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Request: Newt has a crush on you and you feel the same but neither of you know, during one of the glader bonfires newt starts drinking gally’s drink & tells you what he feels about you
“You know I used to be a runner?” Newt lets a giggle slip from his lips, covering it up with another swig from his bottle. Gally’s drink is extra strong tonight and it seems to be getting to his head. “But that was too bloody intense for me. I lost hope, I was so ready to leave this place and I don’t mean escape through the maze, I mean ready to leave this whole shucking world.”

You lean back against the log, watching as the fire flickers across Newt’s face, the flames dancing across his skin as his eyes shine brightly. “You are never this open when you are sober,” you laugh, giving him a teasing push.

“Thats simply because our deepest secrets are too hard to cope with on a normal day.” Newt brushes his hair back, bringing his bottle up the his lips with a grin, “you sure you don’t want some?”

“I’m sure,” you laugh, rolling your eyes at him.

“So what about you? Have you ever felt like giving up? You are way to happy all the time, your smile has to be covering up something,” Newt raises his eyebrows.

You frown, suddenly not enjoying his honesty. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Come on, I’ve been honest with you,” Newt watches you carefully. “I’ll tell you about the time I jumped off the bloody wall if you want-”

“I’m scared of never being loved,” you cut him off, rushing your words out quickly and then falling silent.

“You? Not being loved? Are you kidding me every shank in the glade wants you.”

“There is a difference between being wanted and being loved. I want to be cared for not desired. I want to be the person someone can talk to and connect with, not fantasize about.” You look at the ground, “I want to be more to someone than a pretty face, but most of all I want someone who I can love and who will love me.”

Newt stays quiet for a moment, putting down his drink. He bites his lip, his eyes flickering from you to the sky.

“What are you thinking?” You whisper to him.

Newt’s eyes find yours, his lips parting but he is too fearful to say what is on his mind. “I love when you first wake up and you run your fingers over the dew in the grass, I love the way you always compliment Frypan’s cooking even when it is bloody awful, I love the way you always stop what you are doing to watch the sunset, I love the way your eyes match the sky, the way you brush off any compliment as if you don’t believe it, the way you stand up for yourself when these shanks try to objectify you, the way you are so strong in a place that is so easy to fall weak. I love the way you see the best in people- the best in me. I love the way you want to be loved because, if you let me, I will love you.”

This is something that the previously mentioned Simone has requested and I’m rather glad she did - it was an entertaining challenge. It’s a character I haven’t written before so some research was required too. However, after some extensive YouTube searches and Googling, I managed to produce this Gambit x Reader. Enjoy!

“Play the Game”

“I’m so sorry,” Professor Storm explained, “But we had other focuses at the time and didn’t notice our mistake. We don’t have any female dormitories left. Unfortunately you’ll have to share with one of our male students.” In the school’s defence, student accommodation would be the last thing on someone’s mind if they were trying to save the world simultaneously. As angry as you wanted to be, you were somewhat adept at controlling your rage – you had to be.
“That’s fine, Professor. I’ll manage.” You smiled.

You mother had realised you were a mutant from a young age but had been surprisingly accepting of you. She had grown up with a learning disability that often made her feel excluded, allowing her to sympathise. Your father on the other hand had abandoned you both upon finding out about your “abnormality”. So when Charles Xavier approached you about honing your skills at his School for the Gifted and Talented, your mother was reluctant. However, a little encouragement and the promise that you would return often persuaded her to let you to go. What you didn’t count on was this situation being your welcoming gift.

You walked into your room to see a man lying casually on a bed.
“You lost there, darlin’?” He said whilst twisting a playing card between his fingers – the ace of spades, you noticed.
“Believe me, I wish I was.”

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[SUMMARY: Daryl begins to like a plus size girl, Maryanne who has an abusive alcoholic father.]


NOTE* please don’t take offense that I called her “plus size” I’m plus size myself. And I wrote that so people who requested this know that this is the story they wanted.

Daryl and Maryanne.

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Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Thank you guys for enjoying part one! As promised, part two today and then I’ll be posting a chapter a week (at least I’m aiming to)! This is the last prologue-ish chapter, then everything will be ‘current’ time. Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 5K+

The week had gone by rather swiftly, Rey adjusted to the new school easily unlike Ben, only really knowing Phasma and still staring at you unintentionally; but, on the plus side, he was able to befriend you (even if that was because of Rey). It had been hard on him when he sat diagonal to you, especially when he was always one of the firsts in class and you were one of the lasts, he constantly found himself finding something new about you that he couldn’t help but adore. He hated how enthralled he had become in you, it wasn’t fair, especially when you were technically taken by a boy that–lets just say–Ben had grown not too fond of.

