i basically love every word she says

i’d like to see more content of allura being a relatable teen. she’s a Kool Kid! i’m gonna make some Relatable Teen allura hcs and if anyone else has any they would like to add then that would be encouraged

- every time she gets caught getting into teenage mischief or doing something she shouldn’t be doing she just goes “i’m a princess i can do what i want” n no one can say anything about it. they’re not sure if it’s even legal to. well, coran says something, but that’s different he’s basically her dad.

- she made some especially funny jokes a few times and they made everyone laugh and sometimes she thinks back to them and laughs at her own jokes for thirty minutes at a time

- [well crafted joke with lots of thought put in] “i suppose it’s a bit amusing :)” [literally just the word ‘snungus’] “[loud cackling she’s unable to hold back]”

- ^^^ also applies for “hinter bush” and every day sentences with the phrase 'i’m gay’ incorporated

- “coraaan, i looove you…” “i love you too, allura :{) is there something you want?” “other than to tell my trusted advisor and second father figure that i love him? why, coran, i’m appalled! i would never, never stoop down to such levels! if i tell you that i love you it’s because i genuinely do, not because of some–some ulterior motive!” “well, is there?” “actually… now that you mention it… there is this tiny thing…” it is usually Not So Tiny.

Split - Kai Scenario. Part 3.

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family. 

Word Count: 3564

A/n: Oooh, the drama in this chapter, hohohoho


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3Part 4 | Part 5

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It’s 6pm and you’re still sitting in the kitchen. Ever since you woke up you’ve been running around the house with a broom and a map, listening to your mother-in-law’s instructions on where to clean next. You’re exhausted by now, but you can’t really disappoint a woman when the family dinners mean everything to her.

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Request: “could do imagine where the reader & harry have a fight and at the end they it’s all cute and they make up with kisses & other fluffy stuff xDD”

Pairing: Harry Hook X Reader

Warnings: None

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“Uma I’m telling you it’s hard to look at her in the eyes for more then 5 seconds. I start saying dumb crap, I melt. Her beautiful E/C eyes melt me.” Harry said dreamily.

Harry had came to talk to Uma because he had been having trouble expressing to Y/N how much he loved her. Every time he tried to do so he would fall apart, stumble over his words and basically he was a complete mess.

“Well at least she finds it cute and that’s how she knows that you truly love her. Trust me us girls love that.” Uma said.

“Yeah she might find it cute but I still need help showing her and telling her how much I love her.” Harry said scratching his head.

“Okay well practice on me pretend I’m Y/N.” Uma said.

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Harry Hook - “You”

Request: Numbers 139 and 140 Harry Hook is telling this to the reader and he’s basically saying how he tried continue liking Uma after the reader came to the Isle (With Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay and her brother Ben) but the reader is the one that captured his heart and he fell in love with her. It turns out the reader feels the same way. Thank you!

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Literally one swear word lol

Harry’s POV:

I couldn’t even look at her without wanting to know every emotion held in those bright E/C eyes. 

That day she had arrived on the Isle was no doubt the day I started questioning every little thing I did. It was like I was changing, so I ignored these feelings. 

Repressing the emotions began to become easier and easier, and I knew that being with Uma was the way to keep everything like it was. 

She was powerful and dominant, Y/N was soft-spoken and…thoughtful. 

She’s so invested in keeping her friends safe that it would soon get her in trouble. Kids on the Isle should only look out for themselves, and stay clear of any kind of true love and affection. 

That’s what my father had convinced me to believe my entire life. People like us never deserved real love and happiness. 

That’s why our parents were sent here. All the gloom and depression was stored on the Isle. 

But Y/N isn’t from the Isle, she has the light in her eyes that are the result of a happy upbringing. 

She didn’t need to have her happiness tainted by a villain kid’s darkness. I couldn’t bear to do that to someone like Y/N.

Y/N’s POV:

“Hey, does Harry not like me or something?” You asked Evie as you had said ‘hello’ to the brooding teen and he had ignored you. 

“He doesn’t like anyone, Y/N. Don’t take it personal.” Evie smiled checking her hair in the mirror. 

You frowned, Harry had only seemed to ignore you, not any of the villain kids. Hell, he even got along with your brother, Ben. 

You were determined to be able to find out what his problem was. Mal had asked you to accompany her while she made a deal with Uma and you gladly went with her. 

The two of you strutted into Ursula’s Fish and Chips with easy swagger. Ever since arriving on the Isle, you began to feel more and more of a connection to your “villain side”. 

In Auradon, you had always felt out of place. You were the rebellious girl who loved to prank people and cause mischief. 

Your peers loved to make fun of you for it, but you didn’t care. 

Having friends like Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos helped you embrace that side and become a part of their crazy adventures. 

That which included traveling to this dingy island. But, the Isle held a certain element of mystery that Auradon could never provide. 

“What do you guys want?” Harry sighed seeing that we entered the building. 

“Talk with Shrimpy, she around?” Mal asked folding her arms across her chest. “Right here Lizard.” Uma smirked exiting the kitchen where the “food” was usually prepared. 

She sauntered over to us but not before placing a hard kiss on Harry’s mouth. You physically cringed. I mean really?

 The two of them seemed like a very unlikely couple, and you had deemed Harry to be more of the dominant one in the relationship. 

“I need to discuss with you…” Mal’s voice trailed off as you locked eyes with Harry. You never realized how despite the color, they held so much darkness and…pain? 

“What?” Harry scowled as he noticed your stare.

 You frowned at him and asked, “What’s your problem? I get it, I’m royalty in Auradon. But I’ve treated you kindly and with respect, why do you hate me so much?” You questioned quietly so no one else would hear you.

 His eyes widened, but a smiled appeared on his tan face. “I don’t hate you, darling.” He sighed.

 You rolled your eyes as Mal looked as if she was done with her conversation and motioned for you to leave with her.

 You left the restaurant and didn’t notice the pirate’s pained expression as you stepped out of the building.

Harry’s POV:

“You like her, don’t you.” Uma stated once Y/N and Mal had left. 

I sighed loudly and shook my head. “You’re ridiculous.” I laughed.

 But my laughter died down as I saw her serious expression. “Harry, I see the way you look at her. It’s okay.” She said putting a friendly hand on my shoulder.

 “But, our thing.” I started motioning between the two of us. 

“Is nothing. You’re not going to leave your feelings for Y/N just to not hurt my feelings.” Uma insisted giving me a friendly smile. 

I nodded, finally understanding. 

“It’s just…you’re not her.” I said looking at her with a sad expression. “Go get your girl, Hooky.” She laughed pushing me towards the exit of the restaurant.

 I smiled finally and ran out in search of Y/N.

Y/N’s POV:

“I just..don’t get it! I don’t hate you darling? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” You huffed falling onto the couch in a whiny manner. 

“Why are you so hug up on him? You’ve been talking about it since you got back.” Jay groaned, clearly annoyed with your struggle.

 “He’s the only one that I can’t crack. Harry’s like a one thousand piece puzzle, and I’m missing that last piece!” You exclaimed as you started to pace the floor of “Curl Up and Dye”.

