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(2 part anon) UGH why. Ok, let me see if i can remember everything from the first part. I think it was basically just that they focused a lot on Dean's reactions, and that while Sam was obviously very clearly upset, Dean was *devastated.* He doesn't run off with Sam to attend to more urgent and immediate matters. He can't. Those were basically the highlights of the first part i think, just pointing out the very obvious difference in their reactions and how it was clearly intentional.

2/2 In all honesty, this has got to be the most blatant “Dean’s bond with Cas is different” moment ever. It’s a standard tragic romantic trope. Sam’s not the one who fell on his knees next to Cas’s body. They chose Dean for that. I wonder why?:P And Dean didn’t even have to say anything, it was all body language and expressions. That’s not even subtext, it’s right there on the screen the two brothers different reactions to Cas.

HI! And thanks for sending part 1 again! Sorry it took so long for me to answer, but yeah, I absolutely agree with you. I’ve seen (reblogged? Probably?) several gif sets over the last few days comparing these things, and also comparing Dean falling to his knees with Cain falling to his knees at Colette’s grave in 9.11, as well as Sam pulling Dean through the portal the same way Dean pulled Sam out of his burning house where Jess had just died in 1.01.

So not only are we seeing Dean’s AND Sam’s reactions here as very different, we’re seeing Dean’s behavior basically identical to other explicitly romantic relationships on the show.

Supernatural’s 200th episode: In which the fandom learned to trust Robbie

I think most people know that episode 10x05 was written by none other than Mr. Robbie Thompson. Anybody who has read my meta or reviews would know (I guess) that I simply LOVE Robbie. He’s my favorite writer by far because I consider him an elegant Destiel shipper (I wrote about that here). When we learned that the 200th episode was going to be a musical, a lot of people had different reactions. Some were excited; some were afraid that the episode wasn’t going to be good; some were angry because Misha wasn’t in it, and so forth. I was EXCITED and that was it. I was not afraid and, even though I really, really wanted to see Misha in the episode, I trusted Robbie. I have never trusted a writer so much as I do it with him. Now that I’ve seen the episode, I can say I was not disappointed at all. The episode was brilliant! A true love letter to the fans! Thank you, Robbie!

I’m not going to go deep into all the beautiful details included throughout the whole episode that made it remarkable because I don’t want this to be a long post. However, I want to focus on some things related to Destiel (as usual). Many people have already talked about these things, but I just need to give my contribution (and thank you to the people who asked me if I had written or was going to write about this episode in particular).

There are six moments that I consider very important in this episode:

1) Dean’s reaction to the two girls playing Dean and Sam standing too close to each other.

The audience is supposed to see things through Dean’s eyes. Remember Supernatural is told from his point of view, so the way he sees things has a very direct impact on the way the show viewers see the same things. The moment Marie starts to explain to Dean what a BM scene is, a “brotherly tune” starts playing. It’s the same music we have heard when the real Dean and Sam have a moment. The music is immediately interrupted by Dean’s “Why are they standing so close together?” He has a deep frown on his face and looks genuinely bothered by that. He even says, “You know they’re brothers, right?” And finally, he tells the ladies to take a step back so they don’t stand so close. That was Dean basically saying “Wincest… what the hell?” The same reaction he had 5 seasons ago when he learned about the Supernatural books. They’re brothers.

2) Dean’s reaction to the two girls playing Dean and Cas hugging and… well, I cannot tell if they were making out before the hug, but… you know what scene I’m talking about.

Look at Dean’s face in all the scene and tell me if you see him disgusted at any moment when he’s talking with Marie and asking him what they are doing. When Dean asked about the previous scene between “the brothers” he was showing some level of disgust. Can you see that on his face in this scene? He looks surprised or a little awkward at the most, but he doesn’t look upset. He asks if that’s on the show and learns the girls are a couple in real life. He learns about Destiel as well. And that’s perfect not only because Dean finally knows DeanCas is a possibility, but also because now the audience, the general viewers of the show, knows about Destiel too. Not everyone who watches the show knows about Destiel, but now it’s a word even casual viewers will identify easily. And remember the audience’s reaction to things is kind of conditioned by Dean’s reaction. What was his reaction here? Surprised. He didn’t see that coming. Thoughtful. He didn’t yell at them. He didn’t ask them to stop hugging. He didn’t tell Marie, “You know they’re just friends, right?” or any variation of that. If he was so uncomfortable in the situation about “the brothers”, why didn’t he just say something here as well about the situation between Dean and the angel?

