i believe she was at some point possessed by the nogitsune

Lucky Number 24 - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 5008

Warnings: Smut

Notes: Lacrosse Week Special for my favorite bby, Stiles. I can’t believe I just wrote this. I never intended for it to actually turn into that but I got to the point I wanted to, and kinda couldn’t stop from there.

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Delusional//Teen Wolf x Riverdale


Characters: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Kevin Keller, Cheryl Blossom, Reader.

“We have to go.” Stiles raises an eyebrow.

“No. Just because Derek called does not mean we have to go.” Scott shakes his head.

Everyone exchanges looks, “We’re going.” You stand up.

“Where are we going?” Lydia walks into the room.

“Riverdale.” You reply.

She stands in the doorway, a confused look on her face before shrugging. “Let’s go.”

You all pack up and go, not sure where to stay.

“Hotel?” Stiles suggests.

“Why not?” Derek shrugs and sighs before going to check everyone in.

“Where should we start?” Isaac asks.

“Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe.” Scott looks up from his phone.

“Do I wanna know?” Stiles looks confused.

“Probably not.” You sigh.

Derek hands out key cards to everyone before you all take off to Pop’s. You walk in the door, everyone turning to look at you.

You spot a dark haired boy with a grey beanie on. “That’s him.” You whisper to Scott.

Scott nods and walks towards him and the blonde he sat with. You and Stiles follow closely, hoping to listen.

“Are you Jughead Jones?” Scott asks.

Jughead looks up at Scott, an unreadable look on his face. “Are you here to ask about my dad? You a reporter or something?” Betty grabs his wrist, looking at the three of you.

“No..I just..you’re Betty Cooper, right?” Scott shifts his gaze to Betty and she nods.

“Scott stop being so incredibly sketchy.” Stiles shakes his head. “We need to talk to you. Outside preferably.” He moves in front of Scott.

“Who are you..?” Jughead tilts his head.

“Stiles Stilinski. Now, can we go..outside?” Stiles points toward the door.

“Your name is Stiles Stilinski?” Jughead starts to stand.

“Your name is Jughead Jones.” Stiles deadpans.

“Fair enough,” Jughead exits the diner, Betty following him closely.

Isaac raises an eyebrow as he spots Jughead, “Is this him?” He’s leaning up against the Jeep.

You nod, everyone moving forward.

“This is going to sound…more than insane.” Scott starts to explain.

“Okay…?” Jughead looks at him.

“We know who killed Jason Blossom.”

“Is this some kind of sick joke?” Jughead crosses his arms.

“Hear him out.” Betty nods at him.

“Who killed Jason Blossom then?” He looks skeptical.

“Clifford Blossom.” Scott nods.

Betty covers her mouth with her hand, “What?”

“He was…” Scott looks to Derek, unsure of how to continue.

Derek steps forward, “He was possessed.”

“Who are you?” Jughead steps back. “Who sent you?”

“Let us explain.” You look to Betty, hoping she’d give in. She nods and you step closer to the pair. “Do you believe in the supernatural?”

“Yeah. I guess so.” Jughead nods.

“That’s what this is..he was possessed by a..a Nogitsune. Stiles here was possessed about a month ago.” You turn to Stiles who purses his lips and give a quick wave. “We obviously got it out of Stiles, but it seems the Nogitsune has body jumped.”

“I’m going to..need a minute.”

“I’m going to call Archie and Veronica.” Betty pulls her phone out and walks away.

“Is there somewhere more private we could go to talk?” Scott asks.

Jughead shakes his head, “Parents are too nosey. We could go out by the river…as long as we don’t get caught.”

“Archie and Veronica said to meet at Veronica’s. Her mom is with Archie’s dad.” Betty returns.

“We can take you there.” Jughead nods.

You arrive and walk into a huge apartment, you and Stiles exchange a glance as you walk inside.

“Who’s this?” Archie breathes out.

“Oh, uh..I’m Scott, that’s Derek, Isaac, Stiles, Y/N, and Lydia.” You all wave.

Scott explains the situation and the four of them sit in silence.

“You said supernatural?” Archie asks.

Scott nods, “Yeah. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to trust us.”

“Can we talk more about this tomorrow? I have to go talk to my dad.” Archie stands up from his spot on the couch.

“Yeah. That sounds good.” Scott nods. Everyone goes back home, you and the pack returning to the hotel. You’d given Betty your number in case anything happens.

You were glad you did, you received a phone call from her telling you to meet her and Jughead. The pack headed out, and you all fell in step behind them once you found them.

“Whatever it is we’re looking for, Joaquin didn’t know if it would help your dad, or make things worse.” Kevin says to Jughead.

“Um, I guess we’re about to find out.” Betty replies. You and the pack stay a ways back, listening closely. “And why did he wait so long to tell us?” She adds.

“FP called him from jail.” Kevin starts. “Told him to forget about their plan, some contingency plan. He said it was too dangerous.”

“Deja vu.” Jughead mutters as he approaches a large sign. Everyone stops as they watch Jughead.

“Hey! Right here!” He reaches down through some branches, pulling out a backpack. He unzips his, revealing Jason’s varsity jacket.

Betty calls Archie and you all meet in his garage. You’re all huddled around the jacket.

“This was meant to help FP?” Archie asks as he motions toward the piece of clothing.

“I don’t know. Looks like incriminating evidence to me.” Kevin looks at Archie and shrugs.

“Yeah.” Jughead’s gripping a chair, bent over slightly. “This just confirms that my dad torched Jason’s getaway car.”

“And that his confession was true.” Kevin mutters to Betty.

“Why would FP say that Jason’s varsity jacket is dangerous? What could that mean?” Betty shakes her head.

Veronica walks in the door, “I can ask my father..he would know, considering we found concrete proof that he hired the Serpents to kill Jason.”

No one from the pack says a word, this was information Derek had already collected.

Veronica turns to Jughead, “Which probably means that your dad pulled the trigger, Jughead. I’m sorry.”

Jughead stares at the jacket in silence, sadness spread across his face. Betty watches her boyfriend, “No. No! No, I’m not giving up yet.” She shakes her head. She picks the jacket up and holds it up to Archie. “Put it on.”

He looks concerned, “What?”

“Put it on.” She insists.

“Betty..this is weird.” Archie says as she puts the jacket on him. He widens his arms and she slides her hands into her pockets to explore.

“There’s a hole in the pocket.” She nods.

“Okay, now we’re just grasping at straws..” Kevin steps forward.

“Okay, no.” Betty interrupts. “I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I have a hole in my jacket pocket, I always lose my Chapstick in the lining.” She feels around in the hole.

“Or my Montblanc.” Veronica adds.

“Hold on.” Betty pulls out a small silver flash drive.

“What the hell?” Veronica leans forward.

Kevin scoffs and shakes his head, “Nancy Drew strikes again.”

They put the flash drive in the computer and you and the pack stand up, giving them some space. You talk amongst yourselves. You watch them watch the computer, all five of them jumping at one time. Veronica begins to cry and Betty gets up to make a phone call after closing the laptop.

Archie calls you over and you view the video.

“You see that? Right there?” Derek pauses the video. “His eyes changed. It’s the Nogitsune.”

“Can you explain the whole thing again?” Jughead asks.

Derek explains the origins. “You’d probably get a better description from Stiles. Probably a very short and sarcastic description, but it’s still a description.” Derek looks to Stiles.

“Basically, you have no control. You…black out, you wake up not knowing what you did during the period when you were out. It gets to the point where you’d do anything to get the Nogitsune out. He feeds off of chaos, which is why he was willing to kill his host’s child. It would cause the whole town to panic.” Stiles explains.

“Supernatural things…exist?” Archie asks.

“I’m a werewolf.” Scott shrugs. “So is he, and so is he.” He points at Isaac and Derek.

“I’m a banshee.” Lydia shrugs.

“And you?” Kevin points at Stiles.

“I was just possessed that’s all.”

“What about you?” Jughead asks you.

“Me? Just a human. I somehow got dragged into this.” You exchange a knowing look with Scott.

“So what do we do about it?” Veronica asks, wiping her eyes.

“We could speak with Cheryl.”

“I already told her to get out.” Betty nods.

“How do you know so much?” Jughead looks at you and the pack.

“I’ve been collecting information. I had a feeling it was supernatural.” Derek responds.

Cheryl walks in the door, her eyes falling onto Derek. “Who’s tall dark and handsome?” She smirks at him. “I’m Cheryl Blossom. You are?” She extends her hand to him.

He shakes it, raising an eyebrow as she flirts. “About ten years too old for you.” He shakes his head.

“Too bad.” She spins on her heel. “What’s going on?”

Scott explains everything. She stares at you with a disgusted look on her face.

“Is this a joke?”

“Trust them. It’s not.” Betty reassures.

“I want proof.” She sits up straight.

“Proof?” Stiles squints at her. He clearly doesn’t like her.

“Yes, proof.” She gives him a once over. “Are you too stupid to understand what I’m saying?” She quickly flicks her eyes to meet his.

“Hey!” Lydia defends Stiles, stepping in front of him.

Cheryl stands up to face her, crossing her arms. “What’re you going to do?”

“What should I do? Maybe I could rip out your fake red hair.” Lydia smirks and stares at Cheryl’s long hair.

Cheryl’s jaw drops, “This is Blossom hair! This is not fake!”

“From what Polly told me about her dad’s wig collection…” Betty mumbles to Veronica.

“Huh.” Lydia scoffs. “Could’ve fooled me.” She turns away, moving back to her spot behind Stiles.

Kevin’s jaw is dropped, he leans over to Veronica, “I like her. We may have to keep that one.”

“Fighting isn’t proof.” Jughead raises an eyebrow.

“What proof do you want?” Isaac stands up.

“We could start with the whole…y'know, werewolf thing.”

“What, you don’t believe us?” Isaac seems upset.

“No, I don’t.” Jughead states.

“Are we kidding with this kid, Scott? Look at his hat.”

