i believe that this is my new otp


I think he believes that somehow they must recognize that the other one cares. I’m sure she knows he cares about her. The fact that she tries to give him back the sword Oathkeeper and he kind of says, “It’s yours. It’s always been yours,”…the subtext is it’s almost like saying, “You keep my heart. It’s yours. It’s always been yours.” - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Six: Today has the makings of a lovely day!

River: Really?

Six: Mm, we could, you know, go for a walk along the beach later…

River: We could…

Six: And I spy a little store selling ices at the end of the pier!

River: Oh yes!

Six: We could, um, dream… a little…


I’m not okay with how adorable these two were in The Diary of River Song, not in the slightest. What did I do to deserve a scene where Six and River have tea together and he bashfully proposes a date inside her dreams? What did I do to deserve any of the Six/River scenes? (I know they had to save the world ‘n all… I kinda wish they had been able to dream together I’m so schmaltzy…)

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I feel like I cheated the system.

I’m also surprised that no one’s done this yet! This probably isn’t what you ever wanted lmao I’m so sorry I love you please don’t hurt me…

(I had to edit the angle of their heads so much WTH Katsuki is so tall)

((I laughed so much))


Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
 “I can’t believe the first time I looked into your eyes, I didn’t instantly know you were the man I’d spend my life with.“

There’s just something about the way she caresses his face, how he grips her waist…those perfect, broad shoulders of his…her sculpted arms of a goddess…their eyes mesmerized by each other…sharing the same breath…the sunlight filtering through, bathing them in the promise of a new day…it’s just so heart-achingly perfect.

Consider this:

Sven constantly asking Slav about the probability of meeting that “green Pidge girl” in their reality.


At first, Slav actually runs some calculations and responds, giving new answers as they fluctuate. But he eventually gives up. He just starts making up shit statistics and Sven actually believes him (he trusts his smart buddy and he’s not as cynical as his tortured-by-Galra counterpart Shiro).

Finally, Slav’s had enough. He’s going to find their version of the Pidge paladin even if it costs him his life, so long as Sven finally SHUTS UP. (Additionally, he never knew that there’d come a point when he didn’t want to talk about alternate realities).

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if you could do todoriya for #1 for the au thing that would be so good! and if you could throw in some background kacchako that would be amazing

#1 - soulmates au (I can’t believe that in 20+ prompts I haven’t gotten my main bnha otp until now. I hope you don’t mind if I use the verse from this post and this post because I keep thinking about what the Shouto/Izuku story would be like in it. My apologies if you wanted something new. Also, background Kacchako hell yes)

Shouto is not the child of soulmates. Endeavor doesn’t care about soulmates and actively forces Shouto to cover the hand-print on his wrist. A soulmate is a distraction, love is a distraction, and according to Endeavor Shouto should only be aiming for the top, not for distractions.

Still Shouto listens to his soulmate’s heartbeat as much as he possibly can. All throughout his childhood whenever he could sneak his right hand to his left wrist, his fathers wrist, he would. It’s the only good thing about Shouto’s left side.

It’s common practice for a hero to cover their soul-print with their costume in order to protect their soulmate, an old tradition that goes back to when secret identities were still common, so it isn’t until the class of 1-A moves into their dorms that people’s soul-prints start to really become on display.

Bakugou has been acting cagey for weeks, snapping at people even more than usual but not actually picking a fight with anyone. It isn’t until Uraraka catches sight of him shirtless on the way back from a shower and screams so loudly that several people get in defensive positions that everyone realizes it’s because his soulmate is in the class and he had already known.

Everyone realizes how big of a deal soulmates are when Bakugou is actually polite to Midoriya because Uraraka asked him to be a week later. Well, polite for Bakugou anyway. Suddenly everyone is watching everyone else for the flash of soul-print that could mean their soulmate is here, with them. Every time they see Bakugou melt slightly into a light touch of Uraraka’s fingers they want their soulmate even more. A soulmate’s love is supposed to be the most powerful form of love there is and everyone wants to experience it.

Shouto pretends that he hasn’t been watching Midoriya intently. He toys with the idea of taking that stupid wrist-guard off, of showing his soul-print to the whole class and hoping Midoriya’s eyes go wide, but he doesn’t want everyone to see it. Maybe it’s just the years of being forced to cover it talking but his soul-print seems private, like something only people close to him should know about. With that in mind Shouto heads to Midoriya’s room one day, planning to find out if the bubbling in his chest is just friendship once and for all.