 “It’s kind of obvious, Y/N. You like him.” Dizzy giggled while she swept the floor of the salon. 

Everyone had a shocked expression as they looked at you. “That’s ridiculous. We’re completely different.” You groaned as a blush began to creep onto your cheeks.

 “You do! You always look to please him, Y/N! It’s a match made in heaven.” Evie smiled widely. “B-but he’s with Uma, I couldn’t.” You started shaking your head. 

“Y/N! Y/N! I need to talk to you!” You turned around and saw that Harry had burst into the salon, breathing heavily. 

“Did you run all the way here?” You chuckled looking at his tired figure. 

“Yeah, I guess I did.” He smiled, a real smile. 

“Come on. It’s important.” He exclaimed grabbing your hand and pulling you out the door. You only had the time to glare at the smirking expressions of your friends as Harry led you towards the docks.

 It was beautiful, the stars were out and they reflected onto the water in shining ribbons. “What did you want to tell me?” You asked as you felt Harry’s stare on you. 

“I…I like you, Y/N. I have since you got here, and I can’t hide it anymore.” He admitted softly. 

“But Uma—“ I started. “Isn’t an issue. She made me realize that it’s you who I like, Y/N.” He interrupted taking your hand in his. 

You blushed and looked into his eyes. He looked happy, genuinely happy. You were the cause of that happiness, and it made you smile widely. 

“The moment you arrived, I’ve been changed. That scared me, but I realize now that it was for the better. I tried to move on, but nobody is you.” Harry sighed moving closer to you. 

“I like you too.” You smiled and kissed his cheek quickly before running from him.

 “Not today, Y/N.” He chuckled capturing you into a gentle embrace. 

“You missed.” He smirked. “Oh did I?” You giggled with sarcasm. 

Harry moved his face towards yours and captured your lips in a soft kiss. 

“Yay! This is adorable!” Evie exclaimed as you heard a camera click. You pulled away from his lips and turned towards your friends, blushing like mad.

Step Away pt.2 {Peter Parker}

Summary : Pt.1, you like Peter and Peter likes you but your best friend likes him so you decided to step away. Peter knew what you were doing so he make a plan.

Pairings : Peter Parker x Reader

Words : 700+

Tag : @aussie-mantle

A/n : Not my best work, I ran out of ideas.

I was busy trying to find my text books that I didn’t realized that my best friend was calling me. I continued to search for my books until somebody tap my shoulder causing me to turn around. For some reason chill ran down my spine when I see her. She looked mad but also calm at the same time.

“Hey,” I greeted her nicely.

“Why haven’t Peter asked me to be his girlfriend yet?” Was the first thing she said to me that morning. I don’t know how to answer her, the other night I texted Peter telling him that it would be better if he gets back with my best friend, he did read it but he didn’t reply which was odd. But then again why would he answer a girl who rejected him.

“I’m not sure.. I talked to him last night.” I half lied.

“You talk to him as in, telling him that he’s better off with me and not you right?” There was anger in her voice. I nodded me lightly, looking at her.

“Then why hasn’t he ask me out yet!?” She whispered and yelled at the same time.

“I said I’m not sure (Y/b/n), he’s also not at school yet. I don’t think Peter’s the kind to ask a girl out by text, that’s just not him.” I tried my best to calm her down.

“Don’t act like you know him.” She said gritting her teeth. “If he doesn’t ask me out by lunch, I think you know what’s going to happen.” She sneered before she walked away. I don’t get why she wanted him so much, like yes he was kind, sweet and smart but there are other guys like him. But then I realized that nobody can replace him, he was too special. I felt bad for her since she thought that boys are so important to her especially in high school. I don’t like the fact that she’s going to end our friendship just because she wants Peter. No matter how strong the friendship is boys will always be the second strongest thing.

I sighed heavily before I walked off the my class. I swear to god, I have to find Peter after class, no matter how nice of a guy Peter is, I need to protect my friendship with my best friend even if she’s changed. I walked into my English class and spotted Peter right away. I walked over to his table and called his name. “Peter.”


“You have to get back with (y/b/n), I’m begging you.”

“I can’t force my feelings (Y/n)”

“You can try,”

“You know I can’t (Y/n), you tried to hide your feelings but that never work, even the coldest most numbest person can’t do that.” There went my hope.

The day went by quickly, Peter still wouldn’t ask my best friend to be his girlfriend, I guess this is the end of our friendship. We sat on our table again in our so called squad that is slowly falling apart, Michelle and Ned were trying to hold all of the broken pieces together. They tried to make conversation that we all could talk about but we weren’t having it.

“(y/n)…” This is it. “I need to talk to you for a second,”(Y/b/n) said, standing up there was a hint of anger in her voice once again.

“Uh okay,” I said, rising up from my chair.

“Talk about what?” Peter butt in.

“Our friendship,” my best friend answered honestly.

“Then we all should be in the conversation.” Peter continued to stop us. I glared at him but he ignored me.

“Peter.. don’t right now.” I mumbled. He glanced at me and shook his head, I swear to god everybody knew what he was up to. Michelle and Ned stopped their conversation as they studied us.

“I meant as in friendship between me and (Y/n).” She glanced at Peter her eyes turning cold.

“If this is about you ending your friendship with her then that’s dumb,” Peter said as polite as possible. He was glaring at her now.

“Let’s take this outside,” Michelle said as we packed our bags and walked out. As soon as we’re outside the school building we stood in a small circle.

“Guys, seriously this is nothing serious.” You tried to lighten the situation.

“Stop playing nice (Y/n), we all know that you want Peter for yourself.” (Y/b/n) glared dagger into my direction.

“No I don’t like him,” I lied through my teeth.

“Stop being so fake, we know you tricked peter into liking you because you’re jealous of him.”

“(y/b/n) stop, you’re the fake one here,” Ned stepped in.

“So she tricked you too,”

“Nobody tricked anybody, okay? and if you haven’t (Y/b/n) we all knew that (Y/n) liked Peter first, but she stepped back because she’s a good friend,” Michelle said, crossing her arms.

“And for the record, I only went out with you because I wanted to get over (Y/n) because she rejected me and that’s all because of you.” Peter pointed at her.

“So you basically used me, what a jerk.” She spat out her words.

“At least we’re not the ones who would end friendships because we’re desperate for love.” Michelle said. At that moment I felt loved, all of my true friends were defending me. She scoffed instead of actually saying something back.

“You’re the bad guy here, not (Y/n). I heard your conversations yesterday.” Somehow he remember everything, “Every fucking time I hang out with him, all he talks about is you! Why can’t you be a good friend for once, I can’t even have a boyfriend. You need to back the fuck up okay? He’s mine not yours. You can’t have him. If he doesn’t come back to me by tomorrow I’m not going to be your friend anymore. Stop being a slut, you don’t need every boy’s attention.”

Peter stopped for a second looking at our reaction. Before he added, “And I’m sure that she’s not a slut, and for your fact (Y/n) is one of the most loyal friend I’ve ever have so why don’t you be a good friend?”

