i bet he was happy when it was over

OH, I forgot to reminisce about a good thing yesterday! The one part I really love from that Ellen interview:

Louis cannot RESIST, this felt like a snippet of the endless commentary on Harry that Louis is always holding back…

You know something is a favored story for them when it includes hand motions. Look at how happy Louis is demonstrating the legs, he’s loving thisssss

I bet they’ve been through this many times before. Liam is like “yeah, good one”, Niall still thinks it’s beyond hilarious but Louis is really invested in the analysis and telling of the story. God, I bet they laughed but this flooring mishap must have killed Louis a bit, right?? This is a man who enjoys kicking water bottles out of way so Harry doesn’t trip over them.

Louis has ENDLESS commentary about this, ajsdfjjk, second watch through… time for Louis to go in depth

ZOOMED IN ON HIS POINTING IS EVEN WORSE!!  He’s like “wait wait this is my favorite bit!!” Whyyy does he make even Harry falling seem like the most brilliant thing. That he did well somehow, he looks so proud! He loves him so much, it’s incredible.

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You wouldn't have any headcanons about Clarisse and Chris Rodriguez, would you?

Thanks for sending an ask!!! I’m always happy to take requests, so I wrote some headcanons for you!! :) I hope you like them!

  • Clarisse is very overprotective of Chris
  • And by that I mean that if anyone mentions the fact that Chris was on Kronos’s side in a way that blames him, or brings it up against him, she will not be happy 
  • Chris feels constantly guilty for the fact he went over to Luke’s side initially, and he’s told Clarisse that 
  • Everyone’s quite surprised by their relationship? Like constantly?
  • When they first start going out everyone makes bets on how long they’re going to last
  • Everyone loses, because no one thought they’d be going so strong after all this time 
  • They go to Phoenix together for university, and Clarisse hides it, but she’s super, super excited
  • She finally gets the chance to be normal and be with her boyfriend and it’s everything she wasn’t sure she’d get
  • Needless to say, Chris balances her in any social situation 
  • He makes sure she’s not too aggressive, but she also makes sure he doesn’t remain too shy, because a lot of the time Chris isn’t great at introducing himself to new people
  • One of the things that surprises people the most is how unfazed Chris is whenever Clarisse gets angry or basically starts acting like a typical Ares kid, loud and brash
  • Chris doesn’t even react, but he’s also a match for Clarisse (that’s one of the reasons they work so well together) 
  • Clarisse doesn’t like to share her insecurities, so she doesn’t tell anyone she hates the big house, hates going there now
  • It all stems from that time when Chris was insane, and she had to look after him in there… going to that room brings it all back
  • Chris never says anything, but he notices, and he’ll try and make sure they avoid the big house as much as possible 
  • Every year, in the summer, comes the anniversary of Silena’s death. Clarisse always gets super moody and temperamental at these times, trying to deal with her emotions, and it’s only Chris who can calm her down
  • They have a spot in the woods where they kissed for the first time, some time after Dionysus cured Chris of his madness
  • It becomes their favourite spot, and the best thing about it is that no one knows about it (or at least, that’s what they think. Don’t tell them that one time Percy Jackson saw them holding hands there.)
  • Chris wants to become a better fighter, and Clarisse agrees to teach him
  • Chris actually becomes pretty good 
  • Every so often when they’re placed on opposite teams for capture the flag, things become intense
  • They both want to win, and so they’ll try their hardest, just because, why not? 
  • Clarisse usually comes out on top due to the fact that she’s got the might of the Ares cabin behind her
  • But one time Chris spends ages planning the ultimate strategy (he had Annabeth’s help, but don’t tell anyone), and trains for weeks 
  • Sure enough, he wins, and he personally disarms her 
  • He winks at her 
  • “Don’t take it too personally,” he says. “I learnt from the best” 
  • That’s the moment Clarisse realises how much she loves this idiot 

Feel free to send a request for a fic/headcanons!! :D

I bet Daryl is going to be so over the moon when Carol saves everyone’s asses once again. I bet it’s going to be like the Terminus reunion times one hundred. Because he’ll probably be like, “you came back to me” and that will be so huge for him, that Carol would come to him. I think he’ll be so happy that he won’t know what to do with himself. He will stare at her with his heart in his eyes, and will represent the entire Carol fandom with his love for her. I believe.

Lost the bet.

Pairing : Reader x Dean
Author : Mel
A/N : because it’s funny.

