i bet none of you guessed this one

I Need Yurio to Narrate an Episode

Hello I guess. I’m Yuri Plisetsky record breaking gold winning ice skater at age 15. The YOUNGEST EVER.

I have a fan club called the Yuri Angels I bet none of you have one.

That’s Viktor he thinks he’s so great. There’s the pig ugh can’t they keep their hands off eachother for ONCE???

That’s Mila she’s and old pain but I tolerate her I guess.


There’s Bek- Otabek Altin, he’s my best friend…SHUT UP MILA WE ARE NOT DATING. Anyway B- Otabek is cool, he likes my cat so that automatically puts him over everyone else.

I have a lot of feels about Kingdom Hearts Back Cover and the foretellers okay so here have a compilation of headcanons

  • Ava (to Luxu): “if I run and jump at aced, he will most certainly catch me in his arms.” Ava: “Incoming!” Aced:  "No, I’m holding coffee!“ *catches her anyway*
  • (this probably works with Ira too.  Master would just watch you fall and laugh)
  • They sometimes just start… sitting on Aced. I mean have you seen this guy’s shoulders he’s gigantic. And no one comments. Hes just chilling, there in the library, with Ava sitting on his shoulder. And then Luxu was sitting on the arm of the chair but ended up in Aceds lap. And Invi appeared sometime and she’s leaning on his leg. Master takes pictures.  they prob have the best cuddle piles on top of Aced.  Master also has     pictures of that
  • Ira’s the type of guy who’s gonna make up his mind about something and stubbornly refuse to let it go. He once decided the East wing was haunted b/c of the door that creaked. And he literally will never walk in the East     door to the castle. Aced fixed that door a year ago. Just get over it, Ira. No, he says stubbornly, leaving the shop five minutes before everyone     else so he can make up the time wasted by going to the west door
  • Gula isn’t allowed in the barber shop anymore. No one knows why. Invi might sell the secret for a strawberry tart but no one dares ask her
  • He’s probably also banned from the weapons shop but that’s no secret. If he didn’t have a keyblade he could summon on demand no one would let him near a sharp object.
  • You probably guessed that Ava picks up strays everywhere and Ira gives her a weekly “no pets in the castle” talk
  • But I bet you didn’t guess that this also applies to heartless
    • No Ava we can’t keep the little soldier heartless
    • I get that it’s a new kind we haven’t seen before ava
    • Yeah I know that one looks like it’s got a hat on ava
    • It tried to kill you ava
    • Invi literally almost died fighting that one ava plus it’s bigger than your room
  • Aced has, like, no idea how to talk to people (who aren’t his friends). None. He can make vague overtures of polite conversation but it’s pretty much just a rehearsed line about the weather that Invi taught him.  It’s a wonder he got anyone to join his Union when he has the conversational skills of a caveman.  
  • That being said, Aced can write a mean speech 
  •  Like, they’re all really shocked at how good he is.  give him time to prepare and he can beat     Ava in the ‘impassioned cheesy speech’ department 
  •  Okay so Ira hates blood, just can’t stand it.  Invi once got a papercut and he had to leave the room before he fainted.  and thus he freaks. out. anytime he gets even like, a nosebleed.
    • “invi am I dying” “it’s called a skinned knee, ira” “tell master thank you, for teaching me” “you’re not dying” “and, and let luxu know that i’m the one who stole that brownie from him” “ira” “a-and, don’t let gula think that i hated him. tell him i trust him.” “ira” “tell ava i love her, and she’s gonna be a great master someday, i, i just wish i coulda seen her grow up” “ira
  • but when he gets majorly injured, like, broken ribs? a stab wound?  no. he’s not gonna tell anyone. ‘tis but a flesh wound.  take care of yourself first.  i’m fine. *passes out* 
  •  Invi on any given day: “guys I think you should think this through" 
  • Luxu, looking up from the thing he’s about to set on fire: "what do you     mean?" 
  •  Gula, standing out of the blast zone, smiling: "yeah what do you mean     nothing’s gonna go wrong" 
  •  okay so aced and ira prob got in a lot of fights esp when they first were apprentices together, because they were both strong-willed and did you see how disappointed aced was that he wasn’t gonna be leader? like? they totally fought.  but every. single. time they did at some point they’d look over and ava would just have these big tears in her eyes like some ghibli protagonist and the argument would just.. stop.  None of them could ever knowingly let her cry. not even master. if she started to get that wobbly lip, boom, subject over, we’re never doing it again. none of them knew when she was faking it though, since they all know she can fake-cry on command

I have more but I shall wait to post them until I am more coherent, when it’s not like, 1am in the morning
(EDITED 7/8/17)

Jelena 2014: Year in Review.