He knocks on Midoriya’s door and waits. There’s the sound of something falling over and Midoriya cries out something that sounds like a platitude through the barrier. Then the door is opening and there is Midoriya, shirtless and sweating from what was obviously an interrupted workout. Shouto would comment on Midoriya’s impressive work ethic but it dies on his lips. 

He is busy staring at how buff Midoriya is and the hand-print on Midoriya’s right collarbone.

The tips of the fingers curl up over the crest of his shoulder but the palm rests on the top half of his pectoral. It looks almost like the hand is pushing him back, or maybe manhandling him with the way the pinky and fourth finger splay out to curl around Midoriya’s shoulder to the best of their ability, and it’s most definitely Shouto’s hand.

There’s a roaring in Shouto’s ears that sounds like when Shouto summons his fire to life and his fingers itch. Before Shouto even thinks to ask for permission or how this would look to other people his left hand comes up and fits perfectly in his own hand-print.

Midoriya’s hand flies up, his crooked and scarred hand, and it wraps around Shouto’s wrist right over the hand-print that matches it. Shouto can feel his own heartbeat and feel his own fire and ice exactly how Midoriya probably feels it radiating from where his palm meets Midoriya’s body but he can also feel Midoriya’s heartbeat in his chest alongside his own and the satisfied sensation of burning muscles mid-workout and an ache in Midoriya’s left knee and Midoriya’s wonder mirroring his own.

Midoriya pulls and Shouto goes willingly, kicking the door closed behind him without ever letting his fingers leave Midoriya’s skin.

“You’re my soulmate?” Midoriya breathes.

“Yeah.” Is all Shouto can say past the lump in his throat.

“I didn’t want to get my hopes up but with your quirk and the way my soul-print always feels warm and cold I was starting to think that there couldn’t be anyone else.”


“And of course I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about you sometimes so I guessed that it had to be you.”

Shouto wants to smile. “You couldn’t stop thinking about me?”

Midoriya goes red and starts to stammer. “No, I mean, well yes, but we’re soulmates so obviously that’s completely normal, right?”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you either.” Shouto confesses.

Midoriya’s face breaks into a wide smile. His cheeks are still pink and Shouto can’t think of anyone else he’d rather be soulmates with.

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okay, so I understand that drama makes for good TV. I understand that when I sign up for these obsessions - particularly otps that aren’t straight - it’s going to hurt.

but I’m DROWNING in it, you know? CHOKING on it.

like, people, you know what else makes for good watching? laughter. teamwork. friendship. self esteem and independence. I would watch the shit out of my otp going to the shops to buy a new couch because they broke theirs fighting over the PlayStation remote.

I would watch the shit out of them trying to have a nice meal together but someone burns it, or it tastes awful, or it just goes badly in so many ways that even the most earnest and heartfelt ‘it’s not that bad’s can’t be believed and they order take out instead.

I would watch the SHIT out of them going on holiday, meeting new people, getting so competitive on a trivia night that they go on separate teams just so there’s a winner (and they laud their winnings over the other’s head).

I would watch the shit out of the tropiest, goofiest, mundane, every day stuff.

because it’s nice to be happy, now and then. it’s nice to see that happiness is deserved and that it can happen for you, for any one, for the world, when so much of it is painful.

Let’s analyze the Sterek shit in 6b trailer

Right after I watched the trailer, I immediately started analyzing and searching elements about Derek and Stiles. First thing, obviously, Derek is BACK YES and Stiles appears in the season. 

But now here are things I noticed, and I’m pretty sure it’s just my hardcore shipper side taking control of my mind so please don’t take it seriously ok ?  It’s really far fetched and I don’t want to start a fight with anyone. If you’re not agreeing with me just keep scrolling :) (and if you keep reading excuse my not so perfect english, there may be a lot of mistakes !)

1. They’re back together 

As you probably noticed, Stiles and Derek came back to Beacon Hills and met Scott at the same time and together, right ? And it can’t be a coincidence because neither of them looks surprised to see the other and the “without us ?” looks way too prepared for them to meet at this moment. Except if Stiles’ eyes rolling back in his head is him about to faint from surprise. Guess it’s not.

