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We’re innocent

(A/N): I LOVED THIS REQUEST SO MUCH!!! Also, happy birthday anon!

Request: Hello. Can I ask for a Bucky imagine for my birthday where you’re his fiancée in Bucharest but currently you’re dealing with a viral infection and bucky is out buying medicine when Steve enters the apartment you both live. When buck comes back, he recognizes Steve and begs him to believe he’s innocent and that you need help. Steve believes him and takes you both with him to the avenger facility and gets you help and after a while bucky gets in the team and you can be happy with buck? ❤️

Warnings: some swearing

Originally posted by buckybarneswintersoldier

    Steve’s steps were full of trepidation, each one lighter than the last as he slowly made his way into the small apartment of what was supposed to be Bucky Barnes. Even from the outside it looked sad and run-down, just like Bucky was, Steve proposed. 

   His hand lightly rested on the handle and when he pushed the door open he didn’t know what he was expecting, maybe something…nicer? Immediately Steve’s eyes were drawn to the sad kitchen, rotten and molding and full of shitty snacks. Steve nearly chuckled at this; Bucky had always loved crappy snacks. But what truly got his attention was the small lump on the mattress on the floor, shrouded in blankets, breathing in slowly and heavily. 

   Steve’s breath hitched in his throat at the sight of a small body clumped in such a sad apartment. he knew it couldn’t have been Bucky’s, he was far too large to be this small body so that could only mean that it was someone else, someone that Bucky obviously trusted enough to join him in this runaway life style. 

    Steve reached a hesitant hand out to mass on the mattress, attempting to decide if this was a good idea or not, God only knows what this person was capable of. 

   “B-Buck,” The voice was raspy and soft, almost sickly if Steve thought about it. “I need the meds, what are you-” The body turned a bit, just enough to catch a glimpse of Steve before it scrambles a bit, tangling itself in the sheets as it begins to scream. 

    “Shh!” Steve hissed, placing a finger in front of (Y/N)’s parted lips. “Be quiet! We don’t need anyone-” But it was too late. At Steve’s words the door to Bucky’s apartment nearly bursts open only to reveal the panting soldier himself. 

   His face seems to lighten at the sight of Steve, his shoulder slumping slightly and his metal fist, which had been clenched prior, unclenched slowly. His gaze is nearly horrified as he stares at Steve who is still crouched down beside whoever this other person is. His throat bobs as he swallows thickly, trying so hard not to snatch up the body and run away. 

   “I-I promise,” Bucky begins as he slowly raises his hands in surrender. “I promise we’re innocent, w-we didn’t do anything- they didn’t do anything,” Steve looks Bucky up and down, taking in his appearance for a bit before he opens his mouth once again. 

   “What’s in the bag?” He asks, pointing to a small, plain brown bag in Bucky’s hand. 

   “It’s meds, they’re really sick and I- a booth down in town said they had some that should help,” Bucky refused to meet the man’s gaze, a little too scared to look at him properly. “I promise,” Bucky states once again, “I promise we’re innocent, we haven’t had anything to do with any of this,” 

   “We’ve been here,” (Y/N) suddenly rasps, their voice a bit phlegmy due to whatever illness had afflicted them. “This entire time, Bucky’s been taking care of me,” Their eyes are closed and their lips are parted as they breathe in shakily, looking absolutely wrecked. “He couldn’t have done anything,” 

   “It’s okay,” Steve rises from his seat, looking a tad bit dramatic, “I believe you two, but those guys out there, the ones hunting you too, don’t and they’re not going to stop until you’re both dead,” Steve could hear a quiet chuckle from behind him followed by the words, ‘I’m already on my way there sweetcheeks,’ before he continued on once again. “We gotta get out of here Buck otherwise all of us are going to end up imprisoned or dead,” Bucky nods at this, his jaw clenched and a look of sheer murder in his eyes. “They’re 5 minutes out so that should give us sometime to get out of here, get to safety, Grab whatever you need and let’s get going,” At his words Bucky crosses over into the kitchen, carefully removing a floorboard and retrieving a backpack before he crosses back into the living room, crouches down beside the body and lifts it with ease. 

   “I’m ready,” Bucky states coolly as though what he did was completely normal. Steve sighs a bit, smirking in slight disbelief before he heads to the door. 

