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Frat Boy Pt. 9

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IT’S BEEN TOO LONG FRATTY FRIENDS! Literally - Six. Months. Or longer. Here’s the RECAP if you need to catch up on your infuriating frat boy shenanigans in a fun and easy fashion! It’s been a while, and we’re learning about Harry now… be fragile with him. As always, please tell me your thoughts after reading! It takes a moment but when I feel people are involved in this project it motivates me to continue with it. Anyways, I’ve already kept you waiting long enough…Thank you for sticking with us. ENJOY! xx

18 Morning View Drive

Coast Hills, CA

Then, exactly an hour and thirty minutes later:

7 pm.

Those were the only things Harry had texted you. Just the address.

“I don’t even know if I want to go anymore,” you whined, looking at your phone once more before tossing it on the bed. “He clearly hates me and doesn’t want me to go.”

“I thought you told me he said you could though!”

“Only because it sounded like he had to! His sister was practically forcing the words out of him.”

Renny cringed. “Sister…Yeah I’m sorry, I’m still not over it.” You groaned at the reminder and she sighed in response. “Okay listen, just be yourself! Try not to hate him.” You felt your eyebrows rise higher than hairline.

“And this is coming from a girl who loathes him more than her entire being?”

She rolled her eyes. “I just think he’s an entitled asshole, but you clearly don’t otherwise you wouldn’t be going to the dinner. Now, nude pump or suede bootie?” She held up the two shoes she was gracious enough to let you borrow and you bit the inside of your cheek. You did think he was an entitled asshole, but… you were curious. So undeniably curious and how many girls could say they went over to a family dinner at the Styles’ house? Not that that was your primary reason for going but…

“Uh, Y/N?” she prompted.

“Bootie,” you said quickly, snapping yourself out of further self-analysis.  You weren’t sure if you liked the boy, but you were definitely… interested. Renny went to the closet and came back with two dresses.

You shook your head.

“What do you mean?”

“They’re a little…fancy.” You bit your tongue, not allowing ridiculous to form. You shook your head.

“Yeah it’s a family dinner. Jeans will be fine,” you reasoned. You plucked your favorite denim from the drawers and Renny gasped as if you’d smacked her across the face. “And a t-shirt,” you added with a smirk. She gasped louder and clutched her chest.

“No no no no no. No!” She raised her finger to you, stalking to the closet again, the cocktail dresses abandoned to the floor. “If you’re wearing these booties you’re at least wearing a blouse. God, who are you?” She plucked a peachy top and a blazer from the inside of the closet, but you snatched the blazer from her hands and put it back on the hanger, opting for the cream sweater instead.

“I want to be comfortable, not looking like I’m going to a business meeting ya dingas.” She snorted at the term and you pulled her in for a hug, clinging to her for a moment. She always seemed so soft and you weren’t sure if it was the Victoria’s Secret body lotion she used or if she was just blessed with naturally smooth skin.

“Renny?” you mumbled against her chest, arms still securely wrapped around her.


Your mind raced with hundreds of questions. What were you doing? Was this absolutely stupid? How do you know if you like someone?

“Your boobs are comfy,” you finally sighed. You knew she couldn’t possibly give you explanations for any single one of those things. She wasn’t exactly a love guru, but she was entirely the best at texting and the art of flirting.

“Thanks. Niall thinks so too.” You squeezed her tighter before it registered what she’d said. “Gross,” you mumbled, letting go with a laugh.  You only let her put the bare minimum makeup on you and she was just finishing up with a coat of mascara when there was a knock on the door. She stopped.

“I thought you said he wasn’t going to pick you up.”

You shook your head. “He isn’t. I’m driving.” Renny paused, listening, as if she’d be able to hear what was going on just beyond the door. The mascara wand was set on the bathroom countertop and she crept to the door. You weren’t under any illusions that he would swing by your place beforehand so you weren’t going to bother wasting precious energy on “what-if”s, though your heart still picked up its pace in expectation. The door creaked open at the last swish of the mascara wand.


Expectations you didn’t want in the first place fell when you heard her voice raise in pitch. Of course it wasn’t Harry.

“What’re you doing here?”

“Thought I’d stop by.” His satisfaction at having surprising her was evident in his smug tone and you tip-toed out, not having had a proper one-on-one with Niall since the night of the party.

“You alone?” he whispered to her.

You saw Renny shake her head before you took a step out. A bit of guilt hit you thinking about the spontaneous kiss, but it was so long ago. I mean, you were going to Harry’s house tonight and Niall just came for some one-on-one time with Renny. At this point the kiss just seemed…a bit irrelevant. Renny faced you as if to gesture “see! Not alone” and his blue eyes focused on you as if nothing had changed. But then they did.

“Oh, hey Y/N, what’re you doing here?” he shrugged and shifted his weight. Renny was oblivious to the awkward shift.

“Um, I live here?” you crossed your arms, brows furrowing a bit.

He thought it over but for a second before he shook his head, lips quirking up in their innocent schoolboyish charm. “Right. Must be tired or somethin’.”

“Or somethin’” Renny teased. Niall poked her sides and she twisted out of reach, only leaning back again to smack him playfully across the chest.

“Alright love birds, I’m headed out. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye then,” Niall said, arm already sneaking around Renny’s waist. She mouthed an “OMG” to you at his display of affection while you tried not to vom. But when the door closed shut you couldn’t help but think about how natural it seemed for his arm to wrap around her waist.


“OH GEE, THANKS for putting on your BLINKER - not. ASSHOLE!” you shouted, almost wishing your window was down and that the pompous senior citizen wearing ray bans at night could hear you. Since you were a decent and intelligent human being you put on your blinker and switched lanes, trying to follow Siri. Grandpa was driving a Porsche and he cut you off only to go 5 miles per hour. Your 1990 Chevy Cavaleir was driving faster than that and he thinks he can cut you off just because he has a better- you exhaled hard through your nostrils.  No. He wasn’t worth it.  You’d left in plenty of time, 30 minutes early actually, even though it’d only take about 20 to get there.

The only problem was your phone was verifiably ancient and your navigation was the slowest thing known to man. Once you’d gotten off the freeway, you’d made three wrong turns because your navigation was being ditzy and not telling you how close 600 feet was. And now the entitled drivers of Coast Hills decided you’d be okay with them cutting! you! off! Your hands squeezed the steering wheel a little too tight.

The ocean hugged your side on the highway for another five minutes, but each glimpse you tried to steal to it was futile. It was dark, an expansive pitch-black body stretching as far as your eyes- well, couldn’t see. It left you with a chilling feeling as you turned up the winding hills to the mansions waiting at the top. They were nestled all along the drive up, though hidden by hedges and various gates, and at the very tops all you could see were their lights already glistening, making the hills twinkle with light. Perhaps tonight they could see the water better from their perch above, but a part of you doubted it. No matter which way you tried to look at it, darkness somehow refused to be penetrated.

But you bet it looked gorgeous when the sun came up.

In 200 feet, make a right on Coast Hills Drive.

“Shit,” you cursed, quickly getting in the right lane and ignoring the honk of a horn. You didn’t have time to put on your blinker and as soon as you slammed on the accelerator to turn, you were slamming on the brakes. The iron gates were intimidatingly high and the guard that hopped out of his security room didn’t look amused. A mounted sign read “Coast Homes” behind a trickling waterfall that fell against a stone wall and massive palm trees stood beside it. And then there was you.

A knock on your window practically had you jumping out of your skin.

“Are you lost?” the guard asked. It looked as if his mouth was already open to give you directions, hands raising to point you someplace else, but you shook your head.

“No, not lost.” And his mouth closed at your words, hands quickly dropping to his sides and confirming your suspicions.

“Are you here to see someone then?” he prompted.

“Harry. Uh, Harry Styles.” A slight buzz ran through you saying those words. You were here to see him. You were actually invited to the Harry’s house. Oh god, what if you saw his bedroom?

His eyes narrowed a bit at the name.

“I mean, I’m here to see his family?” you suddenly clarified. As if it were necessary. As if he wouldn’t believe that you were here to see him alone. It didn’t make it much more believable though.

“What’s your name?”


He looked to the back of your car to check the license plate and you felt a twinge of annoyance. “Pull up then.” He used two fingers to beckon you forward before quickly jogging to the security room. You stopped closer to the gate and he scrolled through the computer with a furrowed brow, clucking when he found your name. “You’re here.” But it sounded like “wish you weren’t.” The heavy mechanics of the printer and a dull screech sounded as something printed, and he plucked a sheet of paper from the machine, holding it out to you.

“This is your pass. It’ll last until tomorrow in case you spend the night so don’t worry about tickets or anything like that as long as this is properly displayed on your dash.” He tapped your windshield as if you weren’t aware where your dash was located and you smiled.

“Thank you, it’ll only be for a few hours- tops.”

He nodded and then, as if you were old friends and he was admitting you into a secret club of his, said quietly, “Their visitors don’t usually last too long.” He straightened up instantly, his moment of gossiping weakness vanished with his once-again professional posture. He gave you a nod. “Have a good night!” The gate opened and you called out a quick thank you before entering the most brilliant display of wealth you’d ever seen.

Lawns were perfectly manicured as you passed, some opting for Mediterranean fashions and others expansive Spanish villas with imported tropical plants. Most cars you assumed were inside of the mansions in their garages, but the ones that weren’t inside weren’t any less impressive. “Ferrari, Porsche, oh! Tesla,” you muttered. It was like all the fancy cars you’d ever seen in passing on the highway had the same destination. Here. You stopped counting how many you saw on your hand when you got to 14. And the houses… they were the largest you’d ever seen. They were more like hotels than mere houses.

You’d seen glimpses from below, and recalled the many times you’d stare up at them dreamily on late night cruises to get back home from work, the lights beautifully transforming the hilltops and making you feel like it was an early Christmas. From below you seemed to forget how massive they would be in person.  How they hinted at lives being lived just out of reach. Staring at them up close now, you somehow felt they were even more so.

Make a right on Morning View Drive, then, in 500 feet, your destination is on your right.

You swallowed hard despite yourself as you turned right, suddenly thinking that Renny’s idea of a dress wasn’t that ridiculous of an outfit. But it was too late now, especially when you drove down a street just as manicured as the rest, but somehow seemed wider. The streets alone…They were about twice- no, three times the size of your own in width. And the houses were separated far from each other, far enough that one property easily took up the space of four large houses. You tried to zero in on the numbers along the houses – only to realize they were hidden. By gates. More gates? What were they hiding in there, the Crown jewels?

Your destination is on your right.

Your body jolted forward as your twitchy legs hit the brakes too hard and your car started drifting forward again as your foot relaxed.

Another jolt to stop before you ran into the mailbox.

You couldn’t see a number, but you didn’t think you had too. Forget the other houses - this was the largest home you’d ever seen, fitting for how well known the Styles family was. It was a Spanish Mediterranean style mansion with golden lanterns adorning windows and balconies…and this was just what you could see from what was rising above the iron gate surrounding the property. It sat prominently in the middle of the street, both intimidating and more striking than any of its neighbors, and the largest too – your gaze ran all the way down the gate; it took up the rest of the street until the end of the hill where it’d drop off into a deep valley and eventually run straight into the ocean. You’d seen that view from the highway a thousand times, but it was different to be on the other side of it now. You knew the Styles were rich, but you didn’t think they owned an entire coastal hilltop.  

You awkwardly repositioned the car and drove up to the callbox, but paused, looking to your purse hesitantly. Should you just call Harry on his cell? You rolled your eyes and leant out to press the little call button and the buzz that instantly droned in the air made your hand recoil in a snap and left your mouth suddenly very dry. This was real. This was happening.


You swallowed hard, trying to convince yourself you shouldn’t peel out of his driveway and drive straight back home to Renny and your ducky pajama shorts.

The droning stopped, and a long high-pitched beeeeeep sounded, which triggered the gates. There was muffling on the other end of the line as the iron gates started peeling back, and you could’ve sworn you heard a voice say, “Is that her?” Your hands were mildly shaking as they reached to put the car back in drive, from fear? Excitement? Admittedly, a bit of both.

You drove up the cobblestone drive through a yard lush with tropical plants that had to have been imported, but your gaze was quickly stolen by the resort-like property you’d be entering at any moment. Columns stood tall and the encased chandelier emitted a warm glow where the intricate glass doorway stood. The click of your booties walking along the cobblestone seemed loud as you walked to the front and tentatively raised a hand to the door. You knocked softly for fear the intricate glass would break, though it did seem expensive and thick enough…

You looked back to the only car in the driveway – yours. Their cars were probably hidden and well-kept from the elements in one of the three garages you’d parked in front of. The dent you’d received from last year’s fender-bender was still obvious even in this dim lighting. The crickets seemed peaceful tonight.


You turned sharply at the high-pitched voice to see Gemma. She held a full champagne flute in her hand, and leant a bit on the dark wood rim of the door, looking every bit as beautiful as you’d remembered – more so, now that you saw the cocktail dress she was wearing.

“Hi!” you mirrored her enthusiasm.  She ushered you in, not noticing it was a mere mask for how totally unprepared you felt. “Was I, uh, was this like a formal occasion?” you whispered, eyes darting down the long hall. The blank stare she gave you made your anxiety about being the most awkward human bean rise to new levels.

“What, formal?” Gemma looked baffled for a moment. “Oh! No, not at all. All my other clothes are dirty and I’ve been refusing for Sven or Eli to do them.” She took in your lost eyes. “The house maids- or, housemen? Not sure which,” she clarified. Her eyes quickly darted over your cardigan and jeans. “You look wonderful by the way. Dinner’s only just begun, I promise.” You smiled warmly at her, suddenly becoming aware of the chatter and silverware scraping the plates. A grand piano sat in the entrance, and there was a surprising amount of marble for the Spanish exterior of the house. Chandeliers lined the tall ceilings all the way down and some orchestra music you weren’t sophisticated enough to name filled the air.

She started walking down the hall, and you trailed behind her, your heart rate accelerating from the anticipation of seeing Harry in his home. It sounds weird, but you’d never been able to picture him at a proper house, with a family, with a childhood really… just the fraternity.

“Y/N is here!” She called out just as she turned the corner. Seven pairs of eyes locked on you and you instantly tugged on your sleeves. Especially when you only recognized two. Harry sat beside the head of the table, his eyes locked on the plate of food, and a surprise. Sorority Viv was beside him. You wanted to scowl, but you tugged the sleeves of your sweater down instead.

“Hi,” you put up a hand and braced a smile.

“Well we didn’t think you were coming,” a woman said. Her blonde bob looked strangely familiar and Harry’s eyes snapped to her when she spoke. Even from here you saw them harden.

“Oh..uh,” you looked down at your watch. 6:55. “I’m sorry, I thought dinner started at 7.”

“You’re fine dear,” the man at the head of the table assured. Mr. Styles you assumed. He had kind features and softened wrinkles by his eyes when he smiled like now. He was like a George Clooney and, even though he had gray hair, he was tan and somehow it was fashionable. But something was off.

“It was meant to be 6,” she noted, and her pearl necklace jostled as she leant over and placed her empty glass of champagne on the table and beckoned you to the seat in front of Harry. “Well come in! Please,” her voice sounded sincere but the thin smile radiated about as much warmth as a frozen potato. Gemma squeezed your shoulder as she passed and sat at the next empty one a few chairs down. You pulled yours out next to a fair-skinned boy with light dull brown hair and he offered his hand. It was like porcelain, so it was a little unnerving when you grasped it and found he was actually warm.   

“Charlie,” he said, and you realized he was the boy you saw kissing Gemma.

“Y/N,” you smiled. You looked across to Viv and did the same, and she returned it, if a little unwilling. She looked to Harry again, who’d busied himself more with food.

“Hey,” you said, but it was into the void, his eyes elsewhere probably looking at the thousand dollars worth of décor – your embarrassment was swallowing you up until Viv nudged him. He looked up, eyes distant, and they locked on your own for only a second.


It was mortifying.