It’s the second day of the year and we already got Jelena on segways.

3 days later he posts this first Jelena selfie with the caption “Love the way you look at me”


Then they went camping, but we got no pics.

Then, BANG, no more Jelena.

February: none.


“Most elegant princess in the world”


A few days later, they both have performances in Texas, so they reunite.

Justin performs at one of the SB events, and he dedicates ALAYLM to his baby.

After that, they were seen walking around.

The next day (WOAH THERE WAS A NEXT DAY) Selena had her first performance of the two. Aaaaaaaaand Justin tweets:


Selena has her second performance the next day (YES, THERE WAS ANOTHER DAY) and HEY, GUESS WHAT, SHE SKIPS LOVE WILL REMEMBER. I WONDER WHY.

The day after that (I bet you got used to it.), they went to dance studio.

Jelena tour rehearsals? Nah.



If you died, don’t worry, we all did.

After Selena left, Justin met a few lucky fans in Toronto, and when I say “lucky” I mean THE LUCKIEST MOTHERFUCKERS IN THE WORLD because they got to hear Unfamiliar, of of the three hundreds Jelena duets we will never (probably) hear.

*insert ugly crying here*

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT no more Jelena that month.


VERY VERY VERY RANDOMLY, Selena flies to Miami and goes to the studio with Justin and Madisooooooon.


A few days later, they fly back to LA and they attend Coachella Festival. PLS.

no HQ’s but let’s enjoy the LQ’s. :-)

No more Jelena, again. Or nah?

Well, whatever it was, Justin posted a random throwback picture with Sel and the littles *cries*.

May: None.

June: Selena diseappeared from earth’s face for a few days, and we all guessed she was in Canada with JB because of a tweet of a family friend. AND.WE.WERE.RIGHT.

He posted a super sweet selfie with one of the most emotional captions ever.

“Our love is unconditional” then deletes this.


After this, they were seen at the movies, at a restaurant and more. Looks like our Jelena is back for good, huh?

He also posts 2 selfies on Shots

Theeeeeen, they went at the zoo with his grandparents.



they are SO back together.


July: let’s forget about that month. But he says that Selena is beautiful.

August: After a shitty beginning with that spotting of Justin making out with a model, you would never expect Jelena ever again, right? NO!

About two weeks later they hang out after the TCA’s undercover, then confirmed it all with this amazing picture that will make you all single ladies cry.

“Right now everything else is a blur”


After that they spend several days between his and her house.

Justin posts a video of him dancing to “All about that bass remix” and Selena laughs at his dorky boyfriend in the background.

A few days after, they went at a themed park, if I’m not wrong, but no HQ’s pic of them together, but don’t worry, they were.

Selena follows Yovanna???!?!!?!!???

Yovanna follows her back?!?!?!??!?!??

JK. After, like an hour, they unfollowed eachother and Justin posted and deleted a pic of Selena twice.


The day after, they flew to Canada and posted two selfies.


You know it.


If you need a moment, breath a little.

Okay, if you’re ready, let’s continue this time travel.

I’m not gonna add caption to this because they’re too hgdjnfdhjsnhjgfahjfkajghjkvbjsdhgfkdaljdskjfl, got it?

Take another breath aaaaaaaaaaand go!


And August ends pefectly.


“A rainy dream”



Selena leaves Canada but comes back after a little.

Justin also posted this on Shots

After a week we found out that this

was Justin’s lockscreen, and I STILL NEED THAT PICTURE.

