i basically eat 1 or 2 every day

Why I’m so nuts for YOI

YOI flipped my switch in a big way, in a head-over-heels way, in a Victor-dancing-with-Yuri-at-the-GPF-banquet-and-realizing-this-was-it way, and I’ve been thinking lately about why it is that I love it SO much. There are so many reasons. A million reasons. A gazillion reasons under the cut because I’m not as cruel to stick this much text at once into your dash.

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The Step 1 Study Post

What I used & how I used it:

-UWorld: As some of you guys know, I used UWorld throughout the second year in pathology, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and behavioral science. On day 1 of my dedicated study period, I reset UWorld (you’re allowed to do this once) and started from the top with random, timed blocks. I did 2-3 blocks per day, reviewed them, annotated FA with any gems of knowledge until I finished the bank one time through. As I went, if I got a question right but didn’t feel confident about the subject, I would “mark” this question with the little flagging option. I finished this a week or ten days out from the test. From here, I started doing blocks of previously incorrect questions. If you get it right, UWorld moves it out of your incorrect bank. So I continued to do this (actually switched to tutor mode for this because it was faster) until there were no more questions left in the incorrect bank. I also sharply increased my questions per day to about 6-7 blocks. Once this was over, I did the “marked” banks, again until all of the questions were out of the bank. By this point, I had accumulated more in the incorrect bank and did these questions, yet again, until they were all gone. 

The self-assessments were also so key. Unlike the NBME exams, you can review the entire test, with explanations. It gives you a score estimate and people debate about the accuracy of these scores, but mine weren’t too far off from my NBME scores. More on this below.

The key with UWorld is reviewing the questions. The diagrams, charts, and explanations given in UWorld are second to none. They’re incredible. I would say that it was hands down the greatest source of my learning during M2 year and during dedicated study. 10/10 highly recommend.

-First Aid: Added gems from UWorld, sketchy, and pathoma as needed. This is regarded as the Step Bible, and I agree. It’s your go-to for everything. If I got a question wrong in UWorld, the first thing I would do is open up to the FA section and ask myself if I had memorized everything about this concept that’s in FA, would I have gotten the question right? A lot of the time, yes. Of course UWorld goes above and beyond on some topics and I would be sure to add any extra information into FA. I divided FA up based on each of the chapters and had a specific “topic of the day” that I would study once I was done with my UWorld blocks. In retrospect, I wish I would’ve spent 3 days on neuro and only 1 day on behavioral science, but I think it ended up working out okay. 

-Pathoma: I started off watching the videos associated with each section, but eventually ended up just reading the book instead. I had already watched them all at least twice during the school year. This is an absolute key resource for learning pathology. Our professors recommended Robins, but I just couldn’t. I read Goljan Rapid Review throughout the year if I felt like I needed more exposure to a certain topic. I didn’t end up using Goljan during the dedicated study period, mainly because I felt pretty strong in pathology and needed to focus more on relearning M1 material and other subjects. 

-Sketchy micro: I spent the first 3 days of dedicated rewatching every sketchy micro video available. I would’ve done the same with pharm, but sketchy pharm was not out during my second year so it felt like a huge burden to start sketchy pharm during dedicated. I loved sketchy micro during second year and loved it again during dedicated. I think I would’ve bombed micro without it… 

-NBME forms 16, 17, and 18: These were $60/test. Worth it though. 

-School-provided CBSE x3 For those of you that don’t know, the CBSE is the Comprehensive Basic Science Exam aka just a practice step 1 but shorter. My school gave three of these to us. 

My original schedule: Wake up, exercise, and eat breakfast before starting the day. 9:30am-10pm study every day and Sundays off. I planned on doing 2-3 UWorld blocks/day, and studying the topic of the day.

What actually happened: A couple weeks into dedicated, I started meeting a friend on campus around 7:30-8a to get started. How long we stayed varied/depended on the day, sometimes before dinner and sometimes until 9p. I actually ended up not exercising as much as I should’ve. Having someone else to talk to that actually understood what I was going through may have saved me though. I actually didn’t end up taking an entire day off either. Instead, I usually worked every morning and would sometimes take an afternoon or evening off if I needed it. 

