i believe i might be of service

Send my muse some flowers and they'll react to their meaning

Begonia — “We are being watched.”
Blue Flax — “You are very kind.”
Blue Hyacinth — “I will give my life to your service.”
Bronze Chrysanthemum — “Though I value your friendship, I cannot love you.”
Daffodil — "I do not return your affections.”
Deadly Nightshade — "I believe you to be false.”
Foxglove — "You are not really in love.”
French Marigold — "You are unreasonably jealous.”
Hawthorn — "Despite your answer, I shall strive to win your love.”
Iris — "Your friendship means so much to me”
Lavender — “I like you very much, but this, I am sure, is not love.”
Mistleoe — “Kiss me”
Myrtle — “Be my sweetheart.”
Ox-eye Daisy — “I might learn to love you.”
Pink Carnation — “I’ll never forget you.”
Purple Hyacinth — “I am sorry, please forgive me.”
Red Rose — “I love you”
Scarlet Geranium — "I do not trust you.”
Spider Flower — “Elope with me.”
Sweet Pea — "Thank you for a lovely time.”
Tea Rose — "I’ll remember, always.”
Viscaria — “Will you dance with me?”
White Camellia — "You’re adorable.”
White Rose — "I love you not.”
Yellow Rose — "I love another.”

and another thing

In addition to my last post, another piece of advice for just any artist trying to get commissions:

Do not say “my art isn’t very good” or anything similar within the body of your sales post. Don’t do it. 

You are trying to sell a service. People are not going to pay for the service if the person selling it doesn’t even believe in it. Imagine going down to the car dealership and having the salesman say to your face, “yeah, no, all of these are real lemons, they’ll fall apart on you as soon as you hit 60, but you should still consider buying them, I really want to buy a new TV.” The guy might get a few pity sales but most people are going to be like ‘hey, these cars are unsafe, I’m getting the hell out of here and going to the other dealership down the road.’

Same thing happens with art. Do not downtalk your product when you are trying to get someone to buy it. 

Now, you may feel like you’re not the best artist, but at least stand by your product. Show your examples, name your price, and continue to practice. You don’t HAVE to be the best to sell; but if you tell me your art sucks, I’m going to wonder why you would even want anyone to buy it, and I’m going to skip over you for a different shop that is at the very least enthusiastic about what they sell. 

Fuck this guy

So I work at a large grocery store chain in the Midwest (starts with an M), and I was ringing up a man who had six large cases of beer. These were not light cases, and being a smaller girl I don’t have a ton of upper body strength. Because of that, the case sat on the scanner pad a bit longer (cause I was having trouble lifting 6 in a row) and accidentally scanned twice. Neither of us noticed till I had rung him out. At my store, one something is cashed out and the receipt is printed, there’s nothing more I can do, and any corrections/refunds need to be done at customer service. He pointed out the extra scan to me and I said “oh I’m sorry about that sir I didn’t even notice, if you take your receipt to customer service they can refund it for you” very nice and polite I might add. This bitch rolls his eyes and scoffs at me like he can’t POSSIBLY believe he has to endure another second in this store. Like fuck off with the attitude dude sorry I’m a human being who might make a small mistake after being tired as hell at the end of a 7 and a half hour shift on my feet all day on a BUSY Saturday.

Unpopular opinion

I don’t think sam and dean making that deal with Billy was so out of character.

Firstly because I think solitary confinement is pretty horrible torture for two guys who needs each other as much as Sam and Dean does.

Secondly they don’t believe anyone is coming to rescue them. Considering how “awesome” the rescue team was I don’t blame them. They just provided uber services

When they went to hell for each other they knewthe other was fine and free. This time the over brother is also trapped the sam way.

Finally I bet they were both thinking “ I would sacrifice to save my brother ” the entire time.which is thrir default mode in crisis. Sam might have thought since Mary is here Dean will have her to keep him groubded as family he wiuld be able to manage without Sam. Same thing for dean too.