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Can we talk about the need to emphasize Regina’s incredibly fucking sexy legs as she is walking out of Emma’s room? And the how? Casually, and into the jaws of her once sworn enemies.

Furthermore, the charming dance was great, but you can’t expect me to believe that a woman with that maximum level of grace and poise can’t pull off a 2 step. Shmeh. bad writing.

Seriously? This woman?


and she ain’t feelin on the females right?

I’m a grown ass woman. I gave a girl that apple turnover look once, followed by compliments on each others headwear, followed by 45 minutes of making out. I didn’t even know her for 45 seconds. We had sex in the bathroom of a club and I never knew her name. That’s a true story and! Its one of the best stories ever.. So, forgive me if I can see the gay in all of this. And if you can’t then you never met Ashley, or Amber, or Chrissy?


(Y/n) let out a loud groan as she landed on her side, rolling to take cover behind a tree. She didn’t even know why she was there, it wasn’t as if he’d do the same thing for her.

Peter had once again gotten a little too cocky, taunting Hook into another battle in the middle of the forest. So now she sat, panting for her life with blood trickling down her forhead from a small cut and her stomach lightly grazed, panting and gasping for air. And all because that stupid boy couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

She took another few moments to make sure she was ready before leaping back into the action. As she continued to fight, she felt her mind drift to the question that had been in her head most of that morning - why am I helping them?

She wasn’t exactly one of the lost boys. Sometimes she would go to thier campsite and sit and exchange news with Pan, but since he had decided to hate her no matter what she did she thought that living on her own, in a little tree house suited her better.

But somehow she had ended up there, caught in the crossfire of a battle that had nothing to do with her.

(Y/n) snapped out of her daydream to dodge an arrow fired by one of the pirates. Thoguh she moved out of the way as quickly as she could, her shoulder was still sliced as it flew by her.

Oh well. Better than it being burried in my chest I guess.


She rolled her eyes, recognising the nickname instantly.

“Yes, Pan?”

“Be more careful you stupid girl” his voice was barely over a whisper and directly in her ear, making her freeze “Wouldn’t want to get any more blood on that pretty dress of yours”

She watched him follow after his boys as they chased the pirates back towards their ship, muttering  under her breathe about assholes who don’t undertsand personal space.

Yet she couldn’t help but cheer with the boys as they watched their enemies sprint away from them, some hobbling from their injuries. She watched the group celebrate with a small smile on her face, placing a hand over her shoulder to try and stop the bleeding. She would never admit it - especially to Pan - but she was already feeling the affects of the bloodloss.

She was about to return to her home so she could patch herself up and get an early night, but she noticed that Pan hadn’t stopped staring at her since their victory. Rasing an eyebrow she beconned him over with her head.

“You did well” Pan complimented, standing next to her with his usual grin on his face “For a girl I mean”

“I think its barbaric why you think my gender is an insult” she grumbled, corssing her arms over her chest to appear more threatening “And did you hit your head during this battle, you’re being awful nice by your standards”

“Well if I knew you were going to react like this I wouldn’t have said anything” he replied sharply, his grin fading.

“What do you want?”

“If it so hard to believe that I don’t want anything”


“My dear I’m hurt” he pouted.

She was just about to reply with a sassy remark when there was a warning shout from Felix, his hand pointing towards the ship. it seems the battle wasnt quite finished. Before anyone had a chnace to explain to the pair what was happening, Hook yelled fire and a giant cannonball launched itself towards them.

(Y/n) wanted to run or scream or do something but was frozen in fear, unable to look away from her end but not processing it either. She felt a chill run down her body, like when you miss the last step on the stairs and realise you’re about to trip. This was it. This was how it all stopped. Killed over a boy that hated her.

She felt a body wrap around hers, burrying her head in the persons shoulder, brain blank.  She heard a loud clunk and then there was silence. She waited for the pain.

But none ever came. A few moments passed before she raised her head from the boy’s shoulder, trying to figure out what was going on.

The cannonball was on the sandy ground a few feet away from them, crumbled into pieces. She watched as the air around her seemed to shimmer. A force field. Or maybe it was her mind playing tricks on her.

She leant against Peter with her full weight, her vision spinning. A mixture of the shock and terror she had just experienced and the fact that she had lost a lot of blood from her various wounds made her drop to her knees, the boy catching her by the waist and laying her down gently.

She stared up at him in amazment for a few seconds before finally closing her eyes, accepting her bodies wishes.


(Y/n) listened to the soft pan-flute music, trying to get her eyes to focus on the lit candle next to the bed she had been placed on. When Pan noticed that she was coming too he stopped, turning to face her with a worried expression.

“How are you feeling?”

“Where am I?”

