i beat the game! :d

Can we talk about how Ryuji is the best character in Persona 5

I know I beat it like a week ago but can we like


about how great Ryuji is

And how even with a broken never-to-run-again leg he manages to run up a mother fucking sinking ship to pull a lever and save his entire group

and if he tripped and fell like he did in the scene where they escape Kamoshida’s crumbling palace he and the rest of his friends would have died

and he was literally their final hope

and he knew that





I feel like everyone has that one videogame they’re like “I love this game more than life itself but I’ll never recommend it because it’s an unplayable piece of garbage. But it’s perfect and I love it.”

Oh my god I’d forgotten about how passionate and smooth Hyuga could be when he is in love. Ngl but I legitimately blushed and got a doki a few times while playing his route and that doesn’t usually happen often whenever I play otome or alike 😂

anonymous asked:

Can you share a childhood memory that you have? A good one!

I don’t have many good childhood memories….I suppose the very first time I beat a video game was a good memory, though. I’d been trying for weeks to beat the final boss of Paper Mario, and I was like…five or six. Most games I’d played up to that point had been too hard for me to get to the end of (Sonic 2, Super Mario World, usual stuff.) But Paper Mario was the first game I played that had clear plot progression and an end goal. I remember I stayed up so late I made myself sick to beat it but it was totally worth it, and in the morning my younger brother was like ‘wow big sister you’re so cool…’ It’s a good memory. I was so proud I left it on the ‘The End’ screen for like hours.

Ok, to make It spoiler free- I BEAT TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle TODAY! My first try was uber fail cause I was like level 34 and he 1 hit KO'ed me XD; (His goddamn gay MA D:< )

After this i went on a self-perfecting journey of lvling up on some forsaken island full of baloon monsters and after I hit 51 (IT TOOK ME A DAY!)  I DIED AGAIN D;<

Then I figured Karol is actually better heal support than Estelle and I WON AFTER 3RD TRY D;< YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH PROOOOO!!! Karol You own ass D:<!

But god, fark you TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle and your gay MA D:<

Anyway have a nostalgic Yuri with his sweet Repede cub (he Is so uber lovely in the movie, garh!)


Anyway I was suprised that beating the crap out of TheOneWhoKidnappedEstelle wasnt actually ending of the game so Im still a prisoner of xbox - In other words -  dont expect updates until i beat this game D:< 40 hours so far (and I dont even bother with side stories cause im waiting to get PS3 version obviously) !!! DDDDD:

I propably should sleep now cause work tommorow, but god, so many feels I wont be able to sleep im sure :C


The last two shots are from gameplay of mine and PAX ATR respectively. Just for reference ‘coz my arts are not accurate… Need to practice drawing as well as improve my English proficiency.

I don’t think my heart will survive when the final game is released.
I’m sure it won’t stop beating until I buy the game :D

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