Jughead sits up and looks at Isaac, “Look at your scarf!”

“I like him.” Stiles nods at Jughead and smiles.

“Guys! We won’t get anything done this way.” Betty shouts.

“Here’s proof.” Scott tries to deflect the situation, flashing his eyes at the six in front of you.

“Woah…” Kevin raises an eyebrow.

“Believe us now?” He asks.

Cheryl looks unimpressed. “Yes.”

You go back to the hotel, planning on going to speak to the whole Blossom family in the morning.

You’re woken by a call from Betty. “He hung himself?”

“What?” You sit up and look at the clock.

“Clifford. He hung himself last night. Cheryl told him she knew he did something bad and he hung himself.”

“The Nogitsune did it.” You sigh. “He’s fled.” You climb of the bed.

“And he’s going to be looking for another body.”

Something’s bothering me...

So this thing has been in the back of my mind for a while now and I think I need to bring it to everyone’s attention. I’m sure we’ve all been completely oblivious to it but…the Dread Doctors

Every member of the pack has seen them and practically interacted with them in some way…except for Stiles. Now you’re probably thinking I’m wrong but I’m not. Malia saw them when they killed Tracy, Scott saw them at the hospital then in the tunnels with Malia and Chris, Lydia saw them during her surgery, then Malia, Lydia, Scott and Liam saw them at the school when they were protecting Hayden, Kira saw them when she got back from New York, and Liam was held captive by them for a while. You’d argue with me about Eichen House but Stiles and Lydia hid when the Dread Doctors passed by, neither one of them saw them there.

Then when Stiles was in the tunnels with Malia and Scott he left with Noah before the Dread Doctors appeared.

Only Theo interacts with Stiles.

And you’d think that through the whole season Stiles was bound to bump into the Dread Doctors, either accidentally or by coincidence. Yet it hasn’t happened, Stiles has only heard about them and knows what they look like from the cover of the book. He’s never seen them in real life. So I was just thinking…could that mean something.

I know that as a fandom we all agree that Stiles is something. And for a while I’ve believed that Stiles has power from both the Nogitsune and the Nemeton. You’re probably thinking how but remember at the end of 3A, Stiles, Scott and Allison sacrificed themselves to the Nemeton.

Out of the three Stiles was the only virgin sacrifice, therefore he’d be giving the Nemeton more power than the others. Afterwards he heads towards the Nemeton, but before he arrives he gets in an accident. He still makes it to the Nemeton and by then he’s bleeding.

His blood, virgin blood, would get all over the roots of the Nemeton, adding to the power the sacrifices already gave it. So with all the power Stiles gave the Nemeton, plus him being alive, it could create a strong connection between the two. He kept having nightmares in 3B and they all tended to lead him to the Nemeton.

It could be a sign, the Nemeton calling out to him. And the fact that Stiles dreams of the Nemeton can already show a connection between the two. And after all of S3 we’ve seen Stiles doing some pretty impressive things.

Like his new found strength…

Or his strong connection with Roscoe…

And a kind of interesting situation was when Stiles and Lydia were out in the woods looking for the Nemeton.

The Nemeton attracts the supernatural so if Lydia, a banshee, wanted to find it then how come she couldn’t…well maybe because she was with Stiles and he really didn’t want the Nemeton to be found. And like always Stiles has this sixth sense about the supernatural, which Scott never seems to believe, and he knew something was off about Theo.

He knew Theo was supernatural but he also knew he wasn’t like the others, and he was right, Theo was a chimera. So is it possible that maybe the Dread Doctors are actively avoiding Stiles.

When they first showed up they sent someone after Scott, if they really wanted him out of the way taking Stiles would get them exactly what they wanted but they don’t touch him, or see him.

They said that their time was limited, that could be in relation to the super moon, but what if they’re talking about themselves. We’ve all seen them fritz and stuff so it’s possible that they don’t have a lot of power to stay on the physical plain. Where else could they get power to stay in the physical world, well they could get it from the Nemeton but even then they have no way to harness it…but Stiles might.

He told Malia he remembered everything he did as the Nogitsune. He liked feeling powerful and fearless, he liked being in control. Now obviously we’ve seen that Stiles still has this power and maybe he’s trying to keep it on a lid for the sake of being with Scott. He has power with the Nemeton and power from the Nogitsune since the body he has is the copy the Nogitsune made for him, the Nogitsune could have easily left the copy with some power for Stiles’ sake. I mean sure Stiles beat the Nogitsune but it left a mark on Stiles, a dark one, so it’s possible the Nogitsune knew that at some point Stiles would embrace his darkness so it left him some power. And along with power what if Stiles knows other things. He was possessed by a very old spirit, it’s possible he might have all the memories of the Nogitsune, memories he most likely represses. If he does have those memories then he knows more than ever, his memories could be older than the Dread Doctors themselves. Maybe the Dread Doctors want that power, the power Stiles has but they can’t force it on him.

Like I said it’s possible that the Dread Doctors avoid Stiles. Maybe if they were to meet they might accidentally awaken Stiles’ power and at that point Stiles would go to Scott, but they need the power, so they use Theo. Out of everyone Theo was always closest to Stiles and even after the pack fell apart Theo still goes to Stiles.

And if we back track a bit we always go back to one question, exactly how did Theo know about Void Stiles. It’s possible the Dread Doctors told him, told Theo that Stiles has this incredible power that they need. And the only way to get that is if Stiles accepts his power on his own and chooses Theo, therefore the Dread Doctors, or heck maybe they just need Stiles to accept his power and trust Theo enough so they can get their hands on him. Either way I just think it’s strange and meaningful that Stiles has never seen the Dread Doctors and vice versa, like this could mean something big.

We all know that by the end of S5 the Dread Doctors aren’t going anywhere, they’re going to evolve and be in S6. And Stiles, who’s been confirmed for S6 as well, has this power he thinks he needs to keep on a lid, is it possible these two things coincide with one another. If you think back supernatural creatures have never seriously harmed Stiles, heck he seems to have power over them, power of his own. Anyway I just needed to point this out between Stiles and the Dread Doctors, cause it’s just…it means something, I know it. Thanks for reading and sticking with me through all this, hope I didn’t blow any minds too bad.



Stiles and Lydia have been said to be “two sides of the same coin”, and no one can deny there’s been boatloads of parallels between the two. As Stiles continues to achieve more and more impossible feats and has become increasingly questionable in his actions, I’m starting to see another big parallel Stiles has to Lydia. 

He's something.

Is he psychic? Actually, quite possibly

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Teen Wolf The Divine Move

Okay so shit happened and I just wanna say something…

So remember how Kira was saying a Nogitsune doesn’t have morals or any understanding…Scott thought Nogy was doing this for fun but Kira said someone offended Nogy….I strongly believe…the hell I know Stiles fucken pissed of Nogy…First off think about it… Nogy possessed Stiles since the end of ‘Lunar Ellipse’…so he was inside of Stiles for a long time and it was hard for him to freaking control him…Who knows what he did with Stiles and the bat at the electrical place…

Beside even after Nogy was charged up it was hard to control Stiles because he’s stronger than everyone thinks and even Nogy was fooled…In the end of 'Silverfinger’ when the Oni went to Stiles he was scared yes but he would have let them do the check thing…

See how Stiles’s hand grabs him but then Stiles immediately turned and looks surprised which says he didn’t move his hand…Nogy managed enough strength to control his arm…

Then once Nogy moves the Oni’s hand away he takes further control of Stiles….

After that you see Stiles kind of shaking cuz he was fighting Nogy…but after Stiles opened his hand and saw the firefly he kind of lost…Like right after that when he looks up Nogy is in control…

And then shit happens with the other Oni…

At this point Nogy was charge up but he still had to fight Stiles for control…then guess what Stiles tried to do in 'Riddled’ after this happened…he tried to kill himself…Don’t believe me well think about it…He hid in a coyote den where his sent would be masked and Scott and the others couldn’t find him…He told Scott not to call his dad cuz he’s the Sheriff and then there would be a search party…In his dreams Nogy kept telling Stiles to wake up…

Nogy even moved the bear trap on his leg cuz he couldn’t take control of Stiles and get himself out…Even when Melissa and Rafael found him what was Stiles screaming…'No wait, wait’…

and look at his face, tell me it doesn’t look like he’s a bit disappointed that they got him out alive…'It didn’t work…they got me out alive’…

Then Nogy threatened everyone Stiles loves…

Then Nogi took control of Stiles…

And did a lot of crazy shit…

Even then he only had control of him for about 48 hours…

In 'Echo House’ once the lines on Stiles’s neck where gone he had to threaten to kill Malia if Stiles didn’t let him…

He was once again strong but not strong enough to take control of Stiles he had to get Stiles to willingly let him in…

And once again he had control and even that only lasted for a bit….

He did some crazy shit with Stiles…

Then he split up and stuff but anyway…Stiles pissed off Nogy because even though he was a thousand years old Stiles still managed to out smart him…At first Nogy took away his ability to read, which is what makes Stiles such a genius, all the research he does…

But yet Stiles still managed to save Lydia from the bear trap…cuz he always figures everything out…

Nogy lost…Then in 'Letharia Vulpina’ Nogy placed a bomb in the Sheriff’s office and when they called an ambulance guess who else came…

Look at that face he looks annoyed that the Sheriff will be there and away from the bomb…Stiles outsmarted him and again Nogy lost in a way…When Nogy had Stiles trapped in his own head playing 'GO’…Well first off I was impressed Stiles knew how to play and how once he realized it was a distraction he messed up the game…

In the end Stiles was gonna kill himself and he would have if he didn’t notice the book and desk…Again he figured it out and beat Nogy…Then later on Nogy knocks out Scott and Kira…He was pissed and you know at who…

Stiles of course cuz he knew how to play Nogy’s game and totally won at this point…and Nogy’s mad cuz like he said it’s his game and Stiles beat him at it…

Lydia was pulling Stiles back cuz she was scared but Stiles if he could would stand in front of him and take him on…Since they were killing the Oni, Nogy was all on his own and he completely lashed out at Stiles, Lydia was just there really helping Stiles stand…

So yea Nogys gone now (gonna miss him I’ll admit) but I swear if he ever comes back he’ll go after Stiles first or maybe just possess him again and make him kill everyone he loves cuz Stiles beat him…So yes this is why I love Stiles cuz he’s such a smart-ass…He gets possessed by the evil spirit yet he’s still the one to piss it off…Ah Stiles…

Stiles insulted Nogy’s intelligence and beat him at his own game…All the times he managed to out fox him and figure out his tricks…See evil Stiles was terrifying and hot (sexy really) and nobody could beat him but himself…This is why Stiles with power is terrifying…for crying out loud Stiles framed two guys for MURDER…Stiles is awesome but if he ever goes bad were all screwed…



[ PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 ]

This is where things really start to get crazy. 

