i believe it was filmed in kashmir

DAY 2216

The ‘giris’ of Blue, Coo          May 10,  2014           Sat  9:57 pm

Time tries us all ! When good, when not so good .. it tries us all ! In times of good, you wonder how long will it last and much the same in the vice versa !

Time answers too in all this uncertainty that surrounds it. Its continuity leaves us gasping, its uncertainties bringing alarm, fear, joy and welcome.

Time also constructs some wonderful moments. Moments that touch us, move us, make us contemplate, astonish us with its vagaries, propel us with its expectation ..

Time turns around, compensates, surprises us in its varied ways ..

On location for Balki’s next with Dhanush and Akshara, our dress consultant and costume design in charge, a young lady, after hours of work, confronts me with a story that verifies for me the essence of what I mention before ..

She was a kid of about 5-6 when she saw 'Mukaddar ka Sikandar’ and was distraught at the sight of me dying in the end of the film. Unconsolable she just kept weeping at the fate that had befallen me and would not take any explanations given to her by her parents, until one day they happened to drive pass my house and convinced her that I was indeed alive. What a circle of time she has been through. From admiration, to the fear of having lost me and now to be designing my clothes for a film, a vocation that had baffled her years ago ..

At the Hotel where I stay, there comes a frantic message from my staff to please meet a family who have been incredibly keen to take a photograph. I accept and walk out to meet them. A lady comes out, now young and married and with two young daughters, and tells me a tale.

She says she was a little girl fond of me and my films and during one of my shootings in Kashmir, she happened to be there too. When informed that I was to shoot at a particular spot in the city, she waited for hours to get a glimpse of me. The handlers of the crowd were aware of her desire, but in order to dissuade her kept telling her that I was not coming. She did not believe them and stuck to her spot and waited. Finally I arrived. But the handlers of the location in order to keep their version true, shut her eyes with their hands so she would not be able to see me, and also to be true to their information about me to her !!

That little girl has waited for years and years and finally has had the opportunity to meet me here on location. Kashmir some 30 odd years ago, the South of the country in a remote location, and there she is, standing in disbelief that it has actually happened to her.

I keep meeting up with many that have such remarkable stories to narrate and I thank the Almighty for His grace upon me ..

Thank him for giving me the birth that He did, to the parents that He did .. to the medium that He put me in .. and to the Ef that He gave me ..


Amitabh Bachchan