i bet i look like everyone else now

Random thoughts about GMW in the shower:

- Why is Lucas the only person that carries a bag around in the group and everyone else takes books?

- The height difference between Lucas and Maya is like the height difference between me and my crush irl :)

- Does the director ever tell Lucas to stare at the back of Maya’s head or ?

- I wonder if the cast has a tumblr and just looks at the fandoms go crazy about them..

- Why am I just now realizing Farkle’s hotness?

- Why would they air episodes out of order and have huge gaps?


- I bet peybrina just does a whole bunch of cute things but we just don’t know what they are

- WHY am I shipping two teenagers in real life?

- How is it that Rowan Blanchard is a few months younger than me and she looks better than me?

- Smackle,Farkle,Riley love triangle in Girl Meets Triangle? smariley? 

- Why is it that Lucas is 17 years old and he’s playing an 8th grader?

- Everytime I think of lucaya I think of me and my crush.

- Farkle loves Riley 

- I’ve literally seen pictures of Lucas looking at Maya and Riley but not at their faces. He really needs to work on his eyes and where they land at.

- WHY does Lucas let Maya make fun of him?

I’m pretty sure there was more but I forgot

Headcannon Time

Liam sighs and shifts in his chair. He looks at his phone. 15 minutes late. For someone so demanding on everyone else, Louis sure likes to keep him waiting. He fires off a text to Niall. “Guess who is late again? Bet if I was Haz I wouldn’t be waiting”

He snorts as he thinks about that. If Harry was here, Louis would have been half an hour early. With snacks. But that’s probably where Louis is now. With Harry. Liam contemplates texting one of them, but it’s probably no use. Whenever those two disappear, they are out of contact unless it’s a major emergency. This won’t be the first writing session Louis has skipped to spend time with Harry. Not that Liam blames him. He heaves another sigh, loudly this time, and stands up to leave, when he hears the most obnoxious laugh he knows all too well and watches as his irritating, yet incredibly charming, best friend bursts through the door, yapping jumbled goodbyes into his phone and turning on his heels with a mischievous smile.

“Oi sorry Payno, I know I’ve kept you waiting and I’m sorry, alright? Hazza made me swear I’d apologize and I’ll thank you to do so when he’ll text you later and apologize himself… but we ordered in from this amazing new Thai place that Haz’s been dying to try and…” The rest of Louis’ apology dies in his throat as Liam is shaking his head with a smile.

“Mate, it’s fine,” Liam laughs. “How many times do Nialler and I have to tell you? Just maybe a text next time? Like, beforehand? I was almost ready to leave. Even though you said this session was, and I quote, "incredibly important.” So what is it this time Tommo? You have a mind blowing shower session we just have to write up?“

Louis lets out a surprised laugh and waltzes across the room as he adjusts his fringe. His eyes twinkle as he stares off in the distance with a dreamy-eyed sort of look, one Liam has seen in way too many sessions before. So they’ll be writing about Harry then, yes, but a sappy sort of sentiment this time. Figures. Liam clears his throat as he sits back down, uncapping his pen and opening his notebook, hoping to prompt Louis to come back to Earth from whatever Harry induced daydream he has just simpered off into. Louis kicks at the ground and scoffs, startled by the noise Liam makes and the intrusion into his thoughts. He knits his brow and twiddles with the hem of his loose grey tank top before he takes a deep breath.

"I’ve got some really great ideas this time Liam. Some of it we’ve talked about before, yeah? But I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the beginning. About our time on X Factor, and about how from so early on I just knew Harry was it for me. How different it was from Hannah to Harry. Like, how different it felt. About how something was just missing before that. And it was him. It was that bleeding heart curly haired boy with those green eyes of his. Harry is my everything. He changed everything. It was there, Payno, I saw it there, I saw everything, all in those eyes. I just remember how I felt so empty before…” Louis pauses. He sighs softly, to himself, lost for a moment in his memories.

His eyes narrow and then dart over to Liam, who has been bent over his notebook scribbling furiously while Louis has been rambling on. Liam stays quiet, not wanting to disrupt Louis’ rambling. They’ve worked together long enough now where he trusts the process. Louis frowns.

“He was so beautiful he scared me at first, remember? I was terrified of him. Every time he even stood near me my whole body would shake. No one, not one person I’ve met in my whole life, has ever made me feel like that. And I just knew he was it. I knew I was done for. I was gone for him. I was only 18, but it was enough. I knew it could be enough.” Louis’ voice softened as he fell deeper into his memories and his eyes twinkled blue, a specific memory surfacing. “Remember that week we spent at Harry’s, in the beginning? He was so happy then, bounding around like an overgrown puppy, all limbs and curls and dimples. And then when we had to leave, and X Factor got tough, and we found him out in the garden crying? He said he wanted to go home. And I just said to him, "go on love, it’s all fine now, you’ve got me here, and I’ll make this feel like home.”
We’ve said that to each other to this day. Even Ed wrote about it, you know, on that song of his. It’s what we always say. He’s my home, Liam. I’ve seen the whole world, I’ve been everywhere I can imagine, but at the end of the day, wherever Harry is, I’m home.“

Liam chuckles softly and rolls his eyes. "You’re a right sap, you know that Tommo? Did Harry slip something in your tea this morning to get you all doped up and misty eyed about the past? Christ’ sake man, you’re going soft in your old age!”

“Shut it Leeyum, you little shit!” Louis snaps playfully. “Did you write me my song or not?” Louis scrambles over to where Liam is sitting and snatches up the notebook, ignoring Liam’s cries in protest. He tuts his tongue as he reads over the lyrics, shooting menacing glares over at Liam who sits with an amused and mock injured look on his face. He begrudgingly hands Louis his pencil and Louis begins to erase phrases or words here and there and make corrections. Small arguments break out over phrasing, each of the men more stubborn in their opinion of their own writing.

“No no no Payno, it should be "so hot that I couldn’t take it, want to wake up and see you naked,” not “want to see your face” that doesn’t even make sense! Honestly, and you call yourself a lyricist?“ Louis teases, as he crosses of Liam’s phrasing and writes his own above.

"Tommo, I know you want to tell the world you have amazing sex, but I think you can leave this bit in without going there. Let’s soften it a little, ok? No need for another No Control part 2, at least not wrapped up in a sappy love song like this, yeah?” Liam states as he grabs the notebook back and makes his own corrections over Louis.’ “I really like this one, Louis. I think Haz will really like it too.”

Louis’ whole face breaks into a wide grin and Liam can’t help but smile as well. It’s incredible to have two best friends who love each other as much as they do. Sometimes he wonders how they’ve ever made it this far, how Louis can sit in a cramped little studio room like this one after five years and continue to act like the whole world lives and dies with Harry Styles. They are perfect for each other, he thinks, for about the millionth time. He says as much to Louis too.

Louis smiles a bit wider, if possible. “I know Payno, but it does me good to hear it told to me face from time to time. Now come on, I want you to hear the chord progression I’ve been toying with. And if you wipe that silly simpering smile off your face, I’ll even tell you the part I think you’re voice’ll sound best in.”

The End.