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Headcannons on how lance, shiro, and Keith flirt? I guess we all know how lance flirts tho...😅 Love your work!!

thank you! here you go!!


* ok so obviously we know how Lance flirts right??
* you’re wrong.
* that’s just harmless flirting he does with people he knows he most likely won’t see again.
* when it comes to people and their terms of flirting, there are also different preferences and circumstances.
* Lance does not flirt with every breathing female in the universe, buuuut, he does at the same time????
* ok so if he really does know someone, like knows more about them as a friend and such, then I feel like his flirting would be a lot different
* Like, say you’re close with him, but not BFF close, then he’ll probably say something’s like “oh really now?” “Make me.” y'all know how those are when it comes to flirting I assume
* if he really really reallllly likes you, he will be the most polite gentleman ever.
* lance: are you gonna [eat/drink/do] this? you: should I?
lance: well it’s up to you of course, if you don’t wanna you don’t have to. I can get something else for you [or ‘I can do it for you instead’]
* crying would totally at one point get really awkward and go back to being a crazy flirt and you’re just like “ohmymgodjj”


* shiro??? I think you mean the purest being to walk and breathe and LIVE????
* call out post: shiro is a babby
* will only flirt if you really know each other and would never flirt if you had just met because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable
* he’s either extremely quiet and shy or just straight out bold when flirting
* “Uhm, I uhm, like, uh, can I, get, uh, uhm, like,” and you basically just break down into tears because you don’t know if you should help him or laugh???
* “Your eyes are gorgeous.” and you’re just eating w/ him and he says this out of no where after staring lovingly at you for minutes on end now and you’re going to cry
* hi once he was really confident, but like Lance confident and when you guys were hugging he squeezed your ass and you both gasped so fukccn loud Keith thought you both were suffocating
* shiro just sat down and covered his face for an hour and you started to think his Galran Arm absorbs water AKA his tears
* you weren’t wrong yet you were right because his tears just seeped through the joints


* save this boi
* once he tried flirting with this girl while on a field trip, because 1) said girl wasn’t from his area and he probably wouldn’t see them again. And 2) said girl doesn’t know that he’s an awkward bean
* it did not work out to say the least (he went to buy her some popcorn and started eating it on the way back and wasn’t paying attention and watched as he tripped and seagulls ate the popcorn and he just didn’t meet back up with her
* if he was in a relationship it would come slowly and surely
* probably a large gentleman if you’ve been together a short time
* holds open doors and helps you cook
* I headcanon he cannot cook full meals
* once he kissed you for the first time you were used to it but before that he kissed the top of your head once and he could’ve sworn you were on the verge of tears
* it was so soft and sweet n pure and you just got so happy because it was just such a comforting feeling and you didn’t know how to react
* my gosh if u ever see him with Lance and they aren’t arguing get him out of there he is ASKING LANCE FOR TIPS
* if he listened to Lance he’d come up to you and mix it all up
* “Did u sit on a pile of sugar????? cus you’re from Tennessee.”
* save him

Voltage Inc. Developer Interview - 2nd Installment

Ready to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating your favorite stories?!

The second installment of our Developer Interview series features none other than the creator of Star-Crossed Myth herself, M-san!

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*We do not shy away from Main Story spoilers here! Haven’t read the gods’ stories yet? You might want to play catch-up…

She really likes Leon, by the way (as you will soon find out)!

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One Night - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: One Night
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: You and Tom get drunk and sleep together, and he pretends as if that night never happened.
Word Count: 1378
Warning: Some smut.
A/N: Written for anon - “Might I get an imagine with Tom including the prompt 73 (“That night never happened!”) if you’d like, then make it angst with happy ending.”

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Mark Is Acting Weird (8/10)

Author’s note: Sorry this took a long time to update. I was so busy doing requests and then school and work.

Word count: 3251

Genre: angst

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 7.5 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Originally posted by etherealjackson

It had been almost two weeks since bowling night and you really hadn’t talked to Mark. In the mornings, he would send a good morning text just like he used to when you both first started dating. At night he would try to call you or text you. Whether it be because you were too tired from the day or because you were still a bit pissed about how bowling went, you turned down his attempts with a text telling him you were going to bed.

Tonight was no different and at the moment he was trying to call you. You had missed his first call because you were washing your face, but he left a text asking if you were up to talk.

“Ugh… Well I am not that mad anymore.” You thought to yourself. “…And I do miss him.” you pouted.

You got into bed, setting up a video call. He was quick to pick up. His face appeared on the screen and you half smiled. He hair was wet from just out of the shower and his was also snuggled up in his bed, he just looked so comfortable and cute.

“Hi babe!” he said before you could even hi first.

“Hey” you yawned.

“Aw, you tired?” he yawned back.

“Yeah. You?”

“Eh, only a bit. Our schedule hasn’t been as bad lately.”

“I’ve noticed. You and the guys have more time to bug me now cuz all you keep blowing up my phone.”

His eyebrows furrowed a bit. “The- the guys? Wh-what are they texting you about?”

“Just the usual.” You said vaguely. Of course what you wanted to say was that everyone was bugging you about how the whole bowling thing. It was all mostly Jackson nagging that Mark was keeping you to himself, Jinyoung concerned about how you and Mark were doing, and Bambam interrogating you about whether the girl that rented out the shoes was really checking him out or not. But, you weren’t going to tell him any of this.

“Yeah? Cuz lately I have only gotten crap from the guys.” he huffed.

“Over what?”

“Bowling night… Jackson keeps telling me I was being a jerk and Jb just keeps looking at me all disappointed now and Jinyoung… Jinyoung is just trying to pull some gossip out of me.” He tried to laugh. “…Was I really that bad?” he asked with a nervous face.

“Yes. Mark I told you, you ruined the night.” You knew you were being harsh, but you were still upset over the whole thing.

His arm dropped to his side and all you could see on his screen was his ceiling.


“Wait.” He sighed.

You stayed quiet, waiting impatiently until he picked up his phone again.

Eventually he picked up the phone again, aiming it at his frowning face. “Baby, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to come off that way. I- I just missed you! We hadn’t seen each other in a while and I just wanted to make up for the lost time. I guess it all just came out too strong.”

“Yeah, ok you have been saying that already, but Mark why are you suddenly acting this way? For months while you were gone you basically ignored me, pushed me away when you are back, then suddenly you want to control me and you’ve been jealous for no reason. You’ve never been this way before. I’m starting to think there is something going on that you aren’t telling me.”

He turned away from you. “Baby, I already told you-“

“You aren’t the only one with stress Mark. I have stress too but I don’t take it out on you! And I am really getting tired of all these stunts you have been pulling…” you said in a hush as you felt a lump in your throat.

Mark let out a long sigh, his eyes avoiding the camera. “Why don’t we redo this whole group night thing then?” he offered “We all have a day off on Saturday. Y-you can come over and hang out with us all.” He insisted.

You scoffed. “Perks of dating in secret: dates at the dorm and rented out bowling alleys.” You said through teary eyes. “Mark I-I don’t know. A big part of me is telling me we should just take a break…” you could feel your bottom lip quivering at just the thought. You didn’t want to be away from him, but things were just getting to that point again.

