i believe it was the pinky ring they had


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NCT Boyfriend!Series [Boyfriend!Johnny]

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boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • johnny is the type to take you out on MANY dates! 
  • but these dates would vary 
  • so it’s either a night in cuddling on the couch with some take out in your pjs 
  • or he’s taking you out to the finest restaurant in town, both of you are dressed up and looking brilliant together 
  • kinda feel like y'all are the campus couple 
  • okay so one time you were shopping with johnny 
  • he saw this couple shirt and really wanted to buy it 
  • but it was the ugliest thing you’ve seen in your LIFE 
  • he just wants to be THAT couple 
  • instead you guys opted for matching earrings and rings, it was perfect 
  • “y/n where’s my ring?" 
  • "johnny it’s just a ring, it doesn’t matter if you lose it!" 
  • "no you don’t understand, if i’m losing a couple ring what will happen to our wedding ring!?!”
  • “wait what?”

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell me what the ring and the silver bracelet he always wears means? The significance behind them?

The silver bracelet was given to Chris by his sister Katie and he’s been wearing it for several years now:

On Chris’ wrist is a silver bracelet Katie gave him. “It reminds me of my family,” he says.

(A young Pine sporting the bracelet from as early as 2004.)

As for the ring, if you are referring to his gold pinky ring (18k gold, by David Yurman), I don’t recall him mentioning it having any particular significance, other than the following in a more general sense, and in regard to fashion:

…I am very particular about how [a suit] fits in the shoulders and the body, I get into it, I really enjoy it quite a bit. And little details like pocket squares and cufflinks and pinky rings and stuff, cause when you go on the red carpet, it’s not the real world, you are at work, so I kind of like to make believe that’s a different time. And that makes the whole red carpet experience easier.
I hope you find this useful, anon!

newyorksuperhero  asked:

So did we ever find out if Belle's pinkie ring meant anything, or is it just left for us to decide?

I believe she said it in the Buzzfeed video with the kittens

She said that it was an idea that the costume designer had after seeing a ring that Emma has that her mom gave her and they designed one for Belle to wear. 

Am I the only one who noticed that Sasaki wore a pinky ring on his right pinky, the same way Ayato did before RE?

And what a perfect opportunity he would have had to steal it. Cause Ayato no longer wears his pinky ring after this scene.

Another note is that Kaneki and Ayato have almost the exact same foot size in Tokyo Ghoul which would lead me to believe their hands would be of relatively close size.

So yeah I’m guessing Kaneki stole Ayato’s ring <3333

AFTG Holiday Exchange

Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s a little something for the lovely person over at @neil–im-fine–josten ! Hope all is well; enjoy. xo. ( @aftgexchange )

Andrew and Neil have had days where they have easily let the light pass into twilight, time slipping as carefully as a melody into nights if they weren’t careful.

Times like these were never planned or scheduled; they didn’t follow a specific formula sheet or repeat in a cyclical pattern, they simply happened when they did, and they were some of Neil’s favorite times with Andrew.

But this time was a little different, the timing pushed back so their evening would later shift into dawn. Different, but well earned. 

They were in Columbia, the heavy stillness of the house broken abruptly as  bags were dropped in hallways and shoes kicked off at the foot of the stairs, sleep pushed aside to make room for a homecoming of sorts. Andrew had surprised Neil with the trip post evening practice, throwing Neil his tote with a change of clothes as soon as he emerged from the shower, leaving before Neil could ask any questions.

Andrew was out in the Maserati for all of five minutes before Neil joined him, tote in hand, wearing that violet shirt that hung a size too big for his lithe frame. But it made his eyes vivid. 

They had roared out of the Fox parking lot with as much care as as Nascar racer in the middle of a lap. But Neil had laughed and settled for playing with Andrews waiting palm across the counsel, surprised when the blond allowed Neil to do so for the duration of the ride, fingers locking and entwining only to be danced out of moments later.

“You can never be still.” Andrew had sighed, his eyes flickering towards Neil’s slouched frame in the passenger’s seat.