“I know right, (Y/n) stepped away for you she was always there for you and you never appreciate her.” Ned said.

“Guys, this is not he-” But Peter stopped me.

“Nope, don’t even try to protect her right now,” Peter turned to look at me sternly. “You know what, if you think that I would go back to you then you’re less smarter than I thought. Now that I see the real you I don’t even want to be your friend. You are selfish, you never helped any of us.” Peter said with all of his honesty as Ned and Michelle nodded in agreement.

Now that I think about it, my real friends are right. She was never really there for more it was always me who was always helping her. When I was going through some stuff it was them who helped me not (y/b/n).

“And you actually think that she actually likes you? You’re pathetic Peter.” She said. Peter turned to look at me once again with hope in his eyes once again.

“(Y/n), tell me the truth. Do you like me.” Peter asked as smiles found themselves on Michelle and Ned’s face. I stood still kind of shock. I swallowed the lump in my throat, I have to do one thing for me at least for once, everything was always for my best friend, now it was my turn.

“Y-yes I do,” As Peter grinned before he opened his arms for me to hug. “I always have.”

“Will you be my girlfriend? No more stepping back.” He asked as he rested his head on mine. I nodded into his chest, I heard Michelle and Ned cheering as my ex best friend scoffed before she stomped away.

“Guess she’s on h er own,” I heard Ned.

I pulled away to look at her, my smile disappeared. I felt bad for her knowing that she have no one by her side now.

“Don’t feel bad,babe. She deserved it,” Peter placed a kissed on your forehead as I blushed at his word.

“They’re finally together,” Michelle said.

Let’s talk about Will and Riley

AKA BlueSki 

AKA The Love Story of the Century

- Literally the first moment they meet they’re all smiles for each other. She asks “Where am I?” in this breathless way, a huge grin stretched across her face, and Will replies with the only thing he can say - “Chicago. North side.” because his synapses are shooting off every which way like fireworks and literally the only words he can get out are the most basic of facts. He is utterly mesmerized and so is she. She’s not scared, even though she should probably be at least freaked out, and he’s no longer sniffing around the church like a crazed detective. The others in their cluster always seem to have this little freak-out moment when they first see each other but Will and Riley never really did. It was like insta-peace.
-  Let’s not forget the second (third?) time they visit, when Will asks Riley where she is and she just gazes at him and says, “I’m home,” with this dopey dazed smile. Of course she means she’s in Iceland but you KNOW what she’s thinking. She’s with him now. She’s home. 
-  They’re kissing and touching effortlessly after visiting only a couple times and are obviously giddy. They can’t get enough. They fall into this easy happy rhythm of touching and smiling whenever they’re together and it’s beautiful.
- Their pull toward each other is so strong that Jonas and Yrsa pick up on it right away - like Sensates not even in Will and Riley’s cluster can basically FEEL how strong their bond is even though they can’t actually feel it.
- It’s so strong that when Will finds out she’s in some weird high-security Icelandic hospital he’s like OBVIOUSLY I’LL GO GET HER and throws his entire life away, the one he’s worked so hard for, to move heaven and earth to get himself to Iceland - ICELAND - and to physically pull her out of danger. He would die for her, and he nearly does when he knocks himself unconscious with drugs in that ambulance, and this is the first time he’s even been in the same room with her.
- She takes care of him - of course she does - and somehow through the running from Whispers and the heroin and his constant unconsciousness and her constant fear they fall deeply in love. It’s not this in-their-bones thing that pulled them together - no, it’s the old fashioned, homo sapiens kind of love. The one that grows around the annoyances of domesticity and long hours spent together with nothing to do. -  He’s ill - she cares for him, down to feeding and shaving and getting him some laxatives, for God’s sake. (Can you truly love someone without worrying about their bowels?) She’s patient, because she knows that he’s ill because he’s trying to save her, their whole cluster, and God, what greater love is that than the one he’s just thrown away everything he’s ever known for?
-  They kiss more. They touch almost constantly, having discovered the addiction of skin-on-skin for comfort, for reassurance. Riley is the big spoon. He reaches for her, clinging to her hand, her thigh, like the lifeline she is. She keeps him grounded. She is a tiny, fierce protector, and he is a suffering, dogged champion for her survival. Emotions run high and the nightmares are terrifying and their comfort for each other is everything. -  Of course they have sex. How could they not? They NEED each other. They’re only human (with some slight differences) and their skin feels so delicious when pressed against each other and they’re twisted up in each other anyway. He knows her body’s every want and need, and she embodies her role as comforter, letting him take the lead, meeting him in the middle. He wants to know her in every way possible, and kisses her everywhere, mapping her body and her pleasure. If he doesn’t believe in anything else, he believes in Riley Blue and her body and its perfection, the way it seems like it was made to mold to his. If he can’t do anything else for her, he can at least make her moan his name and beg him for release. He’ll give it to her, as much as he can. 
- She wants to make him happy in the same desperate, driving way that he wants to bring her pleasure. Maybe it’s candles and a bathtub for two or maybe it’s ice-skating or a phone to call his dad, who she knows that he loves almost as much as he loves her. It’s hard, their circumstances being what they are, but Riley wants to be everything he needs, even in ways he would never expect her to.
- When they reach a strategic turning point, when Will decides it’s time for action, Riley is stuck to his side like glue. She knew he would come through for her, for all seven of them, but it was hard not to let her mind wander to the worst-case scenario all these months. She’s pictured Will overdosing, seizing in her arms, the scrambling efforts she’d make to save his life, more times than she wants to admit even to herself. She knew he’d come through for them, but it was hard to keep from worrying he wouldn’t. When you’ve lost one love of your life already, you want to steel yourself when the situation seems imminent again. But he wants to make a bold move, and he’s all energy and hope, so she cuts his hair for him, makes the man in the mirror look like he did the last time he saved the day. She runs her fingertips through the short hairs on the back of his head, remembers the last time he saved her, and thinks, God, I love this man.
 - He said it to her on the grassy hill in Iceland, and of course they’ve known it since they first laid eyes on each other, but here at the club Riley is in her element, powerful. In this moment she’s the hero, the one who can save the day, and he’s a big reason she feels that way, so she tells him. “I love you.” It’s the first time she’s said the words, and even though he knew how she felt, the relief of hearing her say them hits him like a ton of bricks. He reels back, tears in his eyes, and reassures her, “I love you.” They’re terrified, but they’ve just made each other invincible.
- They’re on blockers now, so they’re together in body but not in their minds, as they have been constantly for the past several months. He tells her he loves her, and she smiles, and they kiss, but they know it doesn’t feel the same, it’s not bone-deep all-consuming bliss like it was at first. Neither of them really cares. She jokes that this is how old couples feel when they kiss, and he says being an old couple sounds good to him, and hell if they aren’t just as happy, even if it feels different, being together now. 
- She has to go to Chicago, and she has to do it alone, and he is going INSANE. She is small and timid and she’s not Sun Bak, she can’t kill a man with a punch. She’s not Wolfgang, with his guns and disregard for his own safety, hell, she’s not even Capheus - she can’t even drive.  All this time, she’s been the one holding him together, and the moment she leaves Will falls apart because he can’t be the one to protect her. 
- He confesses, while going quietly mad without her by his side, “I’ve never loved anyone - anyone - the way I love you.” Riley could probably say the same to him, but it wouldn’t be entirely true. The truth is that she loved a man enough to tie her life to his, all those years back, enough that it almost killed her when he died. Will knows this, and he’s not jealous. Riley promises she’ll come back to him, and that’s enough for them both. 
- When his father dies, she feels his pain coursing through her body like it’s her own, even though it’s not. Instead of sinking into the depths of his grief with him, she shoulders the burden for him, tries to make it lighter and easier just by being there, and it works, as much as it can. It really does. She never thought she’d put herself through that kind of grief again, but for Will, it feels like a privilege. 
- When she comes back to Will - of course she was going to come back to him, like she promised - she sees him ready to fight. He pulled himself up all on his own, without her. She did what she had to do in Chicago all on her own, without him. Yet shen he sees her in that doorway his face shows his complete and utter relief that she’s here, the sinking feeling of satisfaction inside him that she’s back where she belongs. He tells her, “Welcome home,” and for the first time since she first decided that he was her home, she grins like their whole lives are laid out ahead of them and filled with sunshine and possibility. Maybe they are. 
- It’s like from the moment they first saw each other their existences, their essences, their every cell started to twist and twine around each other until they genuinely can’t discern where one ends and the other begins. Riley says “I didn’t understand the word ‘presence’ until we were together.” in 2x10 and that’s because when they’re together, physically together, it’s like she is him and he is her in this way that is wholly defining but defies description. When one is strong, the other is strong, and when one is weak, the other is even stronger.
Most importantly, the psycellium brought them together, but it’s not what’s keeping them together.  Not even close. Their love is epic because it exists, steadfast, on every single level, and that kind of love can’t be broken. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! First of all, I really love your writings! Secondly, I think you're the person that could help me with something. I like writing and I usually do it in English, but I'm not a native English speaker, and I get confused with the punctuation and the quote marks if it's spoken (I mean when a character speaks to another). Could you please explain it or give some tips or a source where I can read about it? Thank you so much!