Teary eyed as well, he shook his head at you. “I don’t want to do that.”

You stared back at him, annoyed at his refusal to consider your reasoning and, basically, your feelings in this whole shit show you called a relationship.

“You say you want a break or a pause or whatever you girls like to call it, but what I hear is a break up because that’s basically what we’ll be doing and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to risk putting that much more space between us and losing you in the process. I love you, I don’t like being away from you more than I have to. It’s hard enough dating in secret and the only reason I put up with it is to protect you. And if it were up to me, we’d be living together already, but you don’t want to do that cuz you still don’t want to have sex yet, but we are for sure as hell not ready to get married yet. That in itself is stressful enough but I put up with it because I still want to be with you. Just cut me some slack here y/n, please?”

“…Fine, but…” you let out a sigh. You were scared. You didn’t really know what to do, if anything was even wroth it anymore. You took one last look him and your heart hurt seeing him looking so upset. “How about this… You come over tomorrow night. I don’t care how tired you are or what you have in the morning or any other bullshit. You come over after whatever you have to do and we talk or just I don’t know… and depending on how that goes, then I’ll decide whether I want to keep things going between us.”

“… I can do that.” he said softly.

“You are walking on a thin line Mark. Just- I’m serious about this.” you said sternly.

“Yeah, I am too.”

“Ok… ok well its late now. You better get some sleep. I don’t want you lashing out at me again just because you are sleepy.” You couldn’t help but let yourself be salty.

“I deserve that… But yeah, I guess it’s time for bed… night.”


“I love you.”

“Yeah… me too.” That’s when you ended the call.


You knocked on the door and quickly greeted by your smiling boyfriend. “Hey, babe!”

“Hi Markipoo.” You said has he hugged you, dragging you into the dorm.

He gave you a deep kiss. “Thank you for coming today!” he kissed you again. “And thank you for calling me Markipoo again.” He blushed.

“Jinyouuuuuuuung!” Yugyeom’s voice suddenly appeared next to you both. “Mark and y/n are being gross again!” he shouted through the dorm. “Hi y/n” he smiled at you after doing his childish stunt.

“Hey yugyeom.” You broke away from Mark, giving Yugyeom a quick hug.

Mark squinted at the youngest jokingly “And you wonder why we find you annoying”

“I still don’t know what you mean by “annoying”.” he laughed, walking to his room.

Mark turned back to you. “Expect everyone else here any second now.” he groaned.

“And what’s so wrong with that? I came over so I can see everyone remember?”

“Let me take off your coat?” he asked changing the subject.

You let him only because it was a cute gesture instead of a stupid defensive comment.

“Oh… you’re wearing the Hong Kong shirt I got you…” he commented.

You smiled. “Yeah! You got it for me and last week you said it looked really good on me, so I thought I would wear it again.”

“And you do look hot in it, especially cuz is it a lot more revealing than I thought it would be… and it was fine when it was just you and me but-… W-why don’t I just lend you one of my shirts? You love wearing my shirts.”

“No! This shirt isn’t “revealing” and I like this shirt, so I’m going to wear this shirt. If you have problem with that, then that’s your fault.”

“Y/n!” Jackson voice called out. Jackson was followed by the others who quickly crowded around to greet you. With everyone around, you decided to drop the topic and enjoy your time over.

You went off with Jb first, catching up on how he was doing. You couldn’t help but be as annoying as the maknaes and every so often you would tease him until he made his angry jaw. Eventually he “kicked you out” of his room and you moved on to Youngjae where you played with coco and watched him play video games. After him, you hung out with the two youngest boys. You danced with them, took stupid selfies, laughed about new memes (…and reenacted a few memes) and just watched them be stupid for a few hours. Then you left to the kitchen to get some food only to get caught in conversation with Jinyoung. The conversation started with the book he lent you, but then soon changed to Mark.

“So… Mark…” He started off in a low voice considering the fact that your boyfriend was in the other room watching a movie.

“What about him?”

“You guys good now?”

“Um… I don’t know really… I think we are. We just are out of sync lately I guess.”

“Well, let me rephrase this… Are you okay? Cuz if I’m being honest, we are all surprised you are still with him.”


“From the way he has been with you in front of us. How long has he been like that with you, lashing out at you and stuff?”

“That’s the thing! He was never like this before the last tour!”

“Really? So what happened, why is he acting weird? Did you guys have a fight or something?”

“No. I was hoping you would know why he’s been like this. Did he seem fine over the tour?”

“He was fine. He was a bit quieter the last few weeks of it, but nothing out of the ordinary… Well, take that back. There was one day in Bangkok where he was all fidgety and nervous and stuff, but he kept brushing it off and avoiding us.”

You sat up straighter, “What? What happened? What did he do?”

Jinyoung just shrugged at you. “Like I said he avoided us. After that he was just quiet. We all just figured you two got in a fight or something like that.”

You stayed quiet not really knowing what to think. Maybe that detail was nothing, but you couldn’t help but get bad gut feeling over it.

“Oh here you were babe!” Mark smiled as he walked into the kitchen. “I was looking for you. I thought you were still with Bambam and Yugyeom.”

Immediately both you and Jinyoung froze.

Mark went around you at the table. “I’m just getting myself something to eat. Do you want me to make you a plate too?”

You were too busy staring at the back of his head, thinking of what he had done to be so weird, to answer him.

“Babe?” he turned back to you.

Jinyoung slapped your arm to snap you back into reality. “Huh? Yeah ok.” You mumbled, not knowing what he asked.

Mark handed you a plate of snacks. “Here you go! And I’ll be in my room watching a movie. Feel free to join me.” He said as he walked out of the kitchen and down the hall.

“…But he seems to be doing better with you today.” Jinyoung said only when he was sure that Mark was in his room.

“Actually, it’s only been last week and today that he has been “normal”, but … ok, don’t tell this to anyone.” You said in a whisper.

Jinyoung leaned in closer to you so you didn’t have to whisper so loud.

“He’s only trying his best because I’m giving him only one more chance. If he messes up again. I’m going to leave him. That is what we were talking about when he came over to my place.”

“Damn. Well, that sucks. I’ve always liked you guys together, so I hope nothing else happens.”

“Me too cuz I really love Mark, but some things are just too much.”

“Y/n… if you guys break up, will you still be friends with the rest of us?” he asked nervously

“Yeah! Of course! You guys mean a lot to me!”

“Y/n!” Jackson voice filled the relatively quiet dorm. He came into the kitchen, a deck of cards in hand and he came right up you, nudging you with his shoulder.

“Yes Jackie?”

He rolled his eyes at you. “I’m gonna ignore the fact you just called me Jackie and I shall proceed to challenge you to a game of cards.” He smiled. “So, want to play poker or speed or something?”

“What are you guys gonna play?” Mark’s voice appeared in the kitchen again. He put his barely touched plate of food on the counter and then came up behind you.  He wrapped his arms around you and just stuck around now that Jackson was in the room.