(note: I’m aware this part of the meta is slightly crack!theory, so please don’t send meaningless criticism, only constructive criticism kthx)


HOLY SHIPS ON THE SEVEN SEAS. If nothing can convince you that Stiles killed his mother, this will easily persuade you. Check out this dialogue in 3x13 Anchors when Stiles sees that Sheriff is going through some old files:

Stiles: Hey, Dad, what is all this?
Sheriff: I’ve been looking over some old cases from a more “illuminated” perspective; if you know what I mean.
Stiles: [Reads] “Strange sighting of bipedal lizard man sprinting across freeway”.
Sheriff: Kanima pile.
Stiles: Dad, you’re not going through all your old cases, seeing if any of them had anything to do with the supernatural, are you?
Sheriff: I admit that, recent opening of my eyes to the greater mysteries of the universe has got me…reassessing…there are least a hundred cases here where I can look at the details and ask myself….If I knew then, what I know now…
Stiles: Right, but are you sure you want to go down that path?
Sheriff: Do I have a choice? There’s one case in particular that I can’t get out of my head.

GO AND WATCH THIS PART. It’s about 20 minutes into the episode. If you watch, Stiles looks downright nervous as he’s having this conversation. In Echo House during group therapy, Stiles says that guilt makes him nervous.

Morrell: How does guilt make you feel, Stiles?
Stiles: I’m sorry, what?
Morrell: Guilt. What does it make you feel?
Stiles: Nervous.
Morrell: Like a sense of urgency? You feel an urgent need to make up for something you’ve done…to apologize.

That’s a very specific answer to a relatively vague question, both for Stiles and Morrell. Especially since Stiles usually feels no guilt for his more apologetic-worthy behavior and sarcasm. It’s odd for Stiles to look so scared as he’s having such a simple conversation with his dad, unless Stiles knows that he had something to do with Claudia’s death.

((Also interesting that the Sheriff uses the specific word “illuminated,” which is the name of the same episode where we start to question whether Stiles has killed anyone))

Stiles asks the extremely foreboding question of “are you sure you want to go down that path?” That’s really strange for Stiles to say when figuring out what really happened in unsolved cases is usually a good thing. Unless, of course, that unsolved case is finding out your son killed your wife. Why else would Stiles act so nervous and try to divert his father from solving unsolved cases unless Stiles has something to hide? This further proves that Stiles knows what really happened, and he’s the one to blame.

You know what this makes me think of?

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The Teenagers They Were Supposed To Be

Fic request: 

  • after years of Lydia barely recognizing Stiles’ existence, and even a couple years of being close friends, she finally gives into her deep feelings of love for Stiles and all of his dorky, caring, protective ways. Maybe a line where after Stiles does something odd/dorky & Scott: “What an idiot” and laughs, Lydia: “Yeah well he’s MY idiot” and smiles. Possessive!Lydia… :)
  • stiles and lydia and maybe the pack too decide to go to the beach, or to a party or just hang out together and disconnect from all the supernatural and just have a good time together

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: sarahreesemd [AO3]

Author’s Note: I took a little liberty with the prompt so I hope that’s okay and you guys still like it. I also have decided Allison stays alive because I am in denial. Oh and I apologize for any mistakes I make with the geography of California. I know nothing about the state let alone where the fictional town of Beacon Hills is. Saying that, I hope you guys like it!

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Evil!Stiles? Dark!Stiles? Juiced!Stiles? Not!Stiles? Or...Stiles?

So this has been bugging me a bit.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Point A: Lantern hung on defining unreliable narrators
  • Point B: Lantern hung clearly stating Stiles doesn’t know when he’s dreaming vs reality.

There’s been some fantastic meta/theory debating Evil!Stiles as the nogitsune, Dark!Stiles where he’s possessed by fae/Trickster/Nemeton/whatever bad things, and Juiced!Stiles where he’s actually those things, but ‘waking up’, so to speak. After the first few episodes I also toyed with the idea that a lot of this season was happening in Stiles’ head, and a lot of the interactions we were seeing was … Stiles addressing himself/his life but gave it the face of his friends/family (Part 1, Part 2 - mostly just babbling and throwing darts).

So I’d like to revisit that, with what we know, with this added note -

  • Point C: What if BAMF!Stiles is Stiles or Juiced!Stiles, or at the very least, Not!Stiles but definitely not dark or evil?

Bwah? I know. Hear me out.

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You’re Supernatural Too - Preference
  • Liam - Mermaid

“Hey,” You called out to your closest friend, Liam, while walking with Mason to ask him why he wasn’t on the bus.

“Hey, why weren’t you on the bus?” Mason asked, frowning at our best friend’s peculiar behavior.

“I ran,” Liam panted and you raised your eyebrows.

“You ran three miles to school? ” You questioned, incredulously.

“Yeah,” You were going to ask something else, but he grabbed Mason, and pulled him away, leaving you alone and a little hurt.


It was the day of the scrimmage, and even though Liam had hurt your feelings that day, you decided you’d go and support him. Lydia, Ms.McCall and the Sheriff sat a few seats down from you to watch Stiles and Scott play.

You cheered when the game was over, because Beacon Hills had won, but you got this tingly feeling on your skin. Well under your skin,anyway. It made your skin itch, and you scratched at it.

“Hey, you alright?” Mason questioned and you nodded shakily, “Yeah, my skin just itches - a lot. Um, I’ve gotta get going, but tell Liam I say congratulations,”.

You ran off without waiting for a reply, and when you saw your bike in the lot, you wasted no time sprinting to it.


It’d been a week since the scrimmage, and Liam was starting to worry. You hadn’t shown up to school, hadn’t answered his calls, and no one had seen you.

Well, no one except Derek Hale, but nobody knew that.

What happened on the night of the scrimmage was awful. Your skin, instead of itching like it did before, it started to burn horribly. Your grandma asked if you were alright, but you mumbled an answer and rushed to your room.

The cold wind that blew through the window soothed the burn, but it just wasn’t enough. You decided that you’d go take a swim in your pool to soothe it even more.

Three hours later, everyone was asleep in the house, so you decide that this was the perfect time. You slipped into your swimsuit, and climbed out the window, and headed to the backyard.

You sat in the pool and immediately your skin stopped burning. With a loud groan of relief, you threw your head back, and enjoyed the cool water on your skin.

The next thing that happened scared you beyond measure. Your legs drifted together until they were morphed, and if that sight wasn’t enough, scales started forming from your belly button, and made it’s way down to your toes, where a big tail sprang out.

“Well, well, well, ” a deep voice came out of nowhere, and you jumped in surprise.

“Who are you?”

“A friend of Liam’s, and you’re a mermaid,” he nodded at me, and I laughed shakily before my eyes rolled over and everything turned black. 
You felt a hand on your forehead, and you softly grabbed on to the arm.

“I had such a weird dream last night, Grandma, ” You mumbled, “I dreamt that I was swimming, then I had a tail and this guy came and -” your eyes fluttered open, and you realized it wasn’t your grandma, “Ah!”

You jumped up to see a shirtless Liam, and Scott and Stiles along with Lydia and their girlfriends.

“Hey, it’s just me, ” Liam said, and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?! I’ve been going through this freaking awkward phase recently, and you’re supposed to be my best friend, but you’re not here! You’re never here, and last night some guy in a leather jacket tells me that I’m a mermaid and - ” Liam cut you off by placing his lips on yours and your eyes widened - because damn, he was kissing you.

After your minute or two of freaking out, your eyes fluttered closed because he licked your bottom lip and you opened your mouth to let his tongue roam it.

“Hey? Yeah, ” You heard Stiles behind Liam, and you went to move your head, but he held it in place by placing his hand at the back of your head.

“Liam,” Scott said firmly, and as if a switch had been flipped, Liam’s lips were off yours and he was looking at a slightly opened mouth, and raised eyebrows, “That’s enough. I think we need to explain everything to Y/N,”

“Explain what to me, Liam?”

He looked at Scott, then looked at me with a heavy sigh.


“Are you joking? Please tell me you’re joking, ” You pleaded, but no one responded except Scott, who shrugged, pushing his hands into his pockets.

“So, what does this mean?” Liam asked, and everyone diverted their attention to him.

“What do you mean?” the one you knew as Stiles, asked.

“I meant, now that we know she’s not human. We can’t just leave her out, ” he explained, shooting a pointed look at Scott.

“Then what are we supposed to d -” Stiles got cut off by Liam, who stated firmly, “They’ll come for her. They’ll hurt her and Scott knows they will,”

“Mermaids aren’t even supposed to exist - no offense, Y/N, but considering the fact that she does, we should shut up about it, alright?”
Stiles told him with raised eyebrows and he sighed before nodding.

“Okay,but if you guys won’t protect her, I will, ” Liam declared, and Scott narrowed his eyes at the younger boy.

“Liam, you’re still learning! How can you protect someone, and you’re not sure how to protect yourself?”

“I have to Scott,because no one else is gonna do it,” he looked back at me after what felt like ages and took my hand, “Come on. Let’s get you home to your grandma, she must be worried,”

He pulled me gently out the huge bed, and I took the little time to observe my surroundings ; a small room, covered in posters and clothes thrown all about.

