i bet he wishes he could do that

So I am fucking angry.

What the hell is this? Huang Zitao has been filming 3 movies, various CFs and variety shows, holding a concert streamed live by 7 million people, attending fashion weeks,holding roadshows for his film promotions, releasing OSTs, topping the V Chart single sales with Adore, denying gender norms, holding Charity events, designing Tshirts and this is what gets reported? THIS is all he gets recognition for? CRYING?

He attended the film festival at Shanghai and walked the red carpet with Jackie Chan and I bet they won’t give a shit about his movie and report it as the possibility of a taoris showdown happening.

ALL of this is the reason why there is a general dislike among people about him. Nobody knows what he is doing and of all he is doing, THIS is what gets reported. Only bringing up more hatred, more mockery and more people sniggering at him for being a crybaby. 

He has grown so much as a person, I wish you could see that. I wish you could see the confident performances he gave at his concert. I wish you could see how dedicated he is towards CPop and how he always wants his fans to be proud of him. I wish you all saw the fearlessness in his eyes when facing the interviewers that try to take him down in everytime or how happy he gets when people appreciate his music. I wish you all felt how emotional he got when he talked about the support he got from his cast members and the love he had for BoXuan. I wish you knew he returned the money given to him by his fans while he was on a variety show, I wish you appreciated the fact that he is not afraid to show his respect for Luhan when he went to watch his movie on the only holiday he got in weeks. I wish you saw how much he really loves his mother and his family. I wish you understood that the wealthy cars and the watches he posts on Instagram are not to show off but because he really treasures them cause he bought them from the money he earns. I wish you appreciated his cheeky side when he tells haters that” he doesnt give a shit anymore”,holds competition for the best memes on him and frankly states on air that he is not a routine virgin plastic idol everyone expects him to be.I wish you heard him say “Love between two girls is not wrong” and “I like wearing girl’s clothes, but I rarely find my size”. 

Huang Zitao is so easily to misunderstand, so easy to hate- because he is like anyone of us, awkward, shy and quiet around new people, loud and cheeky around ones he gets comfortable with, whining and lazy at doing tasks, getting emotionally attached easily, constantly fighting negativity and people judging him, determined to prove himself , knowing his own faults, afraid and nervous at times, loving his mother to death, clicking thousands of selfies with his dog, moody, self conscious,cracking bad jokes,being sassy #sweg, loving new clothes, hating bugs, hating rumors….he is everything-he is infinite dimensional.

He is totally not a perfect person… because he is always the way he is and does not live his life just to please others. I am sorry if he does not fit the image you have of him.I am sorry if you are still sulking over him leaving. I am sorry if you did not like the Sina interview. I am sorry if you can’t respect him “the way you respect Kris and Luhan”. I am sorry if you are disappointed. But if you don’t really know what he is about and yet hate him, I am sorry for you.

As for Koreaboo,to whosoever is running this “news site”, either do not report “important news” like this or do not report about him at all. Ztao doesn’t need your sneering comments or your sympathy votes.He does not need this cheap publicity. He is doing fine on his own.

do you ever just remember that obi-wan and satine both had to mourn each other’s deaths?

obi-wan’s “death” wasn’t literal, of course– he faked his demise so he could go deep undercover as a bounty hunter. but they held a funeral for him, probably publicly announced his death. and who do you bet was one of the first to know he was killed? satine. they don’t really linger on her presence at his funeral (which is a damn shame), though what’s really noticeable is her crying. most of the people in the room are pretty stoic and handle their pain quietly.

but satine is there openly weeping and mourning him. she’s heartbroken, and I really wish they would have touched upon her reaction more than just that little moment. because I feel like that would have made her own death have even more impact than it already did, ya know?

she’s lying there as the life drains out of her, and it’s ironic that the man she once thought to be dead is the one holding her. there’s nothing obi-wan can do now just as she couldn’t back then. it’s already melancholic and terrible seeing satine die. but now, obi-wan gets a sense as to what she felt when he “died”.

there are no resets or rewinds this time, and when satine is gone, she’s really, truly gone. and any hope obi-wan had in that moment died with her.

Broken Foot
Raph: I never thought I’d say this, but I wish Donnie were here.

Mousers Attack!
Raph:  Okay, I admit it. I wish Donnie were here. I bet he could find a way to get these things off our tail. 

Raph, you butt. You had to say it before and I can promise, you’ll have to say it again. Even if you’re just trying to figure out how to program the VCR. Can someone, somewhere in that show start appreciating Donnie for EVERYTHING THAT HE DOES?

Unlock Your Headset

ALRIGHT, ive had some intense writers block, i am not sure how i feel about this, but i wanted to do a theatre au, so here it is haha, i hope you guys like this, i know its short, and im sorry about that. also, im pretty sure most of this is self explanatory, but if there is like a theatre term you dont know, dont be afraid to ask!