“So-” Charlie cleared his throat- “You guys are mates then I reckon?”

“We’re not sure what they are,” Gemma piped in.

“What do you mean?” Viv asked, looking to Harry.

“Yes, what do you mean?” Mrs. Styles suddenly halted the conversation at the other head of the table with the couple beside her. Harry’s face morphed into a scowl.                               

“Gemma,” he warned.

“Mary, please,” Mr. Styles sighed.

“Harry,” Gemma and Mary spoke at the same time.

“So!” Charlie let out a nervous laugh. “The chicken’s really good isn’t it?” He forked another bite into his mouth and you were envious you couldn’t do the same. Just like that, a gloved hand reached down and gingerly set down a china plate with the juiciest piece of chicken and capers you think you’d ever get the privilege of eating.

“Thank you,” you looked back to the kitchen help before he could disappear, black and white uniform and all. “You have a lovely home Mr. Styles. And Mrs. Styles.”

“Oh honey my mother-in-law is Mrs. Styles. I’m Mary, and he is Lionel.” Her voice was bubbly like the champagne she twirled around, but so was her friendly tone – full of air.

“Oh, okay.” You busied yourself with picking up the silverware before stealing a glance to Harry. His demeanor was different than usual, eyes glued to his food, cheek sucked in as he lightly gnawed on it. He was still, but .. sad? No.


“Did practice tire you out?”

His eyelashes fluttered at the sound of your voice and he looked up, lips pursing just the slightest. It was a miracle he hadn’t ignored you.

“No…”- a brief lift of his shoulders, a shake of the head, then- “No,” he repeated, forking a piece of chicken into his mouth.

“Yeah, you have been awfully quiet-OW,” Charlie began coughing and Gemma threw him a glare.

“Harry’s never quiet.”

“And how would you know that?” Harry suddenly snapped to life and the room dropped by ten degrees. She raised the napkin neatly to her mouth before slowly tucking it below her.

She took a deep composed breath.

“Oh please Harry,” her oddly placed laugh made you tug your sweater tighter to your body. “I’ve lived with you long enough don’t you think?”

“Long enough? Yeah I completely agree.” A sarcastic half grin spread across his face and something tugged within you that made you want to kiss it away. You heard yourself thinking and it made you sick. Kiss? KISS??!

You stuffed another bite in your mouth.

“So Y/N what’s the story here?”

You look up, cheeks full. Mr. Styles – Lionel, laughed a bit at the sight and his laugh didn’t make you want to cringe into your sweater like his wife’s. “Sorry darling, I’ll let you finish.”

You swallowed a little too fast.

“What are you studying here? How do you know Harry?”

“I’m majoring in Biology, but we’re in English class together.”

“Biology! I’ll drink to that,” Lionel lit up and raised his flute.

“Lionel’s the best doctor in Southern California.” Mary crossed her heart, and Lionel shook his head lightly.

“She exaggerates.” Her eyes narrowed slightly at his comment, but he continued, “If you ever need an internship or if you want to come visit one day…feel free.” He slipped a hand into his pocket and pulled out an extremely thick, extremely white business card as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “So… just class?” He gestured between you and Harry once more.

“Well, he’s also quite a good soccer player so I’m pretty sure the whole school knows him.”

“I wouldn’t say the whole school,” Harry started, but his eyes were fixed on Lionel and the way he broke into an easy smile.

“So we’ve heard. We’ve seen him play once or twice, haven’t we?” He looked to Mary who nodded. She soundlessly raised the napkin to her mouth again but she didn’t speak. “Yeah, he’s quite good.”

“Really good,” Viv crooned.

“Could you pass the water please?” Gemma asked.

“What?” Mary arched a thin brow.

“The water,” Gemma repeated.

“Water,” Lioinel mimicked the accent and broke into a smile. “You can’t ever leave Gemma, it’s decided. I’d miss your voice too much.”

Something snapped in you. He lifted the heavy vase of water effortlessly and passed it on to her, oblivious of the gears turning in your head. The accent.

Mr. Styles didn’t have one.

And neither did Mary?

“You don’t have accents?” It was out before you could stop it and the table fell silent. It was one of those awful moments when everyone’s brows were squished and slow side glances were given. And a nauseating feeling spread through you when you realized you might have said a very wrong thing. Viv nervously looked to Harry.

“What do you mean?” Mary asked.

Harry cleared his throat. “I mean, technically we all have accents.”

“He’s right,” Gemma said, pointing her fork.

“But you’re…are you British?”

“I am!” Charlie said.

“Yes you idiot,” Gemma nudged him, and Lionel laughed a bit before shaking his head.

“No darling, we’re from here. Born and bred beach bums.” He threw up the shaka sign in true dad-fashion but Mary tipped her champagne flute back.

Harry snorted.

“Never say that again.”

“Why am I embarrassing you?”

Harry didn’t bat an eye.

“Oh come on…Charlie smiled.” Lionel innocently looked over for support, but Charlie’s gaze was locked deep on his chicken by then.  

“You’re lying,” Harry shrugged. “You never go to the beach. Can’t be a host that lies to its guest can we?” Harry turned to you and you froze. “You don’t like liars do you? Cause I don’t.”

“What has gotten into you?” Lionel’s voice was breathless, incredulous.

The table fell silent and the two looked at each other from opposite ends of the table. Lionel set his glass down and a tint of disbelief reflected in his eyes.

“I’ve never seen you there it’s just funny to hear you say it,” Harry continued calmly.

“What’re you talking about I took you sailing all the time.”

“I’ve seen pictures!” Viv said, “Oh you were so cute in your little outfits, don’t you remember?” But her voice sounded overenthusiastic, keen to change the subject.

“Sure and how old was I again Vivvy?”

His retort was instant, the question harmless enough, but it was the way he said it that made Viv’s face instantly fall. For a moment, you even felt bad for her she seemed so genuinely hurt. Mary rubbed her mouth with the napkin so hard you weren’t sure if the red on her lips was blood or makeup. Do you speak? Make a mad dash for the door? Sorry, I didn’t sign up to be on an episode of the Housewives - gotta blast! Then you could throw the thumbs up sign to Harry on your way.

No. You couldn’t. You didn’t even dare to breathe right now.

Gemma watched wordlessly, just as much at a loss as you. More so, it seemed, for her mouth open and closed multiple times, but each time it was a hopeless attempt. Lionel rose his brows, took a deep breath, and leaned back. He looked tired.

Harry’s eyes had barely flitted over to yours before retreating again and in that brief moment you looked at him, it’s as if he realized what he’d said. His cheeks flushed, but his jaw was locked.

Okayy, someone woke up on the wrong side of his small fraternity bed this morning. But you’re welcome to come back and live with us. Have your nice king sized bed again…” It sounded like a nice offer but if you listened hard enough you could’ve sworn you detected something sharp.

“Oh funny joke Lionel,” Mary laughed humorlessly, slowly turning to you. “Harry’s always been independent.”

I wanted Gemma to reach out, to whisper a concerned Harry as a warning, because right now his eyes were dark, brewing a storm of blood rain from invisible scars he’d cut open himself. How deep did they run?

“Yes, funny, funny, that’s what we are,” Lionel said, but there was no smile on his face, he was rubbing the corners of his mouth with the napkin and setting it down on his clean plate. “Sorry about this.”

As if Harry wasn’t in the room. As if you didn’t feel as though you were in the most awkward position you could’ve been placed in, plopped in the middle of a tug of war you didn’t really remember signing up for. Were you supposed to be on a side?  

“Dinners aren’t usually like this, I don’t know why he’s-”

“I don’t know why we’re having this dinner. Are you done?” Harry asked Viv. Her plate was still full of vegetables and at least half the chicken.


“Great! Are you done?” He turned to you in all his over-animation, and in his dark green eyes you felt a sudden sympathy. It wasn’t right what he was doing, but he could only be acting out for a reason. Or multiple.

Or perhaps he was a just a selfish petulant boy.

Whatever the reason there was a wild plead in his gaze and you didn’t want to disappoint.

But you were also very much aware of Lionel waiting for your answer.

“If everyone’s done, then I’m done too.” And in fact, your appetite had disappeared.

Gemma seemed close to tears, but she blinked them away and tossed her napkin. “Yes, I’m actually quite tired.”

Charlie halted his fork mid bite and with one look from Gemma he reluctantly put it down.

“Stuffed full actually,” he mumbled.

“Great, well, I’ll grab dessert.”

Mary rose with her napkin but the scrape of Harry’s chair against the wood floors made her do a sharp turn.

“Where are you going?”

He didn’t answer as he headed to the marble staircase, footsteps loud as he jogged up them.

“Let him go,” Lionel sighed, and with it, he shrunk smaller in his chair.

“Harry!” she screeched. But he didn’t answer and with a turn at the top of the stairwell he was gone.

Everyone dispersed after that. Lionel received a conveniently-timed phone call to which he had to dismiss himself into one of the many rooms. Mary headed immediately into the kitchen but she never came back -

And then there were four.

“I’m-” Gemma bit her cheek, folded her hands. “Nevermind.”

“I think I should get back.”

Gemma looked at you understandingly, a sad sort of reluctant smile gracing her face. “Perhaps that’d be best. It was really nice meeting you though, and as much as Harry doesn’t seem to get on with loads of people, he mentioned you multiple times. I thought-” Her eyes got misty again and they glazed over the multiple paintings hanging over the dining table. “Nevermind what I thought,” she looked down to her feet but for a moment before that, her warm eyes had smiled at yours. You didn’t know her, not at all, yet somehow you could tell the warmth behind them was genuine. And you liked her instantly.

“Alright, I’ll just – I’ll head out then. Thank you so much for the dinner, it really was delicious.”

“Thanks for coming,” Charlie offered, swinging his arm around Gemma.

“Guess I’ll see you at school.” Viv appeared beside them and the unexpected head of jealousy showed its face again. Well, not its whole face. Just the tip of its nose as it peered behind the pillars of your heart, because would you really want to spend more time in there?

You were shocked when that tiny part of you said yes.

You were only halfway to your car when you heard Viv shout out.

“Wait!” You obeyed, feet halting as her fast jogging in heels made record time. She let out a breath. “Back there, what you said about the accents, it’s not like it’s a big secret, but um.” Her eyebrows slightly knitted together. “I’m not sure why I’m telling you this, I guess just so you don’t make it a big deal.”

“Yeah. Wait- why, did I make it a big deal? I really didn’t mean to.”

She shook her head, then stopped. Her head leaned slightly to the side and her eyes pinched as she pondered your questioned. “Maybe a little.”

She put her arm around you and steered you to your car.

“Harry’s adopted, it’s not bad that I’m telling you this because they don’t try and keep it hidden or anything it’s just – they don’t advertise it. And most people don’t ask. They just assume long-term boarding school or something. They don’t look into it.”

“Oh. Right.”

Adopted. Of freaking course.

“It was when he was young, seven or something. Uh-” She stopped, perhaps she’d said a bit too much. “But anyway it’s not that big of a deal.” But it sounded like she was trying to convince herself. She looked to you.

“Yeah,” you agreed, “Totally fine. I mean I’m sure his other friends know anyways.”

She smiled then, and stuck you at arms length. “See you later.”

After revving the engine, and drawing up to the gate, you sat there for what must have been a solid twenty seconds, throwing the engine in reverse and then approaching it again. It didn’t move. Shouldn’t this thing be automatic from the inside? You threw it in park and trudged to the front door again, but no one was moving inside the house. You tried knocking. Everyone was gone. Fantastic.

A miracle, one of the garage doors started to open and you walked closer.

“Oh good, I was about to be stuck!” you called out as the doors clicked back, expecting Gemma to return your smile from the other side. But it was dark and no one was there. You did see the shadow of three other cars though. Three very nice racecar material cars.

“Hello?” You called out. You swallowed harshly when you saw two brown booties.

“What’s going on?”

You felt like you should be the one asking him that, but you just shrugged your shoulders. “The gate won’t open.”

Harry stood expressionless before retreating to the back of the garage.

“Wait- where are you-”

The sound of the gate opening shut you up. “Oh, thanks,” you mumbled. You didn’t really know what else to say, and Harry wasn’t exactly making conversation, so you were silent as the clank of your door closed you in again. Back to reality. This night had been a disaster.

The spluttering of your engine lasted longer than usual and you stilled.

Come on grandpa!!!!

You twisted the key again but it was refusing to give you the satisfying thrum when it finally gave. You were so close!! It couldn’t give out now!!!! It could literally break down, say, in a total hypothetical situation that did NOT happen, when I’m trying to avoid human contact after being pantsed in front of hottie toddie physics professor but it CAN’T give out now.

You tried again but it failed.

And you tried again.

And again.

And again.

Harry’s figure approached the car window with a beer in hand and he took a deep swig of it before knocking on the window. You barely heard it above the spluttering but you gave grandpa a moment of silence.

You rested your head on the steering wheel before bouncing up again and rolling down the window.

“What Harry,” you sighed.  

“She’s dead.”

“I know.”

You got out and waited, crossing your arms while Harry ran into the garage to check if he had any jumper cables or whatever else he’d need to fix this. At least it wasn’t smoking.

“We don’t have any.” He sauntered over, scratching the back of his neck and looking at the car. “Can stay here if you want.”

“I can call an Uber.” You hit your phone’s lock switch but it was a black screen. DAMN you Renny for hogging the charger before you’d left. DAMN YOU. “Can’t. Can’t call an Uber. Could you call one for me?”

“Are you trying to use me for my money?”

“I- no.” Your mouth parted but it closed again. Was he for real? Was he….kidding? “I can pay you back you know.”

“Lionel won’t hear of it. He doesn’t trust Uber.”

“Doesn’t trust Uber. What is he? A binge-watcher of late night crime shows?”

“No.” An almost smile shone through and you crossed your arms.

“Well I can’t just block the gate.”

“No one’s going anywhere for tonight.” He headed for the garage again. “Come on,” he called back.

“Renny will be worried about me!”

“You can call from our landline.”

People still had those?

“Sh they can hear you these walls aren’t 12 inches thick!!” you whisper-yelled into the receiver. You gave Harry an awkward smile and twirled the cord around the vintage phone. “Mary picked it up at a Parisian market or something. It’s mainly for decoration but they got it hooked up just in case,” he’d said, only walking to the end of the hall to give you some “privacy.”

It was literally from the 1920s. You felt like a vaudevillian actress about to break into song about how she wants to live a normal life but mommy and daddy keep her locked in a tower.


“Renny- ! Oh my- ! Could you just- could you just LISTEN?”

“Let me call you an Uber.”

“Lionel already knows and they’re-” you looked over at Harry who seemed to be distracted by a painting he’s probably seen a thousand times before and you lowered your voice- “Apparently one of the maids is already making my bed.”

“ARE YOU ROYALTY NOW?! Are they going to give you complimentary chocolates in the morning?! Are you going to be giving him complimentary HEAD-?!!!”


Harry’s head whipped towards yours, but his lips were still set in his pout. You grimaced, putting your back to him and facing the end of the hallway.

“Now you have me thinking about the wizard’s wand. I literally hate you,” you grumbled.

“You know I’m joking. Well, half-joking. You can stay there if you want it’s just-” she sighed- “What is this, are you guys like dating now? Because the last I heard you were literally running away from him and wanting to punch his face in.”

“He does give off that effect. And no! We’re not-” your voice lowered more- “We’re not dating. My car’s just broken down.

“You keep lying to yourself.”

“I’m not lying to anybody.”

“Keep telling yourself that kid. Because the last time I was with you was when you were literally RUNNING away from him. But you’re going to spend the night at his house. Voluntarily. I mean geeze you’re giving the poor guy a headache you can at least suck his dick.”

She’d hung up before the words even processed.


“This is the living wing, I dunno why they call it that it just makes it sounds depressing.”

“What do they mean by living?” you asked. Each word sounded heavy on your tongue, each sentence carefully constructed. It was weird to be talking with him when he clearly wasn’t in the best frame of mind. When you didn’t know if he’d snap and turn sour all of a sudden.

