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Do you know what pisses me off the most about the dreaded “Autism Moms”?

Let me tell you, as an autistic adult who also was a main caregiver for an autistic boy (my brother). 

For the record:  I swear that if you use this post to say autism makes people violent and abusive, I will send 12,000 angry geese to flock in your bedroom and destroy every item that you treasure the most. AND I will eat the leftovers you had planned on eating for lunch tomorrow. Don’t you fuckin dare miss the point of this post. 

Listen up. I got a story for you.

Bit of background first.

My boy, my little hobbit, was born when I was ten years old. My mother left him alone with my grandparents and me. She legit abandoned him. 

My grandparents weren’t sure they could take him in. 
I begged. I pleaded. I asked as hard as I could to let us keep him and not give him back to my mother. 

Of course, they said yes. 

I dutifully became the protective older sister.

I would bathe him up until the week I left for college. I measured his medications and crushed them into his favorite yogurt. Blue, if you were curious.I made sure his food was perfect - french fries made just like he wanted, a chicken fry sandwich complete with his favorite McDonald’s sauce we bought in bulk.  
I went to his speech and occupational therapies several times a week, and practiced the things he learned. I went with him to his first day of school.

I even did a middle school project all about autism (which I am slightly embarrassed about, as I mentioned A$ in it ugh). I read all the autism books a 12 year old could find, and immersed myself in the Vanderbilt paperwork. I delved into the world of IEPs, visual schedules, and basic sign language.

And now, I’m still sending them resources and information on medications, papers for teachers, and going over doctor notes for him - despite being six hours away. 

(Of course, I was an undiagnosed autistic girl who also needed quiet. When I wasn’t needed to do these things, I was often in my room away from the loud television and people. I wasn’t a perfect caregiver, but I did do a lot.)

All of that to say: yeah, it wasn’t easy. But since when is raising a kid ever easy? I started looking after this boy when I was ten years old.

But here’s what infuriates me.

I read all the time about these autism moms who complain about how terrible their lives are. They say they’re afraid of being hurt and their lives are destroyed. Some even talk about killing their kids.

You know what?

Yeah, I got hurt by him or when helping him. I got bit, scratched, hit, and everything else. Usually it was just him being frustrated over lack of communicating his needs, so I was rarely angry. 
I ran after him when he went out the door straight for a lawnmower and I fell to the concrete. I grabbed him right before he ran into a street and ended up with my arm covered in blood.

I was kicked in the head and given a traumatic brain injury that requires me to now use a cane, and has caused a ton of nervous system issues. I even use a wheelchair part-time due to another condition that occurred afterwards. I’m only 20, and my health is pretty comparable to someone with congestive heart failure.

And you know what? 

I never in a million years thought about hurting my little brother.

I still don’t blame him. He was often overwhelmed, and had meltdowns. As an autistic person myself, I understood it - even if I didn’t know I was autistic at the time. (I suspected, but was too focused on other things.) 
I don’t know if I’ll ever get better health-wise, and that’s okay. I don’t know if I’ll get to run and dance again, or if there’s worse effects to come. It’s just what it is, and I’ve accepted that. 

He’s a child. It’s not his fault. He once asked me if it was, and I hugged him tight and said absolutely not. 

I say all this not to demonstrate how violent autistic people can be, but to demonstrate that I get where these autism moms are coming from.

  Again, for the record, autistic people are far more likely to be abused and assaulted. 

Remember how I said  I get where they’re coming from?

Yeah, that’s still not an excuse to be harmful toward your child. Ever.

You don’t give your babies bleach, shock them, or starve them. You don’t talk about them as if they’re literally a death sentence for you. And you sure as hell don’t want to murder your little ones. 

And if you literally want to kill your kid, if you would rather have a dead child than an autistic one, I have news for you.

You don’t deserve that child, and you better back up and understand this.

You autism moms need to stop. You need to listen. 

Your kids are going through a world that wants to “cure” them, force them into suffering so they can look “normal.” Your kids are going to spend their entire lives dealing with a world that is hostile to them. People try to assimilate us to save their own pride, at the expense of our own comfort and stability. 
Your kid is going to go through life being told that they should be literally “treated” with electroshock therapy because of their neurology. They’re going to be told that they shouldn’t reproduce. They’re going to be told that they’re not worth having space in this world. Your kid is going to grow up one day, and they’re going to hear this and internalize it. 

