i bet my team is better than yours

listen i know yall love red and speak now especially but can i just…. taylor swift umm, she was 18 or younger when she wrote the songs on fearless. just hear me out. i’m 18 and can barely formulate a coherent sentence and she was out here penning lyrics like “people are people and sometimes it doesn’t work out, nothing we say is gonna save us from the fall out”, “it rains in your bedroom everything is wrong, it rains when you’re here and it rains when you’re gone”, “in your life, you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team” ETC and that’s not all, ladies! i love all her albums but NO album has as many angsty songs to cry to as fearless! ahem fifteen?? breathe?? you’re not sorry?? forever and always PIANO VERSION?!!! ever heard of angrily singing tell me why all alone in your room? i bet you have and i rest my case; fearless is a masterpiece and she deserves better

The Wooden Bead - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Hello can I request a very tomboy and boyish reader x Jeff?”

(I’m English so i don’t know if this will be any kind of inaccurate, I’ve struggled with using ‘soccer’ here instead of ‘football’, sorry if there are any mishaps. Also I hope this is kind of what you envisioned!)

“PARSONS, OVER HERE! PARSONS I’M OPEN GODDAMMIT!” You screamed at your teammate, who was refusing to pass you the ball.
“DON’T FUCKING PASS IT TO KING! Oh, you fucking did it. Idiot.” You spoke more to yourself.


“What the hell, Parsons? You saw I was free but you blatantly ignored me?” You confronted the stocky girl in front of you. Although much smaller than her, you packed a mean punch and would be happy to show anyone what happens when they cross you. You weren’t really into stereotypically ‘girly’ things, you were more boyish in your mannerisms, look, and activities, but stereotypes in general pissed you off, despite the fact you probably fit quite well into the tomboy category.

“Sorry, I just didn’t feel like passing to you, L/N.” she brushed you off. You scoffed. She was unbelievable.

“You knew I was your best bet. I can’t believe you lost that for us.” You shook your head.

“It’s not my fault you can’t play soccer, L/N. there’s no hiding Coach’s charity case this year.” Romelda Parsons spat. There was no such thing as Coach letting on a charity case each year, she was just trying to intimidate you. The snooty brunette girl had been jealous ever since you’d joined the team, purely because you were so much better than her - maybe the best on the team, and coach paid far more attention to you than to her.

You were ready to show her.
“You little-” an arm eased you back, and another was put up to Parsons face.

“Easy, easy.” A smooth, calm voice interrupted your angry thoughts and soothed your boiling blood.

“Fuck off, Atkins.” Parsons gritted her teeth at the well-built honey-skinned boy holding you back.

“PARSONS! Over here now please!” Coach beckoned Romelda, and she almost snarled her teeth before walking off to talk to him.

The boy in front of you turned to face you. His blue eyes smiled at you while his lips did the same. He was wearing baseball gear, which fitted his muscles snugly. There was no denying the fact that he was insanely attractive.

You’d seen this boy around lots.

Jeff Atkins.

Loved by everyone, baseball player, popular, and you thought; way out of your league.

“You okay?” He asked with concern laced in his eyes.

“I can fight my own battles, thanks.” You muttered slightly, but stared him down nonetheless, you couldn’t let him know he phased you.

“That’s what I was worried about,” he chuckled. “1. You absolutely wreck Romelda, 2. Coach sees, 3. You get in trouble, 4. Maybe get a suspension, 5. I don’t see you playing soccer.” He smirked before continuing, “I can tell you pack a mean punch in there, Romelda wouldn’t stand a chance.”

You pretend to ignore everything he was saying, but really you were drinking in every detail.

“I know she wouldn’t.” You said defiantly.

You paused while you watched the way he grinned at your words and scratched his chin.

“I didn’t think Baseball practice was now?” You mused.

“It’s not.”

So, what was he doing nosing in your business anyhow?

“Why are you here?” You crossed your arms, your team had dissipated back to the changing rooms by now, and it was just you and Jeff on the field.

“I like to watch the girls soccer.”

“You perv!”

“Not like that! It’s just, you’re an awesome player and I hold great admiration for you, watching you play fuels me to play my own game.” He explained.

