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Of course Kaiba believes he can get to Atem. 

All of the crazy stuff he’s seen. Souls torn from living bodies, an ancient city as a game board, realms where monsters are real with swords stuck in them, ghosts living in gold acting like parasites that can take over their host entirely.

Is the impossible only supposed to be achievable when it’s Yugi doing it? Knowing everything he knows now, Atem should just be in a different world. And dimensional travel is a party trick. Why would it be out of his reach?

Of course he thinks he can.


Google’s Project Ara smartphone will begin pilot testing in Puerto Rico in 2015

Remember that Phonebloks thing we were all pumped for in the fall of 2013?  The designer behind it worked with Motorola (later Google) to make that concept a reality: Google’s Project Ara.

Why do I always have the OTP that needs to be defended? And I’m not even talking about toxic ships that hit 100% on the “50 Shades of Grey”-scale?

Nope, just two five-feet “tall” cutie pies with a tendency to daydream about romance, and their handsome boyfriends who fall in love with their selflessness and courage and who are totally in awe of everything their girlfriends do? I wouldn’t have thought that, on tumblr, that this is the kind of ship I need to defend at every point and turn.

Also, I have a type.

Markhyuck after Haechan's red hair

Mark: Hi my little strawberry
Haechan: Oh just be quiet, okay?
Mark: Oh… I’m sorry… I should call you tomato. HI MY LITTLE TOMATOOO!!!! EYY TOMATOOOO

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I think you might have answered a question like this before, but if the gang was in a modern day environment, what type do you think they'd want to go to college for (if they did)? And why?

Huh, I don’t think I actually have officially talked about this! Let’s go!

Hiccup: Computer Science.

Hiccup is an extraordinary inventor canonically. He creates technology that is well beyond his time. For this reason, I truly believe that a modern AU Hiccup would delve deep into the technology of this time, too. There are of course many different types of technologies in our contemporary society, but I feel as though computers are where Hiccup is going to be. 

First off, we know that Hiccup is someone who is talented with the physical sciences. His inventions require a lot of knowledge of physics. While Hiccup does have interest in biological sciences as well (his love of dragons!), I feel as though one of the fields in the physical sciences is where he can apply his love for invention the most. The things Hiccup creates - shields, saddles, weapons - fall more into a physical sciences category.

Computer technology is also where many incredible advancements are being made currently. Hiccup would be able to start playing around with computers at a young age (another reason why he’d be interested in this field specifically). Just as Hiccup started working at Gobber’s shop at a young age and that influenced how he invented things canonically, so Hiccup would at a young age begin to tamper around with computer technology. He would be able to learn how to program things in the middle school and high school. He could craft his own monumental ideas right from home with the resources he has.

It’s incredibly easy for me to see Hiccup as a techie. He could be that nerd who gets hired by his university’s IT department to help debug other student laptops or show teachers how to turn on their darned projector. He could work for some company like Google or HP or Apple or Android or who-knows-what. But since computer technology is changing so rapidly in this day and age with the latest creative inventiveness, it seems like this is exactly the place where Hiccup would go. So Computer Science major it is!

Fishlegs: Zoology –> Veterinarian Medicine.

Other life sciences like Botany, Ecology, or Biology would also work very well for Fishlegs. We know he likes plants and learning all sorts of things about how living things work. But being as we see Fishlegs’ greatest excitement focusing around dragons, I imagine that Zoology could be a good match for him in his undergraduate years. In this sort of degree, Fishlegs could specifically study non-human living creatures and all their wonderful adaptations.

I could see Fishlegs going along a Pre-Vet track. Various degrees could get him to his eventual goal of vet school. I know people who have entered vet school with degrees like Microbiology, for instance. But I feel like Fishlegs would get straight to the point - there are certain species of animals he loves, and he wants to learn about them now. It is to note that entering vet school is extremely competitive… but being as Fishlegs is a bit of a scholar, I imagine he’d still try and go for it. He has enough passion for animals and a lot of academic things going for him that he could successfully enter veterinarian medicine for his graduate studies.