It didn’t surprise you that Mark came out for you after hearing Jackson calling out for you. You knew this whole having your space with everyone wasn’t going to last long. You gave him the benefit of the doubt though. He hadn’t told off anyone yet about “being too close to you” or “hugging you too long”, so maybe it really was the innocent show of affection.

“I don’t know what we are going to play, all I know is that I am going to beat y/n.” Jackson smirked.

“Shut up! You and I both know I am better at cards!” you spat

“Oh yeah? Well if I remember correctly, I won the last game we played.”

“Cuz you cheated!”

“Nuh uh!”

“Actually Jackson, you did. I was there watching you guys play remember.” Jinyoung said.

Jackson gasped. “I recall no such thing!”

“Whatever.” You stood up from Mark’s embrace. “Looks like I have to show you who is boss again.” You said as you “casually” looked at your nails.

“We will see about that!”

“I’ll watch you guys again, make sure Jackson doesn’t cheat a second time!” Jinyoung said as he followed you and Jackson into the living room.

“…I’ll go too! But I’ll just watch tv. It is boring being in my room.” Mark said as he trailed behind the three of you.

You and Jackson sat on the floor at the coffee table. Jinyoung sat on the couch as the side of the table to get a good view of the both of you. Mark sat on the couch behind you, turning on the Tv but being kind enough to keep the volume down so you and Jackson could still trash talk each other.

The rounds were going, both you and Jackson too into the game to notice anyone else. Jinyoung however, kept notice of everything, especially the sour expression forming on Mark’s face. “Mark you okay?”

Mark only shook his head.

This actually caught your attention. You turned back to Mark. “Baby what’s wrong?” he had an expression as if he were sick.

He only shook his head, not even looking at you.

“Jackson I see you cheating!” Jinyoung shouted.

“What?!? No I’m not!” Jackson screamed.

You whipped around to Jackson. “Hey! Not fair, we have to start over, you cheater!” You leaned forward and took the card out of his hand and threw yourself on the coffee table to collect all the cards and shuffle them again.

Jackson only smiled knowing he was caught.

“Mark, seriously, what’s up? You look upset.” Jinyoung asked more seriously, noticing Mark was glaring about with a tense jaw.

“I wouldn’t be so upset, if my girlfriend didn’t dress like a slut.” He spat.

You froze mid shuffle. “What?” you slowly turned around at him. You couldn’t quite understand how you were feeling because you were so shocked and mad and embarrassed and so disrespected. This what the last straw. “What did you just say?!?” you growled as you stood up.

Immediately Mark looked scared. “Y/n, I- sorry. I didn’t- It just- I”

Without even thinking, your hand cut through the air and you slapped him across the face. You actually slapped him. You slapped him so hard your left a red handprint on his cheek. “Fuck you!” you shouted as you stomped to the door, grabbed your coat and left.


Jinyoung and Jackson stared at Mark who sat frozen on the couch for a long moment. It took a long while for everything to sink in.

“…Dude! What-” Jackson shouted.

“Shut the fuck up!” Mark shouted back, before Jackson could lash out at him.

“Mark, why did you say that?!?” Jinyoung shook his head at him.

Mark whipped around at him. “I don’t know ok! It just came out!” he shouted.

“Yeah right!” Jackson said going up to Mark.

“I said to shut up! This is your fault anyway! You shouldn’t have been starinng at her like that!” Mark accused as he shoved Jackson off him.

“What?!? I wasn’t stare at her!”

“Yes you were! I even saw you looking down her shirt when she leaned forward!”

Jackson walked up to Mark and shoved him down, hard enough that he fell back to the couch. “So what if I did?!? You should have gotten mad at me instead of insulting her!”

“Guys! Guys stop!” Jinyoung advised when he saw the look in Mark’s eyes.

“What is going on?!?” Jb’s voice boomed as he ran into the room.

“Mark called y/n a slut and she walked out.” Jinyoung said shaking his head.

JB glared at Mark, “Dude, what?!?” he growled

Then the three remaining members, peeked in from the hall alerted from all the yelling.

Mark could feel everyone staring at him and he hated that. “You know what?!? Fuck all of you!” he got up from the couch and pushed past everyone. In a fit, he locked himself in his room.

“That asshole isn’t even going to go after her?!?” Jackson grumbled under his breath. “Fuck him. I’m going to look for y/n.” he said as he marched out the door.

“Um…What happened?” Youngjae was the only brave one out of the maknaes to ask what was going on.

“Mark is still being weird. He called y/n a slut after he thought he saw Jackson look down her shirt.” Jinyoung explained.

“And y/n just walked out?” Jb asked.

“Yeah, slapped Mark and walked out.” Jinyoung said blankly.

“She slapped him?” Bambam gasped.


“…That’s not good.” Yugyeom said to himself. “Why don’t we call y/n and see how she is doing?” he suggested.

“No, don’t do that. Jackson is looking for her anyway. The last thing she wants is anymore of us in her business.” Jb said. “Well just let him update us and go from there.”

-Admin Boat

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What were ur thoughts on Kent that ngozi agreed w!!

ok this is gonna be really long because it was basically the Best Day Of My Life, so. settle in kiddos.

(this is also very very heavily referenced from chat logs where I talked about this the day after it happened and a couple of posts I made / tags I wrote around that time. so even though all of this happened like four months ago, I think it’s still reasonably accurate. but obviously memories are flawed things etc)

  • so ok first of all ngozi is SO FUNNY AND NICE in person ahhhhh
  • I was wearing my kent parson jersey that I made!
    • …… but when I first saw her table, I got super overwhelmed and nervous so I like…… walked by really quickly without looking at her and just did a lap around the dealer’s room??? so I could calm down??? haha oh my god it was so awkward.
    • I was actually hoping she hadn’t seen me but apparently she DID because later I was talking to someone who’d been standing by her table when I walked by and APPARENTLY she whispered, “PARSE JERSEEEEYYYY” when she saw me omfg
  • but anyway she was super friendly right away and asked me if she could take pictures & wanted to know how I made my shirt / etc etc. we talked for a minute and then (of course) she asked me, “so, why do you like parse?”
  • and tbh…… I’m still not sure how I was this smooth but I immediately said, in a Very Diplomatic Voice, “I like characters who have a lot of room to grow.”
  • which made her laugh!!! she was like, “that’s refreshing!! that’s a really great answer!!! a lot of people are just like, ‘I like him because he’s an asshole!!‘”
    • …I think it makes her sad half because she doesn’t get why someone would like a character just because they’re mean, but also half because she doesn’t think of parse as an asshole? she didn’t clarify explicitly, though…. she just expressed that she’s sad and disappointed when people say stuff like that to her.