Anyway, they flew to Vegas and i’m still mad we got only one picture of them together dressed like that.

But okay.



They also celebrated Ryan’s BDay and Justin posted this



Jelena also had a double date with Ryan G and The Benzo at horror nights.


Then they went to church

That cuteness should be illegal.


Justin brought sunflowers to Selena and then cooked organic chicken breasts together.

Your OTP would never.

Theeeeeeeeennnnnnn they went to St. Martin and Justin posted this BOMB.

who the fuck is Yovanna?

Then we got this:

and this

then these assholes went to Paris and we got nothing more.

And last thing, in October, Justin posted this

And this is how it ends, maybe.


30 x 31 Writing Challenge Day 1

Day One~First Kiss

These will all be Reader inserts, probably with different characters I’m not entirely sure yet. I hope you enjoy.

@royslittleharper (do you still want to be tagged?)

You sat up suddenly. The couch shifted beneath you as you searched cautiously for intruders. Something had woken you up, but you had no clue what.

I creaking floorboard made you head snap towards your dark kitchen. The only light came from a nightlight, so when that light was obscured for a moment, you stood quietly and grabbed the umbrella leaning against your tv stand.

You quietly creeped over to the wall right outside the kitchen, ready to bean the person who exited it.

Suddenly, a black boot found its way into your vision, and you swung with all your might.

“Woah!” Then came the voice. Dear god that voice. It was the perfect tone and it practically made you melt.

You cautiously opened your eyes when the umbrella stopped suddenly. It was being held by the intruder, who you now recognized as Red Robin.

You instantly relaxed, knowing that your intruder most likely wasn’t going to hurt you, before straightening indignantly.

“Hey!” You cried in shock. “What the hell are you doing in my apartment.”

The hero looked around, confused.

“Huh.” He muttered. “I guess this isn’t mine.” He began heading towards the window. “I’ll just go to mine then.”

You were all to glad to allow him to leave, before you noticed the blood dripping from the hand covering his shoulder.

“Hold on you’re bleeding.” You grabbed his good arm and gently tugged him towards your couch.

“It’s just a flesh wound.” He protested as you sat him down.

“You have other costumes right?” You called from the closet as you searched for a first aid kit. “This one is going to have a large tear in the shoulder after tonight.”

“Costume makes it sound like something a kid wears on Halloween.” He said thoughtfully.

“One incredibly stupid kid.” You muttered, going to stand next to the couch.

Carefully, you cut away a bit of material, just enough to see the wound and a bit of the surrounding flesh.

“If I wasn’t training to be a doctor, this might just make me vomit.” You announce as you soak a cloth in hydrogen peroxide.

He winces slightly as you apply the wet cloth to his shoulder, wiping away blood and dirt.

You whistle as you examine the wound, before grabbing the knife.

“This is going to hurt just a tiny bit.” You say, before cutting him right across the wound twice, making an X with a hole in the middle.

He curses under his breath and you set the knife down, replacing it with the tweezers you’re going to grab the bullet with.

After a bit of digging and quite a few muttered curse words, the bullet pings as it hits the plate you have on the floor.

“Now for my least favorite part.” You sigh, grabbing the needle.

“Really, you don’t need to do this.” Red Robin says generously as you thread the needle.

“Yeah? Then who else will. Your butler?” You say sarcastically, not understanding when he chuckles.

“That’s one option.” He shakes his head in amusement.

You begin stitching the wound, bantering back and forth with the hero.

By the time your done stitching and dressing the wound, you can’t deny your feelings of attraction towards the masked man.

“All done.” You announce standing up and grabbing the plate to head to the kitchen.

Red Robin follows you.

“Thank you.” He says as the water rinses his blood from your hands. You can’t help but think how useful his blood would be in identifying him, and how much trust he was placing in you to help him. One drop of it and his secret identity could be exposed to the whole world.

“Don’t mention it. More training for med school. I bet none of my classmates have had the privilege of stitching up Red Robin.” You joke, leaning against the counter. “I do have one question. Why were you anywhere near my apartment? Do you live in this building?”

He glances quickly, almost imperceptibly, towards the wall you share with your neighbor, Tim Drake.

