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On Bakugou’s Pride

I feel like Bakugou is definitely one of the more complex characters in BnHA, absolutely the one with the biggest personal arc, the typical ‘antagonist who is one of the good guys but also an asshole’.
It’s a trope, I’m sure.
My initial idea was to make a single profile for him, but something like that would quickly become a full length novel because there’s Way Too Much to unpack, so I'ma settle for a Whole Bunch of Smaller (but still Stupidly Long) meta’s.
Starting with: Bakugou’s Pride, and his self-image.
Also, since I’m far from the only person making BnHA analyses, shout-out to @saisai-chan  who has posted just… so much Bakugou meta, and who has been very helpful in inspiring some of these ideas.

Bakugou’s Perfect Origin Story

Let’s start with how stories work in the BnHA universe.
Horikoshi is writing a very self aware story. His universe is a modern one, in which marketing and imagery are important.
You can see it in All Might. This is a man that clearly gets his inspiration from American Silver Age comics. He’s flashy, just all-round GOOD and constantly spouting americanisms. And while he isn’t necessarily 'fake’ in the sense that Yagi’s personality definitely matches, it is also just that: a meticulously crafted image.
It even literally 'pops’ when he’s out of the limelight to reveal his true form.
In this world, heroes are celebrities, as such they project a certain image.
Even the kids know this. People like Kirishima are told that hero-ing is all about the ratings and the entertainment factor.
This is a world in which Stories matter.

 Bakugou knows this.
I truly believe that Bakugou, being the smart sort of fanboy he is, is pretty damn genre-savvy. He’s well aware of the importance of images and stories.
You see, he  had already decided upon his Perfect Origin Story, like, ages ago. From a very young age, he was destined for greatness.
Everyone kept telling him so, of course. He didn’t really have a reason to doubt this.
He’s shown as a kid sporting a bunch of yes-men and admirers. His teachers never seem inclined to curb that boastfulness. Before he arrives in UA, no one ever seems to try to take him down a peg. Like at all.
He can be blowing up Midoriya in a classroom with the teacher still present and no one even attempts to stop him.

This, incidentally, is a pretty unhealthy way to grow up, and it did little to curb the crueler sides of his personality.

But he still wants to be a hero. He wants the money, the fame. He wants to WIN.
Please note that right now, he wants to be a hero for all the wrong reasons. Where Midoriya has this compulsion to help, where Kirishima is looking for courage and some sense of manhood, Bakugou just wants  to be better than everyone else. Because, at this point in his development, he’s very much a selfish asshole.

And he’s determined to do be the best, by also crafting the Best Origin Story.
He’s even made these rules for himself. 'I have to be the only one from this small local school to make it into UA’, 'I have to be always on top, never be helped’.
He’s completely fixated on 'the right back story’ because the fucker is a hero fanboy and he wants to Live the Life like the big heroes do it.

And Deku, bless him, is Constantly Fucking up that Plan.
At least that’s what it must look like in Kacchan’s eyes.

But truth be told, Bakugou’s Perfect Hero Origin Story has been falling apart since the very start of the series.
BnHA may be the story of Midoriya becoming the strongest hero, but it is also very much the story of 'how Bakugou’s self image got smashed into the ground over and over again’.

Once he’s ready to enter UA, his Origin Story is already muddled. 
Instead of the right debut under the right circumstances, he’s Sludge Kid.
Instead of never being helped, being the only on in his class to go to UA, being destined to greatness, he finds himself, literally, a side character, an antagonist even, in Deku’s story.
And I honestly believe that Bakugou, at some point, realizes this. Everyone likes a good underdog story. Part of the reason Bakugou is so angry with Midoriya when he finds out about his quirk, is because he feels Betrayed. Like Midoriya hid his quirk all these years just to have a proper 'rise to power’ story.
It’s a first crack in the perfect façade that Bakugou has created for himself.
Right now, he still believes in his ‘destiny’, but it won’t be for long.

(this is 3.4k words long. I’m sorry)

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Spielbergs and Kubricks

Supernatural Song Challenge : Renegades by X Ambassadors

Game Theory: The Real Story of Shanna
External image

The Shanna hype is real right now. Team Takumi and Team Shanna alike have been trading salt wondering how it happened. Multipliers? But there were no multipliers for the last nine hours! Enthusiasm? Have you MET Takumi fangirls?

