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in every world, in every realm, in every version of the story, neal and emma find their way to one another.

Career Day - Daddy Daze (Steve)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: daddy!Steve x Reader

Request: @3brosangel from forever ago sorry it took me so long to write

A kid in Maggie’s class doesn’t believe her dad is Captain America, so Maggie pulls out the big guns to prove her point

A/n:  Still taking requests for Daddy Daze!!


“You’re a liar!” Little Kayla huff at Maggie who stood with her arms crossed at her now ex-friend.  

“It’s true!  I don’t lie!  My daddy is Captain America!  It’s his job, and my uncle Sam can fly.”  Maggie’s normally smiling face was covered in frustration.  The announcement of career day had caused a lot of turmoil in Maggie’s class.

None of the kids could wait to have their parents come to class and explain their jobs, most excited was Maggie, she knew her dad had the coolest job.  She knew her friends would be just excited until, she announced to her friends what her dad did.  None of them believed her, except Tyler, who had met her dad before.

“Don’t be a dumb dumb Maggie, people can’t fly.”  Kayla made a duh face and walked off to go talk to someone else while Maggie pouted at her desk.

Once the bell rang, Maggie waited outside her classroom for James as usual for them to walk out together, James was met with tear filled eyes and crossed arms.  James’ smile turn to a frown immediately, no one makes his Maggie cry, he was by her side in an instant soothing her.

“You okay Mags?  Did something happen?  Was it that stupid Edward again?”  Maggie shook her head, and blinked a few times to hold back her tears from falling.

“Kayla said I was lying about my dad being Captain America.  She doesn’t think uncle Sam can fly either. I bet she won’t even believe your dad has a silver arm.”  Maggie’s eyes are no longer filled with tears but with anger, turning on her heel, she marches toward the exit to the pick up line, James rushing to catch up with her.

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Finally! Here is Eras and Kabel as 8 year olds, Eras doesn’t have those wings all the time, but she can summon them to fly with. I believe we said Kabel would have the ability to make mini versions of himself out of goo. But he probably hasn’t got the hang of that yet. 

Eras and Kabel are mine and @cutefuzzybunnies-123 , their parents are Aster (father) and my Verdana (mother) X3 

There’s no place I’d rather be || Simby

‘‘Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey, mon amour!’‘ the redhead squealed maybe a tad too happy than she usually acted in the mornings, but the excitement to see Paris and the fact Simone had proposed to her had driven her to act like a nervous but happy puppy around her fiance and also others the past two weeks. People at the gym had noticed it, the restaurant crew and of course not to forget anyone who stopped by their house all the time. Putting down the tray with fresh orange juice and toast she had made safely on the cabinet next to the bed on Simone’s side, she then moved the sheets away to crawl on top of her fiance’s back and hug her tight. ‘‘I made you breakfast,’‘ she happily said before placing multiple kisses into her hair, ‘‘can you believe we’re flying to France this afternoon? I can’t,’‘ she continued talking as she supported herself a little on the bed so the chef wouldn’t have to deal with all of her weight. ‘‘Are you excited? I definitely am!’‘


Stuck on a title or url for your roleplay, use one from a Glee song

This is the full list of songs Glee have performed over 5 seasons. At the bottom you will also find the songs that have been unreleased. I have found using a song for a title or URL has helped me and give a sense to people outside what the roleplay could be about.

Note some songs appear multiple times asuch as Don’t Stop Belivin’ because they have been performed a different way etc.

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