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Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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  • Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.
  • Can’t rain all the time…
  • Police! Don’t move! I said, "Don’t move!”
  • I thought the police always said, “Freeze!”
  • I used to think they were kind of trivial. 
  • Believe me, nothing is trivial.
  • Little things used to mean so much.
  • Your daughter/son is out there on the streets waiting for you.
  • What are you talking about?
  • You heard me rapping, right?
  • Victims; aren’t we all?
  • Is that gasoline I smell?
  • They’re all dead. They just don’t know it yet.
  • A building gets torched, all that is left is ashes.
  • Don’t you ever fuckin’ die?
  • Can you put me up for the night?
  • Abashed the Devil stood and felt how awful goodness is.
  • It’s more like surfing than skating.
  • I wish the rain would stop just once.
  • What? What are you talking about?
  • Who gives a shit? It’s ancient history.
  • You mean that place downtown? Yeah, I remember.
  • Why? What do you want? What is it? What?
  • Did you send us these complaints?
  • I knew I knew you. But you ain’t you. 
  • You can’t be you. We put you through the window.
  • This is the really real world, there ain’t no coming back.
  • There ain’t no coming back.
  • We killed you dead, there ain’t no coming back!
  • I have something to give you.
  • I thought, you know, you were invincible!
  • Thirty hours of pain all at once, all for you.
  • I thought I’d use your front door.
  • What are you supposed to be, a clown or something?
  • Look, I’m beggin’ you, alright? Don’t kill me.
  • So many cops, you’d think they givin’ away donuts.
  • Aw, this is already boring the shit out of me. Kill ‘em!
  • How the hell did that thing get in here?
  • ” A whole jolly club with jolly pirate nicknames!
  • I’m sorry if I spoiled your wedding plans there, friend.
  • Hey, that shit ain’t even loaded, man.
  • You shouldn’t smoke these. They’ll kill you.
  • Look what you’ve done… to my sheets.
  • For a ghost you bleed just fine.
  • Goddamn creatures of the night. They never learn.
  • You have one chance to live.
  • Look, man take anything you want. “
  • Don’t you know this game?
  • You are seriously fucked up. 
  • I mean, you need professional help!
  • Would you look in the mirror?
  • Holy shit! God-damned foreign cars!
  • I can see why they took away your gold shield!
  • Yeah? And maybe you’re not such a big shot, either!
  • Say hello to the last fella who wouldn’t cooperate with me.
  • All the power in the world rests in the eyes, fella.
  • It’s fun, it’s easy, and you gonna learn all about it.
  • Murderer? Let me tell you about murder.
  • I’m not sure about the face, though.
  • Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up! Fire it up!
  • Who the fuck are you supposed to be, man?
  • I don’t even fucking know you, man. 
  • I’m sure you’ll remember. You killed them, on Halloween.
  • My livelihood got flushed and went swirling. “
  • I want you to set a fire so goddamn big, the gods’ll notice us.
  • I feel like a little worm on a big fuckin’ hook.
  • Oh for fuck’s sake, die, will ya?
  • They make you fart, big time.
  • What’s all this happy horseshit?
  • You burn yourself playing with matches?
  • This is a first. Do I bow or do I curtsy?
  • It’s all been done before, you see what I’m sayin’?
  • Grave? What grave? What about my fucking grave?
  • I call it blood, detective. I suppose you’ll write it up as “graffiti”.
  • Don’t any of your street-demons have real grown-up names?
  • I think you can rule out accidental death.
  • I see you have made your decision, now let’s see you enforce it.
  • People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead.

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Prompt: Alex being embarrassed about asking for something in bed. Maggie being the soft reassuring girlfriend she is

She told Kara she’s been… thinking… about Maggie.

A lot.

And she has been.

Thinking about her smile and the way she tries to look cocky when she’s shooting pool; the way she’s tough – so damn tough – but she never seems to mind losing to Alex.

Thinking about how quickly she gets leads, how brilliantly she deduces means, motive, and method.

Thinking about her lips, how those jeans fit her as she bent over to line up a shot at the pool table last night, how close they had been when they clinked beer bottles in salute to them, to life, to being alive one more day.

Thinking about what Maggie might look like with her clothes off, thinking about how those lips might taste, thinking about what it would be like to touch her hair, to undress her, to be skin to skin with her, to make her scream.

And now? Now that she’s kissed her, been rejected, been sought out, been kissed… now that she has a girlfriend – she still can’t believe she has a girlfriend – Alex keeps thinking.

Keeps thinking, and sometimes, amazingly – doing.

Because kissing has turned to making out, and making out has brought hands under shirts and mouths to exposed throats and desperate, breathy gasps of the other’s name out of panting, parted lips.

She and Maggie agreed early on – at Maggie’s soft but firm urging – to take things slowly, and they have been, they have been – it’s been hard, it’s almost been impossible, but they have been – but god, that doesn’t stop Alex from thinking.

Thinking about sex, and eventually, experiencing it. 

Soft and slow and something akin to reverent, eyes locked into eyes and fingers interlaced and soft moans of the other’s name instead of sharp screams of curses.

And god, Alex Danvers loves having sex with Maggie Sawyer. Letting Maggie make love to her. Making love to Maggie. With her.

But still, she thinks.

And, more often than not, she’s embarrassed by what she thinks.

Maggie tells her she shouldn’t be. They talk about everything before they do it – Maggie is never anything if not careful with Alex – and Maggie has those soft, penetrating eyes that Alex is pretty certain would never judge her, would never laugh at her in a mean way.

But still.

Sometimes she’s embarrassed by what she thinks.

Because she’s new to the whole experience of enjoying intimacy, and the things they’re already doing are so powerfully intimate; so too are the things Alex wants to do. The things Alex is afraid to ask for.

Because Alex thinks about Maggie holding her down. Maggie tying her down. Maggie leaving marks all across her chest with her lips, her tongue, her teeth. Maggie blindfolding her and gagging her and fucking her hard and silent until the only sound is the connection of their bodies and Maggie’s ragged breath.

She thinks about it, but even though Maggie tells her she can ask anything, ask for anything, she doesn’t quite know how to.

So the next time Maggie’s on top of her, panting and eager and wanting her – Alex still can’t quite believe that this woman wants her, or hell, that she wants Maggie back – she thinks her thoughts and her thoughts turn her on so hard that she freezes.

“Al, you good? Did I hurt you?” Maggie stops immediately, hoisting herself up on her hands so she’s not keeping her weight on Alex, her eyes scanning Alex’s face, Alex’s body, for signs of pain or fear.

“No, no, I just um… You know what, never mind, can you um… can you go back to kissing me? The kissing was good.”

Maggie smiles irrepressibly, because god is her nerd perfect.

“Mmmm, I agree, Danvers,” she murmurs before lowering herself carefully back down on Alex’s body, but when their lips connect, when the weight of Maggie’s body covers her own, Alex thinks again, and Alex hisses.

And Maggie stops.


