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Fake Dating Fic Rec

the last fic list went over well so I decided to turn it into a week event~

room to grow (kyouhaba) - G, 50k

Kyoutani and Yahaba have enough on their minds in third year, as ace and captain of the volleyball team, butting heads both on and off the court while trying to improve their game so the team has a shot of winning this year. When they find a puppy abandoned in a park, their lives only get even more complicated. 

Not Until Monday (kurodai) - T, 4.7k

“Sawamura, do you trust me?” Kuroo asks.

“This feels like a trap.”

In which Kuroo just needs Sawamura to be his fake boyfriend for like, 5 minutes.

if kisses were fishes, then i’d be an ocean (bokuaka) - G, 4.6k

Akaashi needs a fake date partner, so he grabs the first person he sees.

the art of pretending (tananoya) - E, 37k

the nishinoya family is having a reunion, and noya lies to his mom about being in a relationship to get her off his back. when ryuu gets a call from noya asking him to go to the reunion with him as his fake boyfriend, he’s torn―he’s just starting to get over how in love he is with his best friend, and he’s not sure that pretending to be his boyfriend is going to help with that. he agrees nonetheless, because he’s nothing if not a good friend, which leads to a week of denial, confusion and awkwardness. it doesn’t help that noya is sending really mixed signals.

but even when everything else seems unsure, one thing remains constant―they’re best friends, and that’s not going to change.

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AUs for when both members of your OTP are stubborn pricks
  • you were sat in my reserved train seat and refused to move so i sat on your lap and now we’re both too annoyed and awkwardly turned on to move
  • we were both unwillingly coerced into going to a wedding and we bet on who could drink the most glasses of free wine. three hours later there is no clear winner and were collapsed in a pile of our own puke in the corner of the room
  • i can hear you arguing w a policeman and from what i can tell you had to be forcefully removed from a public area because you sat on the ground and refused to move and youre confused about what theyre charging you with
  • im kinda busy arguin w this police man but i also keep looking at you because you’re naked and attractive and im pretty sure you just told the someone you were arrested bc your friend dared you to take off all your clothes and throw them at ppl and someone else told you that you wouldnt dare do it
  • we were having a fun games night w our friends but now everyone’s left your flat apart from me bc we’ve played twenty games of connect 4 and still haven’t managed to find a winner and gdi i will beat you
  • ive been trying to grab your attention in class for over half an hour by poking you and throwing things onto your desk and you’re refusing to acknowledge me and gdi all i wanted to do was tell you that you look cute and now it’s gone too far and it can’t go back
  • were roommates in university and our kitchen is a mess but both of us are refusing to clean it and it’s becoming a serious health hazard i swear i saw a dead body in there the other day
  • ive been arguin w you on yikyak for days and don’t even remember what started it any more but only today did i find out youre actually the cute person in class ive had a crush on all semester i seriously regret looking at your screen over your shoulder now
  • you knocked my books out of my arms and you’re refusing to pick them up bc you’re claiming i walked into you when it was totally you who banged into me and we’ve been stood here arguing about this for ten minutes already
Giving Loki Laufeyson The Silent Treatment Would Include...

Authors note: i love loki. i cannot wait for him to get a redemption arc. in the meantime: headcanons. This prompt was given to me by @thechillfangirl sO THANK YOU

enjoy some loki fluff 

update it’s kinda not all fluff it’s more funny than fluff but ya know

  • meaning you’re Asgardian and living in the palace you know the drill right?
  • you probably were friends with the boys growing up so naturally love
  • Loki wasn’t quite sure what he did that was wrong.
  • He plays a lot of jokes, and those were fine with you- what could he have possibly done to make you give him the silent treatment?
  • He was scared, honestly. 
  • But would he let on that he was scared? Not a chance.
  • He was scared that you wouldn’t talk to him because you were trying to drop hints you didn’t want to be with him anymore
  • like he was so worried
  • he tried to find ways to suck up but you would just give him confused, sad, and angry looks
  • which only made him angrier and more scared
  • “Thor! (Y/N) will not speak to me. Can you try?”
    • Yep, Loki went to Thor for help. you know they used to be good brothers before everything went to shit
    • “Uhhhhh, okay?”
    • So Thor goes to you and Loki is sneakily watching over
    • “Why are you ignoring Loki?”
    • “I’m angry with him. I thought me not speaking to him made it pretty obvious.”
    • “Yes, but why? He’s worried.”
    • “Are you serious? Loki sent you to find out what he did wrong? Thor, don’t do his dirty work.”
    • thor exits
  • Lemme tell you how fed up Loki is with this no speaking thing
  • he burned his pillow with his magic
  • you and Loki share a room so he was ready to fight
  • You walked in that night and Loki just looked so confused
  • You only smiled.
  • “Why won’t you speak to me?” Loki asks
  • You shrug, making him angry becAUSE PLEASE SPEAK
  • “Fine. you won’t speak to me- I won’t speak to you. Goodnight.” 
  • Loki used his magic to put a barrier around him when he slept so you couldn’t get near him
  • this was all hilarious to you
  • but he was still pissed
  • not hearing your voice made him sad and not talking to you made him sad too
  • bc he loves you or something
  • I don't make the rules sorry
  • you woke up and he was already dressed and blocking the door with magic
  • you aren’t leaving until you talk to him
  • You sit up with a smile on your face and see Loki sitting in a chair reading a book
  • “Good morning, Loki.” You say.
  • He kinda jumps because he didn’t know you were awake and the sudden sound surprised him
  • he is livid
  • and confused
  • and kinda happy
  • but scared
  • what is going on someone save this boy
  • honestly, you were laughing your booty off at his outburst
  • “Loki, you play so many tricks and I don’t have powers to play tricks on you to get you back so I had to try something.” You tell him. “It worked better than planned.”
  • Loki is so confused still
    • “Yeah and since I’m not an all-powerful god like you I had to try…you know, just being annoying.”
    • “I’m not, just trying to mess around with you.”
  • you just kinda laugh
  • he’s adorable
  • you love this man
  • maybe you should play more tricks on him
  • oh but you bet he got his revenge the next day
  • he kept making things disappear out of your hands
  • you were going to eat something? it’s gone.
  • read a book? oh, where could it have gone?
  • carrying a box? it’s missing.
  • but hey, it’s the price of love.