Sure, I’ll do my best! So I actually find other country’s punctuation super interesting. Like how in Spanish, they put the question marks on both sides so the reader knows right away that it’s a question. But that’s beside the point!

(Keep in mind, also, that I know American English. That means my punctuation is going to be a little different than British English.)

So, in English, we use quotation marks when a character speaks! Let’s try to break it down a little!

“We went there.”

Now, with quotation marks, the punctuation ALWAYS goes inside with the sentence. It doesn’t matter if it’s one word like “apples.” If it’s the end of the sentence, the period or exclamation point goes inside with the word/sentence! (Unless you are British, you bastards. (I love you))

“We went there,” he said.

If there’s someone saying the words, you use a comma instead of a period. The comma is acting like a period for the statement, but lets the sentence continue to include the speaker. 

“We went there,” he said.

“I know,” she said.

Always start a new paragraph when another character speaks! English readers get very confused if it’s all in one paragraph because we start a new paragraph every time a character does/says something new!

Here are some cool sources I found: (X) (X) (X)

Hope this helps! These are the three basics, I think, but if you have any more questions let me know!


Okay, I know this isn’t related to my blog but it’s something everyone should know about.

Most bullies are friends. Many people don’t realize that, they think it’s someone outside of the crowd, or they think their friend is just teasing. However remember if someone makes you feel unworthy, if someone hurts you, no matter who it is, it is not okay.

My own friend bullied me. It started off with her using me by kissing my neck and saying she loved me. That was before I realized I was just a pass time as she began throwing things at me, calling me names and putting me down until I tried hiding my face behind my hair or mumbling my words. Every time she laughed at my pain and I thought “Maybe she doesn’t know. Maybe I can talk to her and it’ll be okay.” Long story short, it wasn’t. She told me to basically fuck off and I haven’t talked to her since.

I’m not saying this because I want pity, I’m saying this because it needs to be said. This happened over a year ago and it still affects me. I didn’t realize that I was a human being, not a trashcan that she can use to throw her problems at. I know it’s hard losing friends, I know you may insist that there’s something wrong with you and you’re the problem.

But you’re not. You deserve to be happy.

So don’t stay around those who get in the way of that, no matter who they are.

RANT(but pls read)

hi um can we like spread the word that @shinyphan is not racist? because you all love amazing gifs right? well lana makes those. you all want everyone to be happy, right? well lana is not fucking happy. her blog is her life. she has a really hard life and her blog was her escape. now every time she logs on she feels horrible. don’t call people racist if you haven’t really looked in to what the person was trying to say. her reputation is ruined and I really want her to be happy. she deserves it.

basically what people are calling is her racist for is saying that Asian people are cute. that includes all Asian people. she didn’t say ‘small Asian people are cute’ or ‘pale Asian people are cute’ she simply said Asian people are cute. that’s like saying I fetishize Koreans because I love kpop. no. its just a personal opinion on looks. she can think certain features Asians have are cute. and she didn’t say that Asians that don’t look like the stereotypical Asian are ugly. ok sorry for this I just really think this drama has gotten out of hand and I hate that her one outlet is being ruined

“okay so, like, did you hear that apparently layla–i’ve, like, told you about layla before, right?? art major in my year, brunette, skinny, kind of pretty in, like, a sorta tragic way. i’m, like, always tempted to offer her a makeover. –well, anyway, she, like, apparently bombed our ceramics final last semester and actually, like, offered to give our professor head before grades were due in so that she didn’t have to retake it.” cordelia took a pause for dramatic effect, really letting herself relish in the moment of gossip. “now, i’m, like, not saying that he took her up on her offer, but she isn’t retaking the course next semester, so…i kind of have, like, a newfound respect for her?? i wouldn’t have the balls to do that to that skeez just for my grades.”

Shy. - Pan x reader

Description/Request: Can you do one where there are also girls in Neverland and they like pan but you like him too but you’re too shy in comparison to the other girls so they flirt with him but he has eyes only for you

Warnings: none

FIRST POST OF 2017! Happy new year!

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#behind every great man there’s a great woman

I love you

Pairings: NozoEli, KotoUmi, NicoMaki

Summary: Basically the Soldier Gay trio say “I love you” to their respective wives. Awkward and embarrassing stuff ensues.

A/N: Be prepared for fluff.

Silence engulfed the student council room in another usual day of working for the two occupants who were usually here. Nozomi and Eli continued working on their student council work, not speaking a word to each other yet frequently, Eli would make glances at Nozomi as she worked.

Eli could feel a surge of emotions going through her every time she glanced at the purple haired girl right beside her.She had to admit, Nozomi did look gorgeous right now. Whenever Nozomi made eye contact with Eli while she was glancing at her, Nozomi returned it with a hearty smile before she continued working and the rush of emotions inside Eli becomes a lot stronger.