MORE under the cut oh god I’m sorry there’s a lot

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kim jaehwan as your boyfriend

wanna one boyfriends 9/11

  • death, destruction and desperation
  • ok but listen people don’t call jaehwan a psychopath for nothing
  • you better have some nerves made of steel because believe me when i tell you that being with this dumbass will test your patience and most definitely take you to your limits
  • but it’s lowkey also very nice
  • a boyfriend that will definitely roast you
  • but it’s okay because you roast him back
  • he’s a fool for you and he knows it
  • it’s not like there’s anything he can do about the way his heart jumps in his chest every time you kiss him though
  • might be addicted to you like who knows at this point
  • pda is a thing but it’s low-key
  • he loves holding hands in winter when yours are freezing and his are burning up for some fucking reason
  • has at least one of his arms around you at almost all times
  • when you’re not out in public he’s gonna want to be close to you and hold you all the time
  • he’s very affectionate even if he doesn’t look it like he’s a sucker for skinship
  • likes to rest his back against your chest and slide down a little so you can wrap your legs around his waist and play with his hair in the process
  • a lil protective
  • even though he might not be the conventional gentleman he knows how to care for his girl and tbh it makes you soft
  • tries really hard for you but also wants your relationship to be casual because he’s broke
  • “listen baby i wanted to go and get this expensive vegan fried rice you like so much but i guess my card got declined so i got us mcdonalds instead”
  • he just wants to be the reason you smile
  • and when you do he dies a little because wow you’re so incredibly pretty like how is he supposed to look at you without going a little crazy
  • likes showing off his voice every opportunity he gets
  • like it’ll be your birthday and people are serenading you just the way it should be but then there’s jaehwan singing ‘happy birthday to you’ with falsetto and he might end up putting in a little too much emotion and start crying
  • he still manages to impress you though nbd
  • jaehwan smells really good so you always ask him to let you wear his sweaters or shirts
  • at some point he bought you the cologne he wears so you can use it whenever he’s away for a while
  • and it actually helps you because wow you really do miss him a lot
  • watching various tv shows and k-dramas together and genuinely being emotionally invested in the characters
  • romantic candle-light dinners at home
  • he’ll probably try and cook for you and maybe he somehow succeeds
  • the type to run you a hot bubble bath and pop open a bottle of red wine or maybe white wine if he knows you prefer that if you’re feeling upset or stressed about something
  • also he’ll most likely get in the bathtub with you and help you relieve your stress in other ways
  • fights with jaehwan rarely happen because both of you know communication is key
  • and jaehwan is the king of communication tbh
  • he shares his problems and concerns with you as soon as they arise so that the two of you can figure out a solution
  • can actually be pretty rational when he wants to be especially when it comes to you
  • very honest and i mean even more honest whenever he’s really tired
  • so basically one night he said he couldn’t wait to get to marry you and honestly to this day you still don’t know whether he was proposing or not like tf jaehwan don’t just say something like that and start snoring
  • whispers soft ‘i love you’s’ to you every night just before you fall asleep curled up against his chest
  • and tbh that’s what gives you life kim jaehwan makes you live and breathe and honestly you wouldn’t have it any other way
In the Middle of the Night

A/N: Here is my entry into @ilikepipecleanerswitheyes Taz’s crack fic challenge. Mine was, teaching Henry about profanity. Henry actually already knows quite a bit and asks his Uncle Spencer to fill in the rest. XD @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


What the hell were you supposed to do when a four-year-old boy, who wasn’t your own child, asked you what the word fuck meant? 

If you were Spencer Reid, the answer was ‘not a goddamn clue.’

He was babysitting Henry. Henry said he heard mommy say a word and he didn’t know what it meant. “Why didn’t you ask mommy?” Spencer asked his nephew, attempting to buy time. He couldn’t tell his innocent little blonde-haired, blue-eyed nephew that fuck meant to have sex with; he was 4 for fucks sake. Oh god, how did parents do this? Improvise dammit, Improvise. 

“Mommy sounded angry when she said it. She also said it once when she was with daddy. It was the middle of the night. And you know everything so I wanna ask you,” he said innocently, climbing into his Uncle’s lap and sitting down. He was staring up intently and waiting for an answer. Oh god…fuck! He also made a mental note to tell JJ that her son had heard her having sex.

Spencer ran through every possibility in his mind. Everything in him wanted to tell the absolute truth, because what else was he supposed to do when asked a question. But Henry was 4, and not his own son. “Well, it’s a bad word,” Spencer started. He’d always known what to say. He always had an answer for a question. Never in his life had he made something up on the fly. It was a weird feeling and he didn’t like it. “Sometimes people say it when they are angry or frustrated and need to let out that feeling. They use curse words. That’s what that word is.”

When he finished and Henry looked away, seemingly contemplating this new factoid, Reid felt a calmness wash over him. He’d probably said the right thing. I’ll have to ask JJ. “What are the other words people say when they’re frustrated?” Henry asked. “Shit?”

Oh no. He knows the word. What do I do? “That is one,” Spencer said calmly, but we don’t say bad words. You’re too little for that.”

“But what if I’m fwustwated Uncle Spencer?” he asked. Here they were talking about cursing and Henry was saying  “fwustwated.” God, I am fucked. “Like sometimes when I drop something, I get fwustwated, so can I say the bad words then?”

“No, little man,” Spencer replied calmly. JJ is never going to ask me to babysit again. “You’re too little.” Just as he was about to ask another question, Spencer started spouting to the first random facts that came into his mind. “Actually, the “f” word wasn’t used until the 1500’s according to the Oxford English Dictionary.” Oh crap. The words had left his head. He was screwed. The train was rolling away from the station and there was no way to stop it. “The word wasn’t used in English much in olden times, it was used by countries in Europe like Norway, where they said fukka and Sweden, where they said focka. Oh fuck,” he said out loud. 

Then he realized he’d said it and said it again. “Fuck,” he whispered. “Fucking hell!” Slap your hand over your mouth you fucking idiot! Henry was giggling as he did; Spencer was in so much trouble.

“The “s” word means poopy doesn’t it?” Henry asked with a smile on his face.

Spencer blurted out yes before he could stop himself. “That word has a rich history behind it having been used to Germanic and Scandinavian languages. It originally meant the diarrhea in cattle.” Why am I saying this?!

“I like words,” Henry said. “They’re cool. And bad words are funny. Why does it matter if I’m little?” I am actually fucked. There’s no way I can talk my way out of this one. “Is ass a bad word too? Mommy said it once when she was pointing to her butt.”

Spencer heaved a sigh. He was just going to be in trouble. “Yes, Henry, that’s a bad word too. It’s actually another name for a donkey. An ass. There are also a couple of four letter “c” words that are not good to use. Hell isn’t a good word either. A lot of people say go to hell, but that’s not nice to say. Then there is also the word bitch, but that’s the name for a female dog. Just don’t call people names okay Henry? Don’t use these words against people because it’s not nice and can make people sad. You don’t want to make people sad right?”

“I won’t,” Henry said. “What are some cool bad words?” 

This was his opening – a way to deter the conversation to a place that Henry wouldn’t understand.  “Actually I think the coolest curse words are actually words, they’re insults used by Shakespeare in a lot of his plays. For example, in The Two Noble Kinsmen, he said, “I shall live to knock thy brains out,” which basically just means that you really want to hit someone. You want to hit them so badly that you’d stay alive just to keep doing it.”

