i beat the game! :d

Can we talk about how Ryuji is the best character in Persona 5

I know I beat it like a week ago but can we like


about how great Ryuji is

And how even with a broken never-to-run-again leg he manages to run up a mother fucking sinking ship to pull a lever and save his entire group

and if he tripped and fell like he did in the scene where they escape Kamoshida’s crumbling palace he and the rest of his friends would have died

and he was literally their final hope

and he knew that





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Have you beat Death of the outsider? I had it and reached the end but I got so fed up with all the cultists being in big groups and the "envisioned" roaming around that terrify me along with the music and having to find a safe way down, so I sorta got too mad and uninstalled it :') but I've seen the ending before I got the game so What at your thoughts on the "envisioned"?

yeah, I beat the game. I hate them too : ) But thanks to easy difficulty… ;D anyway  I liked it more than Disssssshnrd 2

ooh I hate these guys, I’ll do some comics about them, thanks for the idea : )

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where'd you get the max gif from?? is there a new trailer or clip released for season 2???

There’s a new clip of the boys and Max on Halloween! It was included as part of beating the new Stranger Things app game. I’d link, but I’m on mobile! You should be able to find it on Tumblr or Instagram though

First impressions of Trails of Cold Steel

This is from the vantage point of having just cleared the prologue.

*As someone who’s practically playing her Falcom games backwards for now, I can definitely see that Tokyo Xanadu takes its engine from this game. ^^; It means I’m right at home with the controls and general structure outside of battles, apart from occasionally hitting the wrong button for the camp menu.

*Speaking of battles, I… think I need to learn the system a little more. Does the first boss normally take a while to beat?

*I’d heard that the English dub for this game was good, and what I’d heard was right. It’s nice to hear dub acting that sounds like it’s having fun with the characters and cares about bringing their personalities across as opposed to just blatantly reading off the script. On that note, the script itself is good, too.

*Sara and Laura are hot. So is the purple-haired lesbian. Emma’s pretty easy on the eyes, too.

*Machias is probably my favourite character so far. I wish he was a little less sexist, though.

*I already kind of ship Jusis and Machias. Their arguing amuses me.

*Haha, I’ve barely started the first chapter and I’m already feeling some continuity lockout thanks to that classroom question. I’ll keep pressing on regardless; I did get Trails in the Sky for the PSP around the same time I bought this game, so if I do feel totally lost to the point where it dampens my enjoyment of Cold Steel, I could always charge up the PSP and jump to Sky instead. If it does come to that, at least it would mean I’d be playing Trails games in the intended order! (But when I do get to Sky, whenever that happens, I’d have to play SC and 3rd on Steam afterwards… the need to jump around platforms like that is pretty annoying, but what can I do?)

Let’s see where I get to before NDRV3 comes out in English at the end of the month.

Ok, to make It spoiler free- I BEAT TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle TODAY! My first try was uber fail cause I was like level 34 and he 1 hit KO'ed me XD; (His goddamn gay MA D:< )

After this i went on a self-perfecting journey of lvling up on some forsaken island full of baloon monsters and after I hit 51 (IT TOOK ME A DAY!)  I DIED AGAIN D;<

Then I figured Karol is actually better heal support than Estelle and I WON AFTER 3RD TRY D;< YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH PROOOOO!!! Karol You own ass D:<!

But god, fark you TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle and your gay MA D:<

Anyway have a nostalgic Yuri with his sweet Repede cub (he Is so uber lovely in the movie, garh!)


Anyway I was suprised that beating the crap out of TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle wasnt actually ending of the game so Im still a prisoner of xbox - In other words -  dont expect updates until i beat this game D:< 40 hours so far (and I dont even bother with side stories cause im waiting to get PS3 version obviously) !!! DDDDD:

I propably should sleep now cause work tommorow, but god, so many feels I wont be able to sleep im sure :C

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“Anyone with thumbs could win at Pokémon. A monkey could win at Pokémon. If I heard someone beat such a game, I’d have no evidence they weren’t a monkey.”

               ❝ !

               ❝ that’s exactly what i was trynna say. i mean, not in those kinda words but pokémon is ASS. i can probably pass an entire game by button mashing and focusing on something else instead. what’s the point in playing a game if s’easy ? s’no fun like that. i’d rather play, like cuphead o’something. ❞


The last two shots are from gameplay of mine and PAX ATR respectively. Just for reference ‘coz my arts are not accurate… Need to practice drawing as well as improve my English proficiency.

I don’t think my heart will survive when the final game is released.
I’m sure it won’t stop beating until I buy the game :D

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