   “I don’t think I ever got your name,” Steve states as he turns to look at the pair, all the while continuing to walk out the door. 

   “It’s (Y/N),” (Y/N) replies, smiling softly in spite of how sick they were. “You’re Steve, Steve Rogers, I know a hell of lot more about you then I probably should,” Steve smiles a bit, knowing that the only way (Y/N) knew too much about him was through Bucky which meant that Bucky, his old Bucky, was starting to resurface. 

   “You know what’s going on with all-” Steve gestures to (Y/N)’s body, indicating that he was referring to them. 

   “All sorts of stuff,” (Y/N) coughs a bit, their entire body shaking with the effort. 

   “Viral infection,” Bucky interjects, nodding a bit curtly to Steve’s question. 

   “How long have they had it?” 

   “I don’t know,” Bucky looks down at the sick person in his arms, a worried expression on his face. “Too long to be considered healthy,” Steve nods to this, his expression holding some form of worry as well. 

   “I know a place we can go, it’s a little- unorthodox but it works,” Bucky nods a bit, his gaze still glued to (Y/N) and their rather pale face. 

   “Whatever helps, I’m desperate at this point,” 

   “Steve,” A sudden voice fills the space in Steve’s ear. “They’re almost there buddy, get out while you still can,” 

   “Thanks Sam,” Steve replied causing Bucky to look up in confusion considering he couldn’t hear the other voice. “We’ve gotta get moving,” Steve states, “And we’ve got to get moving fast,” Bucky gives an affirmative little nod, like an unspoken agreement, and without any other words needing to be shared the two charge down the stairs as quickly as possible, desperate to get away from the men and women chasing them. 

     “Tony,” Steve sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose out of frustration. “No you don’t understand, it’s more than that, it’s-” Steve turned to look at Bucky who at the moment was seated right beside (Y/N)’s hospital bed, the only bed in the facility. 

   Since arriving at the completely desolate location, other than Fury, Maria, and a few doctors, Bucky had refused to leave (Y/N)’s side, arguing with anyone who attempted to remove him. Eventually everyone just gave up, allowing Bucky to remain by (Y/N)’s side as they shoved all sorts of medicines in their system via an IV. 

   “He’s with someone else Tony, it’s not just about him anymore. Throwing him in prison not only risks him but also this other person,” Steve sighs once again as Tony threw question after question at him. “I guess, I don’t know, I guess they’re his fiance. I don’t know when it happened- No I don’t know anything about them- Tony they’re too sick to do anything- Viral infection, Bucky has been attempting to take care of them which means that he hasn’t left their apartment at all other than to get food and meds which also means that he’s an innocent man,” Steve looks back into the room, smiling when he saw how tenderly Bucky was treating (Y/N), as though they were his most prized possession and in a way they kind of were. 

   Bucky didn’t have a single dime to his name at the moment, after all being a fugitive doesn’t pay well, he didn’t have a good home or good food, the man didn’t even have more than a few outfits but he had (Y/N) and (Y/N) was his and only his. 

   “Tony I can’t trust you to do that,” Steve starts right up again as Tony so blatantly suggest that Steve bring the group back to some Avengers Facility to get better treatment. “You want us all in prison and-” Steve stops as Bucky raises one of (Y/N)’s pale hands to his lips, pressing his a fluttering kiss to their knuckle softly, so loving even Steve could feel it from across the room. “I’m not going to let you break them up, it would crush them both. So instead of showing up at your doorstep and turning ourselves in we’re just going to camp out here for a bit, wait for (Y/N) to get better- they’ve had it for a few weeks I suppose-” 

   They’re gonna die if they don’t get the proper treatment, then how crushed is barnes going to be?

   “They’re being taken care of Tony, it’ll be fine-” Tony interjects once again to gently press the idea of Steve bringing the group back home to get better care. 

   I promise Steve, I’m not going to do anything, you have my word

  Steve looks back to the couple in the room, watching as Bucky ran his fingers along (Y/N)’s, watching the faint smile that rose to (Y/N)’s lips as he did so. They were so completely and utterly in love that if anything happened to (Y/N) because he had so rudely denied Tony’s service he’d never forgive himself. 

