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Tony Stark and Steve Rogers…….Good Boys……if I dare say,,, the Best Boys……so full of warmth and sunshine…. one has hope and the other has heart and they both have so much bravery I’m…weeping I love them so dearly and they love one another so dearly everything is good in the world there is No Suffering Ever……just happy smiles and red cheeks and soft hugs n kisses …….Goode™

Hello, it’s the anon who asked about submitting a picture :3 How do you think the RFA members would react to seeing MC in this? (Also yea this is a sketch of MC in a maid cat costume that I happened to do in class one day oops :p)


Author’s note: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I JUST WANTED TO MAKE IT PERFECT!! & btw omg this lil sketch is so cute


  • He had been playing his game alllllll day
  • And you had tried EVERYTHING to get him to pay attention to you
  • But apparently there was some super important tournament going on today???
  • So, desperate times calls for desperate measures
  • “Yoosunggggggg!”
  • “MC, I love you, but I’m super-duper busy right now!!”
  • “Just turn around, please.”
  • Yoosung sighed and turned around
  • “Okay, but I only-“
  • You smiled when he stopped mid-sentence
  • “Do you like it?”
  • Yoosung’s face turned bright red
  • “I-I…”
  • He quickly spun around in his chair and pressed a button
  • “Uhh, hey guys? I’m gonna have to sit this round out. Bye!”
  • He spun back around and rested his chin on his hand
  • “You have my full attention.”
  • You bent down and kissed his lips
  • “Thanks, but you never answered my question.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “…Do you like it?”
  • “No. I LOVE IT!!!”
  • He stood up and hugged you, spinning you around
  • “Y-Yoosung I’m getting d-dizzy!”
  • He stopped and put you down
  • “Sorry, I couldn’t help it…”
  • You laughed, “That’s okay, I’m glad you like it so much!”
  • He smiled before removing your cat ears and putting them on his head
  • “Do they look cute on me, too?”
  • “Adorable.”


  • You lost a bet to Seven on who could drink the most PhD. Pepper
  • And of course he used your boyfriend’s allergy against you
  • So when Zen walked into the house and turned on the lights
  • There you were, in the middle of the room
  • In a maid cat costume
  • “Nyaaaaa!”
  • “MC?”
  • “Y-Yes, master?”
  • And with that Zen’s face turned BRIGHT RED
  • “U-Uhhh, take off the maid costume.”
  • You looked at the ground
  • “Okay…”
  • And leave it off.”
  • You looked back up at him and smiled
  • “As you wish-“
  • You turned around and walked away
  • “-Master.”
  • Before you could move another step, you heard Zen call out
  • “Oh, and MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “…Leave the cat ears on.”
  • “I thought you hated cats?”
  • “I do… but you might get to change that.”
  • You swore you could hear his smirk


  • Jaehee called you and said she was going to be home late
  • So you took this an opportunity to surprise her, and slipped on something you were saving for a rainy day
  • And two hours later, your prey Jaehee arrived
  • “MC, I’m home!”
  • You hopped up and walked over to her
  • “Do you want me to get your bag for you?”
  • She nodded handing you your bag
  • She looked at you and then walked into the kitchen
  • Not even a reaction! I wasn’t expecting that…
  • No more than two seconds later, Jaehee walked back out of the kitchen and gave you a confused look
  • “W-What are you wearing?”
  • You smiled, “Oh, this? I thought you didn’t notice!”
  • “It took me a couple seconds to fully comprehend what I was seeing…”
  • “But, you like it?”
  • She walked over and placed her hands on your hips
  • “I like everything you wear. You’re supposed to be a cat maid, right?”
  • “Yeah!”
  • She stood back and smirked
  • “Well, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be making dinner?”
  • You laughed and grabbed her hand
  • “How about you go put on your costume and we can make dinner together!”
  • “Y-you got me one?”
  • You turned and gave her a devilish grin
  • “Of course.”


