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This is what happens when I don’t have school

* Kevin’s scarf hides birthmarks
* Jamie doesn’t like grilled cheese
* Kevin believes in most of Ronaldo’s theories, but doesn’t tell anyone
* Jamie likes don’t hug me I’m scared, and it gave Kevin nightmares for like a week
* Kevin is one of those people with moist hands
* Jamie gets motion sickness whenever a car drives too fast or when he’s on a roller coaster, so he doesn’t like carnival dates too much, the only thing he’ll ride is the Ferris wheel
* Kevin is one of those people who orders as seen on tv products
* Jamie despises cats
* Kevin has gets a lot of lavender scented candles
* Jamie’s room has like seven bean bags
* Kevin has glasses but always wears contacts because he doesn’t like them


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Ben Grimm (The Thing) x Reader


Prompt: There isn’t one, but I was having feeeeeeeeeels. Forgive me.

Note: Takes place before the events of Fantastic Four, so he’s not made of rocks yet. Just precious human Jamie Bell. (Yes, this is the reboot. Forgive me.) Will do part 2 if requested ;)

Failing. How could he be failing math? Algebra 2 wasn’t that hard. Well, that was what he thought before Mr. Pym handed him back his latest test. It was an E.

“An E,” he complained to Reed in the garage after school. “Can you believe that? If I get one more freakin’ E, coach’ll take me off the baseball team.”

“That sucks, dude,” Reed sighed. “I could help you out if you want, but I haven’t taken Algebra since last year, so I might be a bit rusty.”

“I dunno,” He sat down on one of the lawn chairs, rubbing some sleep from his eye. “I just…A baseball scholarship is my only hope of ever doing something if this,” he motioned to the matter shuttle they had built. “doesn’t work out.”

“No, I understand,” Reed nodded, studying their machine as he best friend talked. He paused, thinking. “You know, you could always study with one of the student tutors. They do it for volunteer hours, so there isn’t a charge.”

“That’s not a bad idea…”


“I’m Ben Grimm,” Ben signed himself in to the school’s after school tutoring program a few days later. “I’m uh, I’m looking for an Algebra 2 tutor,”

“Algebra 2…” The girl at the school library’s desk scanned the check-in notebook. “You’re with (Y/N) (L/N), over at the back table.”

“Okay, thanks,” Ben said. He grabbed his baseball bag and walked back to the table. There she was, knitting something on a pair of circular needles. “(Y/N) (L/N)?”

“That’s me,” you looked up and took him in. Not too tall, maybe 5’7”, but pretty muscular. The baseball bag was a dead giveaway. Student athlete. Probably failing a math class and needed help before he was cut from the team for low grades. It was a pattern. “And you are?”

“Ben Grimm. I was hoping you could help me out with Algebra 2 homework,”

“You’re in the right place. Take a seat, Ben. I’ll get you taken care of.”


Every day after school and before baseball practice, Ben met up with you in the library for at least an hour, sometimes more. You would go over notes, vocabulary, and go through his homework. You helped him study for tests and make up work he had been missing. In a month, he had flipped his grade from an E to a C+. Better than passing. Passing by a lot.

And though he knew he didn’t really need your lessons anymore, as you had taught him plenty of tips and tricks, he still came in every day.

“(Y/N), I have to show you something,” He said, an excited grin on his face. He sat down at the back table and set his latest test in front of you. On top of the paper, there was an A in bright red pen. You smiled brightly.

“You did it!” You stood up from the table and hugged him tightly. His cheeks burned a bright shade of red. “I’m so proud of you!”

“I couldn’t have done it without you,” He smiled. You pulled away from him and took a second to look at him. “Listen. I uh, have a big baseball game coming up this Saturday, and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come?”

“I’d like that,” You smiled softly, nodding in agreement.

“Well in that case,” he reached into his baseball bag and pulled out his jersey from the previous year. ‘Grimm’ was written on the back in big bold white letters. “I brought this for you to wear. It’s kind of a tradition for our girlfriends to wear our old jerseys.”

“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”

“I am,”

“How about I try that jersey on for size?” You asked. He nodded, smiling. You turned around and he slid it over your white t-shirt. You buttoned the front, leaving the top three buttons undone.