   “Fine, where is this facility?” Tony gave Steve the directions and despite the uneasiness Steve felt about the whole thing he accepted. 

   “We’ll be there soon,” Steve muttered before chucking the burn phone he’d been using against a wall, destroying any evidence of him using it. With almost heavy steps he walks into the small room to deliver the news. 

   “We’re moving,” Steve whispers, glaring down at his feet. “(Y/N) needs better treatment-” 

   “Where are we going?” Bucky asks, perking up at Steve’s little statement. 

   “Avenger’s facility,”

   “No,” Bucky nearly growls, “You promised us something safe and I can guarantee that that place sure as hell isn’t,” 

   “But Buck-” 

   “What’s going to stop them from killing us? We’re vulnerable, we’ve got an exposed nerve,” He points to (Y/N) laying in bed, their eyes still closed and their face still pale. 

   “Yeah,” Steve growls back, attempting to convince Bucky of his words. “Well this exposed nerve is gonna die if they don’t get proper treatment so it’s either our safety or their life James,” Steve rarely ever used Bucky’s real name. Only when it was important, perhaps at a family gathering back in the 40′s or now, when the love of Bucky’s life was literally dying before their eyes. 

   Bucky must have realized just how bad the situation was given his face fell and his shoulder slumped slightly. Steve knew he’d won this, Bucky cared too much about (Y/N) to let them die out here. 

   “Fine, fine, you win, let’s just- let’s just get them out of here and to wherever the hell this place is,” Steve gives his best friend a smile and a gentle pat on the back before calling out for the doctors to come wheel (Y/N) out and onto Fury’s strategically placed helicopter. 

   Steve watched on fondly as Bucky sat talking to (Y/N) over the most mindless things as the chopper flew them to this base Tony was talking about. 

    “You know we’re gonna need a new house now?” (Y/N) coughs a bit, eliciting a small worried expression from Bucky. “We can’t just live in that dank hole now that everyone knows about it,” Bucky relaxes back down into his seat, smiling softly at (Y/N)’s comment. 

   “Well, what were you thinkin’ baby?” 

   “I’ve been telling you since day one,” This caused Bucky to chuckle a bit and the light in his eyes is one Steve hadn’t seen in ages. One that lit up his entire face, made him look like his old self once again.  “I want a small one story little house, yellow, big yard for all the puppies we’re gonna get,” 

   The sight was truly heartwarming, to see such a broken creature like Bucky slowly starting to become whole again all because of another human being. Bucky truly loved (Y/N), more than he had ever loved anyone. It was obvious in the way he stared at them so lovingly, the way he held their hand as if he never wanted to let go and Steve couldn’t have been any happier for him. 

   “He’s innocent, I promise,” Steve whispers as he and Tony stare into (Y/N)’s room watching a sleeping (Y/N) and Bucky. Somehow through their visit Bucky had ended up sleeping in (Y/N)’s bed, curled up right next to them, their hands clasped together tightly. “He’s been caring for (Y/N) for weeks, there’s no way he could have-”

    “I know,” Tony nods, sighing as he realizes just how wrong he’d been. “No one else is going to believe it though, that’s the problem. If we don’t take him in-”

   “Then we’re all fugitives,” Steve finishes Tony’s thought, nodding to himself as he does so. 

   The two fall silent, just watching the couple breathe in sync with each other, a steady in and out, in and out. It was hard to believe that a literal killing machine could fall for someone who looked so…so starry eyed and innocent. It was even more surprising to think that this starry eyed, innocent person had fallen in love with said killing machine when they could have anyone they wanted. 

   “Well,” Tony begins, clapping Steve on the back a bit. “We could always use another fugitive, our entire team is compromised of ‘em,” Steve turns to look at Tony incredulously, his eyes wide and lips parted slightly. 

   “You don’t mean-” 

   “Plus, I don’t see Thor and Bruce around, our team could use a few new recruits and I see the way he looks at them, like they’re his entire world, I couldn’t tear apart something so beautiful. So congratulations, I guess you won…loser,” Tony whispers the last part causing Steve to chuckle softly. 

   “You always were a sore loser,” 

   “Hey, I’m letting you guys off on a free pass I’m the nicest loser you know,” 

   “Should we tell them-” 

   “No,” Tony shakes his head, his ever present fond smile returning. “Let them sleep, god knows they need it,” Both men give the two one last smile before turning away, most likely to go talk out what the hell just happened and what the hell was going to happen.

