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I already respect Hui a lot but watching “Hyenas on the Keyboard”, I couldn’t believe how he was managing to make great music with the technology he has. In that tiny room where he shares with other Cube trainees, he wrote “Never”, “Energetic”, “Like This”, “You Are”, “Thank You”, etc. I can tell the other producers on the show, like Yoon Jong Shin and Gray, were starting to get frustrated that Hui’s computer and keyboard were broken and old. He could’ve invested a lot more time in making a song rather than spending time waiting for the computer to load or the keyboard to stop cutting out. I think half the time he was trying to fix the tech rather than producing anything. Cube could invest so much more in someone who is so damn talented and if their trainees had access to better stuff, maybe they’ll have more Huis and Kinos on their hands. Despite it all, Hui was so positive and optimistic and so darn cute. I was happy to see him trending on Naver. He deserves much more love and attention. This boy is the leader and main vocal of Pentagon, a member of Triple H, and still somehow manages to write bops. He managed to debut and all those other things within a year. Bless him. Stan talent, stan Hui, stan Pentagon.

don’t look back in anger (otayuri, 2.5k, teen) :: 

 [life lesson: if some dumb-dumb actually tags you in a callout post on tumblr and says shitty, baseless things about you, don’t engage them.  write petty fic about otabek and yuri as grandpas who live on mars instead!!  you’re welcome.]

At age 54, Victor Nikiforov-Katsuki became one of the first successful test subjects for a series of anti-aging surgeries.  At 37, he had a knee surgery and received hair plugs, but the first in a series of operations at 54 gave him joints and muscle and organs of someone forever young.

Yuri had grimaced at the holoscreen when the news broke, having seen too much of Victor’s face to last several lifetimes.  “I bet he has a robodick too.”

“Yura,” Otabek had said, both fond and resigned from across the dining room table where he was dissecting a grapefruit half.  

At age 87, Victor Nikiforov-Katsuki went out in a blaze of glory deep-dicking his husband (“robodick,” confirmed BuzzfeedMars) on a solo flight to their summer home on Venus, when his elbow slipped and he managed to undo the ship’s airlock.  Neither he nor Yuuri had looked a day over 40.

Yuri’s let his body age. He’s still in good shape for 82; he does water aerobics with a group of old ladies every Tuesday and Thursday, and the atmosphere on Mars has naturally benefited his bones for the past three decades.  But he and Otabek have always been purists otherwise, letting nature take its course with their bodies and never giving into the temptation or philosophy of synthetic body maintenance.  There’s a small, petty part of him from his youth that remains, the purest part of himself that celebrates his body as the ultimate defeat of Victor Nikiforov.  He revels in his own skin, and in Otabek’s, and the thought that when death comes to them in old age they won’t have cheated it, but earned it somehow.  Victor and Yuuri’s parts were supposed to last them until 2089, and by then, who knows.  The idea of them fucking their ancient asses all over the goddamn galaxy still stirs something ugly in Yuri.  

Until Otabek gets sick.  Like, really, really sick.  And he keeps getting sick.  Bladder infections and kidney infections and pissing blood and choked up catheters and too many nights in the hospital instead of their estate, and suddenly there’s a question that goes unspoken between them.

“You’re killing yourself,” Yuri says finally after their third trip to the ER that month.  Otabek had a temperature of 40 degrees and collapsed in their greenhouse.  

“Or I’m just dying,” Otabek says.  “I’m old.”

“Bullshit,” Yuri says.  Otabek still skates sometimes on weekdays when the rink is empty, because he was blessed with superhuman cartilage in his knees and the back of a titan.  He just does simple laps to relieve stress while Yuri watches from the stands, long since given up the ice out of self preservation.  But Otabek has never had to, because Otabek has always been healthy and strong.  There’s nothing else to be said or done, because, “bullshit, you’re not allowed to die.”

 “I don’t think that’s how dying works,” Otabek replies.  He’s smiling and there’s acceptance in the smile that feels damning.   

“Fuck you,” Yuri says.  “The doctors have given you dozens of options.  There’s– technology, there’s–there’s–”

 “I thought you didn’t believe in that,” Otabek says.

 “Don’t let my pride kill you, Christ, Beka,” Yuri says, feeling impossibly young even with his knobbed knuckles and crooked fingers wrapped around Otabek’s own, mindful of the saline drip and hiding the biggest of his liver spots.  “If you don’t live through this, I’ll kill you.”

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Of course Kaiba believes he can get to Atem. 

All of the crazy stuff he’s seen. Souls torn from living bodies, an ancient city as a game board, realms where monsters are real with swords stuck in them, ghosts living in gold acting like parasites that can take over their host entirely.

Is the impossible only supposed to be achievable when it’s Yugi doing it? Knowing everything he knows now, Atem should just be in a different world. And dimensional travel is a party trick. Why would it be out of his reach?

Of course he thinks he can.

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(PT.1) I see the sides each as a different style of dance. Patton is tap. While most people see tap and a cute, fun, easy dance style, this is only the surface. Everything in tap is so fast and intricate that if you don’t distribute the sounds evenly, you can ruin everything and it all gets lost. While Patton just seems like a big goofball all the time, he is actual capable of feeling hurt and often bottle up negative emotions.

