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List of Fucked Up Behaviors I Bet McCree Got From His Time In Deadlock

ALright this is mostly a list of shit I think McCree would have displayed mainly in his early Blackwatch days, it’s in no way concrete or comprehensive so feel free to question or add on to it I love hearing other ppls headcanons

  • Very little emotional control. I feel like Jesse would have been SUPER defensive about the littlest things, probably had a very short temper, but also that his anger faded very quickly bc he got used to suppressing it when it wasn’t convenient to the point that its actually became difficult for him to sustain it for very long; also, though, that he acted on his anger pretty quickly and impulsively for a long time
  • Food hoarding, especially high-calorie snacks and stuff with a long shelf life. He was prob food-insecure for a good portion of his childhood so this one just makes sense to me
  • If he doesn’t know how to do something, he figures it out on his own or it doesn’t get done. He will not ask for help at the risk of seeming incompetent or vulnerable, but also this backfires because if you don’t know how to do something in Blackwatch it’s typically something real fuckin important
  • On that thread, gets really anxious if he doesn’t know how to do something he’s been told to do because a) he expects some type of negative consequence unless he figures it out, b) he doesn’t ask for help because he never considers it an option. Sorta of the mindset of “everything is a test and I don’t wanna find out what happens if i fail”
  • I never really vibe with hcs of him being really uhhh.. openly frightened or anxious due to someone’s behavior? If I know anything about being exposed to a hypermasculine and hostile/violent environment for any amount of time it’s that you learn to hide your emotions pretty damn well.
  • “Good Luck! My Real Emotions Are Behind 7 Proxies! (And Buried Under Years Of Repression And Trauma!)
  • Tries to be outgoing and friendly and get on the good sides of as many people as possible because he constantly expects the backstabbing and underhanded agendas that were common in Deadlock and people are marginally less likely to kill you in your sleep if they think you tell a good joke
  • Reads people, like, scarily well. Can spot someone being fake-friendly from 30 miles away. Generally a great judge of character but undersells his own ability
  • If someone with any amount of power over him is mad about something he did/something he caused to happen, he goes very still and quiet and generally tries very hard to look appropriately sorry while simultaneously trying to not look terrified. Bc he is terrified! He fully expects physical punishments for mistakes, if they’re big enough to cause someone to be legitimately angry then he expects Real Bad Shit
  • Sees favors and gifts as debts to be repaid or tools of manipulation
  • is SUPER POSSESSIVE of his stuff. Gets extremely upset at anyone touching or moving his stuff w/o permission but depending on the person will also be too scared to tell them to fuck off (eg if gabe was going thru his stuff he’d just sit silently fuming and anxious as hell but wouldn’t say a single thing bc That’s The Commanding Officer”
  • Scorns and fears authority simultaneously. He’ll be a smartass if he thinks he can get away with it or if he can tell that the other person is in a jokey mood but at the same time he’s constantly terrified of punishment.

ill prob add more as i think of them but uhhh take this 


Requested by Anon and @theaqueenakaspeedy  - Finn Shelby #9 please
Prompts – 9 – ‘Stop getting us kicked out of grocery stores.’

Word Count – 642

Characters – Finn x Reader

You had decided that you would go shopping today and Finn agreed to come with you, you had gotten ready and were waiting for Finn to come back from the family meeting to get you. You were gathering your bag when the front door opened and he walked in.
‘Hey, you ready?’ He asked, you stood up foxed your dress.
‘Yeah, let’s go.’ You said with a smile. You were out the door and he closed it behind you. Once he was beside you again, he interlocked his arms with yours.
‘So how was the meeting?’ You asked him. He looked down at you and smiled.
‘It was okay.’
‘Only okay? Nothing exciting, no plans?’ You questioned him. He shook his head.
‘No today was actually about the horses and the bets.’ Finn said as he looked forward.
‘Okay.’ You responded back. he looked down at you.
‘How was your day?’ He asked you.
‘So crazy.’ You told him, he raised an eyebrow.
‘I got up, got ready and sat on the couch, waiting for someone to pick me up.’ You said with a smile. He chuckled and pulled you into the shop. You brought out the list of items you needed and went to the aisles that contained them.

You had lost Finn on the second isle as he walked away, but you could tell he was close by the angry shouts. You hurried around the corner to see him red faced. You rushed up between him and the man that was shouting back.
‘What is going on?’ You asked the both of them, as a small crowd was staring to gather.
‘He stole something of mine.’ The tall, dark haired man said.
‘And what would that be.’ You asked him, standing tall.
‘Money.’ The man said and Finn scoffed behind you.
‘When and how did you he steal your money, sir?’ You asked him.
‘Two weeks ago, I was in his shop and I was to get money back from the races but he said he didn’t have it.’ He said and you smiled slightly.
‘Two weeks ago, who did you place the bet on?’ You asked him, he looked at you as if you were stupid.
‘Answer the lady.’ Finn said from behind you. The man looked at him before turning back to you.
‘Pavilion.’ He said. You smirked. You stepped forward.
‘Sir, that horse did not win, didn’t even come third. I believe it actually came second to last.’ You said to him.
‘Liar.’ He screamed and raised his fist, but Finn move you out the way and punched him. This caused them to turn into a full-blown fight in the middle of the isles. It was only stopped as the store owner came in with two tall men. Once they were pulled away from each other, the owner turned to me.
‘You and your boyfriend get out and don’t come back.’ He said angrily. You scowled at him but nodded, leading Finn away.