They are not the only winchesters here now. There is also their mother who according to amara is the one thing Dean needs most. So Sam might have agreed to the deal.

Dean knows his brother spend ages in the cage and he knows how much it affects Sam. He also thinks thst sam will manage to salvage a better life without him.Ithey are both idiots that way..

Reasons why Nyongtory Might be real..!!

Is Nyongtory real? Yes,No,Maybe? who knows.. Indeed most of us wonder if they are real or just playing with our hearts,souls and minds.. but anyway  I personally Believe that there is something going on between G Dragon and Seungri.Here are some of the reasons why i believe that they might be real  Or at least they have feelings for each other and it is not just Fan service.Because these 2 have seriously gone past Fan Service..

First and foremost,,Have you seen the way G dragon Stares at Seungri?? and the way he smiles at him.? Like OMG. I’m sure most of you including me of course wish we had someone to stare at us the way Ji stares at Ri..

In this world there is one thing that can never be faked..And that is the way you stare at someone you love. Ji literally stares at Ri the way i stare at my food..You can indeed see the love in GD’s eyes just by the way he stares at Ri, and it is not just any look,It is the look of “ I really Like/adore you!”.And even Seungri has been seen giving G Dragon that stare,  its like the “ i cant believe you are mine ,You are so perfect and i am lucky i met you kind of look..”

How they Play Fight and tease each other.Whats there more to say??

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How G-Dragon always wants to kiss Ri..

OK this might be part of Fan Service,,But really..Ji really wants to kiss Ri and we know it..He has been trying to kiss him since way back and our wish is that Panda stops acting silly and let The Dragon kiss him because most people want to be kissed by the Dragon and This Panda literally takes it for granted..Aigoo!!

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How they take care of each other

The Secret outings/Trips just for them two and the couple things!

Why is it That GD mostly take trips/go out with Ri..I mean why not other members? And these couple rings once again..Other people say they don’t mean anything since they wear them on TV and stuff ( just part of the costume) ..But!! here is the thing, GD has been wearing this ring for a really long time and Not only when he is on stage/Tv or performing and He literally does not take them off..(Check his Instagram/ Fan  pics)..He still wears the Ring even now that BigBang is not on tour or performing..(Although Ri does not)..And what baffles me is that Why is it that GD and RI are the only ones spotted with these rings? if they were just BigBang accessories then at least we would see other members wearing them..Why is it Just Nyongtory who wear these rings??????? COINCIDENCE??  I don”t think so!!!

The perverted look that GD gives to Seungri!!

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Like really Now..G Dragon looks at Ri like he wants to bite that piece of Cake..Its like “I want you and i want you now!!” Is this normal? Do you give perverted looks to your friends or people u don’t care about?? What is with this Sexual Tension i sense between these 2? 

Seungri posting Nyongtory Pics when They are in different Countries.

OK OK..Seungri is the biggest Nyongtory Shipper and we appreciate that..But really now..Seungri was in America Recently and yes BigBang is on Vacation.They are not promoting anything at the moment and Ri posted this on his Weibo account..

Why is Seungri posting Nyongtory when BigBang has no activities and To all those who claim that This is all part of Fan service..Seriously who is Seungri Servicing when he posts pictures of him and GDragon when they are not together??If anything this seams like G-Dragon service to me..And he has posted a lot more nyongtory pictures online (Check his instagram account) ( isn’t this what couples do? Constantly uploading pics of each other?) 

How they touch each other/ Skinship

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There is a sense of ownership in the way G-Dragon touches Seungri..It Just Screams “I own you” he locks him in like “you are mine” and i love touching you..I get it..Skinship is not a big deal in korea but really now..People are just so blinded these days, i believe that most people especially idols who have desires for same sex relationships literally Disguise their desires for same Sexual relationships through this Skinship and Fanservice since people will not suspect it as “it is deemed normal in Korea.” And what the hell were they doing in the last gif where GD bent over/grinding on Ri..How is that normal?? and Ri seems to like it!!