“While we’re exchanging clothes, I made this for you,” You handed him a knitted orange hat.

“Thanks,” he said, slipping it onto his head.

“I think orange is your color,” You said, sitting down at the table.

“Yeah? I kind of think so too,” Ben nodded, smirking. “But uh, it is a yes, right? To the girlfriend thing?”


Requested- Tyler Seguin

Hey guys!

So Natty and Kirsten are absolutely amazing and have been nice enough to let me help them out with some of their one shots. I’ve been a fan of their blog and one shots for awhile, so it’s very cool of them to let me post on their blog. Hope you like this one, it ended up being kinda long…sorry! But enjoy! xx


“Babe, how much longer? We’re gonna be late” you call up the stairs while taking another look at your watch.

“Two more seconds, I’m coming, I’m coming” you hear him call back.

You glance over to Jamie who is stretched out on the couch. He looks up from his phone, giving you a smirk as you roll your eyes in response. You’re both very aware of what Tyler’s idea of two seconds is.

“I’ll go grab the car. If he’s not down in a few minutes, let’s just ditch him” he smiles, giving your shoulder a squeeze as he walks past you towards to door.

“Deal” you say, glancing back down at your watch.

“Ty! We really need to get going”

“Babe! 2 seconds! Promise!”

You smile and shake your head as you grab your clutch off the counter to double check you’ve got everything.

You know you should probably be annoyed at his poor time management skills, or the fact that he doesn’t seem to care about being late to an important event, but you’re not. You’d been working in New York for the last 3 weeks and you’d only just flown back to Dallas earlier that afternoon, so at this moment, you were just happy to be in the same city as him, even if he was making you very late.

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Please do talk about Sam Clemmett's brilliant acting a bit more! Tbh I feel like his acting is more subtle than Anthony's... which is, of course, neither a good, nor a bad thing, just a different approach I guess, for their characters are so different in many ways. (For instance, Albus is not a boy-shaped spinning top, unlike Scorpius. :)) So, not really a specific question... just tell us about your favourite Albus moments or anything you'd like!

Oh my dear anon. This is basically the best question you could have asked me, because I could talk about Sam’s acting for days. I will try not to do that though. 

First, I agree about the subtlety, and I think part of that is Albus himself. The character is generally more subtle and restrained, and the part is a lot less exaggerated. There is definitely range there, but it’s not like Scorpius where he literally goes from singing about sweets to being plunged into hell. So I think it’s easy just to read Albus, and by extension Sam’s acting, as one note and angsty, which it definitely isn’t. 

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Ok your TL5Y comments have made me curious :) If you haven't already and wouldn't mind doing so, I'd love to hear more about specifically what Cathy did that you feel put her at fault (partly). I've seen the stage show and heard from others before and I'm not really one-sided, but I'd like to hear your perspective, especially because I feel like the movie tipped me even further in Cathy's favor, seeing more of her at Jamie's events along with feeling neglected and misunderstood and worse off?

I would like to point out before I write all of this, because there’s going to be a lot, that I don’t entirely blame Cathy. Jamie also did horrible things. I just think it’s very easy to see Jamie’s faults. So, now that my discretion has been put up, shall we?

In my opinion, I think the movie really did make Jamie out to be the enemy. For example, every stage production I’ve seen has never had more than one girl with him in bed at the end, and viewing him as a serial cheater in the movie really makes it seem much worse. I also personally think they pushed A Miracle Would Happen a lot farther than it needed to go, especially with the alcohol. I think that Jamie has always been a very big story teller, he’s got a very creative mind so sometimes, as writers do, he exaggerates things. But the movie does things that the stage production never does: shows him eyeing SEVERAL girls at the bar, going to strip clubs with his friends, and imagining other girls in their underwear. We would never see these things in the stage production, and we usually laugh a lot during this song, just like we do during A Summer in Ohio. I also don’t personally agree with JerJor’s choices in If I Didn’t Believe in You to get as angry as he did, because once again, it makes Jamie seem very condescending. Usually when I listen to that song, I can barely hear it over my heart breaking for how much Jamie really loves Cathy.

Now, anyways, on to Cathy. Or rather, comparing Jamie and Cathy.