“I can be still.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Neil had then interlocked his pinky and ring finger with Andrew’s and kept as still as he could manage for the last hour of the car ride. It was only when Neil’s fingers began to relax enough and managed to slip slightly in Andrews that the blond finally returned his gaze to look at Neil, head now tilted towards him in gentle sleep.

That had been two hours ago. But now, with the car locked up and the window opened, they were in bed in what was deemed Andrews room long before there was a Neil Josten, the covers pushed down to the foot of the bed along with their armbands, Andrew bare besides his sleeping pants and Neil settling for keeping his violet shirt and briefs on.

Neil was dosing. The nap in the car proving to have done little to no good with getting him up to pace with his hours of sleep. Andrew was sure that the boy was working with a total of about twenty two hours that week alone, if he was lucky.

“Tell me something.” Andrew whispered against Neils mouth when he began to notice Neil slipping into subconscious, careful fingers carding through messy auburn hair as they faced each other on their sides.

“Like what?” He mumbled in reply, eyes still closed as Andrew took the time to study his features.

“I don’t care.”

Neil smiled softly, sighing once before peeking his eyes open, catching Andrew openly staring at him in what seemed like curiosity, but buried underneath six layers of that all too familiar neutral look.

It made his heart ache.

It took all the strength and mind he had left not to lean into Andrews space and kiss him like he really wanted to. Instead, he tilted his chin in encouragement, eyes half open as he waited for Andrew to either ignite something or diminish it. And he made Neil wait, his own golden eyes flickering slowly between Neil’s mouth and back up to his gaze, adjusting the way he was lying but never moving closer. It was very Andrew like of him, and as soon as Neil moved to abandon the idea completely, Andrew kissed him like he has been for a while now, something slow and unrushed, asking for nothing further than what was at hand right now.

Neil couldn’t help the smile that formed on his lips after they broke apart for air, earning him a slight, painless tug to his hair. “I like it when you are like this.”

“Like what?” Andrew cautioned.

Neil kissed him again, lips dragging against Andrews sweetly, tongue echoing Andrew’s as their mouths came together wholey once more. It made Neil’s pulse jump pleasantly as he bridged that distance over and over again slowly, a pure reminder that they could have this for the rest of their lives if they wanted to, that they had time, they had this.

Andrew let out a gentle sigh as they parted again, head dizzy from the weight of it all- Neils drowsy, content smile, the way his hands felt against his upper chest and neck, the pleasant way his heart raced in his hollow chest.

“When you’re playful.”

Andrew stared at him evenly for a moment, his gaze raw with a flashing emotion Neil couldn’t place before Andrew pushed him, causing Neil to almost fall off the bed.

“Say it again.” Andrew dared, knowing that the hand on Neil’s waist was the only anchor the man had to staying on the bed and not toppling to the ground.

Neil grinned and dug his fingers into the sheets, trying to reposition his legs so he could recover if Andrew did evidently let go. Immediately, Andrew let his fingers slip and Neil sharply tipped back even further suddenly, sending him into a frenzy of pleading giggles as he tried to claw his way back onto the bed before Andrew returned his hold.

Andrew,” Neil laughed, hands scrambling for the headboard, his smile brighter than any star Andrew had seen that night on their drive. “N’drew, c’mon!” 

“You’re too soft,” Andrew sneered, but pulled Neil back by the shirt and slotted their lips together once more, allowing the momentum of Neil’s body to let the the younger man roll onto him- legs entangling with legs, hands falling against sheets and against skin as the night bled into dawn.

partlycloudii  asked:

Modern plaxance hc: before they were dating but after they met for the first time, they went with friends to an arcade. Lance bragged abt how good he is at arcade games but Miserably Failed them all. In the end he only had enough tickets to get this tiny mood ring that didn't fit his fingers anyway. Meanwhile Plaxum won a bunch of stuff and shared with Lance out of pity, mainly. Lance gave her the tiny mood ring as thanks. It only fit her pinky. Lance was super embarrassed. (Plax loves it tho)

wow….i cant believe,,,these are those most blesst words,,,, ive ever ,


Hi!!! I know i’m late hahaha but yeah..