You can fight me if you think Steve Randle isn’t a good and important character who deserves better than he is usually treated in this fandom.

Here’s a list of proof to remind you off the top of my head:

- Steve nearly collapsed in a sob when he saw Dallas get shot and die. One of his close friends. (Soda had to help calm him down).
- He was pissed at Two bit when he thought Two was only upset about losing his blade.
- He had red eyes during that part which tells that he must of been crying a lot since his buddies died.
- When Ponyboy was actually going use a broken pop bottle to fight off socs around the end of the book, Two bit said him and STEVE was going back him up if he had needed it.
- And back in very start Steve was pissed at Pony and asked why he was walking alone. Sure to Ponyboy that was annoying move because it got Darry go off at him and stuff but it’s also telling that he was worried about Pony walking around with socs about.
- Steve would of totally walked with Pony and I bet it’s not only because he was Soda’s kid brother but he is apart the gang and basically a little brother to him. Sure annoying one but it’s stated the gang kinda grew up together so I doubt he care too much if it meant Pony didn’t get beat up. He gets annoyed by him but he doesn’t want see him hurt either
- I 100% think age difference and them having to share Soda is the reason they didn’t get along otherwise they could of been closer than they originally were.
- But I mean, he was 17 and Pony 14. I can say any 17 y/o would totally get annoyed by their friends little brother always hanging with them but who wouldn’t? Like that’s a normal thing and Pony thinks Darry hates him so I don’t think steve really hates him either just bother by him sometimes but it’s kinda understandable
- In the movie when Pony is back the first thing Steve does is bear hug the hell out of him (it’s like 2am and pretty sure that was steve, im just going count it anyways. movie is still good Steve)
- Steve in the movie also makes note on how he thinks Dally is going be upset they didn’t say anything on his police record in the papers after the fire because he knows his friends
- Steve cares about his friends a lot but doesn’t show it off much because that’s just something you didn’t do back than in his kind of place. You kept emotions in to uphold a tough rep
- Steve’s specialty is cars. He’s great with them, he knows them upside-down and backwards and the best at stealing hubcaps but that’s not his only defining character trait
- He can drive anything on wheels
- Soda wouldn’t put up with an asshole for friend (not forgetting they were the closest in the gang. i bet more than pony and Johnny were) so Steve was a great friend because of course he is
- They have been friends since grade school
- He would totally try be nicer to Pony just for Soda’s sake without Soda even having to ask him (pretty sure that’s cannon?? it better be or it is now at least)
- Steve is a good person, a good friend, and a good man in a fight
- He slept at Pony’s house on the couch when him and his old man had a fight and don’t even try tell me he didn’t feel like shit every time it happened
- Even with the few bucks his dad gave him to make up for it he would still feel bad about it
- He likes chocolate cake
- He likes make a wisecrack every now and again
- The book states he’s cocky
- And SMART (he probably does good in school)
- He was tall and lean with thick greasy hair he kept combed in complicated swirls also said in the book
- He only worked part time at the DX but it was the same times as Soda as they always went together
- And not even Pony could tell if their gas station was so popular just because how good Steve is with cars or just cause Soda’s handsomeness. I say it’s a strong mix of both
- just man Steve Randle need I say more?

feel free to add more because he totally deserves more love (even though I said lot since i just really like his character and he needs more headcanon stuff on him)

anonymous asked:

Headcanon that Lucas and Dustin have a bet going regarding who will confess first, Mike or Will

listen this is basically canon they’ve had this bet since ehhhhhhhh seventh grade and it’s ten bucks between them Lucas thinks will’s gonna admit first and Dustin thinks Mike will so ANYWAY basically they have this bet ALL THE WAY up until their senior year of high school (that’s six (6) years) when Mike and will wander off w each other and Dustin and Lucas are like !!!! ITS TIME so they kinda sneak around the corner and they can hear Mike n will talking and they’re like ‘yeah but I don’t want him to win bc then he’ll be annoying about having precognition or something’ and at first they’re like ???? but then they realize Mike and will have been dating since freshman year (will admitted a second before Mike they basically said it at the same time while they were having a late night study session) and they KNEW about the bet so they didn’t say anything until they got EAVESDROPPED ON

Tae vs Namj*n strikes again

Not to be a future reader, but this episode was basically V confirming the Tae vs Namj*n post I did a couple of weeks ago. Here is my detailed analysis (spoiler alert) on the second episode of BV.