Though you didn’t think that’d happen. He seemed more sullen to you now more than anything, apologetic maybe, if a word like that could describe him. Think: a toddler after being scolded for something he’s done wrong. Eh? That image seemed to work.

“It’s where my dad keeps his…creatures. Birds, fish, I don’t know I never fucking go in. It’s also where their bedrooms are.” He poked his head around the hallway before muttering, “I guess.”  

“Oh okay.”

Your feet stopped following him when you met a tall window. Their backyard was….spectacular. It was dark and the twinkle lights only exposed so much, but there was a very nice long pool, tile patio with sunbathing chairs, and more green beyond it. The all black on the horizon you assumed to be the ocean.

You didn’t realize Harry was behind you until he muttered, “What’re you thinking about?”

“You know I could ask you the same question. Like at least half the time I’m around you.”

His brows squeezed together a bit but a bit of a smirk was starting to form. “I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

“Oh you do. You definitely do,” you started to laugh and back into the window to scrutinize him from afar. Because right now he had a very odd look in his eye. “You’re quiet most of the time,” you said softer. After dinner, you weren’t quite sure what was going on in Harry’s family life. But the longer the adopted word kept being tossed around in your brain and analyzed every which way, you wondered how many different dynamics existed that added or subtracted to their relationship. Take Gemma. How did she fit in? She had the accent too.

So, if you could make him smile by backing up and eyeing him like he was some sort of specimen than so be it. As much as you would’ve killed to see him unhappy a couple days ago, you’d realized you’d been a bit rash to run into conclusions. And yes, you had managed to make yourself look like an utter mentally unstable ass and a half. So you could cut him some slack. The night hadn’t been a nightmare for just one of you.

“Stop it,” he warned. But you started to circle him and you squinted one eye, putting two hands up to frame Harry’s face and the window with the warmly-lit grounds like a director choosing the shot. “Okay seriously. Stop.”

“Nope,” you popped the p, “It’s funny. I couldn’t picture you in a place like this before, but now I can.” You slowly put your hands down and you thought you heard him mumble weird.

“Oi. Did you just call me weird?” your mouth opened in playful surprise. His nose scrunched up at your over exaggerations. He was confused, you could tell. And he was probably being just as cautious as you were, you realized. You didn’t blame him. But he was so close to smiling. Soooo clooosseee-

“S’just weird,” he settled with. And his would-be smile dropped. A little bit of guilt struck you.

“What is?” you began slowly.

“It’s weird that you’re here.” He shrugged. “I don’t know.”



“Because I can’t picture you here.”

His voice seemed shy. He nodded towards the other end of the hall. “Come on, I’ll show you where you’re sleeping.” And he didn’t give you much time to catch up, nor time to feel offended, as his long legs were once again a disadvantage to you.

You weren’t sure how many bedrooms you’d been passing, and to be completely honest, Harry’s explanations of what each room was went a bit beyond you.

“Theatre’s to your right, sun room’s to the left. That’s the library over in there, elevator’s around the bend. Annnnd… here it is.”

He forgot to mention the multiple living rooms you’d been passing which had killer ocean views, or the full-on mini bars. Yes. Bars. As in numerous. You didn’t see much alcohol in them though and you wondered if it had anything to do with Harry.

“I’ll be at the other end then.”

“Of the house?”

“The hall, just there.” He pointed, and looked back at you with a funny look about him. “No sneaking into my bedroom.”

You coughed. “I’m sorry, was that a joke? A poor one but…Are you making jokes now?”

His smile faltered, but it was finally there. No matter how small or pained it looked. His eyes looked to his boots for a second before settling on your elbow, then your shoulder. Then your chin. Or was it-

“Right. Well. I’ll give you something to wear, just- stay there. Or don’t. I don’t care.” Harry turned quickly and disappeared into the last room at the hall. Your eyes grazed the hallway walls. He may not look necessarily enthused that you were there, but in this whole situation you’d felt like an outsider. And you suspected that was exactly what he needed.

Not that you held any pretenses to know what that confusing boy needed.

Not at all.

Or rather, none at all.

None were there to gather dust, to give you a glimpse into what he looked like as a toddler through to the awkward teen years. No family portraits hung. Each wall’s empty space was filled with a landscape painting of the sea, or the cliffs facing the water. Except for the power portrait of the Styles in the center of the home that looked out over their grounds - it was stark of any traces of family existence. The messy bits anyway. And instantly you compared it to your old stained carpets and walls with so many nails in it if you removed all the pictures and unscrewed the nails, you’d be left with hardly a house at all. This felt like someone had come in, staged it for a potential buyer, and that was it. Like if you opened the dresser’s drawer you wouldn’t find anything in it except for another nail or the assembly instruction manual.

You hummed to yourself, peering into your bedroom. A nice queen-sized bed and bamboo flooring. White canopy drapes covering what you assumed to be a window.  The only thing that seemed off was the ceiling. It had stars painted on it. You walked to the center of the room and looked up- there was a name there, inscribed in the center of the biggest star. You sat on the edge of the bed, twiddling your thumbs before wandering over to the ensuite bathroom. It was no less impressive.

A big part of you was wishing to be with Renny right now. Gosh you would’ve paid anything to see her face if she could only see the outside of this house. You never fared well when there was quiet, a lot of it anyway. And in a house this big, it was quiet. A little too quiet. And cold. Was the AC set to 50 or something?

Warm water ran down your face and you briskly turned the faucet off. At least Renny would be able to say “I told you so” tomorrow. Well, not about the blowjob thing. You opened the medicine cabinet to find some toothpaste, or face soap. The last thing you needed was another zit to pop through.

But there wasn’t anything of the sort. No no no.

Pills filled the cabinets. Some with labels, some without. You closed the cabinet. Definitely not toothpaste. Definitely not your business. But who were they-

“Oh my gosh!” your heart flew to your chest.

Mary was sitting on the edge of your bed, silent, hands folded in her lap. Had she seen you? The sudden adrenaline found an escape in an awkward laugh. “You scared me.”

“Oh I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to do that.” She tucked a strand behind her ear and it wasn’t until your hip hit the door frame on the way out of the bathroom that you realized she hadn’t been looking at you this entire time. She would’ve judged you for that blunder. No, her eyes were fixed on the walls, then the ceiling.

Did she need help with something? Were you in the wrong room?

“Is this my room?”

“It’s my youngest’s room.” She looked up again, and her left hand seemed to be a little shaky as she soothed already straight hair behind her ear. You watched her closer and saw her body sway a bit to steady herself when her head lowered. You instinctually looked to the door, to an exit. Harry should be down there. Nerves suddenly held your body like they always do in a situation that’s unfamiliar, in the face of unpredictability.

“She liked astronomy!” She said suddenly, as if she’d just had an epiphany. She walked over to the canopy drapes and peered between them, revealing a balcony as she looked out. “I thought she’d like it. She likes the stars.”

“I bet they’re, uh-” your eyes shot out again- “Beautiful from here.”

She was quiet and she slowly turned to you, pointing to the ceiling. “There. Did you- didyouseeit? There.” She stumbled closer, still in heels, and you crossed your arms tightly, nodding even though you had no idea. You followed her hand briefly. It was the scribble on the wall.

“I picked it,” she said, finger sliding to fall at her heart. “I picked it.”  

“Jesus! Mary.” Harry stormed in, a horrified look on his face as he clutched clothes in his hands. They fell to the floor.

“And Joseph,” you muttered.

Harry’s eyes held no humor in them in the brief moment he glanced to you. It was hardly enough time to properly glare. But glare he did. And there was enough fiery gusto in them to realize that now was not the time.

“Jane,” she corrected. “Jane.”

Harry was struck still, and you watched as his eyes frantically observed. But when she was about to sit down again he spoke,

“What’re you doing in here? Y/N is going to try and sleep.”

Mary looked at him, her drunken emotional journey to the past turning sour. Her lips pressed in a hard line and she stood up, swaying a bit when she did so, but the level of composure she emanated was impressive.  She went over to him, passing you silently, and for an irrational second you thought she was going to jump you. Instead, she grabbed Harry’s arm when she was almost out the door. “There were two rooms Harry.” She tried to whisper it, but the alcohol had warped her perception and you heard everything.

She let her hand fall and Harry’s fist clenched as it did.

You were struck dumb, again. This wasn’t your domain, you weren’t close enough to comfort him if that was what he needed and you weren’t brave enough to interject if he needed a good slap in the face. You barely knew him. And the realization of that sunk deeper than you’d ever realized. You can get frustrated because of him, infuriated at him even, but you couldn’t be one to judge. Not when he seemed more miserable here than anywhere else.

“Stay here,” he finally said. And then he was gone, leaving you with a pile of clothes that couldn’t explain the half of it.

You stripped quietly once the door was closed, pulling the oversized plaid button up down that fell to completely cover your hands. It still left you cold, barely covering your bum, but your heart warmed a little at how he didn’t just give you a black t-shirt. You almost stepped over the sweatpants that were there before greedily snatching them up with a smile In your fanciful mind you imagined he knew you’d be cold in here.

Harry never came back. You couldn’t text Renny, or anyone, and you couldn’t be bothered with figuring out how to turn on the tv or to find a channel. So you lay there, looking at the ceiling. You didn’t belong in this room. Mary, even if she hadn’t necessarily said get out, still verifiably creeped you out enough so that you didn’t want to be in this room. You never knew Harry had another sibling. Not that you’d even known about Gemma until yesterday. How many other people knew him, truly? Why were you here now? What would you do if you opened your eyes and Mary was just sitting at the end of your bed again - watching you sleep?  It made your head dizzy and you closed your eyes. If she was there at least you wouldn’t be able to see her. But the scribble in the sky was still burned in your mind’s eye and it had your imagination roaring. You rolled over on your side, pulling up the thin sheet to cover your ear. The wind smacked a palm tree leaf against the balcony window and you jolted in place. You felt haunted, and it wasn’t like the sheet would protect you from anything except for soothing the little toddler in you who still believed that good always won, evil always lost.

This was an expensive home.

With probably more security than the local bank.

You were safe.

But you didn’t feel secure.

Your anxious thoughts continued like pins pricking your stomach until fatigue made it stop. You didn’t know the time when you fell asleep.

And you didn’t know the time when you awoke. The smacking of the palm trees was as bad as ever , and your nightmare had been worse tonight. The same sick one. A house in the countryside, peeling wallpaper that threatened to wrap itself over your hands if you leant against it a little too long, trapping you there when you needed to run from faceless creatures.

You were being watched.

You jolted-to in a cold sweat.

Was it 2 am? 3? You hoped it was closer to 6, to the sunrise. These days you cherished the times when you’d wake up at 4. You tried closing your eyes again, but the sweat soon chilled you enough to where the sheet wasn’t enough. You silently stood, walking over to the cabinets on the far side of the wall. The painted shutter doors squeaked when you opened them. It must’ve not been opened for a while because the paint caused the two doors to stick together and it only gave on the third tug.

What you saw stilled your heart. Because you didn’t find linens or a big fluffy blanket, and if you’d discovered this just a few hours later in the morning you’d probably glance right over it, perhaps it would’ve sparked a moment of confusion maybe. But now, in a big strange house in the middle of the night you surely felt a chill. And then you were booking it out to the hall.

His door was there. Just like any other door. But you paced around it a few times. He was probably sleeping. Should you just go to the downstairs? Just…I don’t know… grab a glass of water? Try putting on the tv? Like a normal person would? You raised your hand, but it fell just as fast. Gosh who were you?!

You couldn’t yell at Harry for being bipolar when you were basically the perfect spokesmodel. You knew why you were standing outside his door. You knew who’d make you feel secure. This was embarrassing.

But the door opened before you had to knock.

“You can come in,” he murmured.

“Oh,” you said, voice barely above a whisper. “Oh you don’t have to-”

But when he opened the door wider you didn’t waste a second in entering.  

part 10


I don’t know what this is, it’s not going anywhere. It was just a thought I had after last night and that delightful little tidbit about Julius. This is entirely predictable, sorry.

It’s not until the third time that Grog goes to the brothel in Whitestone that the Madam who runs the house pulls him aside as he’s leaving.

“I paid up, I know I did,” Grog says immediately. “She counted it out for me and everything.”

The Madam - gray hair but not old enough for it to be anything but just the way most of the adult Whitestone residents are - laughs at him. “You’re fine, lad. You treat my girls right and you pay well. I’m not turning you away. I just had a question for you.”

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Respect Her

Imagine! Meant to post last night, but got tired and fell asleep before editing.

You are staring at yourself in the mirror, trying to see what Shawn sees in you. You honestly have no idea what he sees. 

He always says you’re beautiful, stunning, that you take his breath away. But you just can’t see it.

All you can see is your double chin, your puffy cheeks, wide hips, flat ass, thick thighs, flabby belly. 

The longer you stare, the worse you look. 

God this is what Shawn sees. 

“Hey Babe.” He says walking to your room. “Ready for our run?” He asks. 

You look over at him with a weak smile. 

“Babe are you okay?” He asks walking over to you, resting the back of his hand to your forehead. 

“What? I’m fine.” You push his hand away.

“You’re all sweaty, and flushed. are you feeling okay?”

“Yes Shawn I’m fine.” You giggle.

Lately you and Shawn have been going on a daily runs, but he doesn’t know that you go on two daily runs. You go for about two miles and then meet up with him, running another two with him, and sometimes you run another one. 

Just to burn those calories. 

“But.” He starts.

“I’m fine.” You say walking past him, grabbing your water bottle. 

He lets it go, but keeps a close watch on you. 


He catches you again, later that day, staring at yourself in the mirror. 

“Can’t stop looking at it either?” He says with a smirk. Your eyes go wide and you push his hands away as he tries to hug you from behind. He doesn’t quite catch your attitude until he goes to grab you again and this time you completely move away from him.

“Hey.” He says following you. 

“What Shawn?” You snap. He takes a step back, barely, and stares at you. 

“Whats wrong?” He asks, gaze softening. 

“I just don’t want you to touch me okay.” You say frustrated.

“Okay,” He says putting his hands up in surrender. 

“I have to go get ready for dinner.” You say going to your closet, resting your head in your hands. 

“Should we match tonight?” He asks following you, watching as you rub your eyes with the heel of your hand. “Baby?” He asks softly. “Tell me whats wrong.” 

“Just drop it.” You say looking up at him. He just stares at you. You take a breath and look at his side of the closet. “What are you gonna wear?” 

“Oh um,” He looks over and shrugs. “I don’t know, what should I wear?” He says walking a bit closer to you, slowly.

“I don’t know Shawn.” You sigh.

“I know, we’ll pick a color. Then I’ll pick your dress and you can pick my outfit out. Cute right?” He says, honestly it sounded like a lot of fun so you nodded, smiling. 

“What color?”

“You chose.”

“Um, blue?”

“Dark or light?”


“Ok, you pick mine, and I’ll pick yours.” He says smiling. Instead of looking at your side he simply walked out of the room. 

“Shawn? Where are you going?” You ask, looking through his shirts.

“To pick yours out, I’ll be back.” He says, and you hear him grab his keys and then walk out. 

“Oh god.” You mumble. 


“Go get dressed Babe.” He said handing you a black bag. 

“Here’s yours.” You say handing him a pile of clothes you’ve folded nicely.

“This is really exciting.” He says as you start to walk away. 

You go to your room and close the door, sneaking a peak into the bag. You pull out the most amazing dark blue dress. It’s shiny and goes to about mid thigh. It’s cute and shows off some cleavage. 

But under the dress was another bag. A pink and black bag.

“Oh my god.” You mumble as you pull the Victoria Secret bag out. 

He got you a matching set of dark blue lace underwear and panties. They were pretty cute, and when you put them on, because well it was apart of his choosing, they made you feel so confident. And made you feel sexy as hell. 

You slipped the dress on and smiled at yourself in the mirror.

When was the last time I smiled looking in the mirror.

“Shawn?” You call out.