I basically would start the day with a UWorld block and review. I made a powerpoint of all my incorrect questions (which ended up being a huge power point LOL). Study topic of day. Eat. Another UWorld block + review. Study topic of day. Eat dinner. Possibility of another UWorld block. Sleeps. Wake up, repeat. For 6 weeks.  

What I wish I had done more of: exercising, taken more breaks, not go completely nanerz towards the end, worried less about what everyone else was doing, etc. 

Since I don’t want to post actual scores, I’ll describe my practice exams in terms of my “goal score.”

CBSE 1 & 2: Goal score - 45 points… *cries* Yes, the exact same score on both of these tests despite them being a couple months apart. 

CBSE 3: Goal score - 20 points- better! At least I’m improving. This was the start of my dedicated study period. 

UWorld Assessment 2: Goal score dead on. Wut. Probably overestimated. Five weeks out.

NBME 16: Goal score + 5…. okay guuuuurrrlll you got dis. Four weeks out.

NBME 18: Goal score - 6… rude. *FORGOT SNACKS, HANGRY BY BLOCK 3* Three weeks out.

UWorld Assessment 1: Goal score + 7 !!!!! Two weeks out.

NBME 17: Goal score + 7 !!!!! One week out. 

So I felt pretty good going into the test. I actually was not nervous at all before or during the test which is VERY STRANGE for me. I’m normally anxious, but I was so calm. It was weird. Anyways, that’s how I studied for Step 1! If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask! :D 


Objects of my affection… and obsession!

This is my Still-winter-almost-spring table. I see a lot of Spring season stuff all around right now but we still have 1 more month of winter to go, so my table setting is also in between 2 seasons. I mixed dark colors with the light spring pastel colors.
I love love love dinnerware, glassware, flatware, serveware… basically any collection of beautiful set of things that ends with “ware”.
My little family rarely rarely dine out, the reason is being first time parents like me and my husband don’t have the time or energy at the end of the day. And even though almost every single night we find ourselves dining in front of the tv, eating on each of our own tv trays with a 1 year old who has a lot more energy in the evenings than in the mornings, I will confess our formal dining table is rarely used. But I love it when I go to our formal dining room and I see a beautiful table set up as if I am throwing a dinner party every night. Aside for my husband and baby girl (my little family) beautiful things make me happy and somewhat smug, a nice looking dining table consoles my spirit and soul from basically being on “house arrest” for being a mommy.

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore <3

Omg sorry this took me 7 years to answer.
I’ll do this for November even though Aubergine is my current fav but I want to develop Novie more.
1. She’s an actual spawn of Satan. But not really, she just likes to pretend like she is.
2. She really super duper loves her Mama and Dad and her BFF and Aunts and would legitimately murder for them.
3. She plays Sims in game on her Mama’s laptop all the time and has a pretty high video game skill now bc of that.
4. She loves to bake and makes a plate of brownies basically every day but then she just throws them away bc no one is ever home to eat them lolol
5. Her and Maya are devious little brats and constantly torture Maya’s lil bro Cale. (He’s going to be Nov’s first enemy for sure)

thanks for this ask! I want to do all of my sims lol I always feel like I don’t have time to develop their personalities enough on here.

My Diet Explained: IIFYM
My Diet Explained: IIFYM

As a fitness/nutrition enthusiast, I am regularly asked the question “what is your diet like?”  To which I usually reply, “Well.. It’s complicated.  Would you like the short answer or the long answer?”

 For all you short attention span type out there, (I feel you, because I can be one of them) my diet is called IIFYM (if it fits your macros), otherwise known as flexible dieting.  Currently, my IIFYM diet is coupled with a reverse dieting approach to help me reach my goal weight, while simultaneously raising my metabolic capacity.  I don’t do meal plans and definitely none of that ‘Eat every 2-3 hours to stoke your metabolic fire (what’s a metabolic fire anyway?? LOL) baloney!“ 

If that wasn't enough for you, keep reading.  