I imagine Fishlegs would be best suited as a small animal vet as versus large animal or exotic. I’ve got several reasons for this… First, Meatlug acts rather dog-like. This could translate to Fishlegs adoring dogs in a modern AU. Second, large animal veterinarians have a different approach to treatment than small animal vets. Large animal has to take care of entire herds of livestock… small animal is about taking care of pets. Though it’s harder to get into small animal, Fishlegs is happiest when he’s around his companion Meatlug, so pets is where he’d be. I could maaaaybe see a variation where he goes into exotics and tries to work in a zoo setting, given as he does have interest in dragons in their natural habitats, but by and large I think small animal fits his personality and interests best.

So Fishlegs has a long academic road ahead of him! Let’s wish him luck. ^.^

One more thing: Fishlegs in his undergraduate years has the potential to double major or get a minor. Fishlegs is also someone who would have a strong appreciation for the arts and humanities. We know he tries to write poems for Meatlug. An English or Creative Writing minor? It’s a possibility. Even something like History wouldn’t be out of scope (though I imagine he probably just takes one or two electives on that topic for that one).

Heather: Chemistry.

This admittedly is mostly going after Heather’s characterization as she appears in School of Dragons. I know that it’s a bit divergent from her choices, experiences, and characteristics in DOB/RTTE, but putting her as a chemist still doesn’t seem that odd to me.

Heather doesn’t strike me as a life sciences, humanities, business, or arts individual. She doesn’t seem to have inclinations towards those sorts of interests. Physical sciences seem more up her alley to me.

I also suspect that “will I get a job” will factor into Heather’s choice of major. Heather’s had a tough canonical life and she wants to fight for something better. Though she gets emotionally wearied, we do see that she’s willing to even do things like steal from others to “donate” to the people who lost their homes. This suggests she could be willing to drive herself hard, and she is someone who doesn’t want her life to be terrible forever. Her solution would be to pick a degree that she thinks is “practical,” has some reputation, but also isn’t what she would consider “intimidating.” (Note: majors are not actually harder based upon society’s strange perceived notions of value and whether or not it’s science. Don’t get me STARTED on the rigor of my Music Composition degree!)

For an alternate, I could see Heather pursuing Journalism. Heather has first-hard experienced some terrible things about society. Maybe, with the right circumstances in a modern AU, she would want a job in journalism to expose the injustices she has seen and lived.

Eret: Accounting.

I don’t know exactly which business degree Eret would attain (Accounting sounds best to me right now), but I do feel as though business makes sense for him. Eret in HTTYD 2 works as a dragon trapper. He’s got a sense of negotiation and doing what needs to be done to get business continuing smoothly between himself and Drago. Eret is about doing the work at hand and translating that into the best possible resources and security for himself.

Business can of course be very cerebral, but one of the things that is attractive about it is practicality. It’s a degree with a set goal of going into business and doing work to directly translate practice into financial success. Eret would like to get straight to the point. Something like History would likely feel irrelevant to him - what would he do with it? But he’d know what he could do in the school of business and how to make that work out nicely for him.

Astrid: Anatomy and Physiology -or- Engineering.

I’m going to give two answers based upon two different lines of reason.

The one that people might be most comfortable with, and feel resonates most with her current character, is that Astrid gets a degree in Anatomy and Physiology or some other related Health degree. With this degree, Astrid can be a physical trainer, physical therapist, or some other related profession by which she helps people become stronger physically. As a trained athlete but someone also with the ability for empathy and compassion, this sort of field could work well with her. She can’t exactly fight people as a warrior in our modern society, but she can help other people fight to become in better shape. That’d work great for her.

So that one might be the most intuitive and comfortable response to give Astrid for a major. I’ll give one alternate suggestion along a different line of reasoning. I feel a little weirder saying “Engineering” for her, but I’ll explain why that’s the other possibility I’m suggesting. If you don’t like it, just chill with Anatomy and Physiology.

Now, Astrid is someone who fits in well within society’s current parameters. She can adjust to become successful based upon what society values. Both intelligent and smart, I feel like Astrid is someone who could succeed at whatever she wants to do. This means that I suspect that Astrid, in a modern world, would select a degree that she feels contributes greatly to the community and is widely respected by society.

I also suspect that family history could play into a role for what Astrid chooses degree-wise. Fearless Finn Hofferson probably was a big deal before the Flightmare. The Hoffersons could have been esteemed warriors for all we know - and in fact, maybe there are some hints that they are? Astrid takes pride in wielding her mother’s axe during Dragon Training, and she already seems to have been trained by the time she enters the ring. How could Astrid have already known how to handle an axe? It would probably be family teaching her and honing her abilities, training her well from a very young age. Astrid is aware her parents’ war is about to become hers, she takes a lot of time and effort training… one reason Astrid is so dedicated in Dragon Training could be because that’s how she was brought up.