“Straight, curled or up in a ponytail type of hair style.” Even though you knew the answer.

“Curled.” He yelled back. 

You smiled and turned your curling iron on. 


You opened the door and looked down, seeing a pair of heels that matched your dress. 

You smiled to yourself and slipped into the heels. 

You walked out to the front, heels clicking on the hard wood. Shawn stood up from his spot on the couch. Putting his phone in his back pocket.

“Jesus.” He breathed out as he looked at you. 

“Yeah?” You asked.

“Twirl.” He says motioning for you to twirl with his right index finger.You did as told and twirled.

“Holy fuck.” He mumbled, tugging at his curls.

“I like that shirt.” You said pointing at him.

“Yeah?” He said twirling, making you giggle.

“Yeah, shows off those badass tats.” You say as he comes closer.

“You do know this is a business dinner right?”

“Why get tattoo’s if your just gonna cover them, that’s just teasing.” You say as he smiles at you.

“Um you didn’t give me a pair of boxers, so I went commando.” He says grinning.

“You didn’t.” You say, deadpanning.

“Wanna check?” He teases.

“Kind of, yeah?” You laugh. He gulps. 

“What do you think of your outfit?” He changes the subject.

“I love it, baby you didn’t have to go out and buy me it.” You say walking into his embrace.

“I gotta spoil my girl.”

“Yeah but with a new dress, shoes, and a new set?” You say smirking.

“Well, the dress and shoes were for you. The set? That my dear is for me.”

“Thought so.” You giggle.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” 


This dinner is extremely boring for you. You have no idea what they are talking about because you zoned out about 20 minutes ago, and whenever Shawn looks at you you just smile at him. 

“I have to go to the bathroom, Y/n? Join me?” One of the other girlfriends, Nicole offers. You smile and nod. 


You get up and can feel Shawn’s gaze burning on you. 

You both enter the bathroom and she goes straight for the sink.

“God I hate these dinners, their so boring.” She says washing her hands.

“Yeah, usually I just zone out. Making lists about what I need to do the next day in my head.” You confess.

“Smart.” She says smiling at you in the mirror.

Somehow the topic comes around to food, and she’s talking about what you ordered.

“Don’t you think it was a bit much?”

“Oh the price?” You ask, because you planned on covering for yourself.

“No, not the price, lord knows these boys can handle a meal of that price. I mean the amount. It’s a bit much, I mean look at you. You gotta stop eating so much.” She says eyeing your stomach. 

You stopped in your tracks. Completely taking back by what she just said. 

“Excuse me?”

“Well come on dear, its the truth and we all know it.” She says. “Shawn ain’t gonna see you as a beautiful woman if you keep gaining.” 

You were appalled. You had actually thought that you were losing some weight.

“Um.” You didn’t know how to respond.

“Don’t take offense honey, it’s life. Some are rounder than others.” She shrugged walking out of the bathroom. 

And just like that, the good mood Shawn got you into was gone. With a 30 second conversation about your meal. All those thoughts that were in your head all morning and afternoon were now screaming at you. 

You exit, not looking at yourself, and take your seat next to Shawn. Your meal had been delivered and you noticed Nicole look at you with a frown. 

You were starving, but she was right. How could you eat like this and expect to lose weight. 

So you discreetly picked at your food, not eating really anything. Shawn noticed, letting his hand rest on your thigh before you pushed it off.

“Hey.” He whispered in your ear, so no one else would hear.

“Not now.” You barely met his gaze.

“Are we back to this?” He said trying to get your attention.

“Don’t Shawn.” You sneered. 

He huffed and ordered you a box even though you told him it was okay. But you secretly thanked him because that was an expensive meal that you didn’t eat. 


“Care to explain what’s wrong yet?” He asked once the car doors were closed.

“Please Shawn, not right now.” You sighed.

“No, I thought I broke this. I thought I got you feeling better.” He said staring at you fiercely. 

“You did.” You whispered.

“Then what?”


“Y/n tell me what is wrong? You are killing me here, I know something is up and you wont tell me. I thought we didn’t keep things from each other.”

“We don’t” You defended turning to look at him.

“Then tell me whats wrong.” He whispered, he looked so distraught. It’s now you realized how worried and concerned he is. 

Just tell him. 

“I just,” You start. “I just am having some body image issues.” 

“What?” He says in shock, not the answer he was expecting.

“I have been feeling bad about myself lately and it was really bad this morning. It was practically gone when I put this outfit on, but Nicole.” You stopped yourself.

“What did Nicole do?”

“She pretty much told me that you would no longer wanna be with me if I gained any more weight.”

“WHAT?” He said becoming angry. “That’s fucking ridiculous.”

“No it’s not Shawn, she’s right. I’m a fat piece of shit.” You say, shaking your head.

“HEY!” He shouted at you. Shocking you. “Don’t you EVER speak about MY girlfriend like that.” He warned you. 

“Shawn.” You sighed.

“No, listen to me. That hurts my feelings. I love you and you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Your fucking curves kill me, I can barely keep my hands off of you. I’m not liking this ‘push Shawn’s hands away’ thing. You’re mine and I’m gonna hold you when I want to. You are beautiful, stunning, funny, a smart ass, smart, caring, compassionate, and most importantly mine.” 

“Really?” You ask, tearful.

“Come here.” He say pulling you over the console, sitting you on his lap.

“Jesus, do you know how bad you’re killing me in this dress.” He says running his hands up and down your thighs.

“No.” You mumble.

“Let’s just say, I had no idea what we were talking about at dinner because all I could think about was getting you home.” He smirks. “That dress is beautiful, but I’d rather see what you look like without it on.” 

You laugh and lightly smack his chest. 


“No, you think you look fat. Ha, babe you are not fat. You aren’t even close to being fat. Like miles away from being fat.”

“But this afternoon you said ‘You staring at it to?’” 

“Yeah, how beautiful you are. I know that I can’t stop staring at it.” 

You smile and lean your head against his shoulder.

“No yeah, that makes sense.” You mumble.

“What did you think I meant?”

“My stomach.”

“Stop, you’re killing me here.” He says making you look at him. 

“I love you.”

“I love you more.” He says tucking a curl behind your ear.

“Take me home.” You say crawling back to your seat. 

“It’s about fucking time, I’ve been waiting all night to take you home.”

And just like that, everything Nicole had said vanished from your mind. All that mattered was what Shawn said. 

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Floof scenario with Todoroki and his smol s/o???? All the sugary, teeth rotting, cotton candy mess you have~~~

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 Insecure Todoroki > everything else. this took forever and it sucked i am so sorry anon~Admin K

  ‘Todoroki Shouto. Todoroki. Shou? Todo. No… Hmm, let’s see… Todoroki. To-do-ro-ki. Roki? Roki. Yeah, that sounds okay. Roki. Roki. Roki—’

    “___,” Todoroki said loudly next to her, bringing ___ out of her thoughts. She blinked, shaking the thoughts from her head like rain off of an umbrella. Finding a cute nickname for Todoroki would have to wait. The noise of the people in the lunch room suddenly seemed much louder than it had before.

   “Yes, Roki?”


    “I said: ‘yes, Todoroki,’” ___ corrected herself quickly.

    “Oh, sorry I must not have heard you. Anyway…” he started talking to her about something as he sat down across from her. She listened intently, focused on the mesmerizing way his mouth worked. ___ liked the way Todoroki’s lips moved when he spoke. They hardly did, and yet his words were always clearly enunciated. ___ felt the just barely controllable urge to run her fingers through his hair. She resisted that temptation.

    Although technically, ___ was allowed to do that now.

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Bundle of Joy - Part One

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Fandom: Marvel 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Single Parent!Reader 

Summery: While out for a morning run Bucky comes across the Reader who’s having trouble calming their baby girl and he comes to their rescue. 

Warnings: Attempted fluff and baby.

If there was one thing everyone knew about your baby girl it was that she wasn’t a baby to be put down, not even for a moment, not even when she was fast asleep. It’s not like anyone really wanted to put her down, though. There was no bonnier babe when she was being held. She’d gargle, smile and play the perfect ‘bundle of joy’ when in someone’s- anyone’s - arms. However, once that skin to skin warmth and subtle movement was gone she’d let out a horrific wail that made the neighbours come running - surely with a scream like that something had to be wrong. 

 It was rare when she’d start crying against your chest, wrapped up in the sling you had bought online merely two months after her birth, but there she was waving her tiny fists as you tried to soothe her on the park bench. She squirmed around in your arms like some large chubby eel as huge tears pooled in her eyes and rolled down her rosy cheeks.

“Hey,” You cooed, letting her take hold of your index finger. “Hey, it’s okay, baby. You’re okay.“ 

 Her large eyes opened at your calming voice, frantically looking up at your face as she continued her screeching. Leaning down you planted a kiss on her forehead and another on each of her cheeks, but nothing you did seemed to calm her. 

 "You’re okay.” You tried again.

Gritting your teeth, you looked out across the river as you rocked her in your arms, hoping that her tantrum would end soon so you could walk home without her carrying on in your arms. Perhaps when she was finished screaming she’d be tired enough to sleep and give you back the few hours of sleep she had robbed you of last night. You were sure you looked tired; with zombie-like reaction time and large raccoon-like bags under your slightly bloodshot eyes.

 "Hey, you alright?“ 

Jumping slightly, you turned around to face the man who had addressed you.

He saw the shock register on your face before you could hide it.

“Uh - yeah.” You said quickly, glancing down at you daughter in the hope that the presence of a good looking stranger would calm her. A small smile played on this strangers lips as you twisted around in you seat to properly face him, taking in his full appearance. He had long brown hair, which was thick and lustrous and gathered in an untidy bun, strands of it falling out and framing his perfectly chiseled jaw. His face was strong and defined, featured from granite. He also had dark brows, which were angled upwards in a kind, concerned expression. 

The stranger moved around the bench to stand in front of you, giving you a better view of his muscular body, which seemed to have been forced into a white tank (that must have been at least one size too small) and casual sweatpants. As your eyes gave him a once over, you couldn’t help but linger over his left arm. Where a usual arm of flesh and bone would normally be, there was instead a bionic arm that looked like it had come straight out of one of the sci fi films you had on your shelf back home.

“I’m Bucky,” He said, stepping forward and offering you his right hand to shake. “Bucky Barnes.“ 

Without moving from your seat, you rested your screaming babe in the nook of your left arm, gently releasing your finger from her grip and taking hold of Bucky’s outstretched hand, giving it a firm shake. 


 Bucky flashed you a dazzling smile before his eyes dropped down to your daughter. 

“Hello sweetness.” He hummed. 

 She still hadn’t stopped crying, but her red face didn’t seem to put Bucky off at all. Quite the opposite, it seemed. The perfectly sculpted man before you moved to your side and waved at her, the metal of his arm reflecting the light of the sun and capturing your daughters attention and putting a sudden stop to her crying.

 "Can I?“ 

In complete shock at her sudden change of mood, you happy nodded in agreement and gently scooped her up and into Bucky’s arms as he took the seat next to you. She looked even smaller than she already was in his embrace. Her golden cheek was pressed up against his chest and her eyes followed the glint of his bionic arm, her hands reaching out from under her blanket to touch it.

Bucky gasped, a look for pure bliss coming across his face. “Hello, little one.” He said, his voice barely above a whisper. “Aren’t you a doll.“ 

You weren’t listening to what he was saying - far to busy admiring the way the two of them were looking at one another. Bucky, with his eyes wide and his arms held securely around your child as if she could break as easily as a bubble, and your babe, completely mystified and as quiet as a mouse. 

"She likes you.” You smiled, meeting Bucky’s gaze as he looked over at you, his own smile widening. He looked as if he was about ready to cry. 

“I think she likes my arm more.” He laughed. At his words, your daughter looked up at his face and giggled. The sound was like bells compared to the nonstop wails from earlier. You and Bucky awed at the sight of her toothless grin and the way she gazed up at him with her big eyes as she squirmed around in his arms as to get even closer to him than she already was. 

 "I’m sure you have places to be, little one.“ Bucky cooed, tapping her on the nose. "I’d better leave you and your mommy to get on with your day." 

Still grinning from ear to ear, Bucky held your daughter out to you.

"Oh!” You exclaimed, breaking out of your little trance and taking her back from him. 

 Once she was happily wrapped up in the sling across your chest, you and Bucky both got up from the park bench and awkwardly exchanged goodbyes. 

“D - do you often walk around here?” Asked Bucky. “I’d love to bump into you again." 

You smiled up at him and felt your heart flutter.

"Yeah, actually.” You said, your hand reaching up to gingerly massage your shoulder. “See you around?" 

Bucky smiled shyly. "See you around.”

And with that he was off, jogging down the sidewalk and out of sight. Your entire body tingled as you watched him leave, and a deep blush coated your cheeks. 

Here’s hoping you’d see him again.

Part Two

I Need to Know

Nessian talk about Mor and Cass



“I need to know what happened between you and Morrigan.”

Nesta refused to meet his gaze, her hard face angled away from him even though a moment before her hands had been curiously wondering down his bare chest, his sword hitting the training room floor with a clang as he instantly dropped it.


When Nesta had entered the room, Cassian was not surprised. For the past few months she would come towards the middle of his sessions and linger to watch, sometimes joining in, most times content to be a bystander. Things between them had… not progressed since the war. Although Cassian still savoured the way her lips felt on his, and he often pondered what her mouth would taste like when not mixed with blood and tears, he was holding himself back. Why? Because when he was alone with her, she looked like she wanted to kill him. Any moments of tenderness between them had passed, and it seemed Nesta wasn’t inclined to rekindle what they could have had.

And Cassian, Cauldron curse his soul for it, could not stand the thought of letting another woman let him dangle. To get to a place where Cassian had accepted he deserved to be more than just a back-up piece of flesh to a woman who didn’t know what, or who, she really wanted was harder than any physical training he had ever done. He still was not perfect at it either, and to not chase after Nesta like a lost pet looking for its owner was a true feat of strength for him.

“I need to know why she has you so whipped, and why Azriel doesn’t even care.”

Cassian took a step away from her, picking up his fallen sword and crossing the training courtyard to put it away. The sun was beating down on him hard, and he’d exerted himself beyond what he usually would today. He was frustrated – he always was these days – and the only way he could think to rectify that was by hitting a lot of things with a very sharp object.

“Why?” Cassian kept his tone polite, not wanting her to know how hesitant he was to speak of the matter.

Nesta took a step towards him, her blue dress gliding behind her. She had her arms crossed over her chest, and her ever-present frown was even deeper today. Her startling eyes had now met his, and Cassian was surprised at the amount of fury in them. People often mistook Nesta for emotionless, or for feeling nothing but spite and anger, but they just didn’t know how to read her. It was all about the eyes – one look into them and Nesta Archeron would unwillingly spill all her secrets.

“I need to know if you’re in love with her.”

Cassian scoffed at suggestion. “Why would you think something as preposterous that?”

Nesta’s jaw tightened as she glared at him. “Because every time I turn my godsdamned back you’re with her, doting to her every need and want and wish and I’m fucking sick of trying to guess what the hell is going on between you two.” Nesta threw her arms up in the air.

Cassian was astonished, and met her wrath with a sarcastic smirk. “I don’t think that has anything to do with you, Sweetheart.” He knew he shouldn’t tease her, but where did she get off asking him this shit? It was Nesta who told him to leave her alone after the war, it was Nesta who could barely be in the same room as him unless he was training. Fuck, today when she had touched him was the first contact they’d since she was willing to die for him – another one of her actions that simply didn’t make sense. He’d told her how he felt.

I have no regrets in my life but this. That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta. I will find you again in the next world – the next life. And we will have that time. I promise.

He’d laid himself bare, and he was met with the animosity she usually saved for, well, anybody but Elain. Before, he could see through it. Not justify it, but understand her motivations. Now, he did not know anything.

“Just. Tell. Me.”


“If you don’t then I’ll assume the worst.”