(Pt2) Logic is hip hop, more specifically body isolation. (Keep in mind this is the style I know the least about so sorry if I get anything wrong) House Music is is often used for hip hop, and I feel this works great for Logan. The moves are very robotic and stiff, but with a certain flow into it. It’s incredibly intricate and takes a lot of focus, as well as it being used for “battles” music like Logan’s debate method.

(PT 3) Roman is pointe ballet. Ballet is graceful, strong, romantic, just like how Roman is meant to be depicted. However, it is incredibly difficult to master and it can take years to get pointe shoes for the first time. It is a dream, a goal, something to strive to that seems like a dream come true. Roma is the dreamer, like how ballet is often romanticized. Not to mention all the ballets about prince and princesses.

(Pt. 4) Finally, Virgil is contemporary. First off, the often associated with this particular style is powerful ballads with some sort of technological element which I believe perfectly fits Virgil ( take Bishop Briggs “River” for example). The style is very cutting edge, so tangly changing, and it’s meant to look very pretty like a lyrical dance would. Like Virgil, it’s not meant to sugar coat anything. Some people performing her soft and graceful, while others as very fierce and strong.

Random-snippets: Nothing to add to this other than I LOVE it, and it’s gorgeous!!!!!!!


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Hi There! So I am new to this and this is the first Imagine which I have posted. Lets just cut to the chase though!

NO PROMPT - However I am open to suggestions if people want to submit!

PAIRING - Reader X Kirk



The room around you was bustling as delegates from the Antican republic worked to cater to your every need. The dog like species had applied for membership within the Federation, they were so desperate to join that they even went to the trouble of arranging a special banquet to try and sway the Admiral’s decision.

Little did the species know, that the banquet was Starfleet’s perfect opportunity to survey their planet and decide whether the union was beneficial for both parties. Being the nearest ship, the Enterprise had been drafted for this political mission. The plan was simple enough, you had been selected along with a couple of science ensigns to conduct the monitoring of their planet inconspicuously while Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Chekov took the lead in political relations.

The banquet was being held on a particularly beautiful beach; the sand which clung to your boots a blood red colour as it mixed with the black sea; the only light highlighting its presence being the warm orange glow from a nearby planet called Selay and the white dying light of the stars above you. Colourful paper lanterns painted by the children of the republic glowed as it bathed the vast array of foods before you in a dim light.

Everything was perfect… for an away mission.

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davecity re: Dragon Age not actually being set in the middle ages–absolutely true, and honestly the only way you can make the worldbuilding make any sense is if you assume that they used to be more technologically advanced and have declined. (Ferelden, one of the poorer/less politically powerful nations, is the most ‘medievaloid,’ presumably since they can’t afford to import dwarven tech as much. But what we see of Orlais is much more Sun King-era France–not medieval at all, and indeed, not even so much Renaissance as Early Modern.)

I’m not even talking about “fall of Rome” type of decline. I mean that I think that before the darkspawn incursion destroyed the majority of their cities (really, all but one! that’s a devastating blow), the dwarves had gone through an industrial revolution, and dwarven technology is still at a post-industrial level, although the loss of all the thaigs except Orzammar has stunted their ability to take advantage of it. I mean, we see incredibly complex mechanical devices in Orzammar, although it’s unclear what they’re powered by (could be steam, could be lyrium).

But I have to assume that the reason that, e.g., printed material is common in above-ground Thedas is that Orzammar trades things like printing presses and weaving machines for, you know, food. (Since it’s canon that they can’t make enough food to feed their people anymore, due to the loss of territory to Blight and darkspawn.) The wealthier nations–Orlais, of course, but I have to assume Tevinter as well–can buy technology off of them, and while I assume that the dwarves keep a pretty tight rein on schematics and so forth (because they need to maintain a monopoly to keep feeding themselves), it’s almost certainly not unheard-of for people on the surface to reverse engineer their technology. Plus, dwarves exiled to the surface would have no particular reason to respect the Orzammaran ban on revealing the working of their mechanisms to outsiders.

And then there’s the whole question of magic, of course. In the Circle-owned shops you can just buy magical runes (and lower-level runes aren’t even that expensive!), and while in-game they’re used exclusively for fighting, I have to assume that there’s also a trade in runes for things like powering your oven or forge, or keeping food chilled. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to imagine someone investing in a fire rune to heat water for a bathhouse, and then making up the cost by charging a small fee to use it.

And of course, before the disaster of the magisters and the First Blight, magic would probably have been used even more freely.

And this is leaving aside the question of the qunari lands–I mean, the qunari have gunpowder and, implied, other ‘modern’ technologies as well, possibly because their lands to the north never suffered from Blights and never had that dramatic setback and regular cultural upheaval. (It’s canonical that the qunari have figured out gunpowder and other explosives while the dwarves haven’t, although I find that a bit hard to believe given the dwarven technologies we have seen.) We don’t know much about Par Vollen, but I think it’s entirely reasonable to imagine it as more like 19th century London than like what we see of Ferelden.

tl;dr: I think it’s more useful to think of the setting of Dragon Age as, functionally, post-apocalyptic rather than medieval. And as in any post-apocalyptic setting, wealthier areas (like Orlais and Tevinter) would likely maintain more conveniences of the ‘old age’ than poorer areas (like Ferelden and the Avvar lands).


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This post is dedicated to the Nguyen dynasty of Vietnam. I believe they are colorized in recent years which help of technological advancement. I found these photos on the internet, so again, I don’t possess any rights over these images. If anyone requests me to take them down due to copyright reasons, I will do it immediately.

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