There are a few components to the IIFYM part of my diet :

1.  I precisely count my macros by weighing (food-scale) and tracking (macros+ app, myfitnesspal) food.

2.  I don’t do cheat meals or cheat days– I use refeed days (basically, a boost in carbs once a week to refill glycogen stores).  For the most part, I’m against cheal meals/days.  There is no structure to them and one binge-like meal or day can set you back 1-3 weeks. It’s too easy to fall completely off the wagon and the aftermath is never pretty.  Plus, the IIFYM lifestyle is so flexible that I have no cravings or need for a cheat.

 3.  Did I mention that I DO NOT do meal plans?  I specifically sought out my current coach because I knew he’d help me get away from the meal plan mentality.  Tuna, potato, and broccoli are great foods (tilapia isn’t), but I was no way in hell feeling eating that stuff 6-8 times a day.  The beauty of flexible dieting is just that– it’s flexible!  It allows for me to eat things like Cereal, Cottage Cheese, fruit, luna bars, tortillas, and cheese; heck, I can even grab food when I’m in town and enjoy a restaurant meal with a loved one, as long as I plan for it and stick to my macros!    

4.  Meal-Frequency isn’t a big deal with IIFYM.  You know that whole eat every 2-3 hours a day advice?  Well yeah, it don’t work for me (*bad grammar intentional).  Typically I try to get some protein in every 5 hours and sip amino acids in-between meals, but it’s not necessary that I eat rabbit portions, in order to stoke an imaginary metabolic fire, lol. I eat maybe 3-4 meals a day and greatly prefer it this way.  Why do I like eating a smaller amount of meals?  Well for starters, I’m not thinking about food ALL day long.  It has allowed for bigger portions that reach my satiety needs, rather than teasing them every 2 hours.  Also, I have much more flexiblity in my diet to eat whatever I want– in moderation (once my micronutrient and fiber needs have been reached).

5.  I eat carbs– HALLELUJAH!  I eat fat– double, HALLELUJAH!!!  If you’re training and you try to cut out yo carbs.. you goin have a bad time…….  If you like having beautiful skin, great hair, and a high libido and you try to cut yo fats?  You goin have a f'real bad time.  Eat yo cahbs and fats, dammit!  Also, never trust a diet that extremely limits or cuts out a macronutrient.    The word macro is included to indicate that it’s a primary human nutrient need.  Seems pretty common sense-ish to me.. 

The Reverse Dieting part of my diet:

Allow me to explain its grandiousness.. 

Reverse dieting increases your calories week by week in very small increments (for example, my coach usually increases all of my macros by 10 gm of carbohydrates and 1 gm fats weekly).  Reverse dieting is usually implemented by individuals that are looking to reset, or raise their metabolic capacities after coming out of a cut (caloric deficit) or those who have mistakenly done some serious metabolic damage through excess cardio and lowering essential macronutrients to the e x t r e m e (I can be an extreme kind of person and I totally get the whole 'go hard or go home mentality’, but unfortunately, our body does not always abide on the same principle.  You go too hard?  Things  can shut-down!  Trust me, I know from personal experience).  However ‘weight gain’ is not the goal, despite the fact that you are adding calories weekly.  The ultimate goal is to get total calories as high as possible before you start to see that scale weight start to increase.  Then, you will know your maintenance.

Why should you reverse-diet before beginning a cut? 

 Imagine this:  Say you’re going to start a diet so you directly cut your calories to 1,500 (for most women with a healthy metabolism, this is maybe 1,000  calories or so below maintenance level).  Week by week you cut 100 calories until you’re maybe down to 1,200 calories and an hour of cardio per day.  Thing are going well weightloss wise, until you hit a plateau and things start to go haywire.  Energy levels plummet, hair is falling out, your strength is fleeting, and you might even begin gaining weight.  In a panic, you decide to cut your calories even more and add in 30 more minutes of cardio.  HOLD-UP!  This is not the way to go.

