i barely make things for my own blog


A Shawn Mendes draft I decided to invest on.

I only posted blurbs like this once so please, ironically or not, have mercy on me. Although I own a regular blog, I want to start posting more things like this so feedback is always good. Also, english is not my first language so I apologize in advance! I really, really hope you like it xx

The cool air hit your bare arms as soon as you stepped out of the car. You put your leather jacket over your shoulders as you carried your stuff, making your way to the door.
You had agreed on a sleepover at Shawn’s to-be apartment and although you were sleeping on the floor, he promised to take you out for breakfast first thing in the morning to ease the possible back pain.

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Hello there! I’ve been following around the studyblr community for a while now (almost 2 years) on my personal blog and with all these new things happening in my life, I figured I’d finally officially join.

so some quick facts

Name: Amber

Age: 19

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pottermore says I’m Ravenclaw but 5 years ago I was Hufflepuff so make of that what you will

Also Virgo and INTJ if you’re into things like that 

my major is chemistry/pre-pharm, but this semester is mostly pre-requisites:

Computer Technology


American Government

Criminal Justice

Fundamentals of Speech

                   ~ on my own, i’ll be reviewing calculus and chemistry in preparation for the spring semester~

some hobbies of mine include

sketching + painting but barely ever digital (this will change once i finally get a graphic tablet)

writing fanfiction or small tid bits of novels ill probably never write here and there

reading fanfiction or small tid bits of novels ill probably never finish

i’m attempting to learn to play the piano on my keyboard (like the one on a laptop) which is proving to be fun

i’m also of working on figuring out myself, forgiving myself, my spirituality, and what self care means for me so i’m going to make working on me a hobby of mine

i love organizing things!!!

on this blog i’ll post

i am honestly not yet sure but i enjoy bullet journaling as a concept and i’ll most definitely be posting my class notes once August 21st rolls around, i plan to try to keep track of my progress in school and other endeavors and i’ll be sure to share college + adulting tips and advice as i learn them. mostly i’m going to bounce around and try new things until I figure out the right mixture for me.

I will most definitely do this 30 Day Studyblr Challenge to kickstart my blog though: http://hayley-studies.tumblr.com/post/134396621122/30-day-studyblr-challenge 

finally some inspirational studyblrs

@obsidianstudy @studentsandlattes @stvdybuddies @calligr4phy @organizeandstudy @organizedmessstudyblr @phctcsynthesis @academiix @the-girlygeek @eintsein @intellectys @smoketexture @studyblr @stvdybuddies @peachstudii @organizeyourschoollife @ravenclawstudyclub @ravenclawstudents-blog @studylikehermionee

if there’s anything else you’d like to know that i haven’t mentioned here please do feel free to ask!

Also I love to make things like icons and banners and printables but I never have any idea as what to do so please do tell me if you have any suggestions :D

“Never be afraid to start all over - life has no game over.”

Important, please read.

This is unfair. I was the first one to create a Tumblr blog, and now all of you are just stealing the spotlight by making your own blogs. You just couldn’t let me have this one thing. You all had to make sure you had your share of the attention. Mac I could handle, but finding out my sister was on here was awful. Charlie would be fine if he didn’t stoop so low as to date that bird. And don’t even get me started on the waitress, she barely even knows what the hell she’s doing anyway. I can’t deal with this, you’re all a bunch of no-good, idea-stealing, fat, ugly savages and I will not stand for this. I have my email open right now, don’t think I won’t send a complaint to the staff.

a-mess-of-a-princess  asked:

HEY YOU BEAUTIFUL BITCH Name 10 things that make you happy then send this to 10 people in your recent activty... ily ^^

ah shit. uh. okay lets take a crack at this.

1. Faith

2. My doggo, Sherlock. 

3. Shelby reacting to fluff

4. Vanderwood

5. The fact diet coke no longer tastes like acidic sadness. 

6. Kylo Ren

7. Menthol Vogues

8. Heathers (musical, movie, everything)

9. studying Japanese

10. The fact I now own two tiaras. 

I’d send this on but my blog is so small its barely worth it so;;; please do this if you see it and like it! 

I’m taking a break. A break from everything I feel, from everyone I know. Lately I can barely make sense of my own thoughts and the things I used to enjoy just feel like static.

Everything in my life has come to a slow stop and I’ve tried finding comfort in the rain and the blooming flowers, but it’s never enough. It’s never been enough; this life has never satisfied me.

So I’m taking a break. I need to find where the darkness stops and where the light begins. Because ever since you left, the darkness seems never ending and the light is gone.

—  Take a break (s.s)
Exo Reactions To The ExoticDaydreams Blog

You guys. This is like my biggest fear okay. But since two of these are from the same person, I got the impression that they were really desperate to see me suffer, so here you go~ xo

Please note 2 things before you read this. 1. I’m tired as hell & I can barely type so I didn’t make it detailed. 2. I wanted to save myself the imagery of them judging me too harshly so this is kind of a joke-type reaction. Nothing too serious.

