i beat the game! :d

Can we talk about how Ryuji is the best character in Persona 5

I know I beat it like a week ago but can we like


about how great Ryuji is

And how even with a broken never-to-run-again leg he manages to run up a mother fucking sinking ship to pull a lever and save his entire group

and if he tripped and fell like he did in the scene where they escape Kamoshida’s crumbling palace he and the rest of his friends would have died

and he was literally their final hope

and he knew that





Guess who’s opening fic requests again!

I have a lot of long (~very~ long) fics and things in the works, but I’m also sick and unfocused and in want of something a little different. So I’ll be opening my requests up again, only for things that can be knocked off in a single chapter and/or one-shot. I’ll tag whatever I can think of off the top of my head that I wouldn’t mind writing for, but if you have an idea outside of these, feel free to drop in anyway and I’ll see what I can do!

dashie1125-blog  asked:

Hey Donnie, do you like Horses or Orcas? Also if they're both super friendly (I wish!) would you possibly play with them?

I am sure they are both friendly, but I don’t think I could play on the same level as they would. It would be  unfair because I’d beat them at every video game. 

I could swim with the orcas at least. That would be fun. We could race!

Caleb was desperate for things to move in with Valentina, but she was didn’t feel like he was being realistic.

Caleb: I don’t mind! I mean we could adopt if we wanted to.
Valentina: Caleb, I’m forty-two and have a fifteen year old son. I thought that I was done having children. I don’t want to stand in the way of you having children, but I’m not willing to put myself through the stress of trying to get pregnant at my age.
Caleb: I want you. If we don’t have children, we don’t have them! Milo is amazing when he’s not beating my arse at video games, I’d be more than happy with just you and him.
Valentina: I just want you to go into this with your eyes open. If we move in together, I won’t stop myself from getting pregnant, but chances are that it’s not going to happen.
Caleb: Let’s just move in together, I love you.

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what did sky have that time/darkness didn't other than new starters? i played darkness

expanded story! when u beat certain points in the game you’d unlock a special episode! the last one tells what happened to grovyle, dusknoir, celebi, and other pokemon of the future

Ok, to make It spoiler free- I BEAT TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle TODAY! My first try was uber fail cause I was like level 34 and he 1 hit KO'ed me XD; (His goddamn gay MA D:< )

After this i went on a self-perfecting journey of lvling up on some forsaken island full of baloon monsters and after I hit 51 (IT TOOK ME A DAY!)  I DIED AGAIN D;<

Then I figured Karol is actually better heal support than Estelle and I WON AFTER 3RD TRY D;< YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH PROOOOO!!! Karol You own ass D:<!

But god, fark you TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle and your gay MA D:<

Anyway have a nostalgic Yuri with his sweet Repede cub (he Is so uber lovely in the movie, garh!)


Anyway I was suprised that beating the crap out of TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle wasnt actually ending of the game so Im still a prisoner of xbox - In other words -  dont expect updates until i beat this game D:< 40 hours so far (and I dont even bother with side stories cause im waiting to get PS3 version obviously) !!! DDDDD:

I propably should sleep now cause work tommorow, but god, so many feels I wont be able to sleep im sure :C


The last two shots are from gameplay of mine and PAX ATR respectively. Just for reference ‘coz my arts are not accurate… Need to practice drawing as well as improve my English proficiency.

I don’t think my heart will survive when the final game is released.
I’m sure it won’t stop beating until I buy the game :D

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