Once you were outside Finn burst out laughing but stopped when you whacked him across the chest.
‘Ow, what was that for?’ He asked you as he rubbed his chest.
‘Stop getting us kicked out of grocery stores.’ You said to him as now you had to find another place to get your list of items.
‘Sorry.’ He said as he took in your disappointed face.
‘That won’t help, I now have to go out of town to get food because of you.’ You said to him as you started walking away. He ran up beside you and
‘I’ll make it up to you?’ He stated.
‘How?’ You asked him.
‘I’ll drive you there, how many time and for the littles things.’ He said you stopped and he tripped up to stop, but faced you.
‘Anytime, anywhere?’ You asked. He nodded and you smiled.

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Can I ask you a question about some discourse? I feel like you're the expert. Is waluigi a twink?

if i had a list of every ask that is so Bad that it makes me physically ache, this would be right at the top

he playes a lot of sports, especially tennis so you can bet he’s well built even if it doesn’t show due to his slender build, waluigi is a twunk

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CS numbers 5 and 8 in the same fic, please??

Title: Wanna Bet?

Rating: T for language at the very most

A/N: So when I said I was almost done with this, I meant I was basically done with this and went back and edited it since I had trouble sleeping last night. XD Enjoy this one for now and I will have so much fun writing the prompt you just sent me (and the LD prompt that’s still sitting in my inbox that I’ve been getting ideas for)!! 

Prompts in question were “Wanna bet?” and “Wait a minute, are you jealous?” but I wouldn’t even begin to remember where the list is in my archives. 

“What happened?” he asks as she sits down heavily on the stool next to him.

“Got stood up.” She’s lying. “You?”

“The girl texted and cancelled right before I got to the restaurant.” He’s also lying.

“Well, then here we are,” Emma says, and she and Killian hold up a finger each to indicate drink orders to the bartender.

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28, Hartwin

This one popped up right after I finished Hartwin #27. Is someone slowly going down the list? *squinty eyes*. But of course I can do this. This is separate from that ficlet.

Harry Hart/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin #28 - “Marry me?”

Harry has had the ring in his possession for six months. Possibly everyone at Kingsman knew about it. There was a bet-early on- about when he would pop the question. Everyone had lost at this point, he was nearly sure.

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secret santa gifts

three word request by @irishpadfoot

  • Every year the marauders did secret santa. It wasn’t about saving people money or not knowing what to get someone, but to make it more of a challenge. 
  • Sirius was very lucky this year when he picked Remus’ name from the pile.
  • Well, maybe he had help in picking the right piece of paper.
  • Okay, he cheated, but he’d never would admit that to the rest of them.
  • “Bet you’re wondering who I got, huh?”
  • “I actually don’t care, Sirius.”
  • “But Moony…”
  • “Honestly, you’re going to give it away like you did last year if you keep this up.”
  • So Sirius tried to keep quiet about it. Key word: Tried. 
  • But Remus had guessed long ago as soon as he saw the look on Sirius’ face.
  • He played along anyway.
  • The personal questions, the window shopping, Sirius caring way too much about the books Remus had on his list to buy…
  • He was never good at being sneaky.
  • Remus found it adorable and it amused him to no end. The gift itself didn’t even matter at that point. Just seeing Sirius like this had kept a smile on Remus’ face throughout the month.
  • The next year, Remus may have played a role on who Sirius got that time around.
Preference #42: You Do The Boyfriend Tag

Liam: “What was the most embarrassing moment in my life?" You read from the list of questions before looking at Liam who had a look on his face like he was thinking very hard about this seemingly simple question. "Probably when we were in Paris last month and we went out to eat, you went to the bathroom and when you came back you thought you saw me over by the bar but when you wrapped your arms around the guy it turned out to be some random guy." He said bursting out laughing. "I’m glad that that’s the one you chose cause i bet there was way worse, no i know that there was way worse." 

Louis: "How did we meet?" You asked Louis. "Well this story is a very long and complicated one, but I will do my best to explain it." He cleared this throat and took a deep breath. "You don’t have to be so serious about it!" You said laughing. "I just want to be able to tell the story correctly. Now if you wouldn’t interrupt me. So Y/N and I met, when she came over to my house to visit her boyfriend and then she fell in love with me, and left him for me." He grinned. "You are rubbish at telling stories," you said to him before turning to the camera."So to clear things up, my boyfriend was your roommate but then i left him for you.”

Harry: “What feature of mine do you love the most?" You asked and without a second thought Harry answered, "Your eyes, they’re so beautiful and I honestly could get lost in them all the time." He gushed making you awe and pinch his cheeks. "You’re so sweet.” “What about you? What do you love the most about me?" He asked. "Well that’s a hard one, I love your hair cause its so voluminous, I love your eyes cause they’re so pretty, I love your laugh cause it makes me laugh, and I love your sexy bod.” You paused before adding on, “You are just one sexy piece of ass Styles." 

Niall: "What’s my favorite YouTube video?" You asked Niall who started stroking his chin and looking very quizzical. "It’s so obvious Ni you know it cause I’m always quoting from it." You tried to help by giving him a hint, but he only continued to stare off into the distance as if thinking hard about the question that in reality was a super easy one. "Oh I know!" He suddenly exclaimed, throwing his hands up into the air with excitement. "Snape, Snape, Severes Snape. Dumbledore!" He sang loudly making you laugh. "Yes!" You cheered before you both started shimmying and singing, "Harry Potter, Harry Potter!”

Zayn: “What is one thing that I do that annoys you?" You asked, staring at him, threatening him to answer this one correctly. "Well you can never make up your mind." He stated making you scoff. "Like what?!" You exclaimed, not wanting to admit that it was true even though you knew that it was. "Well you can never decide on a restaurant when we go out to eat, or you can never pick a movie to watch, or a book to read. And just last night we were watching a movie and she was complaining how it was too quiet and how she couldn’t even hear what they were saying so then i turned it up and then she was like ‘ooh it’s too loud now!”