“Here’s a headshot guy and a new Backstage, where you’re right for something on every page.” -Jamie
“Isn’t he wonderful, just 28? The saviour of writing.” -Cathy (sarcastically)
“I am so proud of you, baby, you’re doing what you never got to do before” -Jamie
“Jamie needs his space to write since I’m obviously such a horrible, annoying distraction to him.” -Cathy
“If I didn’t believe in you, and all of the ten thousand women you are.” -Jamie

Jamie was always very supportive of Cathy in her career, or rather, her lack of it. Even when things weren’t going well, Jamie wanted nothing but to see her succeed in what she loved doing. Cathy, on the other hand, resented Jamie’s success. And I think Jamie’s line in Moving Too Fast, “Some people can’t get success with their art, some people never feel love in their heart, some people can’t tell the two things apart, but I keep rollin’ on” really portrays Cathy in that moment. I know you’ve all seen the gifsets of him singing this line and how it pertains to Cathy. Jamie found success in his art, and Cathy didn’t. Jamie very much loved Cathy, although I do think that Cathy very much loved Jamie too. The difference was, though, that Cathy couldn’t tell those things apart in him. She thought all he loved was his work, and not her. “I’m a part of that, aren’t I?” And her resentment of his success was a huge fault.

“I will not be the girl who gets asked how it feels to be trotting along at the genius’ heels” (Climbing Uphill) / “I tend to follow in his stride, instead of side by side, I take his cue.” (A Part of That)
“I want you, and you, and nothing but you.” (I Can Do Better Than That) / “You can’t spend a single day that’s not about you, and you, and nothing but you.” (See I’m Smiling)

We all know Cathy was very contradictory. We’ve seen gifset after gifset of her saying one thing at the start of the show, and something very different at the end. I think it was hard for her to know what she wanted, because she swore to wanting something only to hate it afterwards. Although I didn’t quote it, the one that made me personally very upset, is in See I’m Smiling, she has a very unsuspecting personality. She starts off saying that she’s happy that Jamie could come and they could work on their relationship. But, once Jamie says he can’t stay, she gets upset with him. Jamie attempts to comfort her, but she pushes him away, and then at the end sings “And see I’m crying, and not do anything at all.” because I don’t know about you guys, but if a girl is pushing me away when I try to physically comfort her, I will not continue to do so. I think it was unfair of Cathy to be upset that Jamie wasn’t doing anything when she had already shown signs of not being wanted to be comforted. Now, I know a lot of you point out that it was awful of Jamie to leave her on her birthday, but this is one thing that I will fully support Jamie on. I don’t think he wanted to abandon her on her birthday. No one wants to leave their s/o alone on their birthday, that’s just a shitty thing for both of you. Plus, as a pilot’s kid, I can tell you that sometimes flying can be tricky, and if Jamie couldn’t make it back to New York the next day, what else was he supposed to do? If he had missed that party, I’m sure it would have looked pretty bad on him.

“Jamie is probably feeling just fine, and I’m still hurting.” -Cathy
“I’m not the only one who’s hurting here.” -Jamie
“Once the foundation’s cracked.” -Cathy
“You never saw how far the crack had opened.” -Jamie
“Maybe I’d see how you could be so certain that we had no chance at all.” -Cathy
“It’s not about another shrink, it’s not about another compromise” / “Some people analyze every detail, some people stall when they can’t see the trail, some people freeze out of fear that they’ll fail, but I keep rollin’ on” / “So we could fight, or I could wait, or I could go” / “You never saw I’d run out of rope.” -Jamie
(Just all of Still Hurting) -Cathy
“I made a promise and I took a vow. We wrote a story and I changed the ending, Cathy just look at me now.” -Jamie