“They look absolutely hilarious” Jack said over his head set, as he leaned against the wall. His other friends chuckled to agree. Their theatre was a week from show, and these actors still didn’t know a dance crucial to the show. 

“you should see how they look from here” John laughed from the booth.

“Man, I wish, I bet they look hilarious” Jack looked up from ground to see an actor standing in front of him, not just any actor, Mark. He always got the leads, for good reason, he could sing, act, and dance really well, basically everything an actor needs. 

Jack stopped laughing and went to his serious props head mode. 

“what do you need?” Jack asked looking the boy in eye, which wasn’t difficult considering that they were similar in height. 

“were you just making fun of us?” Mark asked

“and if I was?” Jack retaliated bitterly

“I’d tell you to quit the tough act, because everyone here knows you are actually insanely sweet” Jacks mouth dropped open, did the incredibly cute actor just compliment him? Jack quickly composed himself.

“and I’d tell you to ask your question before I don’t want to deal with you” 

“well, I was going to ask about one of my props, but it seems like you have better things to do” Mark began to walk away and Jack didn’t care much until the evil words slipped out of that boys mouth “I’ll just ask the director…” Mark knew what he was doing, nobody wanted to have to hear the wrath of the director for not doing your job.

“NO, get over here” Mark giggled as he walked over “what do you need?” 

“well, I could ask you here, but as you can see” Mark motioned around the theater ”rehearsal is over”. Jack looked around, and he was right, everyone was gone, except techies. “so what do you say we go to buffalo wild wings and have this conversation there?” thankfully, the lights were dim backstage so Mark couldn’t see his florescent pink cheeks

“uh, yeah, okay” Jack looked down to take off his headset when he noticed the constant red light. “shit” Jack spoke under his breath. “was I really locked this whole time?” Jack questioned annoyed he suddenly heard everyone over headset begin to burst into laughter.

“have fun on your date, Jack” John decided to pitch in.

“it’s not a date!” Jack exclaimed

“I’d beg to differ” Mark added 

“you would think you would have unlocked yourself by now..” the stage manager laughed, “Jack, go have fun, we have everything taken care of here”

“okay, Jack off headset” he spoke into the mic, finally unlocking himself and taking the headset off. 

“okay, I’m good to go” Jack said

“well, good, lets go” Mark said as he slipped his fingers into Jacks hand.

does anyone else think that when Jack does a video of him opening the stuff he got at Insomnia, he should do it with Wiishu? or at least have her in the video for a few seconds?

she’s such a cool person and I wish we could get to know her more and see her in his videos. i bet she’d make them even more awesome!

or, she should just do videos with Jack for her own channel. :D

this is just something that popped into my head while listening to Jack talk about when the stuff will arrive and such. i’m sorry if my suggestions are bad ;A;

He Loses A Bet *4/4


“20 seconds left! Your ass is going down!”, Michael yells out at you. “You wish! And… YOU LOSE.”, you shout. You stand up and do a little victory dance. You had bet Michael that could kill more zombies than he could in this video game he has. “You suck balls.”, Michael says. He tosses his controller to the side. “So what do I have to do?”, he asks in a dreading voice. “Hm. Since you lost, you have to go streaking down the street!”, you giggle at his crazy facial expression. “But there’s people out there!.”, he says to you. “Well then I suggest you run fast.”, you wink at him. A couple of minutes later the two of you were outside. Michael had a towel wrapped around his waist and you had for phone out ready to record it. “One.. Two.. Three! Go! Go! Go!” Michael drops the towel and starts running as fast as he can while showing his snow white butt to the world. You followed behind him and watched as people stared in shock and little kids laugh. Michael turned a corner and stayed there until you caught up. “Okay I did it. Can I have my towel now?”, he asks. “Um, Michael, I kind of forgot it back at the house.”, you say, holding back a laugh. He quickly realizes that that means he has to walk all of the way back naked. “I hate you, y/n. So very much.”, Michael says. He playfully shoves you as he starts his walk of shame.


After bickering with Calum over how athletic or not you were, the two of you decided to go to the park and whoever scored the most goals got to make the loser do whatever the winner chooses. The two of you went to the park and set boundaries where the goals would be. After a pretty intense hour, you had won 7-4. You were pretty sure he let some of your goals slip because of the sweet boyfriend he was but you ignored that because you won. “So babe, what are you going to make me do?”, Calum said walking up to you. He wraps his arms around your waist. “Well, ya know, I’m pretty tired from kicking your butt. I think I’m going to make you give me a piggy back ride. All the way home.”, you tell him while smiling up at him sweetly. “But y/n I’m tired too.”, he says attempting to make a puppy dog face. You give one of those looks that always leads you to getting your way. “Fine. Anything for you princess. Hop on.”, he bends down and you jump onto his back. He holds your thighs tightly and starts walking home. “I love you, Cal.”, you say kissing his cheek. “Yeah, yeah.”, he says, obviously not enjoying this little walk.


