i barely listen to what she said


Summary: Not everyone is what they seem. That’s especially true for Hayato’s little sister.

Notes: Blame @sentochoryu for this. Shinokira (sorta) one-shot kidfic for the masses. The same fic, now proofread.

She’d been acting strangely for several days. Being quiet at meals was nothing new, but her general behavior had changed. Normally, she would pipe up on the occasions she had something to add, listen to what he and mother said, and take her time eating. Now, she barely said anything, didn’t seem to listen, and got out as fast as she could. She didn’t leave the house aside from school and spent the bulk of her time in her room.

Their mother was obviously worried, yet clearly didn’t know what to do about it. He was worried as well. He was worried that his younger sister was getting bullied or feeling especially self-conscious. She wasn’t exactly an average eight-year-old. Even adults could have trouble understanding obsessive behaviors and odd hobbies. Children? Children could be downright cruel when one of their own went against the norm.

Yes, he worried for his little sister, but there was another, treacherous little part of him that was worried about his little sister. It was that same part of him that had been whispering distrust ever since she was born in the Spring of 2000. A baby girl born with blonde hair that didn’t fit her mother or fa- Kosaku Kawajiri. A child born to a newly widowed woman who had barely acknowledged her husband until a short time ago. There was no way she could be anything but what she was.

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Clutching the child as the sobs shuddered through her small body Leilani held her close. “I didn’t know” Juniper sobbed “I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

“Of course you didn’t know,” Leilani soothed “you aren’t responsible for what that man did. You had no reason to know.”

“That man’s my daddy” she gulped fighting for air “Auntie said so. I’m bad because of him.”

“I want you to listen to me” Leilani spoke firmly “you are not to blame for what someone else did. That’s on them. Not you. You are not bad because of what he did.”

Juniper nodded still shivering from the fierceness of her sobs. “Is it true?’ she asked, her voice barely audible.

"Is what true?” Leilani asked her voice betraying her dismay at all the things she had been blind to. She never expected Elara to fill her Granddaughter’s mind with such ideas. Never suspected the damage she was causing until Juniper couldn’t contain it within herself any longer.

“That mama never loved me,” her voice was even smaller than it was before as she took refuge behind her curtain of hair.

“Of course she loved you” Leilani cried pulling the child close “don’t even think that. She loved you very very much.”