With a roll of his eyes, he strolled past her and out of the courtyard, twisting through the garden paths that would take him to his personal townhouse. “What’s the worst for you, Nesta? What would be so bad?” he called back to her.

“What would be so bad,” she spat as she stomped after him, “is if I keep waiting for you, not realising that you’ll never get over her.”

Cassian stopped so quickly Nesta barely avoided slamming into his back. “Excuse me?” He turned to look at her. “You? Waiting for me? I don’t think so.”

She blinked up at him. “Cassian, I-”

“Don’t you dare insinuate that the reason we aren’t-” Cassian floundered, not even knowing how to describe what they could potentially be. “The reason we aren’t… something, is not because of me. You barely look at me. I’m lucky if you speak to me at all. And worse, when I think we are making progress you shut me down even harder. You don’t have a right to ask me about my personal life when you do everything you can to make sure you aren’t a part of it.”

Nesta sighed haughtily through her nose. “I’m trying.” Her voice was tight, like she was being strangled by the very words she was trying to speak.

“Sure. Whatever you say, Nesta.” Cassian was beyond caring about how bluntly he spoke. He rubbed his hands over his face, then pinched his nose. Without looking at her, he brushed past her.

He should have looked.

Cassian,” she hissed.

He didn’t look back – he wasn’t in the mood to deal with this. She had done nothing but push him away. Nothing but degrade his existence after she’d let him think that she felt the same way about him. It was okay if she didn’t, but it was not healthy for him to continue pining after her. He could not do it. He would not.

“Cassian?” This time her voice was softer, gentler, and he could hear it cracking as she tried not to cry.

He didn’t hate himself when he looked back at her.

“Wherever you are, Mor is too. You’ll speak to me, and then stop the moment she’s there. When I think that maybe I can get you alone, she always whisks you away and you always let her. She hates me, and that’s okay, but sometimes it feels like the hate she has for me makes you dislike me too. You feel like I’m shutting you out? Okay. I feel like you’re a ghost forever haunting a woman that is clearly using you as a buffer between her and Azriel.  I – I don’t know what’s going on between you and her and Azriel, all I know is that I can’t help thinking and feeling these things. You told me you wanted time with me, so spend time with me. Prioritize me.”

He was astonished at her outburst, but also, in a way he couldn’t fully comprehend, relieved that she was finally speaking to him. That he was getting truths from her.

He swallowed hard, and walked back to her side. He didn’t immediately talk, rather led them to a stone bench where they could both sit. They did, a foot apart and with no inclination to touch, and he sat in silence for a minute or two, processing her words.

“We’ve slept together,” he eventually said.

“Okay,” she whispered.

“It was hundreds of years ago – I was her first, not that I knew until I actually-” Cassian cut himself off, those details not relevant.

“Did you love her then? Did she feel like that for you?”

Cassian sighed. “I love Mor the way I love Feyre. She’s my best friend. All those years ago, when we were barely adults? I thought I did. It’s why I did what I did, even if I knew it was wrong.”

Nesta glanced sideways at him, her thumbs fidgeting as she listened. “Why was it wrong?”

“She was Rhys’ cousin. But more than that, Azriel had feelings for her, too. Ones that were stronger than mine. I knew about them, and I never planned on making a move on Mor. But then Az and Rhys went away, and we were alone and talking and laughing and she made me feel like she felt the same way. I justified the betrayal to my brothers because I thought she wanted it, wanted me. You have to understand, when I was younger I had no power for myself. I was the lowest tier solider, and it looked like I always would be. I was often regarded as just something to fuck by women. I was a bastard, I couldn’t possibly expect more. Although I’d had sex, I’d never had a relationship or anything close to it. And then Mor came along, and made me feel like I was worth her time. It was easy to fall into it. Easy for Az, too.”

Cassian took a deep breath before continuing.

“That night we were alone and I’d cooked for her. We were laughing about something – whatever it was, was so hilarious that it had us in fits. Next thing I know, she’s kissing me, and I feel like I’ve been Cauldron-blessed. She wanted more, so I gave it to her, not realising she hadn’t done it before. The moment her maiden-head yielded to me I knew I’d made a mistake. But I was willing to compromise my honour for this woman, thought she was worth it.”

Cassian tilted his head up at the afternoon sun, letting the rays warm his face. With his eyes closed, he told Nesta, “it took me a very long time to realise that she was using me for a purpose. That I was nothing to her. Not nothing, but only a friend. One she probably never would’ve made if not for the bond between Rhys and me. I have never fought with Rhys the way I did when he’d found out what I’d done, and I’ve never forgiven myself for the look on Azriel’s face: hurt, but also resignation. He didn’t think he deserved her, and it made me furious. Mad, because I was the asshole that bedded the woman he was falling in love with, and despair because my brother was worth everything in the world, and I played a part in him believing that he didn’t.”

It had not been a long while since Cassian had felt the familiar stinging in his eyes, the tears that he quashed regularly.

“And now?” Nesta hesitantly asked.

“For years I thought maybe she did feel something for me, and was just giving me room so Rhys wouldn’t get violent again and Azriel wouldn’t be too hurt. Then I realised what she was really doing was letting me be the reason she stayed away from Azriel, and that whatever feelings she had were never for me. It got to the point where I let her – was her willing accomplice. Never, never do I want Azriel to have to feel the way I did. To feel as ugly, and as undeserving. He’s too good for that. He’s better than us all.”

Nesta tucked a strand of her golden hair behind her ear, a thoughtful expression gracing her face, before clasping them in her lap.

“I should’ve stopped doing it a long, long time ago,” Cassian further admitted. “And if not then, I should’ve stopped doing it the moment I knew I had feelings for you.”

Her eyes snapped to his, now open and staring at her.

“It’s no shock to either of us that I feel this way, Nesta. I have since the moment I met you.”

She breathed heavily, her eyes now portraying a tale of confusion and want, hesitancy and immediacy all at once.

“I thought maybe,” her voice was shaking slightly, “you were caught up in the war, and perhaps the words you said were only told because you thought we might die.”  

Cassian didn’t reply with words, rather, he slowly wove his hand in between hers so he could hold her. Just a little. His hand was clammy after training, and he was quaking ever so slightly, but if the squeeze he felt from her was any indication, Nesta didn’t mind.

She also scooted just a bit closer to him, starting to close the foot of space between them.

“I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you,” she said quietly, now wrapping both her small, smooth hands around his rough one so she could clutch it to her chest.

It was a rare occasion for her to show such vulnerability, and he was revelling in it. He wanted to pull on all her threads until he unravelled her, leaving nothing but the woman she actually was with no façade covering her. He still wanted those threads though, but he wished Nesta to weave them not because of past trauma, but because she desired to create her own narrative – one away from the idea of protecting herself.

“I’m sorry for the way I’ve been behaving with Mor. I’ve done it for so long that I don’t even realise I’m doing it. It’s never hurt someone before, and I’m sorry you had to deal with it.”

“We’re a sad, sorry lot, aren’t we?” Nesta breathed a laugh and stood, Cassian rising with her as she hadn’t let go of his hand. “So what now, Cassian?”

Cassian looked over the woman he had been silently pining after since the moment he’d met her – the woman who looked like she might be ready for him, for all the love he had to give her.

“That’s up to you, Sweetheart.”

Her face pinched at the pet name, but her eyes danced and her cheeks blushed the most beautiful pink he’s ever seen.

“I have a few ideas.” She smirked at him and let go of his hand, sashaying away from him. He grinned after her, especially when she said, “Well, are you coming?”

Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 19

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9,Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17 Part 18, Part 20 (Final)

The quiet moments were always the best moments, the pieces of time where no thought burdened the mind. That’s why Lucien loved sleeping now, it was his favourite pastime. Because sleeping involved no means to think, where he could wander off into a world where things were simpler, where he was just an ordinary school kid that was working hard to get to university with brothers that didn’t shove him down the stairs for jokes and parents who actually remembered he existed.

But his moment of quiet was interrupted, by an incessant banging at his door that merged into an organised knock, three rapid knocks followed by 2 slow knocks followed by a further three rapid ones. 


He heard muffling as he dragged himself from his bed, almost sleep walking to the door and he unlocked it, opening the door slightly to find Feyre mouthing off at Eris.

He didn’t care what was happening, Eris throwing him a vicious smile and muttering something lewd, he just pulled her by the wrist inside before locking the door again and turning towards her.

“Your brother is an absolute disgrace,” she spat, her face flushed.

“They all are,” he said before brushing past and face planting his bed.

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Roommates (l.h)

“Y/N, you’ve got about five seconds to put down that water gun or we’re gonna have a big problem.”

Luke stood in his spot across from y/n calmly with his arms crossed over his chest. She, however was still bouncing around on the couch like a crack addict who’d just had a fix.

Just moments before this, he was sitting on his bed half way to sleep. Now, he was trying to calm down the crazy acting girl jumping on their couch; how he manage to get himself into such an insane situation in a matter of minutes?

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I’m on a posting spree and I hope you guys don’t mind! This one here is dedicated to the sweetest Swiss gal out there: @thesmutofthemendes

I love ‘The Storm Within’ so much and I just wanted to thank you for being your lovely self and for reading this yesterday! Warning: Smut ahead

The basses were drumming loud in their ears as they screamed their lungs out.

There were some perks of being best friends with Shawn Mendes.

VIP tickets for that John Mayer concert in Toronto were certainly one of them.

She danced to the live music, a cup of beer in her hand while Brian and Ian were goofing around, snapping the concert and taking selfies. They were clearly drunk by now and she was actually afraid they might fall down the box but somehow they managed to stay inside.

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Soulmate Pt. 2 || Barry Allen

A/N: this is long overdue and I honestly really don’t want to write right now, so this is probably not my best work… but that’s why I edit my posts!

Also this will probably be a three part imagine because I’m lazy af and I’m currently having a serious brain fart that needs to be checked by a doctor.

Warnings: none

Tags: @jjlevin @aylinnmaslow @hitsugayarose @bubblylilomelissa @creativeheartgemini @my-dear-watson @abigailredgrave

Note: soulmate au

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It had been four whole weeks since the horrendous cafe incident that had almost cost you your life.

Things hadn’t changed much in your daily routine, other than the fact that you had a fractured wrist from the forceful impact of the two glass doors that had hit you in the accident.

You now had a known face in Central City, considering it had been flashed across television screens all throughout the area. You had seen the attack many times; at work, at home, even at the local supermarket. 

It never changes; no matter how much you want it too. The doors burst open, you go flying, the man readies his blade, and bam, the Flash comes and saves the day.

But that’s all the broadcasts show. They don’t go into detail about what happened after the criminal was caught–

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Say It (4/8)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.659

Summary: Y/N loved Bucky unconditionally, enough to sacrifice your life for his happiness, now Bucky tries to save yours.  

Warning: Angst (please don’t kill me!)

A/N: I’m so sorry for all this angst I’m giving you guys, please hang in there, I promise it will get better, this is probably the last chapter with this kind of angst! I love you all, please remember that and if you wanna scream at me, my ask box is open. I love you all *bats eyelashes so you don’t kill me*.

He couldn’t shake it.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake the bone-chilling hatred when you had spoken his name. You had said many words after that, but they had fallen deaf to his ears as all he could focus on was the way you were murdering him with his eyes, your voice like knives slicing into the deepest depths of his heart. Steve had been quick to grab his arm and drag him out of the room; Bucky hadn’t been able to tear his eyes from you even though you were screaming murder at him. Your voice was so deep, dark, and cold; Bucky understood why it had scared you when you were a child.

Bucky looked at the screen that showed you in your cell. You were sitting against the wall again, only looking at Wanda who was talking to you. You didn’t answer her. Bucky wanted nothing more than to walk in there again, but Steve had prohibited him from doing that. Which was why he was sitting in the control room looking at you on the big screens. When you had seen Bucky, your anger had risen a tenfold out of the blue, a swing of your fist against the glass wall had caused it to shake, which had shocked both Wanda and Steve. The main reason they didn’t want Bucky in the same room, was for Bucky’s safety and he found it ridiculous.

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scully-loves-ruthie  asked:

For the four word prompts "Alright, I love you"

Scully has spent a large part of the last three years avoiding death, but right now —  she actively yearns for the Reaper to get here before Mulder does.

“…I’m already on my way — flight leaves at 6:40 so I’ll be by in about ten minutes to pick you up. I’ve got coffee and bear claws,” he’d added, by way of apology for the early hour and extremely late notice. Once upon a time, this might’ve thrown her for a loop, but she’s a pro at traveling Mulder Air by now, so she’d just nodded, phone held against her ear with one shoulder as she tossed a few sets of bras and underwear into her open suitcase.

“Alright, I love you.” She pushes the end call button, and swears she’s entered a time warp: It feels like great empires have millennia to rise and fall in the three seconds between those words coming out of her mouth, and the realization of what she’s done.

“Fuck,” she says softly, staring at the stupid phone. Then, louder and more forcefully: “FUCK.” She would rather have said that to Walter Fucking Skinner than to Mulder — she’s just added pages more to his mental profile of her. She hates that he does that — it’s a verbal typo, for god’s sake, not a declaration of … and anyway she hasn’t even had coffee yet, she can’t possibly be held responsible for — 

The damn phone rings in her hand. His number. He’s basically a junior-high boy — he’ll never let her live this down.

She goes on the offensive, stabbing the answer button: “OK, listen — it’s 4:58 a.m., I barely know what day it is, I’m pulling suits out of dry-cleaning bags without even checking whether they’re navy or black, and you —”

“I love you too, you know,” he says, his voice positively bursting with amusement — but underneath it, a fine strong thread of sweet sincerity. He’s disarmed her, wrong-footed her again, but this once, it’s ok. A few seconds of silence lie between them.

“Well. I’m glad we’ve established that,” she rallies to reply evenly, glad he’s not here to see how flustered she still is. But of course, being Mulder, he can’t resist an opportunity to give her a hard time.

“They do say a law enforcement partnership is like a marriage. You want me to see if we can rustle up a Justice of the Peace once we get there? Or do you wanna wait till we get back, get a priest to do it properly — ”

“Oh, go marry Bigfoot,” she snorts. “I’ll be the flower girl.” She hangs up, grateful that he’s let her off that easy. Two minutes later, she hears a honk from outside; she zips her case, checks the lights, the oven, and the locks, and heads out into the grey dawn to chase another monster with a man who — she’s beginning, deep down, to realize — has loved her some way or another all along.

Mr. Best Golfer Alive

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

Request: @rt-fan-trash  Could you do an Ethan (Crank) where the reader and him go one a mini gold date and end up angry and screaming at there shit golf skills like in the Golf With Friends game and its hella cute because Ethan is like on the ground yelling at the ball to listen to the reader. Thanks!

Word Count: 946

“I’m really glad that you came today.”

“Yeah, me too! It’s been so long since I’ve played mini golf.” Ethan had just payed the man at the front and he turned to look at Y/N and saw the excited grin on their face. A smile played on his own lips and he didn’t notice that he was staring until they arrived at the first hole and Y/N shook his arm.

“Ethan? You ok?”

A small blush crept up his cheeks. “Yeah, I’m great! I’m in my natural habitat.”

They raised their eyebrow but smiled nonetheless. “Natural habitat?”

“Yeah, I’m the best golfer alive, this is my domain!”

They didn’t say anything else, but the smile on their face turned into a sly grin as they motioned to the golf ball. “Alright then, Mr. Domain, work your magic.”

He hesitated a little before grabbing the golf club and walking towards the ball. “Don’t mind if I do!” He swung the club around a little until Y/N cleared their throat, causing heat to crawl up his neck. After stalling for almost a minute, he finally lined up the ball and swung the club back, only to completely miss the ball when he swung back.

“That was fantastic! You’ll have to teach me that move sometime!” Sarcasm was dripping from every word they spoke as they slowly clapped their hands.

“Oh please, I’m just warming up.”