“My bed” he sighed, pulling up and chair and sitting next to her “And it’s rude to answer a question with a question”

Now that he was close she could see the bags under his eyes, he had clearly had a stressful day. The boy ran a hand down his face, letting out a quiet sigh.

“Why are you acting like this?” she whispered, trying to sit up “Why are you being so…”



For a moment he looked hurt, which didn’t seem right. Pan never showed weakness.

“You really must think I’m some kind of moster” the boy rolled his eyes.

“Well, seeing as from day one you’ve ridiculed, excluded and threatenned me, can I really be blamed?”

He paused for a second.

“No, I suppose not” he grumbled “But what you fail to undertsnad is, it is so much easier to get people to hate something, than to love it”

“How is anyone suuposed to love you if you don’t give them a chance?”

“Are you saying that you would be willing to try?”

The girl reached forward, clasping at the boy’s hands.

“I’ve always thought you were this unemotional, psychopath who enjoyed watching me suffer”

“I’ve never taken any pleasure in you suffering (Y/n)”

His voice was so steady that she knew he wasn’t lying.

“You pushed me away because you were trying to protect me”

“I was afraid of you”


“Because you weren’t afraid of me” he answered truthfully “So I had to make you”


“I think it’s time you went home”

She very unsteadily got to her feet and followed him to the exit of the tent, debating in her mind what to do. Her whole perspective of the boy had changed almost instantly. She could see now that he needed someone there, he wasn’t as stron as he always appeared to be.

“I can have one of the boys escort you-”

His words were lost when she wrapped her arms around his torso, pulling him close towards her. For a few moments he stayed frozen in shock before wrapping his arms around her waist, placing his head on her shoulder.

“Thank you” she placed a small kiss on his cheek before walking away, turning to wave goodbye before she disappeared from his view.

TRUE ROMANCE + Book 2 of Soul Mate

Summary: What if second chances did exist…except in another lifetime?

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to be put up, I just realized in like two days it marks a month since the last part of soul mate was uplodaded and damn time flies! Here’s part one of the mini series I promised you all, the continuation of Soul Mate! (you can also find me on AO3 under the username dickren!)

Word Count: 4.5K+

Warning: None!

It was yet another beautiful morning in New York City where the sun shined it’s brightest, for once, you hadn’t slept in through your alarm so you actually had time to make it over to your favorite coffee shop. With a job like yours, an on call nurse, sleep was a gift and when it was given you took full advantage of it–which sometimes made you oversleep with how exhausted you had been. But, you loved your job and you wouldn’t trade it for the world, babies were your favorite kind of people–if that even made sense–so of course you didn’t dread what you did on a daily basis. What kind of life was it where you did a job you were never meant to do? A very cruel one that is. “Excuse me ma'am, are you alright?” Looking up from the book, you sniffled a bit before wiping the few tears that had escaped. “I saw you crying and wondered if you were okay?”

Nodding your, you smiled. “Oh, yeah, definitely…I was just reading this romance novel that literally killed me. Sorry if I worried you!” Shutting the book as you had reached its end, you looked at your watch and nearly panicked. “Oh, great, I’m almost late for work!” Standing up and picking up your things, you tossed the empty plastic coffee cup away along with the napkins before excusing yourself.

“It’s no problem, dear, hope you don’t get late to work,” The older woman smiled as she waved at you.

“Thank you, uh…?”

“Maz! Maz Kanata!” Nodding your head as your eyebrows furrowed the slightest, you simply shrugged at how unique her name was.

“Thank you, Maz!” Waving goodbye, you rushed out, stuffing the book into your purse as you rue the idea of living in New York where almost everywhere you went was packed, especially when your job was in the hospital on the fifth floor rather than first. Hearing your phone ring, you grunted as you searched for it. “He-hello? Hey, Rey!”

“Hey, you sound…out of breath? You alright?”

“Fine, yeah! Totally! Just the fact that I may be late to work-”

“It’s because of Soul Mate. Are you still reading Soul Mate? I swear, you’ve read that book a good ten times-”

“Fifteen,” You corrected, dodging crowds.

“Fifteen?! Not a surprise…let me guess, you cried yet again.”

“Of course! He loved her so much and she died for him! It so beautiful, Rey! Not my fault you don’t have a romantic bone in your body…” You mumbled, causing her to gasp.

“I am in a relationship with Finn, excuse you!”

“Yeah yeah, look, I gotta go-”

“Wait! Are you still coming tomorrow night? You know, I’d like my best friend at my engagement party.”