I know that, because that’s what I hear every day. 

You say it’s so hard to have an autistic kid?

Well, of course it is. But you know what?

Kids are hard.
They’re going to kick, hit, pinch, and everything else. Even neurotypical kids do that. I don’t know a single kid who hasn’t bit their caregiver or thrown something when grumpy. 
(I’ll say it again for those in the back: autistic kids are way way way more likely to be abused and hurt.)

When you have a kid, you sign up for this. You love that little one unconditionally, you protect them with all your heart. You give them support. You love that child even if they have a disability, especially when they have a disability.

You teach them that they are allowed to exist, that they are just as valuable and needed in this world like anyone else. We need all the neurodiversity in this world we can get. 

You teach your child that they’re not a burden. You teach them how to say no and that autonomy is often more important than compliance. You teach them that you love them, and that they will always have someone in their corner to back them up when times are tough.

I don’t care how hard you think it is raise an autistic child.

Trust me, I know full well it’s hard. Parenting is hard. It’s not easy, and it’s not always roses and fluffy kittens. That has nothing to do with having an autistic kid; that’s just a fact of life. 

The fear of getting hurt is valid. I can attest to that, and I don’t think I can downplay that. But that behavior is communication, and you have to learn how to read it. I did. You have to fight for better supports, for ways to make it easier on your kid - and by doing this, easier for you too. 

Sure, it’s hard.

But you know what? Your kid’s going to have it much harder. 

Here’s the thing: I’m not religious myself, but I get Frankie Boyle’s point about disliking celebrity atheists like Ricky Gervais and finding them snooty and obnoxious. (Boyle is an atheist himself.)

I was reading Trevor Noah’s book and he brings up a great point: In Apartheid South Africa, Christian missionaries were the only ones willing to open up schools and give black people an education that consisted of things like art and history and politics. 

Basically, all the things the government didn’t want them learning. (They wanted them learning about farming) Then when they ordered them to stop; the missionary schools flat-out refused. 

“And your reward for all that? Ricky Gervais looks down his nose at you.”

Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 4/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Angst & Fluff


Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (Soon) | 

It was now Monday morning and Eddie felt his numb fingertips jitter at the seams of his jumper, feeling the weaves under his senseless skin without his pulse guiding him. 

The pills were messing him up. Bad.

His doctor had prescribed the soft pink and white capsules in order to stop being gay, as if what he had was some sick mental illness. Eddie’s mother thought he was twisted, that the rumours weren’t true and that people were lying about her pride and joy. Several days later she realised that Eddie was in fact a homosexual boy. However, she refused to believe it and dragged him to every therapist and doctor in order to ‘save’ him.

He didn’t need saving, he was gay and that was that. He had only told Bill, Ben, Mike and Stan but somehow the word got around school, eventually a teacher had confronted his mother about the matter. He didn’t mean for everyone to know, but now that everyone did- the reaction he got towards his sexuality choice was repulsive.

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summylise  asked:

How'd you learn Japanese??? Did you teach yourself? If so, hOw On EaRtH dId YoU dO tHaT?!?!

Oh oh! Good question! :D 

First off, I started by learning hiragana and basic words with this serie of videos on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zfBMDNkJuI

Then, I made a whole book where I wrote the stuff I learned:

And now, I am learning more with those videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxuZNRnlprC70l1bnI0n-XQ

If you want a good way to practice, You can try to read fairy tail’s chapters without translations!

‘’ Arega boku tachi no chichi to haha dayo ‘’

Once you learned all the hiragana’s characters, you’ll be able to translate it easily. It’ okay if you don’t understand right away what it means, but just being able to read it is a real big step!!

I’m not very far advanced yet, but by doing this, I learned all of those things in less than 2 months! :) 

Hope it helps you! <3

505studies  asked:

hello !! i wanted to ask if you have any tips for someone who wants to start learning a new language ? ( and maybe how to choose what to learn ? ) have a nice day !!

Hi! Learning a foreign language might be difficult but it’s extremely fascinating! 

I have a lot of experience in language-learning  ( I currently speak five languages and planning to start learning two more), so I think I could give you some effective tips (which helped me on my journey). Here we go!