After another ten tries, however, Ethan had only hit the ball once, but by the thirteenth time, he finally hit it into the hole. The whole time he was violently groaning as he tried to stay calm. He didn’t want to look like an even bigger idiot than he already did. Y/N, however, was leaning against a wall with a smug smirk on their face.

“Ok Mr., I’m the Best Golfer Alive, step aside and watch the real champ show you how it’s done.”

                                       *five minutes later*


The golfers around them were giving them dirty looks and on guy yelled over to them, “Hey guys, it’s just a game, calm down.”

Ethan looked up from his spot on the ground, where he had been yelling at the golf ball, his face as red as Y/N’s. “HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?”

Y/N hit the ball again and it passed right by the hole, just barely missing it. “GOD FUCKING DAMMIT. I TOLD YOU TO GO IN THE HOLE.”


They tried again and finally, it went in the hole and Y/N screamed out in surprise. They turned to Ethan and wrapped their arms around his neck.


“Heh, that’s what she said.”

They gave him a deadpanned expression but it soon broke into a small eruption of giggles. Ethan looks at them and smiles but his smile falters, which Y/N notices.

“What’s wrong?”

He hesitated as he fiddled with his thumbs. “It’s just that, I brought you here because I wanted to impress you. I was going to show you how good I was at golfing, which I am, by the way! I don’t know what the hell happened today, but I am great! And then I was going to offer to show you how to get a hole in one, and I was going to do that cheesey thing like in the movies, you know the one?”

“Ethan,” They took a step towards him and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, “I’m having a really great time. I believe that you’re good at golf, you were probably just nervous, I know I was.”

They both grin at each other and continue to the next whole, where Y/N motion Ethan over to them. “Go ahead.”

He raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“Do the thing.” It took him a few more seconds to realize what they were talking about but when he did, he squeaked out a small, ‘oh!’ and rushed over to them. He didn’t automatically put his hands around them, instead he hovered them over their shoulders until they chuckled and pulled his arms around them.

It only takes a few seconds for him to relax and wrap his arms around them tighter and rest his chin on their shoulder. They line the ball up with the hole but before they hit it, Y/N turns their head towards him so that their faces are only a few inches apart. They can feel each other’s breath as they both lean in a little until their lips connect.

When they pull away, they’re both smiling like idiots and Ethan buries his face in their neck. They stay like that for another minute before finally hitting the ball, only for it to go nowhere close to the hole. They don’t say anything but it seems like everyone at the golf course is waiting for one of them to blow up. Still in the same position, they look at each other and nod.







They’re both yelling so intensely that they don’t notice the employee walking over until he taps on Ethan’s shoulder and tells them that they have to leave. Supposedly they were being “obnoxious,” and “not appropriate for the children,” and evidently “you can’t cuss out the golf balls.” After flipping off the golf balls one more time, they leave the course with their arms wrapped around each other and happy grins on their faces.

Flood my Mornings: Vermont (ii)

Notes from Mod Bonnie

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.

Late June, 1951 

Later that same night 

I knew that Jamie was awake, though I couldn’t truly see him. The fire had burned down to embers, and my eyes were bleary with sleep, but I didn’t need any light; I could feel his hands on the bare skin of my belly, hear the gentle Gaelic he was murmuring so sweetly over me, over us. 


He shifted at once and scooted toward me to touch my face. “I’m so sorry, mo nighean donn,” he whispered, kissing my cheek. “I didna at all mean to wake ye.”

“Dinna fash, darling,” I laughed, brushing the hair out of his eyes as he leaned over me. “What was it you were saying?”

“Oh.” Even in the barest light I could see the sheepish expression. “Wee Ian was moving about and I was only talking to him, a bit.”

“Yes, I know,” I said, grinning gently. “….What did you tell him?

He shrugged and laid down beside me. “Just—just foolish talk, ken.”

“My love,” I whispered, tenderness surrounding us, “you don’t have to tell me, if you don’t wish to…but I know it wasn’t foolish.”

He stroked my arm, then brought his hand back to my belly. “Could ye understand any of it?”

“Only a word or two….There was one thing you said a few times. Avah—aval-lach?

A bhalaich.”

“Yes, that’s one,” I said, wondering vaguely how in bloody hell it was spelled. “What does that one mean?”

“It only means ‘lad.’ Well, no, more…tender than that. More like… beloved boy. Sounds a bit daft in English, but it…it’s a deep kind of word to me, ken?”

“I thought maybe it was; just from the way you said it.” 

“Do you speak to him often?” I asked, a while later. 

“Aye,” Jamie admitted, “most every night, when you’re asleep.” 

There was something in the sound of his voice that troubled me—a rawness, some hurt untended between us in the dark. 

“I tell him,” he said at last, unprompted, “that I’m here…and I love him.” His hand tightened, spanning the breadth of the child as best he could. “And that I’ll always love him, no matter what may come. I dinna—” He stopped and I could hear him swallow. 

When he spoke again, his words were tight and hoarse. “Faith didna ken those things, I think.” He traced the lines of my hipbones, his eyes intent upon it so as not to look at me. “Didna ken that I loved her, or…So…” 

His pain filled my body, bringing mine up from the void along with it, choking me. “Jamie…” I murmured, reaching out in the dark to touch his face. “Jamie, no. That’s just not so.”

“I would give anything to believe what ye say, Claire.” He sat up and laid his arms across his knees, the edges of him rimmed from the glow of a log that had suddenly caught again. I watched, mourned to watch his shoulders slowly hunch, his head come to hang between them.  “But it is the truth.” 

So much I wanted to quiet and comfort him, to pull him back down to my heart and convince him of the truth that I knew; but I merely laid a hand on his back and let the quiet of the confessional descend upon us; let him speak all his soul. 

“I didna have the fear in me, then.” He wasn’t crying, but his voice audibly ached, so raw. “Not about the babe, not truly. All my real fear and worry was for the rest of it: what had happened in Scotland; how I was to provide for my family; the burden of Charlie and the war and—”

A long, shuddering breath.

“Amidst all that, I think I took the bairn’s safe arrival for granted—that at least will be well, I thought, even if all the rest crumbles. It never—never in truth occurred to me that I wouldna have time to tell her.” 

The silence that fell was so thick with sorrow it seemed that I could almost touch it. I rubbed my thumb softly where it lay, feeling his scars. I’m here. 

“Had I the chance to live it all out again, I’d scream ‘to hell wi’ preventing the war, to hell wi’ Randall and everyone else.’” His voice crescendoed sharply with the vehemence of it, then tapered back to whisper as he finished. “…and spend those six months at home, not leaving your side for a moment until she was born. For, what was the cost of her life? Was there anything we accomplished that was more important than her?” His head hung further, and I could see him holding it in his hands. “All for naught. That I could make it all right.”

“Oh, my love…Listen to me.” I did make him turn, then, forced that barrier between us to vanish “We’re never going to stop thinking of her, of Paris—what we each could have done differently; but you’re only remembering the end. Don’t you remember the good days, too, when she was with us?”

“Barely,” he admitted, the quiet truth of it breaking my heart.

“Well, I remember,” I said, rubbing his leg imploringly. “I remember that you kissed her and spoke to her, just like you do now to Ian. I remember your eyes lighting up when you touched my belly and felt her move, just like now. I remember so much happiness, even with all the upheavals swirling around us; and what happened in the end doesn’t change that.”

He nodded but it was only because he knew he ought. I could still feel the shame in his body, the pain.

“Come here,” I whispered, and after the barest hesitation, he laid down next to me once more. “She knew, Jamie.” I turned onto my side toward him and got his face in both my hands. “She did. As much as she was capable of knowing anything at all, she knew that we loved her. Yes, both of us.” I turned his head to me and made him look me in the eye as I whispered, “She knew the sound of your voice.

“She…?” He blinked. “She did?”

I nodded, my lips trembling with the effort not to cry. “She would always move about when she heard you; not for male voices in general. Just yours.”  

His mouth moved, but no sound came out. 

“Ye never told me that,” he whispered when he found his voice. I started to apologize but he shook his head hard and pressed his forehead to mine. “Thank you. It means….” 

It meant everything; to me, and to him. 

We let ourselves weep, then, for her, just for a little while, in the safety of one another, in the safety of distance and the hope of still more redemption to come in just a few short weeks.

“I truly do believe that all will be well, wi’ Ian,” he said, reading my thoughts as I thumbed away his tears, and he, mine. “I have such verra great hope, now. I feel yours, as well, and that keeps me strong when I’ve doubts…. but I still must tell him, for her sake. I still need him to ken that his Da loves him.”

“Tell him every day until he’s born.” I laid a kiss in the palm of his hand, then brought it to rest overtop our little boy. “And then every day after that.” 

In the dark, among the sweet scent of evergreens, the mountains bore witness to the bond. 

Tha gaol agam ort, Eóin, a bhalaich.”

Sister’s Secrets

Pairings: Draco Malfoy x Little sister! Reader; Ron Weasley x Reader 

Requested: Yes! I hope you like it. 

Anonymous Requested: Hello, i was wondering if you could write something envolving Draco having a little sister ? :)


The two of you were known as the Prince and Princess of Slytherin because you were Malfoy’s. Even though you and Draco varied vastly in your personalities, you were quite close. You told him everything, well, almost everything. He didn’t know that you were dating Ron Weasley. You didn’t have any intentions of telling him either. Knowing Draco, he’d be a total drama queen and tell your father, who in turn would disown you. No, you’d rather just keep your relationship a secret until you got married or broke up. 

You loved Ron. You loved him with all your heart, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to tell your brother even though you really wanted him to know. You felt dirty keeping secrets from him. As you and Ron sat in the Room of Requirement one night, he noticed that you’d gone completely quiet. 

“What’s with you, (Y/N)?” He asked, turning to look at you. 

“I don’t like keeping things from Draco. He’s my big brother and I usually tell him everything, ya know. I just feel weird not telling him about us,” You admitted, threading your fingers through Ron’s. He gave you a sympathetic look.  

“What did you tell your brothers when you started dating me? I mean, I can’t imagine that they were too keen on you dating a Malfoy,” You said, fully turning to face him. He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. 

“I told them that you weren’t like the rest of your family,” He said. 

“Well, I don’t think that will work with my brother,” You said, leaning towards him. He ran his fingers through your hair in a comforting manner. 

“No, I don’t reckon it would.” You snuggled into him again, still trying to think of ways to tell your brother and not get thrown out of the family. 

The months went on and you still managed to keep from telling Draco. You could tell that he knew you were hiding something, especially when you entered the common room way after curfew. Tonight was like all the rest, you were coming into the common room well after midnight after spending hours with Ron. You came to a halt when you were met with your brother sitting in an arm chair, watching the door. 

“And just where have you been, (Y/N) Malfoy?” He asked, sounding a lot like your father. You swallowed thickly; your mind rushed to come up with a lie. 

“Oh, ya know, out?” You said. It came out as more of a question than an answer. He raised an eyebrow. You’d seen that look on your father more than once and it never ended well for you. 

“Oh? Who were you with, may I ask?” He asked, crossing his arms. 

“You may not.” With that, you made a run for the girls dorm. Draco caught your arm easily and swung you into the chair he’d been sitting in. You glared at him, trying to get up. He wouldn’t let you. Every time you stood up, he pushed you back into the chair. 

“Who were you with,” He demanded. You looked down and played with your fingers. 

“None of your business,” You said, quietly. 

“I’m your older brother. It’s very much my business when my baby sister comes into the common room at one thirty in the morning every night for months,” He said in a stern voice. You ran your fingers through your hair. You really didn’t want to lie to him any more, but you were still scared that you’d get disowned and lose him. You bit your lip and said nothing. 

“I’ll ask you one more time, who were you with, (Y/N)?” He asked. 

“I can’t tell you.” He blinked at you. This was his first time ever hearing you say something like that to him. 

“What’d you mean you can’t tell me?” He snapped, indignantly. 

“I just can’t,” You murmured, starting to tear up. Panic spread over your brother’s pale face as you began to cry. It wasn’t often that you cried so, when you did, he knew that it was a big deal. 

“Is someone forcing you to keep quiet? If they are I’ll curse them into oblivion,” He growled, gripping your shoulders tightly. You shook your head, letting out a soft sob. His face softened and he began to look more like Mother, who you always liked more than your father. He began to pet your hair soothingly as he hugged you to him. 

“Y-You’d hate m-me-e-e,” You hiccupped. 

“You’re my little sister. Nothing will ever make me hate you,” He said, gently. You sobbed loudly. 

“Y-You will! T-Then you’ll tell F-F-Father and h-he’ll dis-o-own me-e!” You wailed. Draco held your close to him, making you more upset for the time being. 

“What the hell are you talking about? Why would Father disown you?” He asked, holding you at arms length. You wiped the tears from your red cheeks and took a deep breath. 

“I’ve been dating Ron Weasley,” You sniffled. His eyebrows shot up in surprise. 

“You’re dating a Weasley?” He asked. You couldn’t tell exactly how he felt about it. All the emotion had been taken from his voice and it worried you. You nodded, slowly. 

“Before you get mad, I just want you to know that Ron makes me really happy. I love him so much, but I don’t want to give up my family,” You said, voice raw from crying. Draco scanned your face for a moment then sighed. 

“You’re happy?” He asked. You nodded frantically. 

“Happier than I’ve ever been,” You confirmed. 

“He treats you well?” He asked. Again you nodded. Sighing, his gray eyes locked with yours and he rubbed the back of his neck. 

“What?” You asked, nervousness creeping into your voice. Sure you felt a little better now that you weren’t lying to him, but you were still scared that he’d tell Father and you’d be history. 

“I don’t like it,” He said, finally. You watched him and hoped that there was more to that sentence. “But, I suppose if Weasel-B makes you happy, I’ll just have to deal with it.” 

“So, you’re not going to tell Father?” You asked. He shook his head. 

“No, I’m not going to tell Father,” He sighed. Grinning, you threw yourself at him, hugging him hard. 

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh, Draco, thank you so much!” You squealed. He shushed you, seeing as it was nearly two thirty now. He smiled at you in his usual brotherly manner and ruffled your hair. 

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t go around telling people that I’m nice, got it,” He said, jokingly. You giggled, making an ‘x’ over your heart. 

“Cross my heart and hope to die.” He chuckled, patting you on the head one last time. 

“Good. Now go to bed, we have classes tomorrow,” He said, giving you a little push towards the girls dorms. You smiled again. 

“Night, Dray,” You called. 

“Goodnight, (Y/N),” He said, trailing up his own set of stairs. 

Later the next day, Draco caught Ron on his way to dinner and pulled him to the side. Ron glared at him, ready for a fight. The blond rolled his eyes then looked around to make sure that no one was listening to them. 

“Alright, Weasley, if my sister sheds even a single tear over you, I’ll kill you with my bare hands,” He threatened. Ron blinked at him, confused. 

“She told you?” He asked, stupidly. 

“No, you git, I asked the bloody portrait. What do you think?” He growled. Ron glared at him. 

“Shut up, Malfoy.” The two stared each other down for a few seconds before backing off. 

“As I said, make her cry and I will end you,” He said, formally. Ron nodded once. 

“Fair enough.”  

Don't Listen To Them... (Liam Dunbar imagine)

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

Request: write one about Liam with a plus size Reader who’s very self conscious and they meet because he saves her from getting bullied

Warning(s): bullying, cussing, and i think that’s it also sorry if your name is Rebecca (the bully) I just thought of a random name.

DISCLAIMER: Rebecca is the bully and (Y/N) is the reader. just to clear that up

NOTE: Sorry if it’s short and i just want to say you are all amazing and beautiful in your own unique way and keep doing you and what you love to do. 

Also if you see someone getting bullied, please do something or tell someone. Be nice to them, don’t make fun of them for their weight, looks, etc. Cause the reason why I put Liam to say “You wouldn’t like it if someone said those things to you” is because it’s true, no one ever does so please just be nice to people and be careful about what you say.

I sighed as I walked up to the entrance of the school, maybe today will be a good day. I take a deep breathe in and exhaled as soon and I opened the doors to Beacon Hills High. I ignored all the looks I get from certain people and held my head up high while walking down the halls to get to my locker.