“You don’t have a car. What are you going to do? Run with her? ”

“As a matter of fact,” Liam helped you onto his back, and secured your hands around his neck, “I am,” And with that, you were down the stairs, and out the door.


Getting home in 52 seconds using a vehicle would have been slightly believable, but what wasn’t believable was the fact that Liam got to your house in 52 seconds, with you on his back.

“Aren’t you tired? ” You asked, kind of shocked at his strength and speed, even though he, Scott and Stiles explained everything.

He shook his head, casting his vision downward, and you walked over to him, placing your hand on his jaw to make him look you in the eyes. You’d actually never realized how beautiful his eyes were.

“Hey, ” You said softly and it felt like he was staring into your soul. His eyes flashed gold for a second and then you both leaned in at the same time, your lips connecting in a gentle kiss.

A throat cleared behind you, and you turned to see your grandma with raised eyebrows and folded arms.

“Good afternoon, Liam,” He scratched the back of his neck and gave a small wave and smile.

“Grandma, um,” she smiled slightly. Well, it was more of a smirk, because she knew about your crush on Liam, “This isn’t what it looks like,”

“Uh-huh. Well, I’m off to my room. ” she said, as she sauntered around you and made her way to the stairs, “I’m trusting you. Don’t do anything you aren’t supposed to,”

She was gone, and Liam looked at you, “Your eyes. For a minute, they were pink. I -” he swallowed and looked down, “I should go,” he began speed walking toward the door.

“Wait! Liam, don’t do this again, ” You grabbed on to his arm and he turned around with fury in his eyes, that made you frown.

“Do what?” “Don’t shut me out!”

He shook your arm off his and ran out the door. 

  • Derek - Elemental

Coach blew his whistle, and the cross country team was off. Being on the team was the only thing that kept your mind off of the nogitsune possessing Stiles’ body. You ran side by side with Kira, in front of everyone else, your ability to manipulate the elements working in your favor, as you used the wind to your advantage, it flying by you - increasing your speed in contrast to everyone else’s air pressure.

The wind on your skin, and the dirt under your bare feet, the heat of the sun and the sound of the river nearby made you feel alive, and you haven’t felt this way in a while.

Kira was catching up to you, your ability being nothing compared to her speed.

She smiled at you, and you scowled back, but you were tackled to the ground by a head of black hair. You both hit the ground with an ‘oof’, him falling underneath you purposely, because he had healing abilities.

“Derek, what the hell?!” he rolled you over so he was on top of you and looked up, at where Scott spun Kira around by her waist, “You couldn’t have done that? Spare me the ache in my back,” You stretched, and yelped when you felt a strong pain in your ankle, “And the sprain,”.

He pulled you up onto his back, and began making his way to where Scott and Stiles stood in the reserve.
“Malia’s dad set up traps. We need to get them to stop, ” Derek explained, then looked at you, “Can’t you put up a barrier, or something? Anything to distract them, ”

“I don’t know how far away they are,” You replied, and when the team made their way up Scott and Stiles stopped them in their tracks.

The only thing you remember was Stiles holding onto a chain, to find out where it lead, and an arrow appearing out of nowhere, shooting Finstock in the stomach.

He was freaking out, and it was kind of funny, given that he’d be okay. Derek took you one side while Stiles and Scott tried to stop the bleeding.

“Create a distraction so Scott can take some of his pain away, ” You nodded, and focused on the scenery around you. You couldn’t just create a distraction inside the reserve; you had to have the same weather everywhere in Beacon Hills, so you got to work.

After a deep breath, you quietly moved to a section between the trees you could see the sky, and form clouds with your hands discreetly.

The drizzle started a few seconds after the clouds were formed, and Scott spoke up.

“Hey guys, we’ll get him out of here and you get back to school, ”

There was a beach nearby, and you used the sea breeze from the ocean to blow the rain, making it a little more intense.

They began running, and you waited until you got a signal from Derek to stop. You got rid of the clouds, and helped the sun dry everyone’s clothes.

“Damn, avatar, ” You rolled your eyes, and stomped, making some dirt, that was wet from the rain, fly up, and fall into your hand.

“You want to say that again?” he shook his head, and you laughed.

“We’ll take coach to the hospital,” Scott said and Derek nodded.

“I have to get down to the station, so I’ll drop you off on the way, ”.

  • Stiles - Enchantress

Being born an enchantress into a family of witches and warlocks was great. Other than the stereotype that you were all bad, it was kind of perfect.

Your parents never explained why you moved to Beacon Hills, but when you got there, it felt like home. Well maybe it was the hospitality of the town’s people, or you know, the huge tree attracting all supernatural creatures to Beacon Hills.

So, you went to school and met a cute boy named Stiles, and boy, did your mom get an earful.

Scott McCall knew you were like him, well in the sense that you were both humans with a slight alteration, so he took you in as part of his pack.
Scott was the one to break the news to the rest of the pack that Derek had died during a fight with the alphas.

Cora, who had taken place as your best friend because you were both so much alike, asked you to skip school with her one day and go with her to see what happened to Derek’s body.

When you got there, it had turned out that none of the bodies were there, neither Derek’s nor Ennis’, and Cora was having a hard time coming up with a solution.

Returning to the loft, you both gasped in horror, because there Derek laid in a black torn shirt, and gashes to last a lifetime.

Cora rushed down to look at his cuts, and whispered shakily, “He’s not healing,”

“Why not?” You questioned, and she shook her head, gulping.

“I have no idea what to do,” she looked near to tears, and you stood up, pulling off your jacket.

“I think I can help. I’m not sure but, ” You paused, wrapping your jacket around your waist, “I’m going to need a lighter, a needle, a bit of thread and some alcohol,”

She nodded, and headed somewhere beyond your knowledge to fetch the items, and you turned Derek onto his back with a groan.

“Oh, Derek,” You muttered, ripping the shirt all the way off and pulling it from underneath him.

Cora got back with the items, and you washed Derek’s wounds with the alcohol. You took a deep breath, closed your eyes, and focused on some of the energy leaving your body, and entering Derek’s.

You heard a gasp, and Cora sighed with relief, hugging her brother, who looked tremendously tired.

“Thank God you’re alright. I’ll be right back, I’m gonna call Scott, ”

You nodded, and Derek looked up at you, “Come on, wolf guy. Gotta get you healing again,” You ran your hand down his arm, and grabbed his hand, bending his pinky in an odd position while he screamed. His finger went back in, and you helped him onto the couch.

Cora wasn’t there for a while, and while Derek was healing, it was painfully slow. He asked you to get him something to eat, and you would have replied with a snarky comment.
A few ridiculous requests later, Derek realized he wasn’t able to get to you like he usually did, and his curiosity sparked.

“Why are you doing this? ” your eyebrows raised, and he continued, “I mean, you don’t like me. Why are you doing things for me?”

“To be honest, ” You started softly, “I don’t like you, and you’re right, but I’m not doing this for you,”

You got up and put down the cup on the table, “I’m doing it for Stiles,”.

Stiles’ Pov

“I’m doing it for Stiles,” that made me raise my eyebrows, and I put my hand out to stop Scott from opening the door to the loft.

“You really like him, don’t you?” Derek asked, and she sighed.

“A lot more than I should, and it’s scaring me, ” There was a paused, and then the loft door flew open.

Y/N stood in front of Derek defensively with her right hand pointed outwards. She sighed when she realized it was just us, and before I could ask how the door opened on its own, Scott spoke up, “You’re a witch,”.

She smiled an actual smile, and I think that was the first time I’ve ever seen her void of her usual cold expression, “That’s close, Scott. I’m an enchantress,”


“An enchantress is a woman that has the ability to -”

“Put something or someone under the influence of a spell,” I cut her off and she looked at me and smiled, my heart almost skipping a beat.

“Right, Stiles,” she walked over to Derek and gestured to him, “I’m the reason your alpha bestie is awake, Scott,” she smirked, and Scott looked at her peculiarly.

“Why did you do this?” he asked motioning to helping Derek, and her smirk faltered until she was frowning.

“I did this for Stiles, alright?!” there was a silence after that, and I looked at her while she looked down.

“You did it for me? Why?”

“I don’t know. I just - I wanted you to notice me, ” she looked up, and her cocky facade took over, “One guy. You like one guy, and it’s the end of the world,”

“You like me? ” I questioned. She nodded pointedly, “Me?”

“Yes, idiot. I’m seriously reconsidering, though, ”

“Don’t,” I replied quickly, and without thinking I ran over to her and kissed her.

She froze and I pulled away, “Was I not supposed to do that? I’m sor -” She pulled me back down to her lips by my neck, “Okay,” I muttered as best as I could.

My hands went to her waist, while her hands cupped my face.

“Sorry, I took so long. I went to go get Lyd - ” We heard Cora’s voice, and turned to look at her where she stood in the doorway, “I see you grew some balls,”

“I knew she’d tell him! Didn’t I call it?” Lydia slapped Cora’s arm and she shrugged, nodding.

They walked up the stairs, to where I assumed was Cora’s room.

“I’ll be right back, ” Y/N pecked me on the lips and ran up the stairs behind the girls.

Scott spoke for the first time since Y/N admitted that she likes me.

“What just happened?”

“I also want to know, because I’m confused, ” Derek raised his hand from where he was on the couch.

“I - I think I have a girlfriend now,”.

  • Scott - Angel

You spent a lot of time watching Scott and his pack before you actually went to join them. The truth was, you were going to warn him about the dread doctors. Tell him what they were trying to do, and their reason behind it.

You had no idea how to approach him, so you enrolled in the school Beacon Hills high.

The class you had was French, and he sat in front of you. You tore a piece of paper from your book, and wrote something on it.

‘HI :)’

You passed it to him quickly, and he wrote back,


The conversation continued,

'Scott, we need to talk.’
'How do you know who I am?’
'I’ll explain later. Just meet me by the Nemeton at 5.’
'Why should I?’
'Please, just trust me on this.’