jealousy fit- Derek luh

Its sorta smutty

I’m sitting on the couch, in the tour bus that the guys have, I’m playing on my phone while listening to music.
“Y/n come here please.” Delany said opening the bus door, I put my shoes on and go to her
“what’s up lane?” I ask, worried something happened to Derek.
“Noting, we just wanted you inside with us” she smiled
“Oh fine let me get a hoodie.” I say
“Why, you look fine!” She said
“Delany, your brother barely let’s me out of the bus in shorts, a strapless shirt that shows off my chest big time” I said “hell catch some guy looking and get in a fight like always”
“Yeah I guess your right” she laughed, I grabbed his hoodie and slipped it on, I grabbed a drink, and went back to Delany. right now they’re just rehearsing, we went in me and Delany joking around.
“Bout fucking time you came in” rupp said “why are you wearing a hoodie, it’s burning up in here”
“Because I can.” I sassed. “Sides I’m not taking this off until I get hot”. I sat down next to Dillon, Delany and kdl. Dillon and kdl giving me shit for wearing a hoodie, skate sat down in front of us, Derek’s going over, “it’s luh”. Getting tired of their constant nagging me why I have a hoodie on.
“I bet she has a bunch of Hickeys” skate said
“No I don’t!” I half yell
“Then Take it off.” Delany said joining them with the nagging, so I did, Derek turned around and it was like right on cue
“Uhhhh” he sang then stopped “put that God damn hoodie back on.”
“Happy now guys.” I said raising my eyebrow “and told you lane he wouldn’t like it”
“How the fuck can you tell her to put that back on?!” Rupp made a face and Derek
“Because of fuckers like you guys” D said “put it on or go change” he whined
“Maybe I don’t wanna” I smirked, which made Delany laugh
“I swear god if you don’t go change or put that thing back on I’ll. ” he mumbled
“What, what was that babe?” I said “you’ll do what?”
“She likes to test you man” kdl laughs hard
“Just the hoodie back on y/n” he says through gritted teeth. Not putting it on, giving up and groaning in annoyance he went back to rehearsing.
Derek- Delany went and got y/n to come in while we’re were rehearsing, she’s wearing her ripped tight ass jeans, and one of my hoodies, her haairs in a messy bun, kdl skate and rupp kept nagging her on why she has a hoodie on and won’t take it off, because a it’s fuckkng hot in here, and said she had a bunch of hickeys
“I don’t have any hickeys guys!” She said
“Then take it off” Delany said joining the on the nagging, I was going over “it’s luh”, I turned around and she’s taking off her hoodie
“Uhhhh” I sang out then stopped “put that God damn hoodie back on" she’s wearing a black tube top… God damn.
After her not putting it back on I gave up and groaned and continued to go over the songs, she got up and went to the bathroom, skates now going over his music, so I snuck off and followed her and wrapped my arms around her from behind, kissing her neck. She tensed up
“It’s just me baby girl” I say In her ear
“Are you over yourself now?” She sassed, she turned and faced me
“No.” I smirked knowing she was talking about how I got a little pissed that she wouldn’t put
You- I got up and went to the bathroom, someone wrapped their arms around me from behind and kisses my neck, I tensed up ready to hit someone because there’s a lot of guys here so it could be Anyone
“It’s just me baby girl” D says in my ear
“Are you over yourself now?” I sassed and faced him, talking about his fit over me not putting the hoodie back on
“No” he smirked, I mean he did say or I’ll but didn’t finish his sentence I should prepare myself for what’s next “you’ll really have to put it back on when I’m done” my eyes widened
He pushed me against the wall, and kisses my neck again, harsher than before sucking and butting
“Derek James.” I moan out quietly, he stopped and looked at my neck and chuckled and bit my neck once more then continued down my chest . I looked in the Mirror, great.
“Here” he smirks and took his shirt off I took off mine and put on his
“Thanks asshole” I say pouting
“You’re welcome baby” he kissed me and grabbed my hand and walked out and back to the others
“So you gave her your shirt instead?” Delany asks, he just nods.


Lost Girl: Henry X Pan X Reader

Requested by mycheerbowismycrown: Can you please write an imagine that y/n is Henry’s sister and Peter Pan ends up at her window and Henry stops her from going to never land with Peter? She wants to leave because everyone pays more attention to Henry and ignores her, everyone except Henry xx

Im so pumped about this one.

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Source: fictionalcharactermbti.tumblr.com

“Y/N come on, mom told you to go to bed already.” You heard Henrys voice from the hallway and assumed he’d seen your light on from under the door. You were barely listening to him though, instead looking to the boy on your windowsill. When you didn’t answer Henry opened your door and saw Pan in the window holding your hand.

He stared at Pan, “What are you doing here?”

“Well isn’t it obvious,” He said, “I’m here to save your sister.”

Henry shook his head, “She doesn’t need saving, and especially not from you. She’s fine, now let her go.”

“She’s in despair, that’s what she is. I can take her where she’ll be happy, and that’s what I plan on doing.” Pan let go of your hand, “If you don’t believe me ask her.” Henry looked at you for an explanation.

“He’s right. I don’t belong here. I want to go to Neverland where people will see me.” You said.

Henry seemed confused, “Where people will see you, what does that even mean? People see you here!”

“Not when they have to look past you!” You shouted, “You’re the great Henry. I mean, you were adopted by the evil queen and you’re still the kindest person I know. Everyone in the town loves you, and that’s great and all, but that doesn’t leave a lot for me.” You almost felt guilty for saying all this, but you were more relieved than anything.

“You could have told me that, I would’ve done something about it.” He said.

You almost laughed, “Like what? Have me talk to Doctor Hopper? How would that help?”

“It wouldn’t help,” Pan looked up from his reed pipes, “That’s why she’s coming with me. I’ll make her happy.”

“Be quiet.” Henry looked at Pan, “Why do you even have those stupid pipes when they don’t make any sound?”

You looked to the floor, “It is making sound Henry. You just can’t hear it.” You were on the verge of tears.