Alex heaves a frustrated sigh and Maggie fights down a panic attack. “It’s nothing, Maggie, I told you, we can keep going – “

“Alex, I don’t want to keep going if you’re only doing this for me – “

“I’m not, I don’t want to stop, I just… I want… I want something… more.” She doesn’t look up at her and she chews on her bottom lip and she fights to keep down tears, because she’s not used to asking for something she wants. And she’s certainly not used to asking for something this… intimate.

But Maggie’s eyes immediately soften, all her defensiveness, all her fear, evaporated with Alex’s admission. She shifts her weight onto one hand and strokes Alex’s cheek with the other.

“It’s okay to want something more, Danvers. You can ask me for anything, I’ve told you. If I don’t like what you’re suggesting, or I’m not in the mood for it right now, I’ll let you know. But nothing you want is bad, Alex. You’re not bad for wanting anything that you want, and I like that you’re asking, it’s hot, I – “

“I want you to tie me down, or cuff me down, whatever, and I want you to blindfold me and I want you to gag me and I want you to fuck me really, really hard while… all the… all that… is happening.” 

She runs out of gas, out of courage, halfway through her blurted question, and she lowers her chin to her chest so she can’t see Maggie’s face, and she wishes, she wishes, she wishes she hadn’t said anything.

But then Maggie’s gentle finger is under her chin. “Alex, look at me. Please?”

Alex lets Maggie tilt her face back up, her eyes wide and scared and full of tears, but Maggie? Maggie’s smile is soft and understanding, with just the right dash of wrecked.

“Thank you for telling me what you want, Alex.”

Alex fights to hold Maggie’s eyes, to not look away.

“And what do you want?”

“About what you just said?”

Alex nods, tearful and afraid and on just this side of mortified.

Maggie bites her lip and shifts her hips slightly and takes a long, slow breath. “I would absolutely love to share all that with you, Alex. To do all that with you.”

“Now?” Alex rasps, almost timid, waves of embarrassment fading out as waves of arousal crash back in.

“Can we build up to it? I don’t wanna move too fast.”

Alex nods immediately, reaching up to stroke Maggie’s hair, to kiss her lips soft and chaste and grateful.

“But I uh… I don’t want you to stop telling me fantasies. If you have more, I mean.”

“I’ll tell you more of mine if you tell me some of yours, Sawyer.”

Maggie’s breath hitches and she wonders for a moment how a woman with this kind of darkness, this kind of light, in her eyes could ever possibly want her, care for her, be laying underneath her, so open and so vulnerable and so trusting.

“Deal,” she whispers, grateful the night is only just beginning.

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Keith and Lance share a birthday (it can be whatever sign, I'm hoping Virgo). Lance finds out and immediately asks Keith what time he was born "6:30 am" after about 3 minutes converting time zone differences across birth countries Lance screams "five minutes, you're five minutes older than me. I can't believe this" Keith freezes, he was born at 6:30 but due to complications at birth he didn't actually take his first breath until 6:35am. He couldn't breathe without Lance in his world

thank you for my life

all i want is to be able to hold you in my arms, your head on my chest and my fingers in your hair, and freeze time so we can live in that moment for as long as we need to, the rest of the world and all of our problems disappearing as we drift off to sleep, tangled in each other, as your soft voice tells me everything is going to be okay, even if neither of us believe it.
—  (cc, 2017)
Jily Soulmates

So that one Soulmate AU that’s been floating around where whatever you write on yourself appears on your soulmate’s skin…

  • Lily Evans doesn’t believe in soulmates.
  • Like sure she knows they exist, but she doesn’t believe that her soulmate is the only person who’s compatible with her. She doesn’t believe that her soulmate is the person that she should marry, she’ll marry whoever she wants, soulmate or not.
  • That doesn’t stop her from drawing on her arm.
  • Usually, she connects her freckles to form weird constellations across her skin.
  • Sometimes she doodles little flowers, or shapes, or swirls.
  • She never writes anything down.
  • She’s heard stories about soulmates recognizing each other by handwriting, and she doesn’t want that to happen to her. She wants someone to love her for who she is, not because they recognize her by her handwriting and realize that she’s their soulmate.
  • Her soulmate, however, doesn’t have the same beliefs.
  • Their handwriting is messy, and sprawls across Lily’s right arm (she realizes with a start that they must be left-handed).
  • Sometimes they write notes to themselves, and other times they’re for her:
  • Soulmate? Are you there?, Nice doodles, How come you never write back?
  • Sometimes they write her strange poems or ask her why her drawings don’t look like quill ink.
  • (Lily is very confused by this, being muggleborn and all, and it isn’t until later when she goes to Hogwarts that she realizes her soulmate was confused b/c she was writing in pen).
  • Her soulmate is a little strange, often spouting words she doesn’t know like “muggle” or “quidditch”, but she also thinks that it’s just a little bit charming.
  • They’re a friend, of a sort, and she enjoys their company.
  • Skip forward to Lily’s first day at Hogwarts.
  • Suddenly, the strange words on her arm make sense b/c her soulmate must be a wizard.
  • (They also must be the same age as her b/c they keeps nervously writing about houses on their arm).
  • She wonders who they are, but pushes the thought away as she enters the Great Hall and is surrounded by a crowd of people.
  • The night passes in a blur, and it isn’t until the next morning that she checks her arm.
  • Soulmate, it’s official. I’m leaving you. I’m in love.
  • Lily rolls her eyes and shrugs on her robes, being super-extra-careful to pull on armbands over her arms. (She’s still very averse to the idea of meeting her soulmate).
  • She smiles at her dorm mates, and together they leave their room and head for the Great Hall.
  • Her friends are nice, most of them cooing over the writing on their arms and trying to get a glimpse of each others.
  • Lily politely refuses to show them her arms, claiming that she’ll marry whoever she wants, even if it isn’t her soulmate.
  • (And she really hopes it isn’t that James Potter fellow, because Merlin is he annoying. He won’t stop talking, and he’s so loud and messy, and she can’t check his arms b/c for some reason he’s wearing armbands too).
  • If she has to marry her soulmate, she decides, she hopes that it’s Remus Lupin. He’s charming, and sweet, and quiet, and he knows how to be polite (She gets a glimpse of his left arm though, and she knows that the careful cursive on it isn’t hers).
  • Anyway, her years at Hogwarts pass in a blur.
  • Year one is pretty uneventful, as is year two.
  • In year three, Lily decides to stop looking at her arms, and keeps them covered by the arm bands.
  • In year four, Peter Pettigrew’s words become permanent, signifying that his soulmate has died.
  • In year five, James Potter won’t leave her alone, commenting that their armbands must mean that they’re made for each other.
  • (”In your dreams, Potter,” Lily replies with a huff as he asks her to Hogsmeade).
  • In year six, Lily notices that James Potter is left-handed. She hopes that it’s just a coincidence, but she can’t ignore the identical ink stain on their hands.
  • She also can’t ignore the way that her heart flutters every time he talks to her. The way she smiles a little every time he tilts his head back and laughs. How she blushes when he says her name, how he’s the one who catches her eye during Quidditch games.
  • She can’t ignore how she’s starting to feel for him.
  • Soulmate, she writes on her arm on the last day of her sixth year. She’s sitting in the common room, sweating from the summer heat, and Merlin is she bored, I’m leaving you. I’m in love.
  • Then she leaves the castle and heads for the Hogwarts Express.
  • (Elsewhere in the castle, James feels the tingling on his arm where he hasn’t since his third year. He reads the words carefully, a soft smile stretching across his face b/c even though he doesn’t recognize the handwriting, his soulmate finally wrote to him, and that’s exciting. He shows Sirius, who rolls his eyes. And Remus, who smiles. (He doesn’t show Peter, b/c the soulmate thing is a tough topic around him). He wants to show Lily, but she’s nowhere to be seen, and she’s probably already gone.)
  • Over the summer, Lily writes to her soulmate more and more. She doesn’t write anything important, just little things: lyrics of songs, the color of the sky, what she ate for breakfast. She figures that she loves someone else now, and her soulmate can’t possibly get in her way.
  • She goes back to Hogwarts without the armbands.
  • Somehow, James is oblivious to the fact that the writing on Lily’s right arm is his and the writing on her left arm is the same on his.
  • Remus notices almost immediately, but says nothing, a quiet smile on his lips. 
  • Lily and James are both oblivious for days.
  • And then, one day, Lily feels a tingling on her arm in the middle of Charms.
  • Quidditch practice tomorrow, her arm reads, and as she reads the next part of soulmate’s note to themself her heart almost stops, Act like a captain, train newbies, get Sirius to actually play.
  • Lily’s eyes widen, and she turns around to look at James Potter, who is distracted doodling on his arm.
  • Suddenly, she feels sick, and she excuses herself from the classroom and runs back to the common room.
  • It can’t be him. It just can’t. Because she loves him, and if he’s her soulmate, then it goes against everything she’s ever believed in.
  • Her hand shakes as she writes the words on her arm, I found you.
  • He doesn’t reply.
  • That evening, she’s wandering through the hallway when she runs into James Potter.
  • She opens her mouth, but before she can talk, he asks her if she wants to go to Hogsmeade with him.
  • She freezes, then nods (Soulmate or not she likes him).
  • He laughs and runs his hand through his hair, and then smiles and turns away.
  • Lily doesn’t have time to speak.
  • She forgets about it though after she goes on a date (and then quite a few more) with James. He’s funny, and charming, sweet. And when he kisses her his lips are warm and smooth.
  • She loves him, but soulmate be damned because that isn’t the reason why.
  • One day, as they’re sitting on the couch in the common room, he freezes and grabs her arm.
  • “You’re her.”
  • Lily nods, smiling.
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • Lily kisses him, breaking away with the words:
  • “Because it didn’t matter.”