“Fucking Sam, and his stupid fucking bets…” Dean grumbled as he waited. Dean had started the prank war, and Sam had called the bet. Sam won the war, and this was his punishment. And Dean was not fucking happy about it.

He didn’t have to wait long before he heard the bunker door open, and shut again. He took a deep breath, then grumbled as he bent over getting ready. “I hate you Sam.” He mumbled to himself. He was on his hands and knees on your bed, and when he heard the door open behind him, he did what he had to.

“Dean!?” You were in shock.

Charlies laughter rang out next to you. “Oh my god I am so happy I made this trip!” You heard the tell tale sound of her phone starting to record before she spoke, but when Dean heard her voice, he froze and turned.


“Hiya Dean.” She grinned, still recording. “I like your giant googly eyes.”

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU SAM!” Dean yelled, knowing his brother was just down the hall.

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Happy Halloween! 


Wash’s Halloween costume was Designed SECONDS after Church’s Villan costume, this was the SOUL reason I wanted for Chruch to be a Disney fanboy. I’m not Joking when I said this has been in the works for months 

Tex wasn’t even supposed to be in this, but Everything in me had to Put her an Ursula Costume to torture Church, I bet he couldn’t even get her to watch the little mermaid with him, let alone play out a Fantasy of his.

Tucker is wearing A jacket over his Slutty Texas costume cause as we all know slutty costumes are Freezing.

Junior went as Wash.

Cabooses is going to follow Wash around for a Week confusing him for Church.

Church will wake up Junior, feed him a shit ton of candy and Put on the Little mermaid, which Junior at this point which junior considers scary since the amount of times he has been subjected to it, makes him consider the movie Torture.

Did anyone actually ever stop to think about the fact that when Rhodey finds Tony in the desert, that that is the first time Tony learns that Rhodey is still alive? That he did not get his best friend killed?

I bet Tony was beating himself up about that in the cave over and over again. And then Yinsen died, also for him, and that must have been so much worse, knowing he is the second good person in three months to die for or because of Tony.

And then he manages to escape, and he sees the helicopter, and he doesn’t even dare to hope; it’s been too long and Rhodey is long gone anyway, but then he’s there and he’s snarking at him like always and Tony is just so damn relieved that his best friend is still alive.

I’m bummed and frustrated so I’m gonna talk about bensnavi to make myself feel better. So please consider the following:

  • Benny and Usnavi are trying to keep their relationship a secret, but everyone already knows. E v e r y o n e
  • People are taking bets about when they’re going to come out or who is going to walk in on them first
  • It’s Sonny and he can’t look them in the eyes for DAYS (He makes out with Graffiti Pete in front of Usnavi as revenger)
  • (So I ship Sonpete bite me)
  • In an AU where Abuela is still alive (or just pre-canon idk) Usnavi takes Benny over and they all have dinner together and Benny is super nervous and Abuela is just so happy for Usnavi 
  • and then she tries to ask something dirty and Benny chokes on his water and Usnavi freaks out 
  • Just. Benny and Usnavi swapping clothes and Usnavi’s shirt is a perfect fit on Benny because of how baggy his clothes are and Usnavi is just drowning is Benny’s outfit. (Bonus if Benny steals Usnavi’s hat to “complete the outfit”)
  • Benny hates getting up in the morning so Usnavi always has to bribe him with kisses and promises of food. 
  • On the rare occasions Benny does get up first, he makes killer pancakes (courtesy of this hc to @endangeredtreealligator)

Feel free to add to this yourself (with other ships too I love every ITH ship from bensnavi to nina/benny and usnavi/vanessa to even nina/vanessa)

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Ash! Happy new year! I'm trying to play catch up with this awesome fandom and I just scrolled and saw what your dream/hope for the upcoming Richonne scene. And maaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. When Andy do all that? His stroke in the first gif 👀🔥 girl if we get any groping, thrusting, sucking, biting, ass smacking I will probably spontaneously combust. I also your ending to The One With the Bet was so damn fun and sexy! The characterization of a playful Richonne. Their banter, just all of it! Loved it. ❤

Hey babydoll, Happy New Year! 😘 And welcome back to the dumpster!

Listen, Andy has been gettin’ it in over there in England (he wasn’t kidding when he said he liked being naked), and praise the lord for it. I don’t know who at TWD keeps telling him to put his clothes on (and he was told in S1 that they weren’t allowed to thrust), but here’s hoping the sex-on-TV gods bless us with even a little bit of all that come March 5th. 😄Even though it’ll 100% kill me, at least it’ll be a happy death!

