i beat a game

The life of this blog may be short b/c when my Switch and BOTW arrive to me and I beat that game, I’m pretty sure my soul will leave my body and I’ll die in peace, having lived a fulfilling and satisfying existence.

Guzma/Reader headcanons? 

  • Guzma is a sucker for kisses, never before had he felt such affection. So if you ever just sneak a kiss on his cheek on kiss his hand he will melt. He will get so flustered and stutters whenever you surprise him like that.
  • It’s almost impossible for Guzma to wake up before noon. You’re more of a morning person so trying to get him to wake up any earlier is a challenge for you. You’ve tried using an operant conditioning technique but it still failed. He started to clue in on your attempts and after you gave up he surprised you by waking you up with a cup of coffee.
  • You first met waiting in line at the Hau’oli cafe, the both of you ordered a Tapu Cocoa. The barista on cash never asked for either of your names so when they called out the first order you both reached for the drink at the same time accidentally knocking it over in the process… Guess you could say your first meeting was a hot mess.
  • Guzma excels at math, it took you by surprise when he blurted out the answer to an equation you were working on. You use him as your own personal Pokemon battling tactician now when regarding type advantages and damage dealt.