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1 Year and Counting

It’s April 27th. It was precisely a year ago -and- a day ago (I forgot to post this yesterday xD) I created my blog and got my frist notes on tumblr. I remember being at a friend’s house at that time, and getting a overly excited for reaching 70 notes on this fanart overnight <3.

This place has been hell. But mostly Valhalla ;) No matter if I got a scar due to the drama last year, the HTTYD community gave me reasons to smile and laugh. It is you who I have to thank, no matter if you are a distant admirer, a silent follower, a regular reblogger, or a crazy mutual <3 c:

Thank you for sticking with my possibly annoying appearance, haha :D

Let me link you to some things <3

“Special” posts:
-My first post
-My first animation (that has been posted twice (because I was still learning How to Train Your Tumblr))
-My first comic
-My most popular post (by notes)
-My personal favorite post
-The most meaningful animation I’ve ever done

My highlights

  > by @hello-em75 <3)
-The HTTYD calendar 2016
-JUST DO IT on my dash
  > I blame @tarched
 > @fifylou-berklife
 > @vixivalkyrie
 > @emmalennyeddie
 > @obsessedwithdreaming
 > @dragonpride99
 > @jennis41digsdragons
 > @raide-draws-fanart
-#tarffiewedding2017 (March 4th)
  > I blame @amare-sili (yes…I blame only one person :P)
-De Booty day 2017 (April 18th)
  > I blame @avataviking / @graphrofberk
-Discord in general (hell)
  > Sorry @angies-team, but I have to blame you :P)
-Meeting the neeeerd @tarched <3


what did mesut ever do to you nacho


To think that so much has improved this past 2 years

Even now i’m amazed at how much progress i’ve done even though i felt like nothing really changed that much

I’m really thankful for the fandom that i get to improve like this especially to my friends @crewefox, @pyrophoricitee, @trashasaurusrex and many many more

And especially, my biggest inspiration @kawaiideadlyusagi, my girlfriend.

Thank you so much everyone!

where-did-all-my-spoons-go  asked:

Nother headcannon Shiro has taken to holding Lances hand whenever they are planet side. Lance is such a curious bean that he tends to wander off without thinking about it. After a particularly harrowing incedent some local flora, Shiro makes sure to keep him firmly attached to his side, and all exploring is done together so they can keep eachother safe

!!!! Adorable??? Thank you ❤

Little Update Thing!

I recently changed jobs from a makeup store to a coffee shop, so if y'all have any questions about what it’s like to work in a coffee shop for any of your coffee shop AU’s, then leave a comment on this post or send an ask and we’ll do a How Do I Write segment on it later!

-admin chamomile


(this is my belated reaction to seeing the latest Freddie pics, I’m WOW, I have things to say that I won’t)


Animation - Muzzle and Beak Sync

And that’s all for 2nd Year Animation, Folks!

No way

You guys…….. I HIT 1000 FOLLOWERS?!?! You all blow my mind, thank you for reading the stuff I put out there, I *promise* I’ll have something else out again soon, only 16 days of high school left!! Thank you to @winchesters-favorite-girl for all the love always, @supernatural-squadd for the constant support, @jensen-jarpad @deathtonormalcy56 @27bmm for the rec lists, and to all 1000+ of you for being awesome!!!

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