                                           The Strategy Plan

1. Pick you language & motivation. Okay, first and foremost you must decide which language you want to learn. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of it. The thing is- without a strong motivation there’s 99.9 % chance you will not get anywhere. The reason why- as I said, language learning is pretty complicated process and if you don’t have a clear vision on why exactly you’re doing it, you will not mock yourself and give up in a week. 

  So, how do you choose? Well, it all depends on you, your interests & preferences. Think of what language is the most appealing to you, which country you would like to visit, which culture & people you would want to become closer with. But just in case you’re completely lost, pick something that is widely used by many people, and what is not really hard. Try it. If you find it’s not your thing- you can always switch to the other language ( but never give something up just because it too complicated. Things get easier.).

2. Start small. Once you’ve chosen  your language- that’s when the fun part begins. You will learn your first words. I would suggest starting with a specific number of the most common words (50/100/1000). Or you can also categorize them if you want( i.g. 50 most common nouns, 50 most common verbs etc.). 

Fun fact: if you choose your vocabulary right:

40 words covers about 50% of words used in everyday speech 
200 words - around 80%
300 - around 85% 
400- 90%°
800 - 1000 words covers up to 95% of words used in daily conversations. 

3. Grammar. Grammar is indeed important if you want to sound intelligent (or not silly at least)  but I would not suggest dedicating too much time to it. Language is made out of words, and this is where your main focus should be. You definitely must know the proper sentence structure, how to conjugate verbs, irregularities and exceptions etc. but once again- no need to go deep about it.

4. Practice, practice, practice. You may hate it or love it, but the most important aspect of learning a foreign language is practice. Yup, practice even beats vocabulary and grammar learning. I know that usually there’s no chance to practice speaking with natives speakers (that would be ideal), so here’s my favourite tips: 

  • Sticky notes. You probably already heard about it, but it actually works. Basically, want you want to do is to put sticky notes all over your room/house and write all the necessary/ difficult words on them. Thus it will always be in front of you and you’ll face no difficulties remembering you vocabulary.
  • Start a journal. Or just aim to write a few sentences every day about what you’ve been doing/ what you saw/ what happened. This way you will easily find out which words are essential for you. ( Should I say- if you don’t know a word/ phrase you need- check it out in a dictionary. It’s good if you remember it straight away, but if not- after you’ll look for it a few times it will stay in your mind forever(unless you stop practicing of course)).
  • Teach someone. Yes, very effective method as well. I like teaching my sister french (not that she wants it) and it helps a lot with expressing yourself and practicing formulating your thoughts. If you don’t have any siblings/ friends that could help, you can teach some your pet, toys or simply talk with yourself.
  • Incorporate the target language into your routine. Get used to it, feel it. Try watching some films in this language, count in it, read books/some articles. It will also help you to stop translating in your head and getting used to think in another language.

Those are some basic tips I could think of right now. Language learning is indeed hard but if you want it bad enough you will not notice any difficulties because of how much you’ll enjoy the process. Knowing several languages opens so many doors into wonderful worlds of various cultures and opportunities, and I hope those doors open for you as well! Wish you all the best and good luck on your journey!


I’ve been reading this book, and is basically about history- Right now Im on the greeks, and they have a WHOLE chapter of Homer and the Illiad (Its killing me slowly, they said there was proof of the heroes being ACTUAL PEOPLE and not only characters, be still my patroclus heart) and I just wanted to point out that the greeks were far more accepting than us in terms of sexuality, but the book caused so much controversy because, apparently, you couldn’t be a hero and have a guy as your partner (remember all those history books were my babies were called platonic bros). Then, Alexander The Great, a FUCKING KING AND A CONQUEROR AND A BADASS, fucking claims himself as the direct descendant of Achilles and says, well, guess what, you didnt approve of patrochilles, so here you have me FUCKING SPENDING MILLIONS OF GOLD IN A FEAST AND THE FUCKING PYRE OF MY FUCKING BEST FRIEND AND LOVER WHO HAPPENS TO BE A GUY, and almost tattoes on his chest “gay4Hefestion” and I still dont understand why Alexander isn’t a great bisexual icon, he deserves reconition.


I have recently become utterly smitten with the Society of Gentlemen book series by KJ Charles. The book covers are so disappointing and bland and do not do these characters justice AT ALL so I needed to draw the boys myself.