“Yeah actually, I live near hear. I guess all the blood loss screwed with my sense of direction or something.”

You nod in understanding.

“Makes sense.” You shrug in agreement.

He nods and opens his mouth like he’s about to speak, but he’s cut off suddenly. He turns his head the the left and focuses on nothing.

When he looks back at you, you nod.

“Duty calls?” You guess, assuming that he had been listening to a coma units with someone, probably Batman and maybe Robin.

“Duty calls.” He agrees, perching on your windowsill.

You wave and he turns away as you sink back onto your couch.

Suddenly, hands are on your face and lips are on yours and a warm, quick kiss. You feel something slip into your pocket as he leaves, this time for the night.

You slip you hand into your pocket and retrieve a slip of paper with an address and a time.

“Until next time.” You grin, tacking the paper to your calendar.

Te Rerenga Wairua - Ch. 2

Title: Te Rerenga Wairua
Summary: Found by the gods drifting at sea, Maui always assumed he had been thrown in it to drown. When that assumption is challenged, there is only one way to find closure: speaking to his long-departed family. But it’s never a smooth sail to the Underworld, and he’ll need help from a friend - plus a token that fell in the claws of an old enemy long ago.
Characters: Maui, Moana, Tamatoa
Rating: K

Prologue and links to all chapters up so far here.

A/N: and Moana is finally in this fic as well. Good thing she is, too, because I’m pretty sure that without her Maui and Tamatoa would just keep squabbling and get absolutely nothing done.
You know how the saying goes: if you want something said ask a man, if you want something done ask a woman, but whatever you do never ask a crab.
I may or may not have just made up the last bit.


“Missed again! C’mon, Crabby! This was supposed to be a challenge! What, are you tired? I could do this all day!”

“We have been doing this all day! Can’t you be still for a moment?”

“Sure, and then you want me to paint  target on my face?”

“That would be nice.”

“In your dreams, Crabcake!”

Maui laughed and leapt out of the way just on time to avoid being struck by a pincer barely smaller than himself. It lifted up a lot of sand, which caused Tamatoa to close his eyes and sputter a moment before Maui landed on top of his shell. “Surprise! It’s Maui ti– whoa!”

Tamatoa spun suddenly and violently, casing Maui to be thrown back. If he’d been holding his fishhook, Maui would have immediately turned into a hawk, but as he had left it propped up against one of the rocks on the shore - their sparring match would have been too unbalanced otherwise - flight was not an option. He fell heavily in the sand, and rolled aside just one moment before a pincer came down on the spot he’d been.

“Got you!”

“Dream on!”

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University Bound

Request: “You’re strong, baby.  You have to be.”  /  “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

a/n: i bet none of you guessed that those prompts would be used in this way :) and to all the people who love dad shawn…this kinda takes a spin on that but in a different way that I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it : )

           You loaded the last item into the trunk of the car and turned around to see Shawn coming out with two more bags.  With a sigh, you took one of the bags from him, “More?”

           He nodded his head, “I think she’s taking her whole room with her.”

           You helped Shawn somehow fit the last two bags in the car. It took a bit of moving around other things, but once everything was situated, you closed the trunk and leaned up against it.  You let out a deep breath as you leaned your head back on the car, “This is really it?”

           Shawn stood next to you and copied your actions, “It’s really it.”

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Blood Drive

Your blood donations don’t go to people waiting for transfusions.

Did that get your attention? I bet it did. Some of you are probably thinking ‘I knew it!’ right now. Yes, I know that type is out there, thinking there’s a conspiracy for just about everything.

I can tell you it isn’t some 'evil’ corporate plan to extend the suffering of those in hospital so they can milk more money out of them. No, your blood is helping people, just not how you all expect.

