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*TouMaki Secret Santa* - 2017

Hello, fellow TouMaki shippers!
While I beg you all for forgiveness regarding my lateness in filling the last three prompts of TouMaki Month, it is with great pleasure that I present you with an idea that, hopefully, will keep the TouMaki corner of the YowaPeda fandom active and lively until S4 airs: a *TouMaki Secret Santa*.

While still not exactly finished (but it’s my fault so nevermind), TouMaki Month has taught me a lot in terms of fandom events - specifically, about events in the TouMaki fandom. What I gathered is, mostly:

- There has been a satisfying response in terms of prompt requests (26, with which we’ve easily covered a month of daily posts - at least theoretically, which brings us to the following point).
- I have thought and organized TouMaki Month literally two days before it began, because it was an impromptu idea that came from the sudden need to liven up the tag and write: it translated into a very tight schedule that forced me into a rush to write the prompts and into a rhythm that, with work and all) I couldn’t keep up. Had I started a month earlier, there wouldn’t have been such problems.
- There are still creators in the TouMaki fandom that seem willing to dedicate time and effort to our cycling babies.
- The event brought people together, if only to exchange a few messages and some squeals about TouMaki in the tags.

…which is why I though that it could be fun to have another event, a Christmas themed one in December, where we can ALL participate (artists and writers alike) - so it wouldn’t only be me writing things, but as many of us as we want, exchanging gifts and filling the tag with art and fics. 

The timeline I wrote down is the following:

September 1st-15th: Event promotion and feedback, in order to understand if there will be enough participants to make it work.
I will answer all your questions and am willing to discuss some details with whoever wants them. Basically, in these two weeks I shamelessly work as a pimp to make you all want to be a part of this. XD

September 16th-30th: Sign-ups. 
I will make an official post featuring the event rules*, the sign-up form (name/prompt of choice/rating/likes/dislikes/things you’re willing to write/things you won’t write, etc)** and the e-mail address you’ll have to use to communicate with me (the Mod) for the duration of the event. 
During these two weeks, all the writers/artists that want to participate are welcome to join!

October 1st-2nd: Assignments.
I will put together all the sign-up forms I have received, read your requests and what you’re willing to draw/write, and match them to make sure that each of you will receive something responding to your taste while also creating something that is on your wavelenght. You will receive an e-mail from the address mentioned above where I’ll give you your assigned prompt, comprehensive of the receiver likes/dislikes and eventual notes, and a reminder of the deadline.

November 19th: First deadline.
It is a month and a half since the date of the assignment, and I believe it a reasonable time to produce a gift-work.

November 26th: Second deadline.
Life happens, and so do accidents and miscalculations and whatever, so if at some point you see that you’ll might need a few more days to complete your assignment, you can write to me and ask for an extension. Extension will be due a week later than the first deadline, so on November 26th.

November 30th: Pinch-hitters deadline.
I will take into account the chance of people dropping out, so in the sign-up form I’ll ask you if you want to be a pinch-hitter too (i.e.: I will). In case of need, pinch-hitters will be asked to step in and fill in a prompt left abandoned by the previous participant - the very nature of their work is to produce something into a limited amount of time, therefore, they will have a special deadline to send in the works they have pinch-hit for.
This date will also be everyone’s last chance to send something (previous authorization from yours truly).

December 1st-24th: Posting.
In an ideal world, we will have at least 24 works, to be posted daily in order to create a TouMaki Advent Calendar that will walk us towards Christmas. In any other case, a posting schedule will be created and everyone will receive their gift in this timeframe. I plan on posting the works anonymously here on Tumblr and on a dedicated Collection on AO3 (working on the specifics). 

December 25th: The Secret Santas will be revealed in a big wrap-up post and we’ll all celebrate TouMaki Christmas together!

*rules are being defined as I speak, but I’m thinking about standard gift exchange material:
- Fandom: Yowamushi Pedal
- Main Pairing: Toudou Jinpachi/Makishima Yuusuke
- Fics must be at least 1000 words long
- Art must be a finished piece of at least equivalent effort
- You can sign up as a pinch-hitter only, if you want

**all of this might take place directly on AO3, which will require you to have an account there.

…so, I think Christmas might be a nice moment to bring fandom together, and while I have fun writing, it will be even more fun to be in an event with many more people, and it definitely would give fandom different material to squeal over!

Let me know what you think of it!

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