“Only lost children hear it. It’s like I told you, she doesn’t belong here. She belongs with me, where she’ll be happy.”

Henry gazed at you with sad eyes, “You really feel alone. Y/N I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Just- I need you to believe me when I say I’ll fix this, but you have to stay here.”

“It’s too late for apologies. Come on Y/N, let’s go.” He slipped you hand into yours as you stepped on to the windowsill. Before you could leave you felt Henry take your other hand.

“Maybe your right, okay? It’s true that I get a lot of the attention around here and that’s not fair. But I want you to stay, and I want you to stay for me. When have I ever let you down, huh? Stay for all the times when I’ve done your nails, all the times we’ve gone on adventures, even all the times we’ve told each other our secrets. Just stay for me. Because even if the whole town ignores you or me or us, I’ll always have you, and you’ll always have me.”

A tear rolled down your cheek as you turned to him and saw his pleading eyes. You let go of Pans hand and pulled Henry into a hug. He sighed in relief, knowing you would stay.

“I should have told you how I felt, I’m so sorry I let it get like this.” You said guiltily.

He shook his head, “It’s not your fault, I should have seen it earlier, we all should’ve.”

You turned back to Pan who was fiddling with his pipes, “No! Why isn’t it working!” As he put his mouth to the pipes they emitted no sound.

You looked at him puzzled, “I don’t hear them anymore.”

Henry laughed, “You’re not lost anymore. You know exactly where should be.”   

At home with SallyGreen (episode 4): A Doctor’s Visit

Rose: *entering through back door, carrying small bunch of flowers* I’ve brought these for the patient.

Gabriel: *smiles at Rose* 

Rose: *sitting on Gabriel’s knee, staring at Nathan*

Nathan: *stares back harder*

Rose: Is she in bed? What’s happening?

Gabriel: The doctor is doing his rounds. 

*sound of footsteps on stairs* *Arran enters carrying books and writing materials*

Gabriel: So? Will she live?

Arran: Barely another 40 years I’d say. 

Gabriel: It’s amazing how long you can survive on coffee and toast.

Arran: Survive but not be healthy. She has a bad cold, sore throat, slight temperature. I’ve confiscated these: she has to rest and not work. I’ve said she can listen to music and the radio.

Nathan: She’ll hate you. 

Arran: *smiles* Well, she complained a little.

Rose: We need to cheer her up. I’ll take these up. Maybe I should have brought chocolates.

Gabriel: I’ve an idea. 

Gabriel: *stands, gently picking Rose up and setting her back down on the chair, takes the bunch of flowers out of her hand, climbs onto table and then jumps across to bar stool, then breakfast bar, leaps to kitchen unit along far wall and opens cupboard, gets bar of chocolate out of cupboard* 

Gabriel: Film us Rose. The challenge is to get these to Sally without standing on the floor. We can use chairs, tables, walls; anything but the floor. 

Nathan: *grinning, has already climbed onto chair as if he’s familiar with the game*

Rose: *laughs, climbs on table, gets phone out to film but throws it to Arran* I’m doing it too. Arran can film us.

This is why the show barely showing Rory and Jess actually being a couple is so irritating. These guys and this guest are like, “Jess has no interest in hanging out with Rory, unless she’s going to make out with him.” Or whatever it is that they just said. Because, you have to pay attention to the dialogue of him, Rory, Lorelai, and Lane to actually know that they spend a lot of time together, just hanging out with each other. 

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Swan Queen || Mythology
The myth of Persephone and Hades

And one day through the darkness Emma realized she saw beauty in the Goddess of the underworld as well. 

“What?” Regina said. Her eyes flicked up, shining from the embers of the underworld.

“Nothing,” Emma replied. But in that moment Emma realized that the thing that brought her to the underworld was not Regina, its ruler, but Emma’s own heart–too heavy to stay above ground.

Percy grunted gently, it had been now two days since Lillian’s injury, since then he had heard that she had slipped into a coma due to blood loss and the trauma of it all. At least that was what her doctors had said to Percy when he checked in. Now he was sat in the waiting room of the infirmary. Someone was talking at him and he was barely listening. Looking up he shook his head. “Listen, I’m fine, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.”