“honestly i’m not sure how she managed to pull it off.” - @bookofholsety, Team Shanna

The answer, I believe, is this: The 1%-activated multiplier gives the underdog in each round slightly better odds than the alleged favorite due to flag allocation.

Here’s why.

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Can I ask why you don't like Louis? Not trying to start a fight like I'm just curious?

essentially… i don’t believe him. i don’t believe his underdog narrative, his woe is me feel bad for me narrative. i know exactly what that is. i don’t believe him when he seems sincere. i don’t believe that he’s grown up at all and is mature. i don’t believe he acknowledges his own problematic behavior and has grown from it. i don’t believe people who tell me he’s not selfish when he’ll throw others under the bus or people who act like he makes no decisions. i don’t believe that he’s ‘protective’ over the other boys as yall make it seem when in fact he’ll make moves to benefit only himself (understandably). so it really falls as that louis is just… fake? to me. idk i don’t believe any of the kind of story he tries to build around himself. complaining about the industry and the rich and that people only pay attention to this or that? like didn’t he once claim to not like to be friends with big celebs or go out with them or whatever and yet we have direct proof of him doing the opposite. yeah i’m sure he hates it so much when he goes out every night and parties on yachts and all that shit. lmfao. he tries to come off as this whole “im just a regular guy” bc he chose to sleep on a tour bus instead of in a hotel? sorry bud that doesn’t make you just like me. i just don’t believe him and he’s not an underdog and he claims that narrative and i’m tired of it. i don’t feel bad for him, why am i going to feel bad for a rich white male who is lowkey an asshole. like i feel like if i ever met louis i would have to be on guard from the moment i say hi because he’ll have something biting to say if i say something even remotely off from what he would like or whatever. i don’t find the lack of filter as cute as i did when i was younger. i’m 24 and i look at louis and think “you’re more immature than i am and you have a kid and are older.” like…that’s exhausting to even think about lmao.

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i think most bigoted movements wanna believe that they're the underdogs pushing back against a society that has become "too biased" in the other direction and is now hurting them, so they grab onto any "evidence" that the people they're bigoted against are in power, well-funded, etc. add in the bigotry in question (eg antisemitism) and you get ppl claiming huge left-wing conspiracies to shut them down. it's stupid.

Pretty much

Dear Chapo Cheerleaders and Pseudo Narcos

You are not El Chapo. You don’t know him. He doesn’t know you’re alive. If he did he would probably take your cupcake ass life for being all up on his nuts. You don’t work for him. You didn’t dig him a tunnel to escape prison. You barely wanna dig in your pocket to pitch in for ONE bottle with four of your boys. Buchanan’s. You fucking hate the taste but the rest of the chiki Narcos talk about it so you drink it.

You like Corridos. Cool. Me too. You are not a narco.

You probably got one pair of Gucci frames. One fake belt. You base your entire outfit off that. Yea. No mames.

You yell shit like “FIERRO PARIENTE” in your Nissan Maxima with the check engine light on. Driving to work agitated cause your boss at Home Depot is gonna bitch you out for being late again. Then you put on that orange vest. “FIERRRROOO”

You ain’t a narco fam. You ain’t a Killa. You got drowsy and had to drink water when the nurse drew blood from you at your last check up. She gave you a lollipop cause your bitch ass sugar was low.

You never been to Sinaloa in your life. You probably don’t have a Facebook friend from Sinaloa. You live in a big city and drive 30 minutes to a Tamborazo at a “rancho”. Vaquero trucker hats and screams of “ANDO AL CIEN PARIENTE”. Then you visit your dad’s rancho in Mexico… Show up mad humble and forgot to pack your Gucci frames and belt though. Word.

You ain’t a narco homie.

And the only thing worse than a fake narco are the broads infatuated by that shit. Instagraming that bottle them four dudes bought in unison. Caption that shit “Puro VIP”. Smh. Sitting down all night. Wanna dance but they can’t cause all four dudes they came with are drunk crying at the table. Talking bout son de rancho but they microwave tortillas. Facebook status on some “tired of all these fakes”. Meanwhile she got blond hair and black eyebrows wearing a faja. Smh. Knows every Ariel Camacho song word for word. 5 years ago her ring tone was some Don Omar shit. “Daleeee…dale don Daleee”.

No mamen.

Narco shit is real. So is gangbanging. You wouldn’t act like you’re a gangbanger in Chicago or Los Angeles cause the real ones will ride on you. Narco shit is the same. You’re just doing it in the comfortable blanket of distance.