If you like Regency-era stories about gentlemen who like other gentlemen then you should check this series out; it’s got some lovely romance and friendships and supporting-each-other-through-hardship and era politics and scandal and drama and pining.  Not to mention bi and demi and trans characters, and none of the conflicts revolve around anyone being ashamed of their sexuality. Oh, and they all have HAPPY ENDINGS! Also people actually communicate and it avoids so many stupid misunderstandings that are so common in love stories. 

(Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in historical romance and more) 

i used to be so into all these romance novels but now that i am more aware and i know more…… i fucking hate them like i really dont want to read about a white boy and a white girl falling in love in different circumstances again. unfortunately thats basically the entirety of the YA genre. i guess my point is that im so sick of heterosexuality being in every goddamn book i read. 

Voltron fic recs, the sequel


I’m struggling to get any personal art drawn this evening so I thought why not shower you with fic recs instead? 

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

Entangled - 48K (WIP); klance; When Keith found himself mentally linked to Lance of all people he certainly never imagined that it would be a useful asset in team Voltron’s fight against the Galra Empire. Now if he can just keep his feelings in check, they might actually have a chance at defeating Zarkon.

Not That Bad - 68K; klance; Lance, flirty barista extraordinare, accidentally gives Keith a cup with his phone number on it and promptly freaks out. Things escalate from there. Or, a college AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings.

thread our way through a string of stars - 23K; klance; Lance, a humble astrophysics student, finds a strange guy sitting in his customary research spot. A strange guy looking for aliens, no less.  Lance isn’t going to stand for this.

‘Shiro and Keith’s Kickass Fighting Techniques’ by Lance Sanchez - 12K; klance; Lance starts with one role model and ends up with two, a myriad of confusing emotions, and a notebook filled with condemning evidence which Hunk must never see.

pepsicola - 10K; klance - It starts like this: Lance looking up at the scoreboard only a few days into his Garrison training and muttering to himself, “What the hell kind of a name is Keith?” Or, Keith and Lance fall in love. Eventually.

tropical drink melting in your hand; we’ll be falling in love - 12K; klance; Keith just wanted a summer job to help pay for college. He didn’t expect to be coworkers with a complete asshole who hated his guts. He didn’t expect to fall for him, either.

Dewey Despicable - 4K; klance; “To the toddler who left coffee stains all over the ancient myth books…” Lance spills coffee over some books in the library and finds an angry note when he returns to the scene of the crime. He can’t resist responding.

Rose Christo has written some of my favorite books and book series and you guys should read them.

One of the series she wrote is called Suddenly Space Pirates. It currently has three books out. I’ve only read the first one, but I’m currently working on reading them all. In the books the main character, Nick, is taken aboard a ship by a crew of space pirates and he ends up joining the crew and going on adventures with them. The thing about the ship is that it can only go to planets that are dying, so Nick wants to save his planet. It’s a fun read and there’s a plot twist at the end that I don’t want to spoil. Also basically the entire crew is gay or bi.

The other series I read of hers is Gives Light. This is my favorite thing I’ve read of hers. When the main character, Skylar, was a kid there was a serial killer on his reservation that killed women including his mother. He walked in when his mother was killed and had his throat cut. He lived but he ended up mute. He and his father moved off the reservation. When he’s older his father goes missing so he goes back to the reservation to live with his grandmother. He starts making friends including the son of the man who killed his mother. The two of them eventually end up dating. I really enjoyed these books. Besides the story, you also learn a lot of things about Skylar’s tribe as well as some others. Also there’s about 9 LGBT characters I can think of off the top of my head.