And what about the Jealousy, The Love bites/Hickeys on their necks for the past few years??And more couple rings,clothes,Accessories,Constantly talking about each other,Constantly taking photos/Videos of each other e.t.c.The Glances,The touching??..Anyway What i am saying is that indeed there is no way to know if they are real or not unless they confirmed it themselves/got caught by the media or something..And Maybe it is normal for 2 Guys to act like this in Korea but where i am from and live(Australia) you wouldn’t find 2 Straight guys acting the way these 2 act around each other.. (would this be normal in your countries? or is it just me?). I get it that there is cultural differences but still i don’t think that straight men in Korea act like this..Correct me if i’m wrong..!

MY OPINION (Not Nyongtory Related)

Most people should know that there are gay idols in Korea..That is a given!!, These idols suffer in silence and they are in denial because of their fans and their culture, and for all those who support Same sex marriages the least they can do is support these idols.) 

CR To Gif owners..!!

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Well okay. I think we should also look at it from the characters' perspectives on Lxa. Indra and Lincoln saw that blood-thirsty side of her. So did Luna. They didn't agree with her leadership. They have their opinions on her that might be different from Roan, or Niylah. The two of them might have seen Lxa as a good leader, in their own opinions. I see it less as the show preaching to us about Lxa and more a difference in perspective.

That would be okay, except Niylah said that Lxa abandoning the sky people at MW was wrong. And Roan was her prisoner, she screwed him over when she’d promised to release him when he brought Clarke back, and he tried to get Clarke to assassinate her. These two characters were stated to not be fans of Lxa.

And I get the whole making Clarke feel better about her grief and loss, which makes more sense for Niylah than Roan holding her up as some brilliant leader who didn’t hate Azgeda with a passion and didn’t kick the ambassador out the window for challenging her. That’s where I’m having a problem. Turning her into a paragon of peace, when she was killing people left and right. 

The church is not always a sign of contradiction to this modern lack of community.  In the first decade of my life as an adult Christian, I left church as soon as services were over.  Getting involved with the people there was not interesting.  Just Jesus and me was all I wanted and all I needed, or so I thought.  You might say that I wasn’t interested in joining their pilgrimage, that I preferred to be a tourist at church - and was too spiritually immature to understand how harmful this was.  That consumerist approach to the community of believers reproduces the fragmentation that is shattering Christianity in the contemporary world.
—  Rod Dreher, The Benedict Option, pg. 68

I generally leave my morning coffee up to crafts services because they’re absolutely amazing when it comes to making it just right, but it dawned on me last night that Starbucks’ Christmas Blend is back and better than ever. And that means so are all of the Christmasy flavors. Most people kill for pumpkin spice, but I’m here for the peppermint mocha. I believe today’s the true definition of what they call FriYAY! I feel like I could do anything, but that might be the two cups of gigantic coffee already pumping through me - it’s not even noon yet.

It seems like everything I read just leads to the conclusion that this “administration” (if it even deserves to be called that) is waging full on war against all things good. Arts? Cut them. Sesame Street? Cut funding. Meals on wheels? No one needs that. I’m starting to believe that they might try to retroactively take away my childhood for budget purposes. I haven’t heard anything about it yet but this scares me regarding human services as a whole. Social workers provide services to people of many needs. This government believes that being helpful those in need is a bad thing so….is my job in jeopardy?

I had heard in New York that the casting couch was a way of life in Hollywood: it posed no threat to me. For one thing, my mother was a constant chaperon, hovering over me like a Secret Service Agent. For another, I had been brought up to believe that you only went to bed with the man you married. In my day girls married younger.

I heard Bette Davis say once, and I agree, that the casting couch existed only at a certain level. It tempted the fringe people, the women-and men-who lacked talent or confidence. At best they might have picked up a bit part. They were not smart enough to know that it wouldn't last. Once they came across, the bosses didn't want them around.

