i believe in a thing called lulz

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1)fun fact: last year i was an anti who loved laughing at larries, calling you pathetic and believing harry hated louis. i truly never liked larry and i actually hated louis when i first got into 1d. funny thing is, i stalked your blogs so much and so often for lulz that i actually ended up convinced lmao. because i had my doubts once the baby was born and i thought, jesus larries the only ones looking into this let me see if they have anything objective and not larry

2)related. woah boy! how i played myself lmao. like, these theories have basis. they have screenshots. they have timestamps. you guys don’t have next level manipulation skills because you’re “big larries” and are brainwashing your followers. i literally came from the opposite end of the larry loving scale and became convinced of the truth all on my goddamn own. this thing of “larries are so desperate to keep their fantasy alive they make up this shit” is bullshit and i’m proof of it lmao. people

3)who go against larries as aggressively as they do are playing themselves because they’re the ones turning a blind eye to fact at this point. they’d delete before ever admitting they’ve been wrong. i’ve SENT them proof like, the shit that convinced me. and they never refute it they just put funny gifs or say something funny because they’ve got nothing. truly nothing. and it’s hilarious. like, you guys are honestly not crazy or into cult mentality, you guys have genuine facts here and they

4)convinced me. you convinced me and my larry hating ass lmao. so idk just know that if it’s of any comfort. this whole thing is freaking out a lot of ppl and it really isn’t to me because i don’t have an attachment to either larry or louis, but i see eeeverything you guys say completely objectively and i believe it. i’m not desperate to believe anything. i’m having a damn good time reading the arguments and evidence you guys come up with every day. even

5)about louis and harry like, i went from believing they hated each other to actually believing that, my god, that ring on harry’s middle finger is an engagement ring. it fucks you up but once you abandon the stigma behind larry and just look at things like you would analyze any other conspiracy, then this is all undeniably true. and real. and happening. which is literally insane but it’s also exciting because like. you were right lol. and louis and harry are deadass gonna come

6)out of this together and it’s gonna be really cool. so idk if what i’m saying is of any comfort but yeah again, hivemind or cult mentality or any other manipulative emotional shit is not at work here with you guys. you don’t have to be obsessed with larry since 2011 and attached to a “fantasy” to look at this mess and believe in it. (end)

Wow, thank you for writing this to me. This was really fascinating to read and it’s nice to hear an “outsider” perspective, so to speak. I generally don’t allow the comments of antis to get to me, but it definitely gets frustrating to be called delusional all the time when the vast majority of Larries that I follow on here spend most of their time thinking critically about situations and trying to figure out what’s really going on. And we’re fallible and definitely have our biases, as everyone does, but it’s nice to hear that someone who is less invested agrees that we’re not just trying to write a fucking fanfic here…we actually believe this stuff and it’s because we have some really good reasons to. Thanks again for taking the time to write this!