i basically come in my pants

Trans guys in need of donations

Hey guys! so i’ve moved my boyfriend in with me to get him out of a bad home, however we didn’t have any money left over to get us things we needed. Summer is hitting hard, so we’d like to get lighter colored binders (and just new ones since the seams of our current ones are coming undone), STP’s, and maybe even a swimming specific binder, and we need clothes as well because all we have are dark clothes and pants. I’d also like to get a shirt meant to swim with, because i’m not comfortable swimming in just my binder in a public setting. 

A single binder from gc2b plus shipping is about $40 or more, but we have two trans guys here to buy them for. One of the lowest quality STP’s i can find are about $20, and again we need two. Basically we just need to raise a metric fuck ton of money to get our necessities. We would have probably been able to get most of these things ourselves, except that when our 18th birthdays rolled around, we literally got no birthday money at all, when we were expecting at least $100. We’re both unemployed, and right now its impossible to get a job since no one around us is hiring, we dont even have shoes to wear to walk since ours have quite literally fallen apart, and we don’t have a car. 

If you could donate, the paypal email is meepingkankri@aol.com, but if not please single boost this! I really hate asking for things, but binders are things that are needed, as well as clothing, and shoes. Any amount of money helps honestly!!!

The politics of clothes and the importance of Hillary Clinton

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more interested in the politics of women’s clothes. It didn’t interest me at all as a younger woman, in large part because so many clothes designed for women are uncomfortable to wear and I insist of being comfortable. That meant for a lot of my life, I wore very plain, gender-neutral clothes for work – chinos, cotton button up shirts, pant suits. It was a basic refusal to play the game, in the most laid-back way I could come up with at the time, and given my limited resources.

However, a few years ago, there started to be enough women in senior positions at my university that I noticed something very interesting. Women had adapted the sexist horrors of fashion into a language of power. The example I first noticed was jewelry. Women wore their rings – engagement, wedding, anniversary, first child, etc – as signs of being matriarchs, and to a lesser extent this was true of necklaces, bracelets and earrings as well. This mapped in a very real way to their roles and power within the university – but only if you knew how to read the language.

In other words, while these trappings were informed by the sexist standards of the wider culture, they were firmly linked to traditional women’s power and being re-purposed in the workplace to signal seniority amongst women. Do men in the world place even notice this? I don’t know, it’s secret women’s business, so I’ve never asked. But it certainly changed the way I thought about jewelry, and how I started to wear it. I haven’t done many of those traditional feminine milestones, but I decided I could symbolise my own achievements in that language of jewelry and it would be in keeping with traditions of female power. I started to do so when my housemates and I commemorated buying our communal house with a set of rings, and I consider mine the equivalent of a wedding ring and wear it as such.

Once I finally noticed this politics of women’s adornment, and got over my feminist knee-jerk rejection of the whole clothing issue, I noticed that this was true in many other ways as well – in the choice of colours, of fabrics, even in the ways that the expected sexualisation of clothing could be subverted by the choices about how and when items were worn – the cocktail dress with a jacket as business wear, for instance.

Suddenly, this was interesting to me. This was women, as they always do, subverting the prison of expectation placed on them by a still sexist society.

What has made me post about this today is this:

Hillary Clinton at the Al Smith Dinner, after the third presidential debate, 20 October 2016, wearing a Ralph Lauren gown (x)

You see that dress? That magnificent wall of pinkness, in sharp contrast to her red, white and blue pantsuits of the debates themselves? This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

The material is a luxe silk, the colour is as feminine as it’s possible to get in our current culture. But it has a shirt collar – this is business wear not fun-wear. And it falls straight down without frills or decoration – this is a serious dress. It’s modest, feminine, powerful, and allows a glimpse of her matriarch-coded jewelry.

Compare to these:

Hillary Clinton in 1993, supporting her husband during his inauguration season. (x)

Hillary Clinton compared to Melania Trump, who is wearing a more traditionally feminine gown, Al Smith Dinner, 2016. (x)

With Hillary’s choice of this dress, what we are seeing before our very eyes is the legitimisation of this developing language of matriarchal power transformed into the political/business sphere, as it negotiates the sexist cultural expectations of femininity without being silenced or subdued by them.

I find this very exciting, and this is what I was talking about earlier in the election season when I said that it really does matter that Hillary is a woman. It’s not that it negates any of her personal flaws or the baggage she’s collected over the years; but it really does make a profound difference to have a role model on the world stage demonstrating how to negotiate the conflicting forces of sexism and entrenched political power via something as simple as the dress she chooses to wear to public engagements.