I loved this episode. There was cute SOPE (my second fav BTS ship), dolphins, wet BTS, mermen Taejin, Jin opening up his heart and JM+JK super happy in spending time with V. And of course, the talk of the town, Namj*n being The Thing. 

All was very cool but it is impossible not to notice how super jealous and annoyed V was with the that Namj*n friendship day. It was written all over his face he got upset as soon as he heard the groups were already set by the production cause perhaps Jin and V intended to spend the second day together again. But when he heard that Jin was RM’s partner, he got so annoyed and the poor boy just cannot hide when he is jealous, esp when the matter is Jin+RM. 

After the game, when Jin hand clasped RM, V just gave them the ultimate irritated cold stare. He has jealousy written all over his face and body language. 

You can notice that all the other groups (SOPE, his own group of JM+JK) were sitting together but V was between Jin+RM, even though there was plenty of space on that sofa next to JM+JK. As he usually does with Jin, he was trying to claim his territory and create a barrier between Namj*n. When Jin reached out to RM and looked happy with the result of the game, V went to full annoyed mode and by the look of his face, I bet it was kinda complicated for Jin to deal with him behind the cameras. 

V’s body language mirroring Jin and creating a barrier (open body to Jin and angle with his elbow towards RM) between Namj*n:

Poor Jinnie probs had to deal with mad VV that night:

On the snorkeling day, V as often next to Jin, but there was minimal interaction. V was not as lively and Jin was respecting his space. There was a little dance and the funny episode of the entire BTS freaking out with the sight of a male body (buahahah my boys cannot hide) but that was about it.

A little ‘Tae to Jin’ dance:

Drooling over a guy:

My two beautiful mermen:

Just before they left for the Friendship Day, V was still not having it with Namj*n bromance and he again was all jealousy mode. When Jin+RM interact poor V shrivels to refrain himself from going possessive mode. 

I loved how the Namj*n day went. Even as a full-time Taejin shipper, I can understand why ppl ship Jin+RM. They are so calm and adult together and RM is always a true gentleman to Jinnie, allowing him space and freedom to talk about himself. That chilled out atmosphere of them praying at the beach and then their dinner was lovely and as a Jin fan, I really appreciate what he had to say. On a side note, the fact that Jin admitted that Fire era was a turning point for him also makes sense with my Taejin changing after late 2015 theory. 

I loved this moment so much:

On the other hand V was so not in the moment with JM+JK. Both JM+JK were so happy and lively, I think both enjoy and miss spending quality time Taehyung. But V was just not there, he could not focus on their day, could not relax and laugh as JM and JK and one can see he was miles away. Of course he was attentive and sweet to both boys but he was lacking that glow he often has when he is having fun. 

When everybody got together later that night, V was sulking. He was possibly avoiding poor Jin (something that he does when he is jealous like that time on ISAC with KenJin). He side eyed when RM said Jin got him a necklace and looked sad when Jin said RM got him a turtle cause I think it was meaningful to him that they saw a turtle on their beach date. 

RM shows the necklace Jin gave him and V is sulking:

Jin showing the turtle RM picked for him:

V looking so sad cause the turtle was their beach date thing, Jin looks worried:

So that was BV ep.2 on Taejin…angst, jealousy and sweet moments. I feel that there is a lot to happen between these two on the second season of BV now that their relationship changed so much. And BV always provides a more intimate and real view on their relationship since it is less filtered then when they are in “public”. 

My poor darling doll VV, he just can’t hide when he is jealous and he gets super possessive of Jin with anyone, esp RM. But ya know, as they push vm*m and vk**k cause it’s what the fans want, I think V has to learn to understand Namj*n also will be pushed since it’s such a pop ship. 

In view of the recent events regarding Jin, I think there could be another reason why Taehyung wants Taejin to be THE JIN SHIP but that’s a talk for another theory masterpost! Let me know if you want a master on this subject.

Thank you so much for the love on my masterposts, I really appreciate it!

Lots of love.

I had a feeling there would be a kinda sort-of breakup at the end of this episode...

But the writers are doing it to raise the stakes for the crossover.

You can bet good money the “lesson” Music Meister wants to teach Barry (and I suppose Kara) is that you need to fight side by side with the one you love to overcome obstacles. NOT go off to fight alone.

I’m more annoyed they’re fabricating this DRAMA to raise the stakes for the Musical Episode more than anything.

I see you writers. I know your game.

keith stans: lance is so dumb and stupid and annoying and just soooo inferior to my baby keith who can do absolutely no wrong who deserves everything in the world he could probably just pilot voltron all by himself because he’s that better than everyone else in fact here’s an edit where i just pasted keith’s face onto everyone else because i mean like who the fuck are those people anyway??? is keith not the main character??? also i bet he beats up lance all the time because he’s soooo annoying

lance stans: … haha yeah.. um… well keith is… kinda impulsive and… not exactly who i’d pick to pilot the black lion.. i mean that time when he-”

keith stans:

Trust - for mccoymostly

So… I’m leaving you a story that I had and just putting it in a queue so…yeah. Unedited, but that’s not new.
This is… out of my element thought, so that’s new
But it’s a gift for @mccoymostly who most certainly is trying to make me fall for these two together. I’m not Anna, I’m not falling. NOT. FALLING. YOU HEAR? nope.
Can you guys make sure she sees it pretty pretty please? Send her a message or something? I don’t want to spam her inbox but I know she’s been super busy and I don’t want her to just miss it. It’s okay if it takes her a while to get to it but I want to make sure it doesn’t slip past since its a gift

So yeah, Jen writes McKirk… lets see how this goes
You brought this on yourself if this fails Anna
And yes there are some references to… things. Books and movies and… yeah. I needed examples and I was lazy.

words: (because I always forget to add this because I’m not a pro here but some people care about this stuff- I know I do >->) — 1200ish ish…
>-> most of its dialogue though
It’s a cute story. I think. Yes. Cute. can junk be cute
I’m sticking the whole thing under a cut because that’s how jen writes stories now. Makes me more comfortable. But its totally SFW and all that

Okay Jen, stop delaying it.