heyyy sugar anon! thanks for sending all these requests to my inbox! (/^▽^)/ I wanted to keep these together, so I made a separate post hehe.

I hope you like it!~ it might be bad cause this took me too long ugh @ myself…but its long wow


  • at first, he thought it was one of their quirks that he didn’t really mind
  • like, he thought it was cute how talkative they got and then got all embarrassed
  • but then it started happening more and more often 
  • the silent periods got longer and mc would apologize more often
  • now zen was getting kind of worried 
  • i mean, they apologized for bumping his hand while trying to get to the remote
  • “mc?” zen called. “..yes?” “why don’t you talk more? is there something you’re not telling me?”
  • and it was a simple, worried question, but mc was suddenly reminded of their parents
  • they would ask the same question, among harsher ones, to them all the time. “are you hiding something from us?” “why don’t you tell us? you know that you can tell us anything” “i can’t believe we raised a secretive child.” 
  • they’ve been quiet for a while now, so zen whispers, “mc?”
  • and they start crying
  • zen freezes for a second. oh no no no what did he do
  • he moves a hand up to mc shoulder, moving only a bit closer. “babe, are you alright? what’s wrong?”
  • it takes a bit, but mc manages to tell him about their parents
  • zen is full of Regret and apologizes at least 10 times 
  • they have a heart to heart on the couch and find out how much they actually relate to each other
  • ams is,,still salty about his family who o ps
  • the day ends with them going back up to the roof, looking at the stars and with a plan to work to get forward together


  • ok hold up i did this one last so this one might s uck its late and i lost the idea i had for this :((
  • yoosung apologizes for a lot too
  • but not as much as mc
  • and he’s also way more talkative
  • it makes him sad when mc brings themselves down and doesn’t finish what they got so excited about
  • he’d always try to bring it back. “no, mc! tell me! i want to hear all about it”
  • mc always blushes and continues
  • but this person at school messed that all up
  • they answered with one word sentences to everything
  • “mc..? are you alright?” “yes.” “did something happen today?” “..no” “are you telling me the truth?” “…..maybe” 
  • he finally gets them to spill
  • and he’s so offended on their behalf omg he swears he’s gonna punch that person
  • “no, yoosung- it’s not their fault. i was being too excitable then..they just said something that reminded me of the past.” “the past?”
  • mc smiles sadly and tells him the story
  • he’s shocked
  • “mc..” “don’t worry about it, yoosung” he kisses their nose
  • “i’m going to worry about it. i want you to know that what you say means  a lot. it’s important. okay?”


  • jaehee noticed mc had these moods
  • where sometimes they would be all excited to talk about something, but would apologize in the middle and be quiet
  • it made her unsettled
  • they were talking about one of zen’s musicals when it happened again
  • and jaehee hated to see mc like that
  • so she asked about it 
  • it was unexpected, yes, but jaehee couldn’t help herself
  • something was wrong and she knew it, especially when mc kept apologizing for everything
  • one of these days someone in the cafe was going to take advantage of that and she did not want that to happen
  • “oh..” mc answered, “im just…used to it, i guess. it’s a habit. no one really listened to me and i thought i’d get boring..”
  • jaehee immediately shushes them by putting both hands on their cheeks
  • “you could never bore me. i cherish everything you have to say. please, know that you can let go with me”
  • it takes a little getting used to for mc
  • and they only tell jaehee the real reason when they do get comfortable, but its a process
  • and jaehee is perfectly fine with that 


