i believe this qualifies as gpoy

the incomparable crownedinwood snapped this pic of @thewiggleofjudas and me, oh, what seems so long ago.

and yet–

a reminder to myself of the sweetnesses in the world, in other people; of their spun-sun hair mingling with mine, the rough denim against my cheek, their voice in a cellar surrounded by strings. a thing to hold on to on a night when it’s so hard to believe that the world is at all ours.


Being a Compilation of the Sort of Self-Celebration that has Many Individuals Shaking their Heads in Disdain, or

I Couldn’t Narrow it Down Any Further Because I’m So Goddamn Precious: An Adventure in Six Eight Parts.

Part 1: Naked Girl Reading (with mascot/prop)
Part 2: A Woze in Wolf’s Clothing
Part 3: A Dog and His Girl
Part 4: We Filter Because We Care
Part 5: Paintball and Tough Mudder: A Musing in Owch Minor
Part 6: Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Deep and Irredeemable Desire to be Kara Thrace
Part 7: Baby’s First Bee Sting
Part 8: So Say We All, or I Was Serious About the Kara Thrace Thing