“Don’t be silly.” You scoffed.

“No, it sounds silly, but it isn’t. There’s something so clear about your passion that just makes me want to live my life.” He smirked, noticing your expression. “Don’t laugh at me, L/N.”

He knew your name??? He was just a boy from school, a boy way out of your league, who you’d never imagined knew of your existence. But instead, he was a boy who watched every soccer practice, complimented your play, and knew your name. You had to play it cool.

“I’ll keep a straight face, Atkins.”

“I should be off, we’ll be practicing soon and I wanna get a few hits in myself before the team comes, but thanks for entertaining me.” He started off, and you felt a pang of disappointment as he turned his back to you.

“Oh, and Y/N? That goal was incredible. Best thing I’ve seen in days.”


It had been a few days since Jeff Atkins had saved your arch nemesis’ life, and incidentally pervaded into your life. He smiled at you in the corridors now, and you could’ve sworn he even winked once. On Tuesday, after a few judgemental comments about your clothing, you found a note in your locker;

You always look awesome Y/N. In fact, i might have to steal some clothes sometime. -J

Which you could only assume was from the man himself. On Thursday, Atkins slipped you the last chocolate muffin in the cafeteria. And on Friday, you had practice again.

Your play was slacking, your usual fire was off and you were distracted.

“L/N- pay attention! Ball coming your way!” Jess warned. You kicked your foot out just in time, but the hit was poor. You continually looked up at the bleachers, hoping to see Jeff watching you, but to no luck. His no show disappointed you.


“What is wrong with you today, Y/N?” Jess caught you up after practice. She was clearly concerned.

“I don’t know, Jess, I guess today isn’t my day.” You sighed.

“You drop your lucky charm or something?”

“Something like that.”

The team left for the changing rooms and you slumped on the bottom row of the bleachers.

“So a lucky charm, huh?” You immediately knew the voice coming from above you. You turned and saw Jeff coming down the steps.

“I don’t have one.” You were blunt, you needed to remind yourself not to get feelings for a boy so out of your league.

“Maybe you should get one, you looked in need of one.” He slumped down next to you.

“Thanks, I appreciate the compliment.” The sarcasm dripped from your tongue.

“Not because you played badly by any means, but because you looked a little lost out there today.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, my brain doesn’t appear to be working recently.”

Jeff dropped a wooden bead in your hand. It was nothing special, simple, wooden, spherical, with a hole in the middle. A plain wooden bead.

“Uh, thanks?” There was question in your voice.
He chuckled.

“It’s your new lucky charm. Don’t lose it, I promise it’ll help you win the match next week.” Sincerity coated his words and his eyes bore into yours, with a jokey overtone.

“I will keep it close. But I might wash it first, if you found it on the floor.” Of course, you didn’t really care where it had been, and you wouldn’t really wash it, but you were curious as to where it had appeared from.

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t on the floor.” He chuckled again, and started to stand. “I’ll see you around, L/N. Keep an eye out for me at the match.” He winked before walking off.


You squeezed the bead tightly before placing it back in your gym bag. The game was starting, and you were not ready.

Obviously, all your nerves went out the window after your third goal of the match, at only 20 minutes in.

You won, which was no surprise to everyone, except you. You spotted Jeff making his way down the stairs and ran up to meet him.

“You were right! I can’t believe it worked!” You shone like the sun from happiness.

“I hate to say I told you so.” His eyes sparkled at you.

“It’s insane, you’re magic!” You mocked, feigning shock.

“What can I say?”

You smiled at each other for a moment, basking in your happiness.

“Actually, can I admit something embarrassing?” His tone turned awkward.

“You’re not magic?” You joked. He laughed.

“No, um, actually I was really nervous to talk to you. Seeing Romelda and you at each other’s throats the other weeks sent me into immediate rescue mode, (not that you need rescuing), and I didn’t realise until the adrenaline had worn off that I’d actually ended up speaking to you, but by that point I was too far in my rescue.”

You laughed at the idea of Jeff Atkins being scared to talk to you.