    As both men saunter off they fail to realize the small smirk upon Bucky’s lips as he scoots a bit closer to (Y/N), resting their head right beside theirs. Guess it was a good thing Bucky was great at pretending to be asleep. 

bishybarnaby  asked:

Well if you're offering stories.... It's my birthday today (big FOUR-OH, good grief) - well at least for the next twenty minutes! I've been lucky enough to have a lovely day, so could I please request some fluff, smut or smutty fluff involving one of them trying to keep their birthday from everyone or thinking that people have forgotten it (prob pre-established relationship), and the other finding out and doing something lovely to let them know someone remembered.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! Here is some sweetness for you. <3

Will sat alone in the darkened classroom. He stretched his legs out and his knees creaked and ached. He thought of the tin man begging for oil and laughed. Forty came in like a draft, and seemed determined to leave him in whispered silence.

He let his eyes fall shut. When they opened again, Hannibal was halfway across the room, cradling a small cake beneath a bell jar in his hands.

“Happy birthday,” he drawled, setting the cake down on Will’s desk.

“Dr. Lecter. How did you know?”

“I have your birthday on file, as with all my patients.”

“You make all of them cakes, too?”

Hannibal smiled. “That is reserved for friends. May I ask why you’re sitting alone in the dark on your birthday?”

“Only if I can ask how you knew I’d still be here to begin with.”

“Perhaps I know you better than either of us realize.”

Will watched Hannibal in silence for a moment. He walked over to the row of chairs nearest the desk and plucked one up, then sat down next to Will. From his bag he produced two forks.

“Aren’t you going to sing and light a candle?” Will smiled, mouth watering as Hannibal uncovered the cake and handed him a fork.

“Would you like me to?”

“Did you actually bring candles?”

“I did not.”

“I have a flashlight on my keyring. Maybe I can just shine it on the cake while you hum.”

Hannibal was smiling bigger than Will thought possible. “I’ll light a candle for you later. At dinner.”

“I get dinner, too?”

“If you have the evening to spare, I will gladly cook anything your heart desires.”

Will stared down at the chocolate roses bursting from the center of the cake. Hannibal had painted the tips with a dusting of gold. “Does that make this an appetizer or dessert?”

“It’s whatever you’d like it to be. It’s your birthday, after all.”

Will’s chest swelled and his heart stuttered. “Thank you, Dr. Lecter.”

“You’re welcome.”

The two of them cut into the cake at once, bringing sweetness to their lips like one figure caught in his own mirror image. Will moaned around his fork, but whether it was for the taste, or the pleasure of the moment, he couldn’t say for sure.

Matthew Tkachuk #5

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  More matthew tkachuk I beg of youuuu. Maybe it could be about giving him concert tickets for his birthday? Your last of him was absolutely fantastic [Thank you so so much!! I hope you like this one. I’m not sure if this is the one you wanted but I hope you still enjoy!:)]

2.  Could yo do a matt tkachuk one where you surprise him for his birthday? [Here it is!! Enjoy!!:)]

Word count: 1, 092

Originally posted by strmedaddy

The cake looked like it was a love child of a red brick and mud. Needless to say, your first foray into birthday cake making has been a bust. At least you can cook a mean spaghetti and meatballs, if it really comes down to party food. Or tacos – but those are still to be judged.

The cake, though. Ugh, it’s taking all of your self-control not to smash your face in it and wallow in self-pity. He’s going to be home in a few minutes and you have nothing to show him for his birthday because you went in over your head. Damn it, you should have just reserved a table at your favorite restaurant like he told you and not try your hand at this surprise birthday dinner thing.

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Munchkin’s Birthday

Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word count: 337
Warnings: Fluff
Written for my 400 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @percywinchester27  Prompt: Minions / Quote: “Feel free to admire me”

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Music Speaks (3/5)

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: February 10th, 2017
Warnings: Angst, Swearing
AN: This is from (Y/N)’s point of view. Also, this part is inspired by Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold

It has been three whole months to the date since the breakup with Steve. I swore to myself that I was over the whole ordeal. I was over him.

So I thought. 

