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People get so angry with me when I tell them Bryke sort of messed up the story and Zuko's character, they say that this is something only Zutara shippers say b/c they didn't get the ship they want, I find this silly b/c even if you put shipping aside you can still notice bad writing, and I think shipping is very important and did play a huge role in how this show ended, what are your thoughts?

Yes, I do believe shipping played an enormous role in how the show and Zuko’s character played out. That is my opinion and I see a LOT of evidence for it. I don’t care if Bryke apologists get mad at me saying that. My opinion of how Zuko’s character got ruined is totally separate from shipping and everything to do with bad writing. I thought Zuko betraying his uncle and attacking Katara after she was so kind to him was OOC, and I would still think that even if Zuko ended up with Katara at the end.

And I found his behavior in Book 3 to be just plain bizarre and OOC. I highly doubt Zuko would be interested in making out with Mai while his uncle was rotting in prison. He has way too much empathy for that. Especially after a spiritual awakening. This is why I think Bryke messed up his character. Zuko’s decision at the end of Book 2 had a disastrous effect on his relationships and I found the ultimate conclusion for his story very unsatisfying for what the story seemed to been building up to until that point.

Let’s look at the sad state of Zuko’s relationships after Book 2, and why I am unsatisfied with Bryke’s direction to take the story and characters. Zuko becomes incredibly close with Iroh by the end of Book 2. Then he betrays him. They have a reconciliation later on, but in the comics they do not have the close relationship they did before. Iroh lives in the Earth Kingdom while Zuko is the new Firelord being targeted by assassins. He then turns to Ozai, his abuser for advice because he feels so isolated. The closest bond Zuko had in the show is extremely weak by the end.

Aang and Zuko’s parallel relationship was one of the biggest themes in the show. The show was building them up to being friends since Book 1, when Aang mentioned his friend Kuzon. Their friendship was supposed to play a major role in Book 4. Where does this relationship end up? Aang doesn’t trust Zuko and he promises to kill him if he ever goes bad again. He nearly does at one point. They don’t really seem like particularly close friends.

Zuko and Katara showed the potential for a very deep relationship in Ba Sing Se. They opened up about very personal matters and they were supposed to become very close friends and lovers in Book 4. He betrayed her and where does their relationship end up? She hates him for most of Book 3 and she urges Aang to make the promise. She doesn’t trust him and they never seem like they are particularly close friends. All of this leads back to the end of Book 2.

The only relationship that got a lot of focus after Zuko’s betrayal was with Mai. She never asks him about his feelings and she has no interest in his life. Then in the comics, she dumps him after they still don’t communicate and she helps her dad try to assassinate him. This is the only relationship that Bryke focus a lot on with Zuko after he “went bad”. Coincidence?

They build up this character with a history of horrible abuse, whose main desire is to be loved and this is the sorry state that they leave his relationships in the story. Such rewarding storytelling. This is why I think Bryke ruined Zuko’s story and I stand by my opinion. I don’t care if anyone gets angry with me for saying that. I’ve ever seen such a disappointing conclusion for a character than Zuko.

So after IFH... why didn’t we do all this stuff then?? Oh we had a season to sell...

This time we have time before September… 

Sorry. That’s how I am feeling right now. 

I am not bashing anyone for any other beliefs. Their personal lives are their own. I hope they are happy with whatever they choose but I can not shake the feeling that after January last year they were looking at a premiere date and how to pull viewers into s2… so they ramped it up. 

Maybe that makes me an awful person for thinking that, but I don’t know how not to at this point. I don’t know how to not feel like a commodity after the actions of the last year. Did I read somethings into the behaviors?? Sure. I probably did. Is it their fault that I did. Ultimately no it’s mine. But it still leaves me feeling disgusted and used. Sorry Sam and Cait it just does. Maybe that was not your intention but that is what the outcome was. 

Thanks Starz, Thanks Shatner, Thanks Sam, Thanks Cait… for the memories. 


Close the Door - Shaping

First time I’ve tried to teach this. Goal is to close the door not using paws (no scratches)

Session 1 : (off camera) Approach the door
Session 2 : touch the door
Session 3 : (off camera) Touch the door with nose/chin/chest only
Session 4 : Push the Door
Session 5 : push door harder, longer duration
End of sessions

Instead of working on perfecting old behaviors, (which can be tedious for me and Aayla) I like to shape random behaviors when I’m try to mentally exercise her. Whether or not I ever go back to the behavior to finish it is not important. Just that she is thinking and problem solving. It helps her become a better learner, she becomes more of an independent thinker and she learns to think through failures. On top of that I get to practice shaping, which is a new thing for myself. I get to practice with behaviors that don’t matter so when I want more serious behaviors I have the tools needed to help Aayla succeed.

Social interaction help please

I can never tell when its a time to shut up and say nothing and when its okay to (poorly) attempt to pass on things friends and my shrink tried to teach me.

Like anyone got a simple trick to that? Cause I tend to err on the side of rambling.

Oh hey while I’m asking for social education ~ is there a way to tell a friend um no you shall stop this behavior or I will fucking end you without crossing a line into things I dont have the right to demand of them?

I ask cause like… Ive been kinda bossy and demanding (weird to think I can be shy and like ‘lead follow or get the fuck out if the way’ but eh) most of my life and I’m crap at knowing where the line is?

So like i wanna tell them off for essentially throwing tantrums and verbally attacking the PERSON instead of the problem/ issue / going off on a related subject but in a way that has nothing to do with what the original intended topic? … And then like when I get upset I’m the bad guy cause I 'obviously’ support this person and whatever problematic thing that was implied (it wasnt) by that person?