  • You already know how this gonna end
  • You walked out of your closet and looked at yourself in the mirror
  • “Juuuminnnnnn!!”
  • “What?”
  • “Come here! I think you’ll like what I have on!!”
  • “Fine, I’ll be there in a second.”
  • You bounced up and down with anticipation
  • “MC, you know-“
  • He stopped mid-sentence
  • “So??”
  • His eyes widened as he slowly approached you
  • I know that look…
  • Just as you were about to suggest… doing something else, he spun around and walked out of the room
  • “Jumin?”
  • “Stay there!”
  • “…okay.”
  • He walked back into the room holding Elly
  • “Here, hold Elizabeth.”
  • You took the cat and gave him a confused look
  • “Okay, now smile!”
  • You blinked as the camera flash went off
  • “Stay still and give Elizabeth a kiss!! We can put it on our Christmas card!”
  • “JUMIN.”
  • actually they do end up getting a little frisky later though I mean come on she’s in a cat maid outfit


  • “Okay, you can look now!”
  • Seven removed his hands from his eyes
  • “M-MC?”
  • You smiled at his now bright red face
  • “So… you like it?”
  • Seven dashed out of the room before you could question him
  • He could have at least said I looked cute or something…
  • After five minutes, you started to get a little concerned
  • “Uhh… Seven? I can take-“
  • “TAH-DAH!”
  • “Oh. My. God.”
  • Seven gave you a wink
  • But you didn’t notice
  • You were still staring at THE MATCHING MAID CAT COSTUME HE HAD ON

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Imagine: mgg didnt use your screencap, you are mgg *no further questions*

i’m exposed. hi everyone it’s matthew. i bet i had you all fooled pretending to be this “taz” haha. @starbucksreid thank you for the endearing messages, @spencerdamnreid i chose not to respond to your messages. i had to get my way into this site with what i do best, shitposting. and it worked. anyway, i gotta go watch some muppets now, peace. titties for days. 

My thoughts on GoT S07E06: A summary in (more or less) chronological order
  • Poor Gendry, nobody cares about him. Especially the writers or else he wouldn’t have been rowing for a hundred years.
  • “And your children after you” Gaaaaaah! If only Bran had arrived earlier
  • Arya, don’t. Just don’t. What are you, 12 again?
  • Of course Jon would understand. *.* Now stop making my baby suffer. She deserves to get along with her sister, just for once.
  • Jon, the Lord of Light wants you alive because you’re a nice piece of ass. That’s it.
  • Tyrion, don’t. He doesn’t stare. Not even once. I have the receipts. (I am now aware Jon did stare towards the end of the episode)
  • I bet all of you that already watched the leaked ep are shaking your heads as I grab all the hope I can like a fool.
  • You bet the son didn’t need to die!
  • The scene with the undead bear in the snow is just like watching encoded porn in the early 2000s.
  • Can we establish that Tormund is Gimli. Except taller and redder. (and as @teamtormund kindly pointed out, yes, that would make Brienne Legolas)
  • I swear I could hear the fellowship theme as they charged over the Walkers. Except if Tolkien had written this only Sean Bean would have died.
  • Don’t send Gendry away. Now I can’t have jondry either? What are you doing with my ships this season?
  • Poor Dadvos. You leave your children alone for half an episode and everything runs havoc.
  • What’s this thing with Jon Snow being surrounded by his enemies and needing a woman to save his sorry fine ass?
  • Sansa is with us! She wants Jaime x Brienne to happen just as much as us! (I am now aware it’s Braime)
  • Do they have email in Westeros now? How fast do this people travel?
  • THATS’S how you use your dragons, Dany!
  • So a reckless guy makes you lose one of your children and you are telling me you are going to bang him. Okay…
  • OH THANK GOD HE ISN’T DEAD! My heart stopped
  • Uncle Benjen! 7 seasons too late, though.
  • If jonsa *is* endgame I suppose we’ll all have to thank D@ny. Just a little bit.
  • There’s a boat. There’s a bed. There’s Jon Snow half naked. I DON’T LIKE IT!
  • Half-naked Jon Snow. Cut to Sansa Stark. And here I am, hoping like a fool.
  • WTF is wrong with Arya? Didn’t D&D ever get siblings or what?
    Like my little sister and I fought all the time growing up but I’m pretty sure we would murder FOR one another now.
  • Sansa now has the dagger. Whaaaaaat? 😱😱😱
  • NO. NO. NO. You take off those puppy eyes. Right now. I’m telling you.
  • Oh, so now you make me believe it. No. No. I don’t want it. Put it back. Put it the hell back!
  • I’m just gonna ignore this “my queen” bs, okay? Total Denial mode on
  • Ice Dragons!

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You: is nice, pretty, a good actress, a good artist, funny Me: okay wow enough talent for one person save some for everyone else Me: reads your fanfiction You: is a good writer too Me: that’s not fair

OH GOSH. NO IM NOT ANY OF THOSE THINGS I PROMISE. I definitely can’t act I’m just. A loser. I HAVE U ALL FOOLED ; o ; You’re amazing! And I bet you’re 10 times more talented than me!