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The signs as Shadow the Hedgehog quotes
  • Aries: You're comparing yourself to me? Ha! You're not even good enough to be my fake!
  • Taurus: It will be a date to DIE for!
  • Gemini: It's like taking candy from a baby, which is fine by me!
  • Cancer: Where's that DAMN fourth chaos emerald?
  • Leo: Shadow... ANDROID? Am... I... an android... TOO!?
  • Virgo: This is just too easy! Guess this is my lucky day!
  • Libra: I bet no one expected this baby could fly.
  • Scorpio: DON'T TOUCH IT!
  • Sagittarius: Don't expect me to join in on your group hugs and picnics!
  • Capricorn: I can see multiple ways out for me, none for you.
  • Aquarius: I'm going to blow up the whole damn planet!
  • Pisces: This is who I am!

member- jungkook

genre- angst mostly

words- 715 (pretty short)

summary- you are the one he turns to when he needs comfort

a/n- all the events today were heartbreaking for me to read/watch. i didn’t watch the whole thing but what i saw made me want to cry. my motherly instincts wanted to fly to korea and protect the poor baby :’) but im thankful for the ones that did treat Jungkook with respect. (also thank @ohmyhoseok for this)

Originally posted by tbhobi

You felt anger boil in your stomach as you watched the older males treat your caring and selfless boyfriend like dirt. He had went out of his way to purchase them the food, and he had called you just ten minutes ago about how much he thought they’d appreciate them. When you saw them straight up reject his kind gesture, you couldn’t help but want to jump through the screen and protect Jungkook. 

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Over Your Almost-Relationship

1. There’s no closure.

Humans crave closure. There’s an inherent desire for it — all the stories we never learn the endings to, the movies we never finish, the seasons of TV shows that leave us with more questions than answers so we turn to blogs and the internet to vent our frustration. We need closure in order to shelve things in our head and move on. But when you don’t get closure — when they drop off the face of the earth or suddenly spring a new significant other on social media — what do you do?

It’s hard to create your own closure, to grasp for signs that really don’t mean anything at all but to which we assign meaning. And it might seem ridiculous at first, like believing in magic or fairies, but sometimes, it’s the only thing we can do. We have to find meaning where there is none. We have to write our own endings and create closure ourselves. It’s hard, but it’s possible. And you’re able to have a happily ever after all on your own, with just yourself. You deserve that.

2. Just because you weren’t owed anything doesn’t mean there weren’t expectations.

It’s all the unsaids and implieds, all the times they called you baby and were cute with you around your friends — but then there’s the fact that nothing ever followed through. This is what enables us to feel so torn in admitting that no, you didn’t date, but you still kinda feel like you ought to call them your ex. Maybe not an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, but an ex-something. An ex-maybe. An ex-almost.

None of us ever like to think that we have to lick our wounds when we’ve put all our eggs in one basket, bet all our chips on one hand, decided to be all or nothing (whatever metaphor you prefer, really), only to have the other party cut and run with your heart just before they were all-in, too. But it happens, and though it’s not fair to us, chances are good the other person never asked for our hearts. We just gave them freely. Sometimes you risk and lose.

(Why do we keep risking, then? Well, I guess on the off-chance that just maybe, this might be the time we win.)

3. You’re only ever left with your side of the story.

What you did, what you didn’t do, what you could have done, what was wrong with you, what was right with you — you never get these answers, so you wind up speculating. And we are our own worst critics, so we wind up thinking that everything was our fault. That is and isn’t the case — you’re only ever responsible for your actions, no one else’s. Rationalizing what you did against what someone else did, then, is an effort in futility. It’s not your responsibility to understand them — after all, they’re not in your life anymore. Sometimes you just need to know that you tried, and that was all you could have been expected to do.

4. Your friends can never keep track of what is going on.

They will ask where that one person you were talking to went, have you seen them recently, what is up with you two, are you official yet — the whole nine. And because they’re so used to things being on-again-off-again, unsaid, and implied, chances are they’ll think this is just another ebb and flow in the roller coaster that is your romance. But you’ll have to relive the pain that things fell through every time, and though this never gets any less difficult to admit to them, you will become stronger and soon enough, they will forget that the almost-person ever existed. (And the best of friends will tell you that if they knew what was good for them, they shoulda locked it down. Best friends believe you deserve all-in commitment. Because you do.)

