i believe in you bruno heller

THE MENTALIST interview with Bruno Heller, Simon Baker & RobinTunney on season 7 (PART 1)

the entire interview is amazing, the best for me:

Tunney:  season seven is not “50 Shades of Grey” done by “The Mentalist.” It’s sort of interesting because they are two people who don’t know how to be in a relationship. 

Baker: I think it’s relatively organic and natural and quite easy. I think there’s sort of a tenderness to it. And I think because I’ve spent so much of the last seven years looking into Robin Tunney’s lovely green eyes, we’re comfortable with each other in a way that is somewhat intimate.

Tunney: It’s funny the way everything turns out. I remember season one, we had a press conference and Bruno, Simon and I all swore up and down there is no way these two would ever be together romantically. And I think we were telling the truth! 

Baker: I’m still saying that! 

Me: come on Simon & Robin!!!

Heller: When these two characters first came together, Baker and Tunney were strangers, so the relationship was very much between two strangers who were in a transactional relationship, however intense. But as years go by, genuine love develops [between the actors], genuine friendship, genuine understanding. And then just as in real life, what seemed not possible or plausible becomes extremely possible because there is a real basis for it.

Tunney: And I believe at that press conference that Bruno said if we had gotten together, we would have all the sexual chemistry of the Clintons. So the bar was really low for what people might expect. I mean, [now] it’s gonna seem hot. 

Baker: Oh, yeah. Oh yeah.

Heller: You killed it with that one.