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Too much (Simon Request)

“Hey gorgeous!” Simon grins through the screen as soon as you’re face pops up.
This had become your regular turn of events when it got to 10pm over here and it was still only 3pm in LA. Simon, along with the rest of the guys, was in America at the moment promoting the book out there and meeting as many viewers as possible. He had been gone for about 3 weeks now and you knew he missed you. You missed him too.
“Hey babe!” You smile, “How’s LA?”
“Its good” He nods, “We went to a few book stores today and signed a tonne”
“Ahh great! I bet they love having you out there” You smile, shifting on the bed you were sat on. It felt so strangely empty without him.
“Enough about us, how are you?” He asks, knowing full well you hadn’t done anything amazing since he had gone.
Plan, meetings. Nothing much other than being an assistant to the boys, you basically planned everything for them. On and you would go see your brother Joe. Nothing special.
“I’m fine” You chuckle, “Nothing much changes in London in three weeks babe. The house is a lot cleaner. And its weird being here alone”
“Has Joe been round? I don’t want you there alone all the time” He asks, worried instantly.
“Yes of course he’s been round. Us Suggs stay together” You laugh, “But he’s at Oli’s tonight so they might pop round later but I’m alone at the minute”
“I hate you not being here (y/n)” He admits, “Everyone keeps asking about you. And they all said they wished you were here. I told you that you should come!“
“No come on, you’re fine out there. Besides, we’ve gotta have someone to hold down the fort” You comment, “Just enjoy yourself”
“I cant” He whines and glances up as someone walks into his bedroom of the house they were staying in.
“(Y/n) please shut him up! He hasn’t stopped talking about you since we left and its getting old” Ethan yells from behind the camera.
“Hey Ethan” You chuckle, “Honestly babe don’t be so hard on yourself. You couldn’t wait to go to LA. And its only been a few weeks. Three more and you’ll be back okay? I’ve got Joe keeping his watch on me. Nothing bad going on here”
Simon looks down and drags a hand through his hair.
“I’ll see you soon okay? Go shout too loud with the guys and eat the crappiest food possible and enjoy yourself. You’ve got a day off tomorrow so bloody make the most of it okay?” You comment reassuringly, “Its three more weeks. We’ve made it this far and we can do it again”
Simon pouts and you sigh.
“Bye beautiful” He smiles lightly, “I’ll speak to you soon okay?”
“Sure, its 10pm now so I’ll be up for a while” You nod, “Bye babe”
You end the facetime and head downstairs to get yourself some food since your eating was hardly one that kept on track with normal people. It generally matched that of the boys with you opting for anything in date in the fridge and hoping for the best.
A few phone calls to arrange other events for the boys later, your phone starts to buzz with another facetime from Simon.
“Hello babe” you smile, “Miss me already?”
“I kind of did… Something” He starts, biting the inside of his cheek.
“What did-” You start before you hear a loud knock evidently coming from downstairs, “Hang on a second babe”
You groan and shift from the bed, heading downstairs with your phone held out in your hand.
“I sort of booked you a flight over here” Simon admits quickly as soon as you open the door to reveal your brother and Oli on the other side.
You freeze.
”(Y/n)?“ Simon pipes up again.
“You did what?!”
“Don’t be mad but I figured we could do with your-”
“Mad? Of course I’m not mad you idiot! When do I leave?”
“Tomorrow at 1pm your time” He comments and Joe and Oli look at you with raised brows.
” Oh my god I can’t believe you! You asshole!“ You grin.
“See you soon Princess” Simon laughs.
“Byeeee” You reply and he ends the call.
"So I’ll be seeing you at about 9am tomorrow then?” Joe smiles.
~~~Time Skip~~~
A long flight later with you sleeping enough to hopefully prevent you getting too much jet lag, you were about to be reunited with Simon.
With the way things had worked out, you got to America just before they had to be at the meet and greet so he expected to see you at the house when he returned home. Not a chance. You were on your way to that venue within an instant and you couldn’t wait to see that lanky dickhead.
You had already spoken to their security who quickly let you through the back without anyone seeing you from the long lines that were already ready to see the boys you had known for so long.
“She’ll have landed about an hour and a half ago” You hear Simon mention from the back room they were staying in until the event began, “I just hope her flight wasn’t delayed too much”
“Listen to you” Tobi laughs, “You can’t even bare to wait another few hours before seeing her”
“Because he’s so in loveeee” JJ sings and you can almost see the look that would be on your boyfriends face.
“Come on guys you’re gonna be late if you keep sitting around” You announce, opening the door and walking in to where they were all waiting.
Their faces are hilarious. Pure shock. And Simon with his mouth hung slightly open and a look of complete happiness in his eyes.
“Oh my god what are you doing here?!” He exclaims, jumping up to wrap his arms around you and spin you around.
“I figured you guys couldn’t cope another day without me at this so I got the taxi to drive straight here” You comment.
Simon pulls away slightly, enough to have his eyes on yours and soon so are his lips.
“Alright save that shit for later” Josh stands up, “There’s people waiting”
“I missed you so much babygirl” Simon mumbles and presses his lips to yours once again quickly.

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I bet its so hard being Magnus sometimes. Like he's this 600? Year old bisexual who has done basically fucking everything. Who then fell for a closeted gay shadowhunter who not only is a virgin, but hasn't even kissed anyone (until magnus that is)

it hasn’t been confirmed on the show that alec hasn’t ever kissed anyone before right??? not in dialogue??? i’d love to have that said out loud so that moment can be acknowledged (if it is the truth of show!alec). i wonder if they will???