Astrid’s family in a modern world would want to instill hardworking values on their daughter at a young age, just as they might have done with her axe training in canon. From the engineering families I know (and I guess I know a lot of them), they tend to take a lot of concern about their kids’ education. They want to train their kids to be successful in school, even if the kid doesn’t end up following the same occupational course they do. But since canon Astrid cares that “our parents’ war is about to become ours,” it could be the case that Astrid’s engineering occupation instills her with the interest to carry on that work, as well.

If you’re anything like me, you probably think this degree assignment feels weird. Maybe even very weird. I admit that even as I am giving reason for why Astrid would get a degree like this, I feel awkward saying so. It’s potentially because it’s so different from the Astrid we know on Berk. She’s a warrior on Berk. How could a warrior end up with a degree like this? For me, even though it feels odd, I’m still giving this answer because context, context, context is important. In a modern AU context, being a warrior isn’t what pays. Sure, Astrid probably really enjoys athletics, but I don’t think she would be comfortable with the idea of trying to become a professional athlete (while some people definitely laud young athletes, lots of other people would poo-poo the idea for this as a career, and Astrid wouldn’t like that). In a modern AU, where Astrid can do her best fighting and succeeding is in very different occupations. I’m not saying she’d like the degree, but her motivation for choosing it I think is solid enough, even if we feel a little odd associating her with “engineer.”

As far as what type of engineering? Take your pick. There are so many types of engineering out there, but I can see her going different routes, so if you want aerospace or civil or mechanical or whatever, sure! I think it’d fulfill Astrid’s desires of college whichever one you pick.

Snotlout: Open Option –> College Dropout.

Frankly, I imagine that the reason Snotlout would enter college at all is because of familial pressure. Snotlout does care what Daddy thinks, and while Spitelout isn’t some raging academic, he’s someone who cares about success and status. In our modern society, success has been oddly coupled with “your kids go to college.” Snotlout would have a better chance of getting a high-paying job, yada yada yada, aka, Snotlout should go to college. So because of the pressure, that’s what Snottykins does. He applies, gets accepted, starts college.

I don’t think that Snotlout would finish his degree. Snotlout might drop out of college before he even chooses what his degree will be. I could see Snotlout entering college as an open option, thinking that he’ll figure out his degree as he goes along and becomes “inspired.” He takes a disparate selection of classes, lots of random topics that fulfill general graduation requirements, everything from History of Hip Hop to Philosophy of Science Fiction. He avoids the hard classes (no Calculus II for this guy). While the hip hop class is sort of fun, nothing grabs him. He parties a bit too much, screws up his sleep schedule, slacks off, procrastinates, watches his grades drop. Eventually, Snotlout can’t care enough about college. He drops out within a few semesters.

Tuffnut: English Literature.

Tuffnut could be an individual who chooses not to college. I could certainly see him as someone who doesn’t enter the university. But, if he does, I think it would be in English Literature. Theatre is another option. Maybe a minor in Philosophy if he actually extended the effort, though I doubt he would.

Tuffnut is an individual with a notable amount of vocabulary. He’s actually very good with words - the more you study him throughout the franchise, the more you realize this is an area in which he is very strong, intelligent, and talented. A language-centric field is where he would find his (relative) interest and strengths. 

English Literature sounds like the best bet for Tuff. I don’t think Tuffnut would be as interested in doing something like Creative Writing where he has to do a lot of original writing himself, but reading up on others’ works and making opinionated comments about it could be his thing. I don’t find it that hard for Tuffnut to enjoy and start gallantly shouting Shakespeare. I think that English Literature makes sense over other types of literature… he’d stick with a field that’s in his own language and relatively close to home.

Whether or not Tuffnut finishes his degree is up in the air. I think he could finish it. He’ll never take his major extremely seriously, he’ll probably take minimal required classes, he’ll procrastinate and slack off, but he’ll get decent enough grades to pass. Tuff’s GPA won’t be spectacular, but it’d be enough to get him through the graduation ceremony. If Tuffnut decides that college is worth his time and actually enrolls, then I do think it’s possible for him to graduate.

Ruffnut: Finance.