“My bullets! They won’t reload!”, you hear Luke cry out. You find him behind the couch trying to shove Nerf bullets into a gun. “I’ve got you know, Hemmings! Surrender or face death!”, you yell out and point your Nerf gun gun towards him. “Hit me with your best shot, baby.”, Luke says before you pelt him with bullets. You scream a battle cry and Luke lays down pretending to be dead. You sit on his stomach and straddle him. You slipped his phone out of his pocket and went to twitter. Luke felt you get his phone and sat up as much as he could with you still on him. “Y/n, what are you doing?”, he asks. “You lost the battle so now the winner chooses what the loser will do.”, you answer. “Okay and what is this loser going to do?”, he questioned you. “Well according to your most recent tweet, you are madly in love with Calum and have been since you were 13.”, you say slyly. “You suck.”, he tells you. “Maybe, but you know you love me.”, you tell him. “And you are lucky I do.”, he says leaning up to kiss you.


“The whole jar?”, your boyfriend, Ashton, asks you. “The whole entire jar. Loser has to do something embarrassing that the winner chooses.”, you tell him. “This is a hell of a lot of peanut butter.”, Ashton says as the two of you open up your jars of peanut butter and get your spoons ready. “Are we doing this in a certain amount of time?”, Ashton asks you. “No, it’s just whoever finishes a whole jar of peanut butter first wins.”, you answer. You count to three and the two of you go at it. The whole time the two of you ate was hilarious. Mouths getting mushed closed, no eligible words coming out, and weird laughs. After a little while, you scraped the last bit of peanut butter from your jar. You slammed down the jar and threw your hands up in the air. “Looks like you are about to face public humiliation.”, you announce. “Public? I was hoping we would just be doing something around here.”, Ashton says. You could tell he was nervous about what you were going to make him do. A half hour later you had Ashton squeezed into a tight, short, sparkly pink dress. “I can’t believe you’re making me do this.”, he said. “It’s only because I love you. Now lets go shopping.”, you say smiling. The next hour is spent with the two of you shopping for different things and him being laughed at. “You know, even though everyone is laughing, I think I look pretty damn hot.”, Ashton says as he continued to strut around.

follow my best friend. she’s new to the tumblr scenes and writes similar stuff that I do (forever-chaotic)




  • i missed the first three minutes because my stream cut out but the frankenstein people make me feel dirty so it’s cool (don’t have a good outlook for u sad nerd dude i saw for 3 seconds. sorry ur family suxxxx)
  • weeps gently at sad charlie montage and waves lighter in the air
  • CAS IS THE CUTEST FISH AT LEAST. bring on the fish meta
  • aw, you winchesters and ur sneaky trickses
  • CROWLEY GETTIN THAT BULLET ALREADY i feel like this episode has gone so fast. maybe that 3 minute memory lapse
  • gee i bet at certain parts of this ep dean wishes he could do actual demony things because that would make everything so much easier
  • dean threatening becoming a demon is ridiculously attractive??? but that dr would have 30 layers to cut through anyway, so
  • i s2g if this dirty steyn–stein..franken..if these nasty nastersons hurt my precious bunker i will go full crowley like–theY WENT THROUGH DEAN’S ROOOOOOOOOOOOm
  • sorry nasteins (see guys i figured this out) u went thru dean’s room and that irked me, rip–oh look cas! :D

BUT HEY death is back!!!!!! YAAASSSSS


I bet Bellamy worries so much about Clarke in those three months. We can see it in the little things, his little mannerisms this episode. It’s in the way he shakes his head when Indra explains how everyone is after Clarke’s power, closes his eyes in brief pain and frustration at the thought. I bet he does that all the time: Whenever someone at camp mentions something related to Clarke, wonders aloud how she’s doing, it leaps out at him again and he closes his eyes for a second and his jaw sets as he tries to regain composure. Because the truth is although he’s angry he worries about her more than anything else. He’s been in this special brand of hell for three months. But she left; and sometimes he almost wishes he could’ve gone with her, if only to make sure she would be okay, but there’s too many more responsibilities that have to take priority back at camp. And so he can’t do one damn thing about it. At least, until “it’s about Clarke.”

And suddenly his heart is racing at the urgency in Indra’s tone, his eyes widen, his face is still a mask as always; but suddenly there’s only one priority in his mind.

“What about her?”

You all are complaining about Bennett but I bet you anything he left so he could get a different job so he and Daya could be together in the open then you all will be like he did all that for her that was soo cute I wish someone would do that for me and I’ll be like yall be doing some two faced shit just wait till next season