It has been three months since I stepped foot in the Avenger’s facility, but here I am. It is Wanda’s birthday, and even though she begged Tony not to–he threw her a party. That is why I am here. That is why I am sitting at the same bar that Steve first spoke to me at. 

I was doing great. 

I was playing with my fingernail when I heard a familiar voice pull me from my thoughts, “You know, for my birthday–you do not seem too thrilled to be here.” I couldn’t help but smile at Wanda’s teasing voice. She and Natasha were like my sisters. They promised me that the whole Steve issue would not affect our friendship, and I was relieved when they kept their promises.

“I am just–”
“Don’t lie to me.” Wanda’s red lips slowly pulled up to a smile.
“I wasn’t planning on lying to a mind reader.” I teased feeling a mirroring smile grow on my face, “I just didn’t realize I would be bombarded with memories–just by walking into this place, but I really am doing fine. I just had an early shift at the coffee brew—5 am is not a happy hour for me.” I smiled at her honestly.

I was doing fine.

Wanda nodded with an understanding face, “Well, I am glad. I wasn’t really wanting this party, but you know Tony. He wants any excuse to throw a party. I would have been happy with just watching Netflix naked in my room.” We shared a laugh as I shook my head at her. I looked over Wanda’s shoulder my other partner in crime with the red hair making her way over to me. I stood to my feet and opened my arms to a hug, and was happily pulled into the Black Widow’s embrace.

“God, I missed you!” Natasha spoke as I squeezed her in my arms before pulling away, “How have you been?” She asked. I smiled at her as I once again explained that I WAS FINE. I was–fine, till my eyes flicked over her shoulder when an all too familiar figure stepped into the room—and he wasn’t alone. I felt my heart shatter all over again. My mouth went dry as my heart began rapidly pounding so hard I could feel it in my ears. A knot formed in my stomach as all sounds muted and everything in my vision blurred except him. I could not control my eyes as they scanned the body of Sharon Carter. 

It would be her.

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Long story but when I was little and used to play Sonic, it was my life like I tell you now it was literally all I did. Before I was old enough to go on the computer and use the internet I legit thought Sonic and Amy were a couple, that Amy was Sonics girlfriend. I was shocked when I discoverd that wasn’t the case! But i’ve been a sonamy fan basically since birth.
I adored Amy, I think a lot of my personality growing up can be rooted back to Amy Rose! I was always very outgoing and forward with boys that I liked haha! Which is something people over the years have picked up on.
Back to the story anyway, my Sonic teddy was my first teddy, a gift from my majorly nerdy uncle when I was born. I always wanted an Amy to go with him and I begged for one every Christmas and every Birthday for an Amy, Sadly in the 90’s they were hard to come by and my mum could never get one, it’s only recently she’s become internet savvy 😉
I opened this classic Amy on Christmas day and my mum said “I know it’s nearly twenty years too late but now you have an Amy to go with Sonic!” Such a fantastic and thoughtful gift. Happy to finally have her!

“Jeffrey was set to deploy not long after Kevin’s death. I begged him not to go. I remember we went on a walk, and he said to me, in this real mature voice: ‘Dad, you know I have to go. My men need me.’ And I said: ‘Jeff. You don’t have to go. We need you here. Mom needs you, Melanie needs you, and I need you.’ But he insisted. I was a colonel at the time. And even though the father in me couldn’t understand, the soldier in me did. Jeffrey had to make his own path. He left for Iraq on Kevin’s birthday—November 15th, 2003. He was killed three months later. On that morning my boss was scheduled to leave on a trip. He was a two star general. We spent the morning together, then he told me ‘goodbye,’ and I assumed he left for the airport. But a few minutes later, I stepped into his office, and I found him standing alone in the dark. I said: ‘Sir, did you miss your plane?’ And he started walking toward me. And I knew. I knew when he took that first step. And he grabbed me, and he said: ‘Mark, it’s Jeff.’ And I said: ‘Is he hurt?’ And he told me: ‘Mark, he’s gone.’ And I said: ‘Are you sure?’ And he said: ‘I’ve known all morning. I verified three times.’ I thought ‘No, no, no, no, no. This can’t be. This isn’t possible. Not both of them.’”

