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I find it kind of sad that a lot of people reblogging that long-ass global racism post that had one big part about european racism have tags like: “i hope i don’t get death threats” or “don’t kill me, i’m talking about europe” or “i bet i will get unfollowed for this but…”

Why on earth is decentering from the US framework of race and acknowledging things work differently in Europe, acknowledging that Europe constructs race around ethnicity so controversial on tumblr?

If it is because people cannot countenance the idea that people you see as “white” are victims of racism…that’s pretty darn selfish. When noone is saying antiwhiteness  exists or that Americans racialised as white are oppressed. It is pointing out that in Europe and many other places, ethnicity operates as a criteria for racialisation outside privilege, that racism doesn’t function strictly on colour.

Does that also go with not being able to countenance that people you see as “POC” by US standards can be oppressors (Imperial Japan, Ottoman Turkey, China etc), hence the frequent excuses or playing down of crimes committed by such people? Hence the frequent amnesia about WW2 Japan or Chinese imperialism in antiquity?

Sure white privilege and antiblackness and the valuation of lighter skin are broad global forces but how privilege is constructed in specific societies outside the Americas very often involves ethnicity, not so much just colour.