“That’s funny!” Henry said, cuddling himself into Spencer’s lap. “Tell me another Shakespeare insult.” He knew he should stop this conversation, but whenever Henry cuddled into him like that, he couldn’t help himself. He loved this kid more than he ever thought he could love anyone.

“Well, I like the ones that sound funny, like, ‘thou errant hell-hated clotpole, or you are a fishmonger.’ Those sound so funny to us, because we don’t talk like that anymore. Now we use things like the “f” word but we use it as a noun, and an adjective that has an –ing on the end, and a verb. It’s a very versatile word.” Ok, I really need to stop.

After telling Henry yet again that little boys and girls weren’t allowed to say bad words, he put him down and Henry ran back to his room. When JJ and Will came home an hour or so later, he said goodbye to his beloved nephew and told JJ he’d see her at work in a couple of days.

Flash forward to two days later. Spencer was near the coffee machine and JJ was stomping over to him, a fire in her eyes that made him feel like he was the child and he was about to get reprimanded. Oh no, Henry told her. I am so fucked. “Spence, do you mind telling me why my son thinks cursing is funny? He called me a clotpole this morning. What does that even mean?”

“It means idiot, but I did not tell him to call you that,” Spencer said. He was about to continue his explanation when JJ cut him off.

“Why were you talking with my 4 year old about cursing?”

“He asked me first!” Spencer exclaimed, as he nearly spilled coffee on himself. “He asked me about curse words. He knows them himself. I didn’t tell him any of the modern curse words; he knows them himself. I was trying to get him off topic so I started talking about Shakespeare insults because I didn’t know what else to do!” After a few seconds, during which time JJ was tapping her foot against the ground and trying to figure out if she was going to yell at him further. “Plus, no one is going to know what clotpole is.”

“That would be better,” she said. “This morning, while he was looking for his backpack for school, he screamed out ‘where’s my fucking backpack?’”

Spencer couldn’t help but laugh causing the coffee to get stuck in and burn his throat. “You have to admit,” he said. “He used the word correctly. That’s pretty fucking impressive.”

Spencer dodged out of the way as JJ brought her hand down to smack him. “Spencer Walter Reid, I will fucking kill you.”

“He didn’t learn that word from me, just so you know,” Spencer laughed, pulling out his last card that might get him out of this. Blame JJ. “He told me you said it once when you were angry and he also heard you say when you were with “daddy” and “in the middle of the night,” so I think we both know what he heard.”

JJ slapped her hands to her mouth, her eyes wide with horror. “Oh, fuck!”

Spencer snorted and the coffee came out of his nose. “Yea, that’s probably what he heard.”

Tom Holland Dating a Gemini

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Zodiac Series



  • At first Tom wasn’t looking to be in a relationship and you guys were already casual friends, but once you two had a few good conversation, you couldn’t stop talking to each other
  • It started off with a few texts, to a call every once in a while, to texting whenever you can, to calling each other nearly everyday
  • You both realized the potential to be a couple when you and Tom spent all night on the phone and fell asleep talking to each other
  • “Tom did we fall asleep on the phone?”
  • “Oh” laughs “I guess we did, should I hang up?”
  • “I mean if you want, I don’t mind if you wanted to stay on the phone”
  • Listening is just as key to your relationship as communicating
  • Since you and Tom were always talking, you guys got to really know each, deepening your emotional connection due to your openness with the other
  • Tom and you will basically do anything and everything together since having each other makes it x10 better!
  • “Get up, we’re going out”
  • “going out? or going out going out”
  • “Come with me to get my groceries”
  • “What why?”
  • “Because love, you are at my place most of the time and might as well get food you want, plus I love you why else”
  • You and Tom understand each other like no other, like you share the same mind!
  • Tom is super playful with you and vice versa, you guys don’t take much to seriously
  • “Babe wake up, we gotta go” 
  • groans
  •  “Tom I will lay on you until you get up”
  • groans more, tugging the sheets over his head
  • “Alright, well you asked for this” jumps on him and kinda bear hugs Tom whispering in his ear “get up punk”
  • Tom has a habit of surprising you with little things you told him in passing 
  • “Hey here take this”
  • ???
  • “its just a portable charger since your phone always dies when I call and your out”
  • Your relationship is always exciting, there’s always something new to do, to talk about, or to experience. You guys always cherish the memories you create together when doing something new
  • With the excitement and lightheartedness that flourishes in your relationship with Tom, at times a loss of focus for a long-term commitment occurs which does lead to some fights. Although you both hold on to the joy and understanding found in the other to build a stable lasting relationship

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[Translation] CUT - Yamada Ryosuke x Fumihiko Sori (March Issue: 2/18/2017)

“I said, ‘I don’t want to boast about this role.’” (Yamada)

“It was then that I understood the human being known as Yamada Ryosuke was very masculine, and it made me happy.” (Sori)

“I used to always think, ‘it’s still too early to be able to make this work into a movie yet,’” Director Sori Fumihiko discusses in this talk how, even within numerous Japanese comics, Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the works that [has to cross] the extremely high hurdle of live-action adaptations. At the same time, if Japanese film is challenging the scale and dynamism of Hollywood film head on, wouldn’t the greatest work to do so with be Fullmetal Alchemist? That’s why while taking on this film, both Director Sori and Yamada Ryosuke, who plays the role of the protagonist Ed, along with the rest of the cast, had to heavily prepare and carry a great deal of pressure, but in any case, their words were reassuring in this conversation. 

How will they depict Ed’s character? How was filming carried out in Italy? What sort of concept did they have when introducing the brand new CG technology? How will Al be represented? After finishing the intense photo-shoot, the two of them told us about the various inevitable points that worried them and revealed many precious behind-the-scenes happenings.

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Hi! I just wanted to say, I loved your presentation on misogynoir in fandom spaces. As someone else who is queer, black, female, and in fandom, it's refreshing to see explained that fandom racism isn't just "X person called me or Y character a racial slur." Do you have any advice on how to deal with white fans who do inadvertently racist things, and how to explain to them that what they're doing IS racist? (P.S. Did you hear about Philadelphia's changes to their pride flag?)

*blows kisses @ you*

I’m so glad that you loved my presentation!! And I did see the pride flag changes and I’m actually super pleased because wow is it hard to get white queer people to acknowledge that we exist. Here’s hoping that this not only sticks in Philly, but that other Pride groups adopt the new look and work to make these queer spaces and events more accessible to people of color.

Okay so one of the things I learned very early on in fandom that you can never guess how a person will react to you talking about racism in a thing they like or have done. Because you can’t predict behavior or control it. 

And, because many white fans don’t see (or want to see) the racism in things they do or what they like, you can’t always expect any commentary you give to go over well. Even if you frame it in simple, unaccusatory language.

So first, when dealing with white fans who accidentally do racist things (or who don’t know that the things they’re doing on purpose are racist - i.e., erasing Candice Patton from her own narrative because I’m still quite mad about that), the important thing is to only bite off what you can chew. 

Sometimes, when dealing with fandom’s racist nonsense as a fan of color, all you can do is block, mock, and move on. 

Some people don’t want to know that they’ve done something racist and have no interest in learning. You can give them links, offer to hold their hands, and reassure them that they’re “not really racist” all you want and those people will still react like you asked them to lick your shoe rather than get introspective about their fandom activities.