So like. No. Dont do this. Especially if youre going to feel like shit after? But like this is a multiple offence thing so i want to drive in that Im done with this? But i also dont want to be an unforgiving bitch?

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

?!?!?!? why did my FAVORITE JOURNALIST, who has almost a hundred thousand followers but only follows like two thousand some people himself, suddenly follow me back… what content is he expecting me to provide… now i have to be on my best behavior

i’m like incredibly starstruck lmao also he’s friendly with chris hayes so i have to cut back on the hayes thirst lest he get weirded out


I love seeing the boys so happy.😘

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What is your favorite thing about Edd’s character in A Fistful of Ed? Is there more of a reason behind why he is upset?

His pain and guilt are my favorite things! I know I sound like a sadist right now, but hear me out: it shows how truly selfless and goodwilled he is!

He could’ve easily blamed someone else or even the person he hurt not to face the guilt. He could have been a jerk about it or snapped at others for not giving him time to explain himself or treating him terribly. But he didn’t, he chose to wallow in his own misery when nobody bothered to listen to him. Despite whatever they do to him and his friends, he still cares about those kids.

There’s a huge chunk of self-doubt there. He started off denying he actually tried to hurt them, but as the accidents happened he started believing that too. I lost my train of thought here but I think the next part will be enough to elaborate:

I know his behavior in this episode would be strong evidence to the incident theory wherein he was on the criminal end. But as I always say, I prefer to put him at the victim’s end, because I don’t think we would get a reaction to the dodgeball as strong as the one in “Ed In a Halfshell” if he didn’t go through something heavily traumatic while being completely powerless to stop it, and being hit by so many dodgeballs by a bunch of the meanest bullies and nearly dying makes more sense to me in that regard. Phobias usually originate from that irrational belief that the thing you fear is far bigger and stronger than you can take on. (being afraid of spiders and needles myself, ugh)

And this is how I like to interpret it: In “A Fistful of Ed” he chose to take care of the flowers in the dim-lit botany class all by himself because he actually started to think he had become one of those bullies that made him never take off his hat. He thought he had become someone he LOATHED all his life. And that alone makes me want to hug him and wrap him in a blanket and give him hot chocolate and a book. ;u; My son has a beautiful shining soul <3



 ╰ ☆ ╮I’m sure your horror is taking care of you but, if you need anything, I’ll be over in five seconds flat, Kay?

* just hit him, really really hard. and horror’s not my boyfriend. 

* look man, we gotta talk about this situation. because ham’s picked up on it and is… well, it makes him nervous and i wanna settle it now. 

Guys, please be careful when talking to your FP to not say things like “you’re the only reason I’m alive”, “no one loves you like I do”, or threaten to hurt yourself if they leave you…Ik it’s really hard & youre already constantly checking yourself for abusive behavior but I see this happen all the time. Tumblr makes it seem normal and it’s not, it’s not okay to say that to someone.

Pregnant Omega Headcanons

-About two weeks after a heat an Omegas scent will become much sweeter and calming if they’ve become pregnant

-Old wives tales that the sweeter your scent becomes the more pups you’ll likely be having

-Pregnant Omega nesting groups, where Omegas get to be all comfy in a giant nest with other pregnant Omegas and they all exchange stories and useful information and compare belly sizes, and it’s so peaceful and stress free that it’s recommended for Omegas to attend at least once every couple weeks

-If an Omega already has children their sweetened scent filling the house will help keep the children calm and easier to manage

-Dedicating a lot of time constructing the best nest possible to stay in with the babies for after they get home from the hospital and becoming extremely stressed that it won’t be good enough to the point that their Alpha has to forcibly pull them away and make them relax for a while

-Alphas gently crooning and rubbing their Omegas tummy to help their exhausted mate relax and fall asleep

-A couple finding out that all three of their pups will be Omegas and the Alpha low-key freaking out because what if he (or she depending on how you write it) can’t protect three little Omegas? And their mate taking on the comforting role for the first time since the pregnancy started

-Talking about names and the Omega being very serious about wanting unique and meaningful names and being ridiculously upset when their Alpha says “you know what’d be cool? If they all rhymed!”

-The Alpha painting the entire nursery, because they don’t want their Omega around the paint fumes, and being forced to repaint it every time the Omega goes through a major nesting phase and suddenly decides it’s not the right color

-Alphas always being told that pregnant Omegas eat weird things but not thinking much of it until they find their mate dipping pickles in chocolate pudding while spraying cheezwhiz straight into their mouth at 3 AM like it’s perfectly normal

you know, I know its taboo and shit to say but like … just because dialectical behavioral therapy has been shown to have a lot of good results doesn’t mean it works for /everyone/ with BPD or other mental illnesses DBT is used to treat.

like we can’t just keep faulting people individually for not getting better with certain systems of treatment? Which is why I don’t mind that so many people are interested in studying psychology, because there’s always more you can do and theres always new things that may help those who aren’t getting better with existing methods of treatment for mental illness. 

basically: u go you psychology nerds. create new shit.


I was feeling terrible because I forgot to commemorate my cat’s eighth adoption anniversary, but I just learned that tumblr will make gifs from videos! So here are some pics of my imperious kitty while he’s trying to go to sleep despite my interferences.

I can’t believe I have just spent days of my life defending people I don’t even fucking like because there are actual cunts on this website who 

a) think you should be able to physically assault people who disagree with them

b) think context doesn’t matter

c) think jokes are any kind of -ist, or are in any way inherently bad because they’re against some protected group

d) don’t think freedom of speech should apply to those they disagree with, and are willing to hurt people and violently riot in order to shut them up

You’re all terrible, you have wasted my time and you have only proven yourselves to be the fascistic cunts that you claim to hate.