When Miss Davis was appearing in one of her first movies, a secret door slid open in the wall of her dressing room and in walked a studio big-shot. She was sitting at her vanity table, brushing her hair. She looked up and said hello. And kept on brushing her hair. He stood there, waiting. After a while, he said, “Nice to have seen you, Miss Davis,” and left by the same hidden door. She had not known why he was there, and he was smart enough to make a discreet exit. She didn't recognize it as a pass. Innocence can be very effective defense.

Most common were the stories of studio heads who promoted careers of their sweethearts. That was different. Relationships were involved, and often these unions were not cheap or insincere.

- Gene Tierney (Self-Portrait)


Apparently I “tailored” my last post about #BlackSiren trending in the USA. Thanks to @laurellancetrash

Well now I’ll just show my multiple proofs from different people all over the globe about how #BlackSiren trended. We trended 3rd in the USA, if you still don’t believe look at the “No Service” one. We trended in Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, and god knows where else.

I’d like to make this clear that unlike the Olicity Fandom. We actually trended without using bolts. We actually trended as a united force for a common purpose, to avenge the legacy of the Black Canary. Unlike most of the Olicity Fandom who has 2 accounts making bolts just to get trended.

Might I recall my fellow fans, #BlackSiren started trending before #The Flash in the USA last night. We were there since 8:02 pm. The Flash came at 8:06 pm.

Within minutes, we surpassed to the third as trending. WE ALSO trended #LaurelOnTheFlash and #Laurel :) last night. I just showed you proof since I apparently tailored everything. @queen-benanti @kindofanenigma

Thanks @laurellancetrash for showing me that it looked “tailored”!

I wonder if there are any Dalish who revere Andraste. And I don’t mean remember her as a historical figure, or they honor her memory because of the service she did them – I wonder if there’s a Dalish clan out there who worship her, because they believe that one of the Creators, Mythal or Sylaise, managed to slip free of her prison and take human form. Surely a goddess would be wise enough to see that an enemy as great as the Tevinter Imperium could only be fought with their own weapons? They tell stories of Shartan meeting Andraste for the first time and kneeling before her, because he was the only one who ever perceived her true nature – or so they both believed.

But on the eve of her triumph, Andraste was betrayed by her human husband, who wasn’t actually a human at all, but the Dread Wolf in disguise. It had amused him to let the goddess believe she could free her people, but in that moment he shattered her hopes and dragged her back to her prison in the Beyond, leaving her only a small window so she could see how her people fared, alone again and without guidance…

So considering Yellow Pearl, I think it might actually be a preferential thing depending on the diamond who owns them? Like Sapphire covers her eyes, Blue Diamond covers her eyes, blue Pearl covers her eyes… maybe others in Blue Diamond’s court/service do this because that’s just what Blue Diamond likes and they want to emmulate her specifically. Lapis, though not fully covering her eyes, has a similar style too (mainly, bangs that could be used to cover the eyes), and could well have been (and I fully believe) to be at least in service to Blue Diamond.

Yellow Diamond wears her hair back, and pointy. Yellow pearl, Peridot all also had pointy hair, swept away from the face (And Jaspers, though not styled this way is still swept away from the face.

Likewise personalities seem to match up. Yellow Diamond was abrasive, rude, and confident. Yellow Pearl was VERY vocal, confident, abrasive, and a little rude. Jasper and Peridot? Confident, rude, abrasive.

Blue Diamond was quiet, composed, and refined and (mostly) polite. Sapphire is quiet, composed, refined, and polite. Blue pearl was quiet, composed, refined, and polite.

It looks to me like those in service to specific diamonds, are attempting to emulate them both physically and in terms of personality, the clear exception being the Crystal Gems who are in service to no one. 

Okay, quick and probably ridiculous idea. I’ve been recently proposing the idea that Alt!Calliope, as a dead cherub more true to her base nature than our Calliope and Caliborn, essentially treats the dream bubbles as her domain to curate. She has absolute power here, as well as a sworn duty/desire to protect the bubbles. Come to think of it, in a way, this fittingly posits her as an opposing force to Lord English.

