly, I have only been here for six months. Let me earn the idea I deserve to even entertain a Patreon before I open one. I should be here for at least a year before that happens.]

So, let’s roll to the point, because I know how long this post is, and yes, it is pretty absurd:

EverymanHYBRID: Parts 4 & 5 will come on Sunday the 10th, P.M. hours. Sometime after will come the conclusion, EMH: Part 6. And after all that, I will not be uploading anything other than new movie reviews until the backlog is done and I can announce a schedule for things I have actually created. This is the only way to put this problem down immediately and do right by you guys.

Quality over quantity. You guys know my motto. But the price of that motto is patience, from all of us, and I hate it, because I never want you guys stuck waiting for things.

This is the absolute least of all evils. A broken Nick Nocturne is much worse than a Nick Nocturne who took the necessary time to make things happen.

And again, I’m sorry about this. It’s my own personal issue to blame. I’m a workaholic, and it’s time to instill the hardest possible component of the life skills I’ve had to learn: patience.

As always, I love you guys, and I hope you can forgive this announcement. But know when I come back with a schedule, I come back with a schedule of material that has actually been made, and my mind is clear to keep on going without the need to burn the engine. It’s better to slow down now than end up on the roadside calling for a tow.

This way, I can avoid another hiatus for the entire duration of 2016 once we’re clear of this one. And that may very well mean it continues throughout the coming years. If I set the pace now and keep it, we may not witness a break for quite awhile. And if taking the time now means consecutive uploads for many months with no hiccups (especially with a double-sized October), I’ll absolutely take the time.

Thank you!

[Pann] Eunhyuk fans give a run down of their perspective on IU's scandal [Must Read]

“Here’s a run down of everything that’s happened so far from the perspective of an Eunhyuk fan. Us fans are not saying that IU should get hate instead of him but rather asking why Eunhyuk should still be getting hate to this day.

We woke up one day to news of IU releasing a picture with Eunhyuk on her public Twitter account, and public sentiment grew heated. Everyone knew that it wasn’t just a simple selca and all sorts of rumors spread out from IU being pregnant to other dirty things. Still, SuJu fans shielded IU knowing that people were being too harsh to a young female singer.

According to IU on broadcast, Eunhyuk had called IU to ask if she was okay but what Eunhyuk and his fans got in return was Loen putting out a clarification saying he was visiting the sick, which SM was not informed of at all.

Eunhyuk did not upload the picture, nor did he give that clarification himself (he’s the victim in this, no reason for him to even clarify it). Ever since then, all posts regarding Eunhyuk were filled with immense hatred. Despite the situation, Eunhyuk had to go through with all of the broadcasts he had scheduled.

This is an account of ‘Star King’, which he recorded immediately after the scandal: (Account of someone at 'Star King’ recording basically listing all of the sexually suggestive comments the panelists made at him alluding to his scandal with IU like "Should we turn on 'Good Day’ for your dance segment?” and when a contestant brought a bed as a prop, panelists were like “Oh Eunhyuk knows all there is about beds, yeah?”)

Despite being the victim, he had to listen to all sorts of these comments and laugh them off. Panelists did not hesitate on making sexually suggestive comments and laughing at Eunhyuk’s face but when IU was on the show, they’d look at her with upset expressions as if they felt bad for her. Eunhyuk eventually ended up cutting back on his active TV schedules.

Then a few days later, IU uploaded a post on her fancafe skimming over the issue and talking about how she was sorry she worried her fans while she was at home gaining weight. Then she went on the 'Hwashin’ talk show and only clarified rumors like her pregnancy rumors by beating around the bush and revealing that Eunhyuk had called to her to check if she was okay. Much to the dismay of Super Junior fans, she did not apologize for the scandal at all.

While we agree that IU suffered hateful comments as well, she never once properly apologized to Eunhyuk or Super Junior fans when they’re the ones who were unfairly suffering because of her mistake. Eunhyuk did nothin wrong but had to deal with 'visiting the sick’ comments on 'Radio Star’, comments which were never directly said to IU when she was on TV. Eunhyuk was the clear victim but he was the one being dealt all the pain.

There are tons of private relationships in the entertainment industry but it was IU who released the information to the public, whether it was on purpose or an accident. Eunhyuk was literally asleep and woke up to this entire scandal by no fault of his own. He is still suffering from dirty comments to this day that of course his fans are upset over.

Super Junior fans are scared even when Eunhyuk gets in the news for positive things. It wasn’t until this year that fans felt comfortable going in to read the comments.

Even for Super Junior’s concerts, his solo stage used to be bright, outgoing performances where he bounced around shouting “happy happy” but he came out instead with a self-written rap that was basically an outpour of all of his struggles and pain for the past two years while tied in chains.