“You’re just so cool. You don’t care what anyone thinks, you’re passionate, you’re an amazing player, I love your style, not to mention how smart and gorgeous you are.”
“What I admire most is honestly, how badass you are.”

You blushed, taking compliments was a struggle.

“Jeff stop messing, it’s not funny.” You rolled your eyes playfully.

“I’d never- this is the most embarrassing part-” he took a deep breath, “I sorta like you.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Jeff Atkins? Likes you?

“You do?” Was all you could think to respond with.

“Yes.” He breathed, and moved closer to you.

“Is this-” he asked as he leaned in toward your face and cupped his hand on your cheek. You nodded forcibly in consent, before he pushed his lips onto yours.

After a while, and with regret, you broke off.

“But- you’re so out of my league.” You breathed, doubting yourself.

“I play baseball, Y/N, leagues are my thing.”


“Jeff! Please tell me you sent out the invites on your way home!” You screamed downstairs at your boyfriend.

“Of course I did!” He shouted back up.

You threw various wedding catalogues off the bed to reach the top you’d been looking for, before throwing it on.

“You ready babe?” Jeff yelled at you.

“Just coming!” You yelled back, before pulling out from under your top, a string, with a plain wooden bead on it.

Let Me Be Your Light ~Phan~

Oneshot. A blind fan meets Dan and Phil and asks them to describe each other, and confessions are made.
Rating: T- quite a few swears oops sorry
Warnings: Mild self-hate. Brief mention of cancer

You are the loveliest people omg xxx reviews are the food of love and I am peckish, so please tell me what you thought!

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Deku/Ochako Headcanons

Becca: okay but
Becca: hear me out
Becca: ochako and deku having a relationship like elastigirl and mr incredible
Carlie: OMG
Becca: in the 80’s
Carlie: shshdhshhdh
Becca: “So are you doing anything later?”
“Sorry… I have a boyfriend”
“Is he as handsome as me?”
“Way more handsome”
Carlie: omg
Becca: “We’ve really gotta stop meeting like this, my girlfriend will get jealous”
“She doesn’t have to find out”
Carlie: superhero flirtbanter is… so good….
Becca: winks 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one where you are practicing lacrosse with your boyfriend, Scott and coach notices and watches you two for awhile and offers you a spot on the team... Then catches you and Scott kissing in the locker rooms, I like your writing!!

3rd person pov

Scott and Y/n were both on their free periods, so the decided it would be fun to go play lacrosse. Of course Y/n had never played in her life but for Scott she was willing to try. They ran out on the field and Scott came up behind Y/n and grabbed her arms and showed her how to throw properly. With Scott’s help she scored a couple goals and could not be more excited. 

“Okay I want to try by myself.” she said gaining confidence.

“You sure.” he asked rubbing her arms.

“Yep.” she made sure to pop the ‘p’.

“Okay. Good luck.” he gave her a peck and she turned around focusing on the goal. Mumbling words of encouragement to herself she threw the ball and it landed straight in the goal.

“Oh my god! Scott did you see that!” she screeched and jumped into his arms.

Originally posted by l-uh-v

“Yeah! Great job Y/n!” he smiled and spun her around and she giggled.

“Looks like I’m already better than you captain.” she smirked.

“Yeah right, let’s see how you do with me in goal.” he put her down and put on the goalie gear. Little did they know coach had come outside and was watching them.

“Bring it on McCall.” she challenged.

“Give it your best shot y/l/n.” he mocked. She took a second to let out a breathe then threw the ball. It went right past Scott, with wolf senses on.

“WOOOOO! TAKE THAT McCALL!” She cheered.

“Beginners luck, try again.” 

“Try using your wolf senses this time Scott make it a bit more challenging.” she teased.

“I was.” he grumbled. She stared at him wide eyed with a proud smile on her face. She threw the ball again and it went right past him.

“Maybe you’re just that good.” Scott sighed.

“I bet I am.” she smiled.

“Y/L/N! Where did you learn to play like that?” Coach screamed at her.

“I don’t know Coach this is my first time playing.” she answered nervously.

“Well you’re better than most of my guys so starting tomorrow you’re on the team.” he told her than walked away.

