i began to enjoy colouring again


The touches to her hair became more frequent since he’d returned–or maybe they’d always been there but the year apart had made her unfamiliar with such gestures. Every affection she had taken for granted before she was left completely alone felt new to her; the casual way in which he slung his arm around her shoulders, or the way he would lean in almost too close to talk to her, or the impossibly flustering way he would place a hand atop her thigh when they sat as if to hold her place. 

His fascination with her hair though, especially now, piqued her curiosity. She would catch him twirling it idly around his fingers, or complimenting it more often. He would actually take notice of her hairstyles and that alone was enough to baffle her. But it hardly made any sense to her–he had never been so inclined to acknowledge the golden tresses that now reached the swell of her rear, so why now? At first she’d chalked it up as a part of him wanting to make up for the time they’d lost, but… that couldn’t just be it…


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DAY 2914

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Mar 23/24,  2016                 Wed/Thu  2:13 am

‘Holika Dahan’ … the burning of the evil ‘Holika’ a day before Holi .. Holika the evil who was chosen by Haranyakashyap the Father who despised his son Prahlad because he did not worship his Father as a God, to burn .. and used Holika who had a boon that fire would not affect her .. she took the son Prahlad in her arms surreptitiously and walked into the fire .. but did not know that the boon was for her if she was alone in the fire .. so she perished and Prahalad who was pure survived ..

Holi therefore is celebrated to be festive of the destruction of evil and the presence of truth in our lives .. a triumph of good over evil .. !!

Our little effort on the lawns of Prateeksha is a symbolic gesture to recreate the event .. it has also down the ages been a moment of collecting all the waste and rubbish that needs to be burnt away, and also to create a moment of prayer for the victory of good over evil .. many places in the Northern parts of the country people even hurl abuses as the fire burns, abuses to Holika for attempting to kill the saintly and pure Prahlad … my Father was very particular about the abuses being hurled .. so we used to tell him to turn away as we ‘let fly’ our choicest, not within his hearing range … !!!!!

Holi .. the festive occasion of colour .. played with such abandon and passion .. its a moment of great release .. of immense dilution of inhibitions, of song and dance and the beating of drums and music ..

The best ones were played at Allahabad when I was very young and Father was in University teaching in the English Department .. the students would all come over and over ribald songs and music our homes were a flush of great camaraderie and happiness .. Delhi was a little subdued, because it invariably fell in March when it was still quite cold and the water was a most unwelcome commodity .. Calcuta was a rage .. a freedom of youth and abandon .. of visiting friends and driving to locations of revelry .. jumping into the many ‘pookurs’ around the city and ending up by the riverfront till the late evening .. and then Bombay and Mumbai .. the film industry and the best Holi celebrations at the RK Studios of Shri Raj Kapoor, where the entire industry asseembled .. after his passing much of the gaiety and fun vanished for some time until, we decided to have these revelries at Prateeksha .. they were massive and grand and fun and just full of all that Holi celebrations desired .. dunk coloured water ponds and tubs .. masses of dry colour and the wet all over .. bands and music groups from all parts of the country playing non stop .. gallons of ‘bhang’, the traditional drink and the traditional ‘gujiya’ to eat .. aahh .. just the most enjoyable times .. they began at noon and went on thill the sun went down ..

But we have not celebrated it to that extent for some years now .. deaths in the family and illnesses have prevented us .. but I think it is time to restart it all over again .. perhaps next year !!

It was such innocent and fun times .. just gangs of friends enjoying .. loosing their status and position to become one with us and all .. such a humbling feel ..

Now ..

Well I don’t know .. everything has become so .. 

Ah forget it ..

Love to all and happy holi ..

Amitabh Bachchan

This little drabble hit me over the head on the way home from work today, and wouldn’t budge…

Katniss could feel the shift in the air, the hint of morning as the sun began to dawn over the horizon. The dew had already begun to settle on her boots, marking the worn brown leather, and the chill curled under her braid, sneaking down the collar of her shirt until she shivered.

“Are you okay?” he whispered, and she nodded, felt the movement of his thigh under her head as he leant over to look at her face. She smiled gently, hoped that response alone would dissuade him from asking her any more questions. It wasn’t. “Do you want my jacket?”

“I’m fine,” she murmured. “It’s always a little cool just before the sun rises.”

Peeta hummed in agreement, threaded his fingers through the ends of her hair. “It is,” he confirmed, then turned his attention to the colours - orange, yellow and the faintest wisps of pink and purple - that began to streak the sky. “Working in the bakery for so long meant I saw my fair share of sunrises, I just couldn’t enjoy them if my focus was on the ovens. I suppose that’s why I always preferred the sunset. I could watch them without being bothered. And the colours…There are still days I know I’ll never be able to recreate them.”

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Judging Books By Covers

TITLE: Judging Books By Covers


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Loki is cast out into a castle in his Jotun form, under a spell that will return him to his Aesir one if he learns to accept himself for who he is, not what he looks like, and can find another who will do the same. Angry and repulsed by his own appearance, Loki fears he will live out his days as the monster he so greatly loathes. 


Lagertha fell backwards as she stared in horror at the foreboding figure glaring down at her.

“How dare you come in here.”

Her voice came out as a startled squeak when she realised the Jötunn looking down at her was Loki.

He noticed her reaction and became even more furious. “I told you never to come in here, that it was out of bounds. How dare you disobey me.” He snarled.

“I…I…” Lagertha tried to speak, but nothing came out.

This only angered Loki further. “Am I repulsive to you? Care to scream in fear at the hideous beast.” He yelled.

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