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odinokipelmen  asked:

Hey, senpai!!Can I ask a scenario where bokugou make his secret crash crying, and when he tries to fix it, he heard her dialogue with her BF(maybe uraraka or Momo), s/o love bokugou, but sometimes he scares her and then s/O sitting in the common room(all the students were already asleep) bakugou is trying to confess his feelings for her and kissed her roughly(BUT HE TRIES TO MAKE IT SOFTER^.^)

i hope i got this right!! i tweaked it a little, i hope you enjoy !!

You had tears brimming at the corners of your eyes as you proceeded to walk back to your homeroom. You meet up with your friend and classmate, Momo, and greet her flatly.

“Good afternoon, y/n. What’s the matter?” you hear Momo inquire. You shake your head,

“Bakugou just being an asshat, nothing new,” you meekly reply. You feel her hand wiping your stray tears,

“How do you even like him? He’s… not the best with people, you know?” She tries to comfort. As you two were speaking, Bakugou seemed to overhear the your conversation. He paused and listened intently. He began to feel regret and anger towards himself. How could he be so harsh on you? Especially when he had a crush on you too? How dumb can he be?

He rolls his eyes angrily, and proceeded to walk into the room. You look up to see a relatively exasperated blond boy.

“Hey shitface, meet me outside of school when class ends, got it?” Bakugou growls. You wipe your remaining tears, and slowly nod your head.

When the bell rang, you slowly rose from your seat to go to to the destination that was proposed. You begrudgingly walk outside the school to meet a spiky blond boy standing impatiently, tapping his feet on the floor.

“What took you so long?” he snarled. You simply shrug as you hear a sigh emit from the boy.

“Whatever, shitface.” He rolls his eyes, annoyed.

“Why’d you ask me to meet you?” You rose your eyebrows in curiosity.   

“I just wanted to say that, you know…” his voice wandered off,

“Know what? What is it?” you queried.

“Can you shut up?! I just wanted to fucking say I kinda like you,” he continued and forced a peck onto your lips.

What the hell? You thought.

“Shit, did that hurt? I can be bet-” you cut him off by grazing your lips over his. You break away to see his face flushed and small beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.

“Don’t fucking do that again, shithead.”

anonymous asked:

I don't know if its just me, but I can kinda see jirou and kaminari teasing the sh*t out of momo and shouto respectively (but jirou and kaminari are still really supportive of momo and shouto's relationship). Like they would make bets against each other on todomomo's relationship (jirou wins most of them). What do you think?

I can totally see that !!! Its one of those HC that I feel like a lotta todomomo fans agree on (those who disagree feel free to comment :p) ALSO, I headcanon that Momo and Todo take their revenge after realizing that they take bets on them and the two pairs end up just annoying the hell outta each other HAHA

‘Course it gets out of hand and soon even Class B knows of their antics and Midoriya tries to mediate but doesnt work. Todomomo and Kamijirou end up combining forces and pushing it on Mido and Ochako LMAO

Unwanted Conversations

* Anthony Ramos x Reader
* Modern rpf
* 146: I wasn’t planning on asking you, but I’ve come to realize that life is short. Will you marry me?
* Requested by @doggirl212
* Request: with Anthony where he was looking at a wedding ring for his girlfriend, but he only saw the readers face for each one and he realizes he loves them.

A/N: done! I don’t really have much to add except I have horrible writer’s block and absolutely no motivation to do…anything. So, I’m apologizing for my slowness. But anyway, enjoy!

Word Count: 2,780


“She is so amazing!” You friend Anthony was currently raving about some girl he’d met after a showing of Hamilton. You worked stage crew on the show and the two of you had become fast friends. The past few days he’d been going on and on about this girl he met backstage after the show. You were growing bored of it by now.

“Uh-huh?” You mumbled, uninterested. You were scrolling through you phone and sipping a coffee from Javier’s makeshift coffee shop. You were both sitting on the couch in his dressing room.

“Are you even listening?” Anthony asked. You sighed, locked you phone, placed your coffee on the table by the couch, and looked up at him.

“Not really. But that’s only because I’ve heard this a thousand times by now. This girl is super pretty and funny and amazing. You’ve told me this countless times already.” You complained.

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State Fair - Rob McClanahan

Originally posted by freedom-of-excess

You giggled and held on tightly to your boyfriend’s hand as you two made your way around the fairgrounds, looking into the different booths and up at all the lit-up signs for games and food and rides, lighting up the night.

“Robbie, this place is amazing.”

“I know it is, baby.” he grinned. “It’s a Minnie institution. You have to come to the state fair at least once in your time living here or else you haven’t truly experienced Minnesotan life.”

You giggled at how serious he was about it. “Oh really? One doesn’t experience Minnesotan life until they come to the state fair?”