5. It’s hard to reconcile what is with what could have been.

I think, at our cores, no matter how jaded and cynical and bitter and burned we might claim to be — we’re optimists. We like to believe in love and happily ever after, and we like to believe that something is out there waiting for us. And so that is why we hold onto the could have beens, and all of the futures we painted in our heads but were never brave enough to admit. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that maybe, deep down, the way to get what we wanted was just to have The Talk with the other person before the cut-and-run. And that’s on us, and will ever be.

When you’re given cute words and quiet moments together, it’s very easy to see that inch and take a mile, but unless you follow through and ask for what you want to receive, you can’t blame anyone else when you’re not given it. But at the very least, if we are all constantly floundering through these almost-relationships together — because after all, it seems like everyone these days has an almost in their history — we can collectively learn, and be a little braver, and say what we want next time. Because after all, we’re optimists. We have to believe in love to survive. There will always be a next time, if only we can lick our wounds and find the courage within ourselves to try again.

I came across this article today thanks to a friend. After reading this, it really made me feel sad and upset. This article is spot on with how I have been feeling with the past men in my life. I couldn’t have said it better. The bitter jadedness is all too real. 

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who didnt get upset at dan's tweet for saying he looks ugly? Idgaf honestly (bryony can drag him tho i live for it) but everyone being all "nooo dan you is beautiful dont say that" and I am here like "i always knew he looks like a rat"

i mean. it’s not like i care much, dan’s a yucky boy anyway. yall need better self esteem, would bet real money yall incredibly more beautiful than him, yuck.

but also, on the other hand, quite relatable, today i took seven thousand selfies and there was absolutely none acceptable ones, i think i went with the least embarrassing for insta stories. so ,,,, congrats to dan for posting the failed ones i guess. he’s beautiful enough to be able to do that and not feel like shit, that’s how yall need to feel about yourselves as well.


Step into Christmas, won’t you? For @niftybottle : because I wasn’t sure what you’d like, I’ve come bearing three gifts. This one takes place in an ideal Warehouse world where the first episode of season 4 happened, and then none of the bad stuff ensued. I bet, based on the title of this first present, you’ll be able to guess what I’m calling the other two.


Pete rarely had expectations. About much of anything, but really not about what he might see on any given day in the Warehouse. And because he rarely had expectations, he was rarely surprised.

But then on Christmas Eve, he walked into the Christmas aisle.

And he was surprised.

In front of him was something kinda like a Nativity scene. That wasn’t the surprising part, because yeah, it was the Christmas aisle.

No, the surprising part was… well, it was actually two surprising parts: one, that the scene was life-size, and two, that parts of it were actually alive. Which made three surprising parts, really, because the parts of it that were alive were being played by Myka and H.G. Although “played” was probably the wrong word. Nobody was doing much moving—they were paused in the scene—but their mouths didn’t seem to be stuck, because they were having a pretty serious argument, something along the lines of “this is your fault” and “no, it’s your fault.”

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My top 10 Favorite Fairy Tail charecters:

#1 Wendy

Yeah I bet none of you saw that coming (there was actually one person who guesses it right) but yeah Wendy takes the top spot. I love her personality and she just so damn cute in an little sister kind of way. Speaking of which in a lot of ways she kind of the little sister of the guild. I remember when she first showed up in the series I kept thinking that I just wanted her to be a member of Fairy Tail cause I want to see her in the future. I don’t want to go too long on the post cause I could literally go on for days about how much I love Wendy



‘Card Captor Sakura’ Character Cards (Manga Bonus)

Today I felt like sharing something super special with the world :3

So here you are, straight from my childhood, the bonus character cards that came with the ‘Card Captor Sakura’ manga books as they were published here in Spain. My guess is that it is a feature copied from the original Japanese edition, but I guess that the very knowledgeable @thecardcaptormuseum will know better than me…

I remember checking carefully the new books as they appeared in my usual shop to make sure that I was getting one with a card - aww, nostalgia. I bet many of these cards were stolen (that shop still has many of these books left, but none have their cards anymore). And I wonder if we will get a Spanish edition of the new CCS manga with any similar bonus, it would be so cool!