“You mean, excuse-to-go-drinking-and-clubbing? You know I’m not all that into drinking…or clubbing…”

“Yeah, that’s why you work with babies. But hey, you’re still going ‘cause you love me, right? It’s not like we’re going to a strip club or anything…”

Sighing, you nodded. “Of course, anything for you, Rey…”

“Good! Poe will be there…wink wink-”

“Hush! I don’t like him that way, I can’t say the same for him about me…the flyboy is always so smiley around me. Not that I don’t mind, his smile is great.”

“Alright, that is true. Still doesn’t beat my smile. But whatever.”

“Who else is going?”

“Uh, you, Poe, Finn and I of course…Leia and Han wanna stop by…Jessika-”

“Poes pilot buddies, sweet. Leia and Han were able to get out of their busy lives? You’d think those busy people wouldn’t…” You pouted the slightest. “Hmm, I guess they’re not busy enough helping the air force with supplies or busy dealing medical equipment to hospitals.”

“Hey, out of all of us, you see them the most. Resistance Hospital’s number one supporter is Leia Organa and Han Solo.”

“I do, but I don’t know them that well, I mean, Leia is sweet but when do I really see her? Moms a good friend of hers but with my nursing life I’m too busy handling babies. Plus, dad is a pilot so he’s friends with Han…but not that close, he’s more close with Luke.”

“Yeah, speaking of which, dad won’t be attending because he’ll be in Africa…but, he says he’d try skyping me so let’s see how that goes.”

“Ah, have fun with that.” Seeing the hospital come into view, you looked at your wrist watch and sighed. “Thank god, I’m on time. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Love you!”

“Love you, too,” Hanging up, you slid your phone into the pocket of your scrubs before quickening your speed. You loved your job but man were the long hours tiring, especially when you worked on only five hours of sleep with nearly twelve hour shifts. At least the doctors and nurses were nice and the job paid well for you to have a decent loft.

Swerving and darting past crowds of people, you sighed in relief as you made it out in one piece, only to have someone knock right into you and cause you to fall flat on your ass. “Hey, watch where you’re-Oh, oh I’m so sorry!” Furrowing your eyebrows at the tone they had, you only raised them as they had changed it. “I didn’t see you there…” Seeing a hand come into view, you instantly took it and only felt chills run down your spine.

“It’s fine, it’s fine…” Looking straight ahead, all you saw was a torso. “I don’t blame you, you’re really…” Eyes trailing up his body, your eyebrows raised. “Tall…” Unable to see his face as the sun was blinding you, you used your hand as a visor.

“Yeah, sorry, this tends to happen when I’m walking past crowds,” Trying to see his face, the glare from the sun didn’t help one bit.

“Do you occasionally run into people?” You asked, chuckling.

“Uh, sort of…except sometimes I can’t help them up because people get in the way and I feel terrible about it.”

“Glad to be an exception,” You nodded, still squinting your eyes. “I’m sorry, I can’t see your face at all and it’s weird talking to practically nothing…”

“Ah, right…” Shifting over, he instantly blocked the sun, your hand falling to your side as you smiled.

“Thanks,” Looking up at him, you nearly gawked. He wasn’t your ideal guy but boy was he good looking. You couldn’t tell if it was the nice slicked back dark hair or the dimpled smile or maybe the towering height…but something about him called to you. “That’s…better…”

“You seem like you’re in a rush, am I in your way?” He simply asked, causing you to shake your head.

“No, yeah, I mean no…well, yeah I have work in five minutes but you’re being nice and nice people are fairly hard to run into on these sidewalks so…” Smiling, you only melted at the sight of his own as his dimples appeared.

“I’ll take that as a compliment?” He chuckled, causing you to smile even more. “But, honestly, I feel as if I’m in your way so, please…” Moving to a side, he gestured for you to go, “I don’t want you to be late.”

“Oh, oh yeah. Yeah, it’s fine.” Swatting a hand, you shrugged. “I should go. Uh, thank you again…what’s your name?”

Grinning, he shook his head as he stuck his hand out. “I don’t believe I introduced myself, what man doesn’t introduce himself to the lady he rams himself into?”

“It’s alright, my name is Y/N, or nurse Y/L/N…” You chuckled, taking his hand and feeling the chills run down your spine once more, only to crawl across your skin and bring goosebumps.

“Lovely name, I’ll admit, especially the whole nurse additive,” He nodded, “Ben, my name is Ben, or Mister Solo, I really don’t have a cool add on.” He teased, causing you to laugh.

“Nice to meet you Ben, hope to see you again. Or crash into you again…”

“One day, maybe.” Ben laughed, waving at you before you rushed off.

“See you some other day!”