“Pretty much, darling.” he shrugged. “I don’t make the rules. Only enforce them. Come on, let’s find somewhere here and grab a bite.”

You nodded and went with him, hanging on tightly to his arm and looking around. There were so many people. Happy couples, happy families, groups of friends from teens to adults. This really was a big deal.

The two of you found a local business which had a little stand that sold burgers, sodas, and fries. You got a cola, burger, and fries while Robbie got the same, minus the fries. He said he didn’t want them, but you kept seeing him glance at the thick paper container that they sat in.

“Robbie, come on. It’s the state fair. you’re allowed to indulge.”

“I am indulging.” he said, holding up the burger. “See? I’m indulging like everyone else here.”

You smiled and picked up a fry, dipping it in the small pool of ketchup in one of the corners and holding it out to him.

“Come on, Robbie. A few will not hurt you. Go ahead.”

He rolled his eyes, but the smile on his face said he was amused instead of annoyed, taking the fry. “Okay, okay. I will. Thanks, baby.”

You smiled and went back to your own food. He ended up eating half the fries, but you kinda expected that. There were a lot of them anyways. The two of you finished and went back to walking around the park, looking for something to see or do.

“Babe, look.” he said, pointing to a game booth with an array of little bowls of different colors and a small basket of ping pong balls. “Bet I can win you something.”

You smiled. “You can try, babe. But the games are rigged, aren’t they?”

“Maybe a few, but I’ve been coming here every year since I was little. I’ve figured some of these out pretty well, if I do say so myself.”

He walked up to the booth confidently and put down the money for a few ping pong balls. The man who ran it put down a plastic strawberry basket and put the balls in, looking smug.

“I should warn you. This one’s not easy, mister.”

Rob smiled and picked up one of them. “We’ll see.”

Smugly, he threw them one by one into the little bowls on their pedestals, much to the runner’s surprise. When he finished, the man looked in awe and so did you.

“Which one do you want?” the man asked, pointing to the stuffed animals hanging over his head.

Rob looked at you and smiled. “Go ahead and choose, baby.”

You pointed to a blue stuffed bunny with a red bow around its neck and the man took it down and handed it to Rob. “We have ourselves a winner here!”

Rob grinned and handed the bunny to you, thanking the man before walking off. “Told you I had the hang of it.”

“How did you do that?” you asked, holding the bunny toy in your arms.

“Little flick of the wrist and always aim a little further left or right than the bowl really is. They grease up the center of the bowls, but not the sides.”

You grinned and followed him down the alley of games and stopped to play one every now and then, often winning. However, the milk bottle one took a while, nearly spending $2* on just the one booth. He was always so stubborn and determined to impress you, even if it was often easy to do that. He finally managed to knock over a full stack with a baseball and subsequently got a teddy bear for it.

You giggled as you walked away. “Robbie, you’re so stubborn sometimes.”

He shrugged and smiled, putting the bear into your bag with the other stuffed animals. “Well, I just want to impress you. Show off, a bit. Not necessarily the worst thing people can do, right?”

“No.” you said, smiling. “Let’s see if there’s another thing we can do.”

Later in the evening after more rides and ice cream, you found yourself and your boyfriend on the Ferris wheel, overlooking the fair below and out at the lights of the city in the distance. “It’s beautiful up here.”

“Yeah, it is.” you heard him say. “But I still think you’re even prettier.”

You blushed and smiled, reaching out and taking his hand to hold. “You’re sweet to me, baby.”

“I know.” he smiled back, bringing your hand up to kiss it. “You’re my girl, (Y/N). I love you.”

“I love you too, Robbie.”


Note: 2 dollars then is equivalent to almost 8 dollars now, adjusted for inflation.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one! A friend of mine went to Minnie told me how huge the state fair was there and so did another friend of mine, so I just had to do one based on it. It was too good to resist!

http-lostgirl-multifandom  asked:

Hey, i found ur blog a while ag,o and i love your imagines btw😍 so i wanted to ask if u could do an imagine with pan and (y/n) where they hate each other, but then felix finds a get-along-shirt on the beach and dares them to wear it the whole day. And maybe that in the end they admit to have feelings or something else, with fluff? :3 i know it is maybe crappy but its my first request...

‘If you had just let me do it then this wouldn’t have happened.’ you said as you stepped over the spilled stew.

‘Well if you had just let me help this wouldn’t have happened.’ Pan argued.

‘I am capable of making my own bowl of stew!’ you shouted.

‘Clearly you aren’t because you spilled the stew.’ he said.

‘YOU SPILLED IT! You’re the one that bumped the latch while trying to snatch my bowl from me!’

Felix rolled his eyes as he headed to the beach, the place he went when you and Peter were going at it.

He liked that the mermaids would leave useless trinkets they found from other realms on the banks.

He looked around and saw the items, some old some new, he normally would pick up things that caught his eye. 

He was just about to turn back when a piece of white fabric caught his eye.

He picked it up and realized the cloth was a shirt, he turned it around and read the message on the shirt and smiled as he hurried back to camp.

Felix wasn’t surprised to see Pan and (Y/N) still going back and forward, even though the boys were basically done cleaning the mess.

‘Let’s play a game!’ Felix shouted, getting everyone’s attention.

As Peter’s second in command Felix was allowed to pick the games every now and then, not that (Y/N) ever let that stop her from making suggestions.

‘What game?’ Peter asked.