She’s written some other books as well. I read one other Dogs of Balboa, but I don’t remember as much about that one but I remember I enjoyed it. Basically, Rose Christo has some really good books and more people need to read them.

why you should read the epic crush of genie lo

sooo i just finished this book and i’m pretty much destroyed tbh

  • soooo you like percy jackson, huh?
  • well you’ll like genie lo
  • genie is a chinese-american girl whose only focus is to get into a top college
  • instead, she’s destined for another life
  • to fight demons with the help of a new classmate, quentin
  • who is,,,,something else tbh
  • anyway, he walks into genie’s life and changes her life
  • by telling her that she’s his
  • so genie does the sensible thing
  • and punches him
  • later she learns all the chinese mythology that she ignored most of her life
  • so the bay area is threatened by 108 demons
  • and genie and quentin have to fight them all
  • and you know, deal with every day life like school and friends and what not
  • and the HUMOR in this book omg
  • i could not stop smiling
  • genie is,,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,the queen of witty comebacks tbh
  • this is ya btw so some of the humor i found funnier than the middle grade humor of pjo
  • and the ROMANCE
  • i just could not stop smiling okay
  • some of quentin’s comments…..i died
  • anyways, time for some quotes!!
  • “i have plans on saturday. we could meet on sunday … “ “you can’t postpone the secrets of the universe!”
  • [about learning said secrets of the universe^^^] “look,” i said. “i don’t learn well with vague instructions. can’t you lay out all the steps from start to finish, so i can see what i’m supposed to be working toward?” “lay out!? these aren’t differential equations we’re talking about!”
  • “i achieved spiritual mastery and immortality. and then i made war on heaven.” “which basically makes you chinese satan”
  • there’s more but i don’t want to spoil it

sooo this book comes out august 8th!! pick it up when it releases i promise you won’t regret it

I have a book coming out in November! It is basically a Hallmark Christmas movie in book form. If you’ve read John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas or Pining for You, then you know I am ALL about the Christmas fluff.

Are you a book blogger who wants to know more? (Or do you know a book blogger you think should know more?) Send me an ask!

For some context, I run a group of 3 people (a halfling rogue, an elf/bird cleric, and an owlbear monk) with a homebrew campaign in a world that I created. At the end of the campaign they had accidentally entered a portal to another realm and were now inside a surreal version of an abandoned library. 

Rogue: Can I try to read the books?

Me (DM): You try to read the book but all the words make no sense and keep moving around on the page. You basically forget everything as soon as you look away from it no matter how many times you read it.

Rogue: … Can I burn it?


The whole party later got attacked by a giant magical being that had been protecting the area, and almost killed 2 of the members, including the cleric.

Rogue: I’m just saying if you had let me burn down the library, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

Cleric: Shut up.


FMA EXHIBIT 2017 | Souvenir Bookmarks (Translation)

thank you so much, Paula (@lonepiper5758) for providing the HQ photos and for wanting to share these to the rest of the fandom~!! @capthawkeye​, the middle one’s your request ^__^


(aka. Tuesday, but the kanji for weekday, 曜日, wasn’t used so I’m translating it literally)

Al: It’s amazing that the colonel has complete control of his flames.
Roy: Well, right now it seems like this, but when I was young, I made a lot of mistakes.

Young!Roy: *reading: MUSTANG NOTEBOOK* uhhh, and then snap…

*Young!Roy screams as fire comes out from his nose*
FLAMES FROM THE NOSE. And make it double

Young!Roy: This time I will do it [properly]. *snap*
*screams as fire comes out from his butt*
Roy: I thought I was going to die when fire came out of my butt.


(aka. Wednesday, but the kanji for weekday, 曜日, wasn’t used so I’m translating it literally since the bookmarks are all about puns/wordplay)

Roy: Water is ALL after all!! [i.e. everything is all about water]
Roy: I will be drenched in the end. [He thinks there’s a prank that’s about to happen.]

Roy: Look, it’s coming; see here: there’s a pond in this place!! Something like a push will happen; a shove or whatnot!!
Roy: I wanna, I absolutely wanna!!!** But even if a suspicious guy comes around, the Lieutenant is beside me so it’s fine.

*Riza pushes Roy into the pond*

Riza: *reads a book entitled Japo~n Guide Book* No. In Japo~n, they say “Do not push [into the water]. Definitely do not push!” because it seems that there is such a culture [or norm].
Roy: *drowning face-up* Ophelia

**EXPLANATION FOR THE PUNCH LINE: there’s a wordplay here:  Roy says ワナ = wanna (shortened slang for I want to) in the second panel, but I think he really meant 罠 = わな (wana) = trap… so the line actually means “it’s a trap, totally a trap!!!” but then Riza misunderstands him and thinks that he wanted to be shoved into the water so she does, then finds out later after reading the guide book that it’s actually against the cultural norm. This one’s kinda complicated and I’m not sure if I understood it correctly!!! T__T


