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sketchbook things!! check image for captions!

i also post to insta and twitter a little more regularly, i plan on cleaning up some of these but i`ll just post them here for my own peace of mind lmao


Voltron has a lot of slip ups and things that make no sense whatsoever, but my absolutely favorite one has to be Kerberos itself. Because they make it seem like it’s the size of a planet, bigger than a Galra ship, big enough for its own gravity to give it a round shape, when in reality Kerberos actually looks like this

It’s just a piece of a tiny irregular rock that is barely 12km wide in its longest side, and its weird shape (looks like two balls glued together) is believed by some to have been caused by two different pieces of rock colliding together and getting stuck via gravity + ice.

Like, no offense but a Galra ship is most likely bigger than real life Kerberos lmao

(To be very fair with the Voltron crew, VLD has been in development since 2014 and the very first Kerberos picture released publicly didn’t come out until New Horizons flew by in 2015. Before that, Kerberos was believed to be much bigger, which probably explains why the crew depicted it with the round shape associated with space objects that have enough mass to create gravity big enough to keep them that way.)

BEFORE i open up the ask box again i want to ask you guys some things. (since i finished answering all of my ask. EXCEPT AL RP ASKS! I WILL GET TO THAT SOON BARE WITH ME)

i want to add some of my art into this blog more. so what should i do? i was planning on making jack answer with his own doodles or something like that. or like the first 10 asks (or so) are gonna be drawn. or should i do a meme? if you guys have any ideas please go ahead and throw it at me! 

i will open up asks tomorrow along with whatever idea fits the best!

Exo Reactions To The ExoticDaydreams Blog

You guys. This is like my biggest fear okay. But since two of these are from the same person, I got the impression that they were really desperate to see me suffer, so here you go~ xo

Please note 2 things before you read this. 1. I’m tired as hell & I can barely type so I didn’t make it detailed. 2. I wanted to save myself the imagery of them judging me too harshly so this is kind of a joke-type reaction. Nothing too serious.

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *stares at the computer screen, trying to decide whether he thinks it’s funny or creepy*

Chanyeol: *not sure what he’s looking at or why there are detailed descriptions of Xiumin having sex constantly*

Chen: *gif*

D.O.: *trying not to judge but he’s secretly very afraid*

Kai: *laughs to keep himself from crying*

Kris: *not amused*

Lay: *kind of entertained but also kind of confused*

Luhan: *trying to figure out why the parts involving him are so sexual sometimes but so cute other times*

Sehun: *beyond displeased, muppet face to the extreme*

Suho: *cries over how concerned he is for the young people who were probably corrupted by it*

Tao: “Wut.”

Xiumin: *judging so hard but also very curious because he’s kind of fascinated*