We all saw that Chapo escaped. Believe me I love to root for the underdog. Chapo is not an underdog. He’s a very powerful man. He’s done good and bad. Hate him or love him…yall cheering like he’s gonna drop off a key at the front door of the apartment that you’re late on rent at.

“watch out Trump….talk your shit now…hahahahhah” - un pendejo

Thank you for perpetuating the exact stereotype that Donald Combover mentioned.

One week it was “we are not violent..we are not criminals. We come here to work hard and honest”
Now it’s “Chapo gonna kill you puto..así somos los Mexicanos cabrón…ahuevo…jajaja”


Now go home. El Señor de los Cielos starts at 9. With ya bitch ass.

god I can’t believe the s9 edit went with “Valentina is an undiscovered newbie underdog” and also the paragon of perfection" and not “Valentina is fucking MENTAL” because the latter makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE and you know what makes me like her more

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I swear Naruto is such a garystu. He's from a special lineage, has kyuubi, mastered sage mode when Minato and Jaraiya couldn't, everyone suddenly believes in him, he's always in the right and he got So6p powers.l find it funny when tards say he is an underdog and others say him and Sasuke are equal

You guys on tumblr make the funniest names to describe characters I like garystu lol

Even though they pretty much op sasuke to at least he didn’t have a chakra battery machine in him like naruto

And I hate how they make naruto always right like he’s wrong most of the time!!

Naruto is no way, shape, or form an underdog I believe people don’t know what underdog really is

lee is an underdog, tenten, I’ll even say neji is a underdog too but not naruto

Thanks for the ask 📜


“My whole life I’ve been underestimated, but in order for other people to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first. I want to inspire the underdogs! I’m not someone who was always the first in mind for acting roles; I have fought for every single character, every single role, but that’s just been my journey.”


It seems pretty dumb to say that my love is my sport. In fact, it seems like some sort of cliché you would see in an under quality sports movie.  But after years of running, I have come to the conclusion that running is more like my life partner than my sport. I can survive without it, but why would I want to be without? I can be complete without running, but I feel more whole when it is with me. Of course running and I haven’t always had the perfect relationship. I’ve complained, cried, been angry. We certainly did not have love at first sight. I’ve wanted to give up during workouts and races. But never have I once wanted to quit on running. Never have I once considered that running and I would not grow old together. I knew it was special. It had given me strength in the darkest of times, it had given me revelation upon revelation. It had brought me peace, and it connected me to nature, my friends, my family. And most of all, in times when my soul, my mind, my life felt weak, it made me feel strong.

People always ask how I do it. They call me crazy when I run 7 miles or run in the rain. They act shocked when I say I did an 8 mile interval workout, as if I just pulled it out of my butt, exclaiming that they could ‘never do that.’ But what they don’t see is the countless mornings I roll out of bed at 7am just to struggle on a 2 mile run. They don’t see the sweat, the tears, even the blood on my feet or from the times I have tripped, the scar on my leg from that race sophomore year when a girl spiked me. They don’t see the days I am forced to cross train indoors, longing to be outside in the wind and the sun. They miss the days where I am tired and drained, but I run anyway. They can’t fathom the thousands upon thousands of doubtful thoughts in my head that I am forced to throw aside during each run. They act as if I was born into running. My proposal is that anyone can run. Anyone can work up to 7 miles. Anyone can get up at 7am for a workout. But most people choose not to. Most people don’t like being uncomfortable, being exposed, being raw. I guess that’s what makes runners crazy.

The biggest fight I have with my life partner is over my shins. You see, even though I believe in my heart and soul that running and I were meant to be together, sometimes it feels as if the universe is against us. For years now, my shins have constantly been in defiance against running. They claim I have an unhealthy relationship, and let me tell you, their complaints are heard. Some nights I would practically crawl up the stairs, others I would be forced to wear gym shoes with dresses in fear of the pain. I’ve run my shins down to the wire, air cast after air cast, ice bath after ice bath, until finally I was forced to take almost a year off in the prime years of my collegiate running career. Family, friends, doctors insisted I should leave running, give it up, find a different partner, whisk it away as if we had not been in love all these years, as if it was simply a phase in my life that was ending. I got angry at these people, insulted even. I didn’t get how they thought I could so easily throw something away that had made me who I was. I did not understand at the time that they only wanted me to be healthy and not damage my legs permanently. All I could see was the pain of losing the thing I loved more than anything I had ever loved. I had never imagined that I could lose running, especially forever. I was told that I should become a swimmer. I was told that running and my body would keep causing shin problems. All my dreams of running marathons, being a 60 year old runner, running with my kids one day; those dreams started to feel distant and mangled. I started to lose myself at that point, and I went down a path of laziness, defiance, wanting to be alone, feeling so weak.