Afterwards, Nozomi decided to break the silence in the room.

“Elicchi, do-”

“I love you.”

It might not have been possible but the silence in the room just got a lot more deafening than the last time.

Nozomi was left agape. “Eh?”

Eli realized what she said and began to cover her face with her hands to hide the extreme crimson coating on her face.

“Did Elicchi just confess her love to me?”

Eli could just groan at her mistake, her head making contact with the table. Nozomi simply stood up and patted the blonde’s back in assurance.

Umi slowly pulled the string of her bow and exhaled. She set her eyes on the target in front of her and released the string. The arrow zoomed through the air and managed to hit the center of the target. Umi smiled at her sixth bullseye for today’s practice session. Satisfied, Umi sets down her bow and makes her way for her water bottle.


Umi turned to a usual sight, Kotori running to her to watch her practice like usual. However, instead of stopping by the door like she usually does, Kotori went inside and hugged Umi. Umi was wondering what the sudden hug was for but she just returned the hug awkwardly as a slight blush rose on her cheeks.

“Umi-chan, I love you!”

Umi processed Kotori’s sentence in her mind. Wait, Kotori normally tells me she loves me on a daily basis. This is just normal, friendly hug.

It was a normal hug until Kotori pecked her on the cheek.

From a slight blush, Umi’s whole face turned bright red.

“Does Umi-chan love me back?” Kotori said in an absolutely adorable face in which Umi cannot deny.

“Y-Yes…” Umi stuttered, trying to maintain consciousness.

“Can Umi-chan say ‘I love you’ to me, please~”

The blush grew deeper. “I-I-”

“You can do it Umi-chan!”

“I-I-I-I l-l-l-lo-lo-”

“Almost there!”

“lo-lo-lov-love y-y-y-yo-”

Before she could even say those three words, Umi finally passed out with a lot of red on her face.

“Ah! Umi-chan! Not again!” Kotori said as she tried to wake up her childhood friend.

Nico ran up to Maki and hugged the redhead tightly. Confused and blushing, Maki tried to wriggle out of her senior’s grasp.

“What the hell are you doing Nico-chan?!”

“Nico thought Maki-chan could use a hug!”

“I don’t get you!”

Nico released Maki from her hug. “Maki-chan,”


“Can you tell Nico you love her?”

The blush on Maki intensified. “What are you saying? I don’t get you! Don’t go around asking me to do weird stuff!”

After that, Maki left Nico all by herself in a hurry. Nico smiled. “I love you too Maki-chan.”

After all, Nico thought. She usually says things a lot differently and I know whenever she says something like that, she means “I love you.”

Insecurities Part 3.

Character: Dean
Author: AimeeRose
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: ??
Warnings: None that I can currently think of :)
Insecurities Part 1
Insecurities Part 2
Insecurities Part 3
Insecurities Part 4

Hope you enjoy it, guys!! Xx


After Dean leads you down some hallways, with you holding his arm tightly, you finally emerge into a kitchen. Sitting at a table on one side is Castiel, staring into space, and in front of a stove is Sam, turning over some meat patties.

“Smells good, Sammy,” Dean says, leaning over Sam’s shoulder to get a better look, not letting you go.
“Thanks. Just mixed in some cheese, bacon, and spices,” Sam says with a smile, looking proud of his big brothers approval. You idly wonder if Dean noticed that.

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Important PSA Post/It's TOO Early in the morning for this -_-

I’m certain that you all remember my post concerning this particular individual, the-red-snake, from last night. The link can be seen down below:


Now, as I woke up this morning, I went to that person’s blog with a hope that maybe that person grew up and would atone for and apologize to the SasuSaku user they insulted and sent a death towards, the SasuSaku person being forehead-poking-headcanons.

But in any case, I went onto to their blog and saw these posts which I think should be exposed:

Now, the lines I high-lighted in red are super important:

She’s shown signs of ableism going by her comments by telling the SasuSaku fan of how she needs to go to a mental asylum.

She mocks the fact that she’s being ganged up on by SasuSaku fans who are rightfully defending their friend!

She says how no one loves her but contradicts herself later… =/

She also says how she hopes she gets raped!! Yes, you read that right!

She says how SasuKarin is “better” than SasuSaku with a turd mark which honestly, given whatever ship you prefer, that statement is subjective.

And lastly, she’s shown in addition to last night, she’s now given four death threats!

And as such, as I said last night, everyone, in every Naruto shipping fandom, especially the SasuKarin and SasuSaku fandoms should report this user as they’re nothing but poison to the Naruto fandom.

And my words to you, the-red-snake are basically the same as last night:

Is human life that invaluable to you that it’s less than something as stupid as a fictional Anime Ship?

You’re nothing but an embarrassment, in two areas specifically.

You’re an embarrassment to the SasuKarin as your actions do not but look bad on us as a whole and honestly, I’m embarrassed you belong to our fandom.

And you’re an embarrassment to the Naruto Fandom as a whole as it’s people like you who make the Naruto Fandom look like nothing but petulant brats to everyone else outside of the fandom.

You’re nothing but a keyboard warrior that bothers and harasses people over Anime-Ships and as someone that has had that happen to them, you seriously disgust me.

I hope one day you grow up and realize what you’re doing is totally wrong.

I advise you to learn respect and realize that not everyone is obligated to like what you like.

But with this post done, I repeat my message from earlier in reporting this user:

SasuKarin Fans-Because we don’t need scum like this person in our fandom.

And SasuSaku Fans-While some of you may have came on my posts and offered your disagreements with them, I know not all of you are like that and while I may not ship your ship, you all deserve to enjoy your ship without any hate!

And every other shipping fandom-This person makes us all in the Naruto Fandom look bad!

Now with this post done, I’m off to play some of this! ;)

The Red Lady from Caribee

The first genuinely good episode of the season. The first when I didn’t think that I should be washing my hair right now. The monster of the week was interesting both in its appearance and its effect on its victims. The main storyline moved forward. The B-plot was compelling. Abbie got backstory.