 Enter.. Reverse Dieting.

What can Reverse Dieting do for you?

  1.  Reverse Dieting will help maintain a healthy metabolism and raise your metabolic capacity, so that when you begin a cut you can start out with a higher amount of calories, and reduce macros in very small increments; in the same fashion that you added them in.

  2.  Reverse Dieting will allow you to scientifically determine what your exact maintenance intake is– down to the number.  Reverse dieting is based on actual SCIENCE, not bro-scientist field-work.  

  3. It will set yourself up for a successful cut.  If you start with more calories you have more to detract from, without having to reduce to obscene levels and performing ridiculous amounts of cardiovascular activity.  

  4. It will set yourself up for a better bulk.  Instead of shoveling food into your mouth to see dem muscle gains, why not try a scientific approach?  Reverse Dieting will allow you to avoid fat-gain overload. 

  5. You can eat MORE FOOD!!!!!  I <3 Food. :)

  6. You can perform better in the gym, lift heavier weight, and not feel like your muscles are catabalizing when you’re doing cardio (is that only me?).  Yay.

  7. Reverse Dieting can help you Maintain your current weight.  The statistics are such: 95% of Americans that lose weight are unable to keep it off permanently.  Reverse Dieting is a great maintenance plan!

In essence, this is my current diet!  Yes, I know that it is complicated.  A diet this complicated is not necessary for everybody that wants to shed some weight (go ahead and eat your low-cal microwave meals), but it's necessary if you want to enter into the competitive world of bodybuilding.  Let me know if you have any questions whatsoever.  I’d be more than happy to help you out. 

​Email: cquinajon@outlook.com

 Stay happy, Stay healthy!

Bleach characters’ favorite food flavors

As requested by anon. :)

By “flavor,” I mean “sweet, sour, salty, bitter or umami.” Of those five basic flavors, which is the favorite of each Bleach character?

1. Hitsugaya: Sweet

Hitsugaya: Which is NOT the same as saying I want some dude to hand me candy every day of the week!

Ukitake: B-but Toshiro!

2. Hinamori: Sour

Hinamori: I think sweet things are MORE sweet if you have sour things first!

Shinji: Deep.

Hinamori: I-I meant that in a very literal flavor sense…

3. Shinji: Sour

Shinji: Eating sour foods is like practice puckering up.

Hinamori: That’s much less deep.

4. Nnoitra: Bitter

Nnoitra: Because the bitterer something is, the STRONGER you are for eating it!!!!

5. Unohana: Umami

Unohana: I like my foods rich.

6. Ichigo: Salty

Ichigo: I didn’t use to.

Ichigo: I think maybe I sweat so much that my body has started to crave it.

7. Yachiru: Sweet

Yachiru: My diet wouldn’t be 99% candy if it wasn’t!

8. Tosen: Bitter

Tosen: Just like justice.

Komamura: Justice is bitter?

Tosen: In my experience yes.

9. Sasakibe: Umami

Sasakibe: Well….mostly I pretend it’s my favorite so that I can cook it for the head captain.

Sasakibe: It’s good for old people, you know!

Yamamoto: What

10. Yamamoto: Umami

Yamamoto: Although to be honest, I feel a little self-conscious about that now.

Sasakibe: Sorry!

11. Kira: Salty

Kira: Like my tears.

12. Orihime: Sweet

Orihime: All the best foods are sweet! Red bean paste, chocolate, donuts…all those things combined…

Riruka: How are you thin?

13. Gin: Sour

Gin: I love people’s expressions when they taste something sour, especially when they aren’t expecting it!

Tosen: Ichimaru, these are supposed to be your favorite flavors to consume yourself.

Gin: That really wasn’t made clear.

14. Hisagi: Bitter

Hisagi: Well…mostly I just like to drink a lot of black coffee.