I basically made these quotes in two. I gave Jamie a lot on the third one for a reason, but I’ll get to that as I go through these. First one I think is important. Jamie knew that this was going to hurt both of them, he was more than aware that this divorce would shatter Cathy’s heart. And of course, he was also breaking his own heart as he did it. I always say that I believe Cathy was very selfish, and I think that this is a prime example of it, in that she couldn’t see past her own hurt and pain to think for a moment that Jamie once loved her for five entire years, and that getting a divorce wouldn’t kill him. Alright, second one. I think this one just speaks for itself, that maybe Cathy wasn’t quite aware of just how broken everything was. She thought everything was going fine, that the foundation had just been cracked, but Jamie points out that the crack was open pretty far. Of course, they could be talking about different times, but remembering that Still Hurting and I Could Never Rescue You happen within 24 hours of each other, I think it’s important that these are the distinctions that are made. The third one, Cathy constantly believed that things could be fixed. She was a very hopeful girl when it came to the relationship, thinking that things could be fixed, but I gave Jamie all these quotes on this last one for a reason. The first quote states that it’s not like they’d never tried to fix things, they’d tried compromising and seeing shrinks, but as the last one says, Jamie just ran out of rope, and could no longer keep trying. The middle two sort of go hand in hand, although one might feel a little out of context seeing as it’s from Moving Too Fast, I think it’s important. Jamie couldn’t stick in a rut. He hated being caught standing still, and that’s probably how he felt at the end of the relationship. They could keep fighting and keep compromising and seeing more shrinks, but to him, they were standing still and running in circles, and he needed to move on in his life. In the end, I do think it was very mature of Jamie to leave Cathy, although I fully would agree in saying that it was awful of him to have to wait until AFTER he cheated on her to divorce her, I think it was smart of him to do so. Cathy would have never done that, because she kept wanting to try to fix something that never should have happened in the first place, to quote Jason Robert Brown here. Finally, with our last two, I think Cathy was very selfish. During all of Still Hurting, the entirety of the song is made up of “Jamie is ______”, constantly putting the focus on him and blaming him. He’s decided it’s time to move on, he thinks it was Cathy’s fault, when in reality, looking at the second quote, we might think different. Jamie also sings, “Facts are facts.” When he’s cheated on her, and he knows what he’s done is wrong, and he can tell that he’s done something awful by doing this. He made a vow to Cathy to always love her, and he changed it, and he lied.

I’m happy to write out other things, I guess. I will very much admit that it wasn’t all Cathy’s fault. Jamie was also a very faulted person. They were both faulted people who should have never been together. They ruined each other’s lives.

And therein lies the problem. He expects Jamie and Claire to return as the same people but Jamie has buddied up to the Prince and they have both experienced so many things that have changed who they are and it seems this power shift creates a lot of tension between him and Jamie especially.

Jamie arrives and Dougal fully expects him to fall in line and off we go. ”Here we are. We’re ready to fight, et cetera, et cetera.” But then he realizes that something fundamental has changed in Jamie, which is that Jamie has grown into a real leader, and that throws everything off. Their dynamic is totally changed and it will never go back to the way it was. That contributes so much to the good meaty scenes I have gotten to take part in this season. They are a result of the change in that dynamic. On the one hand, he is very proud and pleased that Jamie is joining the rebellion, but at the same time he is a little bit put out that he is not the one leading the charge and calling the shots anymore. It’s classic Dougal really, but amplified by 10. He has good intentions and wants to do these things for the right reasons and because he believes in the cause, but on the other hand he can’t help but let his ego get in the way.

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I was wondering if you could write something around Bree & Claire/Jamie (or both) talking about Claire coming back through the stones earlier, if C&J would've had more children etc? Thanks!

Reuniting at Fraser’s Ridge AU

William took a long, restorative drink of cider, lips pursing at the sour tang as the cool drink washed down his throat.

He hadn’t had that much fun since - well, in a very long time. It had been an even longer time since he’d sparred with a left-handed opponent. And Jamie Fraser - his father - was no ordinary left-handed opponent.

The man  had bested him, several times. But had gone easy, mindful of the audience - Mandy and Fanny dancing and cheering, Jem and Germaine in complete awe, Roger and Brianna and Ian and Rachel standing quietly, mesmerized.

Mother Claire - and Aunt Jenny - off to the side, armed with bandages and salve, just in case.

Not since his training had he had such an opponent.

Come to think of it - he’d never had such an opponent.

“Ye did well, lad.”

Jamie’s four-fingered hand settled on William’s shoulder, pressing the sweat-soaked fabric to his back, settling next to him on the bench in the kitchen.

“That was - exhilarating.” William set his earthenware beaker on the table, careful to not spill the liquid on the new tablecloth Aunt Jenny had just completed.