If the show could do more like this, it would be back on solid ground again. All shipping aside, if they could just tell me good damn stories, I would be much happier. So let’s begin on a much less ranty (but still ranty because hi have you met me?) recap:

  • Oh hey! Fake-out cold open! I missed you because they no longer use you every episode so I immediately know no one is in any danger. Well-shot and cute. Also Crane’s love of fruity drinks will never cease to delight me. Proof that gender norms change significantly over time since enjoy froo-froo drinks was de rigeur in his day.
  • Going to do Zoe all at once. I enjoyed the awkwardness of the scene. It really captured how awful first dates are and an especially awful one at that. I really, genuinely hoped that Crane was going to go on one date, then go “good God, no” and turn his eyes toward Abbie. That clearly is not happening. But she was better written this episode. I loved that she brought him flowers. That she seemed like a person. And if Abbie gets back together with Danny for real, then honestly I wouldn’t really give a crap because Ichabod Crane does not deserve Abbie Mills right now. The biggest problem is not the character, it’s the imbalance. Give Abbie a love life and Crane can be with whatever weirdo he wants.
  • Also I’m sorry but Crane trying to protect her from the hibachi flames was adorable. I’m only human.
  • Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Abbie Mills’ hair in this episode. And let’s all tell Crane to drag a damn comb through his.
  • We did get some solid movement on Danny and Abbie this week, but why are they going so slow? They spent time shacked up together in a literal shack! You know neither of them wore clothes that whole time! They have great chemistry! Just go for it! Every time they are together it’s sparky and nice.
  • OK, I love Pandora but can we all recognize that basically thus far she’s been a Power Rangers villain, unleashing henchmen on the world while she watches?
  • Maybe the reason Danny/Abbie is going so slowly is because of the “professional courtesy” Abbie mentioned. Which, I get it. Abbie is professional. It’s a core part of who she is. But if that’s what’s holding her back, say that. Use words. They keep saying Abbie has this rich interior life and certainly we see it through Nicole’s acting but unless it’s canonical it’s little more than creator-approved meta. Authorial intent is meaningless. Do better.
  • It could just be that the show has beaten me down on the shipping front to the point that I can no longer see clearly, but the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod does feel more platonic this season. Maybe it’s writing, maybe it’s acting, maybe it’s just hopelessness, but when Ichabod was asking what if Abbie was more than friends with Danny, it felt friendly. Not jealous, despite his earlier peacocking. There’s just something subtly different.
  • Why do I have a feeling Crane refers to everything as a harbinger of evil. “LOOK LIEUTENANT A HARBINGER OF EVIL.” “Crane that is a Dyson vacuum cleaner chill.”
  • Best exchange of the episode, by far: “George Washington, paranoid? No.” “Yessssss.” Abbie has had it with the Washington fellatio.
  • For one beautiful, shining moment, I dared hope that the show would be clever and make Grace Dixon Washington’s most trusted confidant during the war. But alas, Sleepy Hollow.
  • I am sure Nikki Reed is a lovely person who genuinely wants to save the rain forest or whatever she and Smoldy do together, but my God, did Onira ever showcase that she is way, way out of her depth here.
  • Current sexuality: Grace being like, “man, shut up, I am an actual witch” when Betsy tried to whitesplain the folk remedy.
  • You guys. Betsy Ross had winged eyeliner. On a battlefield. In 177whatever. Oh my God.
  • The queen bee taking out other leaders is really, really clever! The whole use of mythology here was, and you can tell that Shernold wrote out of both great love and great knowledge of the Trini culture. The whole bit with the double-speak riddle was so great. This is how all monsters of the week need to be. The world offers such a diverse array of fascinating monsters. If you write them with genuine affection and respect, it turns out great.

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BEY is for Basic

******Disclaimer!!!! Before all of the BeyHive Stans come for me, I encourage you all to please read to the end, this ain’t a dis blog, it’s a real blog. I really enjoyed “Beyonce” I purchased it the moment it dropped on iTunes and I plan to incorporate one of the tracks in my upcoming nuptials.*****Beyonce is Queen Bey….of the Basics. She is easily one of the most basic women in the history of the music industry. People give Beyonce credit for a lot of things that I don’t think she herself has much to do with. She isn’t very deep, as a matter of fact I would venture to say she could be shallow. There’s not much there.  BUT with that being said, it is her basic-ness thats makes her a genius, it makes people love and drip off her every word. When you think of the term, “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist” Beyonce really is the personification of this. She understands that hard work and dedication will take any skill you have to the next level. Let’s be honest: she can sing but there are better singers, she can dance but there are better dancers, and she is beautiful but….nah even I’m not fucking with that, she is gorgeous. You get the point though. She doesn’t really do one thing great except that she has mastered the art of doing a lot of things thoroughly. I do believe Fantasia is a better singer, but it doesn’t matter because her work ethic will never be anywhere near that of Beyonce’s. There’s a part in the Bible where Paul says, “To all men, I became all things”. Beyonce speaks very little and that’s on purpose. First off, if she says too much, you’d figure out that she talks in circles and never really tells you anything (some people think it’s intentional, I believe they aren’t her thoughts so she can’t really expound on them). Also, by saying nothing, it allows us to assume everything. Be honest: none of us really know Beyonce, we don’t know what she’s passionate about, we just try to put together our own ideal  Beyonce that best suits our lifestyles. To the married women, she’s the model wife and mother, wearing a cape and handling it all. To the married men, she’s the perfectly balanced wife, bringing money to the table while still being arm candy and sucking penis in the backseat. To the single women, she is a beacon of hope, that they can tell these dudes to put a ring on it or move around, and that they don’t need a man to get it done. To the Gays she is Jesus. To white people, she’s mixed race and sorta not all black (reference L'Oreal commercials).  As a Houston native, I know Beyonce. I see versions of her everywhere. She is a regular Houston get it girl. Replace her globetrotting fashion sense with trips to the Galleria and Jay-Z  with Top Dope Boy/ Club Promoter A. Replace her career with a beauty license and photo shoots with club pics on INDMIX / All the Parties. Keep everything about Blue Ivy the same, weird name, dressed in Jordans, hair unkept while momma is fresh to death and you have any girl from any hood in Houston.  Basic, it screams basic. that’s why the basics love her. She gives them hope. She makes the dream attainable. The Beyhive protects her because she is their one that made it, and deep down when she made it, they all made it. She is the storyteller of a generation lost. Not overly educated not overly privileged, just a regular girl who got a chance, and ran that bitch around the world.  She is so far up there now it seems silly to waste breath on hating her, who hates hard workers any fucking way?!?! Its the simple things that make life enjoyable and that’s what makes Beyonce perfect, her team has mastered simple, which isn’t easy and can be in fact complicated. I look forward to what’s next from the Queen Bey. It’s always love on my part, signing off Houston’s(other) Hometown Homegirl.                                                                                               Curls 4D Gurls *EDIT POST* It has come to my attention that many readers are viewing basic as negative, I meant it more in the way of simple. Sorry bout that confusion. Talk with me on twitter @Curls4DGurls
Sardonyx Is Fantastic and I’m Here To Tell You Why

note: I’m specifically talking about her concept, design, and premise, particularly as it existed prior to the end of the episode

People have apparently been bashing Sardonyx’s design/persona, which is absolutely ludicrous and I will not be having any of it. So let’s discuss, shall we?

First and foremost, her design is freaking magician based.
Who in heaven is disappointed by this?? Who is saying that this doesn’t suit Pearl and Garnet’s personalities? Are yinz even paying attention to the dang show!?

Sardonyx’s showmanship and elegant, practiced theatrics is exactly what you would expect from Pearl and Garnet’s amalgam.
You’re taking Pearl’s love of (fairly ostentatious) precision + form and combining that with Garnet’s confidence and cleverness.
How could anything else be more perfect than a magician?

Perhaps most importantly, though:


Honestly, this is not even covering the delivery of Garnet’s line or the fact that Pearl literally BUSRT INTO TEARS FROM HAPPINESS.