At their September 21st, 2014 concert, Eunhyuk cried while saying, “The hardest years of my life were the past two years. Teuk hyung wasn’t here and I was the temporary leader and although I didn’t do much, a lot of things happened, and I did show you all a not so positive side of me, I’m just so happy you all are here…”

In his Thanks Tos, he would always joke around while sending his gratitude but after that scandal, he even confessed that there were moments where he wanted to give up in the past two years after that scandal happened.

You can compare his two Thanks Tos here… In the first one, he has tons of  ㅋㅋ !! ^^ ♥ and emoticons, but in the second one, his words are short and stiff with no emoticons. “


1. [+353, -3] I’m not even a fan and choked up several times while reading this. I can’t even dare to imagine how Eunhyuk and his fans must’ve felt through this whole ordeal. How their feelings must’ve been rotting this whole time. I hope he completes his service well and doesn’t get hurt anymore.

2. [+333, -5] I remember someone yesterday leaving a comment saying Eunhyuk never got hate and his image was never affected. I was too flabbergasted to even reply to that.

3. [+326, -3] I hope this gets to the top of Pann. People are shifting the attention to IU being sly and whatnot but that’s nto what Elf wanted or intended.

4. [+136, -1] Who is going to pay Eunhyuk back for the three years he suffered? Each of those little jokes they threw at him has shattered the person he used to be…

5. [+106, -1] I feel like Super Junior fans would be happy if their members were just never mentioned by anyone… Eunhyuk did nothing wrong but had to suffer so much hatred in three years. I couldn’t believe the people upvoting those comments… what exactly did Eunhyuk do so wrong to deserve it? Please remember that one hateful comment can take a life.

6. [+86, -1] It hasn’t changed in three years.. the fact that people don’t care whether Eunhyuk’s suffering from all this or not.

7. [+81, -5] I know this is wrong but this whole thing makes IU look like trash

8. [+68, -6] IU’s cruel… she shattered a person to this point


1. [+247, -22] Despite all this, IU never once said anything to defend him… IU, karma’s going to get you. Ever since that scandal, Eunhyuk’s career has been downhill and now he has to serve in the army..; what a shame

2. [+230, -9] I really do feel bad for Eunhyuk. He never made anything obvious, didn’t even upload the picture himself, but all because IU messed up, he had to suffer so much hate and made the butt of jokes… and the scandal has gotten so out of control to the point where people actually believe Eunhyuk was the one who uploaded the picture. I really feel bad for him.

3. [+211, -6] I honestly do feel bad that IU’s getting so much hate right now but I do think that the truth needs to be set straight despite it all. Some of the controversies that IU’s in she isn’t necessarily responsible for but people need to know what exactly happened with Eunhyuk’s scandal.

4. [+73, -1] Poor Eunhyuk’s being used to teach soccer teams how to be upstanding people

5. [+60, -3] No matter how much IU apologizes, the fact that IU had that picture up for 6 hours on Twitter is a truth that will never disappear. During those six hours, that one picture basically killed Eunhyuk’s celebrity career. Fans don’t want anymore, just for the reality of the situation to be known. Still, I’m glad that at least now people are starting to listen and clear up the misunderstandings. I do think it’s unfair that people are taking this opportunity to call IU a fox and all but I do honestly hate IU myself.

6. [+60, -1] Wow, thinking about it now… it all makes sense. SM’s stocks dropped during the scandal and Eunhyuk’s image tanked. Shouldn’t they be compensated for the losses?

7. [+52, -0] Hmm.. makes me see IU in a different light. Did she break up with Eunhyuk poorly? Why would she even make such a mistake like that (if you can even call it a mistake…) She manages herself so well usually to the point of being called sly so why would she make such a careless mistake?

8. [+51, -2] I bet IU’s thinking up another post to write on her fancafe to make herself sound like the victim right now ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+48, -0] Even now on IU’s articles, people are saying they’re just glad she’s not dating the anchovy ㅋㅋㅋ what did Eunhyuk do to receive this type of treatment? Meanwhile IU was able to manipulate her image into that of a mature singer after her scandal and is at the peak of her career right now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+47, -0] Eunhyuk took care of IU so well when she first debuted… but IU commits a mistake and completely axes herself out of the scandal, forgetting all he’s done for her…

2016 has come to a close  , and honestly, it was a blast of a year for me. Since joining the Undertale fandom, I’ve been showered with buckets of love and met a lot of great friends and it’s been overall a good year!

A tldr summary of this would be, I fucking love all of the friends I’ve met here so far, and I hope we get to share more memories in this coming year, thank you for your understanding and love <3 I hope all my followers continue to love what I do, and you don’t know how much  it means to me to know that you support my work as not only an Undertale artist, but as an artist alone ;v;

That being said, long ranty paragraphs of how cool my friends begins here!

Keep reading