So I can surely assume that they met before, and came back together.How did they meet, I have no idea : maybe one was looking for the other (and it makes my heart swell to think about it), or maybe they ran into each other, like drawn by fate. Hem. They probably both drove together in the jeep too. Knowing them and their friendly relation, I can guess they talked and bantered with one another during the trip. So they obviously spent time together and that makes my heart happy.

2. Stiles helps Derek

Again, that’s obvious if you watched the trailer, but Stiles helps carrying an injured Derek out of a fight (we’ll also notice that Stiles is wearing a FBI shirt and I  wonder how that happened since you can’t become a FBI agent in so little time but that’s not the point).This short scene immediately reminded me of season 2 in the pool before they went in the water and Stiles had to carry Derek in the exact same position and they had this nice little talk about how they don’t really trust each other and that Stiles is helping Derek just because he needs him to survive. Well, that obviously changed, and we’ve known that for a while now, but I like the maybe involuntary parallel between the season 2 scene and this one where Stiles saves Derek without hesitation. Awesome relationship and characters evolution !

3. No Stydia ?

I’m not trying to throw shade on Stydia, I totally respect this ship, but I couldn’t keep myself from noticing that Lydia doesn’t have a scene with Stiles alone, when Scalia (yay !) has this shower scene and a lot of other one-to-one moments, as Melissa and Chris do. Lydia is mostly alone. Like really alone. She discovers this weird spiderweb thing alone, is in a bed alone, is in the school alone, screams alone (and right after a sterek scene !), is alone. The only moment Stiles and Lydia have together is in the last scene, where everyone is in or around the jeep, listening to the radio. They’re sitting side by side, I can give you that. But we’ll talk again about this scene later. This is surprising, absolutely no Stydia in the trailer, when 6a was all about this ship.

4. Stiles and Derek are a real duo

I’m not talking about romantic (or sexual if you want to see it that way) couple, but these two dorks are a recurrent and good working duo since season 1. It was mostly comic at the beginning, but they learned to trust and appreciate each other. I’m talking about Derek shoving Stiles in walls, banging his neck in a steering wheel and dying on him in season 1. I’m talking about the pool scene and breaking in the police station, Alpha Derek saving Stiles from Isaac, both being paralyzed in the police station (and Matt shipping it) in season 2. I’m talking about them being friendly when Scott gets his tattoo, eye contact, Derek punching Stiles hand, Derek trusting Stiles over his girlfriend, Stiles putting is hand on Derek’s shoulder at Boyd’s death, Stiles hitting him when he’s unconscious, Derek helping to save Stiles when he’s possessed, Derek trying to protect him when Chris points a gun at the Nogitsune, Derek dreaming about Stiles, in season 3. I’m talking about Stiles helping and taking care of teenager Derek, Stiles and Derek together helping Liam, Derek almost dying and Stiles hesitating to leave, fearing he won’t see him again, in season 4. I’m talking about Stiles noticing his initials on the bookshelf at school, Scott and Stiles mentioning Derek in season 5, when nobody else talked about him. 

Even if you don’t ship Sterek you have to see their relation. Trust, care, attachment. If I put to the side the romantic aspect of Sterek and only focus on what is canon, I’d say they are more than friends. Friends for Stiles is Scott. Derek is more, and it frustrates me that I can’t find the right word. They are like supernatural adventures partners. They’d do anything to help the other and trust them without questioning it. They earned that trust, and once obtained it’s even more solid than the one between Scott and Stiles (season 5 shows it). Derek would have believed Stiles in season 5 and supported him against Theo without a second thought. And they sometimes joke and banter together, so it works even more. The trailer shows that they’re not Derek and Stiles anymore. They’re Derek&Stiles, partners in crime. It’s even more emphasized by the “us” that Derek corrects. 

Despite my love for this otp, I see the canon Derek&Stiles more like a platonic relationship. Platonic soulmates. After the end of that war, I just imagine them going back to Washington or New York or wherever and move in together. Hell, they’ll even get platonically married and platonically raise children together, because they can’t imagine someone else to spend their life with. But if romantic Sterek goes canon I’ll be even more happy :D

5. Eye contact in the jeep

This one is the most far fetched and I totally over analyzed it.

In the last scene of the trailer, where Scott, Stiles and Lydia are in the jeep with Peter, Malia and Derek at the windows, I noticed a few things.

