i bet he's the yandere type

Mystic Yandere Shit [RFA]

Can you see that little hint in the name of the thing? It’s intented.

It may contain a bit of NSFW (not much though since I didn’t focus on… that aspect) and a bit more of angst, so be warned.

˙·٠•●♥ Zen ♥●•٠·˙

  • He always used to be a bit unfair about other people. You’ve seen him countless times talking to some women, most likely fangirls or actresses. He’d find your jealousy at those times incredibly cute and respect it, as you’re the only one he truly loves. Though, when it came to you talking with other men… He won’t take it easy, most likely threatening the guy to leave you alone in an over-protective manner you could eventually get used to. That’s what he wants after all - to protect you from all those beasts.
  • He doesn’t want you to leave his side. He will take you for rehaersals, sometimes seeming to not pay you too much attention as he’s, obviously, busy with his work. But he will keep his eye on you. Every time he hears you speak, he will focus on listening what you’re saying, even if he’s obviously not the one you’re talking to. Every person you’re talking to will be remembered by him and, you can be sure, he won’t be pleased if you actually talk to them more than absolutely necessary. He will always remind you to look at him and him only, no matter what he’s doing.
  • He’s extremely possessive, both in public and in private. Absolutely not ashamed of distinctly kissing you on a street or wrapping arms around you and glaring at everyone like a starving wolf “protecting” his prey. That’s what he’s became after all - an testy beast, whose only purpose is to claim you as his. If he feels like this, he will bite you, mark you in any way possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re in public, he will drag you to a blind alley to take you against a wall.
  • A yandere Zen is a violent sadist. He doesn’t mind you being hurt or scarred because of him, he’d obviously rather avoid scandals, but there will always be some excuses as to why your wrist is twisted or why there’s a bruise on your neck. His sadistic attempts are mostly sexual though, even during an argument he wouldn’t use force unless necessary. He will never hit you and your face may be only a bit bruised around your lips. He has a huge thing for bites, but not only gentle, romantical ones - he loves the vampire-like bites on your neck that make you vulnerable and too in-pain to even move. Every thing he does is to make you submit.
  • If you ever try or even sign that you want to leave, at first he will kind of laugh it off. But when he sees you’re stubborn, he will get quiet and cold, looking kind of depressed, he will sometimes snap at you to leave if you hate him so much. It’s not easy to leave him when he’s like this since he just looks too vulnerable… but if you actually try to, in an instant you’ll be either pinned down or tied to your bed, as the beast is awoken and ready to show you who you belong to.
  • The relationship with Zen evolves into him being somewhat kind and patient and you becoming indifferent towards what he does. The moment when you realize there’s no way out, he will soothe and comfort you, because he’ll notice that you finally gave up. He will just calmly convience you to submit to him. From now on, he will be gentle towards you and much more confident (and maybe even trustful?) toward you and your actions. This is the moment when you’re broken though and your will to fight has already vanished.

˙·٠•●♥ Yoosung ♥●•٠·˙

  • It all started innocently. He used to always ask you where you’re going, call you to make sure you’re all sound and safe. The questions and calls happened more and more often and at some point you could notice that you can’t move a single finger without his knowledge.
  • You know what “guilt tripping” means? Yoosung is the best at it. Are you trying to go somewhere on your own? “Don’t you want to spend time with me, MC?” Are you talking with some other guys? “You don’t love me anymore, MC?” He won’t tell you straight away to stay. But the saddness in his voice will make you stay anyway: you’ll always feel as if you’ve hurt him and you’re the only one to be blamed.
  • He’s highly manipulative in a relationship. He’s not the one to hurt you straight away, seeming rather submissive so that no one can actually tell anything against him. It’s more about emotional sabotage, he’ll wrap yourself around his finger and that’s the case - you won’t even know how quickly you’ve gotten into the spider’s web.
  • As every yandere, Yoosung is - obviously - jealous. He’s not the one to take you roughly on a street. In public places, he’ll always insist on you holding his hand, giving a clear hint that you’re already taken and no one should even try to talk to you. If that happens, he’ll at first look a bit insecure, but if he feels that it’s slipping out of his hands, he’ll start to complain about going home or things like this. He may just tell the guy in face that he should mind his own business and leave you alone. He won’t snap in public, but he’ll become very unpleasant.
  • As I said, he’s sub-like. When at home, he’ll fulfill all your wishes, making sure you’re always comfy and have not much to do, probably doing most of the chores. This way, he’ll feel free to say that he’s the best person you could be with. There’s no one that could be a better boyfriend, a better friend. He’s the only one you need, no excuses here.
  • If you’re trying to argue with him, he may get pretty angry. He’ll start with trying to guilt trip you and - if it somehow doesn’t work - he will eventually snap. He won’t be rough with you, but if he gets too mad, he will hit you - once and hard, so that you fall to the floor. He will obviously patch you up if needed, but only when he makes sure you’ve learned your lesson.