Never waste your time and energy on people who don’t want to learn. 

But: here are some things to keep in mind when you talk/write about fandom racism (either to people or about them) that might help!

  1. Few people in fandom believe that personal experiences with race/racism as a person of color counts as a legitimate source. So if you back your post or comments up with personal experience, brace yourself. Be prepared for people to straight up mock you for pointing out that they’re replicating real life racism that you’ve experienced.
  2. Link to established bloggers and writers in and out of fandom who talk about racism in the way you’re talking about them. Quote them. I adore @diversehighfantasy and reference her blog constantly. I also quote academics like Rukmini and Lori who I mentioned in my presentaton who’ve written expansively on race in fandom (in different areas). 
  3. A lot of the useful resources won’t be related directly to fandom. Example: if you, like me, write a lot about how sex and kink work in fandom with characters of color, look for work along the lines of Ariane Cruz’s The Color of Kink which doesn’t talk about fandom, but about sexuality and Black female bodies. You can apply stuff not of fandom to fandom pretty easily as long as you’re willing to work for the connection.
  4. Back in the day, on my first social justice blog which was basically about politics and the MCU fandom, I learned quickly that fellow fans basically turn off their reading comprehension skills the second they see the word racism. Because at that point, it becomes the only thing they can focus on and you become the mean person calling them a racist. Be prepared for that. 
  5. You know that thing folks do when you say something is problematic or bad just casually and they’re like “SOURCE?” all expectantly because they’re too lazy to google (and, for some of them, want you to fail at sourcing your arguments)? Drown them in sources. This is basically like a follow up to 2 and 3, but I mean, really go for it. Make them work in their attempts to debate with you (and even folks who “get” racism sometimes fall into this trap of “but what about x” when talking about racism in fandom.)
  6. Ask for help if you need it. It doesn’t always occur to people that you can reach out and go “I need help wording something or explaining this thing to someone”

The most important thing to remember when engaging with people in fandom who are doing racist things either on accident because they don’t get it or on purpose because they don’t want to is that you can always tap out if you need to.

Fandom is supposed to be fun and it’s okay if, after trying your best to educate someone about racism in fandom and falling flat, you just decide to move on. I do it all the time. If I write hundreds of words explaining why something is racist to someone and they brush it off because their sacred fannish ~squee~ is just so dang important, I block them and move forward because I deserve a chance to protect my own squee sometimes. 

And so do you.

(I’m also unsure if I made any sense because it’s almost 2AM and I definitely went into ramble mode. If you need anything, feel free to hop in my inbox and you have nudge me if it’s something you need or want answered ASAP!)

power. grace. wisdom. wonder.

Okay, so. After 800 years (and already falling super, SUPER in love with Diana) I finally saw the dang movie.

And you guys.


Obviously, I’m probably not going to say anything terribly new in this, given that I am unavoidably late to the party, but once the film ended and the credits started rolling, my sister and I sat there for a solid minute or so (with tears streaming down my face, basically) collecting ourselves before we even thought about leaving. I just wanted to sit there and be with it a little while longer, because. Holy shit. Just. This movie, okay.

This movie.

(Obviously, spoilers ahead, mateys.)

I don’t recall a single instant where I was bored, my attention was wandering, I was like, “Just get on with the damn story already,” or otherwise less than completely enthralled with what was going on (even as someone who doesn’t watch much/any DC stuff). I cried for the first time about, oh, thirty seconds in, and several times thereafter. I cried when there was a shot of Antiope looking powerful as hell, broad-shouldered, strong, when this incredibly capable warrior woman actually looked like she could legitimately kick your ass, and not like a waif or a pixie. I cried when I saw Diana for the first time. I cried when Diana went to get the sword, because how many times have we seen the movie where the man is given the magical sword and becomes the hero? (And then of course, later on, it turns out that the sword isn’t what is special, she is.) I cried during No Man’s Land, because obviously I did. I cried during the whole ending sequence, because also I obviously did.

Saying this was an important movie to me almost sounds cheap, but I don’t know any better way to put it. It just… wow. I feel like I need to watch it again (and I am the WORST about seeing movies in the cinema). There was just so much there: thematically, visually, character-wise, story-wise. So much that I loved and so much that hit me in the face (and the heart).

(I want to marry Gal Gadot like, even more than I already did, which was so much. I literally could not take my eyes off her the entire time.)

Diana and Steve were absolutely delightful. They played off each other so well, with Diana the serious “straight man” (or rather woman) convinced of her own lofty purpose (and struggling when it seems she’s been deprived of it) and Steve functioning as the skeptical observer/voice of the ridiculous/’so that’s cool” note of levity that the movie needed (and I was surprised and very pleased at how funny it was). One of my favorite things was how the movie managed to play Diana’s entrance into our world both for humor and without making her the butt of the joke – in other words, it never pointed and laughed at her ignorance. It found it charming, just as Steve did, and likewise, we have seen the movies where the (male) hero enters a new world and gets to stare at its oddity. Here, we have Diana experiencing the strangeness and charm of a department store, a cafe and a winter evening in the middle of the war, dancing with someone she liked, and otherwise getting to see the small magic of our own world with new eyes, even for a demi-goddess from a pseudo-heavenly realm. Those scenes had such a lovely bit of enchantment and enjoyment to them, when it would have been so easy to make them cynical.

The boat scene with Diana and Steve leaving Themyscira was sheer genius (and I seem to recall reading that they improvised most of that) as was the bath scene, and of course the end. Jfc. When he’s pointing the gun into the hold of the plane, trying to work up the courage to die, and you know that he manages to go through with it because of her – because as he tells her, he can save today, but she can save the world, and he needs to let her be the one to do that. Even when she’s angry at him beforehand, he still tries to help her, tells her what the smoke signals are and to follow them to find Ludendorff. He never tries to cut her down or diminish her (and him using the lasso on himself + “this is a terrible idea, we will probably die” = also genius).

Also, the backup team was an Indian, a drunk Scotsman with PTSD, and a Turkish man, and every single one of them were given poignant and genuine moments??? Chief gets to talk about how the Indians have been driven out of their lands. Charlie can’t manage to shoot the sniper, and yet Diana later asks who will sing for them if he leaves – she values him for his talents and for his possibility of a life beyond war, she doesn’t blame him for failing in crunch time. Sameer gets to point out that he can’t be who he wants to be because he was born the wrong color, and there is nothing he can do about that. This team of marginalized people, working together to change the world for the better despite all the odds against them – I mean. Wow.

When the Ares reveal happened, I literally whispered, “I knew it I knew it I knew it” three times under my breath, because I suspected that guy from the start. I just felt as if the Clearly Psychotic German General ™ was too obvious a candidate and there was a twist coming, and when he died utterly anticlimactically (although I was proud of Diana for doing it) I was like… welp, VINDICATED, NOW THE SHIT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO GO DOWN, I KNEW IT WAS EVIL REMUS LUPIN, and it was. So yes.