[There’s now a follow-up post to this: The problem of being first.]

I’m going to Planned Parenthood for my yearly exam today, which reminded me of the happenings of last year. In the interest of oversharing, I thought I’d let you in on that too.

So, you know, you’re supposed to like, get naked and put on the paper vest and put the paper blanket over your lap, right?

Uhhhhhh well somewhere in the process of this, I was like, “instructions unclear. Tried to wear paper vest as pants.”

Which didn’t work. I wound up accidentally tearing the thing in half in my attempt to make something pants that clearly wasn’t pants. Then in my haste to fix my egregious errors, I managed to rip the paper blanket too, so when the doctor comes in I’m basically just clutching scraps of paper to my naked body and trying to explain myself.

They also have these bowls of condoms out, right? But most of them are in places where people are gonna see you if you take them. So I’ll be checking into my appointment like, “Condom? No I couldn’t possibly. Haha not me. I am pure.”

Cut to me in the bathroom stuffing condoms in my purse cuz they got a drawer full of them in there. Because, I mean, hey, if a miracle happens, you gotta be prepared.

But we got Planned Parenthood themed chapstick and a year’s worth of good ol’ birth control, so all in all a good trip.

About Sniper’s Vest

Sooo, I noticed everybody and their mom seem to have fallen in love with my cosplay vest for Sniper (and I don’t blame you, it’s the best one I’ve ever seen as well). Anyway, I decided to share a little something about it. Here goes!

First of all - yes, it’s made by myself (and my mom) entirely from scratch.

Materials used:

- fake leather (basic brown & very dark brown)

- second-hand, jeans-textured, a bit stretchy pants I cut in stripes for the trimming

- cheapest shiny red lining

- the buttons I had made by a leather workshop dude. It’s cheap.

Almost every Sniper’s vest I’ve seen so far was made out of linen… and didn’t look too well, because this material is too thin and cheap, and come on, Sniper may have like one set of clothes, but at least this one is sturdy and well-made enough to last him for years. Besides, I bet that 75% of all his posessions are made out of leather.

Anyway - faux leather looks nice, is thick enough to fold just right but also not too much, being relatively light and making sewing easy.


The pattern I made using my dad’s old vest as a template, only slimming it down at the sides. Keep in mind that I’m rather on the tall & thin side, so the measurements here are suited for this body type.

All the pieces cut and in the process of being sewn together. I modified the back a bit, sewing it from two pieces because it gave me this nice vertical line along the spine which made the vest slimmer, more dynamic and more realistic.

This isn’t a tutorial or step-by-step, just some useful info I decided was worth sharing. So I won’t be getting to much into detail, sorry. 

For the trim choose something rather thick and stretchy, otherwise it will all wrinkle and look awful. I used old jeans-textured grayish pants which worked perfectly (it still was a bitch to sew, seriously, trimming is the WORST).

On the side note - yes, the bullets are made out of marker cases, chopsticks and little pieces of pvc, hot glued together and smoothed with sculpting mass.

The collar is NOT a rectangle! Look up a tutorial on how to make a stand-up collar and make your pattern according to it. A rectangle will look bad and just flop down.

The pockets are of course functional (after all these years of female pants I can’t look at false pockets) and here’s how the rough pattern looked like. Be smarter than me and make the sides bigger. 

Ammo pouch is basically two rectangles sewn together in a weird way.

The whole vest is also lined, because lining makes everything 100% more expensive, comfortable and pretty. 

And the last thing - always weather your stuff even if it’s not a prop. Here’s a little close-up - you can see I painted the corners dark, to make the vest look more 3D, used up and authentic (plus a bonus side view).

And that would be all I guess. If you have any further questions about the vest or any other piece of this cosplay (clothes, props whatevs) just message me and I will answer… eventually. May take some time.


133.2 pounds! 29.8 pounds, holy crap!

lunch was greek yogurt with hemp protein powder, coconut, cinnamon & oats granola, flax seeds, and chocolate chips. dinner plans are almond flour waffles and scrambled eggs, and I’m hoping to get some time in on the stepper but I have work to do before then.

resisted valentine’s day brownies and cupcakes by my desk all day at work today!

and honestly, the way I was sitting at work today, I could feel the elastic on the top of my pants today fitting really loosely around my waist, so I imagined that if I ate those sweets that feeling would probably go away.

in other news, it’s basically official except for signing the lease, but my fiance and I are moving into an apartment downtown together soon!!! we are so excited!!!

also finally bought myself that monthly pass to the yoga studio downtown. comes with 5 classes per month, so I’ll probably do hot yoga on sunday mornings and some other class that strikes my fancy.

i bet louis wore skinny jeans because he forgot to pack slacks before leaving so he was rummaging through his suitcase and realized had no nice dress pants so he called up harry, harry answering with a groggy “yes lou?” louis chuckled nervously and said, “love, did you not pack slacks?”