  • it was an accident, he swears
  • he was having a bad day at the office and off-handedly said something to mc
  • but he noticed that their mood was down for the rest of the day
  • and they would apologize for things that weren’t their fault
  • jumin only asked when they stopped talking mid-conversation, however
  • “what’s wrong, my love? are you thinking about something?” he asks
  • “oh, no. i just thought you’d have more to say”
  • they weren’t usually like this…they always had insightful comments about things
  • upon thinking back, jumin realizes his mistake
  • “…i want to hear your opinion, mc” he says 
  • “mine?” they ask and he nods. “of course. i don’t want you to feel left out. your opinion is important to me”
  • mc is speechless for a second
  • “jumin-” “you don’t have to tell me until you’re ready, my love. but please know that” 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • it happened when he was trying to be all distant with mc
  • mc put up with a lot of what he was saying to them, but one thing in particular really hurt them
  • saeyoung just thought that it worked. he finally got them away from him. he couldn’t hurt them like that
  • but then he heard sniffling from the couch
  • ‘leave it, saeyoung. you knew it would hurt now. but they can get hurt in much worse ways’ he thinks
  • but part of him really wants to check on them…
  • he doesn’t until they refuse to each, though
  • saeyoung sighs, “mc. you need to eat regularly…to take care of your health. come on, i made you some food” 
  • and then they start apologizing, “you didn’t need to make any-” “no,” saeyoung interrupts them 
  • “yes i did. you’re not eating…you feel bad because of what i said, and im sorry.”
  • they look at him, the both of them just standing there for a bit. “did you know already?””..know what?” “about my parents.” “tell me over dinner.”
  • so they did. and he didn’t know, that wasn’t in any of the records
  • saeyoung looks at mc from across the table, frowning a bit. after this, he knows he can’t put up a front anymore
  • “okay…i’ll work on sorting through my feelings..i don’t want to hear you sniffling like that again”

v / jihyun

  • these two apologize for everything, it’s a mess
  • but v knows mc is usually more talkative than they are right now
  • he tried to engage in some sort of conversation, anything, but they would talk for a bit, apologize, and stay quiet again
  • jihyun is a bit concerned. tbh he already knew about their parents and mc knew that, but he didn’t know everything
  • “angel, are you alright?” mc nods, but doesn’t say anything
  • “mc..what’s wrong? look at me, angel. it’s alright.” he moves closer to take mc’s hand slowly and gently
  • mc sighs and turns their head to look at him
  • and the look on his face makes mc want to tell him. maybe it would help. they knew v always listened
  • “i..” they pause to sigh. “it’s not anyone’s fault, but i haven’t told the others this, and what they said on the messenger, i-” 
  • v frowned. “what did they say?” “no, no- it was nothing bad, they just..asked why i don’t talk too much..it just reminded me of my parents..” 
  • he pulled them into a hug while also logging onto the messenger
  • ‘I know you guys will see this later, but please don’t mention mc’s habits anymore. they’re insecure’
  • it wasn’t a lie, but as Jihyun Kim is known for, it wasn’t the whole truth 
  • “jihyun did you just do what i think you did?” ”..yes” *sigh*
  • “tell me. everything. i want to help you..” 
  • so they do. and he does. the right way this time


  • saeran notices right away, because he’s the same way
  • but he doesn’t know how to make it better for either of them or does he know why mc is like that
  • he hopes its nothing as bad as what he went through
  • one day, however, it got really bad for both mc and saeran
  • mc was apologizing for even the littlest of things and both were being quieter than usual 
  • basically, these two were tiptoeing around each other the whole day
  • the thing is, the stupidest situation sets this off
  • mc went to the bathroom. saeran went to get a water bottle in the kitchen, but bumped into saeyoung
  • of course, saeyoung managed to annoy him. so he went to sit back on the couch
  • mc wanted to cuddle when they got out of the bathroom, but saeran was now grumpy and kind of snapped at them
  • “can you not be so clingy and annoying?” he said, giving mc a little glare
  • mc stood there, surprised by his attitude. and they stay there for a while
  • eventually, saeran looks over at them. “are you going to sit?” he asks before looking up at them
  • and they’re wiping their tears from their cheeks
  • granted, its not a lot of tears, but saeran made the, cry
  • he stands up, “hey- i-” “please don’t say that..” mc cuts him off
  • saeran sits them down in the cuddle position they wanted before they tell him the story
  • mc is about to tell him that it was nothing and he had it much worse, but he shushed them and pulled them close. “it hurt you. that’s all that matters…we’ll take care of each other..:
Paper Hearts (Part 7)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 4.2k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8

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Clone Wars Time Travel Au in which BOTH obi-wan and Maul go back in time. They see eachother on Naboo, both freeze with recognition, and then Obi-wan goes "... do you REALLY wanna fight me? We both know how it ends" and Maul goes "Crap you're right. Do you, like, have a plan about Sidious?" and then Obi-Wan and Maul cooperate and Qui-Gon is shocked and confused.

hahah just like this fifty-something year old Zabrak man just shuffling up and thwack! conks Darth Maul over the head with like, a piece of masonry or something. “For badness’ sakes, I can’t believe I was ever that young.”

“Or short.”

“Do not start with me, old man.”

And Qui-gon is standing there like “I am feeling so many disturbances in the Force right now, I don’t even know where to start.”

Auston Matthews #15 + Mitch Marner #9

Requested by Anon:  Imagine where reader is a famous youtuber and best friends with auston matthews and mitch marner and they make q&a video together? <3

*I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope you like it too. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 960

Originally posted by wonthetrade

The flashing red light was the only indication that the camera was already recording. You divided the cue cards you prepared earlier and handed it to the boys on either side of you. Auston was fuzzing with his hair, making sure that it was still slicked back and in place. Mitch, on the other hand, was staring at the camera, mouth slightly hanging open.

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agust-d8  asked:

Can i request a Xiumin/Baekhyun [whoever you choose] fight with their bestfriend because she kept saying that their gf is cheating[which is true] then they go away and----you know what's next. HAPPY END pleaseee

It had been an accident.

You had never really approved of Minseok’s newest girlfriend, even if she did seem quite nice. There was just something about her that ticked you off, and you hadn’t known what it was. But because you loved Minseok and you loved seeing him happy, you had watched him introduce her to you with the biggest, brightest smile, one that tore at your heart.

Because you could never make him smile like that.

But that was fine. You were used to it. Being his best friend, you were used to him getting girlfriends and falling in love. You were used to picking up the pieces because that’s what best friends do. Sure, the times when he’d end up crying into your arms about some girl that broke his heart had you crying yourself to sleep and wishing for something that could never be, but you were fine with that. You had never been a greedy person. You were fine with the relationship you and Minseok had, even if he had broken your heart so many times before. You were good at acting. Good at keeping your feelings locked up inside.

But now, you can’t hide the shock in your face, the disgust in your eyes. All you could do was stare in horror as you watch Daeun, the supposed nice and sweet girl who calls herself Minseok’s girlfriend, is kissing another man you don’t know like her life depends on it.

It takes a while for both of them to notice you standing there, but when they do, they jump apart immediately, guilt clouding both their faces.

Daeun looks you in the eye, pleading. “Y/N,” she says, on the verge of tears. “Please…please don’t tell Minseok.”

You just stare at her in shock. Does she seriously think that you, Minseok’s childhood friend, would keep something as big as this a secret from him?

“You’ve got to be kidding,” you say, disgust crawling into your voice. “Why the hell wouldn’t I tell my best friend that his girlfriend is cheating on him?”

“I’m not!” she protests, her voice getting higher with shame. “I’m not cheating on him!”