But the real point of what I’m saying here is this: Lord English had post-scratch Damara as his literal Handmaid, right? She was the Handmaiden of Death. In different ways, of course, both English and Alt!Calliope represent Death. That being said, shouldn’t Alt!Calliope have a handmaiden of her own? Wouldn’t it at least be fitting?

I believe that might be Aradia. We already know she’s made it her duty to look after the bubbles and all the ghosts within them, so is it possible that Alt!Calliope is employing her in this service, possibly without Aradia’s knowledge?

If Aradia does know, though, isn’t it possible that she’s been in direct contact with Alt!Calliope? Is that why she’s been so close at hand with Meenah, with Vriska, with the ghost army? Is that why she’s been so silent? Does she know exactly what Alt!Calliope is like, and could she be avoiding leading the heroes to her both for AltCalliope’s own safety, and also because she knows this isn’t the Calliope they need?

I’ve been relistening to WTNV as of late, and was struck by the thought that the early episodes could be in any some sort of jumbled order timeline-wise. They don’t really lead on from one another, and there are not many events tying them together. 

So, this little schedule announcement from Ep 10: Feral Dogs caught my attention:

“Thursday morning, the National Weather Service and National Security Agency have scheduled a giant sandstorm.”

I had just dismissed it as a typical Night Vale-like announcement at first. Though, in Ep 19A: Sandstorm, Steve Carlsberg writes in to say: 

“The sandstorm is clearly a cover-up. I believe this was a government-created project. Our government has long been participating in cloud-seeding experiments, and trying to suppress the people with pharmaceuticals…”

Though, again, that could just be Steve with his conspiracy theories, but I’d like to think that his sky symbols might have reminded him of the previous schedule announcement.

Then, there’s also this bit from Ep 11: Wheat & Wheat By-Products:

“These accidents have included, in just the past few months: locust swarms, pus tornadoes, and the creation and subsequent obliteration of a mirror version of Night Vale, forcing all of us to watch our identical counterparts perish – and thus confront the inevitability of our own futures.” 

But it is in relation to the manufacturing of illegal bloodstones. 

So, unless this scheduled sandstorm and an illegal bloodstone accident went down on the same day, I’ve probably got the wrong end of the stick.

I do like the idea of all the episodes not necessarily being in chronological order though, and still haven’t found definite proof against some of them being muddled.

Ok guys sorry put up with the Orlando spamming this is serious

I’m livid over the islamophobic shit. 

 Are you kidding me??? 

You think verbal and physically assaulting the LGBT space is ok but then a mass shooting happens and suddenly you love all of us and you pray for us because suddenly it’s about Islam and what it means to be an AMERICAN? I don’t remember you fucking cheering when gay marriage was legalized, BY FORCE I might remind you. 

Every state didn’t just decide to allow it. 

 Some of you still deny service to gay people. Maybe you didn’t kill anyone directly, but every day you live with that disgusting hatred, you kill people slowly. 

Every day they hate and fear themselves, they fear other people, they believe they’re born wrong and can’t fix it, and people will target them for it. I’m just so goddamn angry that the very people sending “prayers” to Orlando would dare act as if they didn’t play a part, as if your hateful words and thoughts didn’t influence people’s actions, didn’t contribute to the SAME hatred that would drive an asshole to use an assault rifle on innocent people. 

 And I’m even angrier that he apparently was upset that two guys would kiss in front of him. 

That’s IT? 

 That’s ALL you’ve got? 

That’s literally the kind of thing that makes CHRISTIANS angry.

That’s ALL it takes for them to start throwing out slurs. 

 So yeah I blame all of you homophobes. 

 You act like two men or two women kissing are VILE and then this horrible motherfucker ACTS on the goddamn feeling you’ve been nurturing, and NOW you act like you were on our sides all along? 

 Don’t you fucking dare.

hey y'all I 10/10 recommend dyeing your hair like blue or purple or green or pink or something like that, you might think you can’t pull off dyeing all of your hair an unnatural color and you should just dye the ends or do streaks but I believe in you and you can do it I promise it will look so good and make you so happy