Something Sweet (Jun Smut- Daddy Kink)

“I saw this really cute cooking tutorial online and I really wanna try it. Please?” You begged Jun.

“Fine, what are the ingredients? I’ll go out and get them.” He sighed, succumbing easily to your pleas.

“Yay!” You jumped up, hugging him and giving him a list, he ran out of the apartment, assuring you he’d be back soon.

You wanted to get in the festive mood as it was almost your birthday and making  candy  sounded perfect, but you felt bad after making him go out in the cold, so you decided to give a little back to him in a way you knew he’d love.

You giggled gleefully to yourself as you hopped upstairs, delving into your wardrobe before deciding that nothing would do it. Suddenly, an idea popped into your head and you snickered to yourself, willing to bet what kind of reaction Jun would have when he saw you.  

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birthday boy

title: birthday boy

genre: smut / au - he’s not famous

characters: bobby, you, hanbin

plot: you and bobby practically hate each other but hanbin forces you to go to his birthday party and since it’s his birthday, you decide to be nice.

extras: this idea sort of just came to me. truth be told, this is my first real smut. Like i've written things like this but never this long or detailed so bare with me. if you’d like to request, you can click here 

Are you kidding me, Hanbin?” You asked frustratedly as your best friend desperately begged you to go to Bobby’s birthday party. You and Bobby hated each other. You don’t know why but all of the teasing made you want to strangle him sometimes. But nonetheless, you had to admit that he was hot. No one could deny that.

“Please, I beg you! Come to the party, Y/N,” Hanbin pleaded once again. He got on his knees in front of you with imploring eyes. You sighed and rubbed your temples.

“Fine. Only if it means you stop annoying me,” You said giving in.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I won’t have to be alone!”

“Yeah right, I know very well that you’re going to be hanging out with Junhoe and Jinhwan.” You scoffed.

“Whatever, just go get ready. Oh and don’t take too long please. The party starts in an hour.” Hanbin checked his phone. You rolled your eyes and walked to your bedroom to get ready. You quickly picked out some casual clothes - distressed jeans, a cropped top, and converse. After apply light makeup, you walked out of your room ready to go.

“Finally, let’s go.”

When you and Hanbin arrived at Bobby’s party, you started getting anxious. It’s a big house and you knew that Hanbin would be hanging out with other people. You knew just about no one. Inside the large house, the music bounced off the walls. Would it kill you to turn the volume down a bit?

As you suspected, Hanbin was no where in sight after just 15 minutes of being inside. You shook your head and walked over to the drinks. As you poured yourself a drink, you felt a pair of eyes on you. 

“Y/N, always lovely to see you here.” Bobby snorted.

“Happy birthday,” You said as politely as possible.

“Whoa, is Ms. Sassy actually being nice to me?” He asked sarcastically. With a simple roll of the eyes, you drank the liquor in the red cup.

“Yes, I am. Since I’m not a complete bitch and I actually have a soul, I’ve decided that arguing with you will get me no where. So for tonight, I won’t reply back to your teasing,” You said and took another sip of the intoxicating liquid.

“Alright. Well if you’re not going to make things fun then dance with me, Ms. Uptight.” Bobby smirked over at you. A spark of competitiveness flared inside of you. You dropped your cup on the table and grabbed Bobby’s hand. As you two weaved through the crowd, you took a minute to analyze what was about to happen. But you didn’t care. Whether it was the alcohol that was controlling you or your ambitious attitude, you didn’t now. And frankly, you didn’t care. You just had to prove that you weren’t uptight. I can have fun.

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Because I need this in my life, Punk!Gabriel and Nerd!Sam.

- Sam helping Gabriel with his homework (he pretends he cares but he doesn’t)

- Gabriel begging Sam to let him put colour in his hair, and eventually Sam agrees and ends up with a green streak

- Gabriel not being able to paint the nails on his right hand so Sam does it fr him

- Sam braiding flowers in Gabriel’s hair and when Gabriel’s friends he just says ‘Letting your boyfriend do what he wants with your hair is punk af’

- Sam getting Gabriel band tickets for birthdays/christmas

- Gabriel having these H U G E golden wing tattoos that Sam loves

- Gabriel being the bottomiest bottom OwO

- Sam loving Gabriel’s tongue piercing ;DDD


09.29.16 + 09.29.16 + 10.05.16

I have Problemaqué taste.