˙·٠•●♥ Jumin ♥●•٠·˙

  • He doesn’t have to be jealous. It’s more than obvious that you have no possibility to meet any other men anyway. A relationship with yandere!Jumin is quite obvious: he won’t let you out of his mansion. It’s actually like in his route: he will invite you to his place… and never let out. He’s going to keep conviencing you that you shouldn’t leave “right now”, but the “right now” thing will be carried on by weeks, until you realize that you’re not going to be let out anytime.
  • Jumin will most likely forget about Elizabeth 3rd. You’ll become his treasure no. 1. You can see a lot of respect and admiration in his words and composure, he will praise you and say how much he loves you. He will always want to be stay by your side like a guard angel.
  • It’s most likely that he will separate himself from the outside world. Depending on the degree of “addiction”, he may or he may not work at home. If Jaehee keeps pushing him, he can occassionally appear in the company, but most of his duties will fall onto her.
  • There’s that intriguing thing about Jumin that he tends to create his own reality. And so, it won’t be only “pretending” that you’re a cat: he’s ready to actually believe it. He will treat you like one and I don’t mean only having you wear a collar (with GPS, of course, it’s less likely to be taken off than anything else since he’s the one to keep the key). He will give you food in a silver bowl, making you crawl on the floor to get to it and eat without using your hands. He’s a perfect trainer, at some point making you actually believe that you’re a cat. It’s a strong psychological game of making you fall into his world and play along with his rules.
  • Jumin will probably treat you as if you’re unable to make choices on your own. As mentioned, any attempts to leave would result in him explaining that you can’t leave yet. The same would happen if you tried to reject his training. It’s incredibly difficult to make him lose control, but if he realizes that you’re not going to obey him, he will become awfully cold and lock you in a room/cage/dungeon (I bet he has one), not letting you out nor visiting for hours or even days, making you starve there until he’s ready to forgive you. And you better apologize properly.
  • He’s not a rough type. Even as a yandere, he can be subtle and gentle towards you. He will build the bond by giving you pleasure and either will he overhelm your senses with it or restrain you from it, expecting you to beg for it. His torture is a refined one. And to have a complete control over you is his major purpose.

