i bet sometimes he has to pinch himself to believe his life

spamano fic rec

yo! this is a spamano fic rec that i’ve been working on for a little bit. it’s only spamano because it the fic rec would’ve been too big if i had included all of the fics i’ve read and saved. i will be making another fic rec of all that other stuff, but for now, enjoy this one. a little note: these are only ao3 fics because if I had included the ones on ff .net, this fic rec would’ve had over a 100 fics (right now it has about 85). the next fic rec i make will have the spamano fics from ff .net with other stuff. anyways, thank you for 1,000 followers! (that’s what this is. i’ll work on the other fic rec, would should be done by next week, and i’m also working on a follow forever). haha, fun fact about ao3 and i: i’ve been through every page of spamano fics on that website. it took me a while, but i read the fics that sounded interesting and yeah. that’s why i have so many fics in here.

please let me know if there are mistakes or some of the links don’t work!

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i miss you sideways daily (Pidge)

Title: i miss you sideways daily
Summary: “I just meant—as long as I have you, Mom, and Matt around, I’ll never be lost, you know?” / Pidge character study of sorts, oneshot.
A/N: Pidge is my favorite and I’m still not sure I’ll ever do her justice but. here is an attempt.  Also inspired by some lovely art by @kidworm and @tropicoola which made me very emotional. anYWAYS.

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“Sideways because I have to beam my love in all directions, hoping it bounces off something and eventually finds you.”

            —Richard Siken


The engineers called it a marvel, a feat. The media said a whole new frontier of exploration, an unprecedented display of human curiosity and determination.

Katie Holt stands in front of the Kerberos mission launch site, eyes the towering white shuttle, and says, simply: “Whoa.”

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