It wasn’t until a few months of no running went by that I realized I was a person without my sport. I was not simply defined by my running shoes, like I had always thought. I had more to offer the world. And that was when I realized, running truly is my passion. It’s not some sport I picked up in high school. It is the reason I am who I am today. I’m not very good at it. At best in high school, I was 6th on varsity. I’ve never been top 10 in a race. Heck, I’ve never been top 20. Probably not even top 50, depending on the race size. None of that mattered to me though because running was what I was meant to do. But without it, I am still whole.

Finally, when I started running again, it was frustrating. I am doomed to a cross country season of running every other day and no track season. I will not have good times this season, and I certainly won’t make top 7 like I had hoped. I believe in the underdog, but this is more like a “barely hanging on” situation than a “you might surprise everyone” kind of thing. My teammates will not understand why I run every other day and they might not even ask. I will struggle in workouts, I will be behind the team all season. When I race at my college, my friends will come to watch and I will probably be towards the back of the race. People have asked me over and over why I am continuing this sport on a team, or why I continue it at all. You see, running has never been about winning to me. Of course I am not satisfied when I am in the back, but if I gave everything I had that day, I am proud of myself. This season, I will not take a single step for granted. I will push myself every single damn workout because just 10 months ago, I was told in the doctor’s office that I might not be able to ever run again. I will never complain because it would be stupid to complain about something that is the reason I am here today. And if my shins start to hurt again, I will stop because I want to take care of my body and make sure I can run forever, even if that means running only once a week the rest of my life.

Running is my life partner. Running is the heartbeat to the melody of my soul. It is where some of my best friends and best mentors came from. I hear people complain during workouts, and I want to smack some sense into them. I hear about people who claim to be passionate about running skipping runs simply because they didn’t feel like running that day, and I get angry. I’m not saying you have to dedicate your life to running. I’m not saying off days are not necessary. I’m certainly not saying you should push your body to its breaking point. All I am saying is that if you claim to be passionate about something, be passionate about it. I learned that lesson the hard way. There aren’t many things in life that make your heart beat faster, your soul jump to the sky, your eyes twinkle, and round you into a better person. Don’t take running for granted. Don’t complain. Because complaining won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it will only slow you down. Running is my soulmate. I hope you’ve realized if it’s yours too.

capricorn-truth traits

We all know that there are many different types of Capricorn. This is my type:

1. The way I love is tough love, I will be more honest with you than you are with yourself.
2. I hate it when people see me cry and 9/10 it’s due to sheer frustration and anger that has been boiling over time.
3. I want to be the best, i aim to be the best and when I’m not I mentally beat myself up and push until I am where I want to be.
4. I demand respect but I rarely ever give respect until I deem someone worthy.
5. People who constantly question me drive me up the wall, I know what I’m doing, they should just trust my lead.
6. I hate losing control or being put in a situation beyond my control, it makes me nervous, I don’t like it, don’t bloody do it.
7. I am seen as confident but the littlest thing can cause me anxiety.
8. When I am in a slump, I shut down, no work, no play, I just want to sleep and be left alone with my dark thoughts.
9. I love very strongly but I do not trust freely.
10. I’m always right, if I open my mouth and enter into a debate it’s because I’ve analysed every single argument and have deemed this one the winner. You have no chance.
11. I am arrogant, feisty, angry and a smartass.
12. I am also kind, loving, considerate and loyal.
13. You give me a job and I will do my best. If it’s not up to standard, I will give every waking moment to make it so.
14. I will always support the underdog.
15. I believe in swift justice. Black and white.
16. I believe people should not throw their weight around, never make someone feel inferior but I feel that my arrogance will one day take over and I’ll become that person.
17. It scares me how much tunnel vision I have when it comes to something I desire.
18. I am always afraid of looking like the fool.
19. Going MIA from people is my drug.
20. I am prone to addiction, luckily enough my addiction is cake.

So what type of Capricorn are you?