‘The Get Along game, we only need two players and everyone else places bets on if they can get along or will they kill each other by night fall.’ Felix said as he held up a huge white shirt with “Get Along” written in red over it.

‘Now who should the players be?’ Felix said looking directly at you and Pan.

‘No way.’ you said.

‘Absolutely not.’ Pan added.

‘See agreeing already, and the shirt isn’t even on yet.’ Felix said as he tossed the shirt to Pan.

‘What is it you always say? My game my rules?’ Felix grinned.

You and Peter groaned and grumbled as you wrestled into the damn shirt.

‘This is fucking stupid.’ you glared at the shirt.

‘Alright, everyone who thinks they can make it through the day to left everyone prepared to bury a body to the right.

About eighty percent of the boys went right.

‘Place your bets in two separate piles and wait for the results.’ Felix said.

Everyone went on talking about who would kill who and how long it would take.

‘I want to go for a walk.’ you said.

‘I want to sit down that way you cant possibly annoy me.’ he scoffed.

‘Wanna bet? Fine lets st down.’ you said before forcefully sitting down, pulling Pan with you until you were both sitting in the still kinda stew-y dirt.

‘Bloody hell!’ Pan shouted as he stood up, yanking you up with him.

‘Don’t cry your highness its just a bit of dirt, maybe a walk will calm your rattled little nerves.’ you smiled.

‘You are the most annoying thing in all creation.’ he said as he began walking.

You two walked around a bit in angry silence until you just had to say it.

‘Why can’t you stand me?’


‘I’m one of the most effective ones on the island and yet you are always on my ass, why? Is it because of the girl thing?’

‘I have no issues with you being a girl, I have an issue with you never letting me help you.’ Pan said.

‘I don’t need help all the time!’ you shouted as you looked up at him.

‘Well I want to help you all the time!’ he argued back. 

You brought up your one free hand, fully intent on hitting him, but instead you ended up grabbing the back of his head and pulling him into a kiss.

An awkwardly angled kiss, but a kiss none the less.

You pull away and looked down.

‘What was that?’ Pan smiled.

‘Shut up.’

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The neediness in Kenny kills me 😩😩 just imagine him after a match needing cuddles and kisses or wanting to be held throughout the whole night not realizing he's fucking gigantic or him always being needy af during sex

Yes yes and yes! I imagine him to be the type to wrap his body around you and not let you go when you’re in bed even if you need to pee or get a drink. He’ll be like nope you’re here with me and pull you in even closer so you can’t escape him 😩 I bet he also needs lots of cuddles before bed and you have to stroke his forehead coz that calms him down. I think he’s only needy coz he’s a bit insecure and needs reassurance all the time that you do in fact like him and aren’t just with him for his booty or that he’s the best wrestler in the world. It’s kinda endearing but I can imagine it being annoying 😏 tbh I’d compliment the crap out of him because he’s just an absolute god.

Seventeen’s Reaction to Being on A Long Flight With Their Crush!

“How would SEVENTEEN react to having to go on a 12h fly with their crush ? How would they act on the plane ? Thanks ! I love your work ✈” - anon

A/N; wow I haven’t posted a reaction in a while I’ve been so busy please forgive me;;  I got so carried away with these lmao hope you all enjoy!!

S.Coups - Ahhh Seungcheol would be smooth. He’d be a bit nervous but it definitely wouldn’t show. He’d realize there’s not much else to do but talk so he’d just make general conversation and then a bit later he’d start asking deeper questions, and by the end of the flight u 2 would know everything abt each other. do you kno the exact time he was born? yup. do you know what brand of cereal he loves? yes u do. when you guys landed he’d be like “wow, that went by so fast” and then he’d nonchalantly ask u for ur number and do you give it to him? of course you do. he knows everything abt u now.

Jeonghan - He wouldn’t really know how to start a conversation but he’d really want to so he’d just keep stealing glances at you and at one point you’d catch him and be like ??? and he’d just say “oh I’m just looking out the window!” and he’d make some comment about how pretty the sky looked or smthn like that and would keep the convo going!! if u guys hit it off, at the end of the flight when u guys were saying bye he’d be like “oh btw, I wasn’t looking out the window. I was looking at you. I just wanted an excuse to talk to you ;)” and would walk away probably leaving u very flustered haH

Joshua - HED BE SO NERVOUS but he definitely wouldn’t be shy??? like he’d definitely want to talk to you but because he’s nervous he’s gonna end up saying some really stupid things and making dad jokes and just being a meme & if you laughed at any of his jokes he’d get so flustered ahhh. eventually he’d realize he’s freaking out for no reason cuz ur actually super easy to get along with and would totally calm down. josh would probably ask u about why you were going wherever u guys were flying to and would try really hard to think of topics that would be interesting to you and he’d probably end up accidentally complimenting you and he’d be like “OH I didn’t mean that!! I mean….I did….but I didn’t mean to say it out loud..” he’d BLUSH SO BAD but you’d be like “dude its ok I think ur cute too” or whatever and he’d be sO giddy the rest of the flight and would make u promise to call him after u guys landed ;^)))

Jun - I bet ur all expecting him to be greasy. you’re right. once the flight takes off, he’ll look at you and the first thing he’ll say is “this is a really long flight, and I know sleeping can be kinda uncomfortable in a plane, so you can rest your head on my shoulder any time ;)))” I don’t think he’d talk to u a whole bunch?? he’d make general conversation and would keep it going, but wouldn’t want to go overboard or annoy u or anything. at one point u would actually end up falling asleep on his shoulder and he’d BE SO SMUG but he’d also be a blushing mess & would probs rest his head on top of yours I’m :’)))))))