They are made of simple cardboard, very thin with no extra protection, so they are flimsy delicate. But as you can see, if you treat them with care, they can last forever in mint condition ^w^

The original run of CCS was 12 books, 6 for every arc. Since every book brought one card, that makes 6 Clow Cards and 6 Sakura Cards:

Every card featured the same character as the soft cover under the Sakura sleeve. They were, in publishing order: Sakura, Tomoyo, Shaoran, Toya, Kaho, Kero-chan, Yukito, Nakuru, Spinel-Sun, Eriol, Clow and Sakura again.

As I said, the quality of these cards is not up to that of the official Clow deck (not that I am complaining - they are one of the best bonus gift everrrrr). They look a little different, too:

The bonus cards have less textures and more basic colours; they also lack the rounded corners and feature texts: ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’ and ‘Clamp Kodansha’. Even so, they are so nice.

Perks of being around during the first run of a series >:3

Dear antivaxxers...

So I blocked two willfully ignorant antivaxxer anons who continued to spew bullshit in my inbox.

For all two of you who don’t know, I’m an autistic adult. Got it?

Now for this mountain of utter crap.

One anon tried to use functioning labels on me and tell me to be careful how I use my voice because we all answer to God. The other tried used the excuse that they don’t walk into measles infections every time they step out the door. Um, just go to Disneyland and I’m sure you’ll pick it up right along with a nice skin rash. 

Yep, I got dermatitis from Disneyland once! Thankfully not measles BECAUSE I’M VACCINATED. Btw, according to my mom I showed signs of autism before I got vaccines, so fuck that shitty vaccines-cause-autism logic right up the ass! The only reason it took until I was 15 to get diagnosed is because I’m a girl and “girls don’t ‘get’ autism”. Har har! :D

Back to what I was saying: You antivaxxers can shut your ignorant pie holes with the bleach and other snake oil cures you’ve no doubt tried on your kids, because I’m sure some of y’all have kids who got diagnosed as autistic despite no vaccines and tried to cure it. Start loving and accepting your kids as they are instead of treating them like they’re broken. 

Do I sound like an asshole now? Good, because I’d rather be an asshole than willfully ignorant.

Autistic people who can’t speak and need help with even their most basic needs are still valuable people whose worth is in their being alive and not based on what they can produce. They deserve to be loved, protected and cared for. I will fight for them and take bullets for them and be whipped, beaten and crucified for them. I am just like them and sometimes I think God wanted me verbal and good at writing because He wanted me to fight for those whose behavioral communication goes ignored as meaningless. So here I am, kicking some ass for the sake of those who can’t defend themselves.

We all answer to God? Yes. You bet I answer to God. I’m Catholic. 

Guess what? God doesn’t make mistakes, but people sure do and you antivaxxers are making a big one. 

I hope none of you have to watch your child suffer through something easily preventable due to YOUR neglect. I hope none of you have to bury a child after they die of something preventable due to YOUR neglect. And I sure as hell hope none of you take your autistic kids out somewhere and shoot them to “put them out of their misery” because that happens far too often.

Do you know why measles is rare? VACCINES! Except it’s not so rare BECAUSE OF YOU ANTIVAXXERS. You are literally undoing decades of immunity with your bullshit fake science.

How do you think it feels to be told you’re unnatural, broken, an epidemic, a disease, a burden and missing? I hear it EVERY DAY from ableist people like YOU antivaxxers. You think YOUR lives are hard? You think it’s “hard” to raise an autistic person? TRY BEING ONE. I don’t mean the sensory issues or the things I can’t do– I mean hearing all the ableist bullshit I have to hear. I have feelings too, you know.

I wouldn’t change myself if I had the chance. God made me this way and challenged me to overcome bullying, emotional abuse and my own internalized ableism, and I’ll swallow lava and die before I let people like you ableist antivaxxers undo everything I’ve overcome. (Hint: it wasn’t AUTISM that I overcame because that doesn’t need overcoming. Ableism needs a LOT of overcoming!)

Move along now, antivaxxers. Anything you say in my inbox will earn you a block because I don’t put up with willful ignorance from people who don’t care to listen. If you don’t care to listen to reason then I don’t care to read your bullshit. 