First, the Hales are all outside the car, which doesn’t mean anything but maybe it’s important to say it.

And, after a few observations, we can know that this is how they’re placed

(This picture is really awful but anyway)

And now is the interesting stuff.

I can’t really be sure what he is looking at, could be the radio, but I want to believe this very intense look is directed at Stiles. And while we’re talking about him…

Is this Stiles looking back at Derek ? Seems like it. It wouldn’t be the first time these two exchange glances and eye contact when nobody else is looking.

 (You can read this amazing meta theory where the author talks about Stiles and Derek relation and the importance of eye contact among other things : https://cupidsbower.tumblr.com/post/86202796600/dereks-anchor)

Peter and Lydia seem rather focused on the radio Scott is holding, we can’t see Malia, and Scott is looking through the window, but then he looks up, maybe at Derek, maybe just for the emphasis of his concentration and questions. No idea.

Also, if you squint really really hard during this scene, you may notice that Peter seems to be looking at Lydia, while she’s turning her eyes towards Stiles who’s looking at Derek. Derek stares back, Scott glances at Malia and we can’t see her face again so she could be looking anywhere. But it’s like everyone is staring at the person they have a connection with. Peter because he played with Lydia’s mind, Scott because he’s dating Malia. Lydia because she’s dating Stiles. And Stiles and Derek ? Because they have this incredible chemistry. Maybe we’re even talking about romantic connections and the show will end with canon Pydia, Scalia and Sterek, who knows ? But after a few slow-mo rewatchs I realized that except Derek and Stiles, they’re more likely to be watching the radio. So take this as you want it, nobody’s holding you back of believing it. 

The dorks look at each other exactly when Gerard (wasn’t he dead by the way ??) says “Welcome back. You must all be feeling rather nostalgic.”

The “welcome back” must be directed at Derek and Stiles, since they were the only ones among the people in the car who left Beacon Hills. So again, they’re addressed as a whole. (Or it’s a general “welcome back”, like “welcome back together, all gathered in the jeep like the good ol’time !”, or a “welcome back in a new nightmare where I’m magically alive !”. )

The “you must all be feeling rather nostalgic” is directed at everyone, and I guess the old man says that because a lot of people are back (Jackson ! The twin ! Kate ????), so I don’t give it much attention, but what I do give attention to is how a shot of Derek and his intense look is followed by a fade to black and then the shot of Stiles looking back at him. That must be the cinematographer inside me talking, but this kind of editing doesn’t come from nowhere. I see this sequence as a special importance giving deeper meaning to Gerard’s words. I see it as Derek and Stiles having felt nostalgic far away from the town and its inhabitants (pack and family included), but also far away from each other when Derek left. In other words, they missed each other. We’ve only seen Stiles’ point of view, when he signed the bookshelf or when Scott mentioned his name and he obviously had feelings (as friend or not) towards the werewolf. I can assume Derek felt the same way, especially after Braeden left him and came back to Beacon Hills without him.

Some people say that Stiles is Derek’s anchor, and I’m pretty convinced of that too. It makes even more sense that they found each other again when they’d lost contact for months, even maybe years. It’s like they gravitate toward each other. Platonic soulmates as I said before. And I can totally see them evolve in this platonic way. Stydia could keep happening, Derek could find a partner (Braeden ?), and they’ll still stay around each other no matter what.

I can totally see them evolve in a romantic relation too, but oh so different than what they both had had before. More serious than any of their previous relations, but they’ll still stay these two adorable dorks who can’t keep themselves from teasing the other and pretending they’re not funny, and always keeping this unbreakable trust and fidelity they already have. I’m totally on board with this. Yup. 

… And this post is way much longer than it was supposed to be so I’m gonna stop ! Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion and thoughts as long as you don’t insult me or anything, be kind please ! :) Have an awesome day !!

Bonus : 6. Something for the viewers

I just realized I forgot to mention something :

 “You didn’t think you were doing this without me, did you ?”

“Without us ?”

This, except being the cause of my cardiac arrest, can also be interpreted. Stiles and Derek obviously said these lines to Scott, but what if the production of Teen Wolf was saying this to us at the same time? A lot of people believed that Derek and Stiles wouldn’t appear in the last part of the show, but here they are ! And that’s a nice message, if it was voluntary :D 

I can still hope that, as a lot of people believe that romantic sterek won’t become canon, boom they’ll throw the love at us with a “You didn’t think this would happen, did you ?” and I can totally see something like this happen. In my head. But who knows ?