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Could you do one with the Attack On Titan boys (including Erwin, Levi, and Mike) cheering up their girlfriend?

((I had a lot of fun with this one, I made myself squeal while writing about Erwin))

Eren: I can see Eren being the type to think training is the best way to get your mind off things so he would have his girlfriend come and train with him. It wouldn’t really work at first cuz come on Eren really? you think exercise is fun? But eventually it would be kinda fun, Eren would probably mimic Sasha and Connie and try teaching her outrageous moves. Even if he is a little embarrassed because he’s acting so silly the smile on his girlfriends face when she watched him would make it worth it.

Armin: Books, Armin would hunt down the most interesting book he could find. A fantasy novel about far off lands filled with amazing creatures dashing heroes fair maidens and adventure. or a mystery novel that’s full of twists and turns and big reveals. Armin would read to his girlfriend with so much enchantment that nobody could stay down in the dumps. He would want to get his girlfriend’s mind off her troubles for a short time, of course he would still talk with her about why she was upset afterwords.

Jean: *Insert horse joke here* Jean would take his girlfriend on a horseback ride, he would sneak some bread and share it with her by the river. He would think a change of scenery would brighten her mood, I mean they spend everyday either training or being so serious. So just relaxing and just being teenagers would in his opinion be a good idea, to stop and smell the roses to take in the peaceful scenery they never have time to admire.

Marco: It may sound really boring but Marco would think a good nap would help his girlfriend feel better. They live such a stressful life and sleeping sadly isn’t priority. So a peaceful nap to Marco would sound like a good was to ease his girlfriend. Surprisingly enough it really would work, who wouldn’t love taking a calming nap with their cute freckled boyfriend???

Reiner: He would take his girlfriend to dinner, treat her to a nice meal. Wine and dine the little lady, who could stay sad when your bara boyfriend is treating you like a princess? Reiner, like Jean would think doing something different would help his girlfriend feel better. A bit of normality goes a long way, they are teenagers after all and they have every right to act that way sometimes. 

Bertholdt: He would hate to see his girlfriend so unhappy, it would just about break his heart. Bertl would take his girlfriend for a walk during sunset, he wouldn’t want to push his girlfriend to do anything she didn’t want to do. Something simple and relaxing like walking hand and hand would be the best thing in his eyes. It would work wonders, Bertl is a gentle giant and him being so sweet and concerned about her would make any girl feel better.

Connie: He’s the funny guy, so naturally jokes would be his go to tactic. Though it may not work at first since his girlfriend is used to his jokes and funny personality. So he may have to try a different method to cheer her up, he would try something like playing cards or taking her to a lake to skip stones. It may not sound that fun but oddly enough it would work, his girlfriend would be able to tell that Connie was concerned about her and he was trying to be serious about the issue. Connie would be a really good cuddler in these kind of circumstances too.

Levi: He’s not good with things like this, what was he supposed to do? He would rack his brain trying to think of what he could do to cheer her up, he may even ask Hanji or the cadets for suggestions. (though he would tell them not to breath a word about it) Even though he loves his girlfriend very much he can’t spoil her in terms of buying her something like a new dress or dinner or something like that. I can see Levi being more open in a sense that he would ask if she wanted to hold his hand or do more things together. He would tell a lot of poop jokes too.

Erwin: I can see Erwin being really cute in his attempts, he would give her a stack of paperwork to do which would piss her off at first but work is work so she would do it. As she gets through a few papers she would find little notes Erwin stuck to the documents, cute little messages like ‘I saw a pair of love birds this morning, it was you and I in the mirror’ or  ’I bet you were really angry with me when I gave you work, fooled ya didn’t I?’ He would also ask her little questions like which of the cadets are the cutest in her opinion or if he should change his hair style. Silly things like that would totally make her smile and once she gets to the last document the last note would read ‘I love you <3’

Mike: Since he has such a good sense of smell he may go for something that is pleasing to the senses, he would buy her a dessert he thought she would like and the best smelling flowers he could get his hands on. He would give his girlfriend lots of secret kisses making sure his whiskers tickled her each time so he could hear her giggle. Mike always has a naturally calming vibe about him so just having him hold her in his arms would do a lot of help. He may dote on her a little more then usually, offer to make her tea or coffee or if she needed anything. Just simple acts like that would improve any girls mood.

King Out of Narnia//An Edmund Pevensie Imagine

Anon said: hey, darling ! can you please do an edmund imagine where you two are best friends and his siblings set you two up ? and can it be set in our world ? thanks ! <3

Omg yes 


You jumped on your best friend’s back, making him stumble a few paces. He managed not to fall over and straightened up, laughing. “It’s good to see you too (Y/N).”