I look around before opening my locker and exchanged things from my backpack to my locker, ‘so far so good’ I think to myself while closing my locker but instantly regret what I thought.

I came face to face with Rebecca aka Beacon Hills High Queen Bitch. Even though she was a bitch she was still prettier than me and I couldn’t help but believe all things she has said to me.

“Oh hey (Y/N), I would say I didn’t see you there but that would be a total lie, you’re too big to miss” Rebecca says smirking while her kiss up minions were laughing behind her. “Leave me alone Rebecca” I say pushing past her and walked to class and found my seat.

Unfortunately, I had my first class and lunch with Rebecca and her stupid minions. Everyone was already in class and as soon as she came in the room it got quiet and awkward because no one wanted to mess with her and her friends and no one was going to address her and her friends about the way they act.

“What’s up with the elephant in the room? And I’m not talking about the tension in here, I’m talking about (Y/N)” Rebecca comments and everyone looks at me while I hide my face waiting for class to be over.

Class was quickly over and I walked out of the room but before I knew it I tripped. I hear Rebecca laugh and some other students laugh along with her. “Watch where you’re walking fatty, are you too big to even see where you’re feet are walking?” Rebecca questions.

I quickly get up and turn to her, “Fuck you Rebecca” I spat and walked away while hearing her yell, “Better watch your back (Y/N)!”. Soon lunch rolled around and I sat with my friend Taylor but she got up to go to the library. I got up to buy water from outside at the vending machine before being shoved to the ground, “God I’m surprised I’m able to push you considering you’re too heavy” the voice says as I look up to see Rebecca looking down at me. I looked around to see a few people around us laughing.

I stood up and looked at her, “I’m sick of your bullshit, leave me alone”. Rebecca laughs, “Sorry no can do” she replies. “You’re such a fucking bitch” I add. Rebecca chuckles and then suddenly my face was stinging and I grabbed the side of my face holding it from the pain and in shock.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that again (Y/N). I rather be a bitch than a fat ass because news flash no guy would ever want to date you. You’re just too ugly and you’re not skinny like me, you’re just a cow” my eyes started to water from the words that came out of her mouth.

“Hey!” someone shouted, interrupting Rebecca before she could say anything else. We both turn to see a boy our age with brown hair and blue eyes and I knew who exactly it was. Liam Dunbar. The boy I had most of my classes with and the boy who was always hanging out with Scott and the rest of his friends.

Rebecca smiles, “Hey Liam, how are you?” she asks flirtatiously. 

Liam rolled his eyes, “I’d be better if you treated (Y/N) like a human being and not make fun of her. I think she’s absolutely beautiful just the way she is. She’s kind hearted, funny, and stunning. She’s not a cow, she’s perfect the way she is, if she likes how she looks then that’s good, but she shouldn’t have to deal with people like all of you who make fun of her. Because deep down I know you all wouldn’t like it if someone said things to you like that.” Liam spoke. 

Everyone was quiet and Rebecca went to speak again, “Yeah, well-” but gets cut off by Liam. “Oh and news flash no one likes a stuck up bitch who makes fun of other girls because they think it makes them look good” Liam states smirking and everyones eyes were wide and they all whispered. 

“All go you get out of here” Liam spats and Rebecca wanted to speak again but had no words and just walked away. 

Liam walked up to me, “Hey (Y/N) are you okay?” I nod my head yes. He checked again to make sure and we were going our separate ways. 

I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face his back, “Hey Liam” he turns around to look at me, “Yeah?”.

“Why?” I ask confused, “Why what?” he questions. 

“Why did you stand up for me? We barely talk to each other.” I comment.

“Because that’s not right what she did, and I know but I’ve always thought you were beautiful” he explains.

“You don’t have to pretend like you like me” I stated. Liam looks at me and walks up to me, “I’m not pretending (Y/N), everything I said was true, especially about me thinking you’re beautiful, I’ve liked you since freshmen year but was too scared to talk to you” he confesses. “Don’t listen to them (Y/N), you’re perfect the way you are. (Y/N) I want to show you the world and show you all the things you really deserve and I want to be there for you and just protect you and I know a lot of stuff happened today but would you like to go on a date with me?”.

I quickly hug him and peck him on the cheek and he blushes, “What was that for?” he asked. “For caring and yes I’d love to go on a date with you Liam Dunbar” I answer.


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 5 843
warning : smut
summary : Kai handcuffs himself to Reader to get her to admit she feels something for him, and things happen.😈
gif by lightwoodxalec
note :  i know it turned out a bit longer, but i just couldn’t make myself shorten it. hope you guys like it 😈🔥


A sigh left her lips and she ran her fingers through her hair, fixing her shirt before sitting on the bench to tie her favourite converse’ ties. Y/N couldn’t shake the feeling someone was watching her in that moment in the girl’s locker room and before that during cheerleading practice. Only there was absolutely no one else but her left right now. This feeling was turning into paranoia with full blown hallucinations, because she could swear Kai had been sitting in the bleachers watching her do all those flips and climb to the top of the pyramid.
Ever since that night a few weeks ago when Damon had the brilliant idea to play spin the bottle and she and Kai somehow always ended up having to make out with each other, her blue eyed friend tended to appear everywhere she was. And even though she wouldn’t admit it – she liked having him around, but after all this kissing, all her feelings towards him had gotten magnified. Y/N hadn’t been able to stop herself from falling for him. How could she? There wasn’t a thing about him she didn’t like and his danger vibe pulled her in like a magnet. He had found his way into her bloodstream and even if she tried to shake him – there wouldn’t be a way.
A sigh left her lips and she got up, bent over to get her bag when –
   "Damn, you look even hotter with your hair wet and that almost see through shirt – “ said Kai, snaking his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him, nibbling on her earlobe. ” – and I thought seeing you in your cheerleading uniform with those pompoms doing those flips was too much for my cold dead heart.“
Y/N screamed, folding her hands on her chest trying to hide the wet spots on her shirt. “What are you doing here ?! Get out !”
   "Hi.“ he spun her around, grinning. Kai put his hands on her waist and slowly backed her against the lockers near by. “Now, what sort of a question is this? I came to watch my girlfriend’s cheerleading practice –”
   "Not your girlfriend.“ she said quietly. His eyes were so insanely blue, he hadn’t shaven for at least a few days, his hair was a bit longer and messy. Y/N balled her hands into fists just to stop herself from tangling her fingers in it. Somehow he looked even hotter every time she saw him. It was driving her nuts. How was that even possible ?! “W-would you stop calling me that ?”
Kai braced his hand next to her head and snaked the other around her lower back listening to her heart trying to leap out of her chest. “What else should I call my girl ?” he smiled innocently, leaning in to whisper in her ear. “You know, I really liked those red panties you had on before you went in the shower. So hot, I just – hmmm.”
Y/N’s breath got caught in her throat. Kai had really been there and that feeling she had about being watched – it hadn’t been paranoia. And even though she should’ve been absolutely enraged with him, what she felt in that moment was anything but – “W-would you stop doing all of that ?”
   "Doing what ?“ he smiled innocently, brushing his nose against her cheek. “Looking out for my girl ?” he whispered in her ear, his breath tickling her skin.
   "Calling me your girl –“ she said quietly. “Following me everywhere, sneaking into my bedroom in the middle of the night –”
    “You sleep with the window open. It’s dangerous. Someone might sneak in.”
    “– and you most definitely can't watch me change and/or shower.”
    “I can but I didn’t.” he said as if it’s obvious. “Though it was very tempting. Oh don’t look at me with those shocked eyes. I was just making sure you won’t slip, hit your head and bleed to death. ”
    “My handsome hero, mov– ” she tried to push his hand off her waist. He leaned in towards her. “Wh-what are you doing ?”
    “Listening –” he whispered, his lips almost touching her lips as he spoke. 
    “T-to what ?”
    “Your heart.” he said quietly. “It’s beating so fast right now. I can barely separate the heartbeats – wait. You think I’m handsome ?”
Y/N’s eyes widened a little and she put her hands on his chest, involuntarily biting her lip feeling his muscles flex under her palms and pushed him off her. “Get out. Now.”
    “Ouch.” he replied, sounding amused. “Is that how you treat your man? Maybe I should’ve gotten you flowers and/or chocolate first. Girls like those right?”
    “Yes, we do.” she said, pushing him between the bench and the lockers. “And I am not your girl. You are not my man.“ 
Kai laughed under his breath and placed his hands on her waist, resting his forehead on hers. His fingers lightly touched her bare skin but that was enough to send shock waves of electricity coursing through her veins. Butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach and she felt her knees go weak. His lips hovered right over hers and she found herself dreaming about kissing him again. It had felt so good to kiss him that night and things had gotten so heated up between them, just the memory made her skin feel like its on fire.
    “Liar.” he whispered, his lips almost touching hers as he spoke. “I can hear your heartbeat every single time I call you mine. You like it and judging by your shallow breathing right now and how your cheeks are flushed – you like having me this close, too.”
   “I have no idea what you are talking about.” she said quietly, placing her hands on his chest for a few seconds too long before attempting to push him off again. “Wh-why are you really here ? What do you want ?”
   “You.“ he replied, handcuffing them together. “Nah-uh, don’t –”
Kai watched her amused while she shoved her hand in his front jeans pocket looking for the key, finding nothing before trying his other pocket feeling a slight bulge in his jeans and she gulped but the second he suddenly pulled her towards him, she nearly lost it. Her breath got hitched in her throat and she could literally feel his heart beating just as fast as hers. His hot breath hit her face, clouding her mind. His lips were even closer now, if she lifted herself slightly on her toes, they’d be kissing–
    “T-thrown away ?” she said quietly, her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips.
    “Incinerated actually, but good guess.” he smirked, watching the vein on her forehead pulsating. “You’re  so cute when you are angry.” he tapped her nose. “Ahh Y/N, we are going to have so much fun together. What do you want to do? We can go to the movies, lurk in the shadows and make out until you need me to give you mouth to mouth. Or go home, play strip poker, wrestle in bed –” he raised his eyebrows suggestively. “I’d be fine with either of those activities. It’s not like my girl can sneak away this time…”
   “There is no ‘we’. Uncuff me. Now.“ she demanded.
   “No.” he grinned, intertwining their fingers together while she tried to push them away. “Those –” he lifted their handcuffed hands “– won’t come off until you drop the act and stop pretending you don’t like me and that –”
   “Who’s pretending ?“
   “– having me this close is not affecting you at all.”
   "It’s not.“ she avoided his gaze, trying everything she could to calm down her heart rate/breathing. Not that it was possible with him standing this close. Not when her mind was being flooded with thoughts about him. Strip poker ? That would be something. she thought, involuntarily biting her lip while getting lost in a day dream about him. Her eyes fluttered closed for a second and she could almost feel her hands tangle in his hair while his lips pressed against hers, his lips leaving kisses on her neck before he pulls her shirt over her head –  Why couldn’t she focus on anything but the way his lips moved and how he held her towards him so tight ?
   "So, if I am to press my soft lips against yours –” he said, returning her to reality. “ – just like you and I both want in this exact same second, nothing will happen? You won’t feel a thing ?”
   "N-no.“ she said weakly, feeling her cheeks flush and her heart thumping in her chest. Kiss me. she thought. 
    “You are a really bad liar, Y/N. ” he smirked at her and before she had had time to process what was happening his lips crashed against hers so hard her body smashed against the lockers. Y/N stared at him wide eyed for a split second and then melted into the kiss, losing any self-control she had left. Their lips found their rhythm instantly, moving hungrily against each other and he pulled her towards him, holding her so tight she could feel his heart about to leap out of his chest. His hand slipped under her shirt and his lips continued attacking hers until she pushed him off her and slapped him.
   "Owhh ! What was that for ?“ he rubbed his cheek.
   "You – your lips. Kissing me.” she tried to push him off but he gripped her wrists holding them on either side of her head. “Malachai Parker –”
Kai growled quietly and grinned at her. Damn, did he had to do this? All of it? It was driving her completely insane – how his hands fit perfectly on her body, how standing this close to him turned her skin on fire and the way he pressed his lips together, lightly licking them afterwards – that drove her completely out of it.
   "Are you going to pretend you didn’t just melt in my arms ?“ he rested his forehead on hers, pressing his body firmly against hers while pushing his crotch against hers. 
  “I didn’t melt.” she lied. Kai grinned at her, let go of her hands and grabbed her bag, tossing her over his shoulders a split second later. “Let me down.”
  “You like me and I am going to prove it –” he pushed the lockers room door open, both of them disappearing down the hallway in a split second.


Being ‘kidnapped’ by Kai hadn’t been how she imagined spending her afternoon, but she had to admit it to herself – it felt so nice, so right being in his arms. Though it was driving her completely crazy, but not as crazy as Kai’s hand moving up and down her thigh turning her skin on fire. And definitely not as crazy as her handcuffed hand resting ‘innocently’ on his lap, feeling that slight bulge become bigger. Her mind kept drifting more and more towards all the things they could be doing instead of sitting there doing nothing. 
  “It’s been two hours. How long do you plan on keeping me hostage ?” she asked, pushing his hand away for the hundredth time when he moved it up her hip towards her core.
  “Not keeping you hostage. You can leave anytime you want, after you admit you like me.“ he smiled innocently, his breath tickling the skin on her neck. He wanted to kiss her again so much. It had been weeks but he could still feel her lips on his every single night. Their first kiss that night had been by the rules, it had been only after when he used magic to cheat and make sure he’d kiss her again. He hadn’t been able to get enough of her lips or her fingers tangling in his hair or the way her body fitted so perfectly with his. Or the way that kiss had made him feel warm on the inside –
  “I don’t like you.” she forced the words out of her mouth.
  “We both know you do.“ he tapped her nose, putting his arm around her shoulders. “Damn, your heart is beating so fast right now. I wonder why is that –”
  “I am handcuffed to a dangerous heretic. That’s why.” she swallowed hard, feeling his handcuffed hand stop right on her heat. Involuntarily she grounded on it, pressing her thighs tight around it holding it there. 
  “You love danger. It pulls you in like magnet … and of course you don’t like me.” he pressed his lips on her neck, whispering in her ear. “That’s why you are grounding on my hand right now. Makes absolute sense. You don’t feel a thing about me. That’s why you are biting your lip right now, just like every single time I am around you. It drives me nuts.” he nibbled on her earlobe. 
  “You know what drives me nuts ?” she turned to face him.
  “Not feeling my hot naked body pressing against yours, or my fingers playing –” he pressed his palm against her crotch “– down there ? Why don’t you come sit on my lap, sweetheart ? I will let you ride me, and get your way with me –”

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{Reaction} BTS’ s/o’s Sister Flirting with Them Constantly

Can you do a BTS reaction to your sister flirting with them constantly

Min Yoongi/ Suga

Originally posted by liiaweird

I feel like Yoongi would mostly ignore it, it wouldn’t bother him much. Like, he won’t fuel your sister or encourage her, but he wouldn’t get annoyed over it or anything. When she says something, he’ll probably dismiss it, or turn her down mercilessly. But this guy does have a heart, and he wouldn’t want to upset your sister, so if he does turn her down, he’d probably make a joke out of it so he doesn’t come across as too harsh. Though if he knew the flirting was upsetting you, then he would probably talk to your sister about it. He’d politely turn her down like the gentleman he is and explain that the flirting is a bit much considering he’s dating you. 

Yoongi: “I’m down for joking around, but this is getting too much. {y/n} is uncomfortable by it, which is why I’m asking you to stop flirting with me.” 

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jkguks

The flirting would astonish Jungkook mostly. He would be very well aware that your sister is intending to make a move on him, and if anything, he’d cringe at the thought. He’d find himself unable to understand why your sister would flirt with him knowing fully well that he’s dating you. He’d more than likely ignore it, or keep away from her for the sake of not having to put up with it. Jungkook is a decent guy, but I feel like if it kept going on and on he would eventually just snap and tell her that he’s not interested. Not because he’s annoyed, but because his anxiety and discomfort has built up so much that he just kind of bursts. 

