i bet she smells good

The Cultural Attaché mission/collection to teach Aurene about Tyria is so fun.
I gave her all the souvenirs but she seemed to like the Zephyr Sanctum model most. (❁´◡`❁) 

Liar (Victor Zsasz x Reader) - Drabble Angst/Fluff

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Imagine being a new assassin and working for Oswald. You’re assigned to work with Victor Zsasz, who grows protective of you almost immediately.


Warnings: Harsh Language, Killing/Murder, Protective Victor, Caring Victor.

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anonymous asked:

Are you in the right mood for some lesbian percabeth? It would be amazing :3

  • okay so honestly after sally and paul’s wedding (which annabeth is obviously invited to) percy offers for annabeth to spend the night
  • and of course she does because like, lol she’s m y b e st ie !!!! of course i’ll spend the night
  • but it’s sort of cold and wintery and they end up getting s u p e r cuddly on the ride back to percy’s apartment
  • and like imagine they’re both a lil tipsy because like lots and lots of champagne and when do they ever have the chance to just indulge and be happy you know? and like her parents are out of town and she’s just feeling really… good
  • and they’re both in dresses and percy like looks absolutely stu n n i n g you can tell sally chose the bridesmaid’s colors just to compliment her coloring
  • annabeth’s mouth goes dry as the sahara when she lays eyes on her… and oh man i bet she smells really good too
  • and percy feels like she could cry because her and annabeth have not really been getting along very much but annabeth’s in this shimmery gray dress and she’s actually wearing makeup for once and like holy fuck wow she’s really gay and really in love with annabeth
  • imagine them being super cuddly on the way home
  • and super cuddly once they get back to the apartment
  • and they both change out of their dresses so it’s totally charged with sexual tension
  • and then percy lends annabeth clothes and they smell like her and it’s so delicious she’s like overwhelmed
  • and annabeth just looks so cute and she’s wearing percy’s old clothes like what could possibly be more adorable.
  • she’s got her perfect blond curls spilling out over the hood of her sweatshirt
  • and her makeup’s a little smudged but in a sexy way and just
  • like
  • ohmy go d someone help them
  • sneaking furtive glances at the curve of each other’s spines while they’re changing
  • feeling teased by each other because they’re both wearing super baggy sweats and t shirts but like they know, ,,,, they know the curves,, underneath all that fabric,,,,