i bet i missed someone

Okay fuck I know Michael is in this but I couldn’t stop looking at calum’s hands and they way they rested and like can you just fuckiN imagine Calum hugging you like this ALL THE TIME like just going in for a hug and his hands searching for your hips and gentle butt squeezes and soft kisses and his hands wandering up your back and pulling you in for a tight hug and when he lets go his hands wander back down your back and to your hips again and wow I feel so fluffy and warm I bet his hugs are ones you crave and the ones your skin memorizes and I’m in love

It’s May 5th which means, Anastasia made it to a year.

I can’t express how happy I am to get a chance to make something like that. From all the six blogs that I had, Anastasia is the only one to actually stick with me. She’s pretty important to me, which can be said easily, since my little sister’s middle name is Ana. In this amount of time I have met a lot of wonderful people, which I respect and love so much to call them friends. One even a brother, but you’re still an asshole, if you’re reading that. As I am also not an English speaking person, roleplaying side of Tumblr has helped me develope my skills in using it. I couldn’t say how much this blog and people I have met mean to me, because everytime I see some people I’m about to list, I just smile. You’ve given me power to continue what I do and sometimes, you helped me, when I had problems outside this site. I guess that’s the best in having real friends. I love every single of you, losers, I want YOU to know it  e v e r y d a y.

                                               MY WINGS.

femalexpresident - Brigi, I do know you probably didn’t expect to be here, since all that ‘personal blog’ crap, but to be honest even after dropping roleplaying ( I’m still hoping you will eventually come back to it, but that’s your choice. ) you still stick with me, talk to me and help me as much as I help you. You’ve become my best friend on here. We know each other a year already, let’s hope our freindship will survive a lot more. I will try to come to Czech as soon as I can to finally meet you. I love you, thank you for your support. Thank you for being the most amazing person out there in Czech.

prodiitoris - Kevin, you know how much your freindship means to me. Or maybe at least I hope you do. If in some other life, I would get a chance to have an older brother, I’d be happy If it were you. Well, maybe without calling me a Hobbit, I’m forever mad about this. You have made me smile a lot in the period of time that we know each other, which I’m grateful for, thank you. But I also know that I can talk to you. It means a lot, really. I will be always there to throw some FOB starters on you or if you need anything, because you don’t know  ( & i wish you knew ) that I really do treat you as a brother, not only say so. Btw, all da angst is on you. I cried a lot. So, yeah, payback B)

jesslynshepard - Caro, you wonderful human being, looking out stuff for me, talking with me, when I deliver my sad headcanons. But you also give off that positivity boost to everyone that follows your blog and you’re so friendly, omg. I want you to know that in the last few months I’ve grown really fond of you and I consider you one of the best friends I have here. In my opinion, we created something really beautiful between our characters ( no, i don’t only mean the babies ). I know that I can count on you and I hope you know that I’m also always there for you. :)

                                                BAE’S THAT I ADORE.

goblified iamyouralphanow thebiochemiss sparkplvg traitxr heromaterial altruistheartnotthescarsyoucanseewillnotdespairdeathbypoolexitiosaxeepicfxilofforensiics itsnotflirtingdatseabassunbeliieveraterviduam cxffeineandsarcasm gvardianlightwhattheflarkalsahcr tremulousaltobelongstolionquinnxpeligroveinsofcinderthiieverywhodoesntlikeflowersheldentxdofblankexpressionsmechanicstarkedhelernilwaldxrfing inlovewithalapdogbrightestbiochemisttosaveliives ashkxtchumirretrievabledelicacyzxnwarrioralphadelameutedelycanduplikowanelouellenthenosestealerastarklegacy ✕ mischiefwithabite justkirayukimuraslluggermockingxmorse && many more that I have probably forgotten.


Whenever you doubt yourself, remember that you’re loved, you’re respected and ou there, people want you to smile so bright, others will be jealous.  For now, drive safety, eat healthy, take your time and hopefully see you next year, friends!!!!