Jungkook: “Yes, I have muscles. Yes, I work out. No, you can not touch my arms.”

Kim Taehyung/ V

Originally posted by jjilljj

Taehyung would probably find it more funny than anything. He’d play along with it in a joking sense and would probably use her flirty one liners to jokingly turn her down. At first, he’d find it all just a little bit of fun, but then he’d start to realise how intense your sister is getting, and he’d probably try and come away from it. He isn’t the only one that has noticed though, he’d probably talk to Hoseok about it, or Yoongi and express his discomfort and they’d agree how flirty she’s being and how serious it seems to be getting. 

Taehyung: “It needs to stop. I like having a laugh, but this is too much.” 

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

Originally posted by chimcheroo

Namjoon would more than likely take her flirting and respond to it in relation to you. For example, if she says something like “I bet Namjoon is good with his hands,” he’d respond with something like, “Yeah, {y/n} could tell you that.” He’s very smart and thoughtful with what he says, making sure that he never leads your sister on and always graciously turns her down. But when she starts touching him, trying to play footsie under the table, or putting your hand on his thigh, he’d mention it and tell her it’s inappropriate. 

Namjoon: “I appreciate the attention, you’re very beautiful. But I love {y/n}, and I’m sorry, but that’s never going to change, so please stop trying to pull me into something I don’t want a part in.”

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

Originally posted by jaayhope

Hoseok is a joker, he loves laughing and messing around, but being flirted with by your sister is something he doesn’t tolerate. He doesn’t like the thought of one of his siblings flirting with you, so he pays you with the same respect and won’t flirt with yours. He’s the kind of person that would be blunt and would say it as it is, if your sister asks him if he’d ever date her, he’d straight up say “no” without a single moment of hesitation. 

Hoseok: “Will you please stop touching me, you can see I have muscles on my arms, you’re not blind, therefore you don’t need to touch me. Thank you.” 

Park Jimin

Originally posted by jikookdetails

Jimin is rather shy and blushing when you flirt with him, but anyone else? it doesn’t really affect him all that much. This would infuriate your sister. She’d try everything, complimenting his looks and dance and those hips, but none of it would ever make him blush, not a single hint. Then, you come along and smile at him and his cheeks flame hotly and he’s grinning shyly. To be honest, Jimin is so infatuated by you that he’d barely notice when he’s being flirted with. 

Jimin: “What was that {your sister’s name}, sorry, I wasn’t listening.” *Was too busy watching you sing and dance around the kitchen as you prepared a meal.*

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

To be honest, it would probably make Jin rather uncomfortable. If she said something like, “Wow Jin, you look really hot today.” He’d probably reply with something ‘obnoxious’ like “Yes, I know, that’s why I chose this look.” In the hopes that his cockiness would make her dislike him, however, it seems to cause the opposite affect, and in the end, he decides to talk to her and make sure that she knows that the flirting makes him uncomfortable. 

Jin: “Please don’t flirt with me. I’m dating {y/n}, it makes things awkward for me.” 

charlie-charl  asked:

10 pleeeaaase xxxxx

10.One more step, I dare you.

“Don’t. Stay away from me.”

Betty stood shaky legged and angry, her face was set in a stoic grimace and her arms were crossed over her chest. Protecting herself from his gaze. Protecting herself from him.

Jughead stayed put, his hands shoved into the pockets of his leather jacket as he glanced nervously around the familiar office of the blue and gold. He hadn’t been in here in about six months, he hadn’t seen her in six months. Hadn’t held her in six months.

“Hey betts.” He whispered.

“Why are you here? You shouldn’t be here. It’s private property. You don’t go here, this is not your school.” Her voice was trembling and he could almost see the tears concealed in the corners of her eyes.

She had lost weight, the tiny cotton blue dress hanging off of her shoulders, her signature ponytail was as tight as ever and the bags under her eyes were covered up with ease. If you listened you could hear his heart shatter.

“I umm.. I came to visit. I came to see you.”
He stuttered. He was shifting slowly closer to her, barely taking steps.

“Well you came. You can leave. What is this? You think you can just come back in here after six months? You blocked my number, you never told me your new address, I begged Archie to tell me where your new foster family lived but he told me you said he wasn’t allowed? What did I do? Why did you leave me like that? You were my boyfriend!” She was crying now, visible tears as her chest heaved with sobs.

Jughead stepped forward
“I’m sorry. It was all happening so fast and I couldn’t stop it. It wasn’t safe for you to be with me , I was in trouble and I didn’t want you involved.” He took another step but Betty jumped back.

“One more step. I dare you.” She hissed, fingers digging into her palms as she backed into the wall.

Jughead shook his head and continued moving towards her
“I’m sorry. I just wanted you to be safe, that’s all I want, that’s all I’ll ever want. I love you Betty if anything happened to you because of me I don’t know what I’d do.”

“Thats up to me! I loved you Jughead. God I fought for you. That’s all I ever do! But you gave up on me, threw me aside like trash!”

“No! It wasn’t like that!”
He argued.

“Wasn’t it? When the going gets tough the tough get going right?”
Betty laughed bitterly

“You’re wrong. I missed you everyday, I think about you everyday!”

“It’s not enough!” The beautiful blonde shouted, standing nose to nose with the boy who broke her heart.

“I’m here now. I messed up, I know, but I’m gonna do everything to fix this. I’m not giving up on us. Not this time.” He whispered ghosting her lips.

Betty stared deep into Jugheads eyes before she stepped away and took a deep breath.

“Maybe it’s too late.” She whispered, disappearing from the room.

Jughead stared at the empty room

“No. it’s never too late.”


a/n: not edited yet, i’m way too tired to do so rn and i had major chris feels whilst writing this :-(

request: yep!

summary: in which you’re william’s younger sister and have a major crush on chris.

pairing: chris and female reader

word count: 2,3k!!!!


Being William’s little sister was hard and it was even harder when you had a major crush on his best friend. Y/N had had a major crush on Chris since the day she had met him. She found him extremely attractive (like most of the girls did), but he wasn’t only a good looking guy. The way he talked to everyone was somehow so fascinating, which made her sure of him being an attractive person also personality wise.

The only problem was that she couldn’t make a move on him. He was her older brother’s best friend, he was a senior and she didn’t know how he felt. It was all so frustrating to her, having to constantly bottle up her feelings towards the boy was tiring.

Little did she know, Chris felt the same way. He found Y/N pretty and he thought she had the cutest little personality. If she was any other girl in his school, he would’ve have made a move on her a long time ago but she was William’s little sister. Chris would bet good money that William wouldn’t be so happy of him going out with his little sister when he knows his reputation and how he had treated some girls in the past. Also he didn’t know if she liked him back and Chris didn’t know how to take rejection since so far in his life it had never happened.

Chris did his best to push his feelings aside, but it was hard when Y/N flirted with all of the guys in the bus. They all came up to him to talk about it, shutting up as soon as William came. It made him feel unbelievably mad, it was only about time when he’ll snap.

Y/N was doing her homework, when suddenly William barged in her room. She gave him a quizzical look, since he was almost never home nowadays.

”Listen, I’ll have a party here. You’ve got to leave and go to a friends place.” He said calmly looking around in her room, he looked like it was the first time he had seen her room.

”I don’t want to go, I’ll stay here and join the party.” Y/N didn’t like when he told her what to do, especially when it came to social events. Or events in general where she’d have the chance to see Chris.

William was taken aback by her words, since she barely spoke up for herself when it was the right time. Usually she did it afterwards. A smile crept on his face, feeling low-key proud of his lil sis.

”You won’t drink too much then? Or hook up with someone?”

”Nah, but by all means William you’re not my mom so it’s not up to you to decide that for me either way. You have a party, I’ll be here. Kind of a package deal you know?” She said and poked her tongue out at her brother. They were both really stubborn from time to time.

”Yeah I know, but I swear to lucifer I’ll kick some ass if I find you in bed with someone else than the girls you usually hang out with.” He mumbled out and left the room, Y/N grinning like an idiot since she had just won a small argument that was with William.

It didn’t take her long to take her phone out and text the bus to come over to this party, her homework now long forgotten. They all agreed, Noora seeming more skeptical than the others but agreed on coming anyway. Y/N felt happy, going over to her closet to pick out an outfit for the night.

After about thirty minutes, she had settled down on wearing a basic black skirt and a long sleeved top. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, examining it. She had to admit that she looked really fucking good.

Time flew by, the house now fully packed with horny teenagers who were looking to get drunk. Y/N had had a couple drinks too, nothing major though. Eva, Sana and Vilde disappeared moments after they had walked in, Y/N not putting too much thought in it.

Then she saw him. It was like a scene from a romantic comedy where the boy sees the girl in a crowd, joy immediately taking over only this way it was the other way around. Y/N was so deep in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that Vilde had sat next to her on the couch.

”You’re staring at him you know?” Vilde took a sip from her drink, trying to cover up her smile. She didn’t succeed in that.

”Definitely not! Just looking at his shirt pretty sure it’s William’s.” Y/N laughed nervously at the girl sitting next to her, anxiously chewing on her lip.

”I don’t like to see you like this, especially when it’s a party! You should loosen up, go make out with a guy or try to gain Chris’ attention by doing so?” Vilde suggested and gave Y/N a sympathetic smile. Y/N liked the thought of trying to gain his attention, no lying needed there. In fact, in the last few parties she had only done some stuff to get his attention (which was pretty dumb), but it didn’t work out the way she wanted to. This maybe was her chance to finally succeed in this little ’project’ of hers.

”You’re right, thanks Vilde.” Y/N got up and made her way to the crowd trying to find a guy that she already knew. She bumped into someone, the drink that previously was in her hand now on the floor. Y/N mumbled out a ’sorry’, not daring to look up.

”It’s okay, don’t worry about it that much.” The voice was soft but at the same time quite deep. Y/N was about to walk away when the person spoke up again. ”You’re William’s little sister, right?”

She turned to look at the guy and nodded slowly.

”Man you’re much prettier than I imagined you’d be. Nice to meet you by the way.” He said and sent out a wink in her way. She could feel her cheeks slightly heat up before confidence took over and she stayed there to talk to the random guy.


Out of all the parties Chris had attended, this must’ve been the most uneventful for him. He hadn’t even bothered to try to flirt with girls, when all he had in mind was Y/N. He knew for a fact that she was here, since William had told him before hand to kick the ’living crap out of the guys who make a move on her’. Chris couldn’t imagine her hooking up with a stranger, since it didn’t seem like a thing she would do.

He was wrong, really wrong. All night he had heard from his friends how she was shamelessly flirting with them and dancing with them. It made him angry, but there was nothing he could do. She wasn’t his girlfriend even though he wanted it more than anything at the moment.

Chris wanted to get his mind off of her, deciding that getting super drunk would be the best way to do it. He was walking towards the table where all the drinks were, when he saw Y/N making out with someone who wasn’t worth her attention. He tried to look away, but he couldn’t. The final straw was when the guy’s hands made their way on her butt and roughly squeezed it making her yelp.

Before he could think of what he was actually doing, he ran towards the guy and forcefully pulled him away from Y/N. Chris threw the guy on the floor and started punching him, doing his best to not yell at the guy right there.

Chris got out of his trance thanks to a sweet voice which he always recognized; it was Y/N yelling for him to stop. So he stopped. He looked at the guy who he had just beaten up, his face already all swollen up. He looked at the crowd surrounding them, before he got up an leaving the scene, signaling Y/N to follow him.

Y/N followed him, walking in her room and closing the door behind.

”What the fuck was that about Chris?!” Y/N yelled, feeling disappointed in herself. Her plan backfired, because of her stupid games the poor guy had probably a broken nose.

”You’re actually asking me that?!” He yelled back at her.

”Yes! You just punched someone repeatedly in the face for no apparent reason!” She was looking for an explanation for his behavior.

”That guy just squeezed your butt and you yelped, you really thought I’d be cool with that? Your brother would’ve killed me if I’d done nothing!” The mention of William reminded him that he hadn’t seen him at all in there.

”So what?? It’s not your problem, damn it Chris I’m not yours to control!”

Chris felt hurt by her words, even though what she said was true it felt bad to hear it out loud.

”That’s the thing Y/N, I’ve had a crush on you for so long and I’ve done nothing because I respect William! It’s killing me to hear that you’re flirting with all my friends and I don’t even stand a chance here.” He was doing his best to keep his calm, he wanted her to know how he felt.

Y/N was silent due to pure disbelief. Chris actually liked her? All this time they’ve had mutual feelings for each other but neither one has done anything to it because they both respect William?

She could feel tears on her cheek, not bothering to stop them. She stepped closer to Chris, wrapping her arms behind his neck to hug him. He was taken back by her actions but quickly relaxed into the hug. At that moment they both felt somewhat complete. Their bodies molded perfectly together. Chris could feel her tears wet his shirt, but for once he didn’t give a damn.

”You’re so dumb.” She said in between sobs, most likely sounding like a dying whale. ”You’re so incredibly dumb Chris.”

Chris just hugged her tighter never wanting to let go of her. He barely managed to whisper out an answer, when her lips were on his. Her lips were soft and plump, the combination driving him crazy. He was happy. Y/N was happy, too.


It had been a few weeks since the party, Y/N and Chris had agreed on not telling William or anyone in general about their little thing. They didn’t know how William would react and if they’d tell anyone else, news would probably spread which would end up in William knowing about them.

In-between classes they’d meet up somewhere privately, either talking about stuff or making out. In the end, they were both horny teenagers. This day was no different from the others. Chris was looking at Y/N his brows furrowing together at her expression, something clearly was bothering her.

”What’s up princess?” He asked caressing her cheek gently, earning a faint smile from her. She loved the pet name he had given her, it made her feel so special and well, like a princess.

”I was just wondering if we should tell William. I don’t want to sneak out the house to meet you or hide from my friends.” Y/N said with a sigh. Chris’ other hand was on her lower back, softly drawing circles with his thumb to calm her.

”I know. We’ll tell him later, okay?” Chris looked into her eyes, she just nodded at him. He had already planned on telling him, without her being present. Chris honestly thought it was for the best. Chris let go of Y/N, looking at the clock on his phone. ”I have to go to class now, I’ll see you later.” He kissed the top of her head and left, making his way towards the classroom.

That was until someone pulled him into an empty classroom. Chris was ready to punch the person who did so, quickly noticing that it was William.

”What the fuck was that?” Chris was annoyed, he for once was feeling inspired of going to class.

”You tell me what’s going on with you and I’ll let you go after.” William said, his arms crossed over his chest.

Chris’ breath hitched up. William was close to finding out.

”Nothing?” Chris said, unsure of himself.

William sighed loudly. ”Then why the fuck am I hearing rumors about you in which you have settled down? I’m imagining it?”

”Ah, fuck.” Chris mumbled, William rising an eyebrow at him. Chris thought of telling him for a few seconds, before deciding that it would be the best to just tell him now.

Chris took a deep breath. ”I like your sister, she likes me too. We’re kind of a thing now. I’m not just fooling around with her you know, I’ve felt this way for a really long time. Pretty sure I’ve lost count.”

William’s eyes widened, he was in shock. Out of all the people Chris could’ve been with, his sister was the last one on the list. He didn’t know how to feel about it.

”When did this start?”

”Few weeks ago, kinda beat a guy for making a move on her.” Chris was awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. It turned out Chris had broken the guys nose, but the guy was too drunk to even remember it was Chris who did it.

William was silent for a few more minutes, before he let out a small sigh. ”You better treat her great or otherwise I will break your nose and a few other places too.”

A huge smirk appeared on Chris’ face, he couldn’t help himself. ”You know I treat my girls really well. Actually, your sister hasn’t had the chance to scream-” Chris was interrupted by William grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and his fist close to his nose.

”Don’t make me regret trusting you.”

”Trust me, I won’t.”