i bet martin had something to do with that line

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Hey Uncle Rashid, I'm not Greek but seeing the opinion of Greeks of the movie Burning Sand is unavoidable on social media. Mostly the opinions are negative and are something along the lines of the "movie doesn't depict the process in a positive light." That said, do you foresee a movie or documentary made by Greeks trying to clear up general opinion of the process or showing it in a positive light?

The Alphas, AKAs, Kappas, and I believe the Sigmas all came out with documentaries for their centennials which highlighted the history and the service.  Alpha’s was on PBS. 

Alpha also had a 30 minute documentary on BET about Martin Luther King’s fraternity involvement.

I don’t think the general opinion on underground pledging needs to be cleared up through a movie when these org-led documentaries exist.

–Uncle Rashid