As I said, I feel as if I have to watch this movie in the theater again at least one, and then several times thereafter. I cannot believe that in in the year of our lord 2017 this is somehow the first female superhero movie directed by a woman, and frankly, I don’t know why we have to keep accepting mediocre manpain movies in any genre otherwise. It was an action movie, a love story (both in a romantic sense and in terms of Diana’s own actions/arc), a comedy, a tragedy, a fantasy, a superhero origin story, a social commentary, a war movie – as I said, there was just so much of it. It was such a rich tapestry of a story and it fitted together so brilliantly. All the questions it managed to raise about the nature of war and humanity, love and darkness, the people we are born as and the people we choose to be, the fallacy of “deserving” to be saved, and to do this in a way that is both deeply genuine and which isn’t overly naive, when Steve tells Diana that he wishes it was as simple as just killing one bad guy to make it all stop… I mean. That is hard. And they pulled it off amazingly.

In not-really-short, my life has been changed. I want another three movies, I want Diana to have a girlfriend (because I will cry my damn eyes out if I get to see this beautiful, powerful, gentle heroine being actually bisexual on screen), and I also want for all movies ever to be like this, basically. 

I am going to be thinking about this for a very long time.


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a/n: back by popular demand. and by popular demand i mean i wrote abt this idea in the tags of a taehyung post and an anon enabled me to do it so thank u anon, this is ur fault 😁 here’s the babysitter!got7 post that started it all


  • so the origin story for these nerds is that they too, like got7, were in high school and needed easy money
  • so jaebum was like!!! yooo why don’t you guys join our group and be apart of our babysitting business?
  • and seokjin was like hell yeah and that’s how it all started
  • seokjin is used to being the youngest family wise, but since all of his friends are a younger than him he feels like babysitting children is a breeze and he’s got it handled 
  • he, by the way, Does Not

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do you think it'd be possible for me to do animatics on paper?? it seems hard but im not too sure if i want to draw digitally.. sorry this might be a dumb ask!!

you could do storyboards (like slideshows from picture to picture) or full-on traditional animation (1 page = 1 frame, 12 or 24 frames = 1 second), but not really animatics since an animatic is basically a rough draft that uses layers & tweens to lay out backgrounds and character movement.

i mean i guess if you were really dedicated you could make a stop motion camera setup and create pages for backgrounds & paper doll characters, and just move stuff around and take pictures for 12fps? like old school south park?

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dude I'm tryna get into the whole witch thing and it's cool and all but??? I can't??? Figure out??? A path??? Am I a cosmic witch, a green witch, a diviner??? One of the fifty thousand types of witch??? How do I find my calling???Who do I pray to? What deity do I look to? What spells do I start with? All these things like here's a spell for a ___ witch! Use colors associated with your type of craft! But I just don't have a connection to any specific one yet, they're all pretty cool... thanks!!!

I’d say go with being an Eclectic witch! That basically means you don’t stick to a specific area of witchcraft, but follow several types. Labels don’t really matter, they don’t make you more or less of a witch!

I do suggest figuring out what kind of relationship you want with your deity(ies). Personally, I don’t worship any deities but I’m more like a colleague with them.

  • Gavin: Does Millie like you still?
  • Geoff: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...
  • Ryan: Ohhhhh...
  • Jeremy: Tough call.
  • Ryan: Changes day to day. Up in the air.
  • Jack: He's taking his time.
  • Geoff: I...
  • Jack: You understand that Millie is a small version of you, right. Like, she is as close to a doppelganger as you have.
  • Gavin: I feel like if Geoff knew Geoff, he wouldn't like him.
  • Jack: That's true.
  • Jeremy: I feel that way about Jeremy a lot.
  • Gavin: I mean, they'd make each other laugh, but they'd hate each other.
  • Geoff: Yeah, I think she... tolerates me. For sure.
  • Ryan: That's positive.
  • Gavin: What about your kids, Ryan?
  • Ryan: Ah... Yeah. Most of the time.
  • Geoff: That'll change.
  • Gavin: I really want Michael to hurry up and have a kid just so I can, like, witness it.
  • Michael: Witness... The child?
  • Ryan: The birth. He wants to be in the room with you.
  • Gavin: Like, basically, Denise made you, and that turned out phenomenally, but what are you going to make?

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Would you ever consider doing basic tutorials as to how you draw different face shapes etc...? I really admire your art and I've just started out drawing myself. ♡

Thank you :) Ahhh, it means a lot! <3
As for your question? I don’t know how to explain such things in a tutorial. When I want to change the shape of the face I just change it. I change the size and shape of the chin, jaws, cheekbones and forehead. But equally important is the place of the eyes, nose and lips and the distance between them.

I really don’t know how to make a tutorial that would show the process of those changes (I should think about it). Anyway, all the alterations might be more visible and exaggerated or more subtle. Everything depends on what you want to achieve.

The Truth Hurts

Pairing: King George x Reader

Word Count: 1761

Warnings: None

Summary: You are disgusted by the King’s actions, but once you meet him it is clear he is not as terrible as you believe.

You had heard all the rumors countless times. Down the streets of Britain King George III’s letter to the colonies was being read and analyzed.

The man was merciless. He threatens to kill those who do not follow him and when you read a publication of his letter you rip it into several pieces and throw it in the garbage.

How can a man who wants to lead possibly think threatening those who are leaving with death is going to resolve anything?

He was despicable, cold- hearted, and the worst kind of a person.

Fuming with the thoughts of the King’s letter, you manage to completely forget to look where you’re heading and clumsily knock into someone in front of you.

“Oh I am so sorry. I wasn’t looking. Are you alright?” The man in front of you says.

You of course are very confused because you were sure you were the one who wasn’t paying attention.

“No it was entirely my fault.” You manage to utter out.

He is taller than you but not by much. His hair is a dirty ash blonde and his eyes are the color of the Atlantic ocean. He gives a small smile.

“My name is George. May I ask yours?” He holds out his hand and you stare for a moment. The thoughts of the King are pushed aside momentarily as you place your hand in his. A gentle kiss is placed on your knuckle and you smile at him.

“Y/N. Pleasure to meet you.”

“Pleasure is all mine, surely.” He squeezes your hand before letting go.

“What are you doing this fine day?” He asks. He is dressed as if he has money, but not necessarily as much if he was in a predominant family. He had not told you his last name and while that stuck with you, his question brought a bitter taste to your mouth.

“Reading the King’s letter to the colonies.”

His face changes and it almost seems as if he is pouting.

“Really? It displeases you?”

“The man threatened to kill everyone over there if they did not yield to him. Yes it is displeasing.”

His look grows into a deeper configuration of sullen disappointment.

“He was in a tough position. Those colonists were being unreasonable.” His voice is louder than before.

“I mean I understand he does not want a rebellion. However, the tactics to which he tries to prevent one from occurring are completely ridiculous. You do not fight fire with fire.”

“Well if fire is what the colonists want…” You glare at him.

His face softens a little.

“Well, I’m sure he has thought about the many different responses he could have sent.”

“Well he certainly could have chosen a more suitable warning that did not include death threats.”