“That’s one way to describe it.” Jamie took a long draught from his own beaker before smacking his lips in contentment. “Ah! Brianna’s gotten much better wi’ the receipt for this - the first time she tried it, it was so sour that Claire decided to brew it for vinegar for her surgery!”

William smiled at the image. “Practice makes perfect, I suppose.”

“Aye - it does. Ye’re a bonny wee swordsman, William. Especially for a cack-handed fighter.”

William lowered his eyes to his beaker, feeling his cheeks glow with the praise. “My stepfather made sure I had a lot of practice.”

Jamie pursed his lips, thoughtful. “I dinna doubt that he did. When - ”

“There you are!”

The men turned to see Claire and Brianna bustle into the kitchen, arms full of freshly-harvested corn.

“Enough resting on those laurels! Time to get to work!”

Claire gracelessly dumped a dozen ears on the far side of the table. “Come on, men - if you’re strong enough to fight each other with your swords, you’re strong enough to help us prepare for supper! Corn on the cob, with butter!”

Jamie quickly downed the rest of his cider, squeezed William’s shoulder, and slid down the bench toward Claire. William watched him tilt his chin up for a kiss - which Claire took her time in returning.

“I swear to GOD,” Brianna teased, depositing her own dozen or so ears at the spot Jamie had vacated beside William. “Nobody would begrudge you if you went upstairs for a quick one. William must be the only one of us who hasn’t seen or heard you two in action.”

“Brianna!” William’s felt his flush spread across his entire face. “I cannot believe - ”

She propped one hand on her hip. “Oh, you English are all the same! You need to be more of a Scot, little brother - we talk about these things all the time!”

“Ye’ll speak to yer wee brother wi’ more respect.” They turned to see their father - with Claire on his lap - grinning like an idiot on the other end of the table.

“Please, Da. He’s grown - he can handle himself.”

“Enough - shuck, please. Just leave it all in a pile and I’ll ask the boys to sweep it up when we’re done.”

Brianna recognized Claire’s Mama voice very well - and for the next few minutes, the four of them bent to their work.

A thought niggled at William - something he’d wanted to ask, since their discussion at dinner a few nights previous and then while shooting with Jamie yesterday. Something to do with time travel - and married love - and a painful, two-decade separation.

“Ja - Da?”

Jamie’s head jerked up sharply to face his son. That it was the first time William had called him such clearly did not escape his notice - but he said nothing. Encouraging.


William pushed several stray strands of corn silk toward the pile at the center of the table. “I - I want to ask you about something you said the other day.”

He watched Mother Claire take a seat beside Jamie on the bench - and felt Brianna put down her corn, giving him her undivided attention.

“Go on, lad. It’s just us here.”

William swallowed. “It’s only - you told me that you and Mother Claire were separated for a very long time. And that you did it to save her, and Brianna. And that if you had the chance to go back, you’d still do it all over again.”

Claire’s hand gripped Jamie’s amid the cornhusks.

“Yes. I would. And my reward for that choice is that Brianna is here, today - as are you, William. So I dinna regret it.”

William nodded, shrugging his shoulders a bit - a nervous habit he had, almost as if his shirt was a size too small.

“But I see how you are with Mother Claire - with the rest of your family. You - you thrive when you’re together. There is so much love between you. Brianna told me about - about our sister who died.”

William had never heard the house so silent. Outside in the dooryard he heard two wooden swords clacking against each other - that must be Jem and Germaine, still at it. And then Mandy, singing a bawdy song in her off-key voice, somewhere in the sitting room - likely trying to comb the cat’s fur again.

“And I can’t help but wonder - would you have had more children like us, had Mother Claire come back sooner? Or, had she stayed, and lived in this time - even if it means you were still separated, when you were in prison or at Helwater?”

Jamie’s eyes were wide - pupils dilated. Beside him, Claire’s eyes shone with tears. The knuckles of their joined hands were bone-white - tension coiled.

“It’s only, you get so much joy from each other, and from the family, and - ”

“*Seas, a bhailach.*”

William quit babbling and lay his hands in his lap - watching his fingers tremble. Not yet understanding his father’s strange language, but knowing from the tone of his voice that his time to speak had come.