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *stares at the computer screen, trying to decide whether he thinks it’s funny or creepy*

Chanyeol: *not sure what he’s looking at or why there are detailed descriptions of Xiumin having sex constantly*

Chen: *gif*

D.O.: *trying not to judge but he’s secretly very afraid*

Kai: *laughs to keep himself from crying*

Kris: *not amused*

Lay: *kind of entertained but also kind of confused*

Luhan: *trying to figure out why the parts involving him are so sexual sometimes but so cute other times*

Sehun: *beyond displeased, muppet face to the extreme*

Suho: *cries over how concerned he is for the young people who were probably corrupted by it*

Tao: “Wut.”

Xiumin: *judging so hard but also very curious because he’s kind of fascinated*

The Signs as Disney Song Lyrics


You must be swift as a coursing river

With all the force of a great typhoon 

With all the strength of a raging fire

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon. 

-Mulan, Make a man out of you


The rhythm of the city

but once you get it down

Then you can own this city 

You can wear the crown

Why should I worry?

Why should I care?

-Oliver and company, Why should i worry


We are Siamese If you please

We are Siamese if you don’t please 

We are from the residence of siam

There is no finer cat than I am 

-Lady and the Tramp, We are siamese


You got troubles and I got ‘em too

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you

We stick together, we can see it through

‘Cause you’ve got a friend in me 

-Toy Story, You’ve got a friend in me


I’m gonna be the main event 

Like no king was before

Im brushing up on looking down 

and working on my roar

-Lion king, Can’t wait to be king


 I know every mile

Will be worth my while

I will go most anywhere

to feel like i belong

-Hercules, I can go the distance


So this is love


So this is love

So this is what makes life divine

I’m all aglow 


And now I know 

The key to all heaven is mine

-Cinderella, So this is love


I admit that in the past I’ve been a nasty

They weren’t kidding when they called me, well, a witch

But you’ll find that nowadays, I’ve mended all my ways

Repented, seen the light and made a switch

-The little mermaid, Poor Unfortunate souls


Oh every day another new adventure

Every mile another new zip code

And the cares we’ve got are gone for good

-The goofy Movie, The open road


Wherever I wander, Wherever I roam

Couldn’t be fonder of my big home

The bees are buzzing in the tree

To make some honey for me

And take a glance at the fancy ants

Then maybe try a few

-The Jungle Book, The Bare Necessities


I got voodoo, I got hoodoo

I got things I ain’t even tried

And I got friends on the other side

-The Princess and the Frog, I’ve got friends on the other side


All the flowers would have very extra special powers

The would sit and talk to me for hours 

When I’m lonely in a world of my own

-Alice in Wonderland, In a world of my own

Hey guys heres a new collab with dolphstrology. Her blog is super cute and fun so make sure you go follow her! Love you! 

anonymous asked:

In my sociology class, my professor was talking about backgrounds and how they shape us. And because we're American, we only know an American perspective. Our parents have grown up in the cultures we are from and unless we grow up immersed in that culture, we cannot really claim it as our own. And it makes me feel like shit. Because none of these things were passed down. My parents barely care about it. And I have nothing and no one around to teach me what it means to be in these cultures. :(

Your professor is full of shit.

Find blogs, movies, music of your culture and immerse yourself. You have the right to learn and engage with your roots.

– Jay

I guess a bunch of youse nice peeps have recently started following this here blog. First, thanks for following! Second, apologies for not posting very much lately.

I dunno, I kinda sorta haven’t been in the mood to blog much these days on account of being super-busy with werk and stuff, and because of other, unspecified reasons. Suffice to say, I’ll probably get back to Lazy Dad’s Guide to Everything’s regularly scheduled programming sometime in the future. Like, maybe after the New Year?

If you’re new to the program, I mostly write about what I’m eating and/or cooking and stuff. Despite appearances, I don’t really write much about “parenting” cuz my personal parenting philosophy is if you’re a parent, you should just do you. I barely know what I’m doing half the time anyway, so take whatever I say with a giant grain of salt.

Plus, as my kid has gotten older, I’m much more conscientious about his digital footprint and he has requested greater privacy, so I’ve been dialing down posts about him. I guess my kid will make occasional appearances here, but he’s probably gonna start his own blog and/or vlog any day now, so he can speak for himself.

Generally, things are pretty good with the Busy-Lazy family, if not completely and totally hectic at werk and at home. It’s a very strange time in my life, ya know?

How you doin’?

anonymous asked:

I've always posted pictures I took because I thought they were tumblr but they end up having no notes and it makes me really sad and I just feel like I'm not good enough for tumblr.

Being on tumblr does not mean that your main aim is solely to get notes on your posts. Honestly, I put a shit ton of posts on tumblr which barely get any notes, sometimes it even stays down to 10. I post what I like, I post things that will make me happy when I open my blog, because tumblr allows me to posts my thoughts and reblog posts that reflect my emotions. There are no standards on tumblr to be “good enough” for it, honestly I think you’re pretty fucking cool for posting your own things on tumblr, that part is what makes me happy