There had been a strange sense of warmth from Ben, you weren’t sure if it was physical or mental, the fact that you couldn’t differentiate if it were coming from the surrounding heat of the passing bodies and burning sun or if it had been radiating off of him. Was it actually body warmth or was there an unusual sense of familiarity, as if you had felt it before–déja vu kind of emotion. What ever it had been, the lingering sensation was felt the entire day, as if it hadn’t had the desire to leave. “Miss Y/L/N?” Looking over your shoulder as you had been lost in thought, you gave the young man a smile. “I thought I’d come by and check on my little Daisy,” Standing patiently by the door, you gave the man a nod before placing the file you had been holding onto down, gesturing for him to follow you.

Taking in a deep breath, you stopped at the little incubator the baby was lying in, picking up her files and reading them, “Little Daisy here is an angel, she barely fusses and…” Letting out a soft chuckle, you looked over to the father, “Sleeps a lot. I see you and Mrs.Lucas having no problems when she leaves our care.” Giving the man a nod, you closed the files and placed them back down. “As long as she gets her feeding on time, you should be good.”

Releasing a sigh, the man shut his eyes only to reopen them. “Oh, thank god. I mean, not like I wasn’t going to be upset that she’d keep us up all night, but I have long shifts and I feel terrible leaving my wife alone with the baby…of course, we have our dog, but you know dogs can’t do much,” He snickered, causing you to let out a small laugh. “But that, that is very good to hear…and that she is healthy?” He stated, more in a questioning tone.

Nodding your head as you stuck your freezing hands into the scrubs pockets. “Well, besides the fact that she is a preemie, she has slight breathing problems. But, no worries, she will be fine in no time.” Giving him a reassuring smile, he let out a sigh of relief. “She should be ready to go home in a few days,” Nodding your head, the man took in a deep breath.

“Thank you, for taking care of her,” Placing a hand on his chest, he bowed his head the slightest, “I’ll be honest, I was worried…we were worried, my wives sister had a preemie and he had to stay in NICU for a good fifteen days.”

Taking a step away, you spoke up, “It depends on the issues the baby is going through, lucky for you, Daisy isn’t suffering too much. She’ll be just fine, trouble with breathing is quite common for preemies.”

“Again, thank you for everything. Will we see you when we pick her up?” He asked, curiously.

“Most likely, I work really long shifts so there is a high chance. Plus,” Whispering, you leaned over, “Daisy is my favorite.” Giving him a wink, he only chuckled. “But I hope so, I’d like to say my goodbyes to the little angel before she leaves.”

Smiling, he nodded in agreement. “I should get going, thank you, once again.”

Watching the man walk away, you smiled as you waved goodbye before placing your stethoscopes on to check on one of the babies breathing. “Okay, little Johnny, let’s see how you’re doing today,” Sweetly speaking to the baby, you were about to check the babies breathing before the other nurse who helped you out went up to you.

“You have someone asking for you outside,” Furrowing your eyebrows, you placed the stethoscope back around your neck, “Someone by the name of…Leia?” Growing wide eyed, you nodded.

“Oh, oh Mrs.Organa,” Moving to a side, you aimed for the door. “Mind checking on Johnny’s breathing and chart it?”

“Of course,” The nurse gave you a thumbs up before you exited the room, looking down the hall, then turning the opposite way to see the older woman standing there.

“Mrs.Organa?” Looking up, she smiled.

“Oh, please call me Leia, Y/N.” Walking over to you, you stuck your hand out for her to shake, only for her to pull you into a hug. “I haven’t seen you in a while! You’ve turned into quite the lady.”

Softly laughing, you looked over at her as she now held onto your hands. “Well, it’s been a while, although I see you from afar…here and there. How are you? How is the business? Han?”

Taking in a breath, Leia responded. “I’m doing good, the business is fine…Han, well, Han is Han…” Laughing, you grinned. “How about you? How are you doing with being a nurse? Let alone, working such long hours?”

“I-…I’m doing fine, surviving,” You stated, “I love what I do, so I don’t mind the short hours of sleep, though I do appreciate my time off, they are wonderful for sleeping in or walking my dog…or catching up on the outside world.”

“You should take a few days off, I spoke to a few of your coworkers and saw your records, you work the hardest out of 'em all, lots of hours…I promise you, if you don’t take a day off–at least a day–I will personally take it off for you.” Laughing, Leia only arched an eyebrow. “I’m serious, Y/N! Your mother sometimes worries…your health is important.”

“Thanks, mom,” You teased, “But I’m fine, very fine. Plus, I think I am taking off the weekend. I mean, it is Rey’s engagement party tomorrow night and I’m usually on call on the weekends, so-”

“Do you work every day?”

“I mean, it’s not like I have other things to do besides walk the dog, watch TV…and sleep?” You shrugged, causing Leia to shake her head.

“You don’t have a boyfriend?”