“It’s a good question. And I’ll answer it - for yer sake, and that of yer sister.”

William nodded, eyes still fixed on the table.

“Look at me, William.”

Slowly, carefully, he did. Meeting the eyes that were so much like his own.

“I love you and yer sister more than ye could ever possibly imagine. I ken it’s hard for ye to understand that, given that I - I didna have a hand in raising the two of ye. But when ye have yer own bairns one day, maybe then ye will begin to understand.”

Jamie raised the back of Claire’s hand to his lips and kissed it reverently.

“There is always a chance we could have had more bairns - but I dinna trouble myself with looking backwards, William. It’s as I told ye before - had I no’ made the same choices I did, I wouldna be speaking to the two of ye right now.”

“But things may have been different!” William exclaimed - drawing from a well of passion that surprised him. “You could have had so much more, Da - so much more with Brianna and Mother Claire. And you didn’t.”

“Aye, lad. But I canna look back, and live.”

He dropped Claire’s hand and scooted down the bench to sit beside his son. He framed William’s face between his battered, work-worn hands, eyes piercing into his.

“And I would never change anything - even for all the bairns in the world - because Claire and I have learned that even the smallest action can have a tremendous impact. So - I willna change anything, if it means I wouldna be sitting wi’ ye and yer sister today.”

William swallowed, throat full of emotion.

“Do ye understand me, lad?”

William could only nod - and, feeling Brianna’s soothing arm around his middle, smiled at his father.

Basking in love.

“Is it all right - ”

“I’m hungwy!”

The four adults turned to see Mandy MacKenzie, one hand on her tiny hip, the other holding a very irritated Adso over her shoulder.

“Excuse me, Mandy?”

William smiled - he hoped to never be on the receiving end of Mother Claire’s stern Grannie voice.

“Can ye stop *talking* pwease? Da said I could help him and Uncle Ian wif the bawbeque!”

The four Fraser adults laughed - and Jamie kissed his son on the forehead - and they all returned to their work.

The Rebel and the Rose. Part 2, Chapter 3.

– – —- – – —- – –

Part One.

Part Two: One, Two.

– – —- – – —- – –

Travelling with Jamie had been miserable. He’d been short and moody ever since they’d left Derby. Murtagh was growing low on patience. He’d sent the lad off in search of water, his hair safely covered should be come across anyone. There had been much muttering, his Gaelic cursing could be heard for minutes after he could no longer be seen. There was only one thing for it, Murtagh was going to have force from him what was causing this horrid mood.

“What’s the matter wi’ ye lad!” He chafed when he finally returned. “I canna travel all the way back to Edinburgh with ye in this foul mood!”

“There’s nothing wrong. Nothing.”

“Ye canna be serious, Jamie! I dinna believe ye for a moment. Now, ye had better start talking else I’ll gladly drop ye wi’ the redcoats myself!”  

Jamie dropped the canister of water and stared hard at his godfather. His hands clenched tight, the wounds of leaving Claire as he had were still raw. Murtagh hadn’t been around to see her, the tears running down her cheeks as he’d declared his men more important. His heart was in tatters. She’d be safer without him.

“I love her! Are ye happy now? I told her I couldna take her wi’ us because of the danger, and I said getting the Lallybroch men was more important than running away! She told me,” his hands gripped painfully at the roots of his hair, “she said the words to me. She said ‘I love you, Jamie!’ and I turned my back on her. I couldna even look her in the eye when I said I was leaving wi'out her. I’m a coward and I dinna deserve her.”

“Yer a wee fool, Jamie. Why did ye not tell me this before?”

“We had to leave, she’s safe now wi'out me there. That’s all there is. Now, can we drop this?” He beat his fist against the nearest tree, punctuating his words as his face glowed red.

“Do ye think ye can just walk away? I dinna think so! Dinna be so soft! There is no shame in going wi’ yer heart, Jamie. I could ha’ sorted the Lallybroch men out alone, and ye kent it well! Instead, ye walked away from a lassie that loved ye. She took ye in, ye made love to her!”

Jamie turned, shocked by Murtagh’s sudden outburst. He’d never heard the man talk so passionately about anything, let alone the love of a woman. His heart plummeted in his chest.