(Also if you haven’t experienced Jumin’s first bad end, I’m begging you. please watch it on youtube, it is possibly the best end in the whole game)

21st & key, ♡

pairing: jaebum & you 

genre: tender JB 3.0 | this is what i wrote for my 21st birthday | replace with your own birthday

credit: black hair & the smile 

“Oppa, are you…coming home?” He could sense your sorrow as you spoke. His eyes shut as his heart clutched, he never wanted you to be anything far from being happy but now he is the reason that you are depressed, as if begging him to go home when it’s your birthday.

“Sorry princess…” He managed to utter the word, the word that’s gonna hurt you so bad, the word cut you deeper than the knife.

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Silence in the absence of confession, your collarbone and a swear word you mouth because nothing else will fit the way the night plays out. The moonlight pours down on you, as it should. 
I’m staring at your hands and you curl up in the seat of the car, and twist your fingers. Fingers that have held a gun, a boy that isn’t me, a pen. Hands that will hold a child. Sometimes I wish you’d shoot me and get the whole thing over with, but I’d never hurry your story, ruin its happy ending. Not even if you asked me to.
                     Not even if you looked at me like you look at him and begged for it. 

You curl your fingers around mine and the bullet goes straight through my chest. Broken ribs, torn lungs,
I still trust you. Even with the fractures, my wrists are still clean. I’m leaving it up to you as to whether that’s your fault or your gift. Happy birthday, I don’t want you back.

Your silhouette in the headlights looks like a car crash. The collision starts at your eyes and doesn’t reach your mouth in time for the fire to catch, but I’m already burning, so just don’t look towards the explosion as you walk away. Stay perfect, stay immaculate. Stay double-o-seven, picture perfect, and we’ll stay the same as we always were. Like you never even left. oh god, oh god, I think, kiss me, i’m dying, and you don’t move but 
                                                                                      i didn’t expect you to. 

Oh, nemesis, you coward, end it already. Fill my mouth with blood. You’ve kept everyone waiting long enough.
                                                      I can’t hang here forever. 

I didn’t ask for a single present from my parents

All I wanted was for my dad to put aside a couple of hours and draw with me

He promised

And now he’d rather watch Monday Night football than do the ONLY thing I asked of him for my birthday

I’m so upset right now

In just 50 minutes it’s my birthday, please guys I beg you, tweet Shawn that is my birthday I will love to have a mention from him tomorrow, or tonight maybe, if you tweet him please mention me my Twitter is @shawnm_girl I WILL BE SO THANKFUL IF YOU HELP ME!❤️

Makeup Artists

REQUEST: Can u do an imagine where he does ur makeup or u do his?

-I couldn’t resist so I did both lol enjoy!-


“Daryl?” I knock on the bathroom door, “I gotta pee open up.”

“Uh uh yea sure, hold on.” The sound of plastic clinking together in a frantic matter and a the cabinet slamming closed before a flustered Daryl opens the door. I raise my eyebrow at him before stepping past him and going for the cabinet.

“What were you doing?” I ask opening it, my makeup beg comes flying out at me.
I look over at him leaning against the doorway, scratching his neck and not meeting my eyes. “Were you looking at this?” he nods but still won’t look at me.

“Just, figurin out all tha’ shit. I was gonna get you some for your birthday but I don’t know wha’ any of it is or what it means i was or what colour you’d need. I’s just tryin to get an idea of it.”

“Wanna do my makeup?” His head shot up in shock at this,


“You want to know what to get and shit, this is the best way to figure it out! Common!” I sat on the toilet.

“Okay grab that brush,” I commanded him through the whole process, where to put what, how to apply it and what the best techniques were.

“Oh my gosh Daryl! This is really good!” I exclaim looking in the mirror. The blush was evenly coloured, my eyeshadow was perfect, winged eyeliner was sharp as hell, my mascara wasn’t clumpy, and my eyebrows perfectly shaped. “I should have you do my makeup more often!” He wraps his arms around me from behind and buries his head in my hair.

“It’s not that good.” He whispers sheepishly, “and don’t tell Merle I did this, he’ll punch me and tell dad and then I’d really be eatin’ shit.”