“Looks like your going to have some real competition for the captain slot.” she smirked at her boyfriend and he playfully rolled his eyes.

Scott and Y/n walked back to the locker room to place away all of the items they borrowed.

“You did really well today Y/n, I’m really proud of you.”

“Thanks Scott.” she smiled. She leaned up on her tippy toes and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck. His snaked around her waist. Just as the kiss was turning more heated Coach walked in.

“McCall!, y/l/n! Not in my locker room!” he screamed.

“Sorry Coach.” Scott apologized while she buried her face in his chest;embarrassed. He grabbed her hand and led her out of the locker room.

“Disgusting delinquents.” Coach mumbled on their way out.

I hope you liked it! Keep requesting!

Volpina summed up (saw someone do this and wanted a go at it)
  • *Gabriel Agreste being a whiny bitch as always*
  • Adrien: shit what's going on in there
  • *Gabriel accidentally reveals his secret giant ass safe*
  • Adrien: My oh my what do we have here
  • Plagg: LET'S OPEN IT
  • Adrien: Nah homie we got school n shit dad would be fukign pissed
  • Plagg: how 'bout I do anyway
  • Adrien: gdi Plagg
  • Adrien: tf
  • Nathalie: Adrien Agreste I s2g if you're l8 m8 I will wreck you
  • Adrien: ohohoh look at me not being suspicious at all hahaha *lowkey steals book* I'm so forgetful! Silly me let's go
  • At school- *everyone gossiping about Lila*
  • Marinette: who tf
  • Alya: Yeah omg Lila the princess the goddess the queen of my heart the famous one you know? Ladybug totally saved her
  • Alya: but she's cool tho and rich n shit
  • Marinette: *watching Lila fukign touch Adrien and flirt him up* oh HAYYLLLLL NAW bitch it's about to get real
  • *Marinette doing some Mission Impossible shit in the library*
  • Tikki: omg Adrien has my sacred book
  • Tikki: Marinette I know I never say this but you gotta steal that shit
  • Lila: oh hey Adrien Agreste the cute boy whom I now love
  • Lila: oH HEY LOOK A BOOK And it has Ladybug in it oh well-
  • Adrien: lADYBUG IS MY LIFE
  • Adrien: Look at how flawless and perfect and amazing and wonderful and gorgeous and-
  • Lila: eyyy lmao forgot to tell u Ladybug's my side hoe
  • Adrien: *all about that shit*
  • Marinette: whyyy the fuk you lyyinnn, why you always lyyinnn, mmmm oh my god, stop fukin lyyinnn
  • Adrien: *is leave for fencing*
  • Lila: mm lemme just sliiide that book on over here
  • Marinette: tHIEVING BITCH
  • *at le park*
  • Tikki: 'ight I'm going dumpster diving for the book that lILA FUKIGN TOSSED IN THE TRASH
  • Marinette: *eavesdropping*
  • Lila: hey guess what I'm actually Volpina this cool superheroine yea Ladybug is totes lame compared to me
  • Adrien: uh huh okay I never heard of this volpina btich
  • Ladybug: hey Lila, my best friend. my homie. my side hoe. oops hmm I don't remember you oh waaaiit maybe because you fukign lied?
  • Lila: fuk this shit im out
  • Adrien: hey Ladybug my love my one and only bae why you pissed off
  • Ladybug: *le stares* u kiddign me u saw that shit hell if i'm taking that bs
  • Hawkmoth: hey Lila I h8 ladybutt too how bout we team up and smash that bitch u can even be volpina n shit
  • Volpina: surprise bitch bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
  • LB: how'd you stop a fukign meteor oh my shit
  • Volpina: yeah i'm like twenty times better than u just sayin
  • Chat: hey look a friend a tomodachi a colleague yay
  • LB: stfu isn't this suspicious
  • Volpina: hey look wowie it's Hawkmoth
  • LB: okay but isn't this suspicious
  • Chat: relax this is normal what's with you ladybug
  • Volpina: hey chat you're kinda hot
  • Chat: bitch ikr
  • LB: tf you flirting with my man? hayylll naw
  • *team splits up*
  • LB: oh look it's Volpina and no Hawkmoth wow boy did I predict this
  • Volpina: hey gimme your miraculous
  • LB: hbu go fuk off
  • Volpina: *destroys building*
  • *pigeon breaks the illusion*
  • LB: whyyy the fuk you lyyinnn, why you always lyyinnn, mmmm oh my god, stop fukin lyyinnn
  • *Chat and LB Skype session*
  • LB: hey so I fuked up here's the address meet me don't be l8 m8
  • Chat: fukign sent me my own address lmao
  • Adrien in his house: hey Lila 1v1 let's talk this out
  • Volpina: see look LB's a lyin hoe I'm the one u looking 4
  • LB: hey guess who's back, back again, yeah I'm Ladybug the real Ladybug all you other heroines are just fakers
  • Adrien: 'ight Plagg ik my plan was shit Transform me
  • Volpina: ooh look im totally original i can clone myself totally hasn't been done b4
  • LB: *destroys illusions* shit where'd she go
  • Volpina: you've been bamboozled bitch and i got Adrien kk baii
  • Chat: literally me tho i'm right here
  • LB: *is gone*
  • Chat: why tf do i even try *follows*
  • Volpina: hey LB gimme your miraculous or Adrien goes free fallin
  • LB: oh no shit he hates that song nOO HERE LEMME HOOK YOU UP
  • Chat: hoe don't do it
  • Volpina: damn u wrecked my shit k imma retreat now
  • LB: *traps Volpina* say bye bye to your fake ass necklace bithc
  • LB: bye bye pretty Papillion
  • LB: hey Lila i'm sorry i was fukign rude let's shake on it
  • Lila: how about fuk u
  • LB: hey w8 where's Adrien the love of my life my precious cinnamon roll gotta go check on him bye chat
  • Chat: she's so stubborn
  • Chat: i love her
  • *runs home*
  • LB: hey Adrien where u at boii
  • Chat: haha yea im all gud just takin a shower like a doofus
  • LB: oH NO HE'S NAKED BETTER RUN K bye luv u
  • *chat and LB do the head rest on the door thingy crushin my stupid heart*
  • Marinette: look Tikki stealing is wrong
  • Tikki: here c'mere lemme introduce you to this master guy
  • Master Fu: yo LB wassup my young padawan we finally meet
  • Marinette: literally who tf
  • *roll credits*

