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[Birdmen Crime AU Ficcy/Rememberpost] 

The first deal Fox made with him was for an oversized jacket he’d filched and his hand-me-down two-piece. It had been a secret pride of his mother’s, but an even more secret worry, that he was growing out of it. The arms were tight around his biceps and they rode up to mid forearm on the days he could tolerate the uncomfortable pull. Hadn’t it been for the impressive shoulder space, he probably couldn’t have put it through half the years it had managed. He knew his mother had been setting aside money to buy him a new one before…this, had stumbled in on her in the middle of counting quarters into the hatbox she hid under her bed. Despite its sparse-at-best usage, she liked him having nice, expensive, things.

This was why she’d bartered for extra shifts and less pay in exchange for having her manager’s son teach him piano lessons. So he could have long and elegant fingers like his father, not ungainly, short ones like herself. But that was a story for another day, and he doubted he’d recognize the suit if it socked him in the face.

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I bet you throw away your I love you’s like used tissues
kiss every girl taking them for the candy
you taste from their chapstick
I bet you tell them all the things they want to hear
and I bet they like it
I know I did
but you can’t fool us all
one day you’re going to trip up
walk into a ditch that won’t care for your charms
and all the girls you’ve ever held in your palms
all the hearts you’ve ever bared your teeth to
will be watching how you threw away every
good person that came to you like used tissues
love is not an expendable thing
and I am sorry for you if you think that it is.
—  For the boy who broke my heart and hers and hers and hers
Touchin, Lovin part 2

To everyone who wanted a part two. Thank you for your suggestions. I bet you can’t see it coming. I got you all fooled. Don’t get mad though.

~Admin Kirsten

This is not a Smut sorry

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Part 1

You sit in your cold room. No music playing just the rhythmic sounds of cars passing by outside.

You hadn’t spoken or seen Jungkook since that happened. Images of him trying to console that girl still play in your head. You wondered if she took him back. You wondered if you would have taken him back.

It’s been weeks since you’ve been dancing and have listened to a song. Although you can’t escape the melody of your everyday life. You can’t bear to listen to music without having to burst into tears at the events that happened.

You had called your dance teacher and told him that you were quitting the class. He had tried to talk you out of it. That it wasn’t fair to your partner, Jungkook. You couldn’t help but to let out a bitter laugh. As if your ‘partner’ played fair.

You slowly got up and started your daily routine. You didn’t focus as you put on clothes, made breakfast, and left the house. You finally snap back into reality as you walk down the street. You didn’t have a destination in sight. All you knew is that you needed to breathe. You couldn’t though.

Your mind still raced with unanswered questions and the hurt of knowing that he wasn’t faithful. You didn’t think you’d get over what happened not knowing those answers.

Eventually you found yourself in front of his door. It looked like any normal house, no fancy decorations, no extravagant markings. Just a regular house that held some memories inside. You weren’t sure if you wanted to relive those memories. Hesitantly you raise your hand to the door deciding on whether or not to knock. To find out why. To know if he was in pain also or not.

Standing there for what felt like ages you drop your hand and turn away from the door. Walking towards the street you are stopped by the door opening and a voice calling you. “Do I know you?” She asks you.

You turn to see the girl Jungkook had cheated on. You didn’t know how she would react or if she still remembered your face.

Clearing the frog from your throat you say, “We haven’t really been introduced. I’m Y/N.” You see pain flash across her face as you say your name. Pain that surely reflects your own. The hurt and betrayal. “I just came because I wanted some answers”, you continue and look away from her face guiltily.

“He cheated on me with you”, she states. “You didn’t know did you?”

“No”, you let a huge breath out. “I’m so sorry.”

“He’s gone. I’m sorry too”, she says. “I’m Nathalie.”

You nod and stand there not knowing what to do now.

“He said that he was going to break it off and leave anyways”, you hear her say. “He was going to leave me………. I don’t blame you, you know. I would take him back though, if I were you.”

“I wasn’t planning on it”, you tell her honestly. “Thank you for telling me. I wish you the best and I’m sorry.”

“I wish you the same. Goodbye”, she says as she gives you a sad smile and disappears inside the house.

You turn your back towards the house and memories and walk away. The farther away you walked the easier it was to breathe. You took in deep breaths after deep breaths.

“Y/N?”, a voice calls you and freezes you in place. Turning you see Jungkook. His warm chocolate brown eyes meet yours and for a second you loose yourself in them once again. Blinking you look at them again and they were just brown, no longer an illusion of something special.

“What do you want?” Your voice sounded harsher than you meant.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was going to end it with Nathalie, I swear”, he starts and opens his mouth again but you cut him off.

“You’re not worth my time to dwell on”, you state simply and take another look at him. How your mind had played a trick on you. Making him seem perfect all while cheating on you. His mouth shut with nothing else to say. Knowing that he had messed up and had lost you too. “I just wanted to know why.”

After a long pause he just answers with a “I don’t know.”

“Goodbye Jungkook”, you say and leave him standing there alone.

You didn’t get all the answers you wanted but enough to let you breathe and continue your life again.

Why do people cheat? What is their goal? To hurt people? Do they not care about the others that get hurt in the process?

Would you take the person back?

That last question you got your answer to. No you wouldn’t.

You pick up your phone and dial the number for your dance teacher. It rings twice before he picks up,

“Hey Y/N. Is everything alright. Are you going to continue class?”

“Yeah. I need a new partner though. Long story”, you tell him.

“No worries. I have someone that you are most likely to get along well with. Let me give you his number and you guys can talk.”

“Sounds great. What’s his name?”

“His name is Jimin.”

  • me texting my crush: I need to ask you something, and i want you to be completely honest with me. It might me a bit awkward with us after this but I really need to know how you feel. I've been keeping this question inside of me for as long as I can remember, and its hight time that I'm straight up with you. I need to confront you about it, and I hope it doesn't ruin the relationship we already have, but I don't know if there's any other way to get over it apart from asking you straight up, and it just isn't fair to me if you don't answer. So please, no matter what your opinion is, please answer 100% truthfully and honestly;do you know the muffin man?