Now I’m really finished ! Thanks for reading :)

to my veronica,

six months ago.

six months ago, today, we held hands behind a pillow at my house on new years as the clock struck midnight because it was too dangerous to kiss. because my mother believes that two girls who really like each other is dangerous.

we’ve gone through some shit. the great valentine’s day panic attack and the birthday sexuality crisis being the main two causes of our distress. 

i’ve known for a couple of years that i wanted a girlfriend. some girl to run her delicate fingers through my hair and complain about my skin care routine. to fight with over who is who in our otps (im harley quinn, you’re poision ivy). i didn’t know then, that i wanted you. now i do.

this summer has been harsh so far, with limited phone calls and only seeing you at exams. but when school comes, we will be two crashing waves together, chasing after the moonlight. two flowers blossoming from ashes.

and when i was crying in another school’s unfamiliar bathroom, after we talked instead of kissing and i was too busy feeling things to notice; thanks for coming after me.

thank you, @do-you-hear-the-heathers-sing, for the last six months. here’s to the next six.

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Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
“You think he could have stopped any of this? Or that? No. Not even Superman can be everywhere at once. Then what good is he? What he can’t do, it doesn’t matter. It’s the idea of Superman. Someone to believe in, someone to build a few hopes around. Whatever he can do, that’s enough.

My ship is canon. It is a good day.

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Dreamingsnowflake’s 2016 year-end shout-out

Another year in Dramaland is over and what a year it was! LITERALLY MAGICAL as it was a year of reincarnations and love stories transcending time and space. It will definitely go down as one of the very best of years, making up for the abysmal 2015.

  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (AKA the drama with 2 episodes worth of deleted scenes)

Never have I watched a drama that would frustrate me so nor one which would be so full of contrasts (and DELETED SCENES!) - at times brilliant while at others donwright awful (the last 2,5 episodes need rewriting) be it the writing, acting or directing. Though, there was ONE THING that was UNFAILINGLY AWFUL from the beginning to the very (HEARTWRENCHING AND INCOMPLETE) end - THE EDITING. The acting ranged from bad to mediocre to one unforgettable performance that outshined everything - Lee Joon Gi’s mesmerizing portrayal of Prince Wang So. Wang So’s undying love for his lover and his chemistry with Lee Ji Eun created a love story for the ages (even if the last 2,5 episodes made me lose all the love and sympathy I had for Hae Soo). Whether you love Moon Lovers or hate it, it never felt boring and it always managed to inspire strong emotions. The story was never happy to begin with - there was so much pain, suffering, tears, emotions, hate, love, regrets, disappointments and imperfections - YET I WILL FOREVER LOVE IT, ALL OF IT!

  •  The Legend of the Blue Sea

Has there ever been a more tragic story than that of Kim Dam Ryung and his beloved Se Hwa? Has there ever been a tale about a love so great, yet so sad? A sad and hidden love story which has begun 400 years, will the star-crossed lovers get the happiness they deserve? Those are the questions only 2017 can answer. From all the fantasy dramas, LotBS is the one which resembles a fairy tale the most, yet at the same time it feels so real. JJH and LMH are simply amazing and The Second Moon and Lee Sun Hee OSTs create the perfect background for the magical story. 

  • Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

After the disappointments that were Heirs and The Descendants of the Sun, Kim Eun Sook has once again showed her brilliance. Though, the Goblin OTP completely lacks in the chemistry and romantic department, the rest of the drama makes up for it, including the secondary OTP and the bromance.

  • Suki Na Hito Ga Iru Koto

After so many years, a great jdrama rom-com! FINALLY! 

Kurosaki-kun No Iinari Ni Nante Naranai

I still can’t believe this movie (+ 2-part SP) is real! I mean a teenage romance with open-mouthed kisses and HICKEYS! MY FAVOURITE HIGH-SCHOOL ROMANCE IN JDRAMALAND!

Nobunaga Concerto The Movie

SIMPLY EPIC! It contains everything I missed in the drama. I’ve re-watched it 4 times, and each time I ended up crying during the final 5 minutes. All hail SHUN OGURI - one of the best actors Japan ever had!