“louis, my silly love, this is your night. i thought you had it covered?”

“guess not.”

he could basically hear the smile when harry replied, “you’ll look great no matter what. now go be the prince you were born to be and make those kids dreams come true.”

“but whats a prince without his princess?”

theres a soft chuckle.

“ill always be with you, love.”

“always in my heart?”


So basically, I’ve been having a lazy day and watching Netflix in my room all day and I’ve had my tail in.. So my mama calls me down for dinner and I have no time to take my tail out so I have to quickly pull on some baggy jarmie pants to cover the secret tail coming from my butt which I’m trying to hide from my family🙈 but at least I looked kinda cute before hand?🙈🙊

I don’t talk about my kid or pregnancy much here because (1) my impression is that most people in this space are not on the kid train and (2) some who are may find hearing about babies painful. Nevertheless, this is about my body so maybe you’ll be more forgiving…

So, when I had my huge Viking baby, he basically separated my abdominal muscles so severely that they just “turned off” and forgot they have a job to do. So I have this weird, soft distended bunch in the front. I can’t do crunches or whatever inane thing people who don’t know come up with because…basically there are no muscles to “crunch” and it’ll only lead to severe pain.

So I’m left with only a handful of lose clothes that can still fit me and black yoga pants that I try to pass off as “professional”.

Does anyone have suggestions on pants or shirts that are presentable for an office, but don’t focus on the stomach at all?

P.S. this post was inspired by @wehavesuchfun and her search for office clothes that make her feel good about herself


But basically it’s a collection of a drama cd series featuring Leon and Takumi (and I believe Kamui and some of the other royal retainers?) The whole set includes in-game voice data, a four page booklet, two IC stickers, four cds (drama) and one cd (the voice data) – all compiled together in the special box seen above.

It comes out at the end of September (9/20) for 12,400 yen ($118 USD)



Translating the vegebul moment in episode 4 from spanish :D

Vegeta: Go away, I have to train, I’m going nowhere!

Bulma from the phone: Vegeta! Do you think you won’t come to your beautiful wife’s B-day party? COME HERE IMMEDIATLY!

Vegeta: ….

You know why I do love this couple? Because basically Bulma is wearing pants in the relationship no matter what. She gives orders to Vegeta however she wants. Well every single woman in DB wears pants but that’s another story.

Just so we’re clear, like almost every other normal citizen out there in the world, I love fat people the best. Like you, I instinctively value them and their opinions and abilities and general character more than those of thin people based on their culturally-celebrated and sanctioned appearance. But sometimes I meet a thin person who is just so cool and beautiful and charming it is almost as if they aren’t even thin AT ALL. It’s like, if I really thought about it, they might even challenge my internalized ideas about thinness being innately unattractive and I might be forced to come to terms with my possible attraction to them. To think of them as just people, as complex and varied and as deserving of basic respect as fat people. But I don’t want to lose social capital over this shit, you know? I don’t want to have explain to my friends/family that even though all of culture is telling me thin people are gross, it just doesn’t feel right (intellectually, or in my pants). So, instead, when thin people’s size–and the stigma they experience as a result of it–comes up in conversation l make sure to say “oh, I don’t even think of you AS THIN at all.”  Then I do my best to treat them as honorary fat people in my heart.

So I decided that I’m going to draw all of Lucy’s main outfits that I write her in in my fic ‘One Wish’ cuz why not, haha. I went ahead and just made this a base so I can reuse it without completely redrawing her for each outfit because I’m hella lazy and I haven’t done any art in like, two months @_@ Writing/work has devoured my free time lately, lol.

But yeah, these are going to be really basic, no shading or anything, just so readers can have a visual for what I’m talking about, lol. I’ve got three planned, but thus far, but Lucy’s ‘work out‘ outfit of a tank top and yoga pants is the only one that’s been featured in the published chapters so far. The other two are coming up very soon though, so look forward to it!

Side note: I really just can’t draw Lucy’s crazy big boobs X’D It’s like…my brain just doesn’t even comprehend how to make it happen, lol *sighs*

Second Picture: Lucy’s Date Outfit