Since meeting you, the void in my chest has been filled with daisies. The smell of pine, lilacs, something earthy. Since meeting you, I smile so much more. Even for no reason, even to strangers. Even to the people that have hurt me most. Since meeting you, I have broken my heart every day. I have learned new ways to say goodbye for every time I have had to leave you. For every time I am never sure if I’ll see you again. Since meeting you, I have begun believing in miracles, in the underdog, in the 1% chance. I have started practicing ballet in my kitchen, singing in the shower, keeping my chin pointed towards the sun, and my hands are always so full of all the little, beautiful things I couldn’t see before. Since meeting you, I have been in love.
Abby was right about one thing

Mind you, she has played a part in this, but she still had a point when she always said: people will want Maddie to fail.

It’s natural to look at the person who’s on the top (and yes, in the context of the show, Maddie was on top) and want to take away from their accomplishments. As Maddie becomes more and more popular independent of the show, people who dislike her become more enthusiastic with how much they want to see her fail.

And some of them can get really nasty.

I often wonder, if it had worked out the other way, if show writers had decided they wanted to put Chloe in the favourite position (since she had just as many accolades to her name at the time the show began) if people would have been so eager to see Chloe fail (and yes, I also believe that if anyone the “true underdog” has always been Nia because she just ISN’T AS STRONG OF A DANCER, but you can’t have a “rivalry” storyline with two dancers who are leagues apart. It’s more interesting to have two dancers who are neck and neck. That’s why it was always Maddie vs. Chloe).

Like, congratulations, how does it feel to be so manipulated by a TV show?

The first time I watched Dance Moms it was about halfway through the first season. My dance teacher told me it was completely awful, so naturally I had to watch it. I started with episode one, and my immediate thoughts on Maddie were: “Oh, we’re supposed to hate this child.”

For those who think that the show “tries to push Maddie as perfect,” I’ve never found that to be true. In fact, for at least the first couple seasons, I feel like Maddie was marketed as the enemy and we were supposed to rejoice in her failures.

No one likes a winner. Everyone loves an underdog. Chloe was our girl to root for — both were big(ish) winners, but with Chloe occasionally bringing in lower scores, not to mention the relationship between Christi and Abby, it was easier to make Chloe into the underdog (I believe that Abby treated Chloe just fine in the first season, but after that the complete warfare they unleashed on her with the interest of KEEPING her the underdog was inexcusable).

The “underdog we’re all supposed to root for” plot wouldn’t have worked with Nia or Paige. Both were sweet girls, but neither stood a fair chance of pulling off big, satisfying victories at the seasonal arcs. However, when Chloe got first at nationals, the part in the video, the Joffrey scholarship, etc., it felt good and satisfying because she was “fighting against so much,” but it was also easier to guarantee that she’s actually get the win.

Maddie, on the other hand, had no favours done for her. We didn’t get to see a lot of her sweet side like we did with Chloe, but we got to see a lot of her bad side — like the tantrum she threw “right after” Chloe got the scholarship (we all know the truth now, but the damage was done at the time), or her crying after getting hurt during the watermelon game. It’s not tough for Maddie to come off as intense, like when she said straight-faced to the camera: “I would kill myself if I didn’t dance.” Most eight-year-olds don’t understand the severity of a statement like that, but in the heat of the moment even I gave a good “yikes.” I’m of the firm belief that the reason they included the clip of Maddie getting sick and walking right back into rehearsal in episode one and not episode two (when it actually happened) was because they wanted to establish right off the bat, “This kid is super serious and a bit steely.”

There’s a reason they included footage of Maddie, like, accidentally bumping into Chloe’s shoulder while holding a trophy despite the two being the best of friends at the time (which we never got to see). There’s a reason we saw only kind comments on Chloe’s Joffrey auditions and only criticism on Maddie’s, even though every kid probably had a big mix of both. As audiences, we were supposed to find pleasure/vindication in Maddie’s defeats. They were her comeuppances.

Has it dropped off a bit? Yeah, I think so. The kids have started to become more aware of the cameras and the audience is getting wiser, so it’s harder to make Maddie look like a bully of some sort. 

I’m not saying I don’t think Chloe was as sweet as she seems, since she still seems like a really great kid who is growing into an even kinder young lady. But I think it’s unfortunate that the show tried to make the kids into characters instead of letting them be themselves. Leave the characterization and the editing and scripting to the moms. Let the damn kids dance and be friends.