And thank you! I took so long to finish that story, I’m surprised anyone even read it, haha. But I must say, it was extreeemely fun to write. 🤓

Dating Johnny Seo

(I seriously could have made this 80 page long)

-Lots of hand holding
-LOTS of kisses. Especially on the forehead just for no reason other than that you make him happy
-sometimes he makes you work for kisses, watching you struggle at the height difference.
-he will smirk, the more frustrated you get
-and right before you give up, he grabs your face with his hands giving you a nice long proper kiss
-he has you saved in his phone as “dumb girlfriend <3
-“I bet I can fit more chicken nuggets in my mouth than you.”
“Bring it on”
-When he snuggles you, he loves to lay on his side and throw a long leg over you and bury his face in your neck
-falls asleep that way a lot
-texts you “Can we get a puppy?”
-Also texts you “too late” after you say no
-so many selfies together
-but then he zooms in on your face and laughs
-slow dances with you when his favorite slow songs come on.
-no matter if it’s in the bedroom or in the kitchen when you’re cooking together
-and he likes to sing along quietly while doing so
-always smacking your butt when he walks by
-and in public
-LOTS of goofing off together.
-probably steals your french fries when you’re not looking
-throwing m&m’s and popcorn at each other when you’re having movie night at home and it gets boring
-he ends up lunging at you pinning you down when you stuff a handful down his shirt
-but then the snack fight turns in to a nice makeout sesh on the couch
-even though he’s always loud and goofy, when you’re having a bad day, he loves to hold you
-he wraps you up tightly in his arms stroking your hair and listening to you talk
-or just enjoying the silence together
-not the best advice giver, and most of the time doesn’t know what to say but he’s always there when you need him
-gets petty when you laugh at his dumb (and frequent) freestyle raps
-“NO NO. It’s FINE. I’ll just….give up my career”
-he pouts until you shower him with praises and feed him
-calls you kitten when he’s not calling you something like “memelord” or “short stuff”
-tells you how much Ten loves him more than you do when you disagree to something.
-“Lets have pizza tonight”
“I dont really want pizza”
-“Ten would never treat me this way”
-and you end up having pizza
-with ten
-and johnny abandons you to snuggle ten on the couch
-but gets slightly possessive when any of the other members get too handsy with you
-there would never be a dull moment with johnny


Okay so I have this headcanon about Buckynat.. In Captain America Winter Soldier, before Natasha gave over Bucky’s Soviet file to Steve, she removed everything that was inside that was about her so he wouldn’t have to find out she had a past with his best friend from some piece of paper. And I bet Nat kept those papers about them, and reads them frequently, when she misses him and wants to be reminded of the happiness he gave her all those years ago.

by: anonymous


“A puppy!” your daughter squeeling in happiness made a bright smile spread on both your faces, but Dean mostly.

“Thank you daddy! It’s the best gift eve’” she smiled widely up at the green-eyed man, their smiles exactly the same; making you let a small giggle of your own.

“No problem princess. You deserve it” he chuckled, ruffling her hair as she giggles. Her small hands extended to hug him just slightly and just as she pulled away her whole attetnion was again on her newlly-found friend.

Her giggles and feats of laughter were the only thing that could be heard in the entire house as the small puppy had jumped on her and was licking her entire face. It was adorable to see even that their size was pretty similar. With (y/d/n) having just a few inches over in height.

“No Sammy! No!” her squeals made you giggle along with her.

“Well, I bet uncle Sammy is gonna be really happy when he finds out” Dean said with a bright grin and a chuckle leaving his lips.

“Oh certainly” you nodded your head with a deep chuckle of your own.

Dean looked at you and placed a soft kiss on your forehead.

“Merry Christmas baby” he whispered, and you looked down at his hands to see the gift he was holding.

“For me?” you smiled, taking it.

“Sure it is” he nodded his head with a proud smile.

“Let’s see what we’ve got this year” you smirked at him and he rolled his eyes at you in irritation.

“I’ve hadn’t had much like the previous years, ok, but I know I got this right this year.” he said almost proudly of himself.


“Yeah!” he insisted, glacing for a second at your daughter playing chase with her small friend “Besides-” he leaned in closer to your ear so that you could feel his hot breath “I’ve got a second one for later that I know you will certainly like” he whispered in an incredibly low and husky voice.

A smirk immediately spread on your lips as well “Why, Mr. Whinchester are you implying what I think you are?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t know, Mrs Winchester. Am I?” he smirked.

“Are you trying to seduce me or something?”