“It’s too late, we have to keep going.” His voice wavered, lost and adrift he felt as though he’d had his stomach ripped from him through his throat. The two hundred lashes on his back had hurt less than this.

“No. It isna.” Murtagh said, pointedly. “We’ll go back, we have time. The men need to be dealt with, aye. But first, let’s go and get yer girl! Ye wee idiot!” He clapped Jamie over the head, extinguished the fire that he’d started to build and began to pack away their belongings.

Jamie swallowed, his heart was hammering. Could they really go back for her? Yes. He decided, they could. He quickly shook himself off and joined Murtagh. They’d go back to Derby and fetch Claire, anything else could be decided later.

Bucky: Previous Engagement

i can’t think here cause i have other things to write and just need to get this down here bye

“If I said “Will you marry me?”, You’d say?”

“No.” Bucky answered solidly, hand moving across the page, and you frowned.

“First of all, what? Secondly, rude. Thirdly, why?” You whined out, nose wrinkled in annoyance. Your legs swung over the side of the table and you glared, at everything.

“Firstly, yeah. Secondly, I don’t care. Thirdly, because that’s my line.” Bucky grumbled, rubbing his forehead and finally looking up at you. You stared him down before your gaze switched to his book.

She’s indestructible, impossible. Everything I learn about her is new and yet as if I already knew it.

All the time, secret dorky romance moments and no one believes you and no one will risk reading his diary. You gave him a secretive glare and he smirked.

“But this is modern times, Jamie, things are different now.” You complained, mind back on the issue. Leaning over and poking his cheek, you momentarily reveled in the squishiness, only to grin and do it again.

“I called shotgun already though, so you can’t do it.” He smirked, batting away your hand indifferently and you gaped.

“Excuse me, when? When?” You laughed incredulously and he gave you a more than slightly cheeky look.

“The day I kissed you.” He grinned and you growled.

“You mean right before we had that massive fight about you being a creepy stalker? I’m surprised you didn’t call it earlier.” You bite out and he laughs, making you grumpier. “I wanted to ask you.” You whine out and he rolls his eyes.


“Because you’re going to make it gorgeous and lovely and super emotional. And then I’ll feel bad because you’re too lovely and I can’t keep up. And sure, when I say it like that I sound super selfish, but here’s the thing- I am.” You grin goofily, self satisfied, and he looks back down at his book, pen moving.

She doubts herself, knows her weaknesses, and then burns it all like a phoenix and I’m reminded again.

That I love her, here and now, tomorrow and anywhere.

You snort at the words, blushing heavily. He looks back up at you, eyes tracing your face slowly and you gasp a giggle.

“Oh man.” You breathe, and he hasn’t said a word. “You did the…”

You trail off, caught up in his face and completely bashful.

“Will you marry me, Y/N?” He asks lowly, not taking his eyes off you and your own widen as you gasp.

“You snake!” You shout, gaping as a slow grin dawns on his face. “You wrecked my unromantic proposal! You made it romantic! With your stupid eyes and that dumb face! And your book made of butt!”

With a growl, you get to your knees on the table, moving toward him while he laughs, only to push him backwards. For a second his eyes are filled with panic as his arms pinwheel and the chair starts to fall.

Leaping off the table, you kneel and catch him in a field ball, reveling for half a second over your own skills.

“Looks like you fell for me, and I think that means we should get married.” You chirped at the floating man. He gives you a dark look as you release him softly onto the floor before you.

“I really look up to you as a person, I even love you. Will you marry me?” He smirks with his ass on the floor, face tilted up to you, and you roll your eyes, rising and spinning away.

Spinning back, you give him a wicked look. “Baby, your ass is so fine, it makes me falter, let me see that up on the altar.”

His laugh startles out of him, his face scrunching and creasing as he cackles. Climbing to his feet, with a happy pant, he grabs your waist and pulls you against him.

“There was once a princess. She lived in a great tower and all the men thought she needed to be rescued, princes and paupers alike. She had a few prince friends and they too thought she needed to be protected. Until one day, a terrible… Rogue? Appeared. He agreed the princess needed to be protected, so he buried his feelings for her. Then, the princess decided enough was enough and beat him up, showed him she could handle anyone and that this rogue was just another guy, the kind of person he wanted to be. You’re that princess. And my princess. Let me make you my queen. Marry me.” He rumbled against your neck, his stubble rubbing against the tender skin as he pressed a hum filled kiss down.