to your point tho, that’s part of the reason why alec is new to him too. it throws magnus off that after all this time of living that he can still experience something he hasn’t before. i’d say that’s a big part of his initial attraction, then he begins to learn about alec as a person and realizes there’s a hell of a lot more that alec can offer that no one else has been able to before. and that alec sees and understands him in ways that no one else has before. i’m so excited to see how they portray that growth in this season!! ♡ xx

Some girl at some point probably

Random girl: Sangwoo!

Sangwoo: yeah baby. call my name louder

Random girl: Sangwoo!

Sangwoo: i can’t hear you



I just think it’s funny how I wish I’d had or done certain things that little girls are stereotypically raised with that I feel like I missed out on because I was neglected & abused but, because I was dfab, terfs won’t attack or demonize me for romanticizing oppressive/misogynist things.

The whole “how dare you wish you’d been raised like a girl when its an awful, oppressive experience for us woymyn-byorn-wyeomyn” rhetoric is extremely bad feminism, not only because it’s only ever directed towards trans women when they aren’t the only ones who experience that longing, but also because it ignores the fact that not all people who were dfab have the same childhood experiences. It completely ignores intersectionality & assumes everyone has a stereotypical western, white, healthy, abled, & well-off life.

Some of us were neglected & abused. Some of us were poor. Some of us are neurodivergent or non-white or physically disabled. All of these effect the nature of a dfab person’s upbringing.

There is no universal oppressive dfab childhood experience. Either give up on demonizing trans women for this specific thing or attack the rest of us who feel like we missed out, too.

Big mood: Winona Ryder at literally every social event you can tell she’s been forced to attend

But imagine if the first thing Sorey said to Mikleo after pulling him up was: “I guess you really are always falling for me. :D”

ok so i was thinking about this earlier so

•we all know how andrew always uses percentages when talking to neil
•it’s like their thing
•but what if one day they’re both at home and talking about exy or the cats or something
•andrew is making hot chocolate (and putting so many marshmallows in like chill boy)
•and he says something that neil doesn’t necessarily like, or something that is borderline sweet and it shocks him and neil just turns around
•and in this flat tone just says
•'143%, minyard.’
•andrew just stops stirring his chocolate and
•'what the fuck, that’s my line, josten.’
•and this dork is stood there grinning at him and just shrugs
•'mine now.’
•and andrew is just stood there staring at neil and he’s quiet for a few seconds and neil starts laughing and looks back up
•'go on, i know you want to say it.’
•'fuck off.’
•'go on.’

•'479% and rising, now fuck off.’
•and andrew can hear neil laughing even when he goes into the other room

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your harry looks so cuddly and sort of done with everything but in a more grumpy than overly pessimistic way :D i bet he either way sleeps to much or too little, lil harold. Do you consider him an auror?

hmmmmm i actually dislike auror!harry quite a lot. i dislike the idea of him working for the ministry of magic in general. to me him becoming an auror felt much like an obligation and i believe he could have done so much better than that. i love the idea of him working with children at hogwarts as a dada teacher (a full-time one, not an occasional lecturer as jkr states) or a flying instructor/qudditch coach. i love the idea of him working in the qudditch industry, and not necessarily as a player, i bet there is a huge variety of professions that have something to do with it. i love the idea of him setting off to travel the world and study different kinds of magic and then returning a decade after and settling down to open a shop full of peculiar foreign magic. or to become a wandmaker. or to breed thestrals. or to open an orphanage. or to work on ways of integrating muggle technology in magic society. there are so many more interesting career choices he could take rather than fulfill his obligation of fighting The Evil just because it’s everyone (including himself) expected him to do

Omg. People. Please stop.
I bet if a lot of people start complaning about SOMETHING YOU LIKE you would feel bad, or maybe you just ignore it (something i have been doing, but im done) i like both pharmercy and gency ships, i dont really like some ships, but thats okey i wont start talking shit about a ship, BEACUSE WHY WOULD I? IT ISNT NECESSARY. THERES A THING CALLED TOLERANCE, STOP MAKING THIS FANDOM TOXIC, STOP BEING TOXIC, IT ISNT GOOD. Its like your so mad about that thing that you just start crying outloud how bad it is, with no reason. Just let people live their lifes by liking it and not feeling bad beacuse others would start saying bad things about that. Beacuse maybe we just ignore this but its starts getting annoying just wanting to watch things about your fav ship but surprise the tag its full of people talking shit about gency/pharmercy and stuff like that, just stop. Respect


GMM Whiteboard, with who wrote what episode of gmm, here just a few.

We also can observe from this:

  • They record multiple episodes on the same scheduled day, like Jason had told us; 
  • Up to 4 episodes as we see;
  • They record at least one week in advance;
  • Lizzie has great ideas

And here is the storyboard, since they record multiple episodes in a day, this is where they can see what to do next in the episode they’re currently recording, without having to make a cut (you can see Rhett/Link looking at it very quickly before the announcements in the end of the GMM episode)  


I kind of just wanted to get this over and done with since its been sitting in my files for ages unfinished

its time for some father-daughter shit talk bonding, I bet its about freyr