“N…No…” You nervously stated, rubbing the back of your neck, “I mean, I’ve gone on dates here and there and they aren’t the one and it’s kind of hard because it’s like we never click. And then when I think we do, it just flat out fails, so I’ve taken a break…”

Arching an eyebrow, she placed her hands on her hips, “For how long?”

Awkwardly laughing, you scratched your head, “Uh…a year-”

“A YEAR?!” She shouted, causing the passer by-ers to give her a weird look before she apologized.

“What? I’ve kinda given up-”

“Y/N, honey, there has to be someone out there for you, I feel it…I mean, you’re a lovely, intelligent, well rounded girl…there has to be someone.” Leia insisted as you pushed your hand through your hair. Truth is, you did feel like something was missing in your life, as if it had been there before but you had lost it, not remembering when or what it even was.

“Leia, trust me, I’m fine!” You stated. “I’m a-okay being single, plus, my life is too busy to have someone else in it-”

“That’s because you make it busy,” Leia crossed her arms. “That’s it, you work tomorrow and I’m making sure you get Saturday and Sunday off.” She pointed a finger before walking off, only to turn around as your eyes followed her. “Scratch that, Saturday till next Friday off. Then you can go back to on call,” She winked, causing you to gasp.

“But I can’t-” Calling out to her, she only left your sight as she rounded the corner. “I can’t miss Daisy’s departure…” You frowned, only to sigh as you went back into your 'work space’. At least you had a good four hours left before you had your take out dinner and five hour sleep.

And so those four hours had gone ever so quickly–as they always had–and you couldn’t help but be the slightest of upset that you’d be leaving the babies side. You loved being surrounded by them, they were the purest things breathing and living, mind you, the sight of them made you tear up because they were that cute. It was sad to think that you were already in your mid twenties and hadn’t found the one, let alone, had to see hundreds of parents having newborns. Wasn’t like you envied them, although you were a tad bit jealous, but still, you were happy for them.

Saying your goodbyes and clocking out, you headed down the stairs rather than the crowded elevator before hitting the lobby, rushing over to catch a taxi as walking a few blocks wasn’t in your agenda at the moment. “Taxi!” You called out, seeing one stop and ready to go in, just before someone else’s hand went to reach for the handle, too. “Oh, uh-”

“No, you can go, I’ll just-”

“No, you can-” Looking up, you smiled, recognizing the face and towering height. “Ben? I didn’t think see you another day would be the same day, but hey…”

Lightly chuckling, Ben shrugged. “At least we didn’t crash, though I’m sure you were about to steal my taxi,” He pointed, making your mouth fall into an 'o’.

“Uh, no, last time I checked…you were stealing mine.” You pointed to yourself, only to see Ben arch an eyebrow.

“How about we just share the cab, I’ll feel guilty if I took it knowing you’d stay behind waiting,” He suggested.

“Are you saying that you wouldn’t give up a cab for a lady?” You asked, causing Ben to nod. “Wow, rude!” Gently snacking his arm, he only laughed, the two of you nearly jumping as the taxi driver honked. “That’s our cue to go in.”

“Yeah,” Quickly opening the door for you, you had slid in, followed by Ben. Telling the driver where to go, you looked over to Ben, waiting for him to say his address. “Oh, no, I’ll just walk home when you get dropped off.”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you shook your head. “W-what? No way-”

“It’s fine, it’s fine! I usually don’t take the cab, but since it was convenient, I took it. I don’t mind walking-”

“No, Ben, come on…” You looked at him with your head slightly tilted. “I’ll-I’ll lend you my bike, or-”

Laughing, Ben only shook his head. “I’m fine, though I could’ve gone for a skateboard…”

“Skateboard? What are you, fifteen?” You teased, causing Ben to stick out his tongue. “Scratch that, twelve?”

“Haha, very funny, Y/N. No, I’m actually sixteen, get it right.” He winked, causing your eyebrow to raise as you lied your hand on your chest.

“Whoa-ho, so-rry. Didn’t know you could be so tall at sixteen, but hey, life surprises you in many ways.”

“I’ve been this tall since I was thirteen, actually,” Ben stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Blinking, your jaw hung loose. “N-no way! That’s a lie, that tall since thirteen? How tall are you anyways?” You curiously asked. If you had to guess, he was probably six feet…easily six feet. He towered you like all the buildings in New York.

“Six-three,” Nearly choking on your own spit, you gulped. Six-three? He did seem as if he were a foot taller than you, or so it felt. “My mom hates it because she only has men in her life, excluding my cousin–and even then, my cousin is tall, too. We’re all tall, ranging from five-seven to six-three…then there’s mom, a whopping five-one,” He chuckled, making you laugh as you couldn’t believe the poor lady was a damn ant to the rest of her family.