‘So this is it?’ you asked as you looked around the parking lot.

‘Yup this is it, Derek’s excuse of a secret lair. The Loft.’

You and Jackson have been dating for about three months now, after his relationship with Lydia just did not workout because they had just simply changed.

You were not in any way, shape, or form a supernatural anything (as for as you knew at least) so it was totally understandable why Jackson was skeptical of telling about what he was now and what all his friends were. He was honestly surprised that you didn’t run for the hills when he did tell you last week, even more so when you asked to meet the pack.

You and he were in the elevator when you remembered that you were about to meet supernaturals with heightened scents. 

‘Do I look OK? Do I smell bad, will my soap hurt their noses? How sensitive even are-’

‘Babe, calm down, you look adorable and you smell great, better than normal actually, like kinda sweet.’ Jackson said.

‘You saying I usually stink.’ you joked as you and he stopped in front of a huge door.

‘This is it, ready to meet them?’ Jackson asked.

‘You bet your hairy ass I am, lets do this.’ you said, mainly to convince yourself that you wouldn’t throw up or faint.

‘Jackson slid the door open and you saw a lot of familiar faces.

There were three guy you recognized from the lacrosse team, that girl Allison from Spanish, Lydia and one older guy with a really cool looking beard.

Jackson took me around the room telling me their names and species, you were happy to hear that Stiles was also human.

When you were being introduced to the older guy is when it got weird.

‘(Y/N) this is my alpha Derek.’ Jackson introduced.

‘Hi I’m (Y/N), it’s awesome to meet you.’ you said holding your hand out for him to shake.

‘You smell pregnant.’


The room was dead silent.

Did this guy really just say what I think I heard? No he couldn’t have.

‘I’m sorry what?’ you asked.