You laugh, gesturing to both their disheveled clothes, messy hair, and swollen lips. “What do you call this, then?”

Daeun goes red with shame and anger, her fists clenching. “It’s your word over mine, Y/N,” she says hatefully, all traces of that sweet girl Minseok had introduced to you gone. “I’m Minseok’s girlfriend.”

“And I’m his best friend,” you retort. “I have been for years. You’ve only known him for a few months, and he trusts me more than anyone.”

She laughs, the sound suddenly fueling your anger. “We’ll see about that, she taunts.

You grit your teeth and turn around, not wanting to deal with this bitch of a cheater that Minseok chose to be his girlfriend anymore.

Of course Minseok would believe you - he had to. Why wouldn’t he?

“Minseok, I have to tell you something.”

Minseok nods, his eyes fixed on his phone. You sigh - he’s probably texting Daeun. Half of you doesn’t want to break his heart, but you have no choice. This is for his own good.

“What is it?” he asks, not looking up at you. That annoys you - can’t he stop texting his cheating girlfriend for just one minute to listen to what you have to say?

“At least look at me when you talk to me,” you whine. “This is really important.”

He nods dismissively, his uninterested face making your heart ache with pain. Yes, you’ve accepted that he puts Daeun over you, but it still hurts. “Just say it,” he says.

“Minseok,” you sigh.

“I’m talking to Daeun, Y/N,” he says slowly, as if he’s talking to a child. “So I’m kinda busy. Just say it - ”

“She’s cheating on you,” you interrupt, his tone irritating you.

There’s a brief silence.

And then laughter.

“Minseok, what - ?”

“Daeun said you would say that,” he says, chuckling. “I’m just suprised she was right.”

Your brows furrow, not liking the way he’s taking the whole thing. “What are you talking about? Break up with her, Minseok, she’s a complete bi - ”

“What, so you and I can fall in love and live happily ever after together?” he asks scathingly, anger clear in his eyes.

You freeze - not once has Minseok ever used that tone with you in all your years as his best friend. It hurt you - how had he known about your feelings? Had he known all this time?

“Minseok, what - ”

He rolls his eyes. “Yeah, Y/N, I know that you’re madly in love with me. Daeun told me. She said that you’d say she cheated on me so we would break up,” he looks you in the eye then, disapproval and anger in his face. “I can’t believe you, Y/N. How can you do that?”

Your eyes fill with tears as he looks at you with a glare that you never want to see ever again.

“Why would you say that?” you ask, your voice weak and pitiful. Years and years of pining after your best friend has left your heart a mess, and now, a few words from Minseok have completely destroyed it. “I’ve known you for years, Minseok, why would you trust her over me?”

He sighs, looking away from you. “Because she’s right. You are in love with me, I just never noticed because you’ve always acted like that around me and I thought it was normal for you.”

“Minseok, I - ”

“Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me, Y/N,” he says.

You look him in the eye, but when you open your mouth, no words come out. Your mouth is dry. You’re a good actor, yes, but this is the one thing you can’t lie about - your feelings for Minseok.

“See?” he says, when you’ve stayed quiet for long enough. “She was right. I didn’t want to believe it, but she was right.”

“But she did cheat on you!” you protest. “I saw her!”

“With who?”


Minseok sighs. “Who did she cheat on me with, then?”

You freeze once again. You hadn’t known the man she had been kissing so intensely. It had been the first time you had ever seen him.

“I-I don’t know,” you mumble.

“You’re a bad liar, Y/N,” he says. “Next time you want to try to sabotage my relationship for the sake of your own feelings, at least try to be convincing.”

You’re crying all of a sudden. The tears start to pour, but you rub at your eyes furiously. You can’t let Minseok see you weak and heartbroken.

“You’re so selfish,” Minseok says disapprovingly. “You’re supposed to be happy for me, not ruin my happiness. I really like Daeun, Y/N, I can’t believe you!”

Selfish. You hate that word.

“Selfish?!” you all but screech. “After all those years I spent with you, never confessing because I thought we would never be the same again - you’re calling me selfish!?”

“Y/N, I - ”

Pure anger suddenly fills you. You can’t believe that Minseok has just called you selfish.

“You’re telling me that after all these years I’ve been picking up the pieces of your past relationships, I’m selfish? Even if my own heart was breaking because you never saw me as anything more than a best friend?” you yell, memories of crying yourself to sleep coming back to you.

“You’re trying to sabotage my relationship, how is that not being selfish?!” Minseok yells back. He steps towards you, anger in his eyes. But you’re angrier. More heartbroken. “I thought we were friends, Y/N!”

You glare at him, shoving him back hard enough for him to fall. “I thought so too,” you spit angrily. “But I don’t want to be friends with an idiot that puts his cheating girlfriend over someone who’s been with him all this time.”

He’s quiet, looking up at you. You see regret in his eyes, as if he’s reconsidering his decision of trusting Daeun instead of you. But it’s too late - he’s hurt you. He’s hurt you so bad that you don’t know if you can recover.

“When you find out the truth, don’t you even think about running back to me. Don’t you dare.”

And with that, you turn and run, your already wounded heart completely shattered into pieces.

I’m so sorry for not posting in literally forever, guys! I’ve been so busy lately because college has been so hectic and I don’t have a lot of free time anymore :( To make up for the hiatus, I’ll try to do a few more requests tonight! I might post them tonight or tomorrow ^^ They might be a little rushed but as usual, if youre not satisfied with them, just tell me and I’ll change them! Sorry again guys, thanks for being patient!

(I hope you liked this scenario, btw! There’s going to be a second part to this!)

-Admin Nyx

Hope you did (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: Could you do a Bellamy Blake onshot based off of #92, #26, #9, and #65 from the prompt list, where the reader became Octavia’s friend when she got sent down to Earth, but she soon starts to fall for Bellamy and doesn’t know how to tell him, so she asks for Octavia’s advice?



9. “I’m so in love with you.”

26. “You make me feel invincible.”

65.  “This is girl talk, so leave.”

92. “Oh my god! You are in love with him!”


Originally posted by beliamyblakes

 Hope you did (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

You would never forget how you felt when you put your feets on Earth for the first time. You felt in home for the first time in your entire life. You felt amazed by the landscape. You felt do full of joy. But nothing of this was compared by the way you felt on the first time you put your eyes on him. Bellamy Blake. The older brother of your best friend.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” Octavia ask you while she come closer.

“Nothing.” You answer her. “I just can’t believe we actually did it.” She laugh.

“You can bet we did.” She say holding your hand and guiding you. “I wantto show you something.”

“Girls! Where are you going?” You hear his voice coming closer of both of you and you freeze in your place.

“We will just look around, Bell.”

“It isn’t safe here, O.” Bellamy tryied to put convince his sister. “Y/N you agree with me, don’t you?”

“I-I…” You look from his face to your own feet, your cheeks starting to turn red, because you didn’t knew that he knows your name.