“Maybe” he shrugged inoccently.

“You look retty full of yourself huh?”

“Well, she is here so that means that I may have an effect on you” he smirked, motioning with his head to Mary.

“Indeed, but about that… You see, maybe you’d want to open your present as well. Then you’ll get your answer”

This actually caught Dean by surprise as he raised an eyebrow at you but did as told nontheless. It was a somewhat small box and as he open it he realized there was no need for a bigger one. Or for any kind of other gift for that matter other than what he had now in his hands.

“Daddy, what’s that?” your daughter’s voice was heard as she looked with a tilted head at the gift Dean was holding.

Dean smiling widely looked at her “It’s gift from mommy, sweetheart. One for the both of us”

“One for me too?” she asked with a small frown.

The puppy came closer, it sniffled th ‘gift’ and started barking at it. Not being able to understand what it was. Not that your daughter did either.

“Yeah. Only that we’ll have to wait for a few months to get this one” he almost breathed out.


“Yes, about eight to be exact” you could not help but smile widely although she did still frown like the puppy itself.

But you and Den did know very well what this gift was. What it meant.

Just what a positive pregnancy test could only mean.

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What about an incubation that makes Dash uncharacteristically happy? Like smiling 24/7, skipping around even when his belly starts hanging low. Like he feels borderline drunk with happiness and Harvey is so freaked out because it's so not Dash, even Cora keeps a constant eye on him because he actually starts talking about his feelings and giggling all the time. I bet Harvey records him all the time for future blackmail and just to laugh at when it's all over

Mmkay I LOVE the thought of Harvey and Cora freaking out while Dash is on Cloud 9 because it clashes so much with his normal personality.

Dash: Cora.

Cora: …Yeah?

Dash: *cradling his enormous belly like it’s the best thing since sliced bread* I don’t tell you this enough… but you look SO beautiful today. I mean, your hair! Your eyes! Everything! You’re incredible. :))



Hannibal Lecter & Clarice Starling’s (First) Wedding

They knew it would never be legally binding, but that was just one more thing to laugh about. Hannibal was happy to give Clarice one last taste of structure and tradition. She wore silk, and he put an emerald on her finger. Their only witness was the priest. After the ceremony, they went out for dinner and dancing, and when they returned to their townhouse, they shared champagne and sweets and danced on their terrazza under the Florentine moonlight.

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I just think solo liam is near. He need all the support he can get. Showing support to Zayn right now maybe can get Zayn fans support him too. Im sorry. I just hate the timing when all this time he ignored Zayn. Maybe he sincere maybe smart move from him but im not gonna get over excited over this.

I feel like if you don’t like Liam then this is how you gonna think but at the end of the day no matter if you like Liam or not, he still means a lot to Zayn - just see how many times he mentioned his name during his paper interviews and they were the closest in the band. I bet it made Z happy and his happiness is the most important. And idk about you, but it makes me laugh bc all those L stans who hate Zayn must feel stupid right now😂 but its Zayn’s birthday today so I only wanna talk about positive things and just be happy that 24 years ago my fave person was born 😊


And till today I can’t get over Yoonmin sweet moment on Yoongi’s birthday when Jimin went through the box of snacks with written stickers that Yoongi made and found one with “Don’t lose weight”. He was so happy and said “Yeah I don’t need to lose weight from now on” and I found it cute that Jimin ate the cookie and stick the sticker on his chest ~ I bet he kept that sticker too ^^ and just look at Yoongi’s face !! He’s blushing 😊 #Yoonmin

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Can I get a ship? I'm 5'0, I have dark brown eyes, I have dark brown hair that reaches the back of my waist. I really love listening to Rap/Hip-Hop, but J Cole is definitely my number one. I'm a moody person when I don't get my coffee in the morning but other than that I always try to be positive and happy. I play basketball, volleyball and track. I have OCD so everything has to be neat & I love to write tbh. In all honesty I'd prefer to watch NJPW over any WWE show any day. 😩😩

I ship you with AJ Styles - although you have differing music tastes you two are very similar in your athletic aspects and i bet he’d love to come and watch you play sport. Also you two could sit and talk about his times in NJPW and watch it together ~ Moxxii

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Request: “Die A Happy Man”, by Thomas Rhett - Chibs Imagine

Request: If you know the song can you do an imagine with Chibs based of Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett?

Originally posted by samcroimagines

It was morning, the alarm sounded waking me up for another day. I groaned and hit the button to turn it off. I opened my eyes and touched the other side of the bed, hoping to find my husband, but he wasn’t there.

