i bet he totally ships it though

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ohh could you please write something about betty unintentionally playing with that curl of hair that peaks out of juggys beanie while sitting at lunch with the gang... like in place of the arm around shoulder moment in the episode or something similar and the gang being very confused. please if you can. :)

Aww. I love that.

She sighed softly, staring him in the eyes and smiling. He was smiling back at her, not an ounce of confusion or hesitance in his smile.
They hadn’t discussed the kiss they shared in her bedroom last week or the kiss they shared on that rainy night when she found Polly, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Maybe they didn’t know what they were to each other, but they did know what they meant to each other and that was more than enough.

He rested a hand on her knee and leaned back into the couch, shifting closer to her. She turned her attention back to her friends, resting her body slightly against his.

“So yeah, I’m pretty much down for anything, I’ve been to all the hottest clubs in riverdale, it’s time to venture out.” Kevin was practically bouncing with excitement his eyes locked on Veronicas.

She smirked “were totally taking a road trip to New York. Archiekins, would you be willing to donate your car?”

Everyone laughed , thinking about his old junker making it to New York was almost impossible.
Betty felt the low rumble of Jugheads chuckle against her back and she couldn’t help but turn to him.
He looked so tired, his dark blue eyes sleepy and his raven locks messily tucked under his beanie. Her eyes locked onto the gorgeous curl hanging in his eyes, before she knew what she was doing she was running her fingers over the silky dark lock.

He stilled under her touch for a minute, raising a brow he smiled, bringing his own hand to her cheek.
“Everything okay sunshine?”

She nodded “I like this, it’s swirly.” She giggled, twirling it around her finger.

He laughed, deep and low. His fingers went to her wrist and he delicately traced the vein.
“I’m glad you like it.”

Her heart caught in her throat at the featherlike touches he was placing to her skin. Her breathing quickened and her fingers stopped moving in his hair. He seemed to notice her reaction to his touch, and he smiled wrapping his whole hand around her tiny wrist, flexing his fingers.
She closed her eyes for a moment, two could play at this game, her hand moved behind his neck, fingers now playing with the curls touching the back of his neck.
He made an almost sexual noise, so quiet she had to strain to hear him.

Opening her eyes, she gasped when they matched the intensity of his own, Boring into her sparkling green ones with pure adoration.


Snapping out of their personal bubble at the sound of their friends voices, Betty realized she was practically sitting in Jugheads lap. She moved to sit back beside him but he simply gripped her waist tighter.

“Is there something you wanted to tell us?” Veronica questioned raising a brow with her typical cocky smile.

Jughead shrugged his shoulders, flexing his fingers on her waist, granting her instant comfort and ease. “There’s nothing to tell.” He replied.

Archie was shooting a bit of a nasty glare at the couple “you guys seem awfully cozy.”

Jughead leaned back taking Betty with him,
“I’m alright, what about you bets?” He smirked

Giggling behind her hand, she nodded
“Very comfortable.”

Kevin looked shocked but delighted at the same time. “I did not see this coming, but I have to say I totally ship it.”

Veronica nodded “even though, you didn’t inform your bff, I’m all about this pairing.”

Cheryl looked uninterested, texting on her phone “hashtag bughead.”

Betty actually laughed out loud , her eyes turning to the moody boy she was seated on top of “bughead?” She whispered.
Jughead just snorted, rolling his eyes and dropping a kiss to the top of her head
“Could be worse.”

She smiled brightly. He was right

It could be much, much worse.

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(Are we still sending prompts? I have some…) - Lance coming out to the group, afraid of what they'll say, only to find out that bi/pansexuality is totally normal for Alteans. - the Garrison Group (TM) staying up late and coming up with dumb theories about how Shiro got his scar "I bet he walked into a glass door on a Galra ship." "Oh please, Pidge. He OBVIOUSLY got it when an automatic door closed on his face."

Hell yeah, I’m still taking prompts!

Lance Coming Out

  • Alteans probably find it pretty normal
  • Coran is like 99999% percent gay
  • everyone is cool with it
  • Keith gets flustered
  • hOw DoES My BoI fiND Out hTat he’s GAy ThoUGH??
    • imo it’s when he starts flirting with hot male aliens
    • then he starts thinking about keith and making sense of shit bc the boy isn’t dumb as much as pidge says he is
  • Either Keith comes up with the tamest shit or the wildest shit
  • go big or go home
  • he probably uses eyeliner so people don’t pay attention to the scar
  • “What if he was digging his way out and the debris just took a chunk out of him,,” 
  • “He got into a big fight with mothman!!”
    • “oh Puh-lease keith, get your conspiracy theories out of here”

I dunno. Let me know.

Send me prompts and I’ll write some headcanons. || ask

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This may seem like on add question but do you know how tall Matt Miller is? In the 4th game he's the same height as the male boss right? In saints row 3 they have a height chart behind all the bosses, the default male boss being 6'6. So does that make Make Matt 6'6 in the 4th game? Sorry if this is weird.

Not a weird question at all! Matt’s height is super important to me. (I legit just had to play through the whole opening of 3 again though so I could refresh my memory on the boss’s canonical height).

Both the female and male boss models stand just under 6'6 at about 6'5. Thanks to the magic of mods we know that Matt’s SR3 model stands at about shoulder/boob height on the boss, which makes him about 5'5 or 5'4 at the time.

Now I’m only speaking from the caps that I’ve gotten from Lux’s SRIV game, but even in her heels on the ship Matt stands a tiiiiiiny bit taller than her. About an inch or so. I feel like I can safely assume that the canonical boss is 6'5 and Matt freaking Miller is canonically 6'6.

What’s the bet he’s a total smug twerp about that? xD

Are you that interested? In my brother's old regimen.


Friendly reminder that Nanase Haruka actually got out of a pool and spent who knows how long staring at a piece of paper just because it was written by Rin.

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I like your post about how you're becoming suspicious of Gil :o Is there anything else that makes you suspicious of him other than what he said in this latest update?

On the surface Gil is a nice person. It’s just after so many years of isolation and being spoon fed TITAN its warped his view of the world.

I made a point a while ago that from the age of four to recently Gil has never met anyone who had a negative view on TITAN. He spent years in a boarding school, then went to a totally isolated planet. 

TITAN doesn’t give its followers or recruits any time to go out and create an unbiased opinion. Theres a reason Gil’s space ship had locked coordinates, and I bet its not only to ensure that they don’t steal the ship. 

I can actually bring up the panel that made me wary of him.

After that the unsettling moments just kept appearing.

Though in my opinion any thing that we consider bad, like throwing Ava and Odin in some sort of jail, or perhaps abandoning Maggie in a ‘learning facility’ would in Gil’s mind be the right thing to do in the eyes of TITAN. He in his own twisted way would see it as for the better and for these crazy kid’s safety.

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I also liked it but what really made me ship it was the end of episode 12. Because, even though Nagisa finally had all three of his older friends back, he still pulled Rei into the picture. Nagisa's pose was the only one that changed from their younger days and I think that says so much about his relationship with Rei. I bet Rei had said he wasn't going to be in the picture and Nagisa just went nope, you are part of our family, too.

This is BEAUTIFUL! I love it, anon! Your analysis of that final shot is totally on-point. It is Nagisa that changes because of his connection with Rei. That is what is different than before. Although the show was about Haru and Makoto regaining what they lost (Rin’s precense) what was added rather than restored was Rei, the person Nagisa connects with most, who became his best friend and, perhaps, even more.