‘You smell pregnant, I’d say three weeks at least.’ Derek said dully.

You’re pregnant? No way, you thought, but then you recalled that your period had been late and still hasn’t come.

‘I’m pregnant, Oh my God I’m pregnant!’ you yelled.

Was it expected, hell no, were you happy as fuck, you bet your ass.

‘We’re having a baby!’ you cheered as you hugged Jackson.

When he didn’t say anything you got a bit worried. What if he’s not happy at all?

‘Don’t worry he just fainted standing up, somehow, but he smells happy.’ Derek assures.

‘Derek! Quit sniffing people!’ Stiles yelled.

Requested by this lovely  punk-beta

#23: Picture

Pairing: OiKise requested by @futakuchhi (College AU)

Oikawa Tooru makes his debut runway walk and gathers huge crowd of fangirls. Kise snickered at the unoriginal news headline, but watched with wide eyes as the lithe figure walked across the runway. Hmm, I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere…? His eyes narrowed as he continued to watch the model strut across the runway. The brunette knew exactly how to stride so that the girls, and even some boys, stared at his devious smile, his swaying hips, his-

Wait, devious smile? I can’t believe the coordinators let him smile on a runway! Oh, maybe it was for increased publication? But wow, he must have gotten famous a different way if that many fangirls are following him already. Kise’s focus was trained on the screen as the camera angle changed to show the fangirls screaming for Oikawa to look their way. Suddenly, as if Oikawa knew the angle had changed, the brunette model’s gaze shifted to stare right at the camera. And then he gave the camera a wink topped with a sinful smile.

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anonymous asked:


I’m in an all guy Fireteam cause Fcuk you!

And my teammates is a better community than you’ll ever be.

And yes I have a day/night/whenever job and may not be able to level as fast but the team is understanding and I do contribute to the Clan level

But most important, I’M HAVING FUN so get your judgmental 💩out of here

Tug of War

Well, it’s over. 

I’m still processing the end of the Democratic primaries, and all the rifts they uncovered in the progressive community – my community, or at least I used to think so, although I admit there were times over the past year I thought I was just going to ditch the whole crowd and live on a matriarchal womyn’s commune in Alaska. 

Part of that, as I’ve written about before, is that I learned who I had been wrong to trust – which of the people I trusted and liked would ignore or disbelieve women who were subjected to misogynistic abuse, or support and actively encourage the abusers, or contribute to covering up and denying the abuse they knew to be happening, or simply and directly abuse those women themselves, because they thought doing so was the only way to advance “progressivism.”  That’s not a concern for the primaries. That’s evergreen. If “not subjecting women to violent misogyny” can somehow magically fall off your list of Progressive Priorities when you really really want something, then I have to assume you to be a safety risk. It’s not personal. It’s common sense. You’re going to really really want something again – people always do – and if you are willing to hurt me to get it, I need to know that, ahead of time, so that I can spread the word, and do everything possible to make sure I and/or other women are not around to be hurt. 

But that also, somehow, is smaller than the more general apocalyptic problems we face at the moment. I hate to say it, because I know people will hate to hear it, but the moral choice is pretty fucking absolute and clear-cut at this point: You vote for the white nationalist would-be dictator, or you vote for the one and only person on Earth who can keep him from becoming President. I’m sure some small fragment of people, when faced with this choice, will go down weird Jill Stein rabbit holes or whine about how they can’t vote because something something enthusiasm something or throw continued shit-fits on the Twitter Dot Com because journalists exist who don’t agree with them, and, well, that’s their deal. That strategy didn’t even win the primaries, so I don’t know why you’d keep it around for the general, unless you enjoy not getting what you want. But those people were always going to exist – they always do; there were people who voted Nader in 2004, for fucksakes – and focusing on them doesn’t achieve the larger goal. Larger than you, larger than me, larger than any one thing you or I might care about, and larger than how much you or I could ever possibly dislike each other, if we dislike each other: The very large goal of voting against and thereby defeating the white nationalist dictator. 

So here we are. Where we always are, where we will always end up, no matter how ugly these fights get: Having to live with each other. 

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