“Really Filip?”, I sighed, getting up. I turned the light on and creased my brow when I saw an envelope over his pillow. I opened it and recognized Filip’s handwriting. I sat on bed, legs under my body and started to read it. 

My love,

Happy Anniversary, I bet you thought I forgot, but I had been thinking about it since last week. I can’t believe one year already passed since our wedding day. That was the best night of my life love. You were so gorgeous in your wedding dress, your hair falling down your back so I could ran my fingers through it while we danced.

Do you remember it? We made a toast and our music was on for our first dance as husband and wife. Jesus! Your eyes were sparkling when you looked up at me and I swear, I wasn’t listening one single word Marvin was singing. Then started to rain. I had told you it was crazy to marry in September, cold already creeping in, but you insisted. Everybody ran inside, but you just laughed and held me, told me to keep dancing. I still don’t know how we didn’t get sick, I guess it was God blessing our wedding. 

Baby, last night was hands down
One of the best nights
That I’ve had no doubt
Between the bottle of wine
And the look in your eyes and the Marvin Gaye
Then we danced in the dark under September stars in the pourin’ rain

I still remember the first time I saw you. Wendy had brought you to the clubhouse, to her birthday party and you were wearing a red dress. It was simple, showing just enough skin to get on my knees. I swear to you, I felt in love right there. You smiled and talked to everybody while I was feeling like a teenager again, thinking how to get closer to you. The boys teased me all week because I had a grin on my face all the time, thinking about our date.

I thought you were a goddess in that red dress, but Love… That black dress you wore in our first date took my breath away. I saw your beautiful legs and my hands itched to touch them. I was trying to be a gentleman, but that cloth embraced all your curves so perfectly. All I wanted to do was to get out of that restaurant and have you in my bed.

I knew you were Wendy’s friend and already knew about the club, but I was afraid you would run. I was falling for you and just the thought of seeing you leave… Love, it was enough to drive me insane. You stayed and I couldn’t believe. You said yes and that was beyond my dreams, it was too good to be true. It was good Love, it is good.

I thank God every day for having you in my life. A strong woman who stays by my side through everything and still is able to be sweet and be my safe heaven. The woman who sets my body, my soul on fire. I tell you I love you every day, but I’m not sure if it’s enough, if you can understand how much I need you, all of you, good and bad, forever.

I don’t need anything else in this world Love, as long as I have your little hand in mine, walking with me until the end.

Happy Anniversary my love, the first of many.


P.S. When you are ready, join me in the kitchen for our breakfast.

Baby, that red dress brings me to my knees
Oh, but that black dress makes it hard to breathe
You’re a saint, you’re a Goddess,
The cutest, the hottest,
A masterpiece
It’s too good to be true,
Nothing better than you
In my wildest dreams

And I know that I can’t ever tell you enough
That all I need in this life is your crazy love

If I never get to see the Northern lights
Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night
Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand
Baby, I could die a happy man, yeah

“Damn you Filip Telford”, I whispered, drying the tears rolling down my face. I never thought that big bad biker could be so romantic. I wasn’t expecting a surprise like that for our very first wedding anniversary. I got dressed and walked to the kitchen. My handsome husband was doing pancakes and I walked, as silent as I could, to wrap my arms around his waist, “Happy anniversary!”

He turned around, grinning and made me gasp when he lifted me, crushing his lips on mine. I melted. Filip made me laugh, putting butterfly kisses on my nose, cheeks, eyes…

“I love your letter Telford”, I smirked, grabbing his chin to make him look at me. He smiled and put me back on the floor, still holding me close.

“I tried to buy a gift, but I couldn’t decide, so…”, he shrugged, apologizing for not buying me anything. I tugged his shirt, not leaving any space between us.

“I don’t need any fancy gift Filip Telford”, I locked my eyes with his, making sure he would understand every single word, “I just need you. You coming home to me every night. You loving me and holding me close. Breakfast together, stay at home, laugh until our faces hurt, listen our favorite songs while we made dinner, you being in the mood to dance…”

“You are amazing Y/N Telford!”, he smiled wide and spun me around. He nuzzled on my neck, whispering, “How about we do all that today?”

“What?”, I pulled back to look at him.

“Breakfast, home, laugh, dance…”, he grinned, waiting for my answer, “I have the day off Love”

“Oh Filip Telford”, I shook my head, feeling the happiest woman in the world, “What other surprises did you prepare for today?”