“Don’t bother us, Bellamy!” She yelled at him. “Go command your squad and leave us. Come on, Y/N.” She start walking again, but you can’t move, so she holds your arm and pull you to follow her.

“I say you’re not going anywhere!” He stops O. again. “Murphy, keep an eye in both of them. I have more to do.” And with this he walk back to the row of people that will take out their wristbands.

“Asshole!” Octavia just roll her eyes to you and you smile a little to her. “I guess we’ll have to wait.”


You are taking a break, sitting bellow a tree next to camp, a place where you could see the entrance off Bellamy’s tent. Just waiting to he and the blonde girl that followed him into his tent to go out. It hurt you everytime, but you always thought that if you be hurt enough you could forget this feeling, but it isn’t working.

You don’t see when Octavia sits next to you until she call your name, making you jump in your place.

“Is everything ok, Y/N?” Octavia ask you and you look at her ndding a yes. “Why are you always sitting here? There is nothing interesting to see.”

“I actually not looking to nowhere, O.” Just when you finifh your sentence you see Bellamy getting out of his tent and you gasp.

“Looking to nowhere, right?” She try again. And you feel all of your blood going to your face.

“I-I… I’m sorry O., I just…” But you couldn’t find the right words.

Oh my god! You are in love with him!” She interrupt your frustrated attempts to find a good explanation.

“No, I’m not, O.!”

“Don’t lie to me, Y/N/N. You’re in love with my brother!”

“Maybe I…”

“Hey, girls! Wassup?” Bellamy’s voice catch you and your face burn. You could feel Octavia’s eyes on you.

“This is girl talk, so leave.” She says to her brother who let a laugh out.

“Are you talking about boys? I don’t think I want you with any of them, O.”

“Is not for me, is Y/N that have a crush in one…”

“O., please!” You say much louder that you could, what isn’t louder at all, but both o them could hear you. Your eyes runs to Bellamy who are looking at you without expression.

“I see. Well, I will…” He points to a place behind him. “You know.” And with this he walk to the other side of the camp and you just watch him.

“Ok, maybe I’m in love with him, can you help with that?” In a moment of courage you ask Octavia.


Bad idea. You shouldn’t never had tell her about your feelins. She is your best friend, but at the same time…

“Bellamy?” You ask for him outside his tent.

“Come on in, Y/N.” He says and you walk back, just to see his shirtlees figure looking at you. “Hey, I thought Octavia was coming…”

“She did, but Jasper ask for help so…” You explain. “So what kind of help Octavia promise to you?” You ask trying to look calm, everything you don’t.

“Actually, I would help since she asked me to teah her how to shot.”

“Oh, I-I see… Guess I should go back then…”

“No, you can stay. I mean, I can teach you if you like.”

“Really?” You ask with a smile and he nodded at you.

And you found out how bad shoting you are. God, Bellamy would never let you with a gun, even if it’s to save your own life.

“I’m sorry.” You say after failing another shot. “I think I just made yo lost your time…”

“It’s ok, Y/N. You don’t need to be good in the first time you do it. We can keep practicing, ok?”

I’m so in love with you…” You whispered to yourself.

“What did you just say?” He ask coming closer to you. “Y/N?”

“I-I… It… I’m sorry I didn’t…” You get lost in your own words looking at your feet.

“Please don’t say you didn’t mean it, because I really hope you did.” He say to you making you face him with surprise. His hands cupling your cheeks. “Are you in love with me, Y/N?”

“Ye-Yes…” Your voice came out more like a whisper again, but it doesn’t matter since you feel his lips into yours starting a urge kiss.

“I wanted to do it for so long, but you know, you are O. best friend and so beautiful and kind and I’m not the right one for you, Y/N…” You didn’t say anything, you just face him with surprise don’t understanding what he is saying. “But God, you make me feel invencible right now with you in my arms.” He finish his sentence before leaning his lips into your again and kissing you with more passion.

Set by stars

✖ Characters/relationships: Charles Xavier x Reader, others

✖ Genres: Domestic

✖ Summary: Raven was always interested in zodiac signs and she tries to use her knowledge to find a perfect partner for you. @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 1897

A/N: I know this fic wasn’t next in the list but I wanted something happy and light to help me ease back into writing after this semi-hiatus. I hope you all will like it because it was fun to write.

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Sweater Weather (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Requested by side-angel: “Can I request one of Ethan? Maybe a cute one where he teaches you how to snowboard on vacation?”
Word Count: 1,860
Warnings: None.
A/N: So I was already planning on doing something like this since I did Hawaii Loving. Title is from TNBH’s song. I’ve never gone snowboarding before, don’t judge me if I got something wrong 😂  Hope you like it xx

Your hands were freezing even though the gloves you had pulled on were thick, and you had fallen on your butt more times than you could count on two hands. Ethan found it hilarious though, he’d take pictures of you pouting, claiming it was only for his eyes and not for the social medias. You believed him, of course, but that still didn’t stop you from feeling bad that you couldn’t stay on the board for more than a few seconds before sliding off course or falling face first into the snow.

“Can we test out the hot tub in our cabin, please?” You asked, sighing as you bunched up snow in your hands, squeezing it into a ball between your palms.

Ethan laughed and walked over to you, slipping his hands underneath your armpits to pull you up into a standing position. He brought up a hand to brush his gloved thumb underneath your eye, wiping away melted snow.

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A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

A/N: Lets see if we can get this show on the road shall we? ;) 

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Part 2

‘I…uh…thank you for watching over me-uh, my things…whilst I was sleeping.’ You murmur to him as the two of you turn onto the campus, Jin slowing as you enter the gates, but continuing to shuffle alongside you as you continue towards your dorm building.

‘I…uh…I have a confession to make about that.’ He responds, the awkwardness as he reaches up to scratch the back of his neck making you frown as you look up at him questioningly, not being able to help the thought that springs to mind as you think about how wonderfully tall he was next to you…just the right height to kiss on tiptoe…


‘I…I was kind of watching you.’

Your heart stutters in your chest as you catch his eye, seeing the worry and fear there and realizing that he was scared to tell you this, his pink cheeks backing up this fact, and you have to look away to stop him from seeing the smile that was pulling at your lips, bringing your hand up to your mouth so that you could hide it, before turning back to him when a sudden thought comes to you.

‘Does that mean you really are a stalker?’ you ask, intending on playfully mocking him for his confession, but instead of him laughing like you expected, his eyes widen and he quickly begins to shake his head, his hands appearing in front of you as he waves them frantically.

‘No! No, no! I just meant- I was trying to say…I mean- You’re really beautiful, and I did genuinely want to make sure your stuff didn’t get stolen, but when Jungkook said to get the Ahjumma to watch over you, I just- Well, I wanted to…cause I was hoping-well I was hoping to talk to you…’

He trails off nervously after his ramble, raking his fingers anxiously back through his hair, and before you can go to reassure him you were just joking, already begin caught up in what he’d said about you being pretty, you find yourself being transfixed by the absent-minded movement of his hand, losing the words you were about to say as you try to restart your heart.