It’s clear they deeply love and enjoy being fused. Which is really the whole point, anyway.

But let’s consider this further for a moment!
Pearl is remarkably grandiose in basically every intentional action she takes and more than a little highfaluting. But she’s also been shown to have some kind of fairly severe inferiority complex.
Garnet, by contrast, is (by her own words) ‘made of love’ and has been repeatedly shown to be proud of who she is. She’s confident and full of love for others and love for herself.

Can you imagine what fusing with Garnet must feel like for Pearl?
As a queer mentally ill feminine nonbinary kid with an inferiority complex, it’s probably safe to say I identify with Pearl a bit.
I’d probably burst into tears as well at the chance to fuse the core of my being with someone who has such love and respect for themself. To feel that, even if just for a little while, and to do it with someone I respect, love, and trust.

And as for Garnet? Golly, we are all fairly well aware of Garnet’s feelings on fusion, I think?
It’s a chance for her to experience unity and oneness with the people she loves.
She’s perfectly eager and willing to fuse with Amethyst despite their fusion being shown to be unstable (even dangerous), because she loves Amethyst and enjoys the experience of fusing with her.
And it is so so clear that she loves Pearl. Whether or not folks are keen to consider them romantically inclined towards one-another or not, they’ve demonstrated a very high level of physical comfort with each other, more so than they are with others (often linking arms, Pearl tends to lean on her absently, ect.). So the fact that they have an extremely close bond is undeniable, whether you conceptualize it as romantic or platonic in nature.
So you can only imagine how much she must love fusing with Pearl, considering the above. How much fun it must be for her to experience that flashy and airish nature of her’s.

It is so vividly clear that they have a ton of fun being Sardonyx.
Hells, their fusion ends with them whipping open a curtain that explodes into little light dragonflies or sth like that is not something you throw into a fusion you’re not overly fond of.

Fusion is, first and foremost, about love and unity. It is, by Pearl’s description, “the ultimate connection between gems”
and the crewniverse did a fantastic job of showcasing how much they love and enjoy their incarnation of that bond

To be honest, this is probably part of why Garnet reacts so viscerally to the fact that Pearl was the one who repaired the tower.
She feels as though she’s been fusing with Pearl under false pretenses, and she was. For as important as fusion is to Garnet, and given how much she seems to love being Sardonyx, that is a huge deal.

Basically my heart is wounded over these two + this fusion please send help and PLEASE BRING THE MOMS BACK TOGETHER I’M IN PHYSICAL PAIN.

A Convention skeptic goes to Sherlocked

So: get a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits. This is going to take a while. I plan to ramble about my Sherlocked experience in this post. 

So first things first: I’ve never been to a Con. I didn’t particularly want to go to a Con. To me it sounded like a money making scheme by the studios and the ‘talent’. Let’s just say I was very cynical. But then almost all of my friends got tickets for Sherlocked. And I ADORE the show. And I’m a CUMBERchicken. So I threw caution to the wind and bought a Gold Pass (which was well worth it IMO).

The lead up to the Con was difficult for me. We got to have a look around the venue on Friday evening and I thought it was awful. Cold, grey, sparse and just generally unpleasant. The schedules for Sat and Sun looked overwhelming. And I was scared. I was scared because I’m always on the brink of body dysmorphia. So the thought of having my pic taken with those stunning people was terrifying.

I almost didn’t leave my hotel room on Saturday. I wasn’t looking forward to any of it. Anxiety kicked in big time. But my husband calmed me down and we made our way to the Excel. And I am so glad we did. Because what followed changed everything.

Mark: My first shoot with a famous person ever. And I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. He looked lovely, was all smiles and so polite. Despite my fears it actually felt ok to have my pic taken with him. I didn’t hate the photo, which rarely happens. A very good start. He was INCREDIBLE in his talks. So quick and witty. He also talked about Save Soho and his dislike for Boris Johnson and the media. Apparently he once was at a dinner with a newspaper guy and that bloke got up, looked at his Blackberry and went: ‘Excuse me, I have to go ruin someone’s life.’ I think we understand, why Mark hates the media.

Benedict’s photo shoot: Experiencing the shoot process with Mark helped a lot. So I was ok with tackling ‘the big guy’ lol His booth was very cramped and the shoot moved at an insane speed. I felt exhausted watching him going from pose to pose. Yes, he didn’t seem overly excited to be there. But I know for a fact that he was ill. Not making apologies here but his schedule was punishing, even without a cold. He seemed very business like and I was a tad nervous when it was my turn. But I just beamed at him and went ‘Hey Benedict’ and he honestly gave me the loveliest big grin and ‘hello’. He was incredibly gracious and polite. So I really can’t complain about my experience with him. I’ve seen him in the flesh a couple of times so it came as no surprise to me that he isn’t very tall or imposing. But his face is just extraordinary.

Andrew: Andrew Scott blew me away. I think I’m in love! Even my husband went back for a second pic later because he adored him so much. Andrew immediately commented on ‘how cool’ we looked and was just the sweetest person ever. I think he’s made many people very happy this weekend and has won new fans. All interactions with him were a real pleasure and he seems to be a real top bloke. He was also incredible in his talks. A fan called him ‘perfect’ during the Q&A and he told her that he HATES that word. That nobody is perfect and nobody should be. He also opposed to labeling Moriarty’s sexuality as he dislikes labels. Really really loved that.

Lars’ photo shoot: Such a lovely tall and gorgeous man. Nothing like Magnusson lol

Rupert’s photo shoot: I guess it comes as no surprise to hear that Rupert was amazing with the fans. So many cuddles. Up for the silliest poses. He made everyone at this Con incredibly happy and stole all the hearts. By this point the shoots felt like a breeze. Everything was so well organized and worked really smoothly. I was impressed with the quality of all of our photos. Top marks for the Showmaster team!

Benedict’s talk: You kind of know what to expect when you’ve been listening to the man’s waffling for a couple of years. Benedict always gives 150% in his interviews and this was no different. He handled the fan questions well, even the weird ones. What’s the point of asking someone if he could rate his excitement for the birth of his first child on a scale from 1 (a picnic in the park) to 10 (being eaten by a shark)? How do you answer something like that? I guess asking personal stuff in Q&As is always tricky. I guess asking questions in Q&As is difficult, period. Particularly if everyone has heard it all before. He attempted a Chewbacca impression despite his head cold. And he did a reluctant Smaug one. The whole thing was lovely and fun and I think he really enjoys Q&As. He even said that he loves ‘normal’ interactions with fans, where he can just talk to them like a regular person. When he came on stage the whole room erupted with cheers and he looked genuinely pleased. He savored it. He also commented on how hard it is to get recognized and stared at everywhere. I think this whole overblown celebrity hype thing is just not his cup of tea. Wouldn’t be mine either. While most people are all happy and giggly when they meet Rupert at his shoot, some freeze or tremble when they meet Benedict. I think it can be hard for him to get a ‘normal’ human interaction when first meeting people. So I guess everyone needs to cut him some slack. He’s in a very strange position. 