You jumped down and hugged the other Pevensie siblings. As much as you hated school, you were glad to see your friends again. “So, ready for another year back in hell?” you asked, rubbing your hands together. “Professor Dickbrains is already talking about homework. I heard him discussing it with the Headmistress.”

Edmund groaned. “I wish he could be like the other teachers and wait a week.”

“Like I told you,” you said. “Welcome to hell.”

“Hi Edmund!” you heard a squealy voice come from behind you. 

“Hi Macy,” Edmund said, dislike clear in his voice. Macy was, for lack of a better word, a bitch and she had been after Edmund since their first day here and her best friend had taken a liking to Peter.

“Alright, well I’m gonna go unpack,” you said, not wanting to have to interact with her. 

“I hope your sweaters didn’t tear from all the hairpins that you must have!” Macy said brightly, but clearly sarcastically. You could never be bothered to brush your hair. “Oh that’s right. You don’t have any because you’d rather behave like a boy.”

“Yeah well, at least I don’t look like one.” This wasn’t true, of course. Macy was gorgeous. Edmund and Peter tried to smother their laughter while Lucy and Susan smirked.

“There is a special place in hell for you,” Macy said, malice lacing her words.

“There is. It’s called the throne,” you said, flipping your hair and walking away, listening to Edmund and Peter completely lose it.

That night at dinner, you listened to Lucy and Susan tell you about their latest adventure in Narnia, smirking when Lucy told her about Caspian and Susan and watching Susan turn red.

“I’m so jealous you got to go. I never get to do anything exciting.” You pouted. “You met hot guys, you fought battles, and you defeated an army with one that was half their size.”

Lucy giggled. “We probably could have used you. You would have sassed Miraz to death in five minutes.”

You snorted. “What can I say? It’s one of the many wonderful things about me.”

“Edmund seems to think so,” Susan said quietly, making you choke on the bite of steak you were chewing.

Lucy smacked your back while you struggled to breathe. Your airway finally cleared and you sucked in a breath. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

“Oh nothing. Just that out brother is completely in love with you and you’re too oblivious to see it.”

You stared at the both of them while they tried to hide their smiles. “You’re full of it,” you snapped.

Lucy looked at you. “Whatever you say.”

You gathered up your books and walked away, your face heating up. There was no way he liked you. Maybe there was a tiny, tiny  possibility, but you couldn’t let yourself get your hopes up. You were hopelessly in love with him, and your stomach fluttered just thinking about him.

You groaned and flopped onto your bed, burying your face in the pillows. A small girl came running into the room, out of breath, and you sat up.

“Are you (Y/N)?” she panted.

“Yeah, why?”

“Susan says they need you out in the courtyard. As fast as you can." 

You ran out the door before she had even finished speaking. You came to a stop on the grass, right in front of the tree where the five of you usually met, expecting to see at least two people in tears. All you got was a very confused Edmund. "What the hell is going on?” you asked.

“I have the same question.”

You thought back to the conversation that you had had with Lucy and Susan at dinner and realized what was happening. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me,” you groaned. “I think I know what this is about.”

“Do tell.”

“I was talking about things with Lucy and Susan at dinner and they said some interesting things.”

Edmund’s face turned bright red. He knew exactly what you were talking about. “They weren’t supposed to say anything,” he moaned. “Oh, I bet I look like a right fool.”

“You really don’t,” you reassured him. 

“How? My sisters told you that I’m in love with you, how could I not look like a complete idiot?”

you raised an eyebrow. “They never said anything about you being in love with me.”

His face went from red to purple. “I meant…what I was trying to say…I got nothing.”

You grinned. “Shut up and kiss me, Pevensie.”


Oh my god that was terrible I am so sorry

Part 2

Touchin, Lovin part 2

To everyone who wanted a part two. Thank you for your suggestions. I bet you can’t see it coming. I got you all fooled. Don’t get mad though.

~Admin Kirsten

This is not a Smut sorry

Originally posted by jjungkook

Part 1

You sit in your cold room. No music playing just the rhythmic sounds of cars passing by outside.

You hadn’t spoken or seen Jungkook since that happened. Images of him trying to console that girl still play in your head. You wondered if she took him back. You wondered if you would have taken him back.

It’s been weeks since you’ve been dancing and have listened to a song. Although you can’t escape the melody of your everyday life. You can’t bear to listen to music without having to burst into tears at the events that happened.