Hoshi - this lil’ muffin is gonna be so excited omg, he’d be so fun to be on a long plane ride!!! he’d come up with a lot of different games to play to pass the time like truth or dare. he’d come up with an extremely embarrassing punishment for when either of you guys would refuse to do a dare or answer a truth like “loser has to ask 10 different people on the flight to makeout with them” or something awful like that. once he noticed u felt comfortable around him and maybe showed interest in him he’d be like “this is my chance” and he’d ask u truth or dare and you’d pick dare and he’d “I dare you to go on a date with me” AND U’D BE LIKE ‘HOSHI WHAT’ and he’d say “it’s a date with me or you’re making out with that old man that’s been coughing and sneezing for the past 6 hours!!!!” and ofc you’d accept and yeah!!!

Wonwoo - I think he’d be rly shy. like rly shy he wouldn’t want to embarrass himself in front of u so he’d keep quiet in the beginning. eventually he’d notice what song u were listening to or what book u were reading and he’d just go for it and strike up a conversation abt it. once that convo died down he wouldn’t know what else to talk about so he’d let you go back to whatever it was u were doing. he’d notice you were looking cold and would offer to share his blanket with you, and you’d both be so cozy and end up dozing off and you’d REST YOUR HEAD ON HIS SHOULDER AND HE’D JOLT AWAKE SUDDENLY LIKE!!!! THIS IS HAPPENING!!!! he’d end up staying awake the whole time and when you’d wake up he’d be like “did you enjoy your rest?” with a cute lil smile on his face AAAAAHHHHH

Woozi - he’d like….just assume you wouldn’t want to talk to him or would want to be left alone for whatever reason so he’d just smile at you once then put his headphones on and listen to music and just mind his own business until he feels a tap on his shoulder and ur like “i have to go to the bathroom” but he doesn’t hear you cause his music is too loud and he says a little too loudly “hold on” + pauses his music and then he apologizes and u repeat urself and he’s like OH OK and gets out of his seat to let you out and he sits back down and doesn’t put his headphones back on so he can hear u when u come back & when you do he gets up and smiles at u, sits back down and still doesn’t put his headphones on….he notices you’re not doing anything either cause u lowkey want to talk to him too so he’s just like alrighty and finally strikes up a convo w/ you!! ur gonna hit it off really well and ur both gonna leave w/ each others numbers ;))

DK - sunshine boy is gonna make sure this flight goes GR8 for the both of you. he’ll bring some snacks on the plane and will offer to share them with you. will offer to share his blanket even if you have ur own. he’s gonna make a bunch of jokes and u bet ur stomach is gonna hurt from laughing by the time you land!! at one point he’ll offer u one of his earbuds and hands u his phone and’s like “pick a song, any song!” and ur scrolling through and you see one you love and you’re like “WOAH you like this song too??” and hes like “Uh, YEAH! One of my faves!” and then u just go back and forth playing songs you both like and getting excited when the other really likes it too and tbh ur both gonna be really sad when the flight’s over cause!! you’re having such a good time!! he’d be like “hey…I know we don’t talk that often back home but like…we should hangout sometime!” and YOU WILL AND!!!! GOOD!!!

Mingyu - I can see him being really dorky tbh. he’s gonna keep cracking lame jokes trying to get u to laugh, and every time you do laugh, that’s just gonna build his confidence even more. at one point you’d actually laugh rly hard at something he said and he’d just be like “…do you actually think i’m funny or are u just laughing cause u feel bad for me?” and you’d be like wtf ofc I think you’re funny!! why would I feel bad for you? and he’d be like “idk cause i’m just saying all of this stupid stuff and saying dumb jokes cause idk how else to talk to you” and he’d instantly think “why did I just say that omg” but you’d be like “mingyu…..you can talk to me about anything, I don’t care.” and you’d smile and he’d be like !!!!! wow ok and he’d “so, how about the weather?” and you’d both look at each other and just laugh again :)))

The8 - this lil guy would be so nervous!! he’d be like “oh great, how am I going to embarrass myself??” he’d be in the middle of thinking abt it when you’d ask him a question and he’d turn to you with wide eyes and be like “what??” and you’d repeat yourself and he’d answer whatever question it was and then he’d think to himself “wtf was I so worried for? they’re so friendly!!!” and he’d ask you a question too and you guys would just go back and forth getting to know each other better and he’d notice u looked kinda tired so he’d feel bad and be like “omg I’m sorry if I’m being annoying, you can go to sleep if you want” and you’d say “no its okay, I enjoy having someone to talk to on such a long flight….but I am pretty tired.” and you’d just smile at each other and u’d doze off eventually and he’d take the blanket he had and cover u up with it and just look at u so lovingly like..”they look like such an angel when they’re asleep” and he’d sigh happily cause hes so happy that he got to sit next to u and get to know u <333