You heard him sigh, and nodded so you were able to see. Good.


You watched Scott and Stiles look around for you from where you stood in a tree. Damn, you should have told him to come alone.

You jumped out, and landed gracefully on your feet, the two jumping at your sudden presence.

“What do you want?”
“I’m here to talk to you, ” You replied, all the while Stiles stood with folded arms and narrowed eyebrows.
“So…? Talk,” Stiles insisted, and you sighed.
“We can’t talk here, ” You lowered your voice, and now Scott’s eyebrows were furrowed.
“Why not?” You ignored him, and grabbed both their arms.

You took off your sweater, and your wings sprouted from your back. Scott and Stiles were pretty heavy, so your supernatural strength kicked in against the strain of the teenage boys.

You ignored their protests of letting them down, and brought them to the end of the preserve, where the cliff overlooked Beacon Hills.

You placed them on the ground gently, and sat with your knees tucked under your chin.

“They’re here, aren’t they?”

You didn’t look at them, so Scott sat beside you, “What are you talking about?”

He was lying. You could tell. “The only person you’re kidding is yourself, Scott. You know what I’m talking about,”

“No, what we should talk about is what you are, ” Stiles interjected, and you frowned.

“She’s an angel, Stiles,” Scott replied, and you smiled at him, but he looked purely anxious. You placed your hand on his while Stiles rolled his eyes.

“It’s not going to be easy, Scott. If you don’t get rid of them, all of you are going to die. The Sheriff, Melissa, Ms. Martin, your pack - all of who you can think of and more.”

“What happens if we try to get rid of them?” Stiles asked, warming up to you enough to sit beside you.

“Some of you are still going to die, but if you do go after them, it’s less deaths,”.

He had a look of contemplation on his face, and I decided to add something, “The dying has already started, Scott. Tracy, Donovan. Heck, even the three-eyed guy almost died,”

Their visions both drifted to you with amused looks, “Heck?”

“Don’t you mean he -” You put your finger on Stiles mouth to shut him up.

“We don’t dare speak of such things,” They chuckled, and you tucked your hand back under your knee.

“I have to go now, Scott, ” You sighed after a long, peaceful silence, and got up.

“What if I need to talk to you?” he got up with you, “Where will you be?”

“Just say my name, and I’ll be there,” You were about to fly off, but he asked one more thing,

“I don’t know your name!”

“My name is Y/N, ”

And with that, you were gone.


I have been working on this for literally about 2 weeks now,and I couldn’t work on anything else,because I just had to finish this.

But now that this is out of the way,I can get to the rest of the imagines!

Have a good day everyone! Unless it’s night on your side of the world,then have a good night! :)


Fic Request:

  • Even the nogitsune!Stiles has a soft spot for Lydia
  • In spite of the Malia and Stiles kiss can you do a fan fic of Lydia getting jealous of it

Rating: T

Genre: Thriller, Nogitsune!Stiles, Jealous!Lydia, missing scene

Author: Cinemariel

Authors note: This takes place while Stiles was missing during The Fox and Wolf. 

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nightmare - stiles stilinski

prompt: y/n has trouble coping after stiles was possessed by the nogitsune and allison’s death

warnings: nightmares, hints of death, sadness, creepiness??

a/n: I came up with the idea of this imagine after my friend showed me the supernatural episode “Dream A Little Dream Of Me”, so I hope you enjoy :)

P.S. This imagine is a little bit dark/creepy, so if you don’t like that, then I suggest you skip paste this! And sorry if the ending seems kind of rushed, but hopefully you enjoy! 

italics = dream

Originally posted by kunefesevdalisi

She’s gone, and you didn’t even get to say goodbye. You remember the piercing sounds of Lydia’s screams vibrate through the air, and you remember Scott’s face as he looked at the one person he loved, lifeless in his arms. You hadn’t even noticed you’d fallen to your knees until Stiles helped you up off the muddy ground. You could barely walk, your limbs were heavy and numb, it all felt like a dream, but when you woke up the next morning, and she was no where to be seen, you knew it wasn’t. It was a nightmare. 

Everyone had coped with the death of Allison differently. Scott never speaking about it, keeping every thought and feeling to himself. Lydia still trying to believe it wasn’t real, that she would come running through the door some day alive again. Stiles had coped the same way you did, beating himself up for it all, thinking that it was his fault. You told him it wasn’t, he wasn’t himself when she died and that it wasn’t fair for him to take the blame.

A lot of nights you stayed up, refusing to close your eyes because you were afraid of what you would see. The nightmare every night got increasingly worse, to the point where they felt so real that you would wake yourself up to the sound of your own screams. Your father tired to help, but there was no way he could, all you would tell him is “I just need space” because you did. You wanted to be alone, you didn’t want to the people you loved so much see you hurting as bad as you were.

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Some stuff about the Nogitsune, Allison and a tiny bit about Malia

I know we know that Stiles is being possessed by the Nogitsune (or ONE of them) already but these are just some things I found when doing some reading and I thought it was pretty interesting. Also I know a lot of people have probably already figured a lot of this out but oh well also this is really long so most of it is under a read more

So first of all, we know that in 3x15 the Nogitsune’s power was ‘jump started’ by the electricity but how long before that was it actually in Stiles just waiting to come out?

Here’s some stuff I found on Wikipedia and other sites: 

 "Kitsune may also be exposed while in human form by their fear and hatred of dogs" and “Dogs can detect kitsune”

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Teen Wolf Thoughts and Theories - Post Letharia Vulpina

Well, JFC, that was an intense episode. Watching it twice was hard, but necessary. Well, here is my new theory/meta for you. Please discuss it among yourselves or with me. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Stiles or demon!Stiles?

Let’s begin with something basic. Did we see Stiles at all this episode? I believe that the obvious answer is no. We only ever saw demon!Stiles this episode and that makes sense. He knew too much about what demon!stiles had done. Stiles, based on previous history, could not have known all this. So, I believe it is safe to say it was always demon!Stiles.


Allison had some questionable behavior here as well. While it made sense for her to stay at the hospital, there is the issue of Isaac not healing. This is pure conjecture, but what if her presence (the presence of a nogitsune) was suppressing his healing powers. It is possible as this nogitsune seems to behave in a much more subtle manor than Stiles’ nogitsune. Preventing the healing means that it could feed off the pain from Isaac.

Secondly, there was her behavior in regards to Lydia. Sure, it may have just been her being defensive because it IS Peter; however, Peter was trying to teach Lydia how to attune and harness her true power. With that, she would be better equipped to help defeat the nogitsune. Also, it would probably lead to her detecting the nogitsune inside of Allison as well. If you examine her interactions with Lydia, the pulling her arm, the grabs, etc., they are all very forceful actions. A little too forceful as it looks like she is literally dragging Lydia. This concerns me.I am almost certain that she is possessed as well and that we will soon see that come to light.

Her possession could also easily explain the money that appeared in her father’s office. Also, if she used weapons that the family owns, it would connect her father to the murder of Katashi. Agent McCall did show up at his house first, so this seems quite plausible.

However, there is one other possibility. What if the nogitsune isn’t being subtle by choice? What if it just doesn’t have full control yet? Before the Nogitsune really took such control over Stiles, it seemed to need a spark of electricity. Well, it almost got it tonight! Allison nearly stepped into the electrified water, but Isaac saved her. She also seemed to be ignoring Kira’s warnings and her own usual awareness of her environment. And after Isaac knocked her away, she seemed to not really move. Isaac might have stopped the control over her by hitting her. Anyway, if it is two nogitsune, Stiles’ nogitsune was trying to give it the spark that it needed to take control.

Allison and Stiles

Now, assuming they are both possessed, this would explain A LOT. Stiles has obtained several things that seem more likely to come from the Argents. For example, the emitters and the arrows. it would be easy enough for the two nogitsune to arrange a hand off or exchange. It would account for apparent discrepancies. They are helping each other.

Stiles and demon!Stiles

It seems that Stiles is still very much there. One reason the nogitsune chose to torture Scott is because it would also cause pain for Stiles which he could draw on. Also, as becomes apparent in the preview for next week’s episode, Stiles regains control of his body. It seems that control switches when one falls asleep. That actually fits with some Japanese lore regarding posession. Stiles decide to lock himself away in a hospital to protect everyone; however, he still does not want to sleep as it means handing over control to the demon. Either way, Stiles is very much there and is fighting as hard as he can. He is far from gone and far from unaware when the demon is possessing him.

The Poisoned Fox

As we saw at the end, Deaton injected the fox poison into Stiles. It is weakening his hold on Stiles and is weakening his power overall. As Deaton said, he is still very much a threat. If we believe what Dylan said, that Stiles will not be the one to die (despite the show trying it’s damnedest to convince us he will be), then this leaves the issue of how do we remove the demon? Well, if the fox is poisoned and constantly weakening, This will lead to the oppurtunity to remove it from Stiles safely. I believe that this will ultimately fall to Scott although it is also possible that it will fall to the pack as a whole, meaning that Scott, Derek, Lydia, and Kira must work together to save him. I am partial towards the Scott saves him because they’re best friends and because of Motel California, but I will not deny the plausibility of the group working together.

This does, however, leave us with a problem. Deaton only brought back enough for Stiles. If Allison is also possessed, then it is doubtful that he will have poison for her nogitsune. In which case it may be impossible to safely remove her nogitsune. Which leads into my next theory.

Who Will Die?

I believe the answer, based on all available evidence up to this point, is Allison. There has been foreshadowing of it throughout the season and now the has been behaving oddly, much like Stiles did. Also, see my Allison section above. On top of this, Dylan has confirmed that he is not the one to die, so that removes him. Then, at Day of the Wolf, Keahu said that the person to die would gain supernatural powers and then die. In my opinion, this rules out everyone with supernatural powers as is. This would leave only Allison from the core cast.