He didn’t answer. Filip just turned the stove off and picked me up, bridal style, walking to our bedroom.

I don’t need no vacation,
No fancy destination
Baby, you’re my great escape
We could stay at home,
Listen to the radio
Or dance around the fireplace

Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand
Baby, I could die a happy man


Did anyone else notice this when watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

When Frollo goes to confront Quasimodo about letting Esmeralda, the little wooden statue that Quasi made of his is standing upright by the candle. But when Frollo goes into his tirade, he throws Esmeralda’s figurine down and it knocks his over and out of the shot. 

Frollo considers himself to be morally superior to the people of Paris and will basically fight anyone who says otherwise. We all know that he is a few fries short of a Happy Meal but all bets are off when he meets Esmeralda. He goes batshit insane and practically goes on a killing spree just to find her. This beautiful woman shows up and shows him that he’s no better, if not worse, than “the common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd.” Esmeralda shook his foundation. Esmeralda threw him off his moral high horse.

Esmeralda knocked him down.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into this, but I’m guessing that little gesture in this scene was no accident.

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This might be kind of a weird request, but do you have any hairy derek recs?

Oh Anon. Sweet, dear, innocent Anon. Too good for this world, too pure Anon. Believe us when we say we’ve received far stranger asks (not that we don’t enjoy answering them, of course).

Also: We have a Scruffy!Derek list. ;)))))

Happiness is a Warm Puppy by badwolfbadwolf

(1,833 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles likes Derek un-shaved. And bent over his bed.

Bump and Grind by eeyore9990

(2,419 I Mature I Complete)

When Derek catches Stiles doing a slow bump and grind to some sexy jazz music, he teasingly puts a twenty dollar bill in Stiles’ waistband. Stiles turns the tables on him by giving him the lap dance of his life.

The Best Things Come To Those Who Wait by RustedHeart

(2,637 I Explicit I Complete)

The boys get into a bet about penis size and Derek puts on a show for everyone to see but especially for Stiles.

It’s just gay porn.

Always Follow a Hippie to a Second Location by alisvolatpropiis

(3,956 I Mature I Complete I Artist!Derek)

It’s hard to tell just how long his hair is but it’s night-black and shiny and soft-looking, little strands falling loose from the messy knot high on his head that Stiles feels strangely compelled to put his hands on, to grip tight, which isridiculous. He’s never been into hippie guys or guys with long hair, but he’s thinking now he might need to reassess that life choice because damn, how much fun would it be to fuck that ass while tangling his hands in that hair like reins, pulling his head back and leaning forward to get closer to his moans….

Flowerwolf & Beacon Roots by alisvolatpropiis

(5,299 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek tries not to show his surprise, curiously hopeful, but still suspicious of Laura’s involvement. “Oh. How do you know my coffee order then?”

He grins. “The cute baristo knows your order, dude. All I had to do was ask for Grumpy Flower Guy’s usual.”

Derek huffs. “I’m not grumpy.”

“He says grumpily,” Stiles smirks, winking.

The sound of his own laughter surprises Derek, so yeah, okay, maybe Stiles has a point.

“Laura said that you weren’t really into dating,” Stiles goes on, “but that uh, you uh, well you know.” Stiles’ cheeks flush a very pretty ruddy pink under the scatter of beauty marks that Derek aches to taste. Stiles turns away, towards the cooler of roses, muttering to himself under his breath, which of course Derek can hear perfectly well. “Great freakin’ advice, Lydia, ‘just bring up sex and tell him you’re cool with having a one night stand,’ okay, sure, that worked fucking beautifully.”

“Okay.” The word is out of his mouth before Derek can even think about the consequences of saying it, something unusual for him. He wants Stiles however he can get him, it seems.

“Okay?” Stiles eyes are wide when he spins back to look at him.

“Yeah, okay. Let’s have sex.”

Deputy Wolf and the Virgin Brat by Grekchstervus

(5,533 I Explicit I Complete I Dom/Sub, Deputy!Derek)

Deputy Derek Hale is an over-worked, horny werewolf. Stiles is bratty virgin who doesn’t want to be. Sheriff Stilinski leaves in the middle of dinner. Sex ensues in the dining room. Men are disgusting. Fortunately these two get off on it.

Sterek: PWP Series by alisvolatpropiis

(total of 21,519 I Explicit I Complete I All of these fics have Hairy!Derek!)

Derek and Stiles are moving into the newly rebuilt Hale house, and Derek finds use of a housewarming gift from Lydia.

Enjoy all that chest hair,