“Mmm, Bucky.” You hummed out, “You’re so deep that even the marianas trench can’t beat you, so drown me in your love. Let’s get married.”

He huffed a laugh against your skin, pulling back and staring at you. You winked and his grin brightened.

“I remember how Sharpay and Ryan said they would bop until they reached the top. Well, I’ve reached the top. And it’s you. There doesn’t need to be any more bopping, instead, lets exchange vows.” Your gasp was violent, your hand landing on his shoulder hard in shock.

“HSM.” You breathed reluctantly and his face twisted smugly.

“Say it. Out loud.” He commanded and you could barely feel the surprise this time. Where was he getting all these references from?

“Yes.” You whispered weakly, meeting his triumphant eyes with your own defeated ones. “I’ll marry you, James.”

A slow clap sounded behind you and you turned, shoulders slightly drooped to see Clint, Wanda, Vision and Steve gathered watching.

“That was something I’ve never seen before, Barnes.” Clint opened, moving forward and clapping Bucky on the shoulder. “You’ve done good, man. Wow.”

“Shut your stupid hole, you’re a fart!” You snarled at the archer and he laughed outright while Steve pulled Bucky into a hug.

Wandas arms wove themselves around your shoulders and turned you from the arrowman.

“This is fantastic, Bête. Do not ruin this happiness.” She smiled kindly and you nodded.

“But I lost.” You complained quietly and she rolled her eyes, wrapping you in a hug.

“It is not a competition, Y/N. It is love and you must be happy with it. You’re going to marry your love, are you not excited?” She continued in your ear while you hugged her tight, Buckys hand brushing your lower back to let you know he was there.

“Love will suffice.” You made a noise of suffering and you felt her amusement, a kind of serenity filling her.

You pulled back, letting yourself lean against Buckys back while he spoke with Steve.

“You’re my first love, did you know?” You mumble to Wanda, momentarily in awe at how she much she loved you, cared for you, and was just happy for you. She was all goodness.

“Oh stop, you’ll make me blush.” She laughed, holding both your hands, her eyes a little shiny.

“I’m not married yet; you know?” You offered, shooting her a leery wink and she covered her eyes.

“I cannot anymore, you’re too much right now.” She laughed, turning and pressing her face into Visions chest, who’d arrived behind her at the right moment. You immersed yourself in her feelings momentarily, her general rapture at your change in relationship status like a warm blanket.

Your hands hung by your side and you reached behind you, fingertips brushing against Buckys thigh till his palm engulfed yours, neither of you conversations lulling as the digits linked.

“Bucky?” You asked solemnly and he grumbled a breath onto the crown of your head.

“Wife?” He replied, half asleep and you smiled on his skin.

“We’re getting married.” You answered, an excited wiggle making its way through your body. You sat up and stared down at him in amazement. You watched his eyes shift to the clock, taking in its midnight status. “It just hit me. Like fully sank in. And you’re mine, you’re going to be mine, mine, mine. And I’m going to claim you. Publically. As mine.”

You looked at the ring on your finger, the one Bucky had bought you today, one you were unsure how he paid for. A vintage style morganite ring. You’d seen it instantly, then seen the price tag, then tried to hide your interest. But he’d noticed and walked straight over to it, waiting by the case until you stopped pretending and came over.

“I love you.” He croaked, voice sleep thick as he pulled you to lay back down. “But I’m sleepy.”

You smiled at the grumbling, settling your head back on his chest and giving him a dopey look in the half darkness.

“Love you too, Jamie.” You grinned and he groaned before giving in and kissing you. You felt his resolve crumble as he fell into the kiss, the half-hearted offering turning hearty within moments. A grin twisted your lips and he flopped back onto the bed, accepting the kiss was over, metal arm gently pulling you closer to lay down.

“Night, Wife.” He mumbled and you didn’t correct him, nor would you. It felt too good to hear him say it.

“Night, Husband.” You breathed, closing your eyes.

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