Hisagi: It sustains and nourishes me!

Kensei: It really doesn’t.

15. Kensei: Salty

Kensei: As someone who cooks a lot, I know that salt basically makes every food better.

16. Riruka: Sweet

Riruka: Not saying I’m like Inoue. But yes. Sweet foods happen to be delicious.

Orihime: And that’s why we’re BFFs!

Riruka: WE ARE NOT

17. Yukio: Sour

Yukio: Something about sucking on sour balls while playing video games gives me life.

Riruka: And you’re sure you’re not just trying to be the opposite of me?

Yukio: Not everything is about you. 

18. Jackie: Bitter

Jackie: Life is bitter.

Jackie: Taste may as well reflect that.

19. Halibel: Umami

Halibel: Mostly I just like sea food.

Halibel: It may have something to do with my being a shark.

Starrk: We live in a desert though.

Halibel: And I am also used to not getting what I want.

20. Kenpachi: Salty

Kenpachi: I dunno. Salty reminds me of fighting. Not sure why.

Yachiru: Probably the saltiness of the blood and sweat, Ken-chan!

Kenpachi: Yeah that’s probably it.

I‘ve been over weight since I was 10 years old, high school was tough I weighed 360 pounds being overweight then all your classmates is embarrassing but on the other hand people would not pick on me I was bigger then them so they where scared of me, afraid that I would sit on them and kill them, people did made fun of me beyond my back even some of my friends and it does hurt it makes you feel like a loser, must of the girls at that age don’t like big boys, they see you but its like they see right through you makes feel worthless to the point that I thought about suicide .

Being over weight and acting like everything is fine was hard I would smile and act like nothing was wrong but many times I was depressed I would try and try to loss weight but nothing I would workout at the school gym and sometimes walk at the track even in the winter, I would loss a few pounds but gain them back, losing weight was a battle for me that must of the time I would loss I have battled with being over weight for a long time, food is an addiction that many people don’t believe that food can be addicting it can be addicting like a drug that kills you slow and over time from the inside out .

Being over weight lends to many bad things from diseases to depression to hating yourself witch sometimes leads to death. In high school like said I weighed 360 pounds when I got out of high school it got worse at the age of 21-22 I weighed 420 pounds the most I have ever weighed it was bad it got to the point where I would get tired quicker when I would sleep my parents would tell me I would have trouble breathing sometimes I would feel pains in my chest ever time I would go to the doctors they would always tell me to lose weight.

Being over weight makes you lazy not care not give a fuck about anything as long as I could eat anything I felt good but that was a lie I would eat when I was sad, bored happy anytime even If I was not hunger if I saw food and it looked good I would eat it, if that is not an addiction I don’t know what you would call that, I got to the point where I needed to do something I would look in the mirror and not like what I saw.

How can you live life hating yourself so I started slowly to eat better I started to workout and I started to see changes so I kept going kept eating better and kept working out I would say to myself fuck my excuses fuck my excuses so fuck your excuses because how can it be that you have 5 hours to watch tv but don’t have 30min to workout, I think what many people think that if they workout for 2 months that they are going to get the body they have always wanted that’s how I use to think.

I ate a little bit of everything I ate healthy foods but I also still ate junk food just not the some as before for example I use to eat a large pizza by myself now I just eat 2-3 slices that’s it and not that often, so basically what I did is I ate what I wanted but small portions of it and ate more healthy foods the thing with this is, it takes longer to lose weight so what I started to do is eat just healthy foods no junk food at all so what I starting eating now is just turkey, fish, tuna, chicken, vegetables, fruits protein shakes, wheat bread.