Ruffnut would also be someone to go into a business school. I could imagine her wanting to get an Associates degree and then get out of college, but between the two twins, I imagine her more easily in a post-secondary setting. Ruffnut can be very glib and free, but she also is a little more practical minded than her brother. I could see her picking a degree that she thinks will get her a solid chance of a job, picking a degree that maybe she would think is “not objectionable” (as versus something like, say, Theoretical Mathematics… I don’t think she’d enjoy that one).

Let’s be frank. Putting her in the business school also gives us the chance in the modern AU for her to meet Eret and go gaga eyes over him. Can’t miss that storytelling chance, can we?

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Vision of Tomorrow

It seems that nearly every piece of wearable technology showcased in the video ended up with its features condensed onto a smartphone. In particular, the ability to send emails on the go and dictate emails transferred over. However I thought that the digital touchpad that allowed one to handwrite messages was interesting, but it doesn’t seem like that has become as commonplace as typing. Of course there are plenty of tablets that come with pens but it’s more of an extra feature than the main function. And of course, taking photos and videos without having to lug around a large video camera ended up being a key feature of every flagship smartphone on the market.

Looking at the amazing leaps and bounds we’ve made with technology in the past two decades, I’m excited to see where the future takes us. I believe that the next up and coming thing will be wearable technology that does not require a screen. For example:

While smartphones are truly amazing devices, I think that developers will move forward by making them more durable and occupy less space

It is already becoming commonplace for most phones to be water proof or at least splash resistant; so how about phones as small as watches with just as much power? 

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Do you think the music in the Rachel Scott Footage video (the one that shows her talking to people at a party & touring Columbine) was added in it by Rachel or was the music added in the background by someone else later in time? It's kinda hard to believe people could do that in the 90's.

I think she edited it herself. The editing was pretty much an amateur job. Basically it was just cropping and fading for transition.  

Plus technology wasn’t that bad in 99! I get where your coming from, but Columbine had a pretty good selection of technology available to the students. And I believe the project was for her film production class, which makes sense. It may have been an in class project, I’m not too sure.

Plus the music added was christian music released in 95. It definitely sounds like something Rachel would listen to. An anon just found the artist for me, the songs were I’ll Find You There and Call His Name by the Kry, both religious songs. Definitely music she’d choose to add to her video if she had to pick.

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I just realized I made a huge mistake... I'm writing a novel set in that late 1800's... I've been using gun technology from today (now I can't believe how ridiculous I was being, but it made sense as I wrote it.) So there's a war going on, but I never actually go into detail on the war scenes. What kind of stuff would troops have on them as they go in? Should they be carrying a sword as well then?

Without knowing exactly when in the 19th century, it’s really hard to say what the appropriate equipment would be. Consider you’re talking about the century that saw the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, the rise of the telegraph, and railroads. Standard infantry kit went from a musket to a bolt action rifle, even the actual powder used changed from traditional gunpowder to much more powerful mixtures that reduced fouling and allowed for substantially more complex firearm designs.

When it comes to overall military technological development, the 19th century saw one of the largest jumps in human history. In 1801 a cavalry saber was still a practical combat tool, but by 1900 it had been superseded by accurate, multi-shot rifles, semi-automatic handguns, even the modern pump-action shotgun, and heavy automatic weapons such as the Maxim Machine Gun.

In case the name is unfamiliar, the Maxim was one of the first, recoil operated, heavy machine guns. It was belt fed, water cooled, and entered service in 1886. You couldn’t carry these things around (they weighed something around 60lbs), but you could set them up in an emplacement and hose down anything that looked at you funny.

It’s worth pointing out that Europe wouldn’t realize how far the 19th century had really taken warfare until 1914, but most of the technical groundwork was already in place, and being used, before the century ended.

If you’re looking at 1801 to 1815, the first two examples that come to mind are Patrick O’Brian’s Audry/Maturin series and Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe novels. O’Brian focused on naval combat, while Cornwell focuses on infantry combat (technically the first chronological novel is set in 1799.) Both have also been adapted, Master & Commander on the Far Side of the World, and multiple Sharpe novels. You’ll probably want to supplement these with some actual history texts, but they should give you some background and help for lit review.


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I still can’t believe that “smuggle top secret technology onto a cruise ship and then steal back the cruise ship”

1. was an actual plan that ros and ada came up with
2. was the best plan they could come up with
3. actually worked