“I wont,” I kiss the side of his head “it’s our secret.” He gives me a small smile before putting his hand on my cheek and kissing me deeply.

“I love you, thank you for letting me go near your face with pencil looking things.”

“I love you.”


“Daryl pleaseeeeee!”

“I said no y/n now come sit, I’m puttin’ a movie on.”

“I’ll wash it off right after, Daryl pleaseeee!” He looks up at me, I give him my best puppy-dog face and I know he can’t refuse, he sighs,

“Fine, go get it.” With a squeal I set off for the bathroom and grab my makeup bag. I plop in front of him with a grin and he gives a scoff and a smile. “Let’s get this over with.”

I put blush, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow on him, and fill in his eyebrows. I pull out lipstick but he stops me.

“No, absolutely not.”

“Daryl please! You said you’d let me!”

“That shit is gross though! It feels all weird!”

“Daryl I always wear lipstick and you constantly kiss me.”

“No you wear that shinny shit!”


“Yea! The other stuff feels weird.”

“I can put lipgloss over the lipstick.” I suggest hoping he’d comply.

“Ugh whatever just do it.” When I finish I take a good look at him and immediately burst into laughter. “Wha’? Is it that bad!?”

“No, No!” I struggle out between laughing fits, “you look good!”

“Bullshit let me see!” I hand him my mirror and grab my phone. I take a picture expecting the ringer to be off but the sound goes off and he looks up at me in horror. “Did you just take a picture of me?”

“What me? No! I was taking a selfie!”

“You’re fucking lying! Y/N delete it!” He whines and tackles me.

“No! No I want it!”

“No! Delete it!” We wrestle around for a while and he ultimately gives up pouting.

“Awe my pretty little baby.” I coo pinching his cheeks. He swats me away and turns away. “Awe babe don’t be mad.”

“’M not mad.” He grumbles quietly.

“Oh yea you big baby? Then look at me.”
He turns over an I grab his face and kiss him. “I love you, thank you.”

“Mm, love you, now can I wash this off?”

I chuckle and stand, taking his hand.

“Yea lets go get you cleaned up princess.”

:) x

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

This photo shows the greatest night of my existence. I attended the Black Mass Tour on December 5, 2014. When the band announced the VIP packages, I begged my mom to get them as my birthday present, so she did. I have wanted to meet my heroes since I started listening to them in 2010. And on the way to the concert I had this feeling in my chest and I was so excited. I got there, and I was close to the last in line, on the edge of tears. I was standing a foot away from the men that saved me. They were all so sweet and I gave Andy a picture I drew of him a few years back. He asked for my name and then shook my hand. The band wasn’t aloud to give hugs, but when they were getting ready to walk out I asked for one.  Andy said “they’ll bitch at me, but fuck it. ” i had just hugged my idol. And so of course, I got to be right up front when the show started because I was one of the ones inside the venue first. At the very end of the show, Ashley and Jinxx were throwing their guitar picks and Jinxx threw me a white one. It bounced off my forehead and went over the barricade. He gave me a funny look and threw me another, and as I caught it, he gave me a thumbs up. Best night of my life


Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto no. 3 in d minor

A very happy birthday to one of my favorite composers, and one of the first composers to get me into classical music, Sergei Rachmaninoff. While his second concerto is my personal favorite, I’ve shared that work often enough on this blog, and I can’t ignore the giant achievement that is his third. After the spark in success from his second concerto and other piano music, Rachmaninoff had become a success in Russia, and around Europe, people were begging for him to perform. To shoot off his pianistic tour of America, he wrote this concerto, while living with his family in Dresden. He marked the work as “written especially for America”, though, surprisingly, the premiere wasn’t as successful as he’d hoped. He claimed, “Musicians loved it, but not the audience or critics.” We can be thankful that this initial reception didn’t keep the work out of the standard repertoire. Interesting enough, his second performance of the work in America was with Gustave Mahler conducting. Imagine how fantastic that must have sounded! Rachmaninoff playing his own concerto with Mahler conducting! This piece is notorious for being one of the most difficult in the standard repertoire, enough so that even great pianists since shy away from it, while others are drawn to the challenge. 


1. Allegro ma non tanto

2. Intermezzo: Adagio

3. Finale: Alla breve