Seungkwan - he’s gonna start off calm..he’ll be thinking to himself like “ok seungkwan..there’s nothing to be afraid of….it’s just the person you like….no big deal…you got this” BUT then as soon as you say something to him he’ll lose that cool composure and kinda tense up but still manage to make awkward conversation with you but you’d notice him fiddling with the sleeve of his shirt and avoiding eye contact with u and u’d be like “hey..are you alright?” and he’d be like “oh yeah! I’m just nervous” and he’d mean he was nervous cause he was sitting next to u but u would think he meant he was nervous to be on the plane. and I think a few more hours into the flight he would definitely loosen up and be like “the flight isn’t even half over I need to stop acting like this” and OUT COMES NORMAL BOO. he’s gonna make some jokes and just be a lil cutie pie but then he’ll accidentally insult u and he’d be realize what he just said and would FREAK OUT AND be like ‘oh my god no I didn’t meant that at all I’m so sorry I mean that you’re really pretty/handsome and I totally think we should hangout!!!” and then after he said that he’d be like oh my god why do I keep embarrassing myself but you’d be like “no its ok I know you were kidding. but yeah we should, I think that’d be fun :)” and he’d be such a happy lil guy ;;

Vernon - GOD THIS KID IS GONNA BE AWKWARD AF??? like you’ll be sitting next to each other and he’ll go to rest his arm on the armrest and his arm will brush against yours and he’ll just SNAP his arm away so quick with wide eyes and utter a “sorry” and you’d be like ??? it’s fine Vernon? but then like hours into the flight you guys still won’t have talked much and ur both watching whatever movie the airline is playing and you’d turn to him and be like “dude. what’s happening i’m so lost” and he’ll explain it super in depth and give u a whole bunch of crazy theories abt what could be really going on and you’d be like where the heck is all of this talking coming from but then by the time he’d explained all of his theories the movie would be way over and u two would just laugh and he’d be like “wow i’m sorry. I just get really into movies like that I hope you don’t think i’m crazy…” but you would be like “no that is actually super interesting!!” and then u two would continue talking about other movie theories and just get into weird random super deep conversations and it would be really enjoyable tbh!!

Dino - omg he’d walk up see you sitting down and would be like “oh hey y/n!!” like I honestly see him being pretty normal??? he may be a little shy but like oh well. why be shy when ur gonna have to be on this flight together for the next twelve hours?? he’d also be really cute tho like he’d want to make sure u were totally comfortable and be like “hey I’m gonna ask for a pillow, do u want one too?” or “do you want a bottle of water or anything to eat? i’m gonna ask the attendant for some water so I can ask for something for you too!!” he’d have just normal convos with u but would also probably suggest that you play truth or dare or I spy or smthn to pass the time!! But he’d be the one to fall asleep on your shoulder. like you’d be minding ur own business and suddenly you feel a weight on your shoulder and you’re like ?? and u see chan with his eyes closed resting his head on ur shoulder and it would be the most wholesome sight ever. <3


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@ the person complaining about having nft pets available ; how about you just listen to their rules, you don't have to trade... also why can't people showcase pets that they like/are proud to have, sure they could put them in their rules but its their choice and you should kinda just respect that. i bet there are things about you that annoy people, the fact that you don't respect other users choices annoys me off tbh. at the end of the day they're pictures of a screen... get over it.

Shy!Reader- part 7

Request: Can you do a Shy!Reader part 7 by any chance? Like with the nicknames in public and maybe the reader getting more comfortable…i dont know.. I am just really looking forward to another one!! I love your writing soooo much and you are a fab person!!!!

Request: Can you pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee update the Shy!Reader fanfiction soon? I know you just posted chapter 6 but it is all I ever think about and amazing! I love your blog so much and your fanfictions!

Request: Ahhh shy!reader part seven would be fab…. It’s so good like holy crap. Maybe Charlie comes over or something and dean is still taking up his bet and the reader is really shy cause she doesn’t know Charlie, but she likes that dean is getting out of her shell?

Request: YAY it’s Monday!!! Okay ummmmm can u make a shy reader part 7??? OMG I LOVE SHY READER!!!!!!!! PLEASE?????? ur writing is awesome btw! Thx luvs you!!!!!

Request: Could you do a very fluffy, christmas-y readerxdean oneshot where Dean hangs mistletoe under almost every door to be able to kiss the reader (they’ve been dating for a while) and the reader is kinda annoyed but thinks it’s cute and really likes it??? (I hope it’s okay I put this one with this series!)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

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I Let It Ride On A Bad Bet - Jack Barakat One Shot

anonymous said: Can you do a jack barakat imagine where alex and jack make a bet that jack has to ask y/n out and has to date her for a month (she’s kinda weird likes to read, hasn’t dated anyone etc) he is really annoyed that he has to date her. He find out she likes Blink and they have a lot in common and he falls in love with her and then alex spills it to her about the bet after the month is up (she says “Am I a fucking bet!?!? Am I???!?!?!) (just like in the movie she’s all that) and jack tries really hard

A/N: Hey, so this one is set while they’re in high school, bc I love high school fics and it suits the request best. It’s also very long :D THE CONTESTS END TONIGHT! You can enter the writing competition (just write a one shot based on the prompt I made up) and the reblogging competition (just reblog it… that’s it)! So, check them out! Title credit to Do You Want Me (Dead?) - All Time Low

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Namie's 2014 Japan Report! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


I’m back from my trip with Lulupu! It’s been 4 years since we’ve seen each other! ^////^ We’ve been planning to meet up have a honeymoon in Japan for a long time… 

I haven’t done reports in forever but it really was a dream come true. I want to record it somewhere. So I have a lot of photos and very spastic commentary under the cut if anyone is interested

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