If she is possessed by a nogitsune as well and there is no poison as I stated above, then it may be impossible to safely remove the nogitsune from her, leaving death as the only option. I suspect that when it comes down to it, she may well take her own life in a final act of defiance against the nogitsune, taking the evil with her and protecting her friends who could not protect themselves against her, just as her code  says.

Now, looking at things from outside of the story and looking at it from the point of a studio/writing crew, her death makes sense if they absolutely have to kill off someone (I really think this is unnecessary, but, hey I’m not the writer/creator).Her death will have a profound effect on all of the characters and can serve as a source of character development, especially with Scott and Isaac and Scott and Stiles (because we all know he’ll need his best friend to help him through that). It will have the giant impact that they are hoping for and it will hurt the audience (emotionally); however, it is unlikely that it will decimate their fan base (fans stop watching). Her death would service everything they need and fit a safely calculated risk.

Kira and Her Mother

With Kira’s mom running out of tails and power, she will be forced to turn to Kira to finish the job. She will explain that the nogitsune must be stopped at all costs, even if it means killing the host. Kira will, possibly quite violently, reject this and refuse to. She will forge her own path and find a way to save Stiles. She will not accept her mother’s opinion on the matter. With her mother so weakened, it is unlikely her mother will be able to oppose her. I believe that she will come into her kitsune powers quite well (we got a taste tonight) and that, with Scott’s help, she will find a way to remove the demon without killing Stiles. But, yes, I do not foresee that conversation with her mother going well.

The End

I think that covers just about everything. I may have missed something and if I did I will add it later. I think this is the best representation of my thoughts so far. I think it makes a good theory so far. Please feel free to discuss and criticize it as much as you want! Reblog, message, reply, whatever you like! I would love nothing more than to discuss this with the fandom. So, what do you think?

anonymous asked:

I hope you have the time to entertain yourself with watching the premiere of 5b so that you then take the time to write one of your awesomely hilarious reviews :) hope all is well!

Ah yikes, I don’t know anon!

a) From the interviews I’ve read, 5b sounds like an even bigger mess than 5a. For ten episodes there are twenty million plot lines crammed in: Theo and his zombie pack, Layden’s romance, Scott reuniting the pack, Lydia in Eichen, the dread doctors, Sheriff’s life, Parrish’s backstory/powers, the beast of blah blah, Argent’s return, Gerard’s return, Deucalian’s return, Kira’s fox powers, the skinwalkers, possible return of the nogitsune, and heavy emphasis on my two least favorite characters, Malia and Braeden finding the desert wolf. These writers must be huffing wolfsbane, because they continue to think that more plot = better show.

b) The characters break my heart at this point. Stiles is no longer the sarcastic, energetic, clumsy, animated Stiles I love from seasons 1-3a. There is a point where you can dump too much angst onto a character, and Stiles is a prime example of how you can ruin a character because “we just love giving Dylan emotional scenes!” I loved Scott in earlier seasons, but at this point he’s just frustrating, selfish, and boring. Derek is no longer around. Lydia’s sassy, independent, intelligent character has been tossed out the window to reduce her to nothing but a creepy love interest for creepy Parrish. And most of all, the Sheriff, whom I used to love and adore, is unrecognizable. He is angry, brash, out of character, and selfish. 

c) There are too many characters. When this happens, you dull the depth of everyone. The writers decided to dump in a bucket full of new, dull, flat new people: Liam, Hayden, Hayden’s sister, Mason, Parrish, Brett, Cory, Theo, Tracy, Braeden, and half a dozen kids who get randomly murdered. There is only so much screentime, and the only people I care about seeing are Stiles, Sheriff, Lydia, and Melissa, who now only get a fraction of screentime to make room for all the dumb newbies.

d) The show is so unrealistic at this point I can’t stand it. Jeff Davis always says, “it’s a show about werewolves, just go with it!” But NO. I don’t believe that these kids are perfectly okay after all the carnage, murder, possession, monsters, and death they’ve seen. I don’t believe that virgin, possessed, sleep deprived Stiles on heavy drugs would jump into bed with a coyote girl he just met. I don’t believe that Lydia is top of her class and is taking bio again. I don’t believe that Scott would trust Theo over his best friend. I don’t believe that Hayden, a 15-year-old, can legally work at an alchohol-serving club. I don’t believe that Stiles would be texting buddies with Braeden. I don’t believe that storylines like the details of Malia’s car crash suddenly change to give her character a morale boost. I don’t believe that Sheriff, who loves his son more than anything and is constantly reprimanding him for something as simple as swearing, would let a wild coyote girl sneak into bed with Stiles every night and scratch up his back, and then take said coyote girl out for pizza like good friends. I don’t believe that ten gruesome murders can happen at the high school in 5a alone, and the school still hasn’t been shut down. I don’t believe that Melissa, no matter how BAMF she is, can revive her dead son of 15 minutes with a single pound to the heart.

e) The show is not the same. It started out as campy, original, and funny, with heavy emphasis on family and friendship. The effects were cheesy but that’s what made it charming. It wasn’t the best show, but Scott was sweet and learning, Stiles was hilarious, Allison and Lydia and Derek grew as characters, we saw loving interactions between Sheriff and Stiles and Melissa and Scott, and themes touched upon like Sheriff’s drinking and Scott’s alcoholic father, Allison’s grief with her mother and wanting to be strong. Motel California’s suicide scene brought everyone to tears. Lydia and Allison’s friendship was the sweetest, and both were strong, independent female characters. We saw vulnerability in Derek when Boyd died, and tender interaction when Issac was injured and when Erica had a seizure. 

But for whatever reason the writers decided to toss that out the window, thinking that us viewers prefer random sex scenes, abuse of slow-mo, 10 cheesy villains crammed into one short season, an egregious amount of gore for a tween target audience, break ups and make ups and lying in unhealthy relationships, plot holes galore, telling plot instead of showing plot, cheesy overly-loud music for “dramatic” scenes, and dark themes that far outweigh the “funny” moments, which feel forced.

So I don’t know, anon. Watching 5a felt like a chore. It hurts to see the characters I love marred by crappy writing, and it’s unbearable to watch all the added screentime for the new characters I couldn’t care less about. I prefer to stick to fanfiction, which continues the story as we all wish it was in canon; Derek still around, Boyd and Erica still alive, Stiles in character, Scott as a good friend, Lydia as sass queen, and storylines that are creative, romantic in healthy ways, and entertaining as they are moving. RIP canon Teen Wolf.

External image

The whole entire theme for this season is LOSE YOUR MIND. I made a short meta of the coincidental pattern of the tag line spelling out LYDIA, which you can read here. Keep this in mind as we delve further.

There are many, many, many PATTERNS and recurring themes and symbolic repetitions throughout this season, it’s ridiculously insane if you pay close attention. Sheriff Stilinski even said “Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern.” And there’s also the irony that this is season three, and that three of the characters performed surrogate sacrifices and that there are three things the nogitsune feeds off of (strife, chaos, pain) and now the nogitsune has mentioned three hungry animals that will surely play a big part in this season (coyote, raven, fox). THREE TIMES IS A BLOODY PATTERN.

Let’s examine some of these patterns and figure out what they mean. Brace yourselves.

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Okay so…I have a theory. Actually two. And I could be so-so far off that it isn’t even funny okay? Like I am fully prepared to be knocked of my little hypothesis pedestal. I put knee-pads on long before even getting up here. So here it goes.

To be honest this all occurred to me bc of a small meta I read about Stiles’ scene in Silverfinger. I cannot find it anywhere but would be more than happy to credit if someone found me the source. (It talked about the final moments of the episode and the way Stiles acted. There was also a comparison to the yellow light the Oni omitted when it was killed and Kira’s aura.) 

But here we go. So we know now that the Oni’s marks were meant as a sort of tally system so they could keep track of who was and was not possessed. (Note: that backward 5 symbol? It means ‘self’, which totally fits.)

Now they’ve marked nearly everyone in the pack with what I think are two very notable exceptions: Stiles and Allison. 

I have two theories here. One for Stiles and one for Allison. Personally, I find both compelling on separate levels:


I’m starting with him bc this theory is much shorter and widely known. I simply have a touch of new information to add. 

In this theory, our obvious assumption (that Stiles is the nogitsune) is correct. If this is the case I believe that it was passed down from his mother to him, and that her symptoms were a direct result of the possession.

It’s interesting to note that another name for the nogitsune is yako. These demons were said to present in the form of an illness and were passed down through the family line. They often left their host a complete invalid. Now in the lore, this illness was most commonly small pox, however could it be possible that the narrative is using another approach?

Until this point Stiles has presented with ADHD. Is it possible that this also was a direct result of dormant possession? What if someone (the Hales, Deaton, Claudia, whoever) sealed it behind a door in his mind, the very door he wasn’t meant to open?

Continuing forward to Allison-   

We know one core character is going to die in the final episode of this season, right? So let’s look at some clues as to who that might be:

Holland has stated that Season 4 will be Lydia’s time in the spotlight, so we can rule her out. 

Dylan said that they moved the shooting of Glitter to accommodate his TW schedule in Season 4. He also tweeted Dylan Sprayberry saying he couldn’t wait to work with him.

Posey…well is anyone really worried about Scott dying?

Hoechlin (who for a long time I was very, very worried about) has stated a couple of revealing things. He said firstly that if he told his interviewer any of the big twists the show-runners would “fire him immediately” which implies he’s still employed with them. In that same interview, when talking about Derek’s love life he said it would be interesting to see how he deals with all that until he find his “slap you in the face romance”.


*cough* Sorry something in my throat lol. ANYWAY, that sort of implies that Derek will actually be alive to explore that part of his life, given that it really doesn’t look like they’ll be much romance for him this season. And lastly, he tweeted Sprayberry as well saying, “Welcome to the family! See you soon!” I think that speaks for itself really.