You had called your dance teacher and told him that you were quitting the class. He had tried to talk you out of it. That it wasn’t fair to your partner, Jungkook. You couldn’t help but to let out a bitter laugh. As if your ‘partner’ played fair.

You slowly got up and started your daily routine. You didn’t focus as you put on clothes, made breakfast, and left the house. You finally snap back into reality as you walk down the street. You didn’t have a destination in sight. All you knew is that you needed to breathe. You couldn’t though.

Your mind still raced with unanswered questions and the hurt of knowing that he wasn’t faithful. You didn’t think you’d get over what happened not knowing those answers.

Eventually you found yourself in front of his door. It looked like any normal house, no fancy decorations, no extravagant markings. Just a regular house that held some memories inside. You weren’t sure if you wanted to relive those memories. Hesitantly you raise your hand to the door deciding on whether or not to knock. To find out why. To know if he was in pain also or not.

Standing there for what felt like ages you drop your hand and turn away from the door. Walking towards the street you are stopped by the door opening and a voice calling you. “Do I know you?” She asks you.

You turn to see the girl Jungkook had cheated on. You didn’t know how she would react or if she still remembered your face.

Clearing the frog from your throat you say, “We haven’t really been introduced. I’m Y/N.” You see pain flash across her face as you say your name. Pain that surely reflects your own. The hurt and betrayal. “I just came because I wanted some answers”, you continue and look away from her face guiltily.

“He cheated on me with you”, she states. “You didn’t know did you?”

“No”, you let a huge breath out. “I’m so sorry.”

“He’s gone. I’m sorry too”, she says. “I’m Nathalie.”

You nod and stand there not knowing what to do now.

“He said that he was going to break it off and leave anyways”, you hear her say. “He was going to leave me………. I don’t blame you, you know. I would take him back though, if I were you.”

“I wasn’t planning on it”, you tell her honestly. “Thank you for telling me. I wish you the best and I’m sorry.”

“I wish you the same. Goodbye”, she says as she gives you a sad smile and disappears inside the house.

You turn your back towards the house and memories and walk away. The farther away you walked the easier it was to breathe. You took in deep breaths after deep breaths.

“Y/N?”, a voice calls you and freezes you in place. Turning you see Jungkook. His warm chocolate brown eyes meet yours and for a second you loose yourself in them once again. Blinking you look at them again and they were just brown, no longer an illusion of something special.

“What do you want?” Your voice sounded harsher than you meant.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was going to end it with Nathalie, I swear”, he starts and opens his mouth again but you cut him off.

“You’re not worth my time to dwell on”, you state simply and take another look at him. How your mind had played a trick on you. Making him seem perfect all while cheating on you. His mouth shut with nothing else to say. Knowing that he had messed up and had lost you too. “I just wanted to know why.”

After a long pause he just answers with a “I don’t know.”

“Goodbye Jungkook”, you say and leave him standing there alone.

You didn’t get all the answers you wanted but enough to let you breathe and continue your life again.

Why do people cheat? What is their goal? To hurt people? Do they not care about the others that get hurt in the process?

Would you take the person back?

That last question you got your answer to. No you wouldn’t.

You pick up your phone and dial the number for your dance teacher. It rings twice before he picks up,

“Hey Y/N. Is everything alright. Are you going to continue class?”

“Yeah. I need a new partner though. Long story”, you tell him.

“No worries. I have someone that you are most likely to get along well with. Let me give you his number and you guys can talk.”

“Sounds great. What’s his name?”

“His name is Jimin.”


So hormonal Lily was incredibly difficult to take siriusly (see what I did there?), so these are the outtakes that stay hidden between gifs of me losing my shit, or jamming out to my background music. They get progressively more frightening, Sorry but I think they’re hysterical. 

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Grabs some rope* Lets practice knot tying David hold still

[David snickered a bit]

Do you really think I can be stopped by a single rope?! Ha! Fool. I bet you can’t even-
[The world swayed around him, making him stumble and eventually collapse onto the grassy floor.]

( M ! A  c o m p l e t e )

I bet you throw away your I love you’s like used tissues
kiss every girl taking them for the candy
you taste from their chapstick
I bet you tell them all the things they want to hear
and I bet they like it
I know I did
but you can’t fool us all
one day you’re going to trip up
walk into a ditch that won’t care for your charms
and all the girls you’ve ever held in your palms
all the hearts you’ve ever bared your teeth to
will be watching how you threw away every
good person that came to you like used tissues
love is not an expendable thing
and I am sorry for you if you think that it is.
—  For the boy who broke my heart and hers and hers and hers