“I’m sorry for her, though I kind of feel her pain…my father and older brother are tall, my mother is of a decent height…and then there’s me, I’m pretty short compared to them.” You shrugged as Ben looked over to you and half smiled.

“Yeah, but it’s cute,” He sweetly stated, causing you to casually avert your eyes and look at your far more interesting nails as you tried not to blush–although you clearly did. “Oh god, that sounded creepy, I’m sorry…”

Shooting your head up, you shook your head. “No-no, it’s fine! I’ll take it as-as a compliment,” You nodded with a smile, Ben letting out a small sigh of relief as he felt his own cheeks heat up from embarrassment. How could he have possibly blurted that out. Sure he was suave, but not that suave, especially around someone he had (quote on quote) just met that made his heart flutter. He’d be lying if he said you weren’t making him the slightest of nervous.

“I’m sorry, I really feel like I’m being a creep…” He nervously snickered. “I mean, I’m thirty and you’re probably like twenty or something-”

“Thirty? You don’t look it…” You nearly gasped, only to furrow your eyebrows. “Twenty? Do I really look that young?” Looking back over to you, Ben nodded.

“I could have sworn you were twenty, or at least in your early twenties…” He knitted his eyebrows as you shook your head, fighting a smile.

“Twenty five, but close enough,” You swatted a hand as Ben shrugged the slightest. “Five years isn’t a big difference, so your creepiness is taken as kindness…sorta?”

Arching an eyebrow, Ben tilted his head, “Sorta? So I am being creepy?” Feeling the guilt rush back, Ben only rubbed his face in embarrassment.

Shaking your head and waving your hands, you corrected yourself. “No, no! I mean, I’m saying it’s sort of kind? I-I-”

“We are here,” The taxi driver interrupted, causing you to slouch as you nervously turned away to give the money, only to have Ben stop you.

“What are you-” Seeing him pay, you tried pulling his hand back. “Ben, it’s fine, I can-”

Pushing your hand down, Ben thanked the driver before turning to you. “It’s enough that I nearly ran you over today and almost stole your ride, it’s the least I can do.”

“But I-” Watching him get out of the car, you placed your money back into your wallet, tossing it into your purse as the door next to you opened. “I can pay you back-”

“Don’t think about it,” He pointed a finger as you got out of the cab, shutting the door as you turned to face him. “It’s no big deal.”

“But I-”

“Y/N…” Crossing his arms, you only let out a deep breath.

“I seriously-” Hovering his index finger over your lips, you frowned.

“Like I said, no big deal. Honestly, a few dollars doesn’t bug me, I work y'know,” He shrugged.

“I work, too! I could’ve-” Turning you around by your shoulders, Ben guided you around the cab and to the entrance of the building. “Look, that’s very kind of you, but-”

“The cab is gone, Y/N, you can’t do anything about it.” Shrugging, Ben dug his hands into the pocket of his jacket as you turned around. “Say it’s my treat…of some sort.”

Pouting, you crossed your arms. “I feel terrible.”

“Fine,” Ben sighed as he took his hand out of his pocket in order to push his hair back. “You can pay me back another time, but not in cash…anything but cash. I seriously don’t need it.” He insisted, causing you to narrow your eyebrows.

Nodding your head, your hands fell to your side. “Alright, fair enough. What can it be?”

Tapping his chin, Ben smiled, “I’ll let you know…eventually.”

“What if we don’t see each other again?”

“Oh, I’m sure we will.” Taking a few steps back, as if to walk away, he gave you a wink, “After all, we did see each other again today!”

Letting out a breath, you waved goodbye as Ben had been waving to you before he had turned around and jogged off. Sitting on the seats of the steps, you lied your chin in the palm of your hands, taking in a deep breath as you looked up to the darkening sky.

You promised yourself you wouldn’t fall for somebody else, but the way Ben was making you feel by just being a kind gentleman didn’t help at all. Something about him was so appealing–and it wasn’t just his looks nor his persona–it was something else, something you couldn’t physically hold onto or point out. And it was bothering you–big time.

Entering your loft and being greeted by an eager pup, you knelt down and pet him as you tossed your keys and purse onto the counter of your kitchen, “Hey, Astro,” You smiled, getting a sufficient amount of licks as a representation of the dogs love for you. You wouldn’t lie, at the time, all the love you needed was from your dog. “You’re the only boy I need in my life, right?” Watching the pup tilt his head, you only let out a huff as you stood up, patting your thigh for him to follow you as you went over to add more food to his bowl. “Jeez, you eat so much…”

Microwaving food rather than ordering take out, you plopped yourself onto your couch to watch the endless amounts of shows hogging up your DVR, only to finish your food and knock out there and then. Sure, you loved your job, but man were the hours long–at times, you tend to find yourself falling asleep in places other than your bed.