‘Aish…I…Im sorry, I’ll go-‘


You don’t know what made you do it, but when he’d begun to turn away, intending to leave, you’d reached for him, grabbing his arm to stop him, before proceeding to timidly look up at him, pulling him back to face you as you drag in a deep breath and smile slightly at him.

‘I don’t really think you’re a stalker. I was just joking with you. But-…do you really think im pretty?’ you ask, needing to know he wasn’t just playing with you in your deliriousness, and wanting to hear him say the words again, biting your lip as you watch him look back down at you dumb-foundedly, his expression slowly contorting into a look of shy disbelief.



‘You’re not pretty…you’re beautiful.’



His expression of sincerity doesn’t leave his face as he waits for you to respond, and when you struggle to think of any words at all, you watch a steeliness enter his gaze, his hand suddenly rising to cup your jaw, bringing you close enough together that you can feel his torso brushing against yours, and you can hear the quiet breaths he takes.

‘People always tell me to just do these things before the time leaves…I hope they’re right.’ He mutters to himself, his eyes flickering between yours and your lips, and before you can really think through what he’d said, he’s leaning down towards you, and his lips have touched themselves to yours.

You’re stunned by the sudden action, not knowing what to do and simply ending up freezing in your shock, feeling your whole body flame hotly before he’s stopping just as suddenly as he’d started.

‘Oh…I cant believe I just did that. I’m sorry- I….’

You bite your lip as second-hand embarrassment overtakes you, watching him become more and more flustered at his own actions, continuing to look anywhere but at you and burying his hands in his pockets as he huffs aggravatedly at his inability to come up with the words he wanted to say, before you put him out of his misery.

‘You’re really cute.’

Saying the words made you hear the truth in the statement as you said it, a smile pulling at your mouth as you take in his shocked expression, and his pink cheeks, before giggling as you see the shy smile pull at his lips.

‘Aish, I don’t know what to say.’ He murmurs, folding his arms and tipping his head back to look up at the sky, the long column of his neck helping to emphasize the broadness of his shoulders, and you cant help biting your lip as you take him in, before saying the first thing that comes to your head.

‘You could say that you’ll meet me at the café tomorrow…say… 7 o’clock?’

The words tremble slightly as you say them, and you grip tightly to your bag on your shoulder, nervous for his answer, but even though you were anticipating him saying no, you hadn’t realised you were still holding out hope until he’d actually said the words;

‘I can’t.’

You look up at him quickly, seeing the regretful expression masking his features and being unconscious of the frown that twists your features in response, before he’s suddenly reaching out to capture your hand in his as he goes on, ducking his head into your vision.

‘I don’t mean I don’t want to-…really…I want to. I-ahh, I mean-‘

‘Don’t worry, its okay.’ You murmur, hating the fact that he was trying to find words to cushion the blow of his rejection, and wondering how you’d misunderstood his advances, but before you can get lost in your thoughts, he’s quickly speaking again.

‘Do you think you’ll still be there by 10? I know that’s when it closes…but I don’t get off of work till 10:30pm- however, I should be able to get off early so I could meet you-‘

‘You have work?’ you ask, the question being the only thing able to escape you as hope fills your chest once more and you realize he really did like you the way you thought he had, not being able to stifle the smile that grows on your face and squeezing his hand lightly in your excitement as he looks down at you with a bemused, and slightly confused, smile.

‘Y-yeah…that’s why I cant meet you at 7.’ He explains, smiling when he realizes that the reason you’d been so upset was because you thought he didn’t want to meet you, and grinning wider when you continue to smile to yourself.

‘So…do you still want to meet up?’ he asks again, his tone nervous where you still hadn’t answered him, and you quickly look back up at him with a huge grin.

‘Of course! I expect I’ll be there till they close again anyway.’ You say, watching his smile contort into a slight frown at your words.

‘Do you always stay there that late? Surely its not safe to always be walking back from there by yourself.’ He comments, tightening his grip on your hand, the action making you smile, before you pull on his hands to bring him closer to you and grin up at him with his mildly surprised, yet pleased, expression.

‘Well, I’m brave…and besides…if you were to walk me back, I’d have a handsome knight in shining armor to keep me safe.’ You quip, hearing him scoff, and chuckling quietly in response, before feeling his fingers touch beneath your chin to tip your face up toward him so that you could see his cheeky grin.

‘I prefer the term, ‘Prince’, like ‘handsome prince’.’ He smirks, laughing when you cringe at him, before he suddenly pulls you into him, and presses his lips gently to yours again, blushing once more as you pull away, but managing to smile happily this time as you look up at him.

‘I’ll meet you at the café tomorrow at closing time. Okay?’ he murmurs quietly, his smile filling your vision, and you bite your lip shyly, looking down for a moment, before flickering your gaze back up to his and nodding gently.


He couldn’t help but watch her as she walked across the concourse toward her dorm room building, seeing her pause at the door and look back, and feeling a smile bigger than any he’d worn before stretch across his face, waving at her when she waves timidly at him, and chuckling as she turns and walks into her building, before turning around and finally making his way home, not looking forward to the questioning he’d be put through when he returned to the dorm at such a late hour…

…However, he finds his thoughts skipping the interrogation, in favour of his meeting with the beautiful girl the night after…


Working With The Elements... Safely

As Elemental Witches, we’re always looking for new and creative ways for working with the Elements but there is a necessity in working with them safely. Here are some tips from my own knowledge:


- Since I consider working with herbs/herbal magic to be a part of Earth magick since it is coming from our land, I want to stress to do your research on herbs. Make sure you can burn that particular herb. If you are working with herbs that may be toxic, handle them with care.

- If you’re a garden witch, keep a watchful eye on your garden for any garden pests that like to lurk about, especially if you’re making a witchy garden.


- I cannot imagine one out in a storm/ dangerous winds trying to perform a spell. Please do so on a normal, breezy day and not when powerlines have the potential to fall down and tree branches can fly in your face.

- Incense wise, you might not want to burn too many at one time since the smoke can irritate your eyes and it is so annoying and devistating, making your eyes burn.

- Cold weather is no fun and neither is a freezing wind. Bundle up if you need to collect snow water.


- Proper candle safety. Believe it or not, leaving a candle unattended is a big no. If your spell calls for a candle to be burned down to the brim, WATCH IT. Some candles take hours to burn down but at least stay in the room/area where you can see it burning even if you have other things to do.

- Be careful with matches and burning things such as sigils to activate them. Do so with a bowl specifically used for snuffing out fires next to you, or do as I do, having a small bowl of water nearby so that you may throw the burning piece upon it and it is snuffed out safely.

- Sunbathing for too long can obviously cause sunburns. Use a good sunscreen during the summer and don’t be outdoors for too long. Keep hydrated.

- For my Fire Elemental witches, you have to be VERY careful when working with this Element. There can be no room for error as it can bring dire consequences.


- Standing out in the rain can get you sick and cold.