Of the main five, that leaves Crystal. My suspicions began when she tweeted a pic of the finale’s screenplay (which she later stated was the one a core character would be killed off in) with the caption, “Not ready!” Which could be commonplace except that it’s not for this cast. Then shortly after, she posted a mass thanks to her fans. Put together, I had a feeling she might be leaving. In her interview about it, she got very emotional. Unusually so if it is not in fact her. And in contrast to Hoeclin’s “They’d fire me immediately,” she joked, “I can’t say anything else! They’re gonna kill me!” On top of all that, there have been no hints that she is in any way involved with Season 4.

Added together, this leaves me with the belief that Allison will somehow die in the season finale.

So back to the original point of the post: the big bad. My second suspicion is that Stiles is actually a red herring here. We, as an audience, were told going in that nothing was as it seemed, and I really wonder if that’s going to apply to a lot of what’s going on in Stiles’ story line. 

We’ve been told that Stiles must have written the “kill kira” message, bc his handwriting matched and he had the key to the classroom. However, we didn’t actually see any of this happen, so why are we automatically trusting it to be true when we’re dealing with a trickster spirit? How easy would it be for a creature like that to fudge a little handwriting and plant a key on a kid who’s regularly blacking out.

So what if Allison is actually the nogitsune?

This thought actually comes from the same place that my earlier information about Stiles does: family lines. What was it that Barrow said about all those kids he killed? He said they had glowing eyes and suggested that they were evil.

So he was a mass murderer who killed people with glowing eyes bc he believed they were evil. You know who this sounds like to me? Kate and Gerard Argent

Out of the trio, Allison is the only one to experience vividly homicidal hallucination. So what if she is the true nogitsune. What if she really does have to die bc of it. What if her father is the one to do it in order to protect the pact, thus fulfilling the code his daughter set forth. “We protect those who can’t protect themselves.”

Of course those last lines are just something I think could be really impactful if she is the spirit and does have to die because of it.

But where does that leave Stiles? Well other than the writing and the key, the scene we have of him being possessed is at the end of Silverfinger. Now Holland said something very interesting in an interview. She stated that Stiles’ “thanks mom” to Melissa was major foreshadowing.

Stiles’ mind was the only one actively attempting to protect him in those first episodes, and his symptoms match his mother’s. So what if she is possessing Stiles in an attempt to protect him. What if Jeff was telling the truth and Claudia’s illness was totally natural, but they are presenting in Stiles bc she’s using him as a vessel? 

Edit: Lol, the movie Dylan will be in is totally called Glimmer and idk why I keep wanting to call it Glitter. Shrug.

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Sterek and Mourn Me.

Stiles watched Scott and Lydia walk ahead of him, holding hands to comfort each other, while he hung his head low. Since the funeral they had had for Allison a week after they had stopped the nogitsune, they had only been - or at least Stiles had only been - back to her grave once, and then the whole thing with the Benefactor and Kate and Peter had gone on for a little over a month, and they had all been a little - understandably - distracted. 

But they had all gotten back from Mexico a few days before, and Scott and Stiles had been hanging out in his room when Lydia had come barging in, saying that she wanted, needed, to go to Allison’s grave, and they had agreed, seeing the tears in Lydia’s eyes. 

His hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt, Stiles turned and stopped just to Lydia’s left as she and Scott turned to Allison’s grave as one. 

Stiles had done this plenty of times before, of course, with his mom. But instead of him carrying the flowers, it was Scott, laying the flowers down in front of Allison’s grave with his free hand. 

Stiles felt a lump form in his throat as he looked at her headstone, letting himself feel things he hadn’t let himself feel since her funeral. 

                                             Allison Argent

                     January 14th, 1994 - November 18th, 2011

                                           Beloved Daughter

                                             Beloved Friend

                      “Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent

                                    se protéger eux-mêmes”

Lydia knelt down, taking her hand out of Scott’s to kiss her fingers and then touch them to the headstone. “I love you, and I miss you everyday. It’s not the same around here without you.” 

Scott knelt next to Lydia, copied her gesture. “You were a bright light in a dark world, and ever since you’ve been gone, it’s been a little bit darker. I’ll always love you.” 

Scott and Lydia were both crying, tears streaming down their faces, and Stiles looked away, letting them have their moment. They were the two people who had been closest to her, and their grief would never really go away. 

And Stiles…she had been his friend, a good friend. And it was his fault she was dead. 

Stiles could barely live himself sometimes at the thought. But just like with his mother, he always pushed the thought away, covered it with sarcasm and hilarity. It was what he did best, after all. 

“You killed her. You killed you’re mother.” 

Stiles shook his head to push the echo of his not-father’s voice from the hallucination he had had close to a year ago now, and walked up to kneel beside Lydia, and copied her and Scott’s gesture. 

“You were the best of all of us, you truly were. I miss you." 

And then Stiles stood up, leaving Lydia and Scott to huddle together, grieve together. 

Lydia eventually was able to stop the tears long enough to catch Allison up on what had been happening in good ol’ Beacon Hills lately, and how hard it had been to go through it without her, and Scott filled in some blanks for her, and tentatively spoke about Kira, and about how it has become serious between them, and that he hoped it was okay, that he was sure Allison would want him to be happy, right?

"Of course, Scott. She would want nothing more for you.” Lydia murmured.

They lapsed into silence then, and stood, and after a few more minutes of silence, of the wind rustling the tree leaves, the sun peaking out behind the clouds, the distant sound of cars, they nodded at each other and turned to leave, hand in hand once more. 

Stiles stood there, moving toward her grave instead of away from it.

“Stiles? Buddy, you coming?” Scott said, and Stiles turned to see Scott and Lydia turned toward him.

“You guys go, I’ll be there in a minute." 

Scott and Lydia looked a little surprised, but said nothing in response except to nod before they turned around and started heading back to the jeep to wait for Stiles.

Stiles turned to Allison’s grave, and felt the guilt crash through him now that he was alone. He closed his eyes, felt a tear slip out and down his cheek, and hastily wiped it away. 

It was all his fault. He had been possessed by the nogitsune, something with his face and body had taken Lydia to that place, starting the events that followed, and if they’d just killed him while the nogitsune had still been inside his body and they hadn’t been two separate entities, than Allison would still be alive. If they had gotten someone, anyone, like Ethan or Aiden who had had no emotional attachment to him to kill him, than it all would have been over, and Allison wouldn’t have been there trying to save her best friend, and she wouldn’t have died at the hands of a demon wearing his face. 

"I’m so sorry.” Stiles whispered, kneeling down in front of her headstone. “I’m so sorry you died instead of me. It should have been me.” Stiles whispered, voice strangled at trying to hold back tears.

“Do you really think Allison would agree with that?”

Startled, Stiles whipped his head around at the voice, shocked to see Derek standing there, clad in his usual leather jacket, tight fitting jeans and black boots, the only difference being his bright blue t-shirt underneath the jacket. 

“What?” Stiles said out of shock more than anything. 

“I know I didn’t know Allison all that well, but from what little I did know of her, I don’t believe she would agree with you at all." 

"Wh-what…what are you doing here?” Stiles breathed.

Derek gave Stiles a small smile, and slowly sat down next to Stiles, sitting cross legged. “Came to see my family.” And he nodded vaguely to the left. “Then I saw you.” 


"I thought you were probably here to see your mother, but…” Derek trailed off, looking at Allison’s grave. “I can smell the guilt on you. It’s overpowering.”

Stiles shrank into himself at that, looking away from Derek’s knowing eyes.

“Hey, don’t-you shouldn’t feel guilty. It wasn’t your fault." 

Stiles just laughed hollowly and shook his head. 

"It wasn’t.” Derek insisted. “The nogitsune wasn’t-isn’t you, and it was not you controlling those oni, not you that made them stab her. And it possessing you was out of your control. It could have easily possessed Allison or Scott.”

"But it didn’t.” Stiles insisted, turning to Derek. “It possessed me, and I…at times I…” Stiles winced, looking away. “At times I liked it.”

“Likes what?” Derek asked quietly.

“The…power, it gave me.” Stiles shuddered. “The control, that feeling like I was…invincible.” Stiles shrugged, feeling dirty and vile and disgusting. 

“Stiles, everyone wants power at some point in their lives. And it’s okay to like it. Hell, I liked it, even though I ultimately didn’t want it anymore.” Derek said, and Stiles turned to Derek, shifted to sit cross legged as well. “When I first got the Alpha powers…I was high on power. I liked being able to turn people into a werewolf, I liked swiping my claws across Scott’s stomach and fighting him into the ground and making him stay down. I liked that at the time, even though now when I think about it makes me sick, how I acted, and how I felt punching Scott and others, with all that power behind my punch.” Derek shook his head, sighing as he looked down at the ground, and Stiles could barely breathe, could barely think of what the hell to say. 

“So, you shouldn’t…you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. I mean, did you like killing people? Did you like that it killed Allison?”

“What? God, no!” Stiles shuddered again, looking at Derek with wide, shocked eyes. “That was the worst part. I was always shouting at it to stop, to not do it and it wouldn’t listen, and sometimes it would push me so far away that I wasn’t even present, like I was pushed into some dark corner of my mind, and I would wake up to see blood on my hands…and…it scared the shit out of me. But it was things like…stopping Allison’s taser and…and punching that kid at Eichen House in the face…I didn’t like that it did that, but I still liked the…the power I was somehow able to feel behind it. And that…that scared the shit out of me. Still does when I think about it." 

"I think if it didn’t scare you then something would be wrong with you.” Derek murmured, and Stiles sniffed, looking at Derek. “If you felt no remorse, no fear at the thought of liking power, at being tempted by it, and just wanted to keep doing it, then…then we’d have a problem." 

Stiles breathed out, felt his shoulders sag in something that felt like relief. Derek understood, he understood what Sitles had been feeling, what he felt like now, because he had gone through something not quite like him, but similar in some ways. And hearing Derek say things like that…Stiles suddenly felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, if not all of it. 

Stiles gently laid his hand on Derek’s leather clad arm, smiled when Derek turned to look into his eyes. “Thank you.” 