I pray God sets your ignorant asses right.

Bright Ideas

Okay, so here it is. It’s kind of messy since I wrote it in chunks at different times and then connected them, so go easy on me haa..

Bright Ideas (2434 Words)

To be completely honest, Dipper’s ideas usually never did fall under what other people might classify as well thought out or… ‘good’. They never seemed to be a problem to him, but in retrospect, quite a few of them weren’t that successful.

Going hiking in the woods without checking the weather forecast would be one.

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anonymous asked:

a one where clarke was an elite gymnast and got injured and she now has to go to high school and find something new to do in life. it has to be BELLARKE though.

Clarke stood at the steps of steps of Walden High, she shifted her backpack on her shoulder and swallowed thickly. This was uncharted territory, and she was quite possibly terrified.

She hadn’t been to public school since she was nine years old, when her parents finally let her begin training at Phoenix Elite Gymnastics full time. She’d had dozens of tutors and home school groups up to this point, but high school, high school was a different ball game. 

She knew how to handle petty, judgmental girls and over-bearing authority figures, but throw in some over angst-ridden hormonal teenage boys and Clarke was fish out of water. 

Clarke felt out of place in her tennis shoes and Jansport backpack. The courtyard had begun to populate and her eye’s flitting around to all the girls in their cutesy tote bags and their glittery sandals.

With a deep breath, Clarke finally moved, climbing the stairs with hesitation. As she entered the building she saw the main office off to her left and directed her feet towards it.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to go in with you?”

“Oh my god, mom. I’m sixteen not six, I don’t need my mommy holding my hand on my first day of school.”

She was kind of wishing now that her mom was here. 

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Picture this: the last scenes of the show.
We all just witnessed the most epic series finale this show could get.
Starco is canon and everything’s back to normal. The two dorks are mindlessly walking around the school, now fully aware of their true feelings for each other and an official couple (we see Janna giving five bucks to Ferguson, proving the existence of a school-wide betting pool on how Star and Marco would get together). The two new lovers talk about their latest epic adventure, how they were part of this big prophecy, reliving their past experiences.

Star: “And none of it would have happened if I didn’t meet you…”
Marco: “Uh… I guess we kinda are messed up twins then.”
Star: “Or maybe it was destiny… or maybe…”

Star says, shifty eyes, but Marco is amused and puts his arm around her and resume walking, mimicking her mysterious tone of voice.

Marco: “Or maybe it was one big conspiracy…”

They both laugh and leave the school side by side.
The camera pans on a figure proudly watching them through the school windows.

It’s Principal Skeeves.
He laughs lightheartedly, snaps his fingers and his human clothes become more Mewni-styled. He kinda looks like human-sized Glossaryck and definitely an old, wise magical being that knows lots of things.

Skeeves: “They just needed a little push…”

He chuckles a bit and grabs an old picture of the prophecy room from St. Olga’s. “My work here is done!” And then looks at the camera.

Skeeves: “But you don’t wait for me. Write your own story!”

He again snaps his fingers and the screen cuts to black.
The theme song plays and credits roll.


so one time when I was like 3 or 4 and my big sister was 5 or 6 I bet her that I could shit on the floor and my mom would think it was cat poop and my sister being the reasonable one was like “Elena, no, she’s gonna know it was you” and me being me thought she was dumb and I could fool her so I pooped out this tiny weird triangular turd and guess who was standing outside the entire time and heard/witnessed the whole thing; none other than my poor mother

Today is a VERY special day...

As some of you might’ve seen when i reblogged THIS Cory and Topanga gif photoset yesterday, I wrote in the tags that today (November 5th) is a special day for them. No one seemed to guess why, so I promised I’d tell you today. Well, the reason why today is so special for these two is because FIFTEEN YEARS AGO on this VERY day Cory and Topanga officially became Mr. and Mrs. Matthews! That’s right. They’ve been married for 15 years. And you know what’s the best part? I bet none of us imagined 15 years ago that we’d still be seeing their love on our tv screens. But, we are and it’s amazing. So, HAPPY 15th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO CORY AND TOPANGA!