3) Dean telling Sam about Destiel and Sam’s reaction

Robbie definitely used the word “Destiel” in canon so that now Dean (and all the audience of the show) knows what Destiel is. In case it was not so clear for people that Destiel is Dean + Castiel (believe me, that’s possible for people who are NOT in the fandom!), we had Sammy playing with the words (Dea-stiel) and even casually mentioning other ships (Sastiel, Samstiel). It cannot get any clearer than that. Besides, Sam’s reaction here is just perfection. He’s very cool about the whole thing. He’s smiling normally. He doesn’t freak out at all, and Dean doesn’t mention one single time that he and Castiel are only friends. He could have said something like, “We’re two dudes, come on,” or “He’s a freaking angel of the Lord,” or “He’s family, dammit”. But nope! NADA. Dean Winchester never said anything AGAINST the idea of Destiel. He even shared the information with Sammy and just wanted to shut Sam up because he was teasing Dean (CasDean?). I think not only did Robbie give a nod to the Destiel shippers, but he also helped us see that Sam is totally cool about it, because… well, Sammy is Sammy, and sometimes Sammy knows.  And if the brothers seem cool about it, why should the show viewers freak out? We’re always conditioned to feel the same ways the boys do.

4) Dean flipping Cas’ tie.

Dean KNOWS that Cas, HIS Cas, doesn’t wear the tie neatly, and when he sees the girl with the tie like that, he flips it because that’s what the real Cas is supposed to look like.

5) Dean’s “I want you to put as much SUB in that TEXT as you possibly can” while directly looking at the girl playing Cas.

That’s like saying, “I don’t mind the subtext between you and Dean”.

6) Castiel’s song “I’ll just wait here then”.

Seriously? How much more romantic than that can this get? That was a freaking love song! And we know that scene was based on canon. In fact, the phone scene was identical to the one the real Dean and Cas had in 5x04. The only difference was that the real Cas didn’t sing that song (that we know of lol). But the waiting really happened. If we add this song, and the Destiel and CasDean mentions to the subtext even from previous seasons, the show viewers who are not part of the fandom should start to wonder some things. Remember we still have some unaddressed things like, “WHAT BROKE THE CONNECTION?” (from 8x17, Robbie’s episode) and the “HE’S IN LOVE… WITH HUMANITY” (from 9x22) plus the “IT WAS ALL ABOUT SAVING ONE HUMAN, RIGHT?” (from 9x23). We have all those things in the air, and then Robbie comes and gives the… “I’ll just wait here then… I’ll wait FOR YOU”. The subtext cannot get more obvious than that. Robbie Thompson is very elegantly telling us that, yeah, a romantic interpretation is valid. The Dean and Cas’ sexual tension in Marie’s play is real because the two girls are a couple in “real life”. What can that mean for Dean and for all of us, the audience of the show? That the sexual tension between the real Dean and Cas when they stand too close, hug, and stare is real because the two of them are a couple or COULD BE a couple? At least, it’s a possibility.

It’s a shame Misha was not in the 200th episode, but given the nature of it, I understand why he was not in it. The episode was a common MOTW, and Misha is never in such episodes. However, I’m glad Robbie took the opportunity of this whole “200th episode” thing to take this concept and bring it to life. It’s the only way he could introduce many things from the fandom to the canon of the show. And you cannot imagine how glad and thankful I am that he did.

PS: Chuck at the end of the episode was the best plot twist in the history of forever. I literally screamed when I saw him. This episode will be one of my favorites! 


11.15: Sam, Dean, and parallels

Oh, narrative parallels. These are some quick-and-dirty gifs, but they make the point. SPN makes liberal and obvious use of narrative parallels constantly. That’s not exactly special, honestly, parallel narratives are part of the bedrock of storytelling. It’s a super straightforward concept: they show you a thing that clearly means X, then they show you another thing that draws similarities to the first thing to show that the second thing also means X.

You can’t just conveniently forget how Storytelling 101 works just because something looks kinda gay. This episode is pretty light on Sam-specific development because Sam’s main job today is to make Dean look queer.

Yes, I’m serious.

In the scene where Sam and Dean meet Rio and Gunner, they each do 4 distinct things: they get giddy over recognizing their childhood idol, they stutter and flail while they try to look cool, they admit they had a thing for the person, and they do something fannish and embarrassing. Like so:

Exhibit A - Recognizing Their Idol

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