The conversation seemed to take a turn into a debate. You awaited George’s reply.

“You may be right. Perhaps he could have said something a bit more civil. War is messy. I do believe it will come to that either way.”

“Maybe so. The colonists shouldn’t be so eager to leave. But he should not underestimate how they will respond to such a letter.” 

He takes this time to scan you.

“The war is imminent. The King knows this.”

You search his features while you state the next opinion.

“We wouldn’t even be in this place if the King hadn’t pushed the colonists to the edge with his overtaxing and taunts.”

Now he looks upset. Visibly his face turns red and his hands become tight fists.

“You have no idea what kind of pressure the King is going through with this whole rebellion mess!” He huffs and if he wasn’t on the smaller side he would have actually frightened you.

“Of course I don’t! Neither do you. The colonists are pushing back from his initial shove. If he just compromised with them in the first place or stopped raising their taxes maybe they wouldn’t be so inclined to rebel.”

He looks as if he is about to implode. You would have the luck of running into a charming man who turns out to be a die-hard loyalist. Not that you weren’t loyal, but you weren’t blinded by the illusion of the King’s political fallacies.

“The King does not need to explain his actions of taxation. He must use it for the good of Britain.” He crosses his arms and sits on a nearby bench. He looks like child throwing a tantrum.

You can’t help but let out a long laugh at the sight of this grown man acing so childish and defending someone he couldn’t even possibly know.

“What are you laughing at?” George snaps without moving from his defensive position.

“You’re being ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous? How can you even say- You’re bad-mouthing our King!”

“Hardly. I am merely stating my opinion as a subject in his kingdom. The way many feel these days about him. I do not mean to offend.”

His arm cross and he relaxes a bit.

“People have been upset about the handling of the rebellious colonists? What do they say?”

You take a seat as far away from George as possible.

“What I have already told you. His actions are part of the reason the colonists have decided to rebel. Honestly, do you not go out much?”

He runs his hands through his hair and then drags them down his face despairingly.

“No I guess I do not. At least not long enough to hear the gossip.”

His entire demeanor is entertaining. His dramatic outbursts in conversation were unlike anyone else you’d met.

“So the King has his faults. That does not mean the colonists had to answer with impending war.” His arms are crossed yet again and it takes all of you to not groan in response. Instead you just set your jaw and stay silent. Better to not react to his theatrics.

“Look, I am not saying the King is evil. I do not believe that. What I do believe is we are in a very precarious position with the colonists and the way the King is responding is not helping either way. The war is coming, everything has led us to this point. Now it is just the matter of how serious he takes it.”

His arms do not uncross this time and he lets out a frustrated sigh.

“I’m sure he takes it very seriously. Even when he sends antagonizing letters to rebels.”

“I am personally not entirely comfortable with the lack of assurance to us here in England of how the war is going to affect subjects living on this side of the war.”

He scoots closer to you on the bench but is still at arms length.

“He’s the King. Of course he will protect his subjects. That is the reasoning behind his threats in the first place. With rebellion comes uncertainty. Uncertainty means he cannot protect those subjects he has sworn to keep safe, especially when they are across a sea.”

You had never thought of it that way. The King pushes back because he is afraid he cannot protect his citizens. It wasn’t a completely insane insight.

“Is war really the best way to protect them?” You ask. George has finally relaxed or become tired enough that his theatrics have ceased.

“No. It isn’t. He doesn’t seem to have a choice now though, does he?” His exasperated look seems to pierce through you.

“No he doesn’t.”

“What am I going to do?”

When he inquires this you are shocked. He just asked you what to do like you have any political say in the matter. He also just used ‘I’ and you’re not entirely sure why. since you two were talking of the King and not himself.

“Well, I presume all he can do is try to win the war and try to have the least amount of casualties on either side as possible.”

“All I wanted was to extend our land, to gather more resources and improve the population surges. Yet now none of that is possible. I cannot allow the colonists to rebel. It would certainly bring my political influence down. I cannot compromise either, they are set on being their own nation…”

About halfway through his ranting you realize who you are talking to. His isn’t wearing his standard white wig, a crown or any lavish robes. King George III has been next to you for the last hour. You just had a heated debate with the King of England. All the color drains from your face.

He was still talking but you had missed the last minute of it while trying to think of a way to make up for everything you had just said as you really didn’t wanted to be executed for treason. After all you just told the King that he was ridiculous and he was basically a jerk. You don’t realize you are in a trance until the King’s hand waves in front of your face.

“Y/N? Are you listening? Look after everything you said you could at least listen to my plans and-”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean anything I said.” You squeak out an apology hoping he will at least spare your life.
“What are you talking about? You were right. I mean about some of it, not all of it. I can’t agree about everything of course.”

“Please, can we just pretend I didn’t say anything.” You finally make eye contact with him and he realizes why you are panicking.

“Really? You think I would punish you for being one of the only people who has ever been completely honest with me? Do you think I’m a monster?”

“No of course not, but you are the King and I just said not-so pleasant opinions about you to your face. It is practically treason.”

He takes your hand in his.

“Perhaps. However, I did not intend for you to think you couldn’t speak your mind. That is why I did not inform you of who I was by title.”

He is still holding your hand and you take it back slowly.

“So, you’re not going to kill me for what I said.”

His melodramatics return.

“No! Now who is being ridiculous? Killing someone just because they speak with me is insane.” His arms are flailing and he quickly stands from the bench.

“Alright. Does this mean I can tell you more of what I think about your decisions?”

His face is priceless.

“There’s more?!”

“You have no idea.”


Appreciation Post!

I just want to say thank you all for sticking around. I’m very grateful to have over 4,000 followers and meeting new friends on here. It really means a lot. I just want to give a couple of shout outs to a few people: 

@vorillaz I adore your art so much! You have no idea how much of an influence you are to me. 

@basically-jughead-jones You were one of the first blogs I’ve followed when I first joined Tumblr last year. You’re also one of the artists on here that influence me as well. 

@noodlerdoodler I love how you give Russel lots of appreciation. And I love your art too. 

@0011001001000100 I just started following you a couple weeks ago. I really love your art! Seeing it makes me smile. 

@gfan2001 You always make me laugh and I love having a conversation with you. You were actually one of my first friends I’ve met on here. 

@foggydaysinboston It feels like we’ve been friends for longer than a couple months. Ever since you and I started chatting to one another, we ended up having a lot in common. You’re a good friend! 

@gorillaz-gal I love your enthusiasm so much! You have idea how happy your post makes me feel. Love the positive energy!

@2dxhelena1997 It’s always great having a conversation with you. I love your ideas. 

@ashesfordayz You’re art is amazing! I love watching your live streams! 

@shannonssoundcheck I love the things you post. You’re really funny!

@revolving-doors-in-london You’re one of my favorite Gorillaz blog. I love your blog so much!

@myrteelo You were the first Gorillaz blog I’ve followed and the first artist that influence me. And I thank you for that. :)

Being in the Gorillaz fandom has been a great experience for me so far because of you guys. You are all very inspiring. I can’t thank you all enough! Keep up the great work that you do. Love you all! <3

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