(aka. Friday, but the kanji for weekday, 曜日, wasn’t used so I’m translating it literally since the bookmarks are all about puns/wordplay)

Armstrong: *flex* Muscle day!! (suji yōbi)

Sig Curtis + Chimeras: *flex, flex* Muscle day!! Muscle day!! Muscle day!! (different pronunciation = kin yōbi)

Kimblee: *flex* muscle-burī (it’s basically a pun on his name since the kanji for muscle can be pronounced as either “suji” or “kin” and in Japanese, the pronunciation of Kimblee is キンブリ or “KINburī.” and gold can also pronounced as “kin” hence the title!)

Kimblee: *wakes up from the nightmare and screams in terror* It’s not beautiful!!!


Idk if anyone has seen these at all, they were variant covers of the Samurai Jack comics released in 2015 and drawn by the creator of Samurai Jack, Genndy Tartakovsky, I think I read or heard somewhere that season 5 of Samurai Jack has been in production since 2015, and these variant covers were basically Tartakovsky’s way of teasing season 5, and no one even knew (i really want the last variant cover as a poster haha) (and by teasing season 5, I meant teasing the new art style of season 5)

Avengers, Assemble!

Pairings- Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Word Count- 1556

Hopefully, this will be fluffy. I got the idea when a kid in my skating class made me promise to go over to her house and play with her.

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My Witchy “Planner”

One of the most important tools that I use in my Craft is my witchy “planner.” It isn’t actually a planner, but it incorporates elements of both journals, bullet journals, and planners. Today I wanted to share my “planner” with you and show you how I use it for everyday witchiness!

I use a mini-three ring binder I bought from Target. I have it divided into a couple sections. On the front of my binder I glued a Project Life card to create a small pocket where I can slip in notes or the list of current journaling prompts I may be doing for easy access.

Inside my binder I have a one-page almanac for the year that tells me the dates of the dark moon, the full moon and the sabbats.

In the beginning I have a lot of basic pages. Not all of these pages are meant for everyday use. This is more a general collection of my goals and reminders. Some of the things I have in there right now are:

- Daily Witch Practices
- Some Favorite Inspirational Quotes
- What is G.R.O.W? (For when I am reading spiritual books or studying witchcraft)
- A Book Blessing
- Witchy Projects (This changes monthly; I write down small milestones for each project to complete each month)
- Witchy Blog posts I want to write

⛤ Section One: My “Gratitude Journal.” This is where I write a short blurb about what happened that day and one thing I was grateful for. I also take note of my energy level, the moon phase and how much I slept. This helps me keep track of my moods.

⛤ Section Two: Calendar. Here I make a note of all the astrological happenings of the month, such as dark moon, full moon, sabbats, retrogrades, the moon changing signs, eclipses and meteor showers. I also keep a “notes” section where I jot down a variety of notes to myself about tools and ingredients I need to buy and mundane things like doctor’s appointments.

⛤ Section Three: Sabbat and Esbat section. Here is where I record my thoughts and feelings during a holiday, or recipes that I will use. At the beginning of the month I make a short goal for celebrating Sabbats and Esbats (because I’m terrible at planning full rituals).

⛤ Section Four: Spell/Ritual reflections. I don’t find much time to cast spells or make charms, or even rituals, so there isn’t much in this section. How ever I do include WIP spells I’m writing.

This next one isn’t actually a section, but is actually just a plastic pocket insert and a handful of pages. This section is what I call a “self-care” section. I have lists of things that make me happy, inspirational pictures, recipes for special baths or lotions, and a variety of things that are meant to help me when my anxiety/depression kicks in.

⛤ Section Five: Personal reflections. Every week I sit down with my “Gratitude Journal” entries for the week and I evaluate how my week went, how I felt, etc. It’s kind of like doing my own therapy. This section also includes any epiphanies, rants or reverence moments I have.

Section Six: Meditation and Exercises. Self explanatory. I write about my experiences and any thoughts I have.

Section Seven: Witchy StudyI have a list of topics to research and my notes in this section. Most of what is in this section is meant to be moved over to my grimoire at a later date.

**UPDATE** I’ve added this video showing you the inside of my Planner! I’m currently in the middle of reorganizing for December so it’s a bit messy, but here you go!