I am in a hurry but i’ll leave here some help for people who want to make theories..

I’ve made my research about symbolic meanings in the MV and there were so many omg

Here’s the list..

This is going to be very long.. 


Feathers > They represent flight and freedom, soaring above, looking from a higher perspective, and moving beyond boundaries and limitations. 


White feathers > purification, spirituality, hope, trust, faith, protection, peace, Heaven, angels, and also act as blessings and wisdom connected with moon. 


Smoke >The Spirit. 


Fog > Confusion, Danger, and the Unseen. Fog is a thick cloud that confounds us and causes us to lose our sense of direction. These definitions of Fog pertain not only to the element of Fog in the physical world, but also to the metaphor for Fog in our mental world.


Fence > Obstacle or barrier that may be standing on your path. You may feel confined and restricted in expressing yourself. Alternatively, the fence symbolizes your need for privacy. You are trying to shut off the rest of the world. If there is a hole in the fence, then the hole is encouragement that you can overcome and conquer whatever obstacles may be in your way. It may also mean that your privacy is being compromised. 

Crows > Pending death,Messenger,Tenacity,Intelligence,Magic,Shadow aspect due to it’s black color,Sentinel or Watchfulness,A Warning,Thievery,Memory/remembrance,Creation/Creativity 

Burning Pictures > Dreaming about burning pictures or photos represent you wanting to forget about your past. Let those mistakes go to move forward with your life.


 Suga and Rap Monster both have two rings,one on the index finger on on the “ring” finger: 

Ring on the index finger > It represents our need to increase our ego and establish authority and power. It is also associated with leadership and ambition. Kings, priests and healers wore rings on the index finger because that finger was thought to be especially powerful. People often wear a ring on their index finger to demonstrate assertiveness, or power. 

Ring on the “ring” finger > Wearing a ring on the “ring” finger represents a connection to the heart, as it is thought to be closely related to the artery that goes to the heart. It is associated with our feelings of affection and love. It is also representative of our creativity and artistic self. Wearing a ring on this finger on the left hand represents to others a betrothal to the giver of the ring and a commitment of faithfulness. If the ring was purchased by the wearer, it represents self-love and self-worth and belief in talent. 

Jungkook had two rings too, one on his index finger and one on his little finger,so the meaning for the index finger is the same as Suga and Rap Monster, as for the little finger:

Ring on the little finger > I think it means luck, Jungkook, wearing this ring, is asking for luck. It was believed that wearing a ring on the pinkie, the ring would bring the wearer luck.

J-Hope had two rings,one on his pinkie one on his “ring” finger (the meanings were already explained above XD) 

Jimin had two rings,one on his middle finger and one on his “ring” finger: 

Ring on the middle finger > Being the tallest finger, the middle finger is associated with our purpose in life. Also the center of the hand, it represents personal identity and those things that are most important to us. People who wear a ring on their middle finger often desire to be the center of attention. 

Upside down( V ) > Being upside down, suggests that there is some situation or problem in your waking life that you need to straighten you. It may also mean that your initial assumptions were completely opposite of what you thought.


Runway > It represents creativity and freedom. You are about to enter an exciting time in your life. 


Airplane take-off > The part of your life which is represented is usually a memory, material from your unconscious mind, or something that is physically far away from you. Since we use planes to travel to places that are far away, the logical progression of this interpretation is that the airplane is symbolic of an event, individuals, or emotions that are either in the past, physically apart from you, or deep in the unconscious and far from conscious thought. A departing airplane means success,travel into higher realms,wants to be free,power. 


To see the sunset indicates the end of a cycle or condition. It is a period of rest, renewal and evaluation. The sun peeking through the clouds foretells a return of prosperity. White clouds are the messengers of peace,hope and love. 


Sorry if this was too long XD. I did my researches while watching the video and wrote down everything that could be useful for people thinking about a theory! Bye!

If you could avoid copying this i’d be thankful because it took me a bit to find all the right meanings XD Thank youu!