i belive in music

me: i can’t im sick

theater major: SICK? 😷 there’s no TIME ⏱ to be sick 🙅🏼 in THEATER 💪🏼 the SHOW 🎭 MUST 👯 GO ON 🌇 new york 🗽 city is my 🌃 HOME 🎶 broadway 🎟 HERE I COME 🎵 lin manuel 🎼 miranda 👌🏼 has NOTHING 🚫 on me 📝 im a STAR 💫 dear evan hansen 👕 les mis 🇳🇱 sonheim 3:17

We are living in a cruel world. It’s nothing new, we are hearing those words every single day, but it’s important to belive in good, in love, in music. I am extremely sad about the tragedy that happened in Manchester, and thinking that innocent people died in that terror it’s heartbreaking.

Another time…

So many dreams, wishes, happiness, all lost in the blink of an eye. Sad. Truly sad. My prayers go to everyone affected by this tragedy.

I’ll believe you // The 1975

espressoo-patronum  asked:

Someone asked for love?! *rings at her door* open up! I have pizza, chocolate, wine, soda and some junk food that will make us fat but happy. Damn, it's too quiet. I belive you need some good music and a good talk. And a fictional character to cuddle ya. *kidnaps Remus and Sirius*

I appreciate you so much 😭♡


‘‘You have to believe in yourself. You can’t just accept what other people say all the time, otherwise you’ll become them, and not yourself.


When I hear The Kick Inside now, I still wish I’d written those songs. I don’t belive in God, but if I did, her music would be my bible. She should be more treasured than the Beatles. That she isn’t is probably down to her own personality, because she can walk away from everything. And I respect her for that. Just to live your life, and not play the game - to me, that’s success.—  Tricky