Running into you wasn’t a coincidence, and he knew that for sure. The feeling that ran through his skin after coming to contact with your own earlier that day only hovered in the back of his mind, it was a feeling he hadn’t felt in so long. Your touch was unique and only you made his body feel such sort of way. Throughout the day, he couldn’t help but subconsciously touch the hand that had held your own.

It was a shame he had known you, yet, you hadn’t know him.Lying back on his bed, an arm crossed behind his head as the other had been holding onto a book, hand shutting it as he placed it on his chest, Ben let out a sigh. This must’ve been Ben’s fifteenth time rereading the romance slash science fiction novel and each time he had, he only grew more anxious. It was a shame he had to read a damn book to relive the moments you two had once shared in another life. 

“Fifteenth time? Really, Ben?” Grunting, he rubbed his face, a sudden wave of images overflowing in his mind.

You were standing in front of him with wide eyes full of surprise, Ben towering in front of you as he searched them. The silence had waved over the two of you, the words 'Because, I love you that much’ echoed in his head before Ben had shot his eyes open. It pained him knowing only he had remembered it all.

He hoped. He had hoped that maybe, just maybe, you had dreamt about it. That maybe they felt like a faint remembrance, a recollection of some sort that had been stowed away in the deepest parts of your brain where they had been hidden for as long as forever.

Putting the leather book onto the nightstand, he quickly shut off the lamp before finding himself lost in the darkness. Why did he have to suffer this way? It was enough that he had lost you then…maybe this was a second chance?

A/N: ALRIGHT! PART ONE OF TRUE ROMANCE IS UP AND I’M SO HAPPY! It’s gonna be so cute and not as heart breaking and angsty as Soul Mate was…can’t wait to update more! Feedback is always welcomed! xo

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A bandit’s worst nightmare in a void would be to dye, As all the colours come rushing and bleed deep, proceeding to stain their lives, with strokes of beryl, turquoise tints and compliments of shades of plum,
A mixture of something new, unknown to man what exactly they’ll become,
Some believe they leave behind their soul, black and white, like a mortal wound, a gaping hole,
Others say they become something royal, a supreme jade, a strengthened cobalt, I can’t fathom a Bandit becoming something so noble.

-pj liguori; Colour Bandits

 First off, I never thought I would do a follow forever, because everyone I follow are the people that I wanna follow forever. I never imagined my tumblr would get where it got  (I mean, seeing people posting my gifs on twitter, or compliments, you know?) so, before tagging everyone and showing you guys how you’re all important to me, I wanna talk about specific people, ok? first up: 

SAM. (brookesjauregui) I still remember when I first called you on private to compliment you on your gifs, and it is with property that I say you have the best fifth harmony gifs tumblr and you will always have! Thank you for your friendship, your advices, for trusting me and believing in my potential. I hope you have amazing holidays and next year, with h4rmony, we are still here making gifs of our girls.

BRUNA K Krys, (nojauregui) se eu pudesse entrar no seu tumblr todos os dias e reblogar o lauren words acredite em mim, eu faria. Então obrigada por entender o meus puta que pariu comentando, obrigada por ter o meu sangue e fazer parte disso aqui, tu é importante pra mim pra caralho. 

To everyone else, I am very grateful for what each and everyone of you added to my life, and you all can rest assured that you have a huge space in my heart. I hope you guys have awesome holidays and a lot of love and luck in 2017!!

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SO I recently reached the 1K milestone and crazy enough it has only been three days and I’m already closing in on 1.3k. I’m so grateful for every single one of you considering I moved to this blog only about 1 month ago and I didn’t expect so much love and support in such a short amount of time I mean I just babble about the 100 95% of the time and 5% is just me ranting about feminism but you still want me on your precious dashes and I wanna thank everybody who’s ever bothered to click that follow button and made me smile in the progress. ANYWAY I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS SO HERE IS MY FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER *throws flower petals and pats you on the head after giving you the tightest of hugs*

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murphyclarkes : You’re the Murphy to my Bellamy, the Sirius to my James, my sister and my responsibility. I’m so glad we started talking more like being gay and just complimenting each other with nonsensical words and I know we’re gonna know every awkward and inappopriate stuff about each other in no time. Honestly Kryss you’re one of my best friends on this site and i don’t know what i’d do without you. You’re a precious angel.

queenclexa : Eleanor. The Sarah to my Helena. The Felix to my Alison. I like to believe we became the closest of friends in the shortest of times, but I guess when you find a bellarke trash who is as gloriously funny as you are you tend to hang on to that tropical fruit as tight as you can. If we can get through not watching the 100 season finale live together, we can get through pretty much anything. Honestly you’re just the best. Stay rad.

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