Their gaze locked and held for a long, quiet moment before Derek whispered, “You’re welcome.” 

Stiles looked back at Allison’s grave, reluctantly tearing his gaze away from Derek. “I miss her. She was a great friend, and such a good person. She was a hero.” 

"She was.” Derek agreed. 

“She saved everyone. Up until her last breath, all she wanted to do was save and help people, and she lived up to that. It’s unfair.”

“It is." 

Stiles let the tears fall and with a shaky breath, he leaned over to let his head rest on Derek’s shoulder, and felt Derek tense only a moment before he relaxed, and Stiles lifted his hand up to rest on Derek’s arm, smiled when Derek rested his hand over Stiles’s. 

Stiles drew comfort from Derek as the tears fell silent but steadfast, let himself grieve for one of his closest friends who had died way too young and hadn’t deserved to die. 

Life wasn’t fucking fair. 

That’s how Scott and Lydia found them, a while later, and Stiles reluctantly lifted his head from Derek’s shoulder. 

"Thanks for letting me…cry all over you, I guess.” Stiles said to Derek, who smiled as he stood up. 

“It wasn’t a problem at all. I’ll see you guys around.”

Stiles stood up as well, and as Derek turned away, Stiles said his name and walked over to him, and hugged him. “Thank you.” Stiles repeated, and Derek just held him tight for a long moment before he pulled back.

Stiles then watched Derek walk away, shoulders hunched, before he turned to Scott and Lydia, who said nothing but had a curious glint in their eyes. 

“Shall we?” Stiles pointed toward the jeep, and didn’t wait for answer before he was walking away toward the jeep, Scott and Lydia following him this time.

And for the first time in months, Stiles breathed a little easier, and couldn’t stop a small smile from forming on his face as he got in the car ahead of Scott and Lydia and started it up. 

Teen Wolf Theories and Meta - Post Echo House and End of Season Preview

Ok, I am going to attempt to organize and explain my thoughts on all of this and to connect the dots as best I can. I will reference the preview, but I feel that information drawn from such a source is unreliable because it has been edited together. Well, without further delay, let us begin.

Stiles or demon!Stiles?

This is an important question to ask. I do not believe that we saw demon!Stiles until the very end of the episode where Stiles gave himself over to save Malia. Now, you might think that’s bullshit because he was knocked out multiple times, allowing for the switch. But there is also the poison that is holding the nogitsune at bay. It was still in effect when Stiles woke up each time. It weakened the grip that the nogitsune had on Stiles and it allowed him to maintain control even after sleeping. That’s why the nogitsune kept badgering him until he finally gave in. So, yes, this episode was entirely normal Stiles until the very end of the episode. And now the nogitsune is in full control. This will continue into next episode and probably the remaining episodes based on the preview.

Nogitsune Area of Effect

Apparently the nogitsune also has an area of effect (yes I am using an RPG term, deal with it). This is possibly an effect of its aura which is presumably resonating from Stiles. The nogitsune was able to easily influence others in the hospital, most obviously Oliver. It is also possible that it affected Malia, too.

Furthermore, we noticed more and more people acting oddly in the end of season preview. Isaac looked strange and possessed. This would make sense if Allison is a nogitsune as well. Her AoE would influence him especially if they were that close.  There is also the matter of Derek and Chris. Derek seems out of it and not himself while he is doing that to Chris. It is entirely possible that the nogitsune’s influence is growing, maddening everyone around it. The preview even quote a character saying, “It feels like we’re in the palm of his hand.” That may not be so far from the truth. He’s absorbed a lot of pain, strife, chaos, etc. so I would make sense for his power and influence to have grown. I think that we will see him be able to simply cause things to happen by his mere presence. That is the true power of the nogitsune.


There is a lot of controversy about what they did here and rightfully so. I do want to say that just because she was trapped as a coyote at a young age doesn’t mean that she would not develop at all. Also, she still has her own hormones surging just like any other teenager, so there’s that. I’m not justifying or saying it was right, but I don’t think it is quite as far fetched as people think. One last thing to add is that I don’t think they actually had sex. At worst, I suspect they made out and felt each other up some.

Now, you might wonder why she went from punching him to making out with him. This could be part of the nogitsune’s plan (see above). It needed to re-establish control over Stiles. This would also account for how she knew where to look for the nogitsune’s body. This wasn’t necessary, probably, but it would increase Stiles’ pain and we know that’s what the nogitsune is all about.

As to why she just waltzed out of the mental hospital, that’s easy. She is 18. She was there as a fully voluntary admission, meaning that she could leave when she was ready. She also had Morrell’s blessing, so yeah.

There is one other possibility when it comes to her. That is Malia is purely being manipulative. One could argue this gave the nogitsune a foothold in her, but yes. I won’t deny that it is completely possible that she was just being manipulative and wanted to use Stiles to get what she wanted.Yes, that paints her in a negative light which may upset some fans, but it is a possibility. We will have to wait for next episode to gain some clarification on her motives.

Eichen House

I am almost 100% sure that Eichen House used to be an internment camp. The layout and set up could fit one. furthermore, the old scenes in the preview look similar to the Eichen House of today.This would also explain why the nogitsune’s last host’s body was found there. The real question is WHY is it there and WHY its head is fully wrapped. Those answer lie in the history of the internment camp. More information is needed to extrapolate a worthwhile answer as to the importance, so we will need to wait. But it will be very important.

Who was the previous host?

Stiles had an obvious and overt reaction to the paper from the pocket of the former host. He knew what it was/what it meant and that Scott needed to know immediately. This makes me think that the host is someone they somehow know. I believe it is possible that the former host could be a family member of Kira’s and that he recognized the last name. We know that the person who was the last host was Japanese or of Japanese decent, so this would make sense. Either way, Stiles knows who it was and it is important and close to the group.

End Of Season Preview

I will break this into subparts for organizational purposes and to make it easier.


More and more, she is becoming apparently different. We see that her presence is having an effect on Isaac now, much like Stiles had an effect on those around him at the mental hospital.

Furthermore, at the end, we see her seductively telling Scott that things will be ok. That is so extraordinarily out of character for her that it’s not even funny. Allison would not do something like that to herself or to Scott. I do not know what the intention is in that scene as I have no surrounding context; however, I am certain that it is not Allison herself.

Derek and Chris

Again, lack of context, but I am going to guess that this is caused by Stiles’ nogitsune’s Area of Effect. Everyone around him is being affected and he doesn’t even have to do anything. As I said, that is the true power of the nogitsune. It can cause chaos and strife simply by being there. It doesn’t need to actively cause it. Also, Derek looked and sounded different and out of it. I don’t believe it was him naturally as it would be insanely out of character for him to do so at this point. I also don’t think he will burn Chris. Something or someone will stop him or snap him out of it..

Who will fall?

To be blunt, the likelihood of it being either Stiles or Derek seems incredibly unlikely. They have made it too obvious at this point that it will be one of them. Neither of these death work in favor of the show or the story as they would hurt things that have been built up and prepared for future development as well as destroying the fan base.

At the moment, I still suspect that Allison is the most likely death.

There is an alternative theory floating out there that a metaphorical death will happen. This is a possibility, but I do not think it is more likely than a direct death.

We saw Derek get shot and fall to his knees; however, I don’t believe that he is dead. They wouldn’t put it so directly. We also don’t know who shot him. We need more information and context, but I don’t think Derek dies.

Stiles and Chris

There is an intense scene where Chris is holding Stiles at gunpoint. I think that this is indeed demon!Stiles. Some think it is Stiles trying to end it, but I don’t think so. Chris’ hand is very unsteady and it doesn’t look like he can bring himself to do it. This is chaos, strife, and pain, everything the nogitsune needs and wants. I think he as intentionally taunting Chris.

The Divine Move

The finale is title The Divine Move, named after the Go term. The term is used to describe when a player who has clearly lost the game makes an unexpected comeback victory. Such a move requires the player to use precise tactics and strategy and, above all, make calculated sacrifices.

The sacrifice part there is what concerns me most. In order to win a strategy game, it is not uncommon to make sacrifices; however, it is a literal requirement for the divine move. The fact that they titled the finale this, assuming they plan to keep in line with the name, implies that just as all seems lost, a series of events, or perhaps a single event, will happen that will result in the victory for Scott and his pack. As I said, it will come at a cost, presumably the character death. This title greatly intrigues me.

Also, one other thing worth noting about Go and this show’s parallels is that in Go, black makes the first move. The nogitsune definitely made the first move here and has the advantage as is the case in Go. Now, white (Scott’s pack) is backed into a corner. I can’t wait to see how they pull off their Divine Move.

Theoretical Outcomes To Save Stiles

Here are some possibilities as to how Stiles will be saved.

One is that he will awaken to his latent magical powers (or druidic possibly) and be able to expel the nogitsune on his or with the help of Scott and maybe Kira. I have long suspected that Stiles has a latent magical power since he completed the circle without enough ash. This could be considered a literal divine move.

Another is for Scott to turn him. I know this has been placed on the table, but I feel as though it is unlikely. I feel like Stiles will not be turned. I do not believe that he would die from the bite though. He would survive it.

Scott and Kira perform an exorcism/ritual/something to expel the nogitsune, possibly something learned from her mother or father.

Lastly, I think it’s possible that  Scott could simply pull Stiles back from the abyss that he’s fallen into. There is no one else that they are closer to and I feel like he could reach Stiles through the darkness and strengthen him enough to pull him out.

Basically, I believe that Scott will play an important part in saving Stiles like Stiles did when he saved Scott in Motel California. Stiles is not beyond reach. He is there and I think Scott can pull him out, but he may need a little magic and power from Kira’s kitsune powers.

The End

Ok, I think that about sums things up. What do you think? Feel free to talk to me about it. I hope I helped you piece some things together or made you think about things in a different way. I look forward to hearing your responses. Let me know if something needs clarification of doesn’t make sense!