I wake up around 6-7am I workout 1-2 hours then after my workout drink my protein shake around 12pm I eat a snack around 3-4pm I eat I try to eat vegetables in every meal, through out the day if I’m hungry I snack on fruits and protein bars at night I eat a bowl of cereal or a protein bar something light. One of my addictions was soda so what I would do is fill a cup with half water and half soda then as days passed I would fill it more and more with water until I was drinking just water it worked for me I do it with any drinks that has a lot of sugar in them, losing weight is not easy but not impossible it takes a lot of will power, anybody can do it you just really have to want it you have to take the first step forward and keep going this quote comes into mind “if its important you will find a way if not you’ll find an excuse”

Many people want results quick and if they don’t see them they quite I was like that, people have to understand that it takes time and will power to get where you want to get, you didn’t gain all the weight you have over 3 months you gained it over the years so its going to take the some time to get raid of it, trust me when I tell you that working out and eating better makes you feel better more alive with more energy and less excuses.

Losing weight gives you more self confidence it makes you believe in yourself makes you found your true self when your over weight its like having a fat suit on that you wear the whole time but when you loss weight its start to come off you start becoming a new person its like being reborn again because when you lose weight even people that you have known your whole life sometimes don’t even recognize you, so to be it is like being reborn aging.

I failed many many many times but if you want to be a winner and reach success you have to go through pain over and over aging you have to get out of your comfortable place and put in the work I have learn many things along the way and success is not a straight road it’s a road with bumps, potholes curves image if it was easy everyone would be doing it, failure makes you stronger makes you smarter because you learn from your mistakes success feels better when you work your ass off for it.

Every time I failed I was mad anger at myself but I learn to use that anger to motivate me to do what I know I can do, we all make excuses and if you keep making excuses you wont see results, people ask me what finally made you lose weight? I say my determination to be that person I imaged my self to be I was tried of being a failure I was tired of always giving up I wanted to be someone in life I wanted to make a difference.

I have learn to stay motivated that’s what you need to keep going i use to be a negative type of person but as i grow up hearing and watching, listening to motivational, inspirational speeches it made me see life a lot more different in a better more positive way as you grow older you start to realize that you have to work your ass off for what you went i didn’t believe in me but motivational and inspiring speeches quotes and sayings made me believe in me aging made my think in a different more positive way remember that words can make you or break you you always have a choice.

Nothing in life is easy, but imagine where would you be if you didn’t give up on your dream? what would happen if you had no fear? questions like this made me think a lot more different it got me through the tough part of my life motivational and inspiring speeches quotes and sayings made me believe in me aging made me wonder about life made me motivated, inspired and determined to accomplish anything I set my mind too.

I motivate my mind with positive people I workout my mind by listening to inspiring motivating people and workout my body at the gym, I hope my journey can help in some way motivate people to get up and move and reach there goal and stop making excuses and start getting results working for a better healthier life, success is not easy but not impossible even the word its self says “I’m possible”

 —- SUBMIT your own Before and After weight-loss photos HERE.

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Hey, sorry if this is weird, but I remember you saying you've had success with losing weight (and again, sorry if this is weird, I know some people don't like to talk about this stuff) but I was wondering what your diet was like? I know you eat pizza and stuff but is there anything specific that you do that may help? I exercise and am trying to cut out sugars like you've suggested before, I was just wondering ~ Thanks!

Not weird! I know some people don’t like reading stuff like this, so I do tag as #weight loss, but I’m happy to answer questions about it because I am pretty close to my goal weight, now. I’m not a nutritionist, this is just what I’ve been doing:

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Hi sharee! You were great on your new interview. I have a question, a lot of people deal with weight fluctuation. Does your weight fluctuate at all?

Aww thank you!

Yeah it was alot of fun! And first time seeing my doctor since my 3month post-op! lol

You weight will fluctuate all the time, even during the day. That is why i suggest weighing 1 time once a week or every 2 weeks.

  • Hormones will show as a weight gain (1 week before and after period)
  • Muscle soreness will show as a gain because your muscles  are retaining water and  swollen (do don’t weigh when you’re sore!)
  • Weigh in the morning before food and after the restroom.
  • eating high sodium foods will cause your body to retain water and that will show as a gain as well.

so basically , just pick a date once a week and stick to it.