Una: I can’t begin to describe how lovely she is. Exactly how you expect her to be. Lovely, excited and so grateful for being part of Sherlock. It’s obvious that she loves the whole cast and crew (and is their mother figure). She particularly adores ‘the boys’ and thinks they looked so handsome in their Victorian get up. She said she basically just plays herself as Mrs. Hudson. She has 3 sons and just applies her real life experiences with them to John and Sherlock. Every word in her talk got a big ‘Aaaaaawwww’ from the audience, because she just says the sweetest, most heartfelt things. 

Loo: She might be tiny but she’s a force to be reckoned with. She directed her shoot like a drill sergeant and took a political stand in the ‘Ladies of Sherlock’ talk. ‘Why is there no Men of Sherlock talk?’ – the room went crazy. She even shut Una down when she said that ‘roles for women my age are ok.’ ‘Una, I love you but you know that’s a load of bullshit.’ She went on to explain that women basically start to disappear from screens when they are no longer deemed sexually attractive. And how fucking right she is. She then went on to explain that she’d totally have sex with Una lol She basically tore up that stage and I LOVED her for it. She makes me want to be a better feminist. Loo got into trouble for signing too slowly (she really had a 5 minute talk with EVERY fan getting her autograph). I never got her signature for  that reason but big kudos to her for being SO lovely.

This was only day one and I just can’t bore you with even more details. But everyone at that Con was so wonderful. All the staff, the fans, cast and crew. Everybody was looking out for each other, being generous and complementary. And I’ve been converted. My bullshit radar is pretty accurate and no, cast and crew were NOT only there for the pay check. I watched Moffat and Una interact with fans for a while and the glee on their faces was real. Be as cynical as you want but it’s nice to have a hall full of thousands of people who LOVE your work. Who give you their heartfelt support and feedback. Granted it might be different if you get that every time you pop to M&S for some loo roll. But at these events fans and creators get a brief moment of contact to discuss something that unites them. These were human beings standing next to other human beings in those photo booths. Not some glossy unicorn prince holding court with is devoted followers. They’re normal men and women with extraordinary jobs. And the best argument for ending that stupid obsession with ‘celebrity’ culture. They deserve to buy their bog roll in peace lol

Maybe I’m a sucker for getting pulled in: but I will be back next year.

Interpretation of Olicity 3x12 Alley Scene

I am honestly really freaking tired of defending Felicity from idiots who don’t understand her character at all in the first place. Whether it’s in the Arrow FB page where people just say the same bullshit that “Felicity is whiny” or “she should listen to Oliver and do what he says” or in Comicbook.com with “Felicity needs to stop crying” etc. These same people are shortsighted and think that Oliver is completely right, Felicity is completely in the wrong, and Felicity should be the one to apologize. 

Worse is that some people are actually falling for Malcolm’s so called redemption arc, which by the way I don’t think is happening. I feel Malcolm is a straight up villain with no redeeming qualities. The man killed over 500 people, got his own son, Tommy, killed in the process, made Thea a killer by making her kill Sara, basically Malcolm killed Sara, he forced Oliver to fight with Ra’ Al Ghul, oh and OLIVER DIED BECAUSE OF THIS. Malcolm is the Magician after all and what he is good at is manipulating people and tricking them into doing what HE WANTS. Mark my words, I will not be surprised WHEN Malcolm’s true agenda comes to fruition and all these haters being proved wrong.

Also it seems that fans have completely forgotten that Malcolm Merlyn has placed a hidden camera in the foundry, which means that he can still see and hear what they are up to and thus be one step ahead of them… but that’s none of my business.

What some people don’t get is that BOTH Oliver and Felicity are right in their own way. Whether who is more right, I will never truly decide. I flip flop and it goes to show how great the writing was that I feel this conflicted about two well rounded characters. For example, to put it bluntly I do understand why Oliver would side with Merlyn because what else can he do? Poor Oliver is overwhelmed, tired, and desperate to finish off Ra’s Al Ghul for his sister and to protect all his love ones. 


There is no doubt that Oliver coming back from the dead has made him desperate into doing whatever it takes especially when it comes to protecting those he cares about. Remember what Diggle said, when it comes to his family, he is blinded, which is fine and understandable. They are family after all. 

But also remember what Diggle said to Malcolm Merlyn in the alley:

Credit to these GIFs: http://digglegifs.tumblr.com/post/110204398012

To sum up: “Guilty. You were expecting something different Merlyn? You really thought we’d throw in with you? After what you did to Thea, to Sara to Oliver? Well that’s the thing, once we let the ends justify the means that’s just the first step. Becoming you.”

John Diggle likes dropping truth bombs here and there. After all this is why he AND Felicity are the heart of the show. They both are Oliver’s moral compass and will always stand their ground on how they feel. This is why Oliver trusts them with his life. He knows they would never hold their tongue. 

Now I feel that what Diggle said in the alley to Malcolm can be said to Oliver. Oliver needs to hear this as well. He needs to know what siding with Merlyn can mean, the consequences it can have especially on Oliver’s humanity. What Diggle said is what Felicity MEANS when she talked to Oliver. Felicity wants Oliver to embrace his humanity but by working with Merlyn, it could potentially be a HUGE step back for Oliver to embrace his Oliver Queen persona. 

What people need to understand is that this decision Oliver made is pivotal and if anything he needs Diggle and Felicity now more than ever because if he keeps being only the Arrow and not accepting his other side as Oliver Queen, he won’t ever come to terms with his two identities.


My Felicity has been dealing with so much flack for saying this line. This one line that broke the hearts of many. But in the end of the day, Felicity NEVER said she doesn’t want to be THE woman he loves, she said “A WOMAN”. Two different sentences that have a whole different meaning.

As I was watching this scene yet again, I was reading the comments on Youtube and then came upon this gem. This comment basically is on point about this ambiguous line and just blew me away. It’s for now one of the best interpretations I’ve read for Felicity’s line.

“People are taking her words up the ass. She is not saying she doesn’t love Oliver or don't want him to love her. She WANTS him too, but the fact that he is teaming up with a man who killed every women he has ever loved, she doesn’t want to be THAT women. I understand where she is coming from, Oliver is breaking every principle of him.

Merlyn tricked Thea (a women he loves), into killing Sara (a women he loves). Not to mention threatened Moira (a women he loves) into helping him level the glades. He took everyone away from Oliver and now he’s being up with him. Its dishonoring the people he love.” ~ Ohana 

I wholeheartedly agree with this perspective because it stays true to Felicity’s character and all the while shows how Oliver is betraying his principles to get the job done. He is pulling the “ends justify the means” aspect, doing whatever it takes, and it goes back to what Diggle said. In doing so, you can become something else, someone else completely. Oliver WAS that man who would pull the “ends justify the means” card and it made him a killer back in season 1. Then Oliver changed for the better ever since season 2, by starting his “no killing” code. 

But by working with Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver is going down a dark path yet again. A path that leads even more to him focusing on only being the Arrow and thus not focusing on any potential life he can have. A life as Oliver Queen.