- If you cleanse yourself via water, and prefer a method such as dipping yourself in water, take care in doing so. Don’t submurge yourself in water for too long.

- Cleansing bath? Make sure the soaps/other ingredients you use do not irritate you. Don’t stay in a tub with all of those pretty fragrances for too long, especially if you have a vagina. Vaginal irritation is no fun and you’re going to hate it forever.

- Handle hot water with care, for those that like to boil their water as preparation for cleansing and consecreating it.

You are all welcome to add your own tips!

Stay (1/2)

Rated: T

Pairing: Barry/Iris

Words: 1.377

Summary: "Before she can think it through she spins around. “Don’t go,” it’s a plea, barely above a whisper. And he hears it; she sees the way his hand freezes on the doorknob and the way his entire body tenses. He doesn’t say anything, just remains still. “Don’t go,” she says again, this time louder, the tremble evident in her voice.“ Iris tries to get Barry to stay.

Read on AO3

@cbsnforeverandalways here ya go, I hope you enjoy the angst.

She stands in the middle of the room as she listens to him gathering up his things. She can’t believe this is happening. She feels so lost and broken and she doesn’t know what to think or how to react. All she can do is stand there. Then she hears him begin his descent down the stairs and she freezes, she doesn’t know if she can look at him right now. So when he pauses at the bottom of the stairs his gaze heavy on her she turns her back to him.

"I’m gonna go,” his voice is resigned and sad like he doesn’t want this either, but he’s the one who made the choice.

She hears the click of him turning the doorknob and she knows he’s about to walk out the door.

But she can’t let him leave.

Before she can think it through she spins around. “Don’t go,” it’s a plea, barely above a whisper. And he hears it; she sees the way his hand freezes on the doorknob and the way his entire body tenses. He doesn’t say anything, just remains still. “Don’t go,” she says again, this time louder, the tremble evident in her voice.

Her feet carry her closer to him at the same he turns to face her. “Iris,” it’s almost as if saying her name pains him. His voice cracks and his eyes are boring into like he’s begging her not do this, begging her not to make this any harder than it already is.

But she doesn’t give a damn. She can’t let him go. Instead she rushes toward him and he lets out a quiet “oomph” as her tiny body collides with his and she clutches at the front of his shirt, bunching the fabric in her hands. It takes a moment but his arms circle around her just as tight as he buries his face against the top of her head.

“Don’t go,” she pleads once again resting her forehead against his chest. “Don’t leave me, don’t - I can’t - I need you okay? I’ll - I’ll wear the ring if that’s what you want.”


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Shifter / Part IX

Summary: Raised as one of Hydra’s experiments, the reader has the abilities of a shapeshifter. Once rescued by the Avengers, the reader lives and grows up among them. However, as the events of Civil War begin to unfold, Y/N becomes ill. She is left under Tony’s care but Tony has recruited a new member – how will this affect the reader and the rest of the Avengers, and where will Y/N end up?

Author’s note: Okay, so I know last part killed a lot of people (one of my best friends told me I’m ‘dead to her’ for the cliffhanger so…) But yeah! There will probably only be about one or two other parts to this, as we are coming to a conclusion of this story arc – maybe in the future there could be a Sequel Series?? who knows. Anyway…. Part 9! Enjoy. (also, i was going to use this gif, but I decided your hearts didn’t need more breaking <3 so i used a partially less soul destroying one.)

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight || Part Nine || Coming soon!

Peter Parker x Reader

   The sight of the HYDRA scientist makes your body freeze in place, ice running through your veins, and your assured grip on your ‘gun’ starts to tremble. You can tell Peter recognizes him too – the way his hand comes up and holds your shoulder, partially steadying himself, partially comforting you, and when you glance back at him you can see the anger in his eyes. You start to shake your head, slowly, your jaw clenching. “What did you – How?” You manage, but your voice comes out strained.

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I love modern AU Grantaire being a painter, but what if he loved photography instead?
  • He saved money for a year to afford a professional camera and he never goes out without it.
  • Still, he would be able to make beautiful photos with a smartphone
  • He always takes photos during les Amis’ rallies and protests, and they are always iconic images, that perfectly show the reason they are fighting for.
  • Once, during a rally, he took a photo of Combeferre and Feuilly so beautiful that they printed it on every leaflet for at least a 8 months.
  • He prints his photos on his own in a darkroom. He knows many techniques to alter photographs “the old way”.  He can’t use photoshop or any other software to safe his life.
  • He printed a solarized portrait of Enjolras. It’s his masterpiece, he feels like crying every time he looks at it.
  • A photo he took of Jehan was chosen for an exhibition about gender and gender roles. 
  • He has a folder where he keeps photos taken by his favourite photographers, and he frequently leafs through them when he is bored.
  • The only time he really got angry with Enjolras was when he was looking at Mapplethorpe’s photos at the Musain and the leader asked him please not to bring pornography to the meetings. He gave him an icy stare and just left, leaving all les Amis speechless and Enjolras blinking, shocked by the reaction and already feeling guilty. 
  • “It’s just that of all people I would have never thought you would be the one to belittle his work! Some photos are willingly challenging, I can’t deny it, but he took subjects such as homosexuality, gender, interracial love and sex in general and made art out of them! Where society saw sin and horror he saw beauty! In the 80s, Enjolras, while the whole world was turning its face away to ignore that same illness that was killing him from the inside! I can’t believe you are the one who can’t see that he was a revolutionary genius!”
  • Of course, Enjolras apologized in every way he could and understood he had to learn something more about modern art.
  • When he’s in a good mood he takes photos of his friends, so that he can look at them when he’s feeling down. 
  • When he has really bad days, he takes photos of himself. “I’m still here. With all my flaws, my imperfections and my horrible attitude, but I’m still here.”
  • Mankind invented photography to be able to freeze a moment in time forever. For someone who doesn’t believe in the afterlife or in the eternity of principles and ideas, a little taste of immortality can mean the world.  

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Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader
◊ Summary: It’s easy to calm yourself after your nightmares if your best friend is there to hold you. Unfortunately, she’s gone for the night and the only other person home is her older brother.
◊ Genre: fluff/slight angst 
Warnings: nightmares/panic, extremely brief mentions of abuse
◊ Word Count: 2,001 

A/N: Just a warning: I’m really bad at fluff. Probably worse at fluff than smut. And this is my first time writing in present tense, so I hope this turned out okay hahaha. But I actually enjoyed writing this, so hopefully you enjoy reading it. Also, shout-out to @soobadnoonecanstopher: happy birthday!!!

Storms are always the worst.

Usually the nightmares are fine – first comes the panic and the fear, you jolt awake, and then you’re able to calm your heart and go back to sleep. That definitely isn’t the case during a storm.

These dreams start with a darkness so palpable you can feel it clinging to your skin, pulling at your hair, and clouding your senses. You inhale, but no oxygen reaches your lungs, and the panic sets in as you begin to get lightheaded. Agony rips through your heart like a knife, and you feel like you’re crumbling under the weight of the pain.

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