˙·٠•●♥ Jaehee ♥●•٠·˙

  • She may not look like the one to be overly jaelous, but you can always see her glare at the boys that sometimes stare at you. At first she was only insecure about them, but at some point she started to feel kind of angry. She wasn’t a yandere to begin with - the nature will she develop in the relationship, and so she will slowly push the thing further, until she will actually kiss you roughly on a street to prove who you belong to.
  • Jaehee is aware of how attractive you are and that you can be found pretty by others. She’s almost scared that you’d leave her for a man (no matter if you’re actually gay or not) and she’ll always need to be ensured that you won’t. It’s a bit similar to Yoosung’s way, but not exactly. The emotional attachment will be a result of your good will and attempts to make her feel better. So she’ll wrap yourself around her finger, however it’ll be a result of your concern, that she will always use to bring you back to her.
  • The relationship won’t look unhealthy at first. She may build a strong bond between you two, but for a long time it will be really friendly and nice one. The things will change at some point, as she will start to actually control you. Unlike Yoosung, who started with controlling to make you attached, she will make you attached and then start controlling. 
  • She’s a busy person and so, she won’t spend as much time with you as she’d want. She’ll always want you to wait for her till she comes back from work, controlling your schedule to make sure you always do what’s planned. You won’t be even aware as to how much attention she gives to your plans. You’ll notice though, that every time you do something else than you should, she’ll instantly find you and patiently explain that you cannot ignore the schedule like this. She won’t let you explain yourself nor argue about this - she’ll treat you like a child who isn’t aware of what they should do and so they need to be taught.
  • Jaehee is surpsisingly dominant when it comes to your relationship. In a healthy one, she may be sub as well, but we’re talking about yandere thing and that’s the case: she will treat you as if you’re not mature enough to make choices on your own. And so, she’ll always make sure she’s the only one you can submit to, no way around.
  • She’s surprisingly patient, like a parent. She will calmly explain, if you’re doing something wrong. And if you at some point get angry, she will coldly keep stating what she thinks. She won’t use force on you though and so escaping her physically may be very easy… at least it would be, if she didn’t manage to convience you that you’re not ready to live on your own and she’s the only one that can take care of you so well.

˙·٠•●♥ Seven ♥●•٠·˙

  • You couldn’t even see it coming. Saeyoung, at first, is a stalker type of boyfriend. So as soon as you two start dating, he will observe your every single move. He will hack into all your devices and CCTVs in your neighbourhood, set cameras in all your rooms (bathroom too lol) and watch you 24/7.
  • He’s very good at hiding his actions. For a long time you won’t even notice how closely you’re observed. If you happen to not appear on his feed, he will call you straight away and cheerfully ask what are you up to. If he notices you may be in danger, he will come straight away, like a knight in a shining armour. He will be your guardian angel. And you won’t even realize when it turned into an abuse.
  • Saeyoung will become paranoid. At some point, camera feed won’t be enough and he will insist on having you around as often as possible, to the moment when he’ll make you stay at his place 24/7. He - being the Saeyoung we know - will seem to not pay you much attention when you two are together. He will see everything though. He will keep pushing you away, not caring much about what you do and not wanting to participate in it anyway. But he won’t let you out, you’re gonna be stuck with him and under his eye, even though he’s going to leave you even bore yourself to death.
  • Everything is for your safety. It’s obvious you can’t leave no matter what. If you try, he will either yell at you or just close the door so that you can’t leave even if you try to. He can lock you in his room or handcuff you to something so that he’s sure you won’t escape from him. He wants to be in charge and so, he will expect you to do whatever he tells you to, even if he won’t order you around too often. But if he tells you to eat, he expects you to eat. If he wants you to go to sleep, you have no choice but to comply. Because if you keep being stubborn, he may eventually snap. If he’s mad, he will yell at you, saying a lot of awful things. And if it goes too far, he’s also ready to hurt you physically: either hit you, push you roughly onto a wall, slap you… Apologizing him right away is the only way to make him calm down, because his wrath never lasts too long.
  • As the time passes, he’s going to be more paranoid and nervous. He will take over your life with force, expecting you to fulfill every single of his weird expectations. It may be to the point of him not letting you eat what you want and giving you what he wants you to eat. He’s the type of a person to destroy himself from inside, at some point his mental health eventually gives up. He’ll become unstable and distracted, snapping every time something goes not as planned.
  • His psyche at some point won’t be able to afford it, it’s just too much for him. He doesn’t understand what’s wrong with him, but he will carry on lying that he’s doing the best he can and that you’re happy. There are two possibilities as to how it may end: either he will become completely apathetic, devoid of feelings and eventually so depressed that all his actions will be only “mechanical”, he will actually stop caring about everything around. The other option is that he will become unstable to the point of deciding to take your lives